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Hi I’m V, I’m 23. 

I’m looking for someone to reminisce about the good old days of tumblr and mid-00s tv shows and fandom. I’m feeling the nostalgia :P

Happy to talk about other stuff too though, so do reach out. I’d prefer chatting on tumblr or a messaging app vs email/snail mail.


  • Chuck
  • ASOUE (forever and always BEFORE it was cool :P)
  • Battlestar Galactica
  • Office, Community, Trial & Error
  • Harry Potter/Hunger games/percy jackson
  • Teen wolf 
  • Firefly/most of Whedonverse
  • BBC’s Utopia, Pushing Daisies, Veronica Mars


  • fanfic (duh, but i’ll say it)
  • mid-00s music + indie/piano pop + + (eclectic and wide ranging music tastes)
  • Sociology, social science etc.
  • rain/dark asthetic
  • Effective altruism

… I think that’s it! You can learn more on my fandom tumblr: (i’ll never forgive myself for starting out on tumblr with a non-fandomaccount)

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My name is Riley (you can call me Ry) and I’m from the United States. I am currently 21 years old (Pisces). I’ve never had a pen pal before, but am very interested in snail mail and would love to get to know some people! Below are just SOME of my many interests, but hmu if you would like to learn more.

Some Things I’m Into:

  • I love all things art. I have a lot of tattoos and do a lot of digital art myself (sometimes also traditional)
  • Video Games. I play way too many and plan to start streaming on twitch after I move. I would love to play Animal Crossing with someone (been playing every day since release)
  • I have an interest in tarot, but I am still learning. Would love to learn about crystals, rocks, astrology, etc.
  • I have a weird obsession with cute Japanese aesthetic
  • Music! I mostly listen to a lot of indie, old-school punk, pop-punk, lo-fi, etc.
  • My entire family lives in Brisbane, Australia. I go maybe every 3-4 years, so expect some occasional gifts/postcards from Australia.

What I’m Looking for:

  • Preferably someone 18-25. Any gender is welcome!
  • Anywhere in the world (although it is a little more difficult sending packages overseas)
  • Nobody who discriminates based on sex, gender identity, race, religion, etc.
  • I am open to chatting through social media and email to start out with, but would love to develop a snail mail relationship once we are comfy.

How to contact me:

Twitter: @realfiendd

Insta: realfiend_

Tumblr: @realfiend


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Hi! My name is Soni, I´m 21 and I´m from South America. My first language is spanish but i´d like to practice my english and get to know someone from around the globe. 
My hobbies include watching movies, usually with female protagonists, listening to alternative pop and styling outfits which is something I don´t do since we´re all quarantining (or at least should be).
I study design and sell vintage or used clothes. (No, I don´t overprice things). 

Well, I think that´s all! You can probably tell i haven´t written in english a while but I hope at least one of you can forgive me for it!

My email is inl0vewithfinn (putting it separately so i don´t get spam)

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hello hello!

my name is ben (she/her) and i am from the Philippines. i am currently eighteen years old and i just finished senior high school majoring in stem - science, such that, i’m an incoming medbio student for college! i can speak filipino, visayan, english, and japanese.

more facts about me!

  • i’m an asocial
  • i have this weird obsession for reptiles, especially crocodiles!
  • i’m pretty good at math, but kinda bad at science (not sure why i’m taking medbio tbh)
  • i’m part japanese, but not enough to call me half or whatever! but we do practice the culture in my household
  • i enjoy reading books and manga.
  • i also watch anime, random tv series, and recently kdrama (quarantine really got me to watch a lot of kdrama)
  • i’ve been obsessed with animal crossing lately but i really don’t have any irl friends who play it so im kinda sad about that
  • i love listen to music! mostly from bands (p!atd, fob, top, & etc), musicals (waitress, hamilton, heathers), and mellow artists (dodie)

what i look for in a penpal?

  • generally, i’d like to have a penpal within the age range of 16-21
  • any gender is okay! i don’t really mind! i’m just looking for someone to talk to during this time of circumstance
  • anyone who is lgbtq+ friendly, does not discriminate towards race, religion, or etc. 
  • would be nice if you prefer e-mails because i don’t do well with on the spot chatting because sometimes the time zones would be too far apart but i’m also okay with chatting on social medias
  • just looking for a long term penpal really! :)

where to contact me?

  • tumblr: @benkundesu
  • email: bybenkundesu @ gmail . com   / without spaces 

i hope to have good chats with you! :)

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Hello everyone!

This quarantine is making me realize how much I miss having a penpal… I’m a 24 yo spanish girl and I’m currently living in a farm in Scotland. If it wasnt for coronavirus I would be studying gardening in a few months.

Quick introduction about my interests:

  • nature 🌿
  • animals 🦊
  • lord of the rings 🐉
  • farm life 👩🏻‍🌾
  • photography 📷
  • cooking 🍝
  • baking 🍰
  • wicca 🔮
  • astrology ♌️
  • art 🖍
  • history 📕
  • culture in general 🧠

At the moment is quite imposible for me to send letters anywhere except the UK as I’m completely isolating so I think the best options for people outside the UK would be email and probably other online-mail options I still don’t know about. Feel free to text me here on tumblr if we have interests in common!

