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#international break april 2021
e-lysium · 9 months ago
everything that has happened in 2020, in case you forgot
because it’s been a long year. counts up to december 20. i tried to get in as much as i could, but there will still be some things missing, because it's been a long year.
january (timeframes will be rough)
australian bush fires
persian gulf crisis
taal volcano eruption
impeachment trial of donald trump
covid-19 pandemic what else is there to say?
the united kingdom’s withdrawal from the european union
delhi riots
collapse of malaysia’s coalition government
stock market crash
luxembourg made public transport free
conditional peace agreement between the united states and the taliban
afghanistan war crimes inquiry authorised to proceed
tokyo summer olympics postponed to 2021
north macedonia joins nato
russia-saudi arabia oil price war
united states designates a white supremacist group as a terrorist group for the first time
opec and allies agree to cut oil production by 9.7 million barrels a day
united states suspends funding to the world health organisation
nova scotia attacks
israeli politicians agree to form a unity government
iran deploys first military satellite
king salman declares people will not be executed for crimes committed as minors
the pentagon officially releases three ufo videos
colombia formalises its membership of the oecd
venezuelan dissidents and american private military attempt to infiltrate venezuela and remove president maduro from office
scientists discover parasitic microbe blocking mosquitos from carrying malaria
first black hole discovered in a star system visible to the naked eye
styrene gas leak in india
cross-border clash at the nantha lu crossing between chinese and indian soldiers
konarak vessel incident
fossil analysis indicates modern humans may have arrived in europe thousands of years earlier than thought
maternity hospital stormed by gunmen in afghanistan
discovery of millipede fossil as the world's oldest-known land animal dating c.425 million years
east africa floods
palestine terminates all agreements with israel and the united states after israel plans to annex the jordan valley
cyclone amphan
united states announces withdrawal from open skies treaty
mining company rio tinto destroys sacred aboriginal caves at juukan gorge in australia
george floyd is killed, beginning mass global protests against police racism and brutality
costa rica becomes first central american country to legalise same-sex marriage
chinese government votes for legislation granting powers to suppress democracy movement in hong kong
rwandan court sentences former mayor to life imprisonment for role in rwandan genocide
first crewed spacex flight is launched
state of emergency declared by russia after 20 thousand tons of oil leaks into ambarnaya river
libya’s government claims control of tripoli
turkish and iranian forces begin air and artillery strikes against kurdish forces in iraqi kurdistan
north korea demolishes kaesong’s inter-korean liaison office
solar eclipse
7.5 magnitude earthquake in oaxaca, mexico
historic three-party coalition government formed in ireland
china passes hong kong national security law
russian voters support constitutional amendment allowing vladimir putin to seek two further six-year terms
landslide at jade mine in myanmar
bulgarian protests against boyko borisov’s government
mass graves uncovered in burkina faso believed to be the result of extrajudicial executions by government forces
turkish president orders the hagia sophia in istanbul to be reverted from a museum to a mosque
china floods
twitter accounts of prominent politicians, ceos and celebrities hacked in bitcoin scam
flooding of the brahmaputra river
nasa launches mars 2020 rover mission
barakah nuclear power plant in the uae becomes first commercial nuclear power station in the arab states
beirut explosions
belarusian protests sparked by controversial presidential election
vladimir putin announces russia’s approval of world’s first covid-19 vaccine
israel and uae agree to normalise relations
stranded japanese ship breaks in mauritius and spills one thousand tonnes of oil into the ocean
coup d'état takes place in mali
africa is declared free of wild polio
amazon ceo jeff bezos becomes first person ever with a net worth exceeding us$200 billion
hurricane laura
japanese prime minister shinzo abe resigns after seven years
an agreement is signed to transition sudan into a secular state
largest find of mammoth skeletons at construction site for airport in mexico city
pope benedict xvi becomes longest-living pope
kosovo and serbia announce normalisation of economic relations
bahrain and israel agree to normalise relations
typhoon haishen
announcement of detection of phosphine in venus’ atmosphere
first discovery of perfectly preserved cave bear remains in siberia, believed to be 22 thousand - 39 thousand years old
venezuelan government is accused of crimes against humanity by human rights council
france, germany, and the united kingdom reject china’s claims to the south china sea
oldest known copy of any work by william shakespeare, a 1634 edition of the two noble kinsman, is found in spain
documents of the financial crimes enforcement network are released, detailing suspicious transations valued at over us$2 trillion
microsoft buys zenimax media in the biggest and most expensive takover in the video game industry
deadly clashes erupt between armenian and azerbaijani forces in nagorno-karabakh
the european union launches legal action against the united kingdom for overriding sections of the brexit withdrawal agreement
new caledonia votes against independence from france
mass protests break out in kyrgyzstan against controversial parliamentary election
thai protests
new zealand prime minister jacinda ardern's labour party wins second term in office by a landslide, gaining the first parliamentary majority since introduction of new voting system in the early 90s
nasa's osiris-rex spacecraft becomes their first probe to retrieve samples from an asteroid
geneva consensus declaration on women's health and strengthening families is signed by 34 countries
falkland islands declared free of land mines
israel and sudan agree to normalise relations
nasa confirms existence of molecular water on the moon
7.0 aegean sea earthquake
typhoon goni
amhara women, children and elderly killed in ethiopia
tumblr melts down over supernatural ship “destiel” (dean winchester and castiel), causing this site to crash several times
united states election concludes joe biden as president of the united states, STATES FLIP DATA
hurricane eta
united states exits the paris climate change accord
armenia and azerbaijan sign ceasefire agreement
hong kong pro-democracy lawmakers resign en masse
nasa and spacex launch to the international space station
hurricane iota
brereton report into australian war crimes during the war in afghanistan released
indian farmers’ protest
iranian nuclear scientist mohsen fakhrizadeh is assassinated
koshobe massacre
lunar eclipse
protein folding is solved
arecibo telescope collapses
the united kingdom approves covid-19 vaccine
three activists jailed in hong kong for part in democracy protests
united nations commission on narcotic drugs votes to remove cannabis from dangerous drugs list
united states announces withdrawal from somali civil war
russia begins mass vaccination against covid-19
venezuelan parliamentary election
the united kingdom begins mass vaccination against covid-19
report into the christchurch mosque shootings released
nepal and china officially agree on height of mount everest
israel and morocco normalise relations
end of nicolas sarkozy corruption trial in france
the european union agrees to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 55% over the next decade
bhutan and israel normalise relations
the international criminal court accuses the philippines of crimes against humanity in its war on drugs
the united states accuses switzerland and vietnam of currency manipulation
a new, highly-infectious strain of covid-19 begins to spread through the united kingdom and europe
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pomrania · a month ago
For the entirety of August 2021, I want to draw pictures of your pets. During that time, reblog this post with a photo of your pet – make sure to read the rules below and abide by them – and I will draw every single one of those requests I get.
To make a request, reblog this post with a photo of your pet. In the body of the post, include the pet’s name. If you don’t have that text in the body of the post, it makes it hard to find, and I might not notice that you added anything at all in that reblog. Valid requests will be drawn in the order they come in, with some rare exceptions (generally when I’m tired or I need a warm-up).
(If you were here for what I did in April, these are the same rules and methods, only now I’m hoping they’re written out a bit more clearly. Black lives matter, and trans right are human rights.)
Only one photo per request, and only one pet per request. Do not include multiple photos and tell me to pick one. If you give me a photo that has multiple animals in it, be very clear about which one you want me to draw.
Only one request at a time (but see number 5).
It has to be your pet, present or past; I won’t draw just random pictures you found online.
Vertebrate pets only.
If you want multiple things drawn, pick one to start with; wait until your first request is done, and then put in another. That is, you can only have one request “active” at a time.
Once it is no longer August 2021, I won’t be accepting requests reblogged on this post.
Black cats are good, and sleeping cats are good, and curled-up-in-a-ball cats are good; but sleeping curled-up-in-a-ball black cats just look like a black circle. Find a different photo for me to draw.
Answers to common questions are found below the read-more. You don’t need to read this before requesting, but if you have a question, check this out before asking me.
Are you good with drawing snakes? I’m fine with snakes; I don’t have much PRACTICE drawing them, but that’s different.
I know you’re probably not still doing this, but…. In April 2021 I drew all the requests I was given, that went by the rules I’d set up; that was 410 pictures (I counted). Since that started, I have internalized the physical necessity of taking regular breaks (which means that art doesn’t pain me), and also my skills have improved; and I’m still as damn stubborn as I’ve been all my life. The only reason I wouldn’t finish this, is if I’m literally not capable of doing so.
How come you haven’t drawn my request? Three possible options: a) it’s in line, and I simply haven’t gotten around to it yet; b) it didn’t go by the listed rules, so I wasn’t going to draw it; or c) hellsite issues made it so that I never even saw your request. You can message me if you want to know the status; in fact, if more recent requests have been drawn but yours hasn’t, and you’re sure that it went by what I said, PLEASE message me, I’d hate for anything to get lost through the cracks.
When you say “vertebrates only”, does that mean…? Mammals, birds, reptiles, fish, amphibians. No insects, no spiders, no crabs, no worms.
Why no invertebrates? Because I don’t want to draw them here. Some of them are just unfamiliar and frustrating to draw, some of them I actually have problems with, and “which is which” is my concern only.
What all counts as “a pet”? I have a pretty loose definition of that, for here. Farm animals and semi-feral animals are both okay, so long as they have names.
I don’t want to monopolize your time, is it okay if I ask for another picture? I have the “further requests” set up so that this won’t be a problem. If you abide by it, and only ask for another once the previous is done, then the only way you’ll be using more of my time than others, is if other people don’t put in requests of their own.
What counts as “end of the month”? My cutoff point for new requests is “when I first get online on the first day of September”. That means that, pretty much so long as it’s still August SOMEWHERE in the world, you still have time to get a request in.
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violettelueur · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
↳ featuring : fushiguro megumi + gojo satoru + ryomen sukuna from jujutsu kaisen
↳ warnings : small manga spoilers + angst + grammar issues
↳ form : headcanons
↳ published : 17 april
↳ pronouns : non specified in headcanon
↳ request : Hi hi! I love your work, and I was just wondering if we could get a hurt/comfort for Gojo, Megumi, and Sukuna where them and their S/O get into an argument and stop talking, but miss them a lot and try to make it up to them? Thank you ❤
↳ barista’s notes : so....we love a good argument don’t we? i will answer everyone’s ask after i sleep because right now it’s late, so goodnight everyone ╲ʕ·ᴥ· ╲ʔ other than that, i hope you enjoy your cup of classic black coffee and please come again soon when you are ready to order ʕ•ᴥ•ʔノ♡
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
When you both argue with each other (which is rare) and you just stop talking to him as a result, Fushiguro will have an instant wave of guilt just hit him.
He hates the fact you both were arguing with each other, he hates the fact that he had made you upset and he hates the fact that you are now not talking to him at the end of it.
Fushiguro is someone that is used to your presence around him (and loves it) and the fact that you are acting like he didn’t exist makes him feel more guilty than ever.
Internally, he is extremely desperate to get you to talk to him again but he doesn’t know how, without the worry of angering you even more.
He gets really insecure and worried about what if you want to break up with him after that and if this is your way of telling him.
He doesn’t go to anyone because he knows Itadori would be clueless, Kugusaki will just yell at him and Gojo will give the most awful advice he could ever give to him as a teacher - he is really trying.
So when he manages to be alone with you, he picks up the courage to hug you from behind with his head hidden in your hair.
You will hear him say ‘sorry’ (at this point, it doesn’t matter who was in the wrong) as his arms tighten around your waist because he is really afraid that you would push him away - he will let you if you decided to - while begging you in his mind to not break up with him.
Please give him reassurance and comfort because he is really nervous and scared that he is going to lose you in one of the worst possible ways he could - tell him that you love him basically, he’s thinking he is the worst boyfriend right now.
Tumblr media
When you and Gojo argue with each other, it is quite easy to see if it’s a playful argument or a heated one.
To check if it is a heated one, there is no teasing from him, he’s completely quiet and has an extremely serious face - which is unusual for him.
So, when you choose to stop talking to him, Gojo is just completely silent and his playful personality just disappears - Nanami will be creeped out.
Gojo hates seeing you upset and is somewhat afraid of what is going to happen to you - it’s because he remembers his last argument with Geto and how that ended up.
Gojo is afraid of time repeating itself and he will not let that happen with you because you’re really one of the last things he can go for comfort and love.
Gojo misses being with you, he misses teasing you while making you laugh the next and he misses the fact that he gets to hold you whenever he wants.
If he has work after, his mind will linger about the whole incident and will try to get the job done as quickly as he can, so he can see you again.
When he is able to see you again after the argument, he will pull you into a hug and just hold you really tightly without saying anything - like a comforting silence between you two.
From what you can tell, his hug is really tight like tight to the point where the air from your lungs are being pushed out - he is just worried (scared) that you might have the same fate as Geto if he didn’t come to you as soon as he could.
In conclusion, whoever is in the wrong doesn’t matter anymore, just apologise to each other and keep holding each other since Gojo just needs the comfort right now.
Tumblr media
When arguing with Sukuna, it is most likely his fault that you are both shouting at each other right now since he is who he is.
However, when you just refuse to converse with him after, he will be more annoyed than usual and just ignore you as well - like an eye for an eye.
Sukuna is the type of person that is petty, so don’t be surprised if you both haven’t talked in like a few hours or so.
However, Sukuna really loves your attention, so when he comes to the realisation that you are not going to give him first, he becomes ‘guilty’ on what has happened - guilty is really loosely used.
He won’t admit it at all, but he misses you a lot.
Sukuna is also the type to be confrontational, so he will go up to you with pride and expects you to come to him with open arms. 
So when you ignore him completely, he will tut his teeth in annoyance (when in reality he just misses you) before placing his hands on your cheek before placing a kiss on your forehead.
This will leave you confused since Sukuna doesn’t do soft affection like this but he will tell you to “don’t ignore me” or “talk to me” - you can slightly hear the pleading in his tone, but you would miss it if you weren’t listening.
Just pull him into a kiss and suddenly the argument is forgotten because you both are so focused on each other rather than what made you stop talking to him.
Overall, Sukuna does not like having arguments with you (even if he does like to see your feisty side) because it leads to him not getting any attention from you but don’t expect him to apologise at all.
Tumblr media
© violettelueur 2021 : written and published by violettelueur - do not steal or repost
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leepacey · 8 months ago
Everything that happened in 2020
This year, I kept a chronological list of world events, protests, politics, coronavirus, science, pop culture, memes, and basically everything else. ta da
2020 Pop Culture Superlatives (Worldwide):
Highest grossing film: The Eight Hundred, dir. Guan Hu ($472M)
Most viewed television event: Super Bowl LIV (100M live concurrent viewers)
Best-selling video game: Animal Crossing: New Horizons (26M sales)
Best-selling book: A Promised Land by Barack Obama (6.8M sales)
Best-selling song: “光点 (Light Spot)” by Xiao Zhan (44M sales)
Best-selling album: Map of the Soul: 7 by BTS (6.5M sales)
Most streamed song on Spotify: “Blinding Lights” by the Weeknd (1.6B streams)
Most streamed album on Spotify: YHLQMDLG by Bad Bunny (3.3B streams)
Most viewed Youtube video: “Baby Shark Dance” (3B views added in 2020)
Most viewed Youtube video uploaded in 2020: “Future - Life Is Good (Official Music Video) ft. Drake” (1.4B views)
Most viewed livestream: “I’m here” by Park Jimin on V Live (9M live concurrent viewers)
Time Person of the Year shortlist: Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Donald Trump, Frontline Health Care Workers and Dr. Anthony Fauci, and the Movement for Racial Justice
Pantone Color of the Year: Classic Blue (PANTONE 19-4052 Classic Blue)
(television show/episode records not included because streaming services do not publish viewership data)
🦠 = coronavirus timeline
🎙️ = politics
✊🏾 = protests
🌏 = weather, climate change, natural disasters
🔬 = scientific discoveries
🌟 = celebrities, movies, music, memes, pop culture, etc (**if it trended with more than two million tweets worldwide, I included it**)
[TW] = trigger warning: an event that involves rape, pedophilia, abuse, or sexual abuse
* = trigger warning: an event that involves death, hate crimes, genocide, or police brutality
January at a glance: Australia on fire, Qasem Soleimani drone strike, coronavirus in China, Kobe Bryant’s death
🌏 January 1: Wildfires continue to spread across Australia.
*✊🏾 January 3: Iranian general Qasem Soleimani and nine others are murdered in an American drone strike, sparking mass protests and mourning in Iran, and memes about WWIII starting in America.
🔬 January 3: Astronomers report evidence that suggests Venus is volcanically active and the residue from such activity may be a source of nutrients for microorganisms in the Venusian atmosphere.
🌟 January 4: Justin Bieber releases “Yummy,” widely called “the worst song of 2020.”
🦠 January 7: The World Health Organization is first notified of the novel coronavirus by Chinese officials.
🌟 January 8: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announce they are officially stepping down from their duties in the royal family.
* January 8: A Ukrainian flight is shot down in Iran, killing all 176 people on board. The Iranian government later admitted to shooting it down by mistake.
*🦠 January 9: China reports its first confirmed coronavirus death.
🔬 January 13: Analysis of a meteorite found in Australia reveals stardust formed 5 to 7 billion years ago, older than Earth’s 4.6 billion year-old sun, making the meteor the oldest material ever discovered on Earth.
🎙️ January 16: The impeachment trial for Trump begins.
🌟 January 21: Kaitlin Bennett, aka the Trump-loving “Kent State Gun Girl,” reportedly shits herself at a frat party.
🔬 January 22: Researchers announce the first replication of a vocal tract and voice simulation of an Egyptian mummy, the priest Nesyamun.
🦠 January 23: China quarantines/shuts down the city of Wuhan in its attempt to stop the spread of the novel coronavirus.
🌏 January 25: Kenya, Somalia, and Ethiopia suffer the worst locust infestation in more than 70 years, threatening to send the area into a famine due to loss of crops.
*🌟 January 26: Kobe Bryant, along with his daughter Gianna and seven others, are killed in a helicopter crash in California.
🌟 [TW] January 26: The 2020 Grammy Awards are held, despite the weeks leading up to the ceremony being full of accusations of racism and former Grammys CEO Deborah Dugan filing suit against the Recording Academy with allegations of sexual misconduct.
🎙️ January 31: The UK withdraws from the European Union, officially Brexiting.
🦠 January 31: The WHO declares the novel coronavirus a “world health emergency.”
February at a glance: Coronavirus continues to spread and is named COVID-19, Parasite wins the Oscar, Birds of Prey and Sonic the Hedgehog hit theaters
*🦠 February 2: The first coronavirus death outside of China, a 44-year-old man in the Philippines, is reported.
🦠 February 5: A cruise ship off the coast of Japan is quarantined, trapping over 3,600 passengers on board for weeks. Over 600 passengers test positive for coronavirus.
🎙️ February 5: Trump is acquitted by the Republican-controlled Senate on both articles of impeachment.
*🦠 February 6: The first coronavirus death in the US is reported.
*🦠 February 7: Dr. Li Wenliang, the doctor who first tried to alert the public about the coronavirus in China, dies from the virus.
🌟 February 7: Birds of Prey is released in theaters.
* February 8: A gunman in Thailand murders 21 people in a mass shooting.
🌟 February 9: South Korean film Parasite wins Best Picture at the Oscars, marking a first for a foreign-language film. Bong Joon-Ho also wins Best Director for Parasite.
🦠 February 11: The novel coronavirus is named COVID-19.
*🦠 February 14: France announces the first COVID death in Europe.
🦠 February 14: Egypt announces the first COVID case in Africa.
🌟 February 14: Sonic the Hedgehog is released, marking the last major theatrical release of a film before the worldwide COVID shutdowns.
*🌟 February 19: Rapper and songwriter Pop Smoke dies at age 20.
* February 23: Several days of bloodshed begin in Delhi, with Hindu mobs attacking Muslims, eventually resulting in 53 dead.
🦠 February 23: Italy and Iran both report a massive spike in COVID cases.
🌟[TW] February 24: Harvey Weinstein is found guilty of third-degree rape and first-degree criminal sexual acts.
🦠 February 26: Brazil reports Latin America’s first COVID case.
🌟[TW] February 29: Actress Adèle Haenel and director Céline Sciamma walk out of the Cesar Awards (France’s equivalent of the Oscars) after Roman Polanski wins Best Director. Polanski was found guilty of pedophilia and child rape in 1977 and has been a fugitive of the law ever since.
March at a glance: COVID becomes a global pandemic, the world shuts down, Tiger King and Animal Crossing are pandemic distractions, Breonna Taylor is murdered, Gal Gadot and her wealthy friends ask us to Imagine
*🦠🎙️ March 4: India temporarily restores full internet access in Kashmir for two weeks, seven months after they stripped the region of its statehood and enforced a total communications blackout.
*✊🏾[TW] March 8: On International Women’s Day, tens of thousands of Mexican women protest “femicide,” gender-based violence and the high murder rate of women in Mexico. Over 80k people march in Mexico City alone.
✊🏾 March 9: Mexico holds its “Day Without Women,” where all women in the country go on strike and refuse to work. The Mexican Chambers of Commerce estimate this one-day strike cost the country US $13.5 billion.
🦠 March 10: Italy becomes the first country to implement a nationwide lockdown.
🌟 March 10: In a viral Instagram video, Cardi B very animatedly says that she’s scared of the coronavirus.
🦠 March 11: The WHO declares COVID-19 a pandemic.
