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lilacs-world · a year ago
Fun Fact:
If you can see everything around you in Visual Static or grainy or see floaters, after images of things that aren't there anymore and more and you can see the air, yeah that's not what everyone sees.
Apparently that thing is called Visual Snow Syndrome when you see stuff 24/7 like this:
Tumblr media
Apparently it's happening in people who have neurological disorders as autism, adhd, multiple sclerosis, headache and migraine disorders but it can happen also bcs staring too much at the computer or phone.
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viridializard · a month ago
Tumblr media
gay people... (an older, retired Kal imagining by viridializard)
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felassan · 2 months ago
a Reddit user has been posting a bunch of ancient pre-ME1 release images over on Reddit. beta images, cut stuff, placeholder stuff, things like that.
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juan-francisco-palencia · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Most people at some point have suffered a strong impression: physical, moral or sentimental, it is natural that as the gesture of pain or something sad passes and the love for someone else transforms it. But in certain men and women it shows a certain dimension that few people perceive, it is like a life parallel to the mundane, which takes place hidden in which are the voices of the universe. Then the one who did not understand the mystery of love, the reason for pain and illusion, through his words tries to take it to others, and they consider him "writer or poet." Being that he is a human being common to others and that his only virtue is to gesture his feelings not to fill books, or to exalt fame, but to empty his heart.
- Juan Francisco Palencia.
"On the banks of a river I walked I found a stone I sat down and cried"
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webofgoodnews · a year ago
I had no idea there were so many different types of apples.
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Belgian minister tweets EU's Covid vaccine price list to anger of manufacturers | Coronavirus | The Guardian
Price list for vaccines.
Interesting to note that those who have received most public funding are cheaper, whereas those with lots of private investment e.g. Moderns are the most expensive.
It's almost like the idea that capitalism ensures the cheapest price is a myth.
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firethatgrewsolow · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Press Review: Zeppelin Are Sexy
Rock and roll is powered by sex, just like the moms and dads feared two decades ago — and no band is sexier than Led Zeppelin.
For 2 1/2 hours at Olympia Friday night—no intermission, no warns-up, no relief — Zeppelin surged with a basic, erotic power.
I don't mean the sexy tease of Tina Turner, or the machismo aggressiveness of the Rolling Stones, or the layful perversity of the glitter bands, and certainly not the straightforward lyrics of some folk-rockers. Tins Buckley for example.
No, this was something more instinctive — a primal energy stored in the gut, and spilled out in a visceral surge by Zeppelin's muse. Even without lyrics they would be erotically disturbing, a meat-grinder for your baser urges. They were shooting from the groin, not the hip, through Showco speakers that poured 300,000 watts of power over the jam-packed audience. Zeppelin used every ounce of that juice. Their heaving, rhythmically jagged music set Jimmy Page's heavy-metal guitar against Robert Plant's heavy-breathing voice. John Paul Jones on mellotron (looking much happier than on the numbers where he played bass) net up a languid contrast; John Bonham's drums laid down an immovable bottom.
Page would slash an attack, twisting across the stage with his face in asthmatic contortions; Plant re-established the tension with eerie swoops and slides — he's done more for gasps and squeals than anyone outside dirty movies. They constantly pushed for ecstatic surrounder as they spread their choices from their earliest material to the newest, on the long-awaited Physical Graffiti, their first in two years and evidently a ferocious continuance of their trend.
The performance was a long way from studio perfection; Plant was flat on the opening numbers, not even trying for the high notes, and Page's guitar runs careened 'way off-track. But momentum quickly gathered into an orgasmic torrent where delicacies were not heeded.
Plant and Page held the front of the stage, androgynous in the bare-chested English manner, curls cascading as they strutted hip-jarring challenges. Stairway to Heaven near the end, was exhaustingly good; and when, earlier, Plant sang the line in How Many More Times about a lemon-squeezer, the old song was a reminder that this band has been at its peak for a good half-dozen years.
Like any long-lasting love, their endurance hasn't been accidental. No other band could go two, years without an album and still instantly sell out its concerts — but Zeppelin is wise enough to visit each city on its tours only once in two years instead of annually as other big acts do. And the concert was hardly spur-of-the-moment, either. That show seas planned with all the expense and bother of one of Cleopatra's seductions.
They brought in enough lights to set all downtown Windsor shining. The stage gimmicks were precisely timed — fog machines, smoke bombs, five giant ballroom globes to send globules of light flitting around the stadium; weirdly fascinating amplification for John Bonham's kettledrum solo; flashing lights spelling out the band's name; Jimmy Page attacking his guitar with a violin bow he wielded like a magic wand.
