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🤗 Char & Shar: Our Minimalist Lifestyle Family (Part 2) | Interracial Couple Married 27 Years 👍

*** 💗 Love Reconciled: Our Minimalist Lifestyle Family (Part 2)*** In our WHY WE’RE DIFFERENT SERIES:  We talk about how we started a minimalism family.  We talk about our minimalist lifestyle.  We discuss the different things we’ve done to become a minimalist and simplify our lifestyle.  We also offer suggestions to help you consider how to minimize your own life to save more and be more resourceful. 🔔 NOTE:  We will share next Thursday the three (3) reasons we became minimalist.  Shar is a minimalist mom! 🙌🏻

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Let It Shine


Sofronia is the perfect daughter. She excels at college, doesn’t rock the boat and always has dinner ready on time. Until she can’t bury her fury any longer. Ivan can take a punch but Sofie knocks him flat - and despite all the reasons and ways they can’t be together - he knows there isn’t anyone else for him. 

Honestly, I don’t know where to start with this novella. It is hands down five stars for me. It is brilliant from the first word to the last. (Note: if you get this novella, make sure you have the extra story - No Valley Low.) There is so much heart and struggle packed into this story and it seems like it wouldn’t do it justice - but that is just wrong. Ms. Cole has these two characters who had childhood crushes on each other meet as adults as they both struggle with the injustice that surrounds them and the distance they both have with their fathers. There is a great sense of humor and irony in the middle of such a sad story. I can’t recommend this one enough.   

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