🌟🦠 March 11: Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson are diagnosed with COVID, becoming the first major celebrities to announce they’re infected.
*🦠 March 12: Satellite footage reveals mass graves in Iran being dug due to COVID deaths.
* March 13: Breonna Taylor is murdered in her home by Louisville police, after they break into the wrong house in a “no-knock warrant.”
🦠 March 17: The European Union closes its borders to the rest of the world.
🌟 March 18: Gal Gadot uploads a video of herself and other celebrities in their mansions singing “Imagine,” a song about war, in their misguided effort to cheer up poor people scared due to COVID.
🦠 March 19: California becomes the first US state to issue a stay-at-home order.
🌟 March 20: Netflix releases Tiger King.
🌟 March 20: Animal Crossing: New Horizons is released.
🦠 March 24: The 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo are officially canceled and rescheduled for 2021.
🦠 March 26: The US officially becomes the country hardest hit by COVID, with by far the most confirmed cases in the world.
🦠 March 28: New York City reports massive overcrowding in hospitals and the military begins setting up field hospitals there.
*🌟🦠 March 29: Beloved Japanese comedian Ken Shimura dies of COVID at age 70.
April at a glance: go piss girl meme, COVID continues to spread, anti-mask protests, Boris Johnson gets COVID, Kim Jong-Un is alive
*🌟🦠 April 1: Adam Schlesinger, Oscar-winning songwriter and singer of the hit song “Stacy’s Mom,” dies of COVID at age 52.
🦠 April 2: Global COVID cases surpass one million.
🎙️🦠 April 6: Following his COVID diagnosis, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is hospitalized and in intensive care.
🎙️ April 8: Bernie Sanders drops out of the 2020 US presidential race, leaving Joe Biden as the presumptive nominee for the Democratic Party.
🌏 April 7: Scientists report that for the first time, all three regions of the Great Barrier Reef have experienced severe bleaching.
*🦠 April 10: Drone footage reveals mass graves being dug in New York City due to COVID deaths.
🌟🌏 April 10: The Indonesian volcano Anak Krakatoa (Child of Krakatoa) erupts, spewing out a 200-meter/650-foot column of ash and smoke. It was a fairly minor eruption, but inspired many memes about the world ending.
🌟 April 15: Ana de Armas blocks the fan account “Ana de Armas Updates” on Twitter when that fan tweets about her and boyfriend Ben Affleck not wearing masks in public.
🔬 April 15: NASA reports the discovery of Kepler-1649c, the most Earth-like planet yet found.
🌟 April 15: The Gossip Girl “go piss girl” meme reaches its height.
* April 18: A gunman in Nova Scotia murders 16 people in a mass shooting.
🦠 April 19: Large protests against masks and social distancing occur across the US, including in Denver, where healthcare workers silently counter-protest.
🌏 April 19: Researchers report that due to global climate change, the Arctic Ocean will most likely be sea ice-free in summers before 2050.
🎙️ April 27: Following rumors of his death, Kim Jong-Un is confirmed to be “alive and well.”
🦠 April 27: New Zealand claims it has eliminated COVID, as the number of daily new cases drops to single digits. Vietnam, Taiwan, Iceland, and South Korea are not far behind in reporting daily new cases dropping to single digits.
🎙️🔬 April 29: The Pentagon releases videos of possible UFOs.
*🌟 April 29: Irrfan Khan dies at age 53.
May at a glance: X Æ A-X12 is born, murder hornets, Avatar comes to Netflix, the earth is healing, global protests for Black Lives Matter begin
🌟 May 4: Elon Musk and Grimes’ baby X Æ A-X12 is born.
🌏 May 4: Giant invasive insects nicknamed “murder hornets” are spotted in Washington state, confirming the species’ introduction to North America.
🔬 May 5: Researchers report that the North Magnetic Pole is moving, and will likely move another 660 km toward Siberia over the next decade.
* May 6: Video footage of an unarmed Black man, Ahmaud Arbery, is released from February, showing Arbery being murdered by two white supremacists while jogging.
*🌟 May 9: Little Richard dies at age 87.
[TW] May 11: The creator of the Nth Room is arrested. The Nth Room was an online chatroom in South Korea where an estimated 260,000+ men (reportedly including elected officials, police officers, famous CEOs, and actors) paid to watch sex slaves, including minors, be raped and tortured.
✊🏾 May 13: After months of quarantine, Hong Kong citizens return to the streets to resume protests against the Chinese government.
🌟 May 15: Avatar: the Last Airbender arrives on Netflix.
* May 15: Israeli soldiers shoot 15-year-old Palestinian Zaid Fadl Qaisia in the head, killing him, while raiding a refugee camp in the occupied West Bank. The raid was undertaken to arrest a mentally disabled 16-year-old for leaving insults on an Israeli soldier’s Facebook page.
🌏🌟 May 19: Researchers report a temporary 17% drop in daily global CO2 emissions for April 2020 (compared with 2019 levels) during the global COVID quarantines. This, combined with normal springtime plant growth, makes many people think that “the Earth is healing.”
* May 25: George Floyd is murdered by Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin, after Chauvin kneels on Floyd’s neck for over nine minutes.
*✊🏾 May 26: Protests in Minneapolis begin over the murder of George Floyd.
*✊🏾 May 27: Protests erupt in cities across America over the murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and many other innocent Black Americans. Multiple deaths are reported due to the police and counter-protestors attacking protestors, including in Chicago and St. Louis. Among the protestors are witches, the Amish, and many other kinds of people, highlighting the diversity of support the Black Lives Matter movement is now getting.
*🎙️ May 28: Despite international criticism, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu further confirms his plans to annex the Jordan Valley.
*🦠 May 28: COVID deaths in the US pass the 100,000 mark.
✊🏾 May 28: The US National Guard is mobilized in Minneapolis in an effort to suppress the protestors.
*✊🏾 May 29: Derek Chauvin is arrested and charged with third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter for the murder of George Floyd.
🔬 May 30: The SpaceX launch occurs, sending two NASA astronauts to the ISS in the first-ever launch of a commercially-built spacecraft.
*✊🏾 May 30: An autistic Palestinian man, Iyad al-Halaq, is shot and killed by Israeli police, sparking protests throughout occupied Palestine.
✊🏾 May 31: Mayors across the US begin ordering sudden curfews in attempts to suppress protestors.
June at a glance: Black Lives Matter protests continue, Bon Appétit is racist, K-pop stans mess up police snitch apps, China passes its new anti-democracy security law
*✊🏾 June 1: Beloved restaurant owner and “pillar of the community” David McAtee is murdered by police in Louisville, Kentucky during their attempt to break up a peaceful protest.
🔬 June 1: A new Ebola outbreak is first detected in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.
🌟✊🏾 June 1: The Dallas Police Department creates an “iWatch Dallas” app where people can anonymously upload videos of “illegal activity from the protests,” and within hours the app crashes from being flooded with tens of thousands of K-Pop fancams.
🌟✊🏾 June 2: Celebrities, influencers, and white people post black squares across social media, drowning out resources and information about the protests.
🌟 June 3: The cast of cop propaganda Brooklyn Nine-Nine says they’re not sure about the show’s 8th season due to the ongoing protests, and make a joint donation to BLM of $100k (less than half of what Andy Samberg makes per episode).
* June 4: Reports first surface of ICE using a chemical disinfectant over fifty times a day on people in US immigrant concentration camps, causing bleeding, pain, and respiratory problems.
* June 4: Buffalo, New York police officers are suspended after a video goes viral showing them shoving a 75-year-old man to the ground.
*[TW] June 6: Activist Oluwatoyin Salau tweets about being sexually assaulted and needing help, and is found dead days later.
✊🏾 June 7: Protesters in Bristol, England throw a statue of a slave trader into the River Avon.
🌟 June 7: Terry Crews controversially tweets “Defeating White supremacy without White people creates Black supremacy.”
🌟 June 8: BTS donates $1M to BLM, and within 24 hours their fans crowdsource and raise another $1M in their “Match a Million” fan project. This and what they did with fancams and snitch apps inspire many memes along the lines of “maybe K-Pop stans are alright.”
🌟 June 8: Sohla El-Waylly reveals that Bon Appétit does not pay employees of color for appearing in videos, following a picture spreading online of Bon Appétit’s editor-in-chief Adam Rapoport in brownface.
* June 12: Rayshard Brooks is murdered by police in Atlanta, Georgia.
✊🏾 June 13: Millions march in Black Lives Matter and anti-police brutality protests all over the world, including in France, Brazil, South Africa, Germany, Syria, England, India, Australia, New Zealand, and Japan.
🌟[TW] June 16: Five women come forward with allegations that actor/comedian Chris D’elia groomed them when they were teenagers.
🎙️ June 16: North Korea suddenly bombs the (unoccupied) joint-Korean liaison office in a highly symbolic move, as the building had been used for peace talks with South Korea in the past few years. Many believe this was done in retaliation to North Korean defectors living in South Korea sending pro-democracy and pro-unification pamphlets across the border.
🌟[TW] June 19: A woman accuses actor Ansel Elgort of sexual assault and sleeping with her when she was a minor.
*🌟 June 19: Actor Ian Holm, known for his roles in Alien and Lord of the Rings, dies at age 88.
🌟🎙️ June 20: Trump attempts to hold a rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, but “Tiktok teens and K-pop stans” sign up for the event in droves without showing up, making the rally nearly empty (after Trump had bragged about how many people RSVP’ed).
🦠 June 22: Saudi Arabia announces that this year’s Hajj, the annual pilgrimage to Mecca for Muslims, would welcome “very limited numbers” to prevent the spread of COVID.
🌟 June 22: Jari Jones becomes the first Black trans model for Calvin Klein and is featured on a massive billboard in Manhattan.
🌟 June 25: Jenna Marbles announces that she’s leaving Youtube after reflecting on her past issues with racism, including blackface.
*🌏 June 27: Locust swarms reach Delhi, India. The locusts in Eastern Africa, the Middle East, and South Asia continue to worsen and spread, threatening millions with famine.
*✊🏾🌟 June 29: Ethiopian singer and activist Hachalu Hundessa is murdered at age 34. Hundessa was known for political songs supporting anti-government protests and the ethnic Oromo group’s fight against repression, and his murder sparked protests throughout the country, leading to the deaths of over 200 people.
🎙️ June 30: China passes its new National Security Law, which is dangerously and purposely vague: virtually anything can be deemed a threat to “national security,” and it can apply to anyone on the planet — most harshly Hong Kong activists and journalists.
July at a glance: Naya Rivera dies, police abduct people in Portland, Kanye is running for president, COVID arrives in North Korea, Trump withdraws the US from the WHO, Jair Bolsonaro gets COVID, get stick bugged lol
🎙️ July 1: A referendum in Russia passes, allowing Putin to remain president until 2036. Putin’s regime claims that more than 76% of voters chose to keep Putin in power, while many accuse the government of rigging the vote.
[TW] July 2: Ghislaine Maxwell is arrested, having been wanted for over a year for her involvement with Jeffery Epstein’s crimes trafficking young girls.
🎙️ July 3: Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte signs into law the “Anti-Terrorism Act of 2020,” alarming human rights activists with its attacks on free speech and freedom of press.
*🌟🦠 July 5: Tony-nominated Broadway star Nick Cordero dies of COVID at age 41.
🌏 July 6: 356 elephants in Botswana suddenly die from unknown causes, baffling scientists.
🌟 [TW] July 7: Bob Morley, one of the stars of The 100, is accused of abuse by ex-girlfriend Arryn Zech. Morley had left her and eloped with The 100 costar Eliza Taylor, who Zech says took part in the abuse, and most of Morley and Taylor’s costars publicly showed their support of Zech after her accusations.
🎙️ July 7: Trump sends a formal notice of the US withdrawing from the WHO.
*🌟 July 8: Naya Rivera is reported missing, after disappearing while boating with her young son.
🦠 July 8: Far-right president of Brazil and COVID skeptic Jair Bolsonaro tests positive for COVID.
🎙️ July 9: The US Supreme Court declares that it is honoring Tribal treaties and that 19 million acres (composing 47% of the state of Oklahoma) is still Native land, and Native Americans living there will be subject to tribal laws and courts, not Oklahoma’s, for major cases.
🌟 July 10: Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star get cancelled for the millionth time.
🦠 July 11: Disney World reopens, despite an ongoing COVID outbreak in Florida.
🌟[TW] July 12: Megan Thee Stallion is shot in the foot by Tory Lanez, and is mocked for this across social media. The incident sparks a discussion about the treatment of Black women in America.
*🎙️[TW] July 13: The mayor of Seoul, considered the second most powerful elected official in all of South Korea, is accused of sexual misconduct, and commits suicide less than 24 hours later.
*🌟 July 13: The body of Naya Rivera is recovered, on the seventh anniversary of her costar Cory Monteith’s death. She was 33.
*🌟 July 13: Mythbusters host Grant Imahara dies of a brain aneurism at age 49.
*🎙️ July 15: Uighur activist Rushan Abbas calls on world leaders to address China's ongoing genocide of Uighur Muslims.
✊🏾 July 17: The first reports of federal agents in unmarked vans abducting protestors in Portland begin to circulate.
*🎙️ July 17: Congressman and Civil Rights leader John Lewis dies at age 80.
🌟 July 18: The “get stick bugged lol” meme begins.
🌟🎙️ July 19: Kanye West announces he is running for president, and gives a rambling speech that many compare to an emotional breakdown.
🔬 July 19: During the short 2020 Mars launch window, China, the US, and the United Arab Emirates all launch new Mars rovers, set to arrive at the planet in February 2021.
🔬 July 22: Archaeologists discover evidence of humans in the Americas dating back 33,000 years — almost 20,000 years earlier than what was previously believed to be the introduction of humans on the continent.
🌏 July 23: Comet NEOWISE’s closest approach to Earth occurs.
🦠 July 25: After going nearly 100 days with no new COVID cases, Vietnam confirms one new case in Danang.
🦠 July 26: North Korea reports its first COVID case.
🌟[TW] July 31: The Ellen DeGeneres Show’s producers are accused of sexual misconduct and creating a toxic work environment by former employees.
🌟 July 31: Beyoncé releases “Black Is King.”
August at a glance: Trump’s gonna ban TikTok, Beirut Lebanon explosion, 17-year-old white supremacist Kyle Rittenhouse kills people and Trump doesn’t care, Bella Thorne makes an OnlyFans, Chadwick Boseman dies, Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s “WAP” and BTS’s “Dynamite” both break music records
🎙️ August 1: Trump first announces his plans to ban TikTok in the US.
* August 4: A large explosion in Beirut, Lebanon kills over 200 people, injures thousands, and leaves tens of thousands homeless.
🌟 August 6: Priya Krishna, Sohla El-Waylly, and Rick Martinez announce they will no longer appear in Bon Appétit videos after failed negotiations with Condé Nast. Shortly after, Gaby Melian, Molly Baz, Carla Lalli Music, and Amiel Stanek also say they will no longer appear in videos.
🎙️ August 6: Andrzej Duda is sworn in as President of Poland. Duda ran on an anti-LGBT platform, describes LGBT rights as a “dangerous ideology,” and allows municipalities to declare themselves “LGBT ideology-free zones.”
🌏 August 7: Canada’s last fully intact Arctic ice shelf collapses.
🌟 August 7: Cardi B releases “WAP” ft. Megan Thee Stallion. It sets the all-time record for most streams in a debut week, with 93M streams across all platforms, and is the 42nd song ever to debut at #1 on Billboard in its history (since 1958).
🌏 August 8: Island nation Mauritius declares an environmental emergency after a wrecked Japanese ship begins breaking apart and spilling thousands of tons of oil into the Indian Ocean, just offshore from Mauritius’ Blue Bay Marine Park reserve.
✊🏾🎙️ August 6: Disputed election results in “Europe’s last dictatorship” Belarus spark mass protests of hundreds of thousands of people, lasting for weeks.
🌟 August 10: Far-right troll and racist kazoo Ben Shapiro tweets that his “doctor wife” told him that “wet ass p-word" is a medical condition.
✊🏾🎙️ August 10: Following days of protests over the government’s response to the Beirut explosion, Prime Minister Hassan Diab announces his resignation.
🎙️ August 11: Joe Biden announces he has chosen Kamala Harris to be his vice presidential running mate.
🦠 August 11: New Zealand confirms its first COVID case in over a hundred days, and Auckland returns to lockdown.
🎙️ August 12: Trump signs an executive order banning WeChat in the US. WeChat is a messaging service, payment platform, and social network used primarily by Chinese Americans, and has been called “one of the few bridges left between China and the rest of the world.”
🌟[TW] August 12: Drake Bell is accused of emotional and physical abuse by his ex-girlfriend, who he dated when she was 16 and he was in his 20s.
🌟[TW] August 13: Brendon Urie is accused of sexual misconduct, including towards minors.
🌟 August 14: Someone changes the Wikipedia page of the allegedly haunted doll Annabelle to say that she’s “missing” and on the loose, sparking rumors and memes about the demonic doll “escaping.”
* August 14: An exposé by the New York Times reveals that at least 1,072 refugees were taken to the edge of Greece’s water territory and then abandoned there by Greek authorities on small inflatable rafts. The victims include infants and young children, and were primarily refugees from Syria. The Turkish Coast Guard rescued victims in at least 31 instances, but it is unknown if others were lost at sea.
✊🏾 August 15: Following news of the US Postal Service shutting down some of their sorting machines, protesters gather in front of Postmaster General Louis DeJoy’s home, all while Trump continues his attacks on the USPS.
🌏 August 17: The “highest temperature on Earth” is recorded in Death Valley, at 130° Fahrenheit/54.4° Celsius.
🌏🎙️ August 17: Trump finalizes plans to auction off land for oil drilling in the US’s largest wildlife refuge, Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.
🌟 [TW] August 19: As the “Free Britney” movement gains traction, Britney Spears asks a California court to remove her father as her sole conservator.
🌟 [TW] August 20: Twitter users condemn Netflix’s Cuties for allegedly sexualizing children. Director Maïmouna Doucouré says the film actually criticizes the sexualization of young girls and is based on her own experiences, though some feel this wasn’t clear enough, particularly in the film’s marketing.
🎙️ August 20: Russian opposition leader, Putin critic, and anti-corruption activist Alexei Navalny is poisoned by a nerve agent and hospitalized in serious condition.
🌟 August 21: BTS releases “Dynamite,” and it breaks the records for: biggest first-day debut for a Youtube video (101.1M views in 24h), biggest Youtube Premiere (3M live concurrent viewers), the first non-Western act to debut at #1 on Billboard, biggest first-day debut for a song on Spotify (12.6M streams, despite Spotify not being available in South Korea), and more. “Dynamite” is also the 43rd song ever to debut at #1 on Billboard in its history (since 1958).
🌟 August 21: 2020’s highest grossing movie, the Chinese film The Eight Hundred, is released. For the first time ever, China overtook the US as the world’s largest box office market this year.
*✊🏾 August 23: Police in Kenosha, Wisconsin tase and shoot an unarmed Black man, Jacob Blake, in front of his children. The incident immediately sparks protests as the community demands justice.
* August 25: 17-year-old white supremacist Kyle Rittenhouse murders two and injures another in a shooting in Kenosha during the protests. Trump later refuses to condemn Rittenhouse’s actions/beliefs.
🦠 August 25: A 33-year-old man in Hong Kong contracts COVID for the second time, in the first documented case of reinfection.
*🎙️ August 25: Brazilian congresswoman and opera singer Flordelis dos Santos de Souza is arrested for murdering her husband Anderson do Carmo, who is also her adopted son. Flordelis is also suspected of being a cult leader, and has more than fifty adopted children.
🎙️ August 27: Japanese Prime Minister Shinzō Abe resigns due to health issues.
🌟 August 28: Bella Thorne makes an OnlyFans account and scams thousands of people out of millions of dollars, which results in sex workers who use the site losing their financial stability as OnlyFans adds new rules.
*🌟 August 28: Chadwick Boseman dies of colon cancer at age 43.
September at a glance: everybody hates the new Mulan remake, a gender reveal party causes a forest fire, Chris Evans leaks his own nudes, COVID kills its millionth victim, Among Us rises in popularity, Ruth Bader Ginsberg dies, Armenia begs the world for help from genocide
🌟 September 2: John Boyega does an interview with British GQ where he talks about Disney’s racism with their treatment of him and his character Finn in Star Wars.
🌟 September 2: Tyler Joseph of Twenty One Pilots mocks fans who’d asked him to use his platform to support Black Lives Matter.
*✊🏾 September 2: Protests begin in New York State following a video of Rochester police suffocating and killing a Black man, Daniel Prude, spreads online.
🦠🌟 September 2: Dwayne Johnson announces that he and his family have tested positive for COVID.
🦠🌟 September 3: Production on The Batman halts when Robert Pattinson tests positive for COVID.
*✊🏾🌟 September 4: Hong Kong protestors call for a boycott of Disney’s new Mulan remake, due to the film’s lead actress supporting Hong Kong’s police, as well as the movie being filmed in Turpan, the same location as China’s concentration camps holding Uyghur Muslims. The film’s ending credits even thanked the local Turpan government, who has been helping round up Muslim people.
*🎙️ September 4: Trump calls American soldiers who died in World War I “losers” and “suckers.”
*🦠🌟 September 6: Bruce Williamson, former lead singer in the Temptations, dies of COVID at age 49.
*✊🏾 September 6: Black 21-year-old Willy Monteiro Duarte is murdered in Italy by a group of Neo-Nazis, sparking outrage throughout the country.
