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rovermcfly · a day ago
I understand the motivation behind it, but please stop saying that people should always reblog and not just like posts about things like activism or fundraisers etc.
I understand these issues are important, but people should always take their time to read everything and assess something for themselves before sharing it.
I would go as far as to say I discourage people from reblogging everything that seems to have a good message/cause before thoroughly reading the full post/article and doing some lateral reading on the issue themselves.
It is very easy to disguise nefarious causes and beliefs as good and noble things anyone would support, especially on websites like tumblr were certain buzzwords and memes automatically read a certain way, especially if someone has never heard of an issue before. Unless people are encouraged to double check new information it becomes very easy to get people to share completely false and even actively harmful things.
Check out these resources to learn how to quickly and eventually automatically assess new information and make sure a cause you're supporting really is a good cause:
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the-final-sif · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Hello everyone!
I've said it several times, but I wanted to take a moment to illustrate exactly why screenshots are absolutely worthless as evidence of anything on the internet. Some friends volunteered to help me out!
Go look at the two screenshots I provided, can you tell which one is the original? Take your best guess after studying both, and keep that guess in the back of your mind.
You can sometimes spot fake screenshots if the image itself has been edited, but if if a person is clever about how they go about it, it's impossible to tell real screenshots from fake ones. Discord is one of the easiest sites to create perfect fakes on, as you can see above. Creating the fake screenshot took me about a minute and 30 seconds. I opened discord's web app, then used the console to change the text people wrote. I then took screenshots of both the original and my edit. I could even create a video scrolling past the fake messages with new ones coming in if I felt like it. Doing this in the desktop application is a bit harder, but still no longer than a 20 minute project.
This is what I mean when I say screenshots are meaningless as evidence. They are trivially easy to fake, and mean nothing unless they are coming from a trusted source with other methods of verification. You can do this with any social media site, any dms, etc. Do not trust a screenshot to mean anything on it's own, because at this point it's literally as reliable as saying "dude, trust me."
And if you're thinking: no, no, I've clearly spotted a difference and know exactly which screenshot is the fake?
Well, alright, which one is the real one? Which one did you pick?
No matter which one you picked, it's wrong. Because neither of those screenshots are real. I lied to you. Here's the actual original:
Tumblr media
That's how easy it is to trick people with fake screenshots.
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brettdoesdiscourse · 7 months ago
Strangers do not need to know any personal information about you. Not your name, age, race, gender, sexuality, none of it. Strangers do not need to know your triggers. Strangers do not need to know your trauma. Strangers do not need to know your illnesses.
There's a bad habit of oversharing, especially in the discourse and shipping community. I see a lot of people sharing their whole life story because they think it'll make people listen or care about what they're saying more.
This isn't the case in 99% of interactions. Most people already have their mind made up and you being X isn't going to change that.
You never owe someone information to talk about something. You don't have to say "well I'm X so I can talk about X."
Nobody should ever be pressuring you for information that they aren't even entitled to have. Especially online. Please be safe and think about whether putting information out there will do more harm than good.
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paradoxesofgalaxies · a year ago
I saw a post the other day from someone who was distressed that a parent had found their system tiktok and I can't stop thinking about it
If you are scared about someone, particularly an abuser, finding an account, don't share identifying information, especially not videos of yourself.
I grew up in the early days of the internet and online safety PSAs which were often laughable but deeply ingrained the idea that the internet can be dangerous so never give out identifying information.
And while I think some of those ideas are rather extreme, it's really jarring to see how much things have swung in the opposite direction.
If you are posting things you don't want people in your life to see, don't post things on an open platform with identifying information such as your face, your name, or where you live.
This is especially important if you're concerned about abusers finding what you post.
I know the internet has changed drastically and it's a lot more common for people to post identifying info, but if you're still in a position where people in your life seeing what you post could be dangerous, please be careful. Find places or ways to post that are separate from your IRL identity. Keep yourself safe.
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invadersib · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Y’all be safe playing among us. I now its a social game but like don’t give out your name or what school you go to. Like I’m sure people might Not track you down using that information but im 23 years old and I grew up during a time were they made us fear strangers and putting information online.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Some more examples, just cause. The trend of asking for someone’s personal information just seems to be growing on Among Us. A report button of some kind would be cool. Like every other game I join is asking where someone lives or their age. I was in a game labeled TEEN ONLY (I’m 23, I LIED) just too... see. This grown person was giving out their snap. In another game I’m 75% sure it was 2 creeps working together. One pretending to be a girl and both them asking Player Red for lots of info about themselves. Anytime I spoke up, I was instantly kicked or banned from the game. People are CREEPS and you need to practice internet safety at all times.