I just want to make friends, thats all. It doesn’t matter how old are you as long as you are nice. If you’re thinking about something else just download tinder lmao

I hope everyone is having a nice day!

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Looking for penpals.

Hi! Pardon my spelling. English is not my native language and since it’s my first post, i really don’t know how to… express myself correctly.

Today, i came here looking for some penpals to try it for the first time. I can’t make letters so, i’m going for the email option. If you’re interested, message me and i’ll send you my email. (๑>ᴗ<๑) ♡ Here’s some things about me! (we could also add each other’s number to talk via iMessage! ;;)

Name: Desi.

Age: 14 almost 15.

Location: Mexico.

I like: Books, reading, languages, cooking, cats, music, kpop, english literature, cute things, tea. I prefer talking to girls so if you could respect that, it would be awesome! Anyone not older than 23 can message me. ♡

Thanks for reading!!

My twitter: @minndesi.

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Dearest subjects,

I am so, so very proud to announce that the fair land of Penpal Kingdom now numbers 1300+ grand inhabitants. As honoured King and ruler of this here dominion, I am most pleased to say that our kingdom grows by the day. Never in my dreams would I have imagined breaking 500 followers, let alone 1000, let alone not being on the way to 1500. 

Thank you, to each and every one of you, for participating. Through likes, reposts, through checking my blog every day (or couple of days), for engaging with and forging friendships with those that advertise, and, for those lovely submissions. 

I’m honoured by your trust, honoured by your dedication to the furthering of penpalling and friendships. I LOVE helping others find pals, it brings me so much joy. 

Thanks for being here on this page. Thanks for making this place tick. You are all AMAZING :)

I’m proud of each and every one of you. And no matter what you’re going through, no matter how things look right now: you ARE amazing, okay? You’re wonderful and unique and such a splendid human being. I appreciate you. You’re going to get through this. You’ll see. Take a deep breath.

You. Can. Do. This. 

Let’s continue to bless each other, and to spread happiness and joy through penpalships - (both electronic, and in paper form). 

Much love,

The King of Penpal Kingdom

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my name is ben, and its not my actual name, just a nickname. i am eighteen years old and just finished senior high school under the academic strand of stem! i live in a small not very known city in the Philippines where i am currently living my quarantine life. i can speak english, tagalog, bisaya, and a little bit of japanese (altho im only good at speaking it, rather than writing). i’m an incoming college freshman (who is not excited about online school) and i will be taking up medicine biology! a little funfact about me is that im an asocial and i loooove reptiles, especially crocodiles!

things that i like are: anime, manga, movies, music (mostly from bands/not so well known artists), books, tv series, and recently i’ve been into kdrama. i also enjoy wasting my life on various social medias and cry myself to sleep because my depression has spiraled out of my control. i pretty much also study a lot during my free time and i love to paint. 

sidenote: i’ve been obsessed with playing animal crossing lately but i dont have any real life friends who play it so im kinda sad

things you should know before you chat me! 

- i actually prefer e-mails! but i’m also cool with you dming me to my social media accounts, but this is because i’m not good with on the spot chatting because i sometimes reply late and then feel bad 

- i sometimes reply late because of our different time zones!

- i write pretty long e-mails because i’m chatty but dont be insecure if i have longer replies than you! that’s just who i am as a person!

- i pretty much try my best to accommodate everyone who chats me but i also gotta be wary if our age gaps are way too far apart, after all, im still kind of a minor

where you can contact me!

twitter: benkundesu

instagram: benkundesu

e-mail: bybenkundesu @ [without the spaces]

tumblr: @benkundesu

i hope we can become good internet friends! please take care of me in the future!

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Hi, my name is Sarah, i’m 14 years old -I turn 15 in June- and I live in England.

I think I’m very inquisitive, so I’d love to meet people that are also very interested in learning (hopefully -17, but if you are over that, I think it’s completely fine). I love cinema —my top 3 films would be Visages Villages, City Lights and A Single Man—, Arttop 3 favourite painters, Frederic Leighton, P.S Krøyer, Alphonse Mucha,, also H. Siemiradzki—, MusicTop 3, I think uhh, I like almost every type of music, from bossa nova, to rock, city pop, and from Muzak to impressionism, jazz, but hmm, my top 3 musicians could be, Ravel, Tommy Dorsey and Ivor Novello—, literatureThis one’s also hard because it depends on the genre, but, anyways, my top 3 books, The Idiot (Dostoevsky), The Tempest, and Poetics—, and also my favourite subjects would be, art history, astrophysics, history, cinema, theatre, Music!!, philosophy, classics, obviously literature. Other hobbies of mine are baking (I love doing pies!! especially apple), discussing, reading and sketching. I also play piano, and I started Cello some days ago. I speak spanish and Italian (additionally I am learning french! i’d love to improve it, if you could help). I’m very open minded so, please be the same (lgbtq+ friendly, and the rest). And please someone in the UK if it’s snail mail —sorry, I’d have to pay shipping :(—. Most of the things I said are not modern but I obviously love, very much too, modern art, contemporary art and music, annnd abstract art heh I’d love to snail mail other people, but also I have no problem talking online. Oh, also I’ve been homeschooled for almost a year now! I don’t know many people my age (or any at all) that have similar tastes but I’m sure there are many others, so I’d love to,, talk. Sorry for making this so lengthy ::::))))) I’ll put other interests of mine in the tags,,, also I made both pastries below, that is it,