🌏 September 8: On the Greek island of Lesbos, a fire destroys most of Moria, Europe’s largest refugee camp.
🌏 September 8: A gender reveal party in California results in a massive wildfire. Meanwhile, the skies from California to Washington State turn dark red in daytime due to the ongoing wildfires across the entire American West Coast.
*✊🏾 September 9: Protests escalate in Bogotá, Columbia after a video surfaces of a man being murdered by police.
🌟[TW] September 9: Kim Woojin of K-pop group Stray Kids is accused of sexual assault, and his bizarre reaction (including promoting his solo album in his denial statement) basically confirms his guilt.
🌟 September 12: After spending the tennis season advocating for Black Lives Matter, Naomi Osaka wins the US Open.
🌟 September 12: Chris Evans accidentally shares his own nudes, along with a picture of his own face with the caption “Guard. That. Pussy.”
🎙️ September 13: After decades of conflict, the government of Afghanistan holds peace talks with the Taliban for the first time.
🔬 September 14: Scientists announce they’ve discovered potential evidence of microbial life on Venus.
[TW] September 14: A whistleblower reveals that women are being forcibly sterilized at concentration camps in the US.
🌏 September 16: Wildfires continue across Brazil’s Pantanal, the world’s largest tropical wetlands and home to the most biodiverse ecosystems on the planet.
*🎙️ September 18: Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg dies at age 87, leaving her seat on the US Supreme Court open for Trump to fill.
🌟 September 21: The Weeknd sets the all-time record for longest-charting song in the top ten of Billboard’s Hot 100, with his song “Blinding Lights.”
*✊🏾 September 23: Breonna Taylor’s murderers are acquitted, sparking protests in Louisville and across the US.
🌟 September 26: The game Among Us spikes in popularity.
*🎙️ September 27: Ceasefires collapse in the disputed Nagorno-Karabakh region of Armenia, as Azerbaijan begins to invade and destabilize the region. Armenians beg the world for help against a new genocide, as over a thousand people are already dead by this point.
*🦠 September 28: COVID kills its millionth confirmed victim.
🔬 September 29: Scientists announce they have discovered buried lakes of liquid water under the ice caps at the south pole of Mars.
🔬 September 29: A 5.5 magnitude quake on the Moon results in a large crack on the lunar surface.
October at a glance: Trump gets COVID, Bugs Bunny meme, everybody hates Chris Pratt, moon’s wet
🎙️🦠 October 2: Donald and Melania Trump test positive for COVID, and Trump is admitted to the hospital. He and at least twelve others (including Kellyanne Conway, Chris Christie, and Barron Trump) had all become infected after attending the Supreme Court nomination event for Amy Coney Barrett at the White House Rose Garden.
🎙️🦠 October 6: Claudia Conway, Kellyanne Conway’s teenage daughter, reveals information about her mother and Trump’s COVID diagnoses via Tiktok.
✊🏾 October 6: Protestors in Kyrgyzstan storm parliament following accusations of a rigged election.
🌟 October 8: The first instance of the tuxedo Bugs Bunny “I wish [x person/group] a very pleasant evening” meme hits the internet.
🎙️ October 8: The government of Hong Kong revokes a teacher’s license for giving children a lesson about free speech.
🎙️ October 8: Six far-right domestic terrorists are arrested after a plot to abduct and kill Michigan’s governor Gretchen Whitmer is discovered, and many claim Trump’s tweets inspired them.
🎙️ October 10: The Taliban officially endorses Trump for president and say that they view him as “a sane and wise man.”
✊🏾 October 12: Nigeria disbands its controversial SARS police unit, known for its brutality and abuse of power, but protestors continue calling for further reforms.
* October 13: A group of racists vandalize a lobster pound in Nova Scotia during the ongoing tensions between Mi'kmaw and local white fishermen.
✊🏾 October 15: Thailand declares a “state of severe emergency” banning all gatherings, following mass protests against government corruption.
* October 16: An 18-year-old decapitates a history teacher in Paris, before being shot dead by police. The teacher had shown his class controversial cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed.
* October 18: Two Muslim women are stabbed in Paris by white female attackers calling them “dirty Arabs,” following rising Islamophobia throughout France.
🌏 October 18: A study reveals that the Great Barrier Reef has lost over 50% of its coral since 1995.
*✊🏾 October 20: The Nigerian military opens fire on anti-police brutality protestors, killing at least 12 people.
🌟 October 20: A silly Twitter trend making fun of Chris Pratt (for being a Trump supporter and attending a church that does conversion therapy) is taken very seriously by Pratt’s white male Marvel costars, who quickly come to his defense. These same costars were mysteriously silent during racist and misogynistic campaigns against their other costars, like Anthony Mackie, Brie Larson, and Zendaya.
🌟🎙️ October 20: Immediately following Biden’s announcement that he plans to tax millionaires slightly more, millionaire rapper 50 Cent announces that he endorses Trump because “I don’t want to be 20 Cent under Biden.”
🌟 October 21: Pope Francis announces that he and the Church support gay civil unions (but not gay marriage). This was met with mixed reaction from Catholics around the world, while the Pope added: “They’re children of God and have a right to a family. Nobody should be thrown out or be made miserable because of it.”
🌟 October 22: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez plays Among Us on Twitch.
✊🏾 October 22: Thousands protest across Poland over a controversial new law that made abortions illegal in almost all cases, and the protests evolve into anger against the Polish government in general.
* October 23: Genocide Watch declares a Stage 9 (“extermination” level) Genocide Emergency for the Armenians of Artsakh, being committed by Azerbaijan with the help of Turkey.
🌟🎙️ October 25: Millionaire rapper and actor Ice Cube says that he is working with Trump on a new “Platinum Plan,” allegedly to help Black Americans if Trump wins the election.
🌟🔬 October 26: NASA confirms that there is evidence of water on the sunlit surface of the Moon, inspiring memes about the Moon being wet.
*✊🏾 October 26: Protesters and police clash in Philadelphia after officers shoot and murder a Black man, 27-year-old Walter Wallace Jr.
*✊🏾 October 29: Three are murdered in a terrorist attack in Nice, amid growing tensions between France and Islam. Protests against France, President Macron, and Islamophobia continue throughout Pakistan, Bangladesh, Palestine, Iran, Afghanistan, and France itself.
🌟🎙️ October 29: Millionaire rapper Lil Wayne announces he is endorsing Trump for President.
* October 29: At least 140 refugees drown off the coast of Senegal in the worst shipwreck of 2020.
*🌟 October 31: Scottish actor Sean Connery, known for his roles in Indiana Jones and the original James Bond films, dies at age 90.
November at a glance: US election lasts days, Castiel goes to Super Hell, India’s workers’ strike continues, Supernatural finally ends, The Grammys are racist, Harry Styles vs Bring Back Manly Men
*🌏 November 1: Super Typhoon Rolly, the “strongest storm on Earth in recorded history,” makes landfall in the Philippines, killing at least ten.
🌟 November 2: “Baby Shark Dance” from South Korean company Pinkfong becomes the most viewed Youtube video of all time, with 7.04 billion total views at the time of their record.
* November 2: Mass shootings occur in both Kabul Afghanistan and Vienna Austria. The shooting in Kabul left 35 dead and was claimed by IS, while the shooting in Vienna was near a synagogue and left 4 dead.
🌟[TW] November 2: Johnny Depp loses his court case against The Sun, who in 2018 called him a “wife beater.” After a months-long trial, the judge ruled that the paper’s allegations (that he is a “wife beater”) were “substantially true” and therefore not libel.
🎙️ November 3: The US election is held. AOC and many other Democrats win reelection, Sarah McBride becomes the first transgender state senator, and Ritchie Torres and Mondaire Jones become the first two Black gay Congressmen.
*🌏 November 3: Hurricane Eta hits Central America, killing at least 150.
🎙️ November 4: Swing states Wisconsin and Michigan are announced to go to Biden. Trump claims that all the votes going to Biden in swing states are fraudulent, and calls for the count to be stopped (despite currently losing).
🎙️ November 5: The world continues to wait for the results of the US election, particularly for swing states Arizona, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Georgia. As Biden’s victory seems more and more guaranteed, Trump begins unravelling.
🌟🎙️ November 5: Castiel goes to Super Hell on Supernatural. Meanwhile, fake rumors spread about Putin resigning (because of Destiel?)
🌟 November 6: Comic book writer Grant Morrison, known for their work on Green Lantern and The Flash, comes out as nonbinary.
🌟 November 6: BTS member Min Yoongi announces he is stepping away from the group for a few months to focus on recovery following surgery for a torn labrum in his shoulder.
🎙️ November 6: Trump continues his attacks on the integrity of the election, while poll workers in Nevada, Arizona, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Alaska, and Georgia continue to count the mail-in votes.
🎙️ November 7: Pennsylvania goes to Biden, giving him the votes needed to officially elect him as President of the US. Trump refuses to concede, and his team has a press conference at Four Seasons Total Landscaping.
*🌟 November 8: Jeopardy host Alex Trebek dies at age 80.
🎙️ November 9: Peru’s Congress votes to impeach President Martin Vizcarra following corruption accusations.
* November 10: Armenia and Azerbaijan reach a ceasefire, and protesters storm Armenian parliament, saying the agreement was essentially Armenia surrendering to genocide.
🌏 November 11: Typhoon Vamco makes landfall in the Philippines, killing at least 53 and flooding dozens of villages.
*✊🏾 November 14: Members of the white supremacist group Proud Boys stab three protestors while rioting in Washington DC.
🔬 November 15: NASA and SpaceX launch four astronauts to the ISS, in the first fully-staffed and operational commercial space mission.
🌟 November 16: Harry Styles does a photoshoot wearing dresses, and conservative Candace Owens gets made fun of after expressing her displeasure and saying we should “bring back manly men.”
🌟 November 17: In his memoir, Obama describes some of the women who rejected him in college, including a “long-legged socialist” and “an ethereal bisexual who wore mostly black.”
November 18: A mysterious three meter-tall metal monolith is discovered in a desert canyon in Utah, and is covertly removed a few days later by an unknown party.
🌟 November 19: After fifteen seasons, Supernatural finally ends, Dean dies of tetanus, and the car goes to Heaven.
*✊🏾 November 20: Protests erupt across Brazil following the murder of a Black man by two supermarket security guards in Porto Alegre.
✊🏾 November 21: Following a budget cut on health and education, protesters break into Guatemala's Congress and burn down part of the building.
🌟 November 24: In what many called “the most shocking snub in Grammy history,” The Weeknd is nominated for zero awards for the 2021 Grammys, despite his song “Blinding Lights” being the biggest chart hit of the year by far.
🔬 November 24: Astronomers officially confirm that Earth has a new minimoon, CD3.
🌟 November 25: In the Spanish dub of Supernatural, Dean allegedly says “I love you” back to Castiel in the confession scene.
✊🏾 November 26: 250 million workers go on strike in India against government labor policies, in the largest strike in world history.
November 26: Another metal monolith, nearly identical to the one found in Utah, is discovered in Romania, and vanishes a few days later as well.
🌟 November 29: Tiktok’s Ratatouille musical trend goes viral.
December at a glance: Elliot Page comes out, COVID has new variants, Hong Kong protestors are arrested, Zodiac Killer cypher solved, Letitia Wright is an anti-vaxxer, Cyberpunk 2077 is a disaster, “All I Want For Christmas” is back and better than ever
🌟 December 1: Umbrella Academy and Juno star Elliot Page shares that he is transgender.
December 1: Puerto Rico’s iconic Arecibo Observatory, the world’s second largest radio telescope, suffers a catastrophic collapse.
🦠 December 1: A new strain of COVID, currently called SARS-CoV-2 VUI 202012/01, is first identified in the UK. The new strain is thought to be 70% more contagious, but the current COVID vaccine most likely protects against it.
✊🏾 December 2: Three pro-democracy activists in Hong Kong — Joshua Wong, Agnes Chow, and Ivan Lam — are sentenced to prison.
🌟 December 4: Letitia Wright comes out as an antivaxxer and shares a video full of transphobia and science denial from a self-described “prophet.”
🌟 December 4: The most subscribed-to Netflix series of 2020, Selena: The Series, a biopic of Selena Quintanilla, arrives on Netflix.
🦠🌟 December 7: K-pop superstar Chungha tests positive for COVID.
🎙️🌟 December 7: The former head of the Israeli space program claims that aliens exist, Israel and the US have been in contact with a “Galactic Federation” for years, and aliens aren’t revealing themselves to the public because “humanity is not ready.”
*🌟 December 7: Actress Natalie Desselle-Reid dies of colon cancer at age 53.
🦠 December 8: The first COVID vaccines begin, in the UK.
* December 10: Despite thousands of activists around the world rallying against the death penalty, the US Supreme Court denies a request for a delay, and Brandon Bernard is executed.
🌟 [TW] December 11: FKA twigs files a lawsuit against Shia LaBeouf, her former boyfriend, accusing him of sexual battery, assault, and emotional distress.
* December 11: Boko Haram kidnaps 334 boys from a school in Nigeria, and all of the boys are safely rescued six days later.
* December 11: The infamous “340 cipher,” a cryptogram written by the Zodiac Killer in 1969, is finally solved.
*🎙️🦠 December 13: Ambrose Dlamini, Prime Minister of Eswatini (formerly known as Swaziland) dies of COVID at age 52, becoming the first world leader to die of the virus.
🌟 December 14: Little Mix announces that Jesy Nelson is leaving the group.
🎙️ December 17: Russia is banned from using its name, flag, and anthem at the next two Olympic Games, as punishment for its various doping scandals.
🎙️ December 17: Joe Biden selects Deb Haaland to lead the Interior Department, making her the first Native American to lead a cabinet-level agency. She will oversee a massive department responsible for 500 million acres of public lands, national parks, oil and gas drilling sites, and endangered species habitats.
🌟 December 17: Sony announces it will give refunds to the millions of people who bought Cyberpunk 2077, as reviewers like the New York Times call it “the biggest disaster in the video game industry’s history” and a class-action lawsuit is filed against the game designers.
🌟 December 20: Eddie Izzard reveals she is now using she/her pronouns.
🌟 December 21: John Mulaney checks into rehab to seek help for addiction.
🔬 December 21: Jupiter and Saturn align in the closest observable conjunction since 1226.
🦠 December 22: COVID reaches a Chilean research station in Antarctica, marking the spread of the virus to all seven continents.
🌟 December 25: Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas is You” hits #1 on Billboard yet again, and breaks Spotify’s all-time record for biggest single-day stream, with 17.2M streams.
* December 25: Domestic terrorist Anthony Warner detonates a suicide bomb in Nashville, Tennessee, damaging several buildings, knocking out cell phone service across the region, and killing only himself.
* December 25: Israel bombs the Gaza Strip, injuring dozens and damaging a Palestinian children’s hospital.
🔬 December 26: Kenyan animal researchers announce that because of COVID shutdowns and closed international borders making it harder for poachers and trophy hunters to travel, their elephant population has more than doubled.
*🌏 December 28: A series of earthquakes begin striking central Croatia over several days, killing at least 7 people. The largest quakes were magnitude 5.7, 6.0, and 6.4.
🦠 December 28: Chinese journalist Zhang Zhan is sentenced to four years in prison for reporting on the early stages of the COVID pandemic in Wuhan and “picking quarrels and provoking trouble.”
* December 30: An explosion at an airport in Yemen kills 16 and injures at least 60.
* December 30: The deadliest serial killer in US history, Samuel Little, dies at 80. He murdered at least 93 women across 19 states.
December 30: In a landmark victory to Latin America’s women’s rights movement, Argentina votes to legalize abortion.
sources: x - x - x - x - x - x 
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absolutebl · 5 months ago
This Week in BL
April 2021 Part 2
Being a highly subjective assessment of one tiny corner of the interwebs.
Tumblr media
Ongoing Series - Thai
Love Poison 2 Ep 3 - incomprehensible plot, confusing characters, terrible audio, I’m dropping this one. 
Second Chance Ep 2 - they are my adorable babies and I LOVE THEM. Must protect Jeno at all cost. Chris, come on, boy needs you. (They’re the jock/nerd pair.) Then there’s the friend-to-lovers (Paper & Fah) and cafe cute boys (M & Near). We got artful injury tending (finger & lip) and some jealousy or something. Is the script good? Hell no. Is anything happening? Nope. But I’m INVESTED in the nothingness. 
Lovely Writer Ep 7 - mostly set in the past, but the child actors they got were decent. I actually liked how they explained Sib’s behavior (I mean losing your BFF + figuring out you’re gay at the same time gotta mess with your head). We got touch my lip, carry baby to bed, let’s sleep facing, face touch, hair touch, and a hand kiss as well as The Kiss. With so many intimacy and caring tropes, I’m well pleased.  BONUS: NO SOUND EFFECTS. Please make then have fired the sound tech. OHPLEAESEOHPLEASEOHPLEASE. 
Fish Upon The Sky Ep 1 - I like it. Might as well break the 4th wall if you’re gonna do a voice over. Some super cringy moments but I think that’ll improve post makeover. Yet again we have a BL poking fun at its own tropes. 2021 is definitely the year of meta. Oh and Phuwin’s English is really good. 
Call It What You Want Ep 1-2 - it’s slow and more arty than I expected. The actor playing the main character looks eerily like Up (Gene in Lovely Writer) + an ex of mine - it’s disconcerting. 
Brothers Ep 10 - my two got together and ARE ADORABLE. I actually really like how they dealt with Khun’s seme ownership freak out. That’s some sexy communicating, boys! So many couples (and triads) I’m well confused, but I only love KhunKaow so no one else matters.  
Y-Destiny Ep 2 - cute, bit raunchy, kinda fun, about a million tropes in one tiny ep. I’m getting So Much in Love meets something from Strongberry. No bad thing... no real good thing either. But I was expecting a lot worse. 
Tumblr media
Ongoing Series - Not Thai 
HIStory 4: Close To You (Taiwan) Ep 4 (AKA Ep 7-8) - I don’t wanna blog about it. I can’t even think about it. I’m still gonna keep watching it. Conclusion? I’m trash. 
Word of Honor (China) Ep 22-24 - Wen is as much as a drama queen as Gene (in his own special way). Most of his past is now revealed plus obligatory bathing scene. (Is Gong Jun contractually obliged to be topless in all his dramas or is it just for the good of the planet? Asking for a friend.) A good 60% of the time I have no idea what is going on (so many names! who is this Lovelace putz allasudden?) but I don’t care cause they so pretty. 
Most Peaceful Place (Vietnam) Ep 3 - didn’t drop this week, or was it only 2 episodes? I’m so confused. 
We Best Love 2 (Taiwan) Ep 6 fin - It’s GREAT, they’re great, everyone’s great, the world is great. So pleased to get Shu Yi and his dad talking Japanese. I love it when Taiwan makes use of bilingual actors (see Because of You) almost as much as them flexing their marriage equality muscles. The full circle pool kiss was adorable and this series is officially a favorite. (@heretherebedork your boys don’t end unhappily but they don’t get an HEA either, everyone else does. I think you’d be okay with this one.) 
Tumblr media
Stand Alones 
Tell the World I Love You (Thai BL movie) released into theaters? Or not? Haven’t heard anything about it. 
Tumblr media
Breaking News 
Bite Me got a full trailer and it looks GOOD. Mark Siwat seems to be carrying this one, which is fine, we all know he can (especially if you’ve seen his non-LBC stuff). Quality controls seem relatively high, although this may only be a fund-raising trailer. No eng subs at last check but I’m disposed to be hopeful. It feels like we are in Oxygen territory and that was one of my favorites last year. 
You’re My Sky dropped what they’re calling an “official pilot.” No eng subs. I think this is a tester trailer to raise funds. MDL listing makes this sound like a standard college BL, but trailer portrays a sports romance. Stars almost-familiar new faces from Y-Destiny. It’s like we have a new crop of BL actors chomping at the bit to take over from MaxTul or MewGulf, and with the 91 line aging out*, maybe they aren’t wrong? 
Tumblr media
* Don’t crawl into my craw, they’ve most of ‘em said they don’t wanna keep doing BL after turning 30 and frankly, why should they? 
Nitiman dropped BTS from their publicity shoot. No eng subs. 
Tumblr media
Next Week Looks Like This:
Some shows may be listed later than actual air date for International accessibility reasons. 
Tumblr media
Upcoming 2021 BL master post here.
Links to watch are provided when possible, ask in a comment if I missed something.
Spring Line Up:
Close Friend the series (Thai trailer) April 22.
2gether the movie (Thai trailer) April 22 to Thai theaters.
Nitiman (Thai) May 7 on One31.
I Told Sunset About You 2 (Thai) May 27 on LineTV
Ossan’s Love (Hong Kong) June to Viu
I joined MDL under this handle AbsoluteBL. Find me there if you like, currently it’s just ratings, tracking, & three lists: 
Japanese BL & Live Action Yaoi Manga
Korean BL
Taiwanese BL
Tumblr media
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supercorpzine · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Volume four is quite a big book! Our page estimate is going to potentially increase to 240 pages of a nearly fifty-fifty split of art and fanfic! We are offering the same amount of merch as last year including an enamel pin with every physical order, and two tiers of merch bundles to choose from! 
Here is how the tiers are going to break down:
Digital PDF zine only: $18 USD (same price as last year, a steal!)