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royalhandmaidens · 9 months ago
also, guys!!!
since we’re talking about internet safety, please know that there is a search by email function with tumblr - that means that if people you know irl type in the email associated with your tumblr account, your blog will pop up in the search
as many of us share our realities on here that may not be accepted or safe to share with irl friends and family, i recommend turning this off
this is where it’s located and how to turn it off:
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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underdog-arts · 5 months ago
It will never stop astounding me how many traps for stealing your information are disguised as “cute trends” on tiktok. There’s already the issue with “get to know me” sounds that are basically you giving up information that can be used to decode passwords and answer security questions, but there’s another one that just starting that is basically the person “showing off their profiles” and giving still-shot examples of their front, 3/4, side, and back profile. PLEASE I am BEGGING for this everyone to brush up on their internet safety BASICS - THIS IS THE PERFECT OPPORTUNITY FOR SOMEONE TO BE ABLE TO TRACK YOU AND/OR STEAL YOUR IDENTITY AND INFORMATION.
I’m not saying you can’t participate in trends or that these exist in a vacuum and are the only way things like this can happen, but Jesus, please consider the risks of the information you put online.
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leafytaffy · 3 months ago
ISTG these “make an oc based on your appearance/house/etc.” trends on Insta and TikTok are literally just traps to get young artists to publicly overshare/ doxx themselves💀
Just saw a “make an oc based on your house” meme and the first questions were what color your roof were and if you were rural or city and I ?!?!?!??
Like how can you do a drawing trend that is LITERALLY describing what your house looks like and NOT be suspicious??!?!?
between this and all that carrd stuff, we NEED to start teaching and enforcing better online safety shit for minors my GOD
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themagical1sa · 5 months ago
reposting from my own Twitter thread
first tweeted on 11:25 AM, 02 March 2022 (Philippine Time)
Man, I don't know how I expect myself to concentrate in class today when the SIM Card and Social Media Registration Act is about to be passed into law on *Friday.* That bill is going to nullify our right to privacy and endanger our cyber safety. It's going to make us more prone to hacking/doxxing and, on top of that, makes red-tagging easier. I don't know how I'm supposed to go on about my day when there is a whole bill that is going to endanger us all. Sure, a lawyer may say that context is important when discerning whether the law was broken or not, but the bill's definitions were so vaguely written that discernment isn't enough. It shouldn't be, when the bill was supposed to definitively define and expound what it was supposed to be related to and what is permitted or not in the first place. People may say that it was supposed to be a counteraction to trolls and spreaders of misinformation, but what I'm reading is a weapon against those who are against... certain people in government. It's a weapon against activists journalists artists and even common, harmless civilians. Any- and everyone is at risk of being attacked, whether on the cyberspace or in real life. Who knows? I'm at risk, even if I say nothing about politics online. You're at risk, even if you don't use social media often. EVERYONE is at risk, no matter the frequency of our social media usage. At this rate, the safest way out of this is to not own any social media, but not having any social media contacts in this modern age? That can't be, not when having at least ONE is A NECESSITY. I know my voice may not even matter in the end, but I have to try. I have a right to privacy and safety on the internet.
Read the Act itself.
Read the statement urging for the current Philippine President to veto the Act.
Sign the petition. (locals only ; for foreigners, please share)
'Mandatory SIM card registration puts privacy at risk, might not curb crime' — Angela Y. Yang, Philstar.com
We are Filipino citizens who reserve the right to privacy and safety on the internet as well as the right to freedom of speech. It is in the 1987 Constitution, under Article III, Sections 3.1 (though conditional, it seems) and 4.
Tumblr media
Above is a screenshot of Microsoft Edge from my laptop. The tab is showing a webpage from the Official Gazette of the Republic of the Philippines. The text shown is from Article III, the Bill of Rights, but the highlighted ones are Sections 3 (1) and 4. They read, "SECTION 3. (1) The privacy of communication and correspondence shall be inviolable except upon lawful order of the court, or when public safety or order requires otherwise as prescribed by law," and "SECTION 4. No law shall be passed abridging the freedom of speech, of expression, or of the press, or the right of the people peaceably to assemble and petition the government for redress of grievances," respectively.
The social media provision must be challenged first. We cannot let this law endanger us to predators on the internet.
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combeferret · a year ago
Tumblr media
on the trend of minors with their card thingos
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subsystems · 4 months ago
System Internet Safety (Resource Post)
System Internet Safety
System Internet Safety
A Quick & Dissociated Guide To: System Internet Safety
Be Careful What You Share About Your System
How To Keep Yourself Safe From Fear Mongering & Misinformation
How Social Media Can Distort & Misinform when Communicating Science
Understanding & Avoiding Armchair Psychology
Understanding & Protecting Yourself From Syscourse
System Responsibility
Tips From a Tumblr Vet (10+ Years on this Hellsite)
Tips for Kids Online
Social Media Tips for Teens
Online Abuse Resources
The Online Harassment Manual
Speak up & Stay Safe(r): A Guide to Protecting Yourself From Online Harassment
How Doxers Find Your Info & How To Protect Yourself
How To Stay Safe From Doxxing With A VPN
Tip Sheet: Keeping Adults & Kids Safe on the Internet (TW: csa)
Behaviors To Watch Out For When An Adult Is With A Child (TW: csa)
How To Asses How Toxic A Group is
Warning Signs That a System is Toxic
System-related Abuse
Reporting Online Abuse
Reporting Cyberbullying
Reporting Online Child Exploitation
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north-starrs · 2 months ago
Also something that really makes me worried is that kids on the internet nowadays literally dont know any internet safety info.
