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#intersectional feminism

No woman needs intercourse; few women escape it.

The law gives a married woman to her husband to be fucked at will, his will; the law forced the woman to bear any child that might result. Illegal abortion was a desperate, dangerous, last-ditch, secret, awful way of saying no. It is no wonder that so many respectable, married, God-fearing women hate abortion…

In marriage a man has the sexual right to his wife: he can fuck her at will by right of law. The law articulates and defends this right. The state articulates and defends this right. This means that the state defines the intimate uses of a woman’s body in marriage; so that a man acts with the protection of the state when he fucks his wife, regardless of the degree of force surrounding or intrinsic to the act…

But even where marital rape is illegal, the husband has at his disposal the ordinary means of sexual coercion, including the threat of physical vio­ence, punitive economic measures, the sexual or verbal humiliation in private or in public, violence against inanimate objects, and threats against children. In other words, eliminating the legal sanctioning of rape does not in itself eliminate sexual coercion in marriage; but the continued legal sanctioning of rape underlines the coercive character and purpose of marriage. Marriage law is irrefutable proof that women are not equal to men. No person can enter into an agreement in which her body is given to another and remain or become or act as or effectually be his equal.

The law takes the form it does with divine sanction: civil law reiterates religious dogma. The law enforces a relationship between men and women that has its origins in so-called divine law; the law enforces the divinely ordained subordination of women through its regulation of sex in marriage. The law is an instrument of religion, and it is precise as an instrument of religion that law regulating marriage gets its special character: laws against assault and battery pale in importance when compared with the divine law giving a man authority over his wife’s body. The man’s authority over his wife’s body is willed by God—even if the same relationship out­ side of marriage and without reference to gender would be de­ scribed as slavery or torture

- Andrea Dworkin, “Right-Wing Women”

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An intro into what I am and what I believe in since I can’t be to in depth in my bio:

I’m a bisexual cis female

who believes that anyone can be a feminist

Feminism main issues still are the issues women face and yes that includes what transwomen face as well. If you read my full bio you see that I am antiterf but I’ll put that here too. I view trans people as the gender that they say they are. But feminism also reaches past just women centered issues, its also about gender equality for men and women. And yes men have issues too such as mothers almost always win full custody of the children even if the father is the better parent. Unlike other “feminist” I do not view men as the devil. I see men and women as equals and because of that I recognize that there are equally bad women as there is men and equally good men as there is good women. I also believe as feminists we should be at the frountlines of any inequality protest.

Also in my bio I am agaisnt SWERFs because if a women chooses to be a sex worker I will not tell her what to do with her body and in this day and age she can control her content and doesn’t have to be under a contract with people who have all the control. I can support these sex workers and still be against stuff such as prostitution and big brand porn.

I am left leaning but I’m not liberal

But I am also not a radfem so I guess by default that makes me libfem?

This blog also has some leftist political views in it.

If I worded something that comes across as ignorant please let me know. If I reblog from someone hateful please let me know.

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Indian men when putting up an ad on a matrimonial page: want a young,beautiful, fair, slim,tall, well educated, patriotic, obedient, caring, virgin with no history of past affairs, motherly figure who is ready to have children within a year of marriage, good at cooking and cleaning bride.

Also Indian men: why am I still unmarried :/

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