Physical zine and Enamel Pin (includes PDF zine): $37 USD
Bundle 1 (includes physical zine, PDF zine, 8 stickers, 3 postcards, 2 keychains, 1 bookmark & 1 pin): $54 USD
Bundle 2 (includes physical zine, PDF zine, 8 stickers, 6 postcards, 3 keychains, 3 bookmarks & 1 pin): $65 USD
Domestic flat rate 2-day shipping (USA): $10 USD
International flat rate shipping: $20 USD
Our extended preorder period was very successful last year, and we will offer that window of 6 weeks again! Pre-orders will be taking place from:
April 1, 2021 - May 16, 2021 ONLY
and will be using storenvy. Check here for payment information.
The preorder period will be the ONLY TIME you can order your copy of volume 4! Please plan accordingly!
Our cover reveal will happen on April 1 when preorders go live, as will all merchandise previews!
The prices for Volume 4 are slightly higher than for Volume 3, with minor dollar increases to the physical order options. This is for 3 reasons:
Volume 4 is around 40 pages bigger (if not more, we have the potential for page fluctuation) and has a lot more content!
A bigger zine means a higher cost to both produce and ship.
We’ve made the enamel pin available on all physical orders.
If you have concerns over the break down of production costs, please see our transparency documents from the last three volumes! We hope that you can join us in helping raise funds for three very deserving charities, and help share a wonderful collection of Supercorp art and fiction that has been created with a whole lot of love and care. Please get in touch if you have any questions, and check our FAQ for basic information!
You Are My Hero is an unofficial Supercorp fan zine created for charity. All profits will be split equally between The Trevor Project, the Transgender Law Center, and Futures Without Violence.
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deadcatwithaflamethrower · 5 months ago
The article behind the cut in case WaPo tries to cut you off from reading it:
 The Girl in the Kent State Photo In 1970, an image of a dead protester immediately became iconic. But what happened to the 14-year-old kneeling next to him?    
  (John Filo/Getty Images)
Tumblr media
          By Patricia McCormick  April 19, 2021  
Last May, when Mary Ann Vecchio watched the video of George Floyd’s dying moments, she felt herself plummet through time and space — to a day almost exactly 50 years earlier. On that afternoon in 1970, the world was just as riveted by an image that showed the life draining out of a young man on the ground, this one a black-and-white still photo. Mary Ann was at the center of that photo, her arms raised in anguish, begging for help.
That photo, of her kneeling over the body of Kent State University student Jeffrey Miller, is one of the most important images of the 20th century. Taken by student photographer John Filo, it captures Mary Ann’s raw grief and disbelief at the realization that the nation’s soldiers had just fired at its own children. The Kent State Pietà, as it’s sometimes called, is one of those rare photos that fundamentally changed the way we see ourselves and the world around us. Like the image of the solitary protester standing in front of a line of tanks in Tiananmen Square. Or the photo of Kim Phuc, the naked Vietnamese girl fleeing the napalm that has just incinerated her home. Or the image of Aylan Kurdi’s tiny, 3-year-old body facedown in the sand, he and his mother and brother having drowned while fleeing Syria.
These images shocked our collective conscience — and insisted that we look. But eventually we look away, unaware, or perhaps unwilling, to think about the suffering that went on long after the shutter has snapped — or of the cost to the human beings trapped inside those photos. “That picture hijacked my life,” says Mary Ann, now 65. “And 50 years later, I still haven’t really moved on.”
Mary Ann Vecchio has granted few interviews in 25 years, and as a child of the ’60s — with her own entanglement with the FBI — she’s still a bit wary. Partway through the first of what would go on to be a dozen interviews over the phone, she stops abruptly. “Are you doing this on your own?” she asks. I’m freelancing, I tell her. Is that what she means? No, she wants to know if I’m working with a political party. Or law enforcement. “When you’ve lived the life I have,” she says, “you still worry that maybe people are after you.” She also tells me she’s researched me before agreeing to speak. “I’m a little FBI-ish myself, in a renegade way,” she says. “And I’m also still that hippie kid who always sees a rainbow.”
Tumblr media
George Floyd died right before the 99th anniversary of the Tulsa Race Massacre. This photo essay spans the current protests — but the quotes paired with them span 100 years.
2020 Photo Issue: Nine photographers capture a pandemic, an uprising and a country divided
Before Kent State, she says, she was a free spirit. “I was the kid rolling down the river on a raft,” she recalls. “I was magic. In my childhood, I believed anything was possible.” But her home in Opa-locka, Fla., not far from Miami International Airport, where her father was a carpenter, could be volatile. When her parents fought, she and her brothers and sisters would scatter, with Mary Ann hiding out in spots as far away as Miami Beach, some 15 miles from home. Soon she got in trouble — smoking pot, skipping school. So in February 1970, when the police told Mary Ann, then 14, that they’d throw her in jail if they caught her playing hooky one more time, she took off — in her bare feet. She says she wasn’t rebelling against her parents’ authority or seeking to join the antiwar movement: “I just wanted to be anywhere that wasn’t Opa-locka.”
Mary Ann Vecchio today. She is the 14-year-old kneeling in the Kent State photograph at top. (Jeffery A. Salter for The Washington Post)  
Tumblr media
Hitchhiking her way across the country, Mary Ann slept in fields, at hamburger shacks, at crash pads, working here and there for money for food, which she shared with other kids who were also bumming around. Seeing the country, meeting new people, sharing music and the occasional joint — the adventure had that feeling of magic from her childhood. Until, that is, she got to Kent State in northern Ohio, where, on May 4, student protests erupted over President Richard Nixon’s decision to invade Cambodia. Mary Ann, in her jeans, white scarf and a pair of hippie sandals someone had given her, headed toward a field where students were gathered. On her way to join the protest, she struck up a conversation with a guy in bell-bottoms. The two of them watched as another student waved a black flag, taunting the National Guard troops who had been sent in after protesters had burned down the ROTC building two nights before. The soldiers seemed to retreat to a nearby hill; then, in the next 13 seconds, they fired more than 60 shots.
Mary Ann dropped to the pavement and waited until the smoke had cleared to look up. Jeffrey Miller, the student she’d been talking to, was facedown on the ground; he’d been shot through the mouth. She knelt over his body as blood seeped onto the pavement. Other students walked by, too stunned or confused to look. “Doesn’t anyone see what just happened here?” she remembers crying. “Why is no one helping him?” As the soldiers approached, their guns at the ready, she recalls asking them a question that countless others across the country would soon ask as well: “Why did you do this?”
Nearby were more bodies. Allison Krause was shot in the chest; William Schroeder in the back. Sandy Scheuer, who was just passing through the area on her way to class, was struck by a bullet that hit her jugular vein. Four dead in Ohio.
 “I would have stayed anonymous forever,” Mary Ann says. “But that guy from the Indianapolis Star, he knocked out my future.”    
John Filo was a senior at Kent State in May 1970, a student photographer who almost missed out on covering the protests because he’d been in the woods taking pictures of teaberry leaves for his senior thesis that weekend. All the other photographers on the student paper had assignments from out-of-town papers, so John, 21, was working in the newspaper office to help process their pictures. On his lunch break, he grabbed a camera and stepped outside. He went straight toward the action, where a student in the no man’s land between soldiers and students waved a black flag. John snapped a photo thinking, “Okay, I’ve got my picture.” A moment later, the soldiers formed a rifle line. “I put my camera to my eye and trained it on one of the soldiers,” he says. “He aimed toward me, and then his gun goes off. The next thing I know, a bullet hits a tree next to me and a chunk of bark flew off.”
John dropped to the ground and waited out the 13 seconds of gunfire. When the smoke cleared, he stood and patted his arms and legs, checking to see if he’d been hit. “It was like slow motion. I just kept wondering, ‘How come I’m not shot?’ ” Then, not 10 feet away, he saw a body on the ground. John was running out of film as he saw a girl kneel beside the body. “I knew the boy was dead, but I could tell she didn’t know,” he told me. “I could see something building in her, and all of a sudden she lets out this scream and I shoot. I shoot one more picture, and I’m out of film.” By the time he had reloaded his camera, the girl was gone.
John remembers the soldiers ordering students who were lingering at the scene to disperse — “or they’d shoot again.” A few moments later, soldiers using bullhorns announced that the university was closed. “They ordered everyone to go home.”
Mary Ann just remembers running. She didn’t know anyone at Kent State; she’d known Miller for only 25 minutes. But she saw National Guard troops herding students onto buses, so she followed in a daze. Some two hours later, when the bus arrived in Columbus, the soldiers told everyone to get off. Many of the students ran to waiting parents. Mary Ann stumbled around the streets of the city; she’d never even heard of Columbus.
Back on campus, students were yelling at John, calling him a pig, a vulture. John yelled back. “No one’s going to believe this happened,” he told them. “This,” he said, pointing to his camera, “is proof.” When he saw Guard troops cutting down electric lines, John ran to his car. After hiding the film inside a hubcap, he drove two hours to the office of his hometown newspaper in western Pennsylvania to process his film. As he watched the film develop, he knew he had something the world needed to see.
When he called the Associated Press from the newsroom of the Valley Daily News of Tarentum, he was told the news service had plenty of Kent State photos coming in from its bureau in Akron, Ohio, and that its entire wire capacity was being used to transmit those photos. But when there was an unexpected break in the transmissions from Akron, John jumped on the wire and sent his photo. His image of the grieving girl ran on the front pages of newspapers all over the world the next day. The caption identified her simply as a “coed.”
I remember seeing the picture in my hometown paper. At 12, I wondered if the nation’s adults were intent on killing their own children, in Vietnam and now at home. But Mary Ann cannot remember the first time she saw the photo; she has no memory of the moment when she became the most famous unknown person in the world.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
LEFT [Top]: Photographer John Filo in 2014. As a student, he won the Pulitzer Prize for his coverage of the Kent State shootings, including the iconic image featuring Mary Ann Vecchio. Today, he is the head of photography for CBS. (Taylor Hill/FilmMagic) RIGHT [Bottom]: Protesters gather around Jeffrey Miller. He and three other students were killed in the shootings. (John Filo/Getty Images)  
The days after the shooting went by in a haze for her. She hitchhiked out of Columbus, drifting west and sleeping wherever she could. She had heard she was wanted by the FBI, so she didn’t tell anyone who she was. She wound up at a crash pad in Indianapolis, thinking that if she could just get to California, she could start her life over again, but a kid at the house where she was staying recognized her and tipped off a reporter from the Indianapolis Star. Mary Ann, barely disguised in a granny gown and fake glasses, talked to the reporter, hoping he’d give her bus fare to California in exchange for her story. The reporter got his scoop, then called the authorities, who put her in juvenile detention as a runaway.
“I would have stayed anonymous forever,” she says. “But that guy from the Indianapolis Star, he knocked out my future.” Within days, she was back home in Opa-locka.
Many people refused to believe the nearly 6-foot-tall girl with the long, flowing hair and the mournful face was only 14. Her family received calls and letters calling her a drug addict, a tramp, a communist. The governor of Florida said she was “part of a nationally organized conspiracy of professional agitators” that was “responsible for the students’ death.” While some people saw her as a symbol of the national conscience, some Kent State students expressed resentment about her fame, saying she wasn’t even a protester.
Back in Kent, Ohio, local business owners ran an ad thanking the National Guard. Mail poured in to the mayor’s office, blaming “dirty hippies,” “longhairs” and “outside agitators” for the violence. Some Kent residents raised four fingers when they passed each other in the street, a silent signal that meant, “At least we got four of them.” Nixon issued a statement saying that the students’ actions had invited the tragedy. Privately, he called them “bums.” And a Gallup poll found that 58 percent of Americans blamed the students for their own deaths; only 11 percent blamed the National Guard.
The FBI also questioned John. They demanded his film, he says, and when he refused, he remembers them tailing him for nearly a week. He says his phone rang nonstop with crank callers insisting that the photo was fake. He got hate mail, including a letter that, as he recalls, read, “I had a friend die in Vietnam. You’re next.”
John was still reeling from his close call with the Guard when the Indianapolis Star ran the story identifying the subject of his photo not as a college student but as a teenage runaway. That, he says, “was a heavy weight to carry.”
 On “60 Minutes,” Morley Safer said Mary Ann “wasn’t a symbol of the tragedy of the Vietnam War. She wasn’t a symbol of anything.”    
Back in Opa-locka, Mary Ann couldn’t go to Royal Castle for a burger without reporters and hecklers following her. Death threats filled the Vecchio family mailbox. “It’s too bad it wasn’t you that was shot.” “What you need is a good beating until you bleed red.” “I hope you enjoyed sleeping with all those Negroes and dope fiends.” “The deaths of the Kent State four lies on the conscience of yourself.” At 14, she was a human flashpoint, her face on magazine covers, posters and handbills. The humor magazine National Lampoon ran a fake ad for a Kent State playset, complete with toy soldiers, protesters and “1 kneeling student.” And not that long ago, the Onion ran a satiric news story calling a loss by the Kent State basketball team a “massacre.” Mary Ann’s face is photoshopped onto the body of a cheerleader, kneeling over a fallen basketball player.
Her father sold T-shirts with Mary Ann’s grieving image on the front. She signed the shirts — and the occasional autograph — still in a state of shock. “People thought we were getting rich, but we never had any money,” she says. “It sounds bad, but my dad did what he did for me. He was taking care of me in the only way he knew how.”
What the traumatized teenager didn’t get was counseling. It didn’t even occur to her. “I was too afraid,” she says. “He,” she notes, referring to Jeffrey Miller, the boy in the photo, “was a college student. I was just a runaway. I felt less than. And I felt like I did something dirty because that’s the way I was treated.”
She ran away from home again and got caught, ending up in juvenile detention. “They tried to give me Thorazine,” she says. She ran away from there, too, was caught again and returned. But when she was sent back home, she recalls, the police followed her incessantly, arresting her for loitering, for smoking pot. “I was a mess, like I was trying to punch my way out of a paper bag,” she says.
Later, in 1977, Mary Ann was profiled by “60 Minutes” as a “maladjusted kid.” For the segment, she read aloud from the hateful letters she’d received, which were spread out on her parents’ dining table. Morley Safer said she “wasn’t a symbol of the tragedy of the Vietnam War. She wasn’t a symbol of anything.” Just a “14-year-old nobody hitchhiking from nowhere to nowhere.” He seemed, at least to me as I watched the segment recently, to take smug satisfaction in the trouble she had after Kent State, turning her into a national cautionary tale.
“Everyone had a piece of me,” Mary Ann says. “And when everyone in the world thinks they know who you are, you don’t want to be who you are.”
Mary Ann Vecchio, kneeling by the body of Jeffrey Miller after National Guard troops shot at protesters at Kent State University in Ohio in 1970. (John Filo/Getty Images)    
John Filo’s picture would win a Pulitzer Prize. His photo, Time magazine said, captured the sense that the Vietnam War had come home and “distilled that feeling into a single image.” But he, too, was haunted. “I felt very guilty,” he says. “An arm’s length to my right, a guy was shot. An arm’s length or two to my left, that’s where Jeffrey Miller was killed. I’m alive and I’m relatively famous, and they’re dead.” And when he read that the police had been harassing Mary Ann, he felt responsible.
Eventually, at age 22, Mary Ann took off from Florida, moved to Las Vegas, married and got a job in a casino coffee shop. She was rarely mentioned in news stories commemorating the events of May 4, 1970. In May 1990, she told the Orlando Sentinel that the photograph had “really destroyed my life.” Still, she said, she was proud of a job where she wore a nicely pressed blouse and skirt and where she’d built a new life far removed from the shooting. “Kent State has nothing to do with my life,” she said.
By that time, she’d also learned it was risky to tell people that she was the girl in the iconic photo. “The less I said, the safer I felt,” she recalls. And while she took pride in her job and the stability she’d achieved, underneath she carried a sadness about the way her life had turned out. “My life was already upside-down by the time of Kent State, but with some different guidance, maybe I could have made something of myself,” she says. “Maybe I could’ve done something good with my life. That’s the damage, when you don’t get to be who you were going to be.”
Meanwhile, John went on to have a successful career as a photographer. (Today he’s the head of photography for CBS.) He says that not a day went by that he didn’t think about the Kent State students — or Mary Ann. Sometimes he had nightmares about her. When he became a father and looked in his daughter’s eyes, he saw Mary Ann’s eyes. He tortured himself by wondering how he’d feel if someone had taken his daughter’s photo in such a vulnerable moment. “I thought about reaching out to her many times,” he says. “But I figured she hated me.”
It was Gregory Payne, a professor at Emerson College and author of “Mayday, Kent State,” who had an idea that he thought might help them both. In 1995 he organized a 25-year retrospective on Kent State and Mississippi’s Jackson State, where students had been shot and killed by police around the same time. He invited both Mary Ann and John to attend. “Mary Ann was open to the idea, but John wasn’t initially,” Payne says. “He always felt terrible about trapping her in that picture, and he’d read that she said it ruined her life.” The day before they were to meet, Payne recalls, he asked Mary Ann what she was going to say to John. “She said she had no idea.”
“I was kind of mad at [John] for a long time,” Mary Ann says. “He’s lucky. He’s done very well. He’s got a nice house. He’s got everything. He got the pony.” She laughs at that. “I got the crap.”
John says he “dreaded ever meeting Mary Ann,” but he accepted Payne’s invitation to the retrospective, unsure, until the last minute, if he would go through with it. When Payne brought the two of them together for a private meeting before the opening ceremony, no one knew what to expect. “John looked so scared,” Payne says. But Mary Ann surprised everyone. “I saw the anguish in his eyes,” she says of John, “and, you know, I felt sorry for him.” She smiled, took his hand and hugged him. They both cried.
Even though they’d never before met, Mary Ann says that she and John had the instant bond of a pair of old army buddies. “It was kind of a war,” she says. And neither of them had ever really been recognized as among the casualties. Kent State had haunted them both, from opposite ends of the lens.
Later that day, as Mary Ann spoke to the assembled group about the trauma of the Kent State shootings, John had an epiphany about the power of his photo. “It was because she was 14, because of her youth, that she ran to help, that she ran to do something. There were other people, 18, 19, 20 years old, who didn’t get close to the body. She did because she was a kid. She was a kid reacting to the horror in front of her. Had she not been 14, the picture wouldn’t have had the impact it did.”
After the retrospective, John gave her a signed copy of the photo. The inscription: “For the courageous Mary Ann Vecchio, I cannot fathom how this photograph affected your life. I’m proud to call you a friend.”
 The public glare defined her as someone she never was. Now she’s who she wants to be.    
Mary Ann lived in Las Vegas for nearly 20 years, moving up from her job in the coffee shop to the casino floor, where she had the keys to pay out the slot machine jackpots. She says she dreamed of being a lawyer. But something told her, “Don’t get too successful, don’t get too visible. Don’t be too happy.” Hiding was much safer, she says.
In 2001, however, she took the story of her life back into her own hands. She had earned a high school diploma at the age of 39; now in her mid-40s, she was ready to study for a career in health. She also ended an unhappy marriage and started over again by returning to Florida. She bought a 24-foot camper, worked full time at the Trump Spa at Doral, enrolled at nearby Miami Dade Community College and studied to be a respiratory therapist. Between shifts and classes she spent time nursing her dying mother.
“Everybody at the Doral loved Mary Ann,” says longtime friend Charlotte Brewer, 85. “She has this very caring personality.” Still, Mary Ann didn’t tell her about the photo until it popped up on Charlotte’s phone one day. “That’s me,” Mary Ann said. At first Charlotte couldn’t believe it, but she soon understood: The girl who ran to help an injured student at Kent State was the same person who saw her massage work as healing treatments for her clients and who was training to help patients with respiratory problems. Charlotte and her fellow massage therapists were so happy to see Mary Ann on a new professional path, they took her out to lunch after she passed each course. “Maybe that’s why I got such good grades,” Mary Ann says.
After school, the woman who perhaps had been the most visible symbol of protest against the Vietnam War worked at the Miami VA hospital, where she cared for men who’d served in that war. But she never told them she was the girl from the Kent State photo. Sometimes, she says, she wanted to tell the veterans who she was so she could explain that the protesters weren’t anti-soldier, just antiwar, and that they did what they did to bring soldiers home. Instead, she operated on a “no-need-to-know policy.” She wanted “to be in the vets’ shoes,” she says. “I had to make a connection on a spiritual level.”
By working with veterans, she learned about resilience and came to understand what being in the line of fire had done to her. “I tried to hide my shell-shockedness from them,” she says, but she saw ways in which they were traumatized that echoed some of her own behaviors. “I’m very positional,” she says. “Wherever I go, I sit with my back to the wall so I can see what’s coming in the front door.”
Mary Ann is retired now — she didn’t remarry or have children — and leads a quiet life, growing avocados and oranges on a small plot at the edge of the Florida Everglades. Payne, who keeps in regular touch with her and has invited her to speak to his classes at Emerson, credits her “incredibly strong spirit” for her survival. “She also still has that unaffected purity,” he says. “That’s what you saw in the photo on May 4th. And that’s still who she is.”
Charlotte says Mary Ann is more like a neighborhood sprite. She pops in to see their older neighbors, bathing them and delivering home-cooked meals. She gets offers to work for pay, but she prefers to “be that surprise person that shows up with banana bread.”
Last May, however, when she watched the video of George Floyd’s death, she was so shaken, it was as if the electronic scrim of her TV had dissolved. She jumped off her couch and yelled at the crowd in the video, “Why is no one helping him?” She sobs as she describes that moment to me. “Doesn’t anyone see what’s going on?”
“Mary Ann,” I say. “It seems to me that you’re still that girl in the photo, you’re still that girl saying, ‘Doesn’t anyone see what’s happening here?’”
She stops crying abruptly. “But it’s been 50 years,” she says. “Why can’t I move on?”
