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seraphinitegames · 2 days ago
The Wayhaven Chronicles—Update 21/Jan/2022
The week started...interestingly, when Teddy (the cat) decided to sit on my keyboard while I was finishing some touch up edits on chapter 8. I quickly closed the laptop lid, but I forget my poor laptop isn't doing so great, so it doesn't hibernate even with the lid closed. So when I opened it back up, chapter 8 was a mess.
I honestly just about had a heart attack thinking I'd lost it all, but I've managed to recover it! I'm having to send it over to SpunkyCat in chunks for editing still at the moment as I work on it, but it should be okay!
Still, we finally caught up on social media days this week! So that will be back to normal now :D But even with those couple of days for that, I had a definite goal in mind for this week for Chapter 11, and I'm going to hit it!! I wanted to make sure to get the opening scenes out of the way before the big branching off for this chapter.
It was also nice to bring Tina or Verda back into the opposite branches for a bit. Although they have separate stories, I don't want them to disappear just because you're on the other one's branch! :D 
It was a bit of an emotionally heavy opening, doubly so if you're on Doug's branch as his moment can be a bit of a punch to the gut depending on how your MC feels about that! But once I get to the dinner scene sections, it's gonna be great fun! And I'm going to be getting started with Tina's next week!
How the MC mentions this dinner to the LI is also gonna be a blast to write, and I'm very excited for that! :D
Hoping next week will start with less excitement, and less cats sitting on keyboards, hehe! :D
Hope you all have the most wonderful weekend! We'll be offline as usual, so I'll talk to you all soon! <3
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ataleofcrowns · a day ago
Hi! Could you maybe give us a snippet/spoiler of the next chapter? I think i'm going into ATOC withdrawal (I don't mean to sound pushy, I've just been craving well written stories recently, and yours is one of the best :) I'm gonna go replay it now)
This is more than fair, I haven't been posting any updates because there isn't much to update on right now but I AM still working on Chapter 8 even if progress has been really slow 😩
Thank you for all your patience, and here's a small snippet!
“Your Imperial Majesty, you must understand,” the scholar whispers urgently. “This knowledge, should it fall into wrong hands, it could change everything. Everything.” But it already has, you want to say. It has changed everything you thought you knew about your parents, everything they’ve ever told you. They tried to take this secret to their grave for Arsur’s sake, for your protection, and maybe even out of shame. All that did was leave you unprepared to face the consequences. “Can you guarantee that no one else knows of this?” you ask instead, not ready to confront the ruins of the sunken home within you, resting gently beneath the surface of your awareness until you return to it again in your dreams. The scholar avoids your gaze, the hesitance in their features already an answer to your question. “No, Your Imperial Majesty.” You take a breath, sitting back as you consider the magnitude of this secret that has claimed lives already. Through your own turmoil, however, one thing remains crystal clear: you know what to do next. “We need to go to the mountains.”
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reincarnation-if · 2 days ago
Reincarnation Introduction Post
Tumblr media
A few thousand years ago, you were killed, and now you are back, but you have no memories of your past life. No one has ever been resurrected before, and so the gods have taken an even greater interest in you now than they had all those years ago. Your life left an incredible impact on the supernatural world, and despite this, few remember you other than vague legends and stories; even fewer know the truth of your demise. Your new life started like any normal kid; you went to school, made friends, and were relatively spoiled by your parents. Then everything changed when you were twelve; while you were climbing into your family car, it exploded, killing both of your parents; you, however, were left nearly physically unscathed. The police never found any remnants of explosives or any other cause for the explosion. Shortly after, you were adopted into a loving and accepting family and now have an older brother and sister. Now after surviving a grueling high school experience, you are off to University along with two of your friends. They try to support you, but your nightmares are relentless and vivid.
Will you discover what caused the death of your parents? Will more people die around you? Will you find out that you had a past life? Will whoever wants you dead finally succeed?