Stop listing your mental illnesses and triggers, dont put your real name, dont put your age. People can use that against you.
And for the love of god. Minors, stay out of adult spaces. We're not saying this because we're being mean, we're saying this so you dont get us in trouble. It's not safe for adults in adult spaces if theres minors trying to butt in. You're not only going to get yourself in trouble, but also the adults you interact with.
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kinner-agent-3 · 2 months ago
To anyone on the internet who is still a child. PLEASE be careful. PLEASE stay away from 18+ spaces and communities. even if you don't take part in them even just lurking will harm you in the long run.
PLEASE don't share your face. Your city. Too much about yourself. Be wary of adults, especially if you are lying about your age.
If you won't stop using these places PLEASE at least refrain from sharing ANY personal info.
Especially if you are under 13. You are vulnerable. More vulnerable than you realize. Even if nothing happens, even if the adults don't harm you, even just being in these places are not good for your wellbeing.
If something seems wrong, leave. Stop. Take a break.
I am only now able to recognize how much i was harmed by my online activities ages 10-14. I only now realize I was being groomed.
Please be careful.
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the-final-sif · 27 days ago
As someone who like, actually knows shit about internet security, I just feel the need to comment on the whole "omg dream's asking people for their birthday to send them a card!!!" thing.
The amount of information that you provide to a website just to get an order shipped to you (ie address, name, and payment info depending on how you pay) is more than enough info for anyone with ill intentions. The birthday is ultimately irrelevant given the other information you willingly provided to use this service. That is how online shopping works.
you can just. lie. you can literally pick any date you want and say that's your birthday. They aren't asking for ID or anything. If you're bothered by providing that info out of everything, literally just lie and give a fake birthday. nobody will stop you, I promise.
Anyways, please stop freaking out about an extremely normal thing, and redirect that energy to like. Facebook's horrible data practices. Lobbying senators/local government to improve digital privacy. Maybe go check out what the EFF is working on and see if you can help out, it's their 32nd birthday! Go do literally anything productive to help bolster online privacy to celebrate!
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wherearetheplants · 11 days ago
why are children on tiktok so stupid. were you never taught internet safety?? do you have no common sense????
brought to you by me, someone who hung out with his younger friends yesterday, and nearly died when they started explaining that a certain acronym before ur username indicates what city ur from. what the fuck?? do not do that??? especially when ur a minor and posting ur face online????
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transfaguette · 3 months ago
i find it interesting that whenever the idea of children and the internet comes up, people's first reaction is that we need more control, more restriction, etc. But very rarely does the idea of open dialogue come up. You can put in all the parental locks you want, control your child's every interaction on the internet, etc., but none of that is even half as valuable as trust and communication. Children may come across inappropriate things on the internet no matter what you do. But being able to talk about it and work through it is way more important than simply shielding their eyes and instilling an aura of fear and shame around it.
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studyofwhump · a month ago
Is there some kind of discourse?? You reblogged a couple of vague posts but I haven't seen any
Unfortunately so.
There's been a post going around about how to look out for those who engage in whump as a kink/fetish and lists 'red flags' for minors to look out for. It's under the guise of 'protecting minors' from adults grooming them or trying to push sexual content on them without actually giving advice on how to navigate online spaces and boundaries safely, and the 'red flags' listed are incredibly broad and encompass a vast majority of whump readers and creators.
Stuff like 'obsessed with caretaker and whumpee roles,' 'writes about power imbalances,' and just about anything related to sickfic.
The original post implies that many shared experiences (experiencing whumperflies being one) and having favorite tropes are indicative of enjoying whump in a primarily sexual context, and if they're sharing it online, that's tantamount to grooming minors and sharing fetishes with them. Many creators know this is not true, and take care when it comes to content warning and tagging properly. It's trying to enforce punishment for non-existent 'thought crimes.' It's callouts and accusations we've seen in the past, it's annoying, it can be distressing for some, but us long-time residents of the whump community know we don't have to let it end us.
In regards to the vague posts, its mostly because 1) discourse is tiring and 2) if the concern really is for internet safety and boundaries, the it's better to supply actual resources on how to do that instead of relying on fearmongering and misinformation. I thought @comfy-whumpee 's resource post was a good idea and something we can all consider!
Hope that clears stuff up!
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