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blue-mood-blue · 6 months ago
An incomplete list of items that have been found in Peter Nureyev’s pockets, in no particular order:
Two pens, from two different resorts on Io.
A tube of lipstick, dark purple, Juno’s. Handed to Nureyev while Juno furiously dug through his clutch for the concealed, single-hit blaster while running through an Io resort after a mark, used later that evening to freshen Juno’s lipstick long after anyone else would see it.
A flower, only slightly crushed, that landed on Nureyev’s head during a planetside trip.
A keychain from the same planetside trip, depicting a cartoon image of a cat and the words “Meow-velous to see you!”
Half a dozen hard candies, plucked out of a bowl from the desk of a high-ranking executive, to see how many he could get between plucking out company secrets.
A small notepad filled with complex, doodled explanations of both the security coding of a prison cell block and the first forty-eight seasons of the stream All My Children (Have Severe Family-Related Trauma).
A brochure for Polaris Park, picked up from a display of tourist brochures in the front lobby of a hotel, the only Mars-based selection available.
A handful of rings, pocketed while switching partners across a ballroom.
A plastic capsule, handed to Nureyev by Vespa before a dinner among cutthroat pharma-corporation representatives, to test the safety of his drink.
A sapphire pin, removed from a woman’s collar with a flourish and a wave while she talked to a seemingly-rapt Nureyev and while Juno watched, skeptical and laughing, from across the room.
An empty blaster cartridge, replacing the fresh one handed to Buddy while on the run from security.
A note in Juno’s handwriting, telling Nureyev he’s gone to the kitchen to make pancakes.
A note in Juno’s handwriting, telling Nureyev that Buddy needs him for something and that he’ll see Nureyev later.
A note in Juno’s handwriting, on hotel stationary, telling Nureyev that he’ll be wearing red and he’ll save him a dance.
Two dozen bottles of tiny shampoos, all with the same hotel name printed on the side.
The salt shaker from the Carte Blanche kitchen, taken repeatedly without notice.
Loose salt from the salt shaker, placed carelessly while Nureyev was looking for a midnight snack.
A screw, worn smooth from long use in the Carte Blanche. Replaced during routine maintenance and handed to Nureyev, who had no idea what to do with it, by Jet, who did not provide any instructions. Perhaps worn smoother by Nureyev’s constant handling for the next several hours, listening to Jet work and waiting for Juno to arrive back from a job safely.
A key fob for a vehicle he doesn’t own and doesn’t know the identity of.
Dozens of postcards, one at a time, collected as Juno placed them into his hand with the comment that it would be nice to trace all of the places they’ve been.
A tiny fox charm, placed there by Juno in an ungraceful attempt to sneak a gift to him, unremarked upon but now hanging from a chain around Nureyev’s neck.
A clanging of bangles, brought back for Rita, that almost got him caught while trying to sneak out of a Neptunian embassy.
A handful of glittery hair-ties, borrowed from Rita, to pull back Nureyev’s hair as it grows out.
All of the paperclips on the Carte Blanche, and all of the paperclips the Carte Blanche acquires.
A ring with gems as red as Martian sand, that shine in the light as blue as Martian sunsets. Bought from a jeweler because Nureyev could not bear to leave it behind, carried with hope for a time after certain debts are paid.
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bulkhummus · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Carlos and Cecil — but make it college ! A scene I drew from a story I’ve been writing during down time. Cecil has just entered an apartment party to find a drunk Carlos, who normally doesn‘t party, let alone get drunk. Amused but vaguely worried, Cecil takes him home.
Cecil, a 23 year old journalism major who has no regard for his wellbeing and Carlos, a 26 year old workaholic grad student who discovers a new species in Night Vale.
A story of lobsters, learning and love ✨
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shenandoahcafe · 5 months ago
Literally no matter how handsome and sensitive a guy is do not go into an attic with him especially if you just walked through his serial killer house, know he has bizarre mommy and daddy issues, and has dated women with the same name three times, and his dad! Was! Suspiciously! Murdered!
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grayscaleskies · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Happy International Ace Day! Magnus has been really helpful in me taking pride in my aceness, so who better to celebrate than Jarchivist themself! Whether you’re new to the community or been here a while, anywhere on the spectrum, you’re valid and loved! Ace pride!
[ID: This is an image of the right hand of Jonathan Sims from the Magnus Archives. Their skin is medium brown, and is covered in several pockmarked scars and large burn scars where a handshake would be. Their fingernails are the colors of the ace flag, with the thumb having the full flag, and they are wearing a black ace ring on their middle finger. The background is a desaturated version of the asexual flag, and the text at the bottom in a black, all capitals font reads: ‘Happy International Asexuality Day.’ End ID/]
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lessismorguepod · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Happy #InternationalAsexualityDay, everyone!