Tumblr media
Customizable MC: name, appearance, gender (male, female, non-binary, transgender options), and personality
Befriend, romance, or antagonize seven love interests; they all impact the story, each with individual goals.
Find out who is trying to kill you and why.
Meet the gods and gain their favor, or face their wrath.
Demo(In progress), the gods, how magic works
Tumblr media
Surai (???) (m/f) 5’7” with an average build, stark white hair, and violet eyes.
Your best friend from high school, the two of you, became fast friends as they seemed to sense your pain and wanted to help ease it. When you are around them, you find that sleep comes easy and your dreams pleasant; not once has a nightmare taken you in their presence.
Compassionate and sensitive, they can be overwhelmed by emotion, either someone else’s or their own. They are an average student and athlete; however, they’re popular and seek advice on any topic; they happily oblige but worry it is never good enough.
Augustina/ Agustin (Human) (m/f) 6’1” and lean with dark brown hair and hazel eyes.
Their family moved into the same neighborhood as your adopted family days after moving in with them. Ever since they have taken an interest in you, whether you accept this interest or avoid them, they have always been there to protect you.
Arrogant and determined, they would be considered a model student if it were not for the constant fights they involve themselves in. They had no other friends in school but had many admirers and were the star of the track team.
Sade (???) (m/f) 6’2” and muscular, black hair and red eyes.
You met during the first week of University, and it could not have gone worse. Whatever you do, they need to be better and try to upstage you whenever possible, though they have learned to stay as far from August as possible.
Combative and manipulative, they will do anything to make themselves be on top; they have a rather unhealthy obsession with being the best at everything. They are not loved but are very popular and intelligent.
Erik/Erin (???) (m/f) are 5’5” and stocky with red hair and vibrant green eyes.
Your best friend from childhood before you lost your parents and had to move away. They were a constant in your life, every event, birthday, sleepover, playdate, they were there, you were inseparable. When you had to move away, they were inconsolable and to this day wish you had never left.
Energetic and cheerful, at least they used to be, perhaps you can rekindle their love for life. You remember them as a chaotic gremlin who always led you into trouble with crazy adventures with no regard for rules or authority.
Ann (Human) (nb) 5’2” and thin with black hair and eyes.
Absolutely done with everyone’s shit; they just wanted to study in peace, but with you as their roommate, that was never possible. They don’t believe that it’s your fault, but if one more appliance explodes when you try to use it, they will have a breakdown.
They aren’t shy, just sleep-deprived, and run almost solely on caffeine. While they are friendly with you, most of their time is taken up by both school and a side project that they will tell you nothing about.
(REDACTED) (???) gender fluid, customizable appearance. The person of your dreams who has been showing up infrequently in your dreams. Dreams with them feel more vivid and real, and you can’t help but feel a sense of deja vu when looking at them.
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idrellegames · 2 days ago
first of all, I hope you start feeling better! burnout sucks even if it seems normal
but do you have any tips on figuring out how romances will progress between an MC and an RO? Im starting to plot out my IF game and that part is giving me some troubles
I’m sorry this took so long to answer, anon, it took me a while to figure out how to explain my thoughts. Romance can be such a rewarding gameplay element for both the developer and the player, but it can definitely be tricky to plan when you have roleplaying and player choice involved.
1. Start Small
When it comes to planning romances and you’re not sure where to start, it’s really important that you start small.
Romance tends to be a major determining factor as to whether a player will play your game or not. The available romances—and, more importantly, the intersectional diversity of those characters—is often what players are drawn to first, sometimes even before the plot summary.
As a developer and writer, you want to have interesting characters with thoughtful storylines and a wide representation of what romance can be. But when you start thinking about all the different ways diverse identities can intersect and you want to represent all of them, it becomes an impossible task.
It can be really difficult to curb the impulse to keep adding romanceable characters, especially if you’re in early development and have a public blog players can interact with. The moment you start adding more and more romances (especially at the request of players), you are painting yourself into a corner.
