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David Antonio Cruz is a multidisciplinary artist that works in drawing, painting, video, and performance. In his work, he explores the intersectionality of his identity as both part of the Latinx and LGBTQ+ community. His work developed overtime as a sort of documentation of his relationship to the community that he grew up with. He also explored the navigation of psychological spaces related to to queer and diasporic identity. My biggest takeaway from his lecture was the connection between his paintings and his performance art. In my drawing studio, we have started to work with the concept of developing series, so it was constructive for me to hear Cruz speak on this topic. Cruz talks about how it was important in his work to create a lineage or web of connection between his different disciplines because although they are separate, they speak about the same thing. In other words, they are complementary to each other, because the paintings support the performances and vice versa. In drawing studio, I have tried to explore this notion by attempting to form a literal bridge between the drawings I am making. One of Cruz pieces that inspired this idea was his 2016 paintings: soletthemeatasylumpink and thosedamnboys. The oil and enamel on wood panels form one image, despite being physically separate and having slight color distinctions, as is common in Cruz’s work. The overall sensuous investigation of color and movement really struck me. And I have been working with this idea, trying to recreate these aspect in some of my drawing series.

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Oh, I actually made a list here a couple months ago. Maybe start off with the bell hooks? I think that one was purposely written to be more accessible to people just getting started. Also the Audre Lorde ones are essays, so they’re not as daunting as full-on books.

And here’s my global feminism list. If you’re looking for a place to start there, I’d probably go with the Sara Ahmed. But I find all the aforementioned super interesting, thought-provoking, and eye-opening. I read all of these over 4 years of undergrad (and started high school, and now continue with other things after graduation) plus I had classmates and professors to help digest it, so don’t worry about being overwhelmed. It’s a process.

If you were looking for intersectional fiction books, maybe just peruse my book recs tag in general and see what you find–I reblog lots of diverse sff lists, but I’m not as caught up on the fiction world as I’d like to be, so the OPs of those posts know better. :)

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hey! im answering this cause its been deeper than the affirmation of transwomen being women, ive asserted my support many times, but because of my opinions on being cis, gender and my stance that transwomen are different than cis women and have different experiences, both valuable, but different, which is important in the convo around misogyny, privilege and feminism, but ppl still get mad 😔

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I feel like that comes from people massively missing that intersectionality as a concept shouldn’t mean that those who are a part of “more oppressed” groups are somehow worse off than those of “less oppressed” groups, and of course too many believe that people simply cannot care about multiple issues facing multiple groups at any one time. 

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Here’s what I want the entire world to do:

  1. I want you to share this post if you are worried, scared, or stressed about Election Day.
  2. Please explain your reason(s) why you shared this post.
  3. At the very least, add/follow everyone who shares this post. At most, communicate with them as well.

Let’s create a support system.

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