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She’s putting in the hours. Yes, exactly.
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so Rosie made a reply to a tweet referring to an old sketch of Rhys's called "Things Rhys Can Do," and because of the context some people were kind of confused about what she was referring to, so I wanted to put up this clip of Rhys explaining it (and its sequels) since the sketch itself no longer online. Thank you @stedetheestallion and the Rhys Darby Archivist on Youtube for helping me with the technical issues I was having with this video lmao
This clip is from a really amazing uncut interview he did in 2019 for Funny As: The Story of New Zealand Comedy; I definitely recommend listening to the whole thing if you have the time and/or are interested in Rhys's early life/comedy and his experience with the NZ comedy scene in the late 90s/early 00s in general.
The Comedy Club at University of Canterbury was Rhys's first foray into the comedy scene, and where he met future collaborators like Chris Brain and Jonno Roberts. "Things Rhys Can Do" was the first sketch from Rhys the club accepted into their annual Capping Revue.
Here's Rhys's account from This Way to Spaceship that adds a bit more context:
I joined the University of Canterbury Comedy Club, in Christchurch, New Zealand, in 1995. It was Guy Roberts who made me do it. He was sitting at the sign-in desk during clubs and societies day. It was my first year at university and I was ever so keen to make (or do) an impression. It's thanks to Guy (according to him that I now have a career in comedy. A year after this signing up fiasco I was a fully fledged member of the university comedy team. I was invited to join the writing group, which, thanks to the budget breakfasts and bottomless coffee, met and wrote while sitting in a booth at Denny's restaurant. We sat around bumbling through ideas. I offered a lot of suggestions, but Guy (who was now president of the club) didn't like any of them. He politely suggested I move to another booth because my 'silly' ideas were distracting from his brilliant ones. I moved to another booth and wrote a simple comedy sketch on the back of a kids' menu. The sketch was called Things Rhys Can Do, and here it is: Announcer: 'Ladies and Gentlemen, we are proud to present Things Rhys Can Do by Rhys Darby.' Clears throat. I walk onstage. (I enter the stage in a funny way, wearing tights) Announcer: 'I do something funny.' (I do something funny) Announcer: 'I do a funny dance.' (I do a dance in a funny way) Announcer: 'I take a bow.' (I take a bow in a funny way) Announcer: 'I leave the stage.' (I leave the stage in a funny way) Announcer: 'Thank you.' THE END I presented this to Guy and the team that day in Denny's and it was met with much laughter. Unfortunately they were laughing at how stupid the idea was and not how funny it was. I was told to go back and work harder, but I think at that point I decided to go home. Regardless of this, Guy kept the bit of paper the sketch was written on and months later he decided to bring it out. Now he decided it was worth trying. Why? Because as time went by he began to see how I could make next to nothing funny. I could make people laugh without the use of words, a concept the writers group hadn't considered. I was physically funny. This became apparent at parties, and in general. Guy realised that this sketch was an opportunity for me to shine with minimal writing. The comedy club was struggling for ideas for that year's Capping Revue Show, so finally after a lot of discussion Things Rhys Can Do made it onto the set list. On opening night I performed small roles in a number of sketches, but when my big moment arrived I took to it with great gusto. With my long, skinny, gangly legs I pranced about in my purple tights like an incorrigible vixen, a sneaky jester gaily displaying his talent in the courtyard of the king. The crowd loved every minute of it and it was the hit of the night. 'The funniest sketch of the show' was the general consensus the next day at university. Other comments included, 'How do you move like that?' And, 'What's wrong with you?'
Rhys alluded to this being available on Youtube, which it was at one point, but it no longer is and doesn't appear to have been saved (on the Internet, that is. apparently Rosie has a copy). You can see some footage of him in purple tights here, but it's not set to any particular music.
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Chris Pine | MTV News (2022)
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4 pages about Tokyo Mew Mew New~ ♡ on Animage september issue, with a double interview (I suppose) to Yuuichi Nakamura (Ryou Shirogane) and Yuusuke Shirai (Keiichirou Akasaka). ❤️
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Kristen Stewart on working with Robert De Niro as a teenager
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A man and his drama 😊
Full video on YouTube Rammstein fans Germany - Richard Kruspe - interview 2010
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Aidan Turner on becoming a dad and his new drama, The Suspect
The Times
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Aidan at an interview for Hot Press Chatroom at Electric Picnic in 2013.
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Tatiana Maslany @ The Late Show with Stephen Colbert 
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KERRANG! - April 14, 2001
Rammstein have promised to bring a truly spectacular live show to the UK for a one-off show at London’s Astoria on June 10. Previous shows have featured vast amount of fire, explosive pyrotechnics, an extravagant light show and, most controversially, huge dildos and simulated ejaculation. During their last US tour, the band were threatened with arrest for indecent exposure following a simulated sex act on stage. Rammstein have recently speculated about the possibility of bringing a huge tank of formaldehyde on tour with them. However, plans to use water and neon during the show have been scrapped.
“We came to the conclusion that water was much too hazardous to use,” states guitarist Richard Z. Kruspe-Bernstein. “The danger of being electrocuted was just too real. People have called us irresponsible when it comes to the stage-show. Should something happen to the band members, well, that’s okay, but we would never jeopardize our fans.”
Rammstein’s last live extravaganza was captured on the band’s 1999 DVD/VHS release “Live Aus Berlin”. The latest stage-show is being designed by the band with Roy Bennett a New York-based stage designer who has previously worked with Marilyn Manson, Kiss, Nine Inch Nails and Prince. Although Rammstein have yet to finalise the details of what the new show will involve, they have stated in recent interviews that popular elements from the old show will remain, including frontman Till Lindemann ritual of setting himself on fire.
“The songs of ‘Herzeleid’ (Rammstein’s 1995 debut album) were too static,” says Lindemann, about the band’s first forays into using fire onstage.
“I held onto the microphone stand while others were dancing or flinging things through the air. But that didn’t suit our music, and it really didn’t suit me. So one day I had these two Roman candles in my hand, and that is how the whole thing exploded into life.” Lindemann has become a qualified pyrotechnician in order that no-one outside the band be required to take risks while executing their pyrotechnic effects. He is apparently now only one level away from being qualified to blow up condemned buildings.
“We will try to bring the crowd, the band and the stage as close together as possible,” Kruspe-Bernstein told Rammstein fan site Herzeleid.com recently. “One of our highest wishes is to use video projection throughout important parts of the show. We think it would add yet another dimension.”
Tickets for Rammstein’s London gig are priced at £11 and are available now from all the usual outlets. The band’s new four K-rated album, ‘Mutter’, will be released on April 16 through Motor/Universal.
You can read our exclusive interview with Rammstein in next week’s issue.
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alex forgetting his own age 🤝 remembering how to say nicholas o'malley backwards
alex forgetting the lyrics to american sports and 505 🤝 knowing how to say one specific line of one for the road in french
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@glassmagazine: Glass speaks to multi-faceted musician Mark Tuan.
Read the interview here: bit.ly/3JSG4ec
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Some more Santiago Saturday for you! ❤️⚜️
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Hope you all have a great day!
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