Start with one or two ROs. Figure out what’s important to you, what’s of interest to you, and the type and amount of research you need to do to write respectfully. For example, having asexual romances (both ace and demi ROs and giving the player the option to play as an asexual character) was important to me, so that’s what I focused on first.
At the end of the day, a single game developed by a single person cannot represent every single possible identity. Accept that from the beginning. You may have potential players be unhappy with where you placed your focus. Some may think you’ve done a bad job because they didn’t see themselves represented in your game. But you cannot represent absolutely everyone in one work. Human experience is far too diverse and complex to compact it into a single game.
It’s better to focus on a smaller group of experiences and write those well than to stretch yourself thin over a giant cast and write shallowly.
2. Character Arcs
Before you start thinking about romance, you need to consider the RO themself and how they fit into the scope of your game.
What is their journey?
How do they change as a person?
What are their goals and motivations? What prevents them from achieving those goals and what stands in their way?
Do they achieve what they want in the end?
Determine how they are affected by the plot’s events and how the plot’s events are, in turn, affected by them. A compelling romanceable character needs to exist outside the player character.
Who are they, beyond the romance?
How does their character arc progress if they never romance the MC?*
* You’ll need to figure this out anyway if you plan to have non-romanced ROs have any kind of character development if the player doesn’t select them. You can lock character development behind romance scenes (if romance = relationship in your game’s system), but I tend to find this frustrating both as a player and a writer more than anything else. While it can decrease the amount of work you have to do (and I usually see it employed in romance games with very large casts, where you’re more so playing your chosen RO’s version of the game rather than the game at large), but I do think character development shouldn’t stall just because the player doesn’t romance a character.
Once you figure out how the RO changes over the course of the game, you can figure out how a relationship with the MC impacts and complicates their character growth.
How does this relationship change them?
Does it change the character’s trajectory throughout the game?
Do they come to different decisions they would otherwise not make if they didn’t have the MC in their life?
3. Representing the Relationship with Numbers
At some point early on, you’re going to have to decide what kind of system you’ll use to represent an MC’s and RO’s relationship development throughout your game. These are usually some form of a point-based system, where as the MC gains more points with the RO (through flirting, intimate conversations, gift-giving, or showing other signs of love and affection), more of the relationship is unveiled.
I already have an article on point-based romance and approval systems, so you may want to check that out here.
I think it can be really tricky to pull off point-based romance systems without making it feel like a reward system, where the player is rewarded with romance/sex for taking certain actions in-game. Not only can this make the romance feel shallow, but it can also take the roleplaying out of the roleplaying game.
Players can be incentivized to make certain choices in-game because it gains relationship points with their RO, even if the choice is completely out of character for their MC. Or—in games where you can both gain and lose points—players may feel like they have to avoid certain situations they would otherwise want to do because they’re afraid they’ll lose too many points with their RO.
This can be mitigated by diversifying your point system. Instead of giving the player only one or two places where they can gain points with their RO, give multiple. This is why I like using stat clamps—I can give the player a wide array of places where they can gain/lose points, but I can also clamp their numbers so they don’t go past the point of no return too soon. Giving players more options can enhance the player’s experience so they don’t feel locked into only a handful of choices. Additionally, if you’re working with a system where you lose points, having more options will give the player a chance to catch up again.
You can also experiment using game continuity to impact the point system. Are all choices weighted the same, or do some give more points than others? For example, there’s unique content with one of the characters in my game if your MC gets knocked out during a major fight. If this character’s romance is flagged, the game gives them +60 to the romance stat because the MC nearly dying is the inciting incident for this character realizing he’s in love with them.
4. Complexities & Continuity
Since interactive fiction deals with non-linearity and player choice, you should also consider how complex your romances are going to be.
Is it going to be a straightforward progression, where you can only gain romance points? Or can you lose romance points?