(contact on tumblr @amoureuse-hathor​ )

3 small breads in a pretty soft blue plate, with a flowery tea towel under it)
3 small breads in a pretty soft blue plate, with a flowery tea towel under it)
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Looking for a pen pal🥺.

Name: Liway (lee-y)

Age: 23

Location: California, USA

About Me: I have a wonderful boyfriend. I really love cats but no cats to love (if you have a cat, let me see those cat pictures😻👀). I like to watch anime and read manga. I have a WHOLE list of anime that I’ve seen and can suggest to you😊. I’m into astrology but I’m still learning. I love green tea and music. I like listening to pop, punk, indie, lofi, alternative, r&b, oldies, country, etc. But really anything that catches my interest. Some of my favorites would be Sleeping with Sirens, Pierce the Veil, Melanie Martinez, Taylor Swift (her old music not new music), The Japanese House, Clairo, Cuco, keshi, beabadoobee, mxmtoon, and many more. I like listening to horror, mystery, thriller, and from podcasts. My favorite ones are Lore, The NoSleep Podcast, and The Minds of Madness. I like to write poetry every now and then. I like to play video games and do some bullet journaling but I haven’t done that in a while. I like to bake but I’ve only really baked brownies and banana bread. That doesn’t mean I’m not open to learning more recipes!😄 I’ve traveled a bit to a few states such as New Mexico, Georgia, and South Carolina. I’ve only been to one country and that was the Philippines. I plan on traveling much more in the future.

(Also on a side note, I consider myself weird, peculiar, and kinda slow at things. So I apologize in advance🥺.)

I speak English and I’m learning Japanese, would prefer a female pen pal between the ages of 21-28, and from anywhere around the world☺️. I never had a pen pal before so please be nice, kind, and respectful🥺❤️. I would love to make more friends! Also if you’re from Japan or if you know Japanese that would be great!😊

I’ll be glad to hear from you, so if you’re interested in being pen pals message me on here @c-o-l-d-lilacs

Thank you and I hope you have a nice day/night!☺️💕

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Hello, I’m Ashton :)

I’m 16 from Scotland. I love art, reading and horror :) I’d like someone to have interesting conversations with, talk to when I can’t sleep, hear about your day and interests and learn about what you’d like to do!

I would like to do this through email, but social media messages are good, or letters!!

Here is how you can contact me if you’re interested :

Instagram / tumblr: ashwinter03


Id like to think im pretty friendly so feel free to give me a message and let me know if you’re interested!! <33

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Hello, my name is Liza (which is short for Elizaveta), and I am currently 15 (soon to be 16) years old, I am a student from Samara, Russia, and my pronouns of preference are she/her.

About me:

I find myself to be most passionate about art, be it creating or viewing artwork. I immensely enjoy drawing and painting, and I currently find creating landscapes to be most fascinating.

I could also say that music plays a fairly significant part in my life. Though I wouldn’t call myself especially musically talented, I love to listen to various genres of music, and I am especially fond of such musical artists as The Velvet Underground, Joy Division, The Smiths, Free Design, The Mountain Goats, Damon Albarn, The Stone Roses, David Bowie, etc.

I am also quite interested in literature, traditional animation, foreign languages, and collecting vintage postcards.

What I’m looking for:

I would prefer my pen pal to be about 14-17 years of age (or in a similar age range, since I, myself, am a minor), and to be from Europe (just because of possible postal expenses).

I am most interested in snail-mail, but I would be glad to find an internet friend too.

You can contact me through Tumblr by writing to elizaveta-s-i
or through email at

Thank you for reading, I would be truly glad to receive a message from you.

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Hi! I’m Emily and I’m 28. I live in the Pacific Northwest, work at an art gallery and sell vintage clothes. I like reading (mostly fiction ranging from classics to Stephen King and trashy retro pop novels with occasional leftist political stuff), music (mostly 70s), making things, spending time in forests and playing with my puppy. Quarantine has left me with lots of time on my hands and feeling nostalgic for the more innocent, simpler times of the early internet and the synchronistic ways it seemed to connect people before social media became blurred with Real Life. I’ve only had a penpal once before and we had already met in person. I’d like to physically mail letters with someone and exchange little stories about our lives and cool objects or images we make or collect. Ideally someone in their mid twenties to 30’s.

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