And you know what that means?
You’re legally obligated to tell Riley - our resident Ace Ghoul - that they’re awesome, and send tributes in the form of candy, pizza, or your first born child.
We don’t make the rules. Sorry.
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xaimelarks · 7 days ago
The most relatable character in any podcast is Doug cause I too would throw myself into fire if I got my friends coffee order wrong
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thepenumbrapodcast · a year ago
‪Happy #InternationalNonbinaryDay!
Friendly reminder that you can present however you want, use whatever pronouns you want AND still be NB! Don’t let anyone force you into the confines of what THEY think your gender should look like — it’s not about them. It’s about you. ❤️‬
Tumblr media
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5isacolor · a month ago
s1 jon: the magnus archives is a podcast distributed by rusty quill and licensed under a creative commons attribution non commercial sharealike international license
Tumblr media
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lingthusiasm · 2 months ago
Lingthusiasm Episode 58: A Fun-Filled Fricative Field Trip 
What do the sounds fffff, vvvv, ssss, and zzzz all have in common? They're all produced by creating a sort of friction in your mouth when you constrict two parts against each other, whether that's your lips, your teeth, your tongue, the roof of your mouth, or in your throat. This whole class of sounds that are produced using friction are known as fricatives! 
In this episode, your hosts Gretchen McCulloch and Lauren Gawne get enthusiastic about fricatives! We take you on a tour from the front of your mouth to the back (sadly, you’ll have to imagine the tiny cartoon schoolbus for yourself), and tell some of our favourite fricative-related stories along the way, including how the printing press is responsible for Ye Olde Teashoppe signs, the Extremely Welsh clothing chain LL Bean, and Gretchen’s erstwhile student days playing IPA Scrabble. 
If you have fricative stories of your own to add, feel free to talk about them in the Lingthusiasm Discord, or tag us in them on social media @lingthusiasm and we might share them!
We have new merch! Have you always wanted to recreate the classic psycholinguistics  experiment of cross-modal perception wherever you go? With our bold coloured kiki/bouba merch you can!
Kiki Bouba If I give you a rounded, lumpy shape and a sharp, spiky one, and tell you that one is called kiki and the other bouba, which name would you attach to which shape? It turns out that people's responses are surprisingly consistent! This classic experiment in cross-modal perception featured in Lingthusiasm episode 21: What words sound spiky across languages?, has become a favourite subject of linguistics memes, and is now available as Lingthusiasm merch!
You can now ask random people at a conference, in class, or at work which one is bouba and which is kiki, in black, red, green, yellow, pale blue, pink, or white. (We've also released the bouba/kiki images under a CC-BY license, should you wish to use it in linguistics experiments of your own.)
What the fricative You know how some pieces of technical terminology just really sound like they moonlight as minor swear words? "What the fricative" totally looks like something you exclaim when you stub your toe, and yet it actually just refers to the entirely innocuous class of sound that is produced by creating friction with the stream of air as it comes out of your mouth, such as /s/, /z/, /v/, and yes, /f/ itself.
Whether you're having a fricative hard day or you're just fricative surprised, now you can confuse people by not actually swearing and secretly give yourself an excuse to chat linguistics with them, thanks to our What the Fricative items in black or white text! Check out our cheeky ‘What The Fricative’ merch for all your almost-sweary needs!
Updates to current merch We’ve also updated our IPA range to include some great new products, like this snazzy backpack, this cosy bath mat, and this fitted 3-layer facemask. Lingthusiasm the podcast transforms your boring commute or chores into a lively, nerdy conversation, and we also help you wear your linguistics fandom on your sleeve, on your feet, and surrounding your notes!
As ever, we love seeing photos of any Lingthusiasm merch in your lives! Tag us in them @lingthusiasm on social media!
In fiction, we can often tell when a character is drunk or high by their way of speaking: when someone's slurring sounds together or jumping erratically from topic to topic, the audience is meant to assume that they're under the influence. But how accurate are these fictional portrayals?
In this episode, Lauren and Gretchen get enthusiastic about two fun studies of how people talk differently when under the influence of alcohol or cannabis: the German Alcohol Language Corpus and the delightfully named "Dude, What Was I Talking About? A New Sociolinguistic Framework for Marijuana-Intoxicated Speech".  We also talk about the logistical complications of setting out to study intoxicated speech, from setting up fake pubs and recording in a "vehicular environment" to the ethical issues around how to make sure that impaired people are giving informed consent to participate (tip: ask them when they're still sober).
