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Thank you Axy I’m glad you like it! Not done just yet got a few more like the yawn and the laying down sprites

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Fave Narc anon lol claiming your spot huh. Thank you I appreciate it I’ll get through it

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Aye hope it works out, and thank you I appreciate it I just ate after 24 hours of not doing that so I’m forcing myself a little (even though I actually ended up throwing out half the food). You’ve got a distinctive writing style so I can tell but unless you put your name in the ask I can’t be 100% sure, if I get it wrong just lemme know. Thanks hope you have a good day too 

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Question from this!

For Czech, I don’t have any canon/canon ships for her, buuut, I do have one of her and my Mongolia OC!

If I had to choose a canon/canon ship, I guess her and Monaco would be cute together?

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This is a new god I’m literally joining the pantheon right now this second. The tomato stem kinda looks like a second green crown hell fucking yeah I’ve been crowned twice. Love this thank you for the ego boost im



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Blind them then stab the bastards! Incorporal? Fuck around and find out. That’s just like a genuinely good survival tool I want a flashknife!

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thank u

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how does one achieve more interaction with their followers? please send advice because I’m terrible with socialising on social media

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NO :’((((

I don’t have access to a switch. I could….spend money to get one……….. But it’s expensive….. But I don’t know who to buy it with (multiple options) - and on what platform I’d want to play the games. Though ofc fe3h can’t be played on anything else. But then again. I can lend it to my brother. Anyway.

No I haven’t!

I think I may add ‘spend money frivolously and buy switch’ to the to do list. Yes I was raised in a Calvinist culture why do you ask


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The hallucination demons suck just can’t deal with getting a taste of their own medicine back huh? Pathetic!! We’re all chads becoming our hallucination demons own hallucination demons that’s funny as hell you confused it!!

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Oh my god I’m loving about hearing everyone’s weird counter paranoia/hallucination tactics, singing opera is an effective way to chase off both hallucinations and bears you are incredibly safe from danger by doing this.

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Aw petting anon I’m sorry you had a panic attack I know how much they suck, glad you managed to sleep through it at least. I think coping with comfort food is fine as long as you don’t do it too often, you deserve to have nice things and feel comforted. Sorry that you’ve been having a bad time I hope things start looking up for you soon.

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Oh my god liddle fella!! Orange liddle guy he has a middle part and stripes on his tail!!! Love this guy thank you for sharing cat images with me they cheer me up so much!! This guy!!

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Hi Axy!

I’m actually finding the situation pretty funny right now honestly, dispel your demons by becoming a catboy. Phsyical hallucinations aren’t pleasant but I find them manageable, its auditory hallucinations that I struggle with;;

I appreciate your concern for me but don’t worry I’ve got mental strength in spades! Hope you’re doing well you’re :3

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