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ok i am thiiiis close to blocking every single college/university from my email address bc if i get one more “Apply now!” email i will scream

such emails are not good for my mental health

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The infection is still there which means I can’t do much reading and writing work. I’ve been focusing on figuring out potential majors and listening to podcasts about admissions. I haven’t been working on my Philosophy essay which is due in 4 days. But today, I put my specs on at the tip of my nose and so, as long as that works, I should be on track for my submission. I have put up a huge Summer To-Do list in my room which is supposed to keep me on track.

I’m thinking of making posts about app recommendations. I only use free apps so it won’t be as glamorous and price-y as some of the other studyblrs. But these ones keep me together and keep me productive.

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I’m starting the IBDP this year so i wanted to make a blog for all my IB related stuff so i don’t spam my main blog with it lmao. will this just turn into a studyblr account? perhaps. but for now it’s just a blog for me to rant/complain/talk about IB

The classes i plan on taking (so the ones I’ve signed up for but idk if they’re approved)

SL French (Jr. Year)

SL Environmental Systems (Jr. Year)

SL Math Applications (Sr. Year) (i wanted to do studies but my school took it out because everyone’s too smart and nobody took it but being trash at math is my specialty so we’ll see how this turns out)

HL English

HL History 

HL Theatre (idk if i’ll be in this class because at my school i’m required to have taken theatre in high school before but i haven’t but i just signed up anyway because i emailed the teacher and he said it was fine lmao)

so yeah

thats it thats the post

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Reminiscing on the IB Biology Higher days… Defo not throwing these notes away because they are aesthetically pleasing to look at

So long IB! Thank God that nightmare is over

Who else can relate 😂?

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Day 1 of productivity


It actually went well. 

From 9 to 11, I did a little bit of work and then took a break for lunch and a few conversations here and there. That ended around 2 when I got back to work on my econ test.

I always have classes for 3 hours in the evening during weekdays which keeps me pretty busy around that time. Today, I had a test and so, I ended up studying almost continuously from 2 PM to 8.30 PM. I even squeezed in some time for a 30 minute walk at night (exercise is especially important, try staying on track!)

Reasons for success:

*Mind you, this is just why I think I was productive.

1. Deadlines, yay!

So, I’m a procrastinator. Not a very chronic one always but I work best under a little bit of pressure. Today, I spent 3 hours on studying Economics for the test because there was a set date and time for that test. Now, as the term is ending and summer will have very few deadlines, I’m very open to suggestions on how I can still get work done under less pressure. After term ends, for a while, I’ll try and work with deadlines that I make for myself but, in the past, that hasn’t been very helpful.

But, today I was super productive and got stuff done due to deadlines.

2. Woke up early + conviction

Yesterday, I went to sleep at 9 and that seems to have helped my sleep schedule a lot. Today by 9, I was done with breakfast and some social media scrolling and onto my tasks for the day. Also, since this was the start of the 5 days of productivity, I had a lot of enthusiasm and willpower. I even made a to-do list early in the morning and got some initial momentum at the start of the day. Due to that, I could spend time with family, give my test and go for a walk as well.

I’m going to go to sleep once I finish one more task from today’s to-do list. Also, I really need to make less ambitious to-do lists.

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ATTENTION ALL IB STUDENTS!!!! i need your help !!

i’m going to start the ib course as of this september and one of the subjects that i’ll be taking is philosophy. i’ve done a bit of looking around on the internet and i’ve found very little resources for philosophy :(

if there’s anyone who has done ib philosophy or is currently doing it, please please PLEASE reply with some useful links or books that helped or are helping you, because i’d deeply appreciate that. thank you for help!!

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