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querentiaa · a month ago
thinking about the casual intimacy of showing someone you love an unfinished work of art, the underlying message saying, i trust you with my unpolished heart
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ultrafluorescent · 6 months ago
Mutuals i am sitting next to you putting the sticker from the fruit im eating on your hand as a subtle act of intimacy because i love and cherish you
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pasifik · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Normal People, Jane Austen, and the Romance of Walking Around by @snoopysfriendwoodstock
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Touches Ask Game
Prompts for writing human connection, intimacy, belonging.
The purest form of human connection.
tiny hands in big hands
calloused hands in soft hands
cold hands in warm hands
hands with the perfect ratio to each other for hand-holding
platonic hand-holding
running their thumb over the other’s hand
dancing with their hands holding onto each other
squeezing hand for comfort and encouragement
holding hands across the table
happily doing everything with just one hand, if it means they don’t have to let go
not wanting to lose each other in a big crowd
possessive hand-holding
linking hands together during sex
grabbing hand to show them something
loosely holding onto each other’s hands, laying in one’s lap
only linking the pinkies together, not ready to let go completely
holding hands while skating
excitedly grabbing each other’s hands during a concert, jumping up and down together
playing with each other’s fingers
pressing the other’s hand against their cheek
holding hands while one is balancing on a small wall
grabbing the other’s hand to pull them back from something
holding hands under the table
only realizing it when they have to let go
standing in front of each other, holding both their hands
holding their hands above their head, fingers linked together
passionate hand-holding
grabbing the other’s hand so they don’t fall
holding hands while running through the rain
brushing against each other, linking fingers together for a second
grabbing their hand to grab their attention
not really paying attention, both doing something else, but still holding hands
bandaging the other’s hand and not quite letting go
holding hands while driving
grabbing the other’s hand to pull them back to them
unconsciously searching out each other’s hand while sleeping
not realizing they’re holding hands till someone points it out
swinging hands back and forth, skipping like children
holding hands in a museum to pull them to the next exhibition
letting go when there is an obstacle in their way and immediately grabbing each other’s hand again when they pass it
loosely holding onto each other’s hand
dragging the other with them, holding their hand
raising the other’s hand to their lips to kiss it softly
holding hands while jumping down from somewhere together
comparing hand sizes, then linking fingers together
A warm embrace.
friendly hugs
hug around the waist
hugging while twirling around
comforting hugs
side hugs
hugging and gently holding the other’s head
pulling someone into a hug
hugging while walking
eye-to-eye hugs
hiding their face in the other’s neck
clinging to each other
hugging while lying down together
group hugs
hugging with head on shoulder
tender embrace
‘not wanting to let go’ hugs
hugging from behind
bear hugs
hugging with hands in each other’s pockets
hugs and kisses
hugging and jumping up and down together
familiar hugs
hugging with height-difference
gentle hugs
hugging with patting on back
piggy back hugs
quick hugs
hugging while slow dancing
one-sided hugs
hugging while straddling the partner
long-lasting hugs
‘picking them up’ hugs
hugging while grabbing butt
cuddle pile
Showing affections.
goodnight kisses
hand kisses
smiling while kissing
lips barely touching
morning kisses
slow kisses
passionate kisses
kisses on the cheek
first kisses
goodbye kisses
welcome home kisses
kisses on the corner of their mouth
frustrated kisses
kissing each other breathless
soothing kisses
nose kisses
kisses as a promise
short pecks
forehead kisses
kisses on head
“we’ll face this together” kisses
kisses in the rain
life-or-death kisses
kisses for a cover
hard kisses
giggling while kissing
desperate kisses
neck kisses
hushed conversation in-between kisses
eyelid kisses
gentle stroking of cheeks
small kisses
kissing it better
jaw kisses
wake-up kisses
kissing away tears
public kisses
relieved kisses
kisses for comfort
tummy kisses
kisses to shut them up
slowly kissing down the body
“we’ll see each other again” kisses
kissing each finger
sleepy kisses
angry kisses
feather-light kisses
kisses with trembling lips
secret kisses
kisses with their last dying breath
Feeling another human’s touch.
touching foreheads
running fingers through hair
hiding face in neck
caressing the other’s hand
feeling their pulse
patting the other’s head
holding hands
shielding the other one with their body
listening to the other’s heartbeat
spooning at night
laying their hand on the other’s neck
pushing a strand of hair behind their ear
nudging the other one
putting an arm around the other’s waist
hugging each other
massaging them
holding the other’s chin up
squishing the other’s cheek
high fiving
bandaging/stitching up an injury
kissing the other’s brow
falling asleep on the other’s shoulder
carrying the other one in their arms
whispering in their ear, lips touching the skin
stroking the other’s arm soothