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#interactive fiction
ataleofcrowns · a day ago
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Early reactions from my beta readers for Chapter Seven 😘
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seraphinitegames · 2 days ago
i saw an ask responding to how the RO’s would react if the mc had fallen under a ‘only a true loves kiss can fix’ kind of trance- if their kiss hadn’t worked- but how would they have reacted if their kiss had indeed worked?
Well, how could A deny things after that?...I mean they totally could and would try, but it would be much harder after having a massive sign telling them that this is true love.
N would be secretly relieved. They would be confident that it was true love, but also that little voice inside of them that just has them worried...but having the MC wake up would have silenced that little voice completely.
F would have been ecstatic! They fully believe in true love, and now they know they found it. Not they needed to be told, but hey, it's always nice to have real confirmation, hehe! :D
M wouldn't care about the true love or the significance, they would just be completely concerned with the MC in that moment. Just full focus on making sure they were okay and were actually back in their life.
Thank you so much for the romantic ask! :)
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thegildedstage · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
welcome to portsmouth college, where futures are bright but the stage lights are brighter.
it’s your senior year, and things are looking up. that is, until production on the annual performance of macbeth begins, and a mystery is uncovered that fractures your whole world apart.
can you stay on top of your academics, give the performance of a lifetime, and solve a mystery all at once?
the gilded stage is rated 17+ for language and potential sexual content. (mystery | paranormal)
Tumblr media
fully customize your MC (name, appearance, gender + pronouns, etc.)
meet 4 potential ROs (one M, one F, one gender selectable, and one mystery RO)
command the stage and the classroom alike
uncover the college’s hidden secrets
hang out with an adorable cat named yorick
Tumblr media
walker/willa/wilson gailey (M/F/NB)
your biggest rival who insists on only calling you by your last name, you and W have been at odds with each other since freshman year. this year, you’re both competing for the titular role of macbeth.
short and stocky, with russet, reddish-brown skin and dark curly hair. fingers are always in motion, either drumming on a table or tugging at their clothes.
cora maldonado (F)
a quiet, closed off student with her nose always in a book. described as standoffish and aloof at best, and cold and snooty at worst. very skilled at the violin, and at keeping secrets.
tall and lean, with pale, almost paper-white skin and red hair. hazel eyes framed with round glasses.
patrick chiang (M)
your closest friend at school, patrick is charming and easy-going with an ever present smile. he struggles with academics due to his dyslexia, but he’s not about to let that get in the way of his dreams.
dark hair shaved close to his scalp, with a smattering of beauty marks across his face.
not much is known about them, but you’ve seen them floating the halls at night, their skin strangely transparent…
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thrill-seeker-if · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Last update: July 20th, 2021 | 
Thrill Seeker is rated 18+ for gore, violence, bad language, and themes of physical abuse. Any other warnings will be added as the game progresses.
Thrill Seeker is an interactive fiction horror/mystery game with romantic aspects. Solve the mystery of who killed your mother and make some friends along the way.
Rules for asks
Tumblr media
Upon coming back to the family home from college, you find the corpse of your mother mutilated almost beyond recognition. Apart from the terrible scene, there is seemingly no evidence found by the police and no suspects are brought up.
The lack of answers is driving you crazy, and so you set out to find out who has killed your mother yourself. This job will be difficult-- there will be friends that can help you along the way, but some of them have darkness that runs through them bone deep, and to trust the wrong person can be deadly.Still, if you can find it in yourself to trust them... or to simply look past your own judgement-- you might be able to romance them, as well.
There is corruption all around you-- make sure you know who to trust. Make sure you can trust yourself. 
Will you be led into corruption, yourself?
Tumblr media
- fully customize your MC - choose their name, physical appearance, race, and gender (including non binary and transgender options, both of which will influence the story!)
- Change your MC’s personality - your choices affect their reality, and change your ending (some which are good and some... which are less than good, by the conventional sense)
- Befriend and/or romance three love interests (gender selectable) who influence YOU just as much as you influence them, and who can change your ending
- Solve your mother’s murder and/or ruin your life
Tumblr media
Hansol/Hanyoung Blackthorne | m/f | 26 yrs old | Hansol’s height: 195 cm | Hanyoung’s height: 180 cm | Korean/Vietnamese descent
Hannie was your old high school rival, going to the same private school as you did. Differing from you, who got there on scholarship, they got there on their parent’s money. Their family owns a law firm, which has always been Hannie’s dream to own-- and own, they now do. 
