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fake leftist whose afraid of land back/black nationalism: Lenin wouldn’t have engaged in Idpol.
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allonsyanklebiters · 2 days ago
Trapped in my little box
In my little skull
In my little body
In the big machine
In the grand scheme
And I want to fucking scream
Existence is entrapment
When no one knows what a scream is
We've never heard it ourselves
So it must not exist
We scream, squinting into life
They assign meanings
And we never stop
Stick tubes in our ears
And feed us
And cause strife
Invisible unless it hurts
Tell someone we have tubes
And we
Don't want to know
The fear that kept us aware
Only ever on a base level
But we need more
We need to see the tubes
Must rip them out
From our core
And feed ourselves
And listen
For the first time
In our little existence
Tumblr media
(Artwork by myself ft. Fry from Futurama)
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openlyandfreely · 2 days ago
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knipsy-doth-maress · 2 days ago
The thing with saying things like, "Trans women have male privilege, but also trans men have male privilege, and these should disqualify both from our allyship (you see what I did there?)," or, "If you have even a drop of white blood in your history, you're in better standing than everyone else in your boat (because this is obviously something that can be quantified--and by total strangers, no less)," or, "Straight women aren't oppressed anymore (despite still very much being WomenTM, which includes having any sexuality at all that's unwelcome in society as an active, rather than passive, force); it's time to move on to other issues (despite this one still being far from resolved, because we all prefer to live under the illusion that issues can be resolved within one single lifetime/generation)," and so forth, is that the object of the game very quickly switches from, "Which folks are underprivileged in any way and how can we help them?" to, "Which folks have ANY privilege whatsoever and how can we exclude them from getting help?" which is an excellent way to ensure the thinness of your forces in numbers by sheer division and gatekeeping.
Edit: #like idk what to tell u ur basically just fighting your fellow Poor for Scraps#just a boncha Poors robbing Poors#we all in the same boat we all die or team up. options.#ntm saying 'only the most marginalized ppl who tick the most boxes are allowed' is an excellent way to isolate that group :/ js
Knipsy knows this has all been said before, but tl;dr, it's almost always gonna be more constructive to look for ways to help than it is to look for ways to hurt. Sometimes real intersectionality means aiding people with privileges you don't have (or, in some cases, privileges you assume they have that they really might not.)
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nonbinarymlm · 4 months ago
Hey! So: the beauty standards that are applied to men are also fatphobic, ableist, and racist. That's the nature of Western beauty standards. It doesn't become progressive to uphold them or make fun of people just for not being conventionally attractive just because that person is a man.
Yes, this includes cis straight men. No, you do not know which men are cis and straight from appearance.
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rabbitindisguise · 2 months ago
Recovery culture is particularly unnerving to me because people struggle to understand you can hurt yourself in the name of being "healthy," you can replace a "harmful behavior" that looks harmful with an equally harmful behavior (or even worse behavior!) that doesn't look harmful (and is harder to stop doing because of it)
I'm thinking of how orthorexia isn't an official eating disorder yet but could be eventually, how people self harm all the time by working out until they drop, how every bit of self care can be twisted and warped, how policing "bad" coping mechanisms out of existence just transforms them into something that's harder to recognize, about how physically disabled people and fat people push themselves beyond healthy limits and get praise for it.
An apple isn't a health food if that's all you'll allow yourself to eat out of fear of doing A Bad Thing. Health is not a moral imperative.
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video credits: @officalwehustle on tiktok
Housing Crisis PT. 1
Please watch this video. It’s deeply devastating to see so many people unable to afford a home. A PLACE TO LIVE! I cannot imagine how lonesome, terrifying, and utterly dehumanizing it would be for someone if they had no place to go.
We have the resources, yet choose to not “give handouts to people who don’t work for them.” Well, newsflash: not everyone can afford to live, regardless of how hard they work and how much effort they put into find job opportunities.
It will always be immoral to condone homelessness and starvation when there is the ability to prevent it. Keep this in mind when millions are at risk of losing their jobs, homes, lives.