Can the romance end early? Can the MC break up with the RO? Can the RO break up with the MC?
At what point do you lock the player into a romance?
Under what conditions does the “lock” happen? Once locked, do all romance flags other ROs disappear?
Can you romance multiple characters at the same time? Is this going to be reflected on by other ROs? Will there be some form of a jealousy/acceptance system where the MC and RO need to discuss whether they’re OK having multiple relationships?
There’s no right or wrong answers to these. I think games with straightforward romance progressions where you’re locked into a single romance and you can’t lose romance points can be just as interesting as games with complex relationship systems. What system works for you depends on the scope of your game and how much you want to tackle with your character relationships. If the point of your game is the romance, then you’ll want to figure out a system that compliments that and makes the player experience enjoyable.
Regardless of how complex you make your romance system, you should always think about the continuity of potential playthroughs so you can reference it throughout the game. For example, if the MC romances Character A, Characters B and C could end up commenting on or mentioning the growing relationship down the line. Having your characters be aware of the player’s choices is a really important part of making your game immersive. While tracking and referencing continuity can be difficult the larger your game gets, it undoubtedly enhances player experience.
Those are some thoughts! I’m not sure if this is what you were looking for, but I hope it helps. Good luck with your game! 💕
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kingdoms-and-empires · a day ago
Why? Because I’m horrible with dates and am afraid of commitment! Anyways! Quick news before I send you the link to the forums! 
Alongside the overhaul I am also dropping a link to my Patreon, so please guys if you like the overhaul, take a looksie at my Patreon and consider supporting me! I would appreciate it alot! https://www.patreon.com/KingdomsAndEmpires?fan_landing=true
and finally heres what you wanted, the forums link! https://forum.choiceofgames.com/t/kingdoms-and-empires-wip-small-demo-update-12-2-21/105687/2526?u=fatedflame
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jamesshawgames · a day ago
Chapter 3 is live!
After a pretty long delay, it’s finally here!
Chapter 3 is live! Take a trip down memory lane as you send your hero back to their old college town. And this time there’s a twist. In addition to finding the Archive as usual, you’ve also been asked to unmask a traitor, lurking on the faculty of an ancient Oxford college. Time to put on your thinking caps and get deducing, in a classic Christie-style mystery where everybody’s a suspect and everybody has a secret just waiting to be revealed!
As always, any feedback would be appreciated. However, I have a special request. I find it very hard to get a sense of how hard / easy this mystery is. So if you give me feedback, then please, in addition to your other comments, let me know whether you were able to solve the mystery or not, and whether you thought it was too easy or too hard. I’d love to hear your thoughts. Happy sleuthing!
Coming in the Next Update: Go to the Caribbean with Zhu (if he’s not dead) for a relaxing beach vacation. One part of that sentence is a lie.
Youy can find the COG thread and demo link here.
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omokist · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
one of my many, many, and i mean many... sherlocks: celine!! she is a meanie (affectionate) and a sore loser.
@doriana-gray-games ' most recent ask about lestrade winning an argument against sherlock got the cogs inside my brain to turn and voila...........?
(my impatience knows no bounds! u can see it was rushed! <///3)
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doriana-gray-games · 2 days ago
How would Lestrade react if they unexpectedly win Sherlock in an argument and Sherlock being so dramatic about it, like, they just sit/stand there for an hour to proceed what just happened and trying to calculate what went wrong and why they didn't win Lmao
A tale of memes 💖
Their reaction would be exactly this, in this order:
Tumblr media
Mentally thinking: What just happened ?? Did I win?
Then Sherlock is just standing there, repeating the phrase: “I lost… to Lestrade… how…” over and over—
Tumblr media
“Ugh” 😑 “what are you—because I won once?!”
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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criticaldraws · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
“You’ve already felt my touch before,” your voice says, “Your blood calls to me. Yours and mine are the same.”