It was exhausting; it was exhilarating; it shook up the gut just as planned. Six years ago, when Zeppelin made its debut in the clammy old Grande Ballroom, I cautiously passed the opinion that they had potential. Nice call, pal. [The Windsor Star. February 1, 1975, John Laycock]
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enderon · 2 months ago
I'm rereading Parantural and noticing an interesting parallel between Isaac and Spender regarding being mediums and having to keep their emotions in check. I guess it makes sense, that they would have to struggle with such a thing since their 'tool' is literally their body and mind, but it also makes sense that having another consciousness and set of emotions inhabiting their body might make their emotions a bit funkier and more hairpin. Don't know why I hadn't picked up on it till now.
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annyllel · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I was comparing Mipha’s earlier gear to her simpler Champion scarf. The blue sash-like thing and the gold braid are much like what Sidon wears. But also some of her jewelry that hangs about her neck changes too. 
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impala-dreamer · a month ago
I know I'm late to the party, but I just watched the Jensen & Jared AD house tours and my goodness what a stark difference between their homes and relationships. Quite interesting.
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bonzhoe · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
photo taken by pétur friðgeirsson in 2008
jimmy page may have carved his name on a rock in iceland while led zeppelin was there in 1970. the photographer claims on his flickr that this was taken near kleifarvatn lake.
found it at the end of this page going into all the four symbols (or five, if you count sandy denny's). most notably, the mystery behind zoso has seemingly been solved: it apparently means saturn (the ruler of jimmy's sun sign, capricorn) and may have been chosen because his first guitar was a '59 futarama gravioso. it also goes into the swan song logo. interesting stuff.
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deadratboys · 3 months ago
I knowwww at some point I did mention something that I would like to see drawn from your HC but I can't remember what it was! So if you wanna draw it or talk about HC, what about flonks + wolfstar? I'm having big flonks feelings lately 🥺 (also trans!Remus would be great to see in drawing agshsjsjsjs sorry my brain is all over the place and I'm greedy)
OKAY SO! I have given literally 0 thought to Flonks until this point, because I guess my focus is pretty narrow lol. Also, sorry if I missed an art request! I have no idea how, but I must've overlooked it!
But this got me thinking about the lil polycule that would be blossoming post-Second War. (Because obviously Sirius & Remus & Tonks survived bc JKR didn't earn those deaths, so I'm taking them away from her.) So I did a really quick sketch:
Tumblr media
This was good practice, because I very rarely draw group shots & I need to practice. I've also never drawn Bill or Fleur, so I guess this is a good start to their designs! I'll put a small list of improvised headcanons under the cut.
I think it makes sense that this would all form the way it does. They're all polyam and queer and open-minded. I think Remus and Bill know each other from as far back as the mid-80s, when Remus would take odd jobs -- some of which were to be an extra (disposable) hand on cursebreaking jobs. So I imagine they met through one of those gigs & got along & would occasionally go out for drinks together. (Might've even hooked up once upon a blue moon, haven't decided.)
I think Bill and Tonks would also know each other from even farther back, because Charlie is one of Tonks's best friends, and Bill would have naturally already met her & spent some time with her by association.
I also think Tonks & Remus's relationship had a lil messy period as Remus tried to decide whether he was committed to her or just sleeping with her, and Bill got to hear about it from both of them separately showing up & venting at him. (Disaster queers, s2g) Fleur has a prickly opinion of Remus at first because of this, and tries to lowkey convince Tonks that she deserves better.
But eventually things smooth out & Remus gets his shit together. Then, Post Second War, they all spend more time together generally. Remus gives Bill tips to take care of his face scars (thanks, Greyback), and they all kinda get into a rhythm of checking in on each other, eating dinner together, and just processing the war & grieving for all the people they've lost & trying to heal together.
So, I guess, what I'm getting at, is that they all form closer bonds. And that just means that they all tend to spend more time together. This is especially true of Fleur & Tonks, who are sort of intrigued by each other, being so seemingly different from each other. They're both maybe a little intimidated by one another. Like, they both think the other one is just so cool and even though they've both gotten a lot of attention from men in their lives, they find themselves getting tripped up over each other where there is usually confidence.
I also don't remember the pregnancy timelines, but I feel like Tonks & Fleur would spend a lot of time trading childcare strategies for new mother exhaustion, because I'm pretty sure Teddy & Victoire are born pretty closely together.