What would it take to move on? I ask.
“Maybe if I do some good for the planet,” she says. She tells me that she does small, secret acts of charity every weekend, when she goes “undercover” to the Walmart parking lot near her home and leaves canned foods, staples and her homegrown avocados in an empty shopping cart for someone to discover. “I feel like I need to do something good,” she says, crying again.
You’ve already done something profoundly good, I tell her. “In that moment when you knelt over Jeffrey Miller’s body,” I say, “you expressed the grief and horror that so many people were feeling. You helped end the Vietnam War.”
“You can say that,” she says, “but I can’t feel it.”
Today, Mary Ann Vecchio is retired in Florida. No one follows her or sends her hate mail, though once in a while she receives an autograph request. (Jeffery A. Salter for The Washington Post)    
Nowadays, the girl who wanted to be anywhere but Opa-locka lives not far from there. No one knows her as the girl from the photo. No one follows her or sends her hate mail, though once in a while she finds an autograph request with a faraway address in her mailbox. Sometimes students find her online and send her letters saying they read about her in their history books. This cracks her up. “I’m a living person,” she says with a laugh. “And I’m in a history book! Not many people can say that.”
For me, it’s hard now not to look at that photo and see a 14-year-old girl, unaware of how that single moment will shape her entire life. She’ll become a public figure — as a minor — with no consent and no control over her image or her reputation. Well before there’s such a concept as victim-blaming, before social media or Us Weekly, she’ll become an object of national fascination — a target for some, a footnote in history to others. She’ll be the subject of a photo known the world over, but never really known as a person.
And yet, she eventually defied the narrative that was written for her. She built a new life on her own terms. Far from the public glare that defined her as someone she never was, she’s now who she wants to be: someone whose life is both private and purposeful. And on weekends, as she roams the Walmart parking lot near her home, leaving gifts for strangers, it’s possible to see that 14-year-old girl before the shutter is snapped, that kid who thinks she’s magic.
Patricia McCormick is a two-time National Book Award finalist. She writes about the effects of trauma on young people.
Design by Christian Font. Photo editing by Dudley M. Brooks.
Tumblr media
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saltnpepperbunny · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Was feeling really nostalgic for FYR today, so I drew Cedar and Nauki! It’s missing Team Hearth hours. So, this is something I've been keeping on the low down for a long time, because I figured that if I admitted it, people would take it the wrong way and start worrying about things they don't need to worry about. But it's actually been many months since I've worked properly on Finding Your Roots. I think the last time I was drawing FYR pages regularly was maybe, April? I've done a couple of pages here and there since then, but for the most part, I've made pretty miniscule progress on the comic for most of 2021. Even though I have REALLY GOOD REASONS for putting FYR on hold rn, it's still pretty disappointing to not work on my main comic for so long. I took a break from comicking from about mid April to mid May due to health issues, and since I got started again, I've been working almost exclusively on The Things We Have. I am soooooooooo close to finishing TTWH, guys. It's INCREDIBLY EXCITING! I started drawing Part II of the comic in May when I got back to comicking, and I've been outputting almost a page a day in order to finish the comic as soon as possible. I'm now at the point where I have less than 30 pages to draw, and then TTWH is complete! It'll still be a long time before you folks will see the end of that comic, because I upload pages a lot slower than I finish them and we have a huge backlog to get through, but I'm really close to seeing the end of that project. It's really exciting. Things are pretty exciting for me right now. I have one comic that's close to completion, I have another new one that I'm about to start releasing alongside my friend @zeropro, and FYR is about to start uploading again in August! Thankfully, even though I've made very little progress on FYR in recent times, I have over 30 pages of Chapter 7 completed, so I at least am not at risk of running out of backlog. ^^ But I'm mainly just excited to finally put TTWH to bed and get back to properly working on FYR. FYR, after all, is my baby, and it's the project I love the most above all. Because, wow guys, TTWH is draining. :'D Don't get me wrong, I really love working on that project too and it's very important to me, but holy shit kjdsfhjkfgfg. There's only so much rabbit suffering a girl can take! It's a very dark, sad story, and it was always intended to be a sad, dark story. There's no real happiness in it until it's final pages. I'm using this comic to process a lot of internal pain, so it's good to try to feel these feelings. But wow, I am just, so tired of misery. These aren't really good times for me right now. TTWH is a reflection of that, and I'm hoping that when I complete the comic and move on from it, I can put those feelings to rest as well. FYR, on the other hand, has always been about healing! Positivity! TTWH is not a healing narrative, but FYR absolutely is, and those are the sorts of vibes I'm looking forward to indulging in! I just wanna draw my Team Hearth babies being all smiley and cute together, and get back to drawing some adorable pokemon instead of just rabbits, rabbits, rabbits, rabbits, MORE RABBITS! I want FYR back! I'm so excited to work on it again! Either way though, I think it was a good choice for me to focus on finishing TTWH and getting it out of the way. It'll allow me to give FYR my fullest attention, and I'll have to worry about juggling two projects for a lot less time. If I hadn't put FYR on hold, TTWH probably would have taken well into autumn to finish, which isn't fun. I'll admit the reason I never mentioned this going on is because I was worried that if people knew I wasn't working on FYR anymore, they would get scared that I'm not gonna work on FYR ever again, which is def not the case!!! So don't worry, y'all. Give me like one more month to finish TTWH, and I'll start drawing up lots of FYR pages for you. ;3c I love it when a month ends and a new one begins! It's like a reset, a breath of fresh air. I'm excited for August, and beyond. I'm excited to still be here, no matter what.
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cheri-translates · 5 months ago
[CN] Gavin’s Sky Date - Prologue
🍒 Warning: This post contains detailed spoilers for a date prologue, 云霄之约, which has not been released in English servers! 🍒
Do note that you have to read this before embarking on the actual date, because it contains background information and sweet domestic bliss you wouldn't want to miss :>
Tumblr media
[ This date was released on 14 April 2021 ]
[ Part One: A Dream About to Take Flight ]
MC: Ahhh! My life is up to me. Not. Up. To. Fate!
The small dice in my furled hand is tossed around several times. When I loosen my grip, it rolls quickly on the map -- ‘2′.
Tumblr media
Gavin: Hahaha--
Tumblr media
Gavin laughs, but hurriedly retracts his smile when he senses my murderous gaze.
Gavin: It’s okay, things will definitely take a favourable turn in the next round.
Sulky, I let out of a huff. I watch as he picks up the dice, casually rolling a '5′. Then, he cheerfully shifts his own plane on the map by six spaces.
[Note] In the game of Aeroplane Chess, your plane can only leave the starting point if you roll a ‘5′ of ‘6′!
MC: ...
It’s a Saturday afternoon. Gavin and I had nothing to do after eating, so we randomly grabbed a set of Aeroplane Chess from the supermarket to play. But I didn’t expect to have such a terrible gaming experience!
Although it’s been the sixth or seventh round, I just can’t the ‘6′ I need to get my plane out of the hangar. On the other hand, Gavin has always been able to get it to take flight smoothly, and very quickly reaches the goal.
MC: Gavin, with your kind of luck, there’s no need to waste it on playing games with me.
After pondering for a long while, I offer him a serious suggestion.
MC: Let’s head out to buy a lottery ticket?
Tumblr media
Gavin: Why don’t we play something else? The paper model from last time was only half done. Since we have time today, we could get it done at one go.
At this moment, the phone on the floor beside me rings. Seeing the familiar number, I tap on the hands-free function.
Nurse: Miss MC, the physical report done at our hospital is ready. Please bring your receipt and collect it within fifteen working days.
MC: Mm, got it, thank you.
Gavin is currently storing the Aeroplane Chess pieces into the box. Hearing this conversation, he gives me a puzzled look.
Gavin: Haven’t you already gone for a physical examination this year? Are you feeling unwell?
MC: No, no. I’m using the report for the registration.
I deliberately pretend to be secretive, leaning towards him. Then, I show him the registration form that I had submitted online beforehand.
MC: I’m going to get a Private Pilot License.
[ Part Two: First Day of School ]
On the first day of aviation training, I set the alarm to wake me up at 6.30am. Even Gavin is stunned at the level of enthusiasm I have for learning.
Tumblr media
Gavin: The courses for the aviation license can get pretty dry. You have to be mentally prepared.
MC: Are you referring to things like meteorology, aircraft structure, air traffic regulations?
Gavin: Mm. Aside from the exams, such knowledge is necessary for aircraft pilots.
While he speaks, he lifts his head to give me a smile.
Gavin: But they definitely won’t stump you.
After packing my things, I grab a random jacket and prepare to leave.
The classes take place in the suburbs, and it takes an hour to get there. Despite waking up early, I’d be late if I don’t hurry up.
But Gavin is clearly not too worried about this matter. He holds a slice of bread in his mouth while looking at his phone.
Gavin: Since I’m sending you there, you won’t be late. Before your first official lesson, I’ll give you a flight class.
I walk over to him, pulling up the zipper of his uniform, and also picking up the motorcycle helmet from the table.
MC: To prevent this from being a mere flash in the pan, I want to leave the joy of flight to the end of the course. But if going by land would make me late...
Gavin rolls the bread into his mouth, taking the helmet from my hand.
Gavin: No matter the route, you won’t be late. Oh yes, what class are you taking today?
[ Part Two, Option 1: Principles of Meteorology ]
Instructor: I’ll ask some small questions to test your foundation and see if you take note of knowledge in this area.
He opens the PowerPoint presentation, then uses a laser pointer to point at the image on the first page - it's a cumulus cloud with a flat bottom layer and a high, upward curve at the top.
Instructor: Does anyone know what this cloud is called?
MC: Cumulus congestus cloud.
Instructor: Correct. The next question - when the International Civil Aviation Organisation observes cloud volume, how many segments do they divide the sky into?
MC: It should be eight segments.
I recall that Gavin brought this up before.
Instructor: Not bad, miss. You did preparatory work beforehand, didn’t you?
MC: No no, I have a friend who has a better understanding in this area, so I was just influenced.
After saying this, chuckles drift from the surroundings. The instructor nods in understanding.
Instructor: In that case, you won’t have a problem during the exams.
MC: ...I’ll do my best.
After all, my confidence is limited when it comes to exams.
Just as I’m thinking about this, I receive a notification on my phone. Gavin has sent me an incredibly large document file.
Gavin: I don’t know how to teach, so I compiled some materials you might need for the exam.
I grip my phone, suddenly feeling like the weather is so good that it makes one carefree and relaxed.
It’s just an exam. I’ll definitely be fine.
[ Part Two, Option 2: Aviation Regulations Class ]
At 2pm in the afternoon, the sun shines from above. I had a full meal, so fighting against the sleeping bug is a difficult challenge.
Instructor: Before the flight, the captain has to carry out the necessary inspections of the aircraft. Until the inspections are complete, you can’t take off. This regulation is easy to understand. In fact...
When the dullness of the course matches how fine the weather is, the entire classroom gets immersed in a drowsy atmosphere.
I take a few deep breaths and pat my face... but I still feel like sleeping.
Instructor: Okay, we’ll take a 10 minute break. You students look sleepy, so go wash your faces to freshen up.
The moment he finishes speaking, the sound of heads plopping down on the tables can be heard all around.
Just as I prepare to stand up and stretch, my phone suddenly vibrates.
Delivery boy: Hello, I’ve placed your take-out at the main counter.
MC: Take-out?
But I didn’t order take-out...
While I’m puzzled, the young lady from the main counter very politely brings the item to the classroom - it’s a cup of coffee.
There’s only one simple line on the note of the take-out: Persevere for a little longer. Gavin.
I retrieve the coffee from the bag, taking a tiny slip. The instructor walks past, giving me a glance from the side.
Instructor: Are you drinking coffee or milk tea? You’re smiling so happily.
MC: Being able to swim in the ocean of knowledge is always meant to be a happy thing.
The instructor gives me an expression which says, “like I’d actually believe you”.
MC: Instructor, let’s continue with the lesson. I’m not drowsy anymore. Learning for another four hours is no problem at all!
[ Part Three: Being Your Co-pilot ]
Gavin: Do you want to head out for a stroll after dinner? It seems to be really cooling outside.
I’m currently taking out plates from the kitchen drawer, subconsciously craning my head to glance outside.
MC: It’s going to rain, isn’t it...
Tumblr media
Gavin: Really? I’ll check the weather forecast. Earlier in the afternoon, Eli mentioned taking out some time to wash his car at night. I even thought today would be a good day.
I step into the living room, setting down plates on the dining table. 
MC: There are just some cumulonimbus clouds in the sky. It might not really rain.
Gavin scrolls through the real-time weather, then gives me a smile.
Gavin: It’s really going to rain.
He gets up, opening the rice cooker and scooping a full bowl of rice for me.
Gavin: At first, I even thought you’d find such theoretical knowledge boring. I didn’t think you’d learn them so earnestly. Looks like you really want to get the license.
MC: Of course. I want to be your co-pilot.
Although Gavin hasn’t even scooped rice for himself, he’s already served me a huge pile of vegetables.
Gavin: Sure. I’ll wait for the day you get your license.
Just as I’m about to talk about how assured I am about getting the license, I realise that the plate on my hand is becoming fuller and fuller. 
Before I can even voice my question, Gavin responds.
Tumblr media
Gavin: Learning is tough. You need to eat a little more. I also bought you ice-cream. It’s in the second compartment of the freezer. I remember you mentioning that as long as you eat something delicious during difficult times, you can press on easily.
MC: ...hahaha! Mm! After having this meal, I’ll complete all my post-class homework!
[ Aviation Terminology Class ]
MC: Calling for the control tower. Number N8596 has arrived, and is requesting for a landing gate.
Gavin (through the phone): Number N8596, you may use aircraft Gate Number One.
Gavin’s light-hearted laughter drifts from the phone.
Gavin: Shouldn’t your class end at 7pm? It’s only 6pm.
MC: The plan was to be dismissed at 7pm, but... for some reason, those in my class were really interested in the Aviation Terminology class, so they did their preparatory work in advance. The three hour class was over in one and a half hours. The instructor said that we already grasped all the key points, so we were dismissed early. What about you? How much longer till you’re off work?
Gavin: For me... less than half an hour. You could think about what to do with this unexpectedly free hour. I remember that there’s a new dessert shop opposite the cinema.
MC: You remembered? I never even told you about it. How could you remember? Officer Gavin, you better tell me the truth. You didn’t remember it - you specially searched it up.
Gavin: Mm, I specially searched it up. I even found that there are claw machines along the shopping street on the ground level of the cinema. 
MC: Looks like what I’m going to do in the next hour has already been scheduled. 
Gavin: Wait for me at the office first. I’ll look for you once I’m done with the work on hand.
[ Part Four: Flight Practice ]
Today’s the first flight practice class. The instructor is sitting in the co-pilot seat, watching my every move throughout the entire journey.
I wasn't nervous at first, but each time he glances at me, I involuntary wonder if I’ve done something wrong.
In an instant, I recall the fear of taking the aviation exam...
Until the plane successfully takes flight, I keep feeling as though the thing suspending in the air isn’t the plane, but my heart.
Instructor: It’s rare for you to make a trip up here. What’s there to be nervous about? Come, lift your head and look at the sky.
At this moment, countless gripes flash across my mind: What’s so nice about the sky? I’ve seen all kinds of skies. Right now, all I want is to fly the plane...
But the moment I lift my head, I’m rendered speechless.
Instructor: How is it? The first time I saw it, I was so stunned that I couldn't speak either.
MC: It’s really beautiful.
Sunlight casts a layer of golden hue on the soft and white clouds, blending the colours of gold and crimson.
I’m unable to describe how the scenery before me makes me feel. 
It’s a feeling which... makes one feel that life has meaning.
All of a sudden, another thought surfaces in my mind: I wonder what went through Gavin’s mind when he saw such a sight for the first time.
The instructor sitting next to me glances at me from the side.
Instructor: Thinking about your boyfriend again?
MC: [blushing]!
Instructor: It’s normal. Each time I’m flying, I can’t help but think of my wife. There isn’t a reason to it. It’s just a sudden thought, an involuntary reaction.
The instructor laughs as he gives me advice with a contagious smile.
Instructor: If you’re thinking about him, just do it. It’s fine. It’s a normal thing. When you see certain things, your natural reaction is to think of someone.
MC: ...Instructor, I usually can’t tell, but you’re actually quite philosophical.
I grab the joystick of the plane, watching as countless clouds drift past leisurely.
All I want to do is take a photograph of this moment for Gavin.
Tumblr media
Date: here
Gavin watching as I drool over the thought of Eli scrubbing his car in the rain while wearing a singlet:
Tumblr media
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andilovetowrite · 4 months ago
Party Favors P.P
Peter Parker x Reader
Summary: When trying to convince Peter to go to a party with you, a few secrets are revealed about a certain web-slinger’s crush, with your dad hanging onto every word. Total fluff here, guys!
Using the prompt: “come on, I can’t go to the party alone!”
Warnings: Nothing terrible, a swear word or two, I think. Just a lot of Flustered!Peter….. Oh, and Liz Allen being a prominent wing woman. Some suggestiveness as well. Sprinkles of angst but ends in fluff
Posted: April 30, 2021
Word Count: 3.2k
Here is my Masterlist in case you wanna read some more work of mine. Also, my requests are open :)
Tumblr media
“Pleaseee”, you pleaded, begging your best friend, “pretty please?” Peter Parker, the neighbour hood’s protector, Spiderman, an Avenger and your best friend stood in the middle of the room, arms crossed while he indignantly shook his head.
“Nope. Now way Y/N”
“C’mon, Pete. Just one time? Please, please, please?”
Peter sighed, raising his chocolate brown eyes to meet your Y/E/C eyes. “Is it necessary? Like life and death?”
“Yes! It is! Well, it saves lives and prevents death. And I need your help with this.”
Peter pursed his lips, looking a whole lot like a family member of yours you recently spoke to. “What’s in it for me?”
“Well, for starters, payback… Like the time I had to tell the press that ‘intern’ Peter Parker was doing a brilliant job working for my dad.”
“Yeah, I guess. But could you blame me? Y/N Stark saying to the world that I do a great job working as an intern was a sure way to make Flash shut up.”
“Ah, I get it. You’re just using me for my name!” you said, clasping a hand to your chest, faking hurt. Pretending to wipe off a tear, you whispered sorrowfully, “Another one bites the dust…”
“Uh-huh. And we are sure the amazing Y/N Stark didn’t have fun winding up Flash the next day at school when you strolled in and gave me an Intern Of The Month award in front of him?”
You laughed, remembering the moment fondly. “That was one of your better plans…”
Then you snapped out of your memories, smiling slightly. “Nuh-uh. You don’t get to make me reminisce about cute stories and get out of this deal. It’s happening.”, you said, gesturing to the two of you.
Peter groaned, falling back on your chair. “Dang it. I thought that would distract you for a while. But seriously? Do you want me to get killed?”
You rolled your eyes playfully, walking over to him. “Nobody is going to kill you! The party is at Liz’s house, and you’re Spiderman! Nobody can kill you.” For some reason, Peter face flushed pink when you mentioned Liz’s name.
But then he retorted. “Well, I’m not worried about our classmates. Or my enemies. I’m worried about… Mr Stark.” Peter said this almost worriedly, looking around, eyes locking onto his suit, which he grabbed, throwing it up into his attic.
Doubling over in laughter at his expression, you shakily walked over to your bed, jumping on it. “Why- why would you be afraid of my dad?!”
“Well, he specifically said you aren’t allowed to go to parties, but you want me to go with you to one of the biggest parties of the year.”
“Okay, well… that’s the reason you are coming with me. My dad said, and I quote. If one, just one, smart person attends that party, then you are allowed to go. And that’s where you come in. You are the ‘smart person!”
Peter chuckled, scratching the back of his neck, obviously relieved. “Uh, I don’t think that’s what he meant.”
“Oh, I know. But we are Starks. We never mean what we say.”, you say, backhandedly. “So, are you in?”
“Y/N, you know I love you, but…”
“Peter. I’m so sorry I have to do this, but… I’m going to have to use the best friend card.”
Peter gasped, looking at you in shock. “No, you didn’t.”
“Well, come on, I can’t go to the party alone!” you exclaim, jumping on the bed.
“Why can’t you go alone?”
“Why don’t you like parties?” you shoot back, turning to look at him, admiring the small clusters of freckles that adorn his face.
“I-I like parties. Just not Liz Allen’s parties.”
“Oh really?” you say, propping yourself up on your elbows, “that’s not what I heard when you and Ned went to her party in Freshmen year.”
“That… was different.”
Smiling victoriously, you let out a giggle. “Sure it wassss” He turned bright red again, turning away from you. You felt a pang in your heart, wondering why he was acting strange. “Wait, Peter, do you still like her?” You asked this, feeling your stomach sink down.
He flipped around so quickly; you. were sure he could’ve broken something. “No, NO, not at all.”
You squinted, trying to figure out what was wrong, but gave it up, vowing to figure it out later. “Alright, so will you come with me to the party?”
Peter looked at me, breaking into a grin. “Of course, I shall accompany you to the party, m’lady.”
“Well, thank you so much, my good man.”, you said in a horrible British accent. He smiled at me, his eyes crinkling as he glowed in the evening light. And as the two of you laughed, falling back into the bed, you wondered if you should tell Peter that you liked him.
Soon, the day of the party arrived, and you honestly couldn’t wait for it. You bought a short dark blue dress, pairing it with some golden accessories and a pair of sneakers. Slipping them on, you headed into the driveway, making sure no one was around before activating your suit, flying off the ground and to Peter’s house. As you arrived, you knocked on the door, shifting from side to side, worried if you had worn too much for a casual party, but you were pleasantly surprised to see Peter dressed up nicely, dark blue jeans and a white shirt, a comfy sweater hanging off his shoulders.