Anyways go to @northern-passage and read it. This line has been in my head rent free.
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indorilnerevarine · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
— MAVIS BARTLETT cat lady and dungeon master by day. IAOS hunter by night, when twilight strikes (x)
the one in the friend group that has everyone’s birth chart memorized. clueless when it comes to her feelings for arion though! mavy baby you got range!
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evertidings · 4 hours ago
— JANUARY 23, 2022
Tumblr media
in terms of the twine port, i finished the upload for chapter two and worked on a tiny bit of chapter three. in-between work and school, i’m finding it harder and harder to balance all of my responsibilities. while i’m usually a great multitasker, i just couldn’t do my assignments, the twine port and writing all at once, so this one was on the backburner this week. i usually use the twine port as something mindless for me to do to relax, so i have no doubt that i’ll be back to it soon.
other than that i did some writing for chapter seven and i’m very excited about the content!! granted, it’s very minimal but i really like what i managed to get out. i’m currently working on the scene where the hunter meets Mirai for the first time and god, she’s a riot. she’s a character that’s been in my head for a while now so to finally get her out onto paper, or, my word doc, has been so much fun.
because she’s so wildly unpredictable, her interactions with the hunter and ros are going to vary drastically. something you might think is innocent might offend her, whereas something you think might offend her will be something she finds funny—it’s what makes her so interesting. 
work on the twine port for chapter three
write some more for chapter seven
work on K’s birthday story (for this coming friday!!)
226,843 words (+ 2k)
* includes word count from chapter seven only.
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atrial-ofhorror-if · a day ago
Hey everyone! So I know I said that I would release the beta application form on the 26th, but I had a sickening feeling that something was gonna happen next week that would limit my ability to work on anything.
With that being said, I decided to release it early (today) January 22nd. The application will be open til February 9th at Midnight and then it will close after that. I'm hoping you guys have plenty of time to ask questions and apply if you want.
What I'm looking for
Constructive Criticism. Like forbear, the more detailed the better. Sometimes things fly over my head, and I can miss a lot. So please let me know what could be improved on. If chosen the discord thread will have a bit more information on the type of feedback that will help me the most.
Discretion: if you're chosen, please don't post screenshots of the game outside of the beta testing channel. If there's a specific reason that you want to or need to, please just ask me beforehand and we can chat about it.
Without further ado, HERE is the link! If you have any questions, again please let me know, love y'all 🤎🤎🤎!
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little-leech-boy · a day ago
Tumblr media
Ok, getting back to drawing again (again) I redesigned my Mordred from @llamagirl28’s IF Bastard of Camelot
Honestly I’d talk about it more but I’ve been drawing nonstop for a few hours now and I’m fucking tired lol, mainly because I’ve been doodling a bunch of stuff with Mordred and the ROs from BoC, except Sofia cuz I just fucking gave up after Isac lol
Which btw is right here
Tumblr media
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idrellegames · a day ago
Do you have any tips for stories that have "free time events / exploration"? I'm writing a story about a mercenary that lives in a guild and they can choose missions to do or if they prefer they can go explore to buy things and meet NPCs (this costs action points). Its always guild - missions or free time - back to guild. It has rogue game elements and slice of life like stardew valley. Any tip would be amazing 🙏🏻
Hey Marcy!
I'd start by creating some kind of hub: a passage or area that the player always returns to, where you can list out the number of quests or missions you want them to access. Hubs should be straightforward, with easily accessible information about each event and--if you're using a point system--how much it will cost to access the event.
So, for example, I wouldn't put the hub in a place with a lot of text describing the MC's location or other interactions; I'd put it in a place where you can succinctly give the player all the important information.
In Wayfarer, my hubs are the "exploration" passage, that shows the location map and lets the player click on each area for more information. I also include how many action points the player currently has, so they know how many locations they can visit.
