gnc-culture-is · 2 days ago
Intersex GNC people deserve the world. ( Intersex people as a whole deserve the world! )
Your bodies are not wrong! They simply exist! You are living in the way that’s truest to you, and there is nothing braver than that. I hope you are all safe, and if not, become safe very soon.
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what-are-snails · a day ago
for LGBTQIA + members who are stuck in the closet for ANY reason just know that you are loved,appreciated, and important.
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reservecourses · 2 days ago
Shout out to trans men and transmascs born with penises and trans women and transfems born with vulvas. I love all of you. You're just as trans as your trans siblings and amazingly trans too!
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I think exclusionists are the best example of how not all queer people go through equal amounts of oppression and discrimination. Cause if your main problem is that people are labelling themselves in a way you don’t understand, if you think you're being oppressed because people are using mircolabels, then you obviously haven’t gone through the shit a lot of us have.
While we’re here fearing for people’s lives, including our own, exclusionists are being pissed at people who are pan or asexual or use xenogenders to label themselves. And it’s fucking bullshit.
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queerism1969 · 8 hours ago
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starrynightdeancas · 19 days ago
rb to have a very gay 2022
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rep-taylors-version · 7 months ago
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5-jorjas-in-the-fence · 7 months ago
Happy pride month to those who are scared
Happy pride month to those who are proud
Happy pride month to those who are out
Happy pride month to those who are closeted
Happy pride month if you’re trying to figure yourself out
Happy pride month if you’ve known for years
Happy pride month to those who it’s their first
Happy pride month to those who have celebrated for years
Happy pride month to those who are afraid to celebrate
Happy pride month to those who will scream it from the rooftops
Happy pride month to you.
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lgballt · 3 months ago
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Well, I don't see any difference... TW: acephobia
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weaver-z · 11 months ago
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fffeel-good · a month ago
There’s another Plume ad going around about informed consent and while I’m not going to get into Plume’s issues seeing as I don’t know much about it (And there are plenty of others who can explain it so much better than I could with my rough knowledge.), but it seems they make use of the alternative Intersex flag by Natalie Phox in this ad and I wanted to make this post to note this:
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A) No, this is indeed not an alternate trans flag. B) Please, please, please, do not refer to this flag as “ugly” or “fucked up,” it’s incredibly discomforting.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
As an Intersex individual, this is incredibly discomforting and upsetting to be seeing other LGBT+ individuals referring to one of our flags like this. Intersex folks do not receive much representation (Not that it seems Plume was even trying to do this, it seems to be a misuse of it in place of the typical trans flag in this scenario, as they do not mention Intersex individuals at all in this ad.) We primarily have two flags that represent us best, that being the one created by Morgan Carpenter in 2013 of the Intersex Human Rights Australia organization (The one you most commonly see, the yellow flag with the purple circle.) and the one created by Natalie Phox in 2009 that is purple, white, and has a stripe in the center that has pink and blue (Typically fading together, representing the overlap.)
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Calling our oldest flag and representation of our pride “ass” and “fucked up” is very harmful. It’s hard for us to be represented as is, but seeing Phox’s flag being described like this is extremely upsetting, and I hope people can see why. Seeing other LGBT+ folks talk about our flag in such a derogatory way is absolutely saddening to me.
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netoey · 7 months ago
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Isoport you <3
this really dumb pun won’t leave my head and I haven't done anything for pride yet so here we are :)
Edit: Finally noticed that the pink and blue on the trans one were the wrong way around ^^’ thanks for pointing that out, I’ve fixed it.
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n-o--v-a · a year ago
can you talk about being intersex and cis? how do you know if you're cis or trans when you're intersex? i promise this isn't meant to be rude i'm just a little confused as to how gender works when you're intersex. thank you so much. <3
I’m cis because I’m afab and still identify as a woman. If I was afab and identified any other way, I’d be trans. I’m intersex because my body itself has a mixed bag of secondary sex characteristics and hormones.
The label “intersex” itself isn’t a gender identity as much as it’s a way for people with mixed or ambiguous sex characteristics to define that experience. There are cis men and women who are intersex, trans people of every kind as well. I’m sure there are intersex people who just identify as intersex entirely but most intersex people I’ve met still identify as male, female, or nonbinary. Because your body doesn’t determine your gender identity.
Also, the opposite of intersex is perisex. You can be cis or trans, while being intersex or perisex. If you’re not intersex, you are perisex.
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"I'm not sorry guys, it turns out I'm not *insert gender/sexuality*, I was just a bit confused."
Is perfectly valid. Want to use new pronouns? Go for it! Bi didn't quite fit, but pan does?! Identify with that! If you stop identifying as something, I'm not going to judge! I'm just glad that you're closer to finding yourself!
*I updated this adding "I'm not sorry" as no one should be sorry for finding themselves. Thanks to people for pointing this out as I simply forgot that I put that in*
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jenjensd · 6 months ago
It may be the end of
But that just mean it’s time for
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vive-la-revolution · 4 months ago
hey reblog if you believe that having a different romantic orientation than your sexual orientation is perfectly okay and valid. i want to see something.
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thetrevorproject · 2 months ago
📢 On #IntersexDayofSolidarity, our Director of Advocacy and Government Affairs Sam Ames writes with Kimberly Zieselman, "As attacks continue to be lodged against people based on antiquated and harmful beliefs about sex and gender, it is more pressing than ever to center the issue of intersex children’s bodily autonomy." Read their piece for The Advocate 📢
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wayaha · 7 months ago
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Two Spirits are transcendent Indigenous lesbians are lovely Indigenous gay people are glorious Indigenous bisexual people are breathtaking Indigenous transgender people are terrific Indigenous nonbinary people are incredible Indigenous intersex people are perfect Indigenous pan people are astonishing Indigenous ace people are amazing Indigenous LGBT+ people are important members in the community
Happy Pride month to all LGBT+ Indigenous people, from a 2S nonbinary bi woman! ❤🧡💛💚💙💜
Being LGBT+ and Indigenous at the same time can feel very lonely and isolating at times, people tend to forget we are here and when we’re remembered it’s often as an afterthought. It can be difficult to find more people you can relate to, especially because the community can sometimes feel unsafe or unwelcoming due to racism
As lonely as it can be and as unwelcoming the community can feel, you are, and always will be, important and loved and appreciated members in the community ♥
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