“Woah,” Peter said, looking at you with adoration in his eyes, “you look amazing Y/N!”
You blushed, looking down. “Thanks, Pete, you look great as well.” Peter became red at your comment, not saying anything but holding his arm out to you instead. Looping your elbow through his, you went down to the car where May was going to take you to Liz’s house.
Arriving there, the music was blaring loud, the clinks of glass bottles in the air, while about 50 students and friends stood around the vast house, chatting and drinking.
“Hey guys!” Liz greeted, smiling warmly at us. “Come on in. We have drinks and snacks at the pool, DJ in the living room and a game of truth or dare upstairs.”
“Let’s do truth or dare”, you said, looking at Peter to see if it was alright. He nodded, letting Liz lead the way. Walking upstairs, we came into a guest bedroom, where about ten,eople were sitting in a circle, looking totally wasted.
“Is there alcohol?”, you asked, worried.
Liz laughed. “No no, they just all gotta act drunk. Gave them the dare.”
“Ah alright.” Peter said, glancing at me. Going over, you sat down, seated between Flash and Peter.
“Heyy Penis Parker. Hey there Stark.” He said, spitting out Peter’s fun nickname, but said yours flirtatiously. Almost glaring at him, you muttered back.
“Hello, Flash. What horrible thing are you doing on this evening?”
“Oh, nothing much. Just wondering why you walked in with Penis Parker here and not someone who can actually handle you. And your wealth and fame.”
Scoffing, you turn towards Peter, whose face is almost red with fury. You could see him clenching his fists, which he rarely does. You knew he was minutes away from punching Flash, but you didn’t want to make a whole scene, so you did something you never would have thought to do.
You grabbed Peter’s hand and kissed the back of it, leaning into him. You felt him tense behind you, breathing heavily. “Well Flash, who else would I come with if not the guy I have a crush on? Only seems fair rather than someone who makes a fool out of your best friend.”
Flash’s eyes went wide, looking between Peter and you, but then he cackled. Yeah, you said cackled. It’s what it sounds like. He doubled over, hitting his knee. “No way. I love this. Y/N Stark making Peter Parker, an intern of her multi-billion dollar father, and pretending to date him! There is no way in hell Penis Parker could get someone like you.” Flash said this maliciously, glaring at Peter.
You felt Peter lose his crip on you, taking in a sharp intake of air. “He’s right”, Peter whispered softly into your ear, his voice shaky and choked.
“Peter no!”, but it was too late. He stood up, walking out of the room at lightning speed. You glared at Flash but didn’t wait around, instead of running to find Peter. You ran to the stairs, where you saw him ask MJ where Liz was. Confused why he might want to talk to Liz, you walked down the stairs, staying out of his sights for the moment. You followed him as he walked into Liz’s room, leaving the door ajar. Tiptoeing to stand outside the room, you leaned against the wall, trying to make out what Peter was saying to Liz.
Peter’s POV
I ran down the stairs, quickly asking MJ where Liz was. I could hear someone’s heartbeat loud and clear, but I just assumed that it was my own. Ugh, I hate Flash. But it’s not like he was wrong. Y/N wouldn’t ever like me. She was just being a good friend by sticking up for me to a guy I should’ve beaten up long ago. I could feel my teeth grit together as I walked to Liz’s bedroom, knocking.
“Hey Peter, what’s wrong?”
I wiped my eyes on the back of my hand. Explaining to her what happened, she sat me down on the bed, rubbing my back. I could see the fury in her eyes when I told her about Flash.
“I have half a mind to go out and kick him out of my house.”
“It’s fine. But how do I tell her?”
Liz thought for a moment, and then lowered her voice down a bit, quickly glancing over to the door. Scruching my eyebrows, I wondered why she was now whispering but went along with it.
“Why don’t you pretend I’m Y/N. Tell her how you feel. Trust me, she will say yes.”
“Uh okay”, I said, not having too much of a problem, since I had this infront of the mirror dozens of times. “Hey-y. I just wanted to tell you something. I really really like you!”
“Louder”, Liz said, looking at me then at the door.
“Um, I really like you. Well, not just like. I literally love you. I love the way that you are sweet and charming, but also hard and firm. You look like a goddess, whether you are working out or going out in the city. Whenever you come over next to me, my senses go crazy because I am just so in love with you. I know you probably don’t think of me this way, but I had to get it off my chest.”
I finished rambling, when I saw Liz’s wide eyes. “Why? Was that too much?” I was worried, standing up quick.
Liz saw my expression, shaking her head hard. “No no, you’re good. But you gotta come with me right now. I-um know a way to get you and Y/N to like each other by the end of today”
Grabbing my hand, she pulled me up, pulling me quickly through the crowd, into a small closet at the end of the hall. “Okay, wait here”, she said, running off. I stood there, bouncing from side to side, wondering what Liz was doing. But I got my answer quite quickly when she ran back, basically pulling Y/N. “Come here!”, she said, pushing her to me.
“Okay, guys. I hope you two don’t hate me but this has to be done”, was all Liz said before she threw open the door behind us, pushing us both in with shocking strength and closing us in darkness. I reached to open the door but found it locked.
Peter looked at the door, then glanced back at me. “It’s locked”, he said simply, scratching his neck, something he did when he was nervous.
“No shit sherlock. But did you forget, you are Spiderman? Just break it.”
He shook his head, mumbling something about not wanting to break Liz’s stuff. You rolled your eyes, sighing. You rummaged through your pocket, finding a small hairpin. Pushing him aside, you jammed it in, nudging it around until you heard a little click.
“There, it’s now open”, you said sarcastically, leaning back.
“Woah, I’ve never seen you do that!”
“Yeah, well, I don’t usually break open locks, do I?”
Peter picked up on your attitude, leaning back as well, sitting on the floor, making me look at him expectantly.
“Why don’t you just go back to your girlfriend?” you said bitterly, turning away from Peter. He scrunched his eyebrows, confused.
“What girlfriend?” he asked, trying to make space in the small closet.
“Liz. I heard you telling her how much you loved her earlier. An entire freaking speech if I remember correctly.”
He looked confused until his eyes lit up in recognition. “Wait-you thought, what- me and Liz, huh?”
“Yeah, aren’t you and Liz together? Or did she turn you down?”
Peter chuckled, eyes softening as he looked at me. “I don’t love Liz. I don’t even like her. What you heard earlier was Liz helping me out. Practising if you might.”
“Who was Liz pretending to be?”, you asked, disappointed.
“Well, she is smart, kind, badass and absolutely ethereal. She has such a strong spirit and is great at bringing people up. I have loved her for three years. Which, ironically, is how much time we have been best friends. By the way, her dad’s also Tony Stark”, Peter says this, coming closer to you, one hand coming up to hold your cheek gingerly. Searching in your eyes for confirmation, he leaned closer slowly, giving you enough time if you wanted to move away, but you didn’t, instead of moving up the last few inches and making your lips collide with his.
Time stopped as you pressed your lips together, hand finding its way to his curls, roughly holding on to them, while Peter held your waist, not wanting to let you go. You could’ve kissed Peter forever, but the need for oxygen became too much.
Pulling away from Peter, you rested your forehead on his, smiling contently. “I love you”, Peter whispered, cupping your face lightly, holding you at arm’s length.
Giving a small laugh at his nervousness, you kissed him softly, feeling him relax against you. “I love you too, Peter Parker.”
Peter grinned back at me with his signature smile, but the moment ended when we heard a loud bang from outside. “What the hell?” you exclaimed, running to the door; Peter following your footsteps. You could see Peter from the corner of your eye pull his shirt back slightly, revealing a pair of web-shooters he had underneath. Pushing a hand inside your pocket, you could feel the silver ring you carried with you. Slipping it on, you held your thumb over it, waiting for the moment to activate your suit. But when you and Peter burst outside, hands up to fight, you saw your dad, pacing the area, right now talking to a very scared looking Flash.
“Where is my daughter? You have one minute until I blast you off the face of this planet. And trust me when I say it, because bitch please, I’ve been to space.”
Covering your mouth with your hand to stifle your laughter, you walked closer, coming up behind your dad. “I think I might know where your daughter is”, you say in a solemn voice.
Tony whirled around quickly, looking you up and down. Pulling me into a hug for a second, he let go as soon as he did, holding you at arm’s length. “Why the heck are you at this party?!” he asked firmly.
“Well, dear father, you did say that at least one smart person had to be at this party, and that’s why,” you moved out of your dad’s grip, pushing Peter forward, “he is here.”
Peter came forward awkwardly, waving at Tony. “Hey, Mr Stark. How are you and Ms Potts?”
Tony nodded at Peter, clasping his hand on his shoulder. “We’re fine, Underoos. How are you and my daughter? You didn’t try anything with her, did you?”
Peter spluttered, mumbling at your dad. “N-n,o of course not Mr Stark. I-I respect and lo-love your daughter very much. We just kissed for a bit- and I mean, it felt terrific- wait, that’s not why I’m with her. I’m not wi-with her for her beauty. I mean-she i-is beautiful, but I don’t want that. Wait-uh-”
Giggling at what Peter was saying, you threaded your fingers through his own, squeezing them to give him some strength and to tell him to shut up before he said anything else. Tony sighed, giving an ‘I’m too old for this shit’ face.
“Okay, thank you for telling me about your love life, kiddo, but I’d rather not hear it. Both of you, meet me in the car. We can stay at the compound today, and I’ll tell Happy to text May.”
Tony turned around, walking to the car, while you and Peter stood there in shock. “Do you think he’ll let us sleep in the same room?” you asked Peter, nudging him playfully.
“NO”, your dad shouted from across the street, turning to look back at Peter, doing the ‘I’m watching you’ sign. Peter visibly gulped from beside you, making you chuckle.
“Hey! Peter, Y/N!” Liz called out, running from inside the house. “I saw your dad. Are you heading home?”
Nodding defeatedly, you confirmed it. She smiled lightly before telling us to wait here, running back in. In a minute, she ran back out, a small bag in each hand. “Here, a small return gift.”
“Aw, thanks, Liz!” Peter said, smiling at her.
She smirked. “You’ll like it even better when you find out what I put in yours, Peter. For a fact, both of you can use it.” She winked at us, making me worried.
“Wait, you what did you-”
“Face masks. Get your mind out of the gutter Y/N”, Liz said, laughing. Peter scoffed from beside me, laughing as well.
“Anyway, gotta go, Liz. See you at school.” Hugging the girl goodbye, you and Peter made your way to the car.
“That was nice of Liz”, Peter commented, looking up at the stars.
“Yeah, but I got my party favour”, you said simply, putting your hand in Peter’s, pulling him down to give him one sweet kiss under the night sky.
“HEY HEY HEY, NO KISSING INFRONT OF ME!” Tony yelled from the car.
“Wait, how did Mr Stark know we're together?”
“YOUR SUIT OBVIOUSLY!”, Tony yelled, getting the car upfront.
Peter groaned, banging his head against the window. “I knew it!”
------------------------------------------------------------------------------Thanks for reading this, guys! Hope you enjoyed this small fic. I loved writing it, plus it’s one of my longest ones, so expect more one-shots like this. See you till the next one!
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spacetimewithstuartgary · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Perseverance’s Robotic Arm Starts Conducting Science NASA’s newest Mars rover is beginning to study the floor of an ancient crater that once held a lake. NASA’s Perseverance rover has been busy serving as a communications base station for the Ingenuity Mars Helicopter and documenting the rotorcraft’s historic flights. But the rover has also been busy focusing its science instruments on rocks that lay on the floor of Jezero Crater. What insights they turn up will help scientists create a timeline of when an ancient lake formed there, when it dried, and when sediment began piling up in the delta that formed in the crater long ago. Understanding this timeline should help date rock samples – to be collected later in the mission – that might preserve a record of ancient microbes. A camera called WATSON on the end of the rover’s robotic arm has taken detailed shots of the rocks. A pair of zoomable cameras that make up the Mastcam-Z imager on the rover’s “head” has also surveyed the terrain. And a laser instrument called SuperCam has zapped some of the rocks to detect their chemistry. These instruments and others allow scientists to learn more about Jezero Crater and to home in on areas they might like to study in greater depth. One important question scientists want to answer: whether these rocks are sedimentary (like sandstone) or igneous (formed by volcanic activity). Each type of rock tells a different kind of story. Some sedimentary rocks – formed in the presence of water from rock and mineral fragments like sand, silt, and clay – are better suited to preserving biosignatures, or signs of past life. Igneous rocks, on the other hand, are more precise geological clocks that allow scientists to create an accurate timeline of how an area formed. One complicating factor is that the rocks around Perseverance have been eroded by wind over time and covered with younger sand and dust. On Earth, a geologist might trudge into the field and break a rock sample open to get a better idea of its origins. “When you look inside a rock, that’s where you see the story,” said Ken Farley of Caltech, Perseverance’s project scientist. While Perseverance doesn’t have a rock hammer, it does have other ways to peer past millennia’s worth of dust. When scientists find a particularly enticing spot, they can reach out with the rover’s arm and use an abrader to grind and flatten a rock’s surface, revealing its internal structure and composition. Once they’ve done that, the team gathers more detailed chemical and mineralogical information using arm instruments called PIXL (Planetary Instrument for X-ray Lithochemistry) and SHERLOC (Scanning for Habitable Environments with Raman & Luminescence for Organics & Chemicals). “The more rocks you look at, the more you know,” Farley said. And the more the team knows, the better samples they can ultimately collect with the drill on the rover’s arm. The best ones will be stored in special tubes and deposited in collections on the planet’s surface for eventual return to Earth. More About the Mission A key objective for Perseverance’s mission on Mars is astrobiology, including the search for signs of ancient microbial life. The rover will characterize the planet’s geology and past climate, pave the way for human exploration of the Red Planet, and be the first mission to collect and cache Martian rock and regolith (broken rock and dust). Subsequent NASA missions, in cooperation with ESA (European Space Agency), would send spacecraft to Mars to collect these sealed samples from the surface and return them to Earth for in-depth analysis. The Mars 2020 Perseverance mission is part of NASA’s Moon to Mars exploration approach, which includes Artemis missions to the Moon that will help prepare for human exploration of the Red Planet. JPL, which is managed for NASA by Caltech in Pasadena, California, built and manages operations of the Perseverance rover. TOP IMAGE....NASA's Perseverance Mars rover used its dual-camera Mastcam-Z imager to capture this image of "Santa Cruz," a hill about 1.5 miles (2.5 kilometers) away from the rover, on April 29, 2021, the 68th Martian day, or sol, of the mission. The entire scene is inside of Mars' Jezero Crater; the crater's rim can be seen on the horizon line beyond the hill. This scene is not white balanced; instead, it is displayed in a preliminary calibrated version of a natural-color composite, approximately simulating the colors of the scene as it would appear to a person on Mars. An enhanced color version is also included (Figure 1). Arizona State University in Tempe leads the operations of the Mastcam-Z instrument, working in collaboration with Malin Space Science Systems in San Diego. A key objective for Perseverance's mission on Mars is astrobiology, including the search for signs of ancient microbial life. The rover will characterize the planet's geology and past climate, pave the way for human exploration of the Red Planet, and be the first mission to collect and cache Martian rock and regolith (broken rock and dust). Subsequent NASA missions, in cooperation with ESA (European Space Agency), would send spacecraft to Mars to collect these sealed samples from the surface and return them to Earth for in-depth analysis. LOWER IMAGES....NASA's Perseverance Mars rover viewed these rocks using its Mastcam-Z imager on April 27, 2021, the 66th Martian day, or sol, of the mission. Stitched together from 21 images, this mosaic is not white balanced; instead, it is displayed in a preliminary calibrated version of a natural-color composite, approximately simulating the colors of the scene as it would appear on Mars. For scale, the largest piece of rock casting a shadow in the upper right part of the mosaic is about 11 inches (27 centimeters) across, and the entire scene is about 10 feet (3 meters) across. The smallest pebbles and other features that can reliably be resolved at this zoom scale are around 0.04 to 0.08 inches (1-2 millimeters) across. The scene was also captured in enhanced color (Figure 1) as well as a color anaglyph made for viewing through red-blue 3D glasses (Figure 2). Arizona State University in Tempe leads the operations of the Mastcam-Z instrument, working in collaboration with Malin Space Science Systems in San Diego. A key objective for Perseverance's mission on Mars is astrobiology, including the search for signs of ancient microbial life. The rover will characterize the planet's geology and past climate, pave the way for human exploration of the Red Planet, and be the first mission to collect and cache Martian rock and regolith (broken rock and dust). Subsequent NASA missions, in cooperation with ESA (European Space Agency), would send spacecraft to Mars to collect these sealed samples from the surface and return them to Earth for in-depth analysis.
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kyotakumrau · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
2021.02.16 2nd session of Meguro Rock-May-KanGIG at Zepp Yokohama
The encore of the recorded concert changed, it was such an awesome surprise! Felt a bit more like an actual concert, I love the idea of the changing setlist!😆
When they prepared the stage again for the talk session, Fujieda and Takabayashi came first. F jokingly started the introductions with 'hi this is Fujifuji~ and...' but T didn't realize what's F is doing (or did he?😂) and didn't join😂 after a moment of F waiting he finally joined with '...I'm T'.
Then F invited the band members on the stage and again Die and Kyo came on stage!
Die stayed in the same outfit, but Kyo changed! He had a long oversized greengrey-ish coat and shirt with a scarf thing.
D: はい、Dieでっすー
K: 京です🦊
F started to talk about Kyo's birthday again, but then K casually turned to the side and very casually without a comment pointed his phone at F.
F: are you filming me?!
K: I can't? (あかん?)
F: Ah no, it's okay...
*K continues*
F:... so Happy Birthday Kyo!
K: you know, I'm not that happy with the waiting time between the sessions, I'd prefer to do the talk part at the beginning and then go home. I don't want to waste time. We should have two patterns, one with the talking first.
(I guess some fans would be happy with that too😂)
F: (moved to the Rock-May-Kan film topic) so you played your new song, Ochita koto no aru sora there, how was it?
K: it was okay, it went smoothly
D said something like the song was ok, it will likely change/transform when the tour comes (?)
F: so it wasn't hard.
D: the hard part was that the stage was so narrow there was only space for few extra people (cameramen), all other staff were waiting in the audience area
F: so when you had to change guitars etc they had to climb the stage?
D: also with guitar tunning, especially the 7 string one, it's really tough and takes time, so it felt there wasn't enough time during short breaks between the songs. Toshiya always does tunning humself, I don't, I guess I should improve that a bit.
F: any songs that stood out?
K: I guess Jealous
F: in what way?
K: the arrangement was too old, it's actually embarrassing (how bad it is), the lyrics too. I changed the lyrics, I was laughing internally at myself, but I couldn't change the arrangement. it was like hell.
He also complained that some parts were too high, they were hard to sing. Some parts changed the piano intro done by Takumi etc, he didn't want to listen to the CD, old version, because it was too embarrassing.
F: and it became a 2021 version?
K: I want to change it even more, make it less troublesome for me.
D: it wasn't hard for me, but it is old, so the song's speed doesn't match my body anymore (not too fast, just wrong speed), it was easy to play though.
K: but it was hard to know how to move during the song.
*Kyo then showed us a movement he got unhappy with*
K: So I moved as little as possible
F: it didn't look like you had this much trouble
K: I'm a pro in the end.
F next talked about the release of Oboro on April 28th.
F: K, you said that Oboro is refreshing. How about TDFF?
K: てんでだめなぶしぶし (TendeDamenaFujiFuji can translate to 'utterly useless Fujieda')
F: D, you said it's powerful, what about Oboro?
D: the music video is good. The filming took quite a long time, the way we used to do it in the past.
K: it was [refreshingly] cool, too fresh (light).
D: it got refreshing from about halfway?
F then talked about the merchandise. He started with the travel poach, he held it up and moved it closer to the center of the table so fans could see it on the screen in the back. But by doing that it ended up quite close to Kyo's head. K gave F a super bewildered look, turned to check the screen in the back and then continued to give F evil glares of 'why you doin this to me'😂
K: I thought that rubber keychains are so cute! We should release the older costume versions as well (he got applause from the audience for that).
K then commented it looks so cute that they all got beheaded with their heads so low, like they're holding their heads.
D grabbed the rechargeable heat pack and said (totally sarcastic): ah so wa~rm...
F: the highest temperature is 40℃.
K: (gets the pack) Can you charge devices with it? Huh, it just gets hot? When you're in trouble or sth you can't use it as charger? People would have wanted that in December...
F: ...(passes it to Die)
D: it's exactly the same temperature as the charging phone...
F next showed us the usb power strip holding it over Kyo, K got uncomfortable again😅
After that they moved to the questions from fans.
D: "anything you were particular about when creating the setlist?" We added songs we were thinking about playing at SOGAI, so also some older songs.
F: do you have any good questions?
K passes one paper to F.
F reads: "did F do anything to make you angry?"
and K replied with a list😂 the main was again F's easy ハイハイハイ ( like yeayeah) or biting his lips.
F: how about you D?
D: nothing really.
F: " do you have favourite ramen?"
K (immediately): Jiroken. And it has to be smaller noodle portion with more toppings (麺少なめ全マシ), it's the best.
D: I don't really eat ramen.
F: you also said no McDonald.
D: yeah
F: Have you tried Jiro?