Tumblr media
Since the hub acts as a way for the player to access missions, the player will ALWAYS return to the hub after a mission is complete. When the player runs out of points or all the missions are finished, the hub should redirect them to the next part of the game. You can visualize it as something like this:
Tumblr media
Some Tips:
1) Always be clear about what the player is getting into. They need to know what each event/mission is about so they can decide what they want to do. If you're doing guild quests or missions, you might also want to include a list of rewards or how much the player is going to be paid for completing the task.
2) Don't lock the player into an event too early. Let them get the information and then be very, VERY clear about when they are going to proceed. Have some kind of confirmation button.
If your information about the event is in a separate passage from your hub, always include a way to navigate back to the hub before the player confirms their decision.
In Twine/SugarCube, the back function can be triggered manually by using the <<back>> macro. If you want to have unique text in the back macro (i.e. a link that says "1. Reconsider your options" and works like the back macro), you can use:
<<back "1. Reconsider your options.">>
3) In your hub, lock off completed events so they can't be accessed again.
In Twine/SugarCube, you can do this either by giving each event a boolean variable and setting it to true when the player selects the event OR you can use the hasVisited function.
Using a Boolean
For example, in Wayfarer Episode I, when the player visits the Cove, a variable called $cove is initialized and set to true.
<<set $cove to true>>
When the player goes back to the hub, the link leading to the Cove is blocked off with something like this:
<<if $cove is true>><s>The Cove</s>
<<else>>[[The Cove|Passage Link Name]]<</if>>
Using hasVisited
This works the exact same way, but without needing to add a new variable. SugarCube can reference previously visited passages by calling the passage name.
<<if hasVisited("PASSAGE NAME HERE")>>text/code/links here<</if>>
Will show text/code if the player has visited the named passage
<<if not hasVisited("PASSAGE NAME HERE")>>text/code/links here<</if>>
Will show text/code if the player has not visited the named passage
So, in this example, if the player visits the Cove and the first passage of the Cove is called COVE START, I can use the hasVisited function to block off this area like so:
<<if hasVisited("COVE START")>><s>The Cove</s>
<<else>>[[The Cove|Passage Link Name]]<</if>>
4) Keep track of continuity and consequences.
You should decide whether you're going to reference player continuity in your free time events or not. If something happens in a mission, do you want it to be referenced in the next mission?
Playing with continuity can be very fun and rewarding for the player. It makes the game feel more immersive because the player can see and feel the world changing around them and responding to their actions.
However, if you are going to reference continuity, you need to have a plan for when certain the circumstances are not true. This can get very complicated, very quickly, and increases the amount of variables and circumstances you need to keep track of.
For example, say we have a hub and 3 available missions for the player:
Mission 1: Hunt a dragon
Mission 2: Defend a town
Mission 3: Track down some bandits
Player A does Mission 1 first. Because they haven't taken out the bandits in Mission 3, they get attacked on the way and have to deal with other circumstances before they can hunt and kill the dragon. When they do Mission 3, they have different motivations for tracking down the bandits.
Player B does Mission 2 first. The dragon isn't dead yet, so the dragon shows up and burns down half the town. When they do Mission 1, the player character might be fueled by completely different motivations than if they had done Mission 1 first.
Player C does Mission 3 first. On the way to tracking down the bandits, they meet an NPC who agrees to come along with them. This NPC is now available in later missions. As a result of doing Mission 3 first, the player isn't attacked by bandits during Mission 1 and the NPC is available to help during Mission 2.
You don't need to reference continuity in every event. But if something significant happens (like meeting a recurring NPC), you should keep that in mind for other missions so you can adjust the flavour text or unlock unique dialogue options. If you're designing missions like this, it's very important to keep in mind that players may do missions in different orders, so you shouldn't design missions to be played linearly.
You can control continuity with boolean variables or the hasVisited function as described in #3.