I think there's also a joke between them all about Tonks finally dating a Weasley -- just not the Weasley anyone expected. Which is to say, Molly always tried to push Tonks & Charlie together (and then, Tonks & Bill), but none of them were interested like that. So now that she's dating Fleur, she's technically dating a Weasley! Molly hates this lol
But yeah, I think they all have a pretty good thing going on. Fairly healthy dynamics, strong communication, shared values. I wish I had more to say about Flonks for you, but I honestly barely know anything about Fleur. But I do think it's a good pairing. Though I don't think it would really impact Wolfstar & Remdora dynamics too too much aside from just Fleur being a little prickly towards Remus sometimes (but not in like a super unhealthy way, just sorta exasperation because "Ugh, why are men like this?") and therefore maybe causing some slight tension there.
I would explore this more, but I need to get to work (already pushing it lol). So please accept this for now! And I'll see if I can get some good trans!Remus art done as well, but I'm not sure if I'll have time tonight or not. (We shall see.)
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thedragonemperess · 5 months ago
Ever After High Hogwarts AU.
There are Five Houses:
Furcifer - Villain/Antagonist
Pelagus - Hero/Protagonist
Tum - Both/Antihero/Antivillain
Aequus - Neutral/Neither
Latus - Side/Supporting
(They're all Latin because I believe that's what language most of the spells in Harry Potter are.)
You are sorted into your house based on the role you play in your story. Each character's house should be obvious.
Based on your house, you get different classes.
When you graduate, you sign the Story Book of Legends. After a certain amount of time passes, your story finally takes place.
There are Royals, Rebels, and the ever elusive Roybels.
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theriu · 5 months ago
According to Dr. Jeffrey Schloss, there is a brain hormone that mediates the feeling of being in love or being infatuated. One of these neurotransmitters is known as phenethylamine, and it floods our brain when we fall in love (it is also in fairly high quantities in chocolate). This chemical gives us feelings of exhilaration and thrill and well-being, and in high amounts can lead to a loss of appetite. This chemical works somewhat in a cycle, at least in a relationship. At the beginning of the relationship it spikes up; after four or five years it begins to decline. Across cultures there is spike in the rate of divorce at about 4.5 years of marriage.
ii. This leads some scientists to say that we are made for monogamy, but only in the sense of one partner at a time, and then changing partners every five years or so. Yet Dr. Schloss says that we know this is not true. In the brain there are completely different pathways, with completely different chemical mediators. These begin to form at about the four-year point in a relationship, and they contribute to different feelings. Instead of feelings of thrill and “I can’t eat,” they are feelings of deep contentment and gratitude. One of the chemicals that mediates these feeling is oxytocin, which is the same chemical related to the bonding of a mother together with her infant.
iii. Some suggest that relationships have two major phases: attraction and attachment. The attraction phase is powerful, and the kind of condition that makes one say, “I am lovesick.” Yet the key to a long-term fulfilling relationship is staying with it past the attraction phase into the attachment phase. There are some counselors who devote almost their entire counseling practice trying to help what they call “love junkies”; people who are so addicted to the phenethylamine phase that they bounce from relationship rush to relationship rush without ever really coming into a greater, longer lasting relationship fulfillment.
iv. One could say that we are engineered for the longer lasting attachment phase, and the attraction phase is meant to be a portal into the attachment phase, and not something unto itself. The good news is that as a relationship moves into the attachment phase, the attraction phase recycles, and long-married couples often experience the sense of falling in love all over again – several times through their marriage.
v. This is why it is sometimes – or often – unwise to rush ahead in a relationship when it is still in the “I am lovesick,” attraction and phenethylamine phase. Adam Clarke observed of the lovesick person: “But while we admit such a person’s sincerity, who can help questioning his judgment?”
- Enduring Word Commentary on Song of Solomon chapter 2
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littlecatninja · 7 months ago
Ok ok ok so i watched the prison visit (at least some of it, and when i say some of it i mean the end) and sam brought sapnap out a different way? And then sapnap delivered a message from dream to ranboo and it was just “:)”? And then ranboo just walked away suspiciously? So I’m assuming that the smiley face triggers the enderwalk and it? If that makes sense? Because when he started stream in the enderwalk, the last thing he looked at was the paper with the “thanks :)” and then he changed back.
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neoyi · 3 months ago
I googled it and it turns out not only did Mark Laita from the Black Mamba photoshoot survive (the current assumption is that it was a “dry bite”, meaning the snake released no venom for whatever reason) but he also didn’t even go to the hospital and was just. Fine I guess?? Despite the snake hitting an artery?? There’s interviews you can find and it’s both wild and nonplussing.
Holy shit! That guy lucked out big time!
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griffincastle · 4 months ago
Dear Richtofen,
Do you enjoy music? If so what genre?
... Please refer to this post (link)
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