Join us on Patreon to learn more, and get access to 52 other bonus episodes! You’ll also get access to our Discord server, where you can chat about your favourite Pokémon names with other language nerds!
Here are the links mentioned in this episode:
Wikipedia entry for Fricative
Wikipedia entry for Voiceless Bilabial Fricative
Wikipedia entry for Voiced Bilabial Fricative
How to make your own IPA Scrabble set on All Things Linguistics
IPA scrabble in action on All Things Linguistics
Fricative prevalence across language on Superlinguo
Crash Course Linguistics #10: Phonology
Gretchen’s LL Bean in Welsh anecdote
Wikipedia entry for Welsh Phonology
Understanding fricatives with gifs on All Things Linguistic
You can listen to this episode via, Soundcloud, RSS, Apple Podcasts/iTunes, Spotify, YouTube, or wherever you get your podcasts. You can also download an mp3 via the Soundcloud page for offline listening, and stay tuned for a transcript of this episode on the Lingthusiasm website. To receive an email whenever a new episode drops, sign up for the Lingthusiasm mailing list.
You can help keep Lingthusiasm advertising-free by supporting our Patreon. Being a patron gives you access to bonus content and lets you help decide on Lingthusiasm topics.
Lingthusiasm is on Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter.
Email us at contact [at] lingthusiasm [dot] com
Gretchen is on Twitter as @GretchenAMcC and blogs at All Things Linguistic.
Lauren is on Twitter as @superlinguo and blogs at Superlinguo.
Lingthusiasm is created by Gretchen McCulloch and Lauren Gawne. Our senior producer is Claire Gawne, our editorial producer is Sarah Dopierala, and our music is ‘Ancient City’ by The Triangles.
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artharakka · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
“...sealed up in stone and carelessly smashed apart by force. If there was no bad luck before, we have surely invited it.”
My take on another cool character from the @thewhitevault podcast: Dr. Karina Schumacher-Weiß 
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anewgayeveryday · 2 months ago
Todays LGBT+ Character is;
Tumblr media
Maureen Johnson and Michelle Nguyen from Welcome To Nightvale-Lesbians
Art by @saturnisfallingdown
Requested by @cinnamonzor
Status: Alive (and Dating)
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my18thcenturysource · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
On International Women's Day we celebrate the social, economic, cultural, and economic achievement of women, but I would not call it a happy or quite celebratory holiday. Today we also highlight the current work towards equality, and raise awareness against bias, and this years' theme is #ChooseToChallenge (because a challenged world is a world in alert, so challenge and call out gender bias and discrimination when you see it.)
Today's post (hey! I'm back!) is a little timeline for International Women's Day, for all of us to take a look at what we have achieved, and what the road ahead looks like. So, here we go:
1909 - the Socialist Party of America created the "National Women's Day" held in February 28th in New York City. This was a the original idea of activist Theresa Malkiel.
1910 - The International Socialist Women's Conference takes place in Cophenhagen, Denmark. 100 women from 17 countries agree on an annual Women's Day to promote equal rights (including the vote), but no date was specified.
1911 - International Women's Day was honoured for the first time in Austria, Denmark, Germany and Switzerland on March 19th. On March 25th the fire in the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory in New York City took the lives of 146 working women, most of them immigrants, this drew attention to working conditions and it became a main focus on the next International Women's Day events. James Oppenheim published a poem in The American Magazine, quoting "bread and roses" from a 1910 speech by Helen Todd calling not only for basic rights and equality, but also for beauty and dignity, creating the "Bread and Roses" slogan that became representative of the women's fight, but also key for the 1912 Lawrence mills strike.
1914 - International Women's Day was held on March 8th for the first time. In London was held a march from Bow to Trafalgar Square in support of women's suffrage, and Sylvia Pankhurst was arrested.
1917 - On the last Sunday of February (March 8th on the Gregorian calendar) women in Petrograd (now Saint Petersburg) began a strike for "bread and piece" for the end of WWI, this demonstration eventually covered the whole city, and days later forcing the Czar to abdicate and women were granted the right to vote by the provisional Government. This marked the start of the Russian Revolution.
1927 - There's a march in Guagzhou, China, of 25,000 women and male supporters. Even though the Women's Day was commemorated in China since 1922, it was until 1949 that it was declared an official holiday and women would be given half a day off.