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alhwrites · 8 months ago
I wonder what kind of girl I would be if the patriarchy didn’t exist. If gender roles and stereotypes didn’t stain my entire being. If I didn’t suffer at the hands of misogyny that molded the clay that was me. I wonder what I would do, what I would say, what I would like, what I would crave, what I would be. The likelihood of us being anything close to similar seems slim considering how many things could be different. I just wonder what type of woman I would be if I hadn’t been told from the day I was born how and who I should become. Would I still enjoy wearing makeup if I hadn’t been conditioned to feel better about myself with it on? Would my favorite color still be orange if pink hadn’t been forced on me and I didn’t care to make a point of rejecting it? Would I stand up for myself more if I hadn’t been taught to cater to the comfort of others before prioritizing my own? Would my natural instinct still be to feel wary of those around me if abuse and harassment and assault were not normalized in our society? Would I still want long hair if I hadn't been brainwashed into believing that my beauty is rooted in being feminine, and that my value is rooted in being beautiful? Would I be the same? How much, or how little, would that impossible girl resemble me as I am now? And are my interests and passions genuine—truly mine—or can they all be linked to some expectation to accommodate, some predetermined role to serve, some juxtaposing desire to please a system I don’t even like. Do I actually love video games as much as I think I do, or do I only like them because I think it makes me appear cooler to men? Do I actually want to get married as much as I think I do, or do I only want to because historically that was where the female fit in? Do I actually find solace in journaling as much as I think I do, or do I only find solace in it because it is the only time I can share my traumatic experiences without being called a crazy attention seeker? There is so much I wonder about, which parts of me are real and which have been tinkered with. Which is just pure me, and which is because of something else. A factor of the patriarch. Of course I’ll never know, but that truth does not keep me from being curious about the girl who does not suffer from the wrath of an internalized male gaze and the burden of internalized misogyny. I bet she is lovely—free of the shackles—and I hope she feels at peace.
— alhwrites
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1-800upsidedown · 2 months ago
do nasty t e r f s not realize how similar they sound to sexist conservatives saying a woman's body has to have certain qualities??
Like there's seriously no difference in saying "women should have a vagina" and "women should be skinny and pretty". Literally no difference, they are both unrealistic and unobtainable patriarchal beauty standards. The minute you force a specific body type onto women, you are a misogynist.
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getplume · 11 days ago
🎉 During this Latine/x Heritage Month, we want to celebrate the diversity, beauty, and resilience of our Latine/x trans siblings 🎉 ⁠ ⁠ We see you in your boldness in these intersecting identities. ⁠ ⁠ What does Latine/x Heritage Month mean to you?
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thatspookyagent · 3 months ago
Since I've been posting and reflecting about my place in the trans male community as a trans male of color, it's really growing on me just how little I hear from trans males who aren't white.
This is a serious issue. As well as whenever folks who aren't trans men or even when white trans men discuss issues within our community, trans men of color are constantly left out and never given any thought.
A good chunk of conversations revolving around the trans male community are way too white dominated, and whenever trans men are discussed, folks usually always assume our community is filled with nothing but white people, therefore the majority of discussions about how transphobia within government systems is harmful and how TERF rhetoric harms trans men, are whitewashed experiences and or talked about through a white lens.
For example, discussions about how trans men are treated by the (American) healthcare system and doctors, rarely ever talk about how trans men of color are disproportionately effected by how transphobic said system is. As a Black individual, I'm already going to be treated like I'm not human due to my race and me being trans only makes getting access to care even harder. Doctors labeling and or viewing Black trans men as Black women is really fucking dangerous, because Black folks in general especially Black women, are hurt severely by the healthcare system every day.
On top of this, the Black trans community is also effected by things such as AIDS and homelessness at significantly high rates.
This can even heavily effect Black trans folk's mental health. The thought of facing healthcare discrimination and the threat of possibly being humiliated because of your anatomy when it comes to receiving medical care, is something that trans POC have to battle on top of the possibility that we might face racism as well.
To leave trans POC out of the conversation is deadly. It can kill. Not having our voices heard and emotions known will only continue to hinder us. And the trans male community is not exempt from this. We can do better.
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Tumblr media
[ ID: tweet by @/_SocSpecialist_ reading, “Just here to say that “micro” in microaggressions refers to the level of analysis in which they are observed, not the scale or magnitude of the harm they inflict.” ]
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manhattanrf · 22 days ago
women talking about their experiences with racism/homophobia/classism doesnt divide women as a group.
racist women, homophobic women, and classist women divide women as a group.
sisterhood will only be achievable if we work to undo the inequalities that exist between us. it will never be achieved by ignoring them.
we will be stronger when we embrace our diversity, not when we erase difference.
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skeptomai-krino · 10 months ago
Laverne Cox and her friend were victims of a transphobic attack three days ago — and not enough people are talking about it and what it means, say transgender-rights advocates.
Cox, best known for playing Sophia Burset in Netflix’s Orange is the New Black, revealed on Instagram that she was targeted while walking in Los Angeles. The Emmy-nominated actress gave a sobering account of the ordeal and the underlying message: “It doesn’t matter who you are... if you’re trans, you’re going to experience stuff like this.”
Trans women of colour are especially vulnerable to hate crimes such of these, with the vast majority of the record-high numbers of trans people murdered for being trans or GNC in the US alone being trans women of colour.
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