D: once or so
K (concerned😂): did you eat normal ramen? Which shop?
he made sure Die knows which ramen to order and which shop is the best😂
T: "which venue would you like to play at next?"
D said not exactly a venue, he would like to go to prefectures they haven't been to yet.
K: Nagoya Music Fan.
F: in Fujigaoka?
T: Does it still exist?
F: yeah.
T: let's discuss it in the future (aka not very likely?😂)
F: but it's not impossible!
F then picked a 'combo-question': "do you use any perfumes? What are you crazy about now? What kind of BGM do you play at home?"
K: I don't use perfume. I have a bar soap I like, the old style one with an image of cow on it. It doesn't have a strong smell.
F: how about BGM?
K: I only play Fortnite. Ah, but now the Chinese buns skins are on sale. I've been playing for a year and only saw someone using it once. Somehow I like the least popular skin.
K: at home I also eat cookies. Chocolate cookies.
F: what kind/brand?
K: Any.
D: I use perfume / he said he got Fueguia (but then there was some thing wrong with the frangrance after a while, it went away???)
And no crazes or BGMs.
D: "when you travel on work to other cities, are your seats on bullet train decided? Do you sit next to someone?"
D: it's not really decided, we travel by ourselves (??), most of us prefer aisle seat. So I was surprised when once Shinya asked if we could swap so he can get the window side.
F: and you K, window or aisle?
K: Definitely aisle. If you're on the window side and someone next to you falls asleep it's really rude to wake them up if you need to get up. I prefer to be woken up than wake someone up.😇
D: There's also the table.
K: aaah, Shinya likes window seat so you could put the table down with some food on top of it and then pretend to be dead sleeping.😈
The change😂 he was laughing so much at the idea too😂
F: "what's your preference for the food at venues?" (??)
K: sushi.
D: like in Shinkiba.
K: yeah, I get so excited.
F: We also had sushi in the US.
K: We got it from a fan.
D told us a story how he was able to start eating eel/unagi, he doesn't like fishbones but once in Nagoya everyone was having hitsumabushi backstage and saying how good it is, so he tried and actually liked it.
F: "Did you watch any good movies recently? I watched Miike's 'Imprint'". Do you know this movie, K?
K: Yeah, it as good.
F: you watch movies often.
K: Recently I watched Rob Zombie's '3 from Hell'.
F: how about you, D?
D: a movie with Tachi Hiroshi, a new one, about yakuza (he didn't remember the title, but most likely ヤクザと家族 The Family (2021)).
F: "Do you have a favourite fruit?"
K: melon.
F: do you eat it at home?
K: no・食べない
F: do you eat it if it's backstage?
K: yes・食べる
F: but at home?
K: no・食べない
F: melon...
K: like・好き
F: do you eat melons at home, D?
D: I don't.
T: "who do you like from Fist of the North Star?"
D: I saw it, but I don't remember details.
K gave a very detailed answer but as I haven't seen it I didn't really get it (the only name I caught was Shuren)😅 but he compared one character to F?😆
And then came Kyo's biggest laughing fit.
The question was about some story about other members they remember the most. Kyo talked about how once Kaoru had trouble with the mic stand and guitar cable, the cable got twisted around the stand and Kaoru ended up empty handed which Kyo found very amusing. Then Kyo just kept gesturing the 'round round・ぐるぐる' bit and he was laughing so much he started crying🤣
But then Die said he had a similar situation once and F replied he remembers that. Kyo burst out again and then it was also Die's turn to just lose it🤣
The laughers to the point of tears continued for a while as they tried to calm down😂
But then.
Suddenly the backscreen went black with a message 'battery empty, please change battery' and the venue that was giggling because of band members also exploded.
The timing was just too much🤣🤣🤣
F said it's time to finish anyway and asked them for the last comments for the fans, starting from Die.
Die: ... 🤣... can't think of... anything🤣...I'm crying🤣
F: ... let's go from Kyo
K: ... I don't have anything to say... all...
(a moment)
Kyo: I don't have any big message. But please wait a bit more for the new single. It will be like Taiyou no Ao 2.0, in a good way. ...or Taiyou no Ao remix.
Die: Thank you for coming today. ... I'd really love to do a normal tour soon, shows with audience. For now please enjoy the concert film from Rock-May-Kan, but in the future let's enjoy the show all together... I still can't stop tearing up🤣 ok, I'm done.
A marvelous ending of even more marvelous day😆💚❤️
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angelsrealm · 19 days ago
Tumblr media
welcome to your guide to 1004!  here you can find some cute trivia n headcanons of the girl group! 
tw mention of christmas,  mention of hiatus (2), mention of toxic fandom. 
Tumblr media
♡ the angels debuted under bighit entertainment in 2014 with four HALO + DALRAE + SOL + KASAI. ♡ added member INNA in october 2015, after a 14-month hiatus and a company change to source music.   ♡ successfully promoted as a five for four years.  ♡ went on hiatus in mid 2019. ♡ cameback in april 2021 with two added members, ZHIZI + JAEWON.
♡ following their debut, bighit entertainment released their pre-debut project series, to the sky! ♡ it follows the 9 original trainees day-to-day lives as they prepare for debut.  ♡ the trainees included lily jeong, hwang dalrae, liu yuyan, im solyi, intira phya, halle moon, enatsu kasai, song zhizi and ahn chaea. ♡ was uploaded to youtube and had a total of 9 episodes.  ♡ following the upload of the final episode, korean fans started a petition to the fan favourite, inna, as a actual member of the group.  ♡ hence her addition to the group. 
♡ following their pre-debut project, they began their own variety show called, the angel realm.  ♡ first aired in early 2016.  ♡ airs every thursday 6pm kst.  ♡ usually takes a break over the christmas holidays [dec-jan] ♡ it recently had made a comeback after no episodes during their hiatus. 
♡ they were previously known as one of the more successful ggs of the 3rd generation.  ♡ similar popularity to oh my girl, mamamoo, exid,  ♡ but they’ve significantly dropped following their hiatus.
♡ they have a big korean following compared to their international following. ♡ hence why they often have high album sales and low views.  ♡ they’re somewhat known for their toxic fandom.  ♡ you even bring up 1004 in a sentence, they’re “fans” will attack you.  ♡ we don’t associate with twitter angels 
♡ are known as that popular girl group with lineup changes + unexplained hiatus’.  ♡  they have drastically changed their concept over the years. ♡  rumour has it all the members hated the cute concept. ♡  they once tried a concept [fly] they hated so much threatened to leave source music.
♡ each member represents a different angel type ♡ halo — cherubim; angel of protection + wisdom !! ♡ dalrae — throne; angel of judgement and power !! ♡ sol — dominion; angel of justice + order !! ♡ inna — principality; angel of care + transition !! ♡ kasai — archangel; angel of communication + plans !! ♡ zhizi — power; angel of restraint + war !! ♡ jaewon — virtue; angel of elements + movement !!
lineup changes! ♡ 2014; halo, dalrae, sol + kasai. ♡ 2015; halo, dalrae, sol, inna + kasai. ♡ 2021; halo, dalrae, sol, inna, kasai, zhizi + jaewon.
dorms [2021] ♡ 1st floor; dalrae + sol + inna [solo rooms] ♡ 2nd floor; halo + kasai [apartment 1] zhizi + jaewon [apartment 2]
♡ want to know more about the girls? send in an ask !!
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absolutebl · 5 months ago
This Week in BL
April 2021 Part 4 
it’s my birthday week! *raises a glass of pink milk* 
Being a highly subjective assessment of one tiny corner of the interwebs.
Tumblr media
Ongoing Series - Thai
Second Chance Ep 4 - oh noes my babies are all so sad! Teen angst for the win. Tropes included: crying in shower, a very significant hand hold, & striped shirts. (At this point over half the cast has been in stripes.) 
Love Machine Ep 1 - not gonna lie, I barely made it through the first half, this is a short run LOW budget experimental web series and it’s not good. Dropped.  
Lovely Writer Ep 9 - I like it when LW gets serious because there are fewer dumb sound effects, but oof Aey, poor baby. How many Aeys have I known over the years? Rejected, broken, angry, lonely, and lashing out. On a different note, I haven’t see the “sex drug made us do it” plot device since 1980s Johanna Lindsey. Props to that cocktail rearing its ugly head. (yeh yeh) ZOMBIE TROPE ALERT. (Is this the point where I remind the world at a-play doesn’t have to hurt? Well, it doesn’t! Toys, prep, and lube people. Sheesh.) Anygay, zombie trope is put safely back underground. Please don’t let it rise again? (I KNOW, I’ll stop now.) So this was a rough episode, especially the back end. (Okay now I’ll REALLY stop.)  Seriously tho, BL doesn’t do a massive coming out family drama scene often. I liked LW’s handling of this one. Hard to watch but compelling. 
Close Friend Ep 1 (OhmFluke) - very cute snapshot into a LTR featuring an overworked music producer and his student BF. That’s the chassis for this whole series, each one has to do with the song & is a portrayal of that song’s message. Essentially, the theme of this one was remembering to make time for your partner. I enjoyed that. OhmFluke gave us easy casual familiar affection and a kiss, but no BL tropes, just romance. 
Tumblr media
Fish Upon The Sky Ep 3 - Pi is a total spazz & the ghost story bit was... well, it was something wasn’t it? Lots of tropes: fixing his clothes, wound tending, drag baby around, piggyback, head in lap, hand hold, and ending on a drunk kiss. I just noticed Pi uses guu/mueng with Mork, but Mork’s a year older. (So I have a new entry onto the linguistic brats list.)  So rude and presumptuous. Also I gotta say this, don’t wear watches when you’re working on a cadaver, mmky boys? 
Y-Destiny Ep 4 - look MaxNat have great chemistry, this ep had loads of great tropes (e.g. cheek kiss, rooftop, public claiming via phone), it’s not their fault I’m just not wild about these characters. I do like Nuea’s wanna-be idol wardrobe though. And Sun is sporting the red bag version of Tharn’s black bag that I wanted so bad in TT2. (I wonder if I can score a knock off when I’m over there?) Regardless, I basically grinned all the way through this installment, so that’s another thumbs up from me for Y-Destiny. Who knew I’d come around? Man would I love to see these two get their own series. 
Brothers Ep 12 - teacher/student exposed! But the power of boys on phones will overcome all. No KhunKaow for me, so of course I found this ep tragically disappointing. 
Tumblr media
Ongoing Series - Not Thai
HIStory 4: Close To You (Taiwan) Ep 6 - MuRen is officially a yaoi manga character in the flesh. H4′s outright mockery/subversion of tropes “don’t touch him he’s mine,” + “touch my lip & think of kissing” makes the fact that other (way more damaging) tropes are being blithely utilized without critique almost - dare i say it? - insulting. YongJie is trash but I’m the one who feels like trash because I want to forgive him. How aptly abusive & dysfunctional we all are. I don’t know whether to applaud H4 or start drinking. (Maybe this is the show I should invent a cocktail for? Who am I kidding? This is totally a jello shots show.) 
Friend or Lover (Taiwan) Ep 2 - I thought this was only a microfilm but turns out it’s a web series. It’s cute. I’m enjoying it. 
My Lascivious Boss (Vietnam) Ep 3 - subs take a while to drop but it’s still better than average. I like a secret identity trope, I love a grumpy/sunshine pairing, and the side couple is great but this ep was slow. With only 6 total (I assume) they better get the main couple together next ep or the improved quality of this series will be sacrificed on the alter of pacing issues. 
Word of Honor (China) Ep 28-30 - slowed down to focus on bad guys ( Scorpion...yawn again). Then baby gets kidnapped, other baby goes crazy, and old friends turn up. We end on DOOM because mathematically this was an episode 11. All boxes checked.
Nobleman Ryu’s Wedding (Korea) Ep 3-4 - how is this show SO DAMN CUTE & weirdly wholesome at the same time? Another one of those: Will Korea resolve this satisfactorily in 4 short eps? But I seem to say that half way through every Korean BL. These days, I have complete faith. Warm fuzzies for everyone. 
Tumblr media
Stand Alones
Color Rush movie is the same as the series. There is a stinger at the VERY end (untranslated) but which I’m assuming has something to do with the missing mother. Is this a possible indication of a 2nd season? Hopefully someone will eng sub the stinger and post it out into the universe. So yeah, Color Rush movie = To My Star style, sadly, not Wish You. That said, I did enjoy watching with different subs. The first version I watched was fan subbed, and they were better on English colloquialisms. Viki’s subs are better on Korean colloquialisms. 
Tumblr media
Breaking News 
Bunch of new press on Thailand’s I Told the Sunset About You 2 AKA I Promised You the Moon. Here’s a master post on the subject with all the links you could ever want. It will start airing May 27th 8 pm (Thai time) on LINETV.
New Thai Bl Golden Blood got a teaser trailer. Stars familiar side dish Gun Napat (Techno from LBC) as a rich kid who needs a bodyguard. Yeah, it looks to be the Thai version of Where Your Eyes Linger which is FINE. I love me a bodyguard romance. DO EETTT Thailand. Trailer contains ALL the tropes: dry his hair, piggyback, cooking together, and more, plus good smooches. It looks GREAT. Also cheeper to make then KinPorsche and it might get funded due to of residual enthusiasm. Also GOOD TITLE. 
Close Friend got another teaser trailer this one for Talay & Yoon (no subs). 
Taiwan has a new BL coming out... eventually. Looks to be a new franchise like the HIStory series with different couple(s) each season. It’s the first Taiwanese BL from a major in-country network. The first installment is titled Be Loved in House: I Do (seriously Taiwan, could we talk about your titles?). It stars a familiar face, Aaron Lai from HIStory: My Hero. It’s a grumpy/tsundere boss/employee office-set BL with some forced proximity to push them together. (Nods to Japan.) No release date, but (unlike Thailand) Taiwan usually doesn’t make announcements without content & serious intent. 
Tumblr media
Taiwanese BL NOVEL Miracle dropped a trailer, no subs or translation. According to YouTube comments it was supposed to be part of HIStory3 but MODC took on its slot. Still it’s kinda fun to see what might have been.
Next Week Looks Like This:
Tumblr media
Some shows may be listed later than actual air date for International accessibility reasons.
Upcoming 2021 BL master post here.
Links to watch are provided when possible, ask in a comment if I missed something. 
Tumblr media
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jaeminpeachy-archive · 5 months ago
my answer is you
pairings: hongjoong - composer!hongjoong & general surgeon!yn (f)
synopsis: who knew that a composer who’s in the struggle to find inspiration for his new song, effortlessly fell for a surgeon who was stitching his friend’s injury? that’s kim hongjoong to you.
genre: fluff, strangers to lovers
word count: 1, 479 words
warnings: mention of injuries, blood, and food, cursing, explicit description of the injury, the rest of ateez members might be here. (is that even a warning😚)
posted on: april 4, 2021
permanent taglist: @berrysungie @oifelixcmerebrou @whiteprincessofnohr @lyshoonn @bluejaem (send an ask or comment here to be added!)
@moon-jun (was told to be tagged in every post hehe)
taglist: @kyuwoyo @fullsunfluff @224-12 @xuxia @happycandynoelle @just-howaboutyou (send an ask or comment here to be added!)
a/n: this is my first ever oneshot! if some of you noticed, I removed the "to friends" since I wasn't able to write that part, change of plans heh
reblogs and feedbacks are highly appreciated!
Tumblr media
“mingi, we are not performing orange juice in the showcase” hongjoong sternly said as mingi kept persuading him to play the song he composed when he was younger.
“but it’s a good song! right, yunho?” mingi pleadingly asked yunho, his long time friend
“sorry bro, I’m with hyung” 
“whyyyyy!” mingi whined as seonghwa tried to calm him down, afraid to disturb the others on the same floor as them.
san, wooyoung, jongho, and yeosang were coincidentally purposely eating popcorn while watching the commotion in front of them. they find it amusing that hongjoong acts like a father who scolded his child, seonghwa as a mother who comforted her child. them acting like siblings who watches their brother crying. what a family we have here
“yunho, can you please help calm him down? I don’t know what to do” seonghwa asked yunho, who quickly nodded. guiding his friend outside to help him forget about him wanting to play his song.
now this is quiet
the poor composer internally sighs, self noting to thank seonghwa and yunho later. this week was hectic for him, his agency told him he was assigned to compose a song to be performed at their showcase, that is based on what he’s feeling, specifically, about love. he never wrote a love song before, heck it has been years since he last dated. he neve ever thought about dating when he became a composer, now that his agency asked for it, he’s going nuts.
hongjoong was still in his own bubble, the rest playing and teasing each other, when mingi abruptly opened the door, “yunho’s injured!”
“how the fuck did he get injured?!” seonghwa asked while hongjoong was driving them to the nearest hospital.
“it just happened! we were just walking when he suddenly tripped! unfortunately, there was a rock where he scraped his knee. I thought it was just a scratch when he stood up, but it’s worse than it.” mingi exclaimed while holding his friend’s hand, who was surprisingly calm.
“it’s just a scratch, no biggie” yunho assured his worried friend.
“we have to make sure yunho, it might get infected” yeosang continued, the rest nodded in agreement
soon enough they reached the hospital, getting off the vehicle one by one, mingi guiding yunho out of the car, hongjoong securing it’s locked. seonghwa, together with hongjoong and san speedly walked towards the hospital’s entrance. mingi, yeosang, wooyoung, and jongho helped an injured yunho who actually still can walk.
the three who entered the hospital first successfully asked for a doctor to stitch their friend’s injury, now with the rest sitting in the waiting room. a few minutes later, the door opened and was greeted by the nurse, asking for the injured person. yunho stood up, mingi on his trail. 
although yunho only had a mild injury, the boys can’t help but worry. yunho barely gets injured, if he did, it’s because he sprained his ankle.
after another few minutes of waiting, the nurse came back and asked for a close friend to talk with the doctor. explaining that the friend who was with the injured person kept stuttering. seonghwa glanced at hongjoong, giving him the eye. hongjoong stood up following the nurse.
when they reached where the other two boys at, hongjoong stood there frozen in his tracks.
oh shit, she’s so beautiful. fuck-
“hyung, you okay?” yunho asked, stopping himself to tease him, because he saw
“huh? yeah, I’m okay” clearing his throat, he tried to look cool and confident in front of his potential crush
yn saw hongjoong standing by the curtain, she greeted hongjoong with a smiling apologetically, 
“you must be hongjoong? I’m sorry I can’t great you properly”
she smiled fuck how is this possible-
“it’s okay, doctor. no worries”
chuckling, “yunho here was telling stories about you, I think he was trying to distract his other friend here than himself” yn whispered the last part to hongjoong, which made him giggle
“ms. lee, can you help his dear friend to calm down?” “yes, doctor” 
“thank you” yn smiley replied, showing her eye smile
she has eye smile oh god-
assuring mingi that yunho is fine, he let the nurse guide him outside, yn taking the chance to explain the injury.
“thankfully his injury is not that deep, few scratches around the skin that were slightly open”
“we did an x-tray just in case, luckily, he’s safe” yn continued  as she cleaned the blood on yunho’s knee.
hongjoong watched her skilled hands stitch the injury, cleanly, calmly, and professionally.
boy, hongjoong fell in love at first sight.
yunho may or may not have slipped out that hongjoong was crushing on the doctor who stitched his knee, causing their dorm erupted in chaos at they teased and celebrated that their hongjoong finally found someone after these years,
“hyung! you have to ask her out!” wooyoung excitedly shared as san continued, “we’ll help you hyung!”
“hongjoong hyung is in love~” jongho sang teasingly as the others joined him
“aish stop it! I’m not in love okay!” the frustrated hongjoong sulky sat on their sofa
“keep telling yourself that!” they all shouted
“BE QUIET!” that statement made them all laugh, amused by the chaos they caused.
laughing their hearts out, seonghwa spoken up, “seriously joong, what’s your plan?”
“I want to ask her out, but I’m afraid her job-”
“don’t mind her job. if it makes you feel better, I think she likes you too. I’ve seen the way she looked at you” yunho softly told his friend.
hongjoong had an internal battle with his what ifs when, “okay, I’ll do it”
cheers erupted one again
days passed when hongjoong prepared for this moment, even though yunho told him many times that she likes him back. he’s still doubtful about it.
finally, he arrived at the hospital, wishing yn was in her office so he could talk to her privately. he went to the information center, asking if the girl was in her free time, receiving a yes.
talk about luck
thanking the lady at the information center, he went to yn’s office nervously. calming himself down in the elevator, fiddling with the flowers he bought, thinking that hopefully she’ll like it.
reaching the floor, he went out of the elevator to yn’s office. seeing through the window, she’s sitting in her office chair, arranging papers.
inhaling deeply, he knocked on the door, hearing a come in from yn.
yn glanced at the patient, surprised when she realized, “hongjoong? what brings you here?”
“uhm, I want to ask you about something. but before that, thank you for curing my friend’s injury, he was healing fast.”
“ah, you’re welcome, it’s my pleasure to help”
“now, about my question” hongjoong trailed looking at yn.
yn gave him an encouraging look, inviting him to seat by her table
“this is not about medical stuff or anything. will you go out with me?”
“is this what yunho was talking about?” yn giggly asked
“before you guys left that day, yunho said something about a date? if I remember it correctly. to answer your question. yes, I will go out with you mr. composer”
yn now giggling at a stunned hongjoong
hongjoong and yn’s date went smoothly, coincidentally their schedules matched that they were able to have a date once a week.
weeks passed, their showcase came, hongjoong invited yn and she excitedly agreed. told him that she can’t wait to see him perform on stage, made him boost his confidence.
yn was standing with the crowd, waiting for hongjoong and his friends to come up on stage.
after a long wait, the showcase started. warming up with their songs such as light, mist, and fireworks.
everyone was having fun, including yn, who can’t take her eyes away from hongjoong. admiring him, he was not only a composer, but a performer. seeing him on stage makes her feel proud, after seeing hongjoong had a hard time preparing for the event, letting him vent to her about his struggles and feelings, when one time she received a call during her break time from him that he finally found his inspiration for his song.