1936 - Dolores Ibáuri led a women's march in Madrid on the eve of the Spanish Civil War.
1967 - Women's Day is taken up by second-wave feminist, and it stops being perceived as a "communist holiday". It is now a day of activism and its sometimes refered in Europe as "Women's International Day of Struggle".
1975 - International Women's Day is celebrated by the United Nations. During the 70s and 80s, women's groups were joined by leftists and labor organizations in calling for equal pay, economic opportunity, legal rights, reproductive rights, child care, and prevention of violence against women.
1996 - The UN announced the first annual theme: "Celebrating the past, Planning for the Future", each year there's a new them and 2021's is "Choose to Challenge".
2007 - Violence sparked in Tehran on March 4th, when police beat hundreds of men and women who were planning a rally, arrested dozens of women and some were released after several days of solitary confinement and interrogation.
There is of course so much more to say about this day, but this post is getting LONG, and of course I added at the bottom links for further learning.
Finally, this is a day to take action. And the marches are not the only option, you can:
Support female-centric charities.
Raise awareness of women's struggles.
Pressure your local government to achieve gender parity.
Share and celebrate women's achievements.
Learn more:
International Women's Day
Remembering Theresa Serber Malkiel, the forgotten woman behind International Women’s Day, Adrija Roychowdhury, The Indian Express, 8th March 2019.
International Socialist Conferences of Women Workers, Alexandra Kollontai, International Socialist Conferences of Women Workers, 1918.
The roots of International Women’s Day are more radical than you think, Erin Blakemore, National Geographic, 2020.
Death in the Afternoon Podcast, ep 11: The Least Worst Death, 2019. MAJOR CONTENT WARNING this episode talks about the tragedies of 9/11 and the Triangle Shirtwaist factory, and it might be VERY disturbing for some. Please take care while listening if you choose to.
Uncovering the History of the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire, David von Drehle, The Smithsonian Magazine, 2006. - Again, CONTENT WARNING for fire, mass death, suicide,
Bread and Roses: the origins of a Mount Holyoke tradition, Rachel Nix, 2019.
Bread and Roses poem, by James Oppenheim, 1911.
From the archive, 11 June 1914: Arrest of Miss Sylvia Pankhurst, The Guardian
The Strike that Shook America, Christopher Klein,, 2012.
Russia’s February Revolution Was Led by Women on the March, Carolyn Harris, The Smithsonian Magazine, 2017.
In China, Women’s Day Marches On Despite Decline, Chen Yan, Sixth Tone, 2018.
Memories of Resistance: Women Activists from the Spanish Civil War, Shirley Mangini, Signs (vol. 17, no. 1), 1991.
Iranian Police Clash With Women's Day Protesters, 2007.
Images from top:
Poster for Women's Day, March 8, 1914, demanding voting rights for women, Karl Maria Stadler.
Female tailors on strike, New York City, February, 1910.
The Bread and Roses strike, 1912.
Women's demonstration for bread and peace – March 8, 1917, Petrograd, Russia
Alexandra Kollontai with Clara Zetkin at International Women's Conference, 1921.
A Tehran University female student protesting against the government of Iran, December 9, 2007, Tehran University in Tehran.
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amirprinceofthememe · 3 months ago
Cecily: Hey, Percy, you sure you're not into guys?
Percy: what
Cecily: aren't you gay?
Percy, in the middle of a panic attack:
Tumblr media
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Rita: On a scale from “damn Daniel” to “fre sha vaca do”, how are you feeling?
Jet: In between “it’s an avocado, thanks” and “how did you defeat Captain America”, but as a solid answer I would say “I don’t need a degree to be a clothing hanger”. How about you, Vespa?
Vespa: Probably “road work ahead”.
Juno: I speak many languages, and this is none of them.
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camestela · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
ILLUMINATI INTERNS !!!! Exploding cars and blowing carrots... Ok so these illustrations are based on one of the best podcasts I’ve listened to lately !! @illuminatiinterns is a show with very interesting characters, my fave is Lola who wants to be an Illuminati and find her long lost father. Alfie is so great as well as ellie hhhh I loved everybody in the show And they have many adventures and fun times together... so if you like fiction that revolves around the occult, illuminatis, mysteries and humor I totally recommend you to listen to it. 👁
I listened over at spotify, but it’s also on amazon music, Apple podcast etc. Anyways it only has one season out but I really want to know what happens next and I had to draw them
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werateaudiodrama · 2 months ago
Heyo! If anyone wants some podcasts with nonbinary characters, here’s a list of recommendations!
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