You remember them as infuriating and just a little too perfect to be real. Sometimes people are gifted with just a little too much-- save some talent for the rest of us! It would’ve been easier to let go of your rivalry if they were just some silver spoon-- no, they just had to be a golden one, too. Smartest in class, best in athletics, super tall and super handsome-- and to make matters worse, they ran for student body president. You never stood a chance-- you were forced to go for vice!
They were the last person you expected to see at your mother’s funeral, and you expected even less their want to help you. Again, the thought comes into your head... too perfect to be real.
You both still butt heads-- it’s hard not to. But at least they’re genuine. 
Oliver/Olivia Williams | m/f | 25 yrs old | Oliver’s height: 173 cm | Olivia’s height: 179 cm | British descent
Oli was your neighbour and best friend growing up. You’ve always been together for as long as you can remember, and they’ve been there for you through thick and thin. You haven’t seen them in a while-- you lost contact when you left for college. 
Still you can remember how they made you smile. You can’t think of a more bright person. They lit up every room they were in, their laughter was infectious, and they were always there for you. Whether it was your first breakup, another time of Hannie beating you, through thick and thin, they were always there. And, you can bet you were there for them, just as much, and you cared for them with just as much ferocity as they cared for you.
They were one of the first you contacted when you found out about her death. They were a cop, after all, and they lived in the same area as your mother-- there was no one you trusted more. 
But for all of Oli’s kindness and similarities... something seems off. They aren’t the same person they used to be, and you don’t think it’s just the years. Something changed them.
You can only hope it’s not for the worse.
Nneka/Naasir Adebayo | m/f | 28 yrs old | Nneka’s height: 149 cm | Naasir’s height: 185 cm | Igbo descent
N Adebayo is a doctor... or at least, they’re trying to be. And they’re almost done their studies!
They met your mother when they were just a child. N had many health problems, but your mother had been there for them and always treated them with kindness. She inspired them to go into medicine. If they could make a difference in someone’s life like how your mother made one in theirs-- that would make them happy beyond belief. 
You met them at the funeral, and they were passionate about helping you. They had already been looking for might have done it-- you were surprised to find that. N is passionate in everything they do, and they pour all of their heart into everything. They're the kindest person you’ve ever met, and your heart feels light just looking at them.
However, there’s a sharp edge to that smile. They change emotions so quickly-- and they’re so good at acting, too. What do they really feel? What do they really want?
Just pray you’ll have the upper hand when you find out.
Find out more about the RO’s: N Adebayo | Oli Williams | Hannie Blackthorne
If you’re interested, please follow the development of Thrill Seeker on this tumblr <3 My ask box is always open, too!!
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milaswriting · 2 days ago
ROs reaction to MC hugging them from behind after a long day? deep relationship? thank youuu
They’d all love getting the hugs, I’ll do the types of hugs and how they’d react to them.
Athalia/Asher: The types of hugs with limb completely tangled, your hands running through their hair (especially with Asher because their hair tie would be out), your fingers massaging their scalp and they let out a small moan at how comfortable it all is.
Blaire/Blaze: Face to face cuddling, foreheads touching, kisses peppered over each other’s faces, quiet utters and whispers about how each other’s day went.
Kiana/Kaidan: After a long day, it’s probably what K looks forward to the most. Just being with and being close to their lover. Their fingers tracing over the MC’s skin, hands innocently going under the MC’s top for warmth.
Phoebe/Phoenix: Fingers laced together with the MC’s, kisses on knuckles and wrists before P pulls the MC closer and wraps their arms around them.
Thank you for your ask, and for giving me the opportunity to write some fluff! 💛
~ xXx
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lacunafiction · a day ago
Hello dear author 😳. May I request how the ROs would react to an MC who reads a lot and recites love confessions from those books to the ROs for fun 👀 and there is no underlying message 👀 or anything what do you mean hahahaha--
Hello Anon!
I hope you are having a nice day/night. 💚
We are reciting completely innocent love confessions, hmm. 👀 Let's see how they take it...
I did gifs and little blurbs...Okay, reactions.
Early Romance
Tumblr media
Okay, B has the exact same energy as this ask. Obviously, you are just enjoying your hobby (?) of reciting love confessions to, uh, your friends, which they are your friend, so it's totally fine! 🤔 They are supportive! (So supportive). They ask you all sorts of questions, but never why you picked that particular confession or poem.😳👀 Do you like the writer? What time period is it from? Is it in a particular style? Etc. B watches you read with an encouraging smile in place and with an undivided focus; however, they are not entirely hearing all the nuances in the metaphors and flowery language because internally it's like: 'oh this is fine' meme alongside *chanting* 'don't be suspicious'. They like spending time with you and genuinely do want you to have fun with your hobby, so they will sit through as many readings as you are willing to give.
Tumblr media
They would be like this^ on the inside but more like Lizzie on the outside, lol. S would match you with the dramatic love confessions or carefully curated selections of poems, so as soon as you say one, they will have one ready to go that they picked out specifically for you...Obviously, just to show you, uh, their literary wit and how well-read they are not because of anything else, right. 🙂 Right? 😳 (S would also find this really beautiful, but also kind of hot...>.>) Practicing the words under their breath or when alone in their room would be needed to they don't fumble when saying them to you. The refuse to use reference material or note cards, wanting to recite it from memory to show (and imply) a level of effort to their actions.
Tumblr media
R wonders if you are making fun of them at first. The words you are saying are so delicately selected and hold such meaning and yet you're saying them to R (?) of all people (??????). They never interrupt you or cut you off, but their smile sharpens a little as if waiting for a punchline or for you to turn it into a backhanded compliment kind of thing. That never happens; you would not use love confessions as a weapon, right? (🙃) R learns to accept hearing them from you, but they still don't fully believe that they are the intended audience and that perhaps you are just practicing or you prefer to read aloud. They would never admit that they enjoy hearing your voice and both secretly anticipate and quietly dread when you will come to them for another reading....
Tumblr media
Uh, I searched 'nope' to find this gif, lol. J would not want to hurt your feelings, but they tend to try and find reasons to suddenly leave or to change the subject away from what you are reading. It is never too obvious! They will listen to a few of your poems or confessions--hear how the words resonate with them in different ways as they watch you read or recite them with a soft sort of attentiveness that sometimes prompts S to try and switch the subject for them. They don't tend to meet your eyes right after you read. J always compliments you or expresses gratitude after you take the time to read to them, even if listening to what you read creates conflicting feelings in them. They would never intentionally try to offend you or be rude about your...uhm, your hobby. 😳
The way 'fun' is italicized sent me.
Best wishes! 💚
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evertidings · 2 days ago
The Netflix ask makes me wonder, what kind of tv/movies do the ros watch? Reality tv, criminal investigations, cooking shows, etcetc
i’ve never watched it myself but i think A would watch the great british bake-off. also masterchef. they’d be yelling at the screen pretending they know what they’re talking about. they also quite enjoy action/adventure movies.
Blane is the type to enjoy some criminal investigation stuff or something that really messes with your mind. black mirror is a great example.
N is a sucker for animal documentaries. they also enjoy musicals and anything with drama. think gossip girl and élite.
K hates everything nowadays. thrillers are boring, romance is bland and comedy isn’t funny. there’s no genre that appeals to them, but disney/pixar movies pass the check to be put in the background.
Rylan doesn’t have a preference. they’re quite versatile and will pretty much watch anything that comes on the tv.
thanks for the ask <3
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rotten-games · 14 hours ago
Regrets of the Traitor: Book One
Xactha is in famine,  The Waylands may as well be under the iron fist of bandits, and you killed the Queens of Hadaria, exiled their son, and took their place on the throne. You were going to be a hero, now you're little more than a villain who betrayed the people they trusted. All under the guidance of a strange being in your dreams who says there's yet more to come.
Regrets of the  Traitor, or RotT, is a high fantasy interactive fiction project where you were the villain all along. Now with a kingdom to run five years later and zero experience, can you weather the storm of a destiny you never knew was written into your blood long ago, or will you perish with the dying world around you?
RotT, is a series of four planned books set in a world of my own creation. While previously written in choicescript, I'm now planning to rewrite and move what I have to twine and basically rework it from the ground up. Currently, I've finished the first chapter, that you can play here, with more content on the way.
The full pitch is under the cut.
Okay, so why this game?
Customise your character with a choice of up to nine different races, with appearance options as well.
Shape your personality and morality through your decisions.
Choose your gender, with trans and nonbinary options. Have flings, genuine relationships, or just some friendship, with one, or more in some cases, of a collection of companions with their own ideals and beliefs.
Choose to join one of three different factions, with different characters, motivations, and subplots.
No unexpected endings! You will never lose a stat check and find out your enemy just killed you, you’ll just see an alternate way for the scene to play out.
More to come!
Obviously, you can kiss your companions. The first book will serve more as an introduction to the romance subplots, with some actually beginning while others simply paving the way for the next part. All romances will be instigated and locked in by the end of book two so you won’t be left to yearn for the entire series (depending on who you choose you may still yearn).
There are a total of 16 diverse love interests each with their own motivations, likes, and dislikes. With a cast that ranges in sexual orientations and genders (male, female, nonbinary), you’re sure to find someone to fit your tastes.
Are you interested in a wannabe necromancer?
A foreign warlord?
An old friend?
A lot has changed since the first version of the game, but I hope you still enjoy regardless.
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shai-manahan · a day ago
what about 32. not realizing they’re holding hands till someone points it out with Alonzo?
It's actually 37, I believe. Anyway, here you go. And it's quite long 😌. It had to be, because that's the only way this prompt can be written in Alonzo's case.
Alonzo - 37. not realizing they’re holding hands till someone points it out
Alonzo is going to kill you.
Leaves crunch under their shoes as they shift on the rusty bench you're both sitting on, brows furrowing with impatience, and you hastily look away. It didn't take you long working with them to realize how transparent they are with their emotions--the way they bite their lip while trying, and failing, to stop themself from letting out a curt response; the way they fiddle with their glove or coat when either deep in thought or looking back at a regretful memory; and the way they stare at you whenever your gazes meet, narrow dark brown eyes brimming with anger for a reason you don't know.
There are moments, however, when those hostile treatments turn into something softer. They're brief and sudden, like the strange smile Alonzo once gave you out of nowhere and the subtle brushing of your hands that happens occasionally, but they do present an opportunity to make things better between the two of you. Perhaps you could be real comrades someday. Perhaps you could be...more.
You shake your head at the last thought. Not with Alonzo. Not with them, of all people.
"You didn't tell him." The words come out calmly from their lips. You didn't expect that--you were bracing yourself for the angry yelling--but you still keep your mouth shut. Let them figure out the answer on their own. If you're going down, it won't be through your own words.
Burying yourself into the coat you chose as part of your disguise, you turn your attention to the streets. Another place you're not familiar with. Like so many others. Most people hurry along their own businesses, shielding their faces from the heat of the sun, stopping here and there to talk to someone else or look around them. It's the latter that always sets you off. Suspicion immediately comes, and you have to stop the urge to keep staring at them, because you've come to realize it's not so simple.
It's strange how one's perspective can change in such a short time. You once thought you knew enough to change Gaile City in its entirety, that you've experienced enough to confront any approaching threat. Turns out you were wrong. Turns out you knew nothing at all.
"You didn't tell Roy to meet us here, did you?"
Too persistent. They've always been too persistent. They're not going to leave this alone.
"No." Your hands clench, thinking about your decision not to tell Roy. You know how stupid it was. Risky. And there's a thought gnawing at your mind. Would you have made a different choice had you been given a chance?
No, I wouldn't have.
"Tell me why?"
"I forgot to."
"You forgot."
"Is that so hard to believe?" You don't manage to keep the ire out of your voice. It wasn't Alonzo's fault. It wasn't their fault you're having trouble dealing with Roy. It wasn't their fault there are things about yourself, about the fear clawing at you everytime you take a rest, that you can't tell them yet beyond what you already shared. It wasn't their fault that-
"Look at me."
You don't. You keep your eyes on the crowd, searching for something you know isn't really there, and your nails start scratching at your palm. Maybe you should just leave and work on this another day. Surely that's not going to be a problem. There's still time.
"Look at me," they repeat softly. Gently. You feel them shuffle closer, the bench squeaking at the sudden movement, and there's a light scent of perfume that invades the air around you as you feel them lean--when did they ever start using one? "Please?"
And so you give in. You look at them, not before taking a deep breath and forcing yourself out of your reverie, only to find their face close to yours--closer than they've ever been comfortable with. "Did you just-"
"Don't get used to it," they interrupt, though there's no sign of annoyance in their tone. If anything, their ears are starting to redden, eyes flicking downward when they realize how hard you're staring. Then they meet your gaze again and wait for a few more seconds before continuing. "I'm not upset. I'll just call him later. It's fine."