“I was told to compose a song for this showcase, a love song in fact” the crowd whistled after hearing his confession
so he’s writing about love yn realized
“at first, I had no idea what to write about it, even experience. while searching for my inspiration, I unexpectedly found her in a hospital. she’s a doctor” he quickly added, chuckling
the whistles became wilder, yn was shocked to hear his confession, looking at him with wide eyes
looking back at her, “at last, I finally found my answer to all of my struggles” 
“this is for you my love. my answer is you”
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magicalgirlsandcerulean · 4 months ago
There's a lot of love for Juka this time. The images are from a genga (key frame) artist (there doesn't seem to be a source confirming the reading of their name, but it's written "程 玉芬" in Japanese), Shoko Nagasawa and Andgy respectively.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Here's the YouTube video for episode 4's insert song (Enka), Otokogi de Tango. Balletta even makes a pun about it (tango ni suki ni nattango).
Notes from Balletta's Bar F entry (dated 19th April 2021) below. Balletta quotes a lot more than the others do, so expect spoilers for episode 3, down to the quote level!
The top of each entry, just before the title of the blog post, says "Today's customer" in line with the "Menu" for the navigation.
[The reason I keep linking the Bar F page is...well, not only does that allow easy access to the original text, but there's a bunch of coloured bits I'm not able to convey in Tumblr without wrangling HTML, which I could have done with the old editor...but I'm using the new editor and don't want to break anything by switching between them.]
Balletta starts with greeting everyone in various ways: "皆さんおはようございます!こんにちは!こんばんは!Hello!" - "Everyone, good morning! Good afternoon! Good evening! Hello!"
Balletta then goes on to discuss Uruu's English. He panicked a bit because he can't speak English but he thinks the scene went well.
Balletta becomes envious of Uruu because Uruu is popular at school, despite his attitude of being proper all the time.
Balletta notes Uruu looks like a woman at times when he has his hair up in the bath. (He calls the hairstyle "odango hair".) He calls Uruu "beautiful", but Homura's hair-down style "stylish/cool". "そして蘭丸くん、お風呂の時くらい眼鏡を外しなさい" - "Also, Ranmaru-kun, please take your glasses off while in the bath."
Balletta notes you could see Uruu's butt when he left and thanks whoever was responsible for the "[fan]service shot".
Balletta liked some of the callouts Souji has during his event and wants to use that for an event. He explicitly cites the line 「俺も皆のこと大好きでーす??」 (Ore mo minna no koto daisuki de-su??, CR translation: "I love you guys", because in the context of the episode it's used as a response rather than a question), as well as 「よっ!ワビサビ!」 (Yo, wabisabi!), 「結構なお手前で!」 (Kekkou na otemae de!).
Balletta calls Homura's blushing face "cute". He liked Hori's delivery of the line 「かっこえぇなぁ?」 (CR translation: "Very cool!") and calls Ranmaru and Bakkun playing with marshmallows "a cute pair".
A bit further down the post, Balletta says they achieved the curry quota for episode 3. He notes Homura and Uruu's relationship is full of mysteries and the water and fire clans don't get along - he wonders if this is foreshadowing and whether Takara knows something about this.
Balletta notes Ranmaru has a small goat with him and the school anthem quota is also filled for the episode during the scene between Ranmaru and Uruu. He specifically quotes Uruu's line which is representative of his way of living: 「正しい心を持っていれば、世界はそれに応えてくれる。」 (The CR translation of the line is "When one maintains internal propriety, the world comes to reflect that.") Balletta calls Uruu's way of thinking and even his heart "like a clear and transparent crystal".
"This is 100% foreshadowing!" Balletta declares about the shot reflected in Uruu's eyes.
Balletta says cheering someone on is good but hoarding goods like Iyo does is bad and you should leave some for other people.
Balletta likes Houjou's line: 「お戯れを」. (CR translation: "Your Majesty teases me.") Balletta also became interested in what sort of fairy Houjou was in his youth.
[From this point forward, the post becomes a lot more descriptive of the events that happen in the episode.]
There's also apparently a 「違うか!?」 (Chigauka?!) quota.
Balletta calls the water clan the strongest because they're capable of ice and snow attacks too and he calls Uruu's wings "pretty".
"「オン マヤルタ ハリキラ」 夭聖界の言葉ですね。決してカビキラーではありませんよ!笑" - "'On miyalta harikira.' They're words from the fairy world. They're not mould killer (kabi kiraa), LOL." (Kabi kiraa seems to be this mould killer specifically.)
The song from the "On miyalta harikira" scene was also used during Otasuke Heaven (the mini show the voice actors do on the YouTube channel).
Apparently the director says to make the "go to heaven" delivery different each time.
Even Balletta is surprised when the queen says Uruu wanted the punishment. Balletta calls Homura "kind" because he (Homura) cares about his friends.
At the end, Balletta thanks 5 to Heaven, the staff, illustrators, directors, composer etc. He explicitly asks Hishida (the main director of the anime) for a celebration after all the events are over. [He uses a lot of exclamation marks around this part, so you can tell he's passionate about his work even if you can't read the Japanese.]
Takara's comment: "Looks like he took up 22 sheets of genkou youshi..." (Genkou youshi = writing paper.)
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mali-umkin · 4 months ago
What’s happening in Cambodia
🇰🇭 Medias have remained silent on the current situation in Cambodia, even though the situation there is now dramatic. The country is in need of urgent food aid as lockdown restrictions deprive workers of their livelihoods. There is a fear for mass starvation.
TO HELP: You can contribute to Aide et Action, who has been working with the country since 2003 and has been providing food supplies since the beginning of the pandemic. Here is a link to donate
The country had been able to handle the crisis well till mid-April, when the number of cases drastically increased. Since then, Phnom Penh, the capital city, has been under lockdown. In red zones, people aren’t allowed to leave their homes to go to work or get food - many footages of people being beaten with rattan canes by the police were shared on twitter. The country is using punitive fines and jail terms for anyone breaking these strict COVID rules - even for homeless and starving people. 
The Law on Measures to Prevent the Spread of COVID-19 and other Serious, Dangerous and Contagious Diseases (COVID-19 Law) was promulgated on 11 March 2021. It provides for a range of excessive and disproportionate penalties for individuals who break COVID-19 restrictions, including prison sentences of up to 20 years and fines up to 20 million riels (USD $5,000). Under Article 10, for example, disobeying administrative measures is punishable by up to 5 years imprisonment if it is deemed to seriously impact public health.  
According to Amnesty International, in Phnom Penh alone, an estimated 87,349 households comprising 293,791 people are located within red zones. In Preah Sihanouk, the red zones cover 4,886 households amounting to an estimated 23,854 individuals. Lockdown in Phnom Penh is very different from lockdowns as developed countries know them. In Cambodia, working from home and access to reliable food supplies, as well as internet, is not an option. In Vietnam and Thailand, people have been relying on state aid: this does not exist in Cambodia. To make a living, most Cambodians rely on day-to-day cash salaries in the informal economy. 
Since April 15, and without notice, people in red-zones haven’t been allowed to leave their homes, even to buy food. In Phnom Penh, this concerns about 300,000 people. Earlier in April, Hun Sen’s government announced that cash would be distributed to the poorest families. These plans were later cancelled. They have also announced food distributions. It was a failure as well: most families received nothing, and when they did, the nature of food as well as quantities were not those promised. Evidently, there is no coordinated plan put in place. Dictator Hun Sen also withheld food from anyone seen as a threat to his party, the Cambodian People’s Party. On Twitter and Facebook, you will find dozens of posts from people pleading for food. 
Amnesty International's Crisis Evidence Lab has reviewed 23 Facebook posts and videos emanating from areas under lockdown. The organization has verified multiple videos showing residents making desperate pleas for assistance within red zones, and others in which local residents can be seen pleading with police for help.  
Amnesty International is concerned that people under lockdown who have sought to voice their concerns publicly have faced reprisals and threats. The organization has received alarming reports that some individuals who posted their concerns and pleas for help on Facebook have been threatened and intimidated by local authorities.
The international community is slow to respond. 4,000 families in the capital received international aid. The International Red Cross and the UN are facing high demand. 
As Sam Rainsy notes: ‘During the 1970s, Cambodia suffered mass famine under the Khmer Rouge and immediately after their fall. Few outside the country understood the full extent of the horror of Pol Pot’s regime until it was too late. This time, the world has no excuse as Cambodians start to go hungry before our eyes.’
The poor won’t survive. 
Follow sochua_mu on Twitter, a Feminist, Human Rights Activist & Deputy Leader of the Cambodia National Rescue Party in exile.
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spacesque · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
– 01. 04. 2021
[5/100 days of productivity]
it’s already april?
featuring my cover spread for this month!
things to do this month:
– study for internal assessments
– ia prep
– work on my film portfolio
– do more research for my ee!
I may share updates as the month goes on, but most importantly please remember to take breaks and keep hydrated~
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fuckyeahderpcrew · 5 months ago
Important update regarding Galm (April 20th, 2021)
Hello, everyone. This is going to be a long post, so a lot of it will go under a keep reading.
It will include some links and a long, long, long transcript.
TL;DR John has addressed what's happened with Galm; Galm has messaged people and said some things troubling nature.
There may be some content you might not feel comfortable reading, so please be careful.
I'll put the keep reading right here, so please take the time to read this when you're able to. It's all very important. And please remember that with everything going on right now, we can only support the derp crew to the best of our ability by respecting their decisions and wishes.
Oriana_gray's post: Reddit (x) Her Twitter thread (x) cw for sexual harrassment
John's address: ( Twitch highlight here )
Transcript link: (on Reddit)
Read Transcript Below:
( URL - )
TL;DR John has addressed that Galm is not in a healthy mental state, and that things he has done during this time are inexcusable. Nonetheless, he hopes that Galm gets the help they need. At the time being, neither him, nor the derps, nor any of us can do anything to help him. This topic is no longer to be discussed in chat.
"So, we're gonna...before I, uh, get onto the actual stream, there was one thing I didn't really wanna talk about and, uh, it may be the reason why there are in fact like 5...6 mods in here, uh, just because this- it's something that we needed to like- we need to...sit down and talk about. Uh, just because, um, you's- it's kind of necessary, it's kind of important and um...I've been thinking about it for at least a week now. Uh, so, before we get into it, just fair warning- I got all the mods here, all the mods who are hanging out. Uh, if you see something that like needs to get shut down, please do me a favor and shut it down. Uh, yes we’re having a serious sit down talk. [laughs softly] It is me, your father, we’re gonna have a talk. fucking old- that’s not what we’re talking about. But, um… [laughs softly again]. Yeah, my point is, we’re gonna- we- I- this is serious- this is some serious time we need to… Let me fix this really quick before we… [adjusts camera] I’m pushing- I’m delaying the inevitable, I’m sorry. But, yeah...More or less,…
“Like I said- sorry. So, mods, you know what to do. Anyway… Let’s [claps hands] Let’s break it down really quick. I’m gonna try not to make this so in-depth because one, it’s not my place to, uh, divulge any information further on than what is out there. Uh, if- fuck, I’m dropping stuff on my desk, hold on. Um- this isn’t me delaying it, I promise you. Um- but yeah it is not my place to necessarily speak about a lot of the events that have happened, and… it isn’t my- I’m not going to be the one to do that. Uh, whoever wishes to talk about it and whoever wishes to tell their side of the story...I am obviously gonna listen. I’m gonna be open to it, and I’m gonna hear it out, but I need to start this off of course. And I’m not looking at the camera because this is gonna be- this is gonna be hard for me to do so I just gotta keep rolling through it. I’ve been trying to think about how I’m going to speak about this. I think if I just shoot from the hip and get it over with that’s the best way we’re gonna get through this.
“Um, so it is no secret that our friend Galm is very mentally unwell. And…[sighs] it’s- it’s one of those things where a lot of information has come out publicly- um- in the time in which his mental state has gotten worse. Um...the only thing I can say is I- it is no longer in our hands. And I say that because his family has gotten involved, so from this point forward, there is nothing we can really do about that. And that’s something I wanna stress like off the bat. I’ve spent a long time talking with my therapist over this stuff since everything has started. And...I find that I am a person who tends to internalize a lot of- a lot of things, so...uh, for me, I have been making Galm’s mental health my problem and making it my mental health, and um, because of that my anxiety has drastically spike to a point in which, uh, for those who remember a couple months ago I took a two month break off because I was having really bad anxiety attacks. And I’m not trying to make this about me. I promise I’m not trying to, I’m just trying to convey- like I- was like- it’s- things have been on that level again and I don’t want them to be. I can’t do that again. Um, but my point- I wanna get back to what I’m saying- ‘cause again I don’t want this to be taken out of context. I don’t want anything to be taken out of context and made to look like, uh, like a certain way. “Um, so, a lot of- of what has been going on. Uh...I’ve seen a lot of DM’s...I’ve seen a lot of text messages. Um, and to the people who’ve, uh, dealt with that, I know I’m not responsible for it but I am so sorry that you went through this shit that went down because it’s- it’s not okay. It’s absolutely not okay. Um...while Galm’s mental state is deteriorating, and while- I-I know for a fact based on dates, and based on times, a lot of what was sent out was during said, like, manic episodes, like those manic episodes where they were...con- they were consecutively tweeting minute after minute, constantly. Um, I know a lot of it was during that time, however, and I think that we can all agree here. Regardless of...your mental state and your mental health, um, none of that- none of what was sent to other people, none of what was texted to other people is absolutely not okay. It’s not okay for a person to um...send messages like they did- I’m trying to be as vague as possible. It’s not okay for...those conversations to be had in the way that they were had. Um...and, I personally can’t stand by it. That’s not something that I ever want to see happen in the...I don’t want to say “Derp Crew”...I’m not saying that. I’m gonna say, that’s not something I ever wanna see in general. I don’t wanna see anyone go through that ever again. Especially through um...especially due to someone who was so close to me for so long, and I’m not trying to say that- I’m not trying to say that, like… I’m not trying to be like- I’m not trying to be like “fuck Galm” you know what I mean? Like I’m not trying to do that, that’s not something I wanna do. But I just want to make a point to say what happened was not okay and we need to accept that. And we need to understand that that’s not something that never needs to happen again.
“But, on the flip side, we also need to understand that this was taking place- all of this was taking place during a deteriorative mental state, I think that’s the way to put it. Um… but again, on the flip side again, it’s still not okay, you know what I mean? Like it- it’s not. It’s not okay. Um...and, at this point, uh, th- it- I will be honest, like I’ve said, it has gotten much worse from the updates I’ve heard. I’m not going to divulge the information because again, it is not my business and- well it- [sighs] it’s not- it’s not my place to say, that’s what I’m trying to say, it’s not my place to say. Um...and unfortunately things are at a point with- I could- I could assume based on some of the things that Chilled has said, that Aphex has said, uh, that...I- I am also- I can also say that do do I put this…
“I understand that- that Galm...really, 100% needs help. I understand that wholeheartedly. The thing is, I can’t be the one to help anymore. Like, I can’t do it, how do I put this- uh, Galm’s mental health is not mine. It’s not Chilled’s. It’s not Ze’s. It’s not Tom’s. It’s not Aphex’s. It’s not any of you. It’s not- it’s none of our cross to bear, if that makes sense. None of us should be beholden to the burden of Galm’s mental health. It comes down to- and if I- just as an aside. If it sounds- I don’t know if I said “he” or “they”, I’m just trying to make sure it doesn’t- I’m going based on the Twitter profile of, um, uh… [snaps fingers] “she”, “her”, “they”, and then in parenthesis “‘he’ is sometimes okay”. But I’m trying to like- I- I have been really, like, I’m gonna be honest with you, I have been very, very, very careful. Because...I wanna make sure I’m trying to do this right, so, I’ve been trying to go with Galm and I think that- that’s where I’ve been with that all, because, as- as, I hate to say it, most of the stuff in that realm has come out of the blue. And I’m not gonna discredit that. I don’t want- I don’t want Galm to think I’m like discrediting, uh, their feelings, but like, I just- I wasn’t sure. I wasn’t sure in regards to how close the gap of these- the psychotic episodes and coming out- like, I wanna make sure he- uh- I wanna make sure that uh Galm is happy with who they are, and I’ve been trying to be very good with it. So...don’t mind me, I’m trying- I’m still trying, and it’s- I’m not trying to be an asshole or anything. I don’t wanna be. This is a serious talk and I’m just trying to make it understood.
“Anyway, so, getting back to it. A lot of this is- the things I’m saying is I’m processing a lot of this still. And this is like...this has been going on at least, for- since, February, all of this. And it’s now finally just coming to a hit, you know what I mean? And I hate to say it, but, like, I said, this is...not my cross to bear. It’s none of our cross to bear. Um...I don’t even wanna call it like, the Derp Crew, I’m just saying in general. Like, none of this is for us to hold the burden of, because at the end of the day, um… Galm has unfortunately- and this is the only like, real, like, shit thing I’m gonna say about it is um… in- in the...things that Galm has said and done um...a lot of people were hurt. A lot of trust was- was broken, that I don’t know...if it can ever be...mended? I wanna hope, ‘cause I’m a person who hopes, that things will, uh, always be on the mend, as my Discord knows. I am something of a- a second chances guy. And I know I am to a fault, that I can be like that, sorry I’m not- I’m not crying, my voice is just shot ‘cause I’ve been like screaming at work all day. [ wheeze-laughs ].
“Um, no, but...I personally- exactly- Jess-
[Addressing mod JessTries in chat who wrote “You always look for the best in people <3”]
“I try to look for the best in people and I’ve always tried to look for the best in people, even if, uh, those people have...have shit intentions, I guess is the way I can put it. But- not what I’m trying to say in this. My point is, um, yeah- a lot of- a lot of shit went down. A lot of shit went down and I don’t know how some of it can be recovered, but at this point… [laughs softly] At this point, my situation with Galm is… [sighs] My situation with Galm is that, like, they’ve- they’ve said to me we’re good, but it’s hard to be good when all of these messages are being shown, and people are coming out talking to you about how- okay- not talking to you, sorry, but, just talking about how, um, they were treated a certain way, and I don’t like that. I really don’t like that.
“So, feeling is that, like, [sighs] I can’t really- I can’t really stand by Galm when all of this is going on. I can’t do it. I can...I can’t be of help to someone who- who wasn’t accepting it. And I can’t, I can’t stand by someone who does things like that. Um, and, not to- I’m not trying to throw anyone under the bus, I’m not trying to throw Galm under the bus. That’s not...that’s not fair. Um...I honestly, if I could just, say to them I would, like, I- I feel I don’t know...I don’t know what they can do...aside from getting help. That’s- that’s the main thing. Just...Galm needs help, and...I can’t be the one to provide it. Um...none of the group- none of the people in the group can provide it. None of you can provide it. Um...and, it’s a matter of owning up to what was said and done to a lot of people. And...what went down, obviously, if you know you know, um…
“But, like it’s just not fair to put you’re- you’re mental health...on- on...on your friends like, I’m sorry I’m like coming down all of a sudden, I’m realizing like oh shit… [laughs softly] Um… but yeah, so like… [sighs] i-it’s hard, man. Like, it’s really fucking hard to do this, ‘cause you wanna- you wanna try and be honest, but like you wanna respect everyone’s privacy, and you wanna show like, hey, this is how it is. But, to everyone out there who dealt with this, and to everyone out there who had their- their problems...I’m gonna support you guys. I’m gonna be there for you, um… [rubs chin] I’m also gonna support my friends, but at the same time, I can’t support any of what happened. I’m not gonna stand by it, and, I- the only thing I can say, and I think the only thing that like everyone needs to say is like, you [Galm] need to get help. You need help. 100% you need help and like...I hope you get it. I really do hope you get it. And I hope things are...I hope things are on the mend for you. And I hope you can figure it out. Um… [clicks tongue]
“Okay, I think...I think I’m done. I’ve been just- this whole thing, this whole talk...I’m just- I’m just being honest with you guys. This is my way of processing my thoughts, and this is my way of getting past a topic. This is my way of getting past something of a chapter in my life, because this is...unfortunate. All of this is unfortunate that it had to go this way, and I was gonna say something earlier, it’s just- I felt as if when I try to come up with the right words, it was gonna turn...the wrong way. I really did. And like, I don’t want- I want it to be right. I feel like this is the right way, and um… [laughs softly] Don’t get me’s- it’s taking a bit, and every time I try to… every time I’ve tried, something happens, and I don’t want- I don’t want- just right place right time I think is the way that it needs to be.
“Okay, so, we’re done. We’re done. From this point on, mods, you can- you can probably set up an automod or something like this, but mods, from this- and chat- from this point on, this- this topic? This conversation is over. Um...we’re done. We’re done talking about this. "
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nahikarifc · 6 months ago
Spain will face both the Netherlands and Mexico this international break. Both games will be played in Marbella, Spain.
🇪🇸 Spain - the Netherlands 🇳🇱
🗓️9th of April
⏰19:00 (CET)
🇪🇸 Spain - México 🇲🇽
🗓️12/13 of April
⏰ yet to be confirmed
• the roster will be out next Monday, March 29th‼️
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