Hope that helps! 💕
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moonlitdiane · a day ago
Tumblr media
never grow up — the king's hound by @the-kingshound
a/n: oh what is this? a short fic of my MC doting on Mordred because my maternal instinct kicks in every time I see a small child that has no active parental figure? Who could've guessed. This honestly started out as a drabble about Mordred immediately looking over at MC whenever he does something good because he really really wants MC's approval and encouragement and oh I'm projecting.
Tumblr media
Moments of peace were rare in Camelot but the few that Queen Beatrice had managed to steal were precious—painfully so, there were times she wished she could stop the passing of time, let the falling leaves stop midair, push back against streams of water, and assure that the light in Mordred's eyes never flickered even for a split second.
The sound of an arrow breaking through tightly coiled straw broke the peace Queen Beatrice had let herself bask in, gentle afternoon light made the open field strangely nostalgic.
"Mom! Mom! Did you see that?" Big brown eyes immediately looked over at Beatrice's own ambers, searching for approval—for anything. This was something that had quickly developed in Mordred; to look for approval and acknowledgment from the Queen at every achievement he made.
Ah, a bullseye.
"Of course, pup," Beatrice opened her arms to quickly catch Mordred's body as he ran up to her, his own arms wrapping around her waist. The queen sighed fondly to herself, this was one of those moments. Her Mordred was growing up way too fast.
"You're getting better and better each day, I'm very proud of you, pup,"
"Really?" The genuine glee in his eyes made Beatrice's heart wrench. Oh, her boy was far too adorable.
"I heard a certain Evaine was even whispering about how you scare him with how you already caught up to him," Beatrice hummed with a teasing smile, bringing a warm beige hand to brush back the boy's sandy blond hair from his face. No matter how hard she tried to keep him looking proper and clean, he was still a kid and he was going to get all sweaty and dirty eventually.
"But I don't want to be better than Evaine! I just want to be strong enough to protect you!" Mordred pressed his cheeks against Beatrice's stomach, his words were muffled but the queen heard them loud and clear. She heard what he wasn't saying loud and clear. He was scared of losing another person in his life. He was scared of losing his home.
"Please never grow up," she wanted to say.
"Please stay like this," she wanted to beg but instead she kept it all to herself, no need to ask for something so impossible.
"I will never leave you, pup, I promise you that," the queen leaned down to press a kiss on the crown of Mordred's head. "I won't let even God herself separate us, and even if we do, I will do everything in my power to have you back in my safe embrace, no matter how long it will take."
Tumblr media
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ascendance-if · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
A minutes-long horror game with seven endings that help tell different versions of a story
...Or just make it for one more weird day at work.
-> Contains light cursing, somewhat obscure themes, eventual surprising sounds that can be muted (though, if you ask the manager, she will say it's the wind).
-> Playing with sound is recommended.
-> It should take roughly 15 minutes to reach all endings;
-> Rated 17+.
Play it now (itch.io)
Important: Since this experimental short game is considerably different from Ascendance, even if you're a follower, consider not engaging with it if it isn't your cup of tea 💕You can block #exsp not to see anything related to it.
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waning-and-waxing · 2 days ago
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"Don't be afraid," the words come again, somehow, from the beast, straining now to stay close, with the crows swarming and distorting its shape, its claws digging into the earth as the chain is drawn farther back. It seems to grin at you then, and you find yourself grinning back.
"They're watching. But they can't stop it. Not now," it says, and it gags as the chain tightens around its throat. "They are the ones who should be afraid. Afraid of us."
The last few words come out in a harsh whisper, and then the chain snaps back, more blood spilling in front of you, black ichor that burns as it touches your skin, and you stare down at your hands, blood stained and trembling. When you look up again, the beast is gone.