"I wasn't worried."
"Really? Then why do you look like a kid who's about to be scolded?"
"I'm not worried," you say in a lower voice, almost mumbling. Deflecting would no longer work with them. You tried. You tried and tried, and now they know all the signs. They see through you as if they could hear your every thought. They know who you are, and you're not sure you like it.
"Well, I wasn't lying when I said I'm not upset." You part your lips to respond but they raise a finger. "I know you didn't forget. I know you decided not to tell him--you're too good to forget things like that."
A compliment. Always a compliment in between admonishments. "But..." Here it goes. "I need you to tell me."
"If..." they trail off, hesitating as they look into your eyes. "If something I tell you to do bothers you, I need you tell me. I need to know."
"You need to-" You scoff, letting the disbelief carry through your words. "Don't you remember what you said before? That I just have to listen? That I just have to follow your orders?" Your voice rises, catching the attention of a few onlookers, and Alonzo shifts uneasily. But you still have more to say. "You've been using me all this time. Why make me think otherwise? Why make me think that after this ends, you won't use me as a willing scapegoat?"
"Is that what you really think?" They lean closer, their face inches away from yours, and they whisper, "After all that happened, is that what you really believe I'll do?"
"Tell me, then." You challenge them with a glare of your own. This isn't really the place. This isn't the time. But you can't back out. Not now. "Tell me what you'd do."
Silence fills the air. It grows heavy as Alonzo stares at you wordlessly; as they open their mouth a few times only to clamp it shut again; as their brows crease--not in impatience or anger, but something else. And the worst of it all, you're bothered by it. The heat coming from the sun does nothing to ease the sudden coldness in your limbs, and for the first time this day, fear takes over you, creating a tightness in your chest you can't seem to push away. A fear that they'd confirm what you already believe you are in their eyes.
A means to an end. A tool. A pawn.
"I'm not going to leave you like that." Their voice shakes, almost angry, but it strangely sends a relief through your nerves. "There are still things that I..." They clear their throat and look away, eyes rapidly blinking. "There are still things I'm confused about, and I don't know...I don't know what happens when it's all over."
"Then that just means-"
"But I am not playing around." They turn to you again. "Everything we had, no matter how much I hated them, they're real. They're real, okay? I am never going to leave you on your own, and that's that. I am never, and I mean never, going to let any harm come to you. You know that. I'm sure you know that." Their voice hardens. "I hope you know that."
Ridiculous. This is ridiculous. You can't let yourself be trapped here, emerging feelings getting the better of you.
Hurl them. Shove them away. They will remain irrelevant to the big picture.
They're not worth it.
Intimate connections would never help.
But that's also why you're confused.
Confused as to why your eyes remain fixed on the way the wind messes up with Alonzo's usually neatened black hair. The way the curly ends fall in front of their eyes, which are now full of softness you haven't seen before, even with the sharp features that frame their face. No calculations. No despise. Just a simple yearning that lies behind them.
Confused as to why you feel warm. Like the sensation of a hand holding yours for comfort, removing all the tension you've felt earlier.
Confused as to why you're letting this happen, when you're supposed to be silently working against them, figuring out the secrets behind the hatred.
Get up. You need to get up and leave. Leave and tomorrow, things will go back to normal.
But you can't. No matter how hard you try, you can't do it.
You can't stop looking at the person in front of you; they can't seem to stop looking at you, either. And you're scared. For an entirely different reason, you're scared out of your wits, and you have no idea how to deal with it.
"Am I interrupting something here?"
You didn't have to turn to know who the playful interrupting voice belongs to, but you still do. Roy. He's here. Of course he's here. He's come along uninvited so many times that it shouldn't really surprise you that he's here standing beside you, wearing the dangerous smirk that never fades from his face.
Except, this time, he's not disturbingly staring at your eyes as he usually does. He's looking way below--at your hand. A chuckle leaves his lips as he tilts his head, squinting at Alonzo. "How long are you gonna hold their hand like that?"
Alonzo's entire face reddens. It reddens more than you thought it could, and as they remain frozen like that, their lips parting once again to come up with words to say, your gaze falls to your hand, held by their own gloved one. Clinging protectively.
And as you feel the heat slowly rise to your cheeks, as your mind begins to wonder how long they'd been holding your hand, Alonzo lets go and stands upright, tugging at their coat to fix some unseen mess.
They glance back at you, but the warmth is gone, as if the past few minutes never happened. Like how it always ends. "Let's go."
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dulcetgames · a day ago
Tumblr media
Arlington Academy is getting a makeover! 🏫
We’re slowly revamping Sweet Elite’s backgounds, Scholars! We don’t have an ETA of when they will all be complete, but we will slowly be bringing you a brand new Arlington 🌟
Here’s a preview of the new Entrance! Arlington is deceptively old-fashionned from the outside. But a modern and high end interior is the vision!
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witchesofferngrove · 20 hours ago
Progress Update | 22 / 07 / 2021
Tumblr media
Hi guys! I had an amazing few days away hiking and took a little break from writing, reading, or doing anything productive. It was honestly so nice to not have any pressure to do anything, apart from sightsee, hike, and obsessively catch up on Love Island (don't judge me too hard lol).
But I've came back to a nice surprise!
Tumblr media
I honestly cannot believe our little game and our little blog have reached over 1k followers! I honestly, seriously, genuinely (adjectives) never expected to get so much support and traction with our game. I thought it would be a little project I did with a friend for fun, but seeing everyone's asks, our follower count, and the sheer love and support we've been getting is a little surreal. Even if a thousand isn't a lot to some, it's crazy to me.
Right now, I'm going back to writing my dissertation and focusing on sorting out chapter one for release. All my focus is going into those two things, plus work 3/4 days a week (but we won't count that). I've got some new ideas for scenes in chapter one as well, so I'm hoping that'll be fun for y'all to play through.
But I was thinking, once the prologue and chapter one are released, I would do a little something special to celebrate the follower milestone. Just a little something to say thank you and have a virtual celebration lol not sure what yet but I'll keep you updated!
And that's it from me now! Just a huge, massive, gargantuan (adjectives) thank you from Megan and I! It is so crazy to us. I'm beyond grateful and I love all of you 💕
Until next time, I will be hard at work on chapter one.
- Tori
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seraphinitegames · 2 days ago
mishka! how does ub fold their laundry? :3c
Hehe! Good question :D
A folds things with efficiency. Not necessarily precision or tidy, but quick enough to get the job done. They don't exactly own many clothes that they would need to worry about creasing, lol.
N probably uses one of those devices that helps you fold like t-shirts and things. Though N would much prefer to hang as many clothes as possible, because they do have clothes that crease!
F folds it enough to stick into drawers, but only after a while when clean laundry has piled up too much, lol. There's way more interesting things to do than fold laundry, after all.
M shoves clothes in drawers. No folding.
Thank you so much for the fun ask! :)
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magiciansvoyage · 2 days ago
Finally released the demo! You can play it here.
Click below for:
Game description and features   
A list of the main NPCs
A list of content warnings.  
My asks and messages are open for feedback, or you can leave feedback on the forum post at Hosted Games✨
Tumblr media
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cereuscross · a day ago
I disappeared for a bit. I'm sorry for ghosting without saying anything. I've actually been very busy with life and haven't been able to get the new demo going like I wanted since my writing has reached a bit of an impasse. I refuse to allow myself at writing block, so when I couldn't write what I needed to be; I started writing another story (a fantasy) as a change of pace! Lol. Needless to say, as crazy as it sounds... it has helped get me out of my slump. I'm considering working now on two different stories, both vastly different. Please send help. Just so you can see I have something to show for my absence, here is a early draft of what will be in the first demo (more or less)
A spatter of black blood slings across your face, like a whip lashing out for a criminal act.
You take a wide step back, wiping away the filth with your dirty sleeve. Your feet crunch under the loose gravel of the parking lot from the movement. The green haired ghoul in front of you, who likely used to be a good looking blonde, is walking no longer; instead, he has met the ultimate end of his kind.
Gurgling from a deep gash through his neck, a near decapitation; he chokes out one last, final breath.
You watch him die. His death is only the beginning of the job, but the kill was professionally done by your sword's edge as he slumps to the ground. His head lulls backwards with a wet slop. You stare into the void of empty space where the disgusting creature once stood as you sheathe your sword. All you can hear is your heart hammering loudly in your ears, pounding against your skull with the ease of a stabbing needle.
Your throat is dry and your stomach growls.
"Focus," a voice commands from behind you. Not bothering to turn around—you know their voice all too well, that of your handler. "Maintain self-control," they say.
You bow your head, trying to ignore how uncomfortably hollow your stomach feels. The blood does terrible things to your insides—as rotten as it is. You would never feed on a ghoul; you're not that desperate, but you crave something else, something close, soft and... human.
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lacunafiction · 2 days ago
will there be a possibility of death of mc?? you know, bad ending if you did wrong choices or something? btw i love your game!!!
Hi Anon,
I hope you’re doing well! 💚
Hmm, as I have it planned now, not really...There won’t be a death or game over screen for the MC; however, actions will have consequences 🦋 that slot into certain paths or outcomes. I feel like that adds more to the horror aspect than me (briefly) killing you off? You don’t get to just be jarred and then restart from a certain point, but endure what you yourself have caused. 😊
Fernweh Saga is meant to be a narrative experience, so an outcome won’t be tied to a hard stat check or anything like that. (My anxious self wouldn’t and couldn’t write a game like that, lol). Series of choices will be cumulative, so you know or should have an idea you’re heading in a certain direction.
Thank you for your ask!
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evertidings · 2 days ago
Oh to have a grumpy spouse who pays for Netflix for you~ (I'm Gen Z and in this economy, that's literally my biggest fantasy. Being an adult sucks lol.)
me when i suddenly had to start paying my own phone bills lol. what i would do to have a warlock pay those off for me…
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kajasartspace · 23 hours ago
Tumblr media
Have yourself a soft detective ✨💖
Speaker IF and it’s characters belong to @speakergame
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thrill-seeker-if · 2 days ago
Hansol/Hanyoung Blackthorne
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Personality type: ENTP-A
Zodiac Sign: Virgo (Birthday is September 15th!)
Minor differences between the Male and Female character: 
Hanyoung is a bit more cunning than Hansol, and she’s willing to go through greater lengths to get what she wants, although they both are very resourceful and cunning.
 Hansol is taller. 
Hansol has a bit more of an ethereal tone to him, but Hanyoung has the vibe of a queen who’s used to getting their way. (as she should, I mean, have you looked at her?)
They love tiramisu. Even with all the money they have, and even though nepotism is literally paying their bills, they choose to bake it themselves instead of going out to buy some expensive stuff
They have a little brother named Baekhyun who is 8 years younger than them (making him 18, now, as they are 26) and a little sister named Aerum (who is a trans woman) who is four years younger. They are the oldest. They were the first to know about Aerum’s gender and helped her to approach the topic with the family. 
They care a lot about their family, especially their mother and siblings. Doesn’t care much about the father.
Has a beautiful singing voice. It’s husky and low and very very sweet. They only sing to people the love a lot-- have sung in public, for their siblings. You have heard their voice before, by accident.
Knows 12 languages. English, Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese, Chinese, German, Spanish, Hindi, Arabic, French, Russian, Bengali. Speaks Korean when pissed off.
Just assume that they’re good at everything. They are.
Can tapdance. Aerum was interested in it so they wanted to help her learn. They don’t like tapdancing at all.
Both are muscular, but Hayoung is a bit more lean. They both care about their looks (I would too, if I looked like them) and take good care of themselves. 
Take good care of their hygiene. Have shining white straight teeth. Never had braces.
God’s favorite, easily.
Light academia/Royalcore
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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silversynth-art · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
"Let's kill tonight" plays in the distance
Finally drew my MC for @bodycountgame, Sinclair Arkwright!
In it to win it all, she yearns for some guidance in life and the writing inspiration that's been missing. Holds up an open, bold and playful facade, but in truth is a wreck of nerves that trusts less than she lets on.
Really enjoying the demo so far and I can't wait to see how things will develop! (Let's hope Ellis & Arthur will survive for Sinclair's and my sake ;_;)
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gb-patch · 2 days ago
You can hear a sample of the theme song for Our Life: Now & Forever on Twitter! Thank you to Fat Bard for coming back to make a new lovely track for the second game in the franchise.
Tumblr media
Our Life: Now & Forever is a nostalgic Visual Novel where you create your own character and grow from childhood to adulthood with your two closest neighbors. It’s currently in development by GB Patch Games.
Steam Page Page
Discord -  Twitter - Website - Patreon
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