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•~ New Moon in Gemini ~•

I look out to the horizon and all I see is beauty.

The waters caress my feet and beckon me closer.

I hear the heart song of the water, sounding like a melody to soothe my waking mind.

As I sing this song back to her, I am reminded of a million different points in time.

“What are you leading go of?”

I go deeper, into the water and into myself.

Shedding clothes as I shed parts of myself I no longer need.

The clutch of the need to control loosens it’s grip, as I let go.

“Everything is an inside job” I hear as I sit with myself.

All that is here is this moment.

All that I am is love.

The waters surround me in a gentle embrace, and I am home… in myself.


It is the time of the New Moon, a time of magic and planting seeds, the perfect time to let go of what is no longer needed and to sow the seeds of our intentions.
This New Moon in Gemini has many influences including Venus, Mercury, Saturn, Neptune and Pleiadean Portal. This may feel like an overwhelming time. A perfect opportunity to go inwards, and recalibrate.
It is a perfect time to sow the seeds for the life you wish to create.
Ask yourself what you need, in order to support and nourish the future you are creating.
What foundation are you laying out for yourself?
#newmoon #newmoonritual #foundation #intentionalliving #intentions #intention #intentionsetting #sunset #sunsetlover #watersong #heartsong #whatthewatergaveme #gemini

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Here are my first 5 breads using my new 100% whole wheat sourdough starter. As you can see, they’ve been improving with each bake! My first two were almost inedible - mistake being that I made them using 100% whole wheat flour and my starter probably was still weak.

I’ve had many other challenges that I’ll share about later. I’ll also be sharing the recipe I’ve been using to make my last 2 breads - it’s a combination of atleast 5 recipes and I’m still making adjustments to it.

For now, I’m really excited for this sourdough baking journey!

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