You're all alone.
a moodboard for my @northern-passage oc, ephrem kay (they/them), an alchemist who is not having the best time in blackwater
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doriana-gray-games · 2 days ago
I've been trying to think of scenarios that are unlikely to appear in-game, so you can answer without spoiling :D What about this: how would the ROs react if Sherlock was forced into an arranged marriage? (Not married yet, though)
Aww you're so sweet haha but the reason I am so terrible at answering asks is because I am often tired or feel the time spent answering asks would be more appreciated/productive if I wrote on the game instead, only sometimes is it because of spoilers <3 but the thought is appreciated nonetheless!
Ooof, the question is a heavy one tho—I'll try:
I don't know if I should assume that the ROs romantically love Sherlock—but that is usually what I'm asked for, so I'll go with that. And as Sherlock really can't be legally forced to marry anyone (I think), this is more of a societal/familial "forcing", yes? But, anon, let me know if that was wrong and I'll try and change the ask, ok? <3
If trying to get MC out of it didn't work, they would sulk and drink probably—and once again throw themselves into work heaped upon more work. Maybe pretend to be sick for a few days and just sleep. Of course, they would try anything to get Sherlock out of an arranged marriage if sherlock did not want to be in one. But they are not the type of person to show up at a wedding and say "choose me". They would never believe anyone would.
If Sherlock says "I don't want to do this. But I need to do this." And none of Watsons pleading to run away or to be a societal pariah together works (which is quite the offer from a social climber like Watson)—then they would just... support you. Be there for you. You're getting married, to someone you don't love or care for, how could they let you be alone at such a time? Their pain of seeing you say "I do" to someone else would be excruciating. But knowing you're alone, when they could have supported you—that would be worse. Besides, Watson is good at pushing down pain and hurt. They can cry another day.
So, um if Adler Loves Sherlock, like, truly loves Sherlock, and they are getting married to someone else... wow. They would be a mess. Just, a raw, broken, emotional mess. Punch a mirror, wail like a baby, fall to their knees type of mess. And they would hate how far you have messed them up, because they have never felt even a sliver of this pain for a lover before. They would be ready and packed to leave the country, just to get as far away as they can. But without thinking they would travel to where you are, and with their ill timing and habit of avoiding the emotionally painful it would be the night before the wedding. They would climb up your balcony, pick the lock, on their knees by your bedside they ask you to come with them. Their fingers stroking your cheek, they ask you to leave this place. To runaway, together.
Do you take their hand and say yes?
Hamish & Helena
That's tricky. Of course, they would have tried to have it broken off with legitimate means—convincing you or whatever person or thing that is pushing this wedding to stop it, finding scandal connected to your betrothed, bribery, intimidation—anything.
But nothing works.
And they love you, they believe you both love each other, and something or someone is standing in their way of true happiness. They have never found anyone like you—and they never will again. They know this through their soul. So they ask you something they never thought they would ask, not with any true meaning anyway. They tell you to marry them, take them, instead. Whatever social boundaries, whatever obstacles—at that moment, nothing matters. Only that you be theirs.
To have and to hold.
From this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, until parted by death.
This is my solemn vow.
Will you marry me, darling?
I really don't know why this grew in size with every RO... it just sort of happened like that. Well, this one turned out a bit... weird? But ill post it anyway. Have a nice weekend everyone <3
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blood-teeth · a day ago
🖊 & cain, please ❤︎
oooh cain cain cain
there are many many things to say about him
but i kind of want y'all to meet him and figure it out for yourselves honestly
so here are just some fun tidbits about cain
the strongest RO (and probably actually the physically strongest character in the entire game) he's been known to rip doors off the hinges just by opening them. shoulders so broad that oftentimes he doesn't fit through doorways straight on.
will NOT touch alcohol but would love a good and strong kombucha.
favorite fruit is an apple
scared of horses, but his horse's name is [REDACTED] he very often talks to his horse like an old family member...
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the-marriage-market-if · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
Ana & Tas route in a nutshell
Listen buddy, I don’t know how you managed to get your paws on my notes but I expect them back by tonight! 😡😤
(Lol but for real though this pretty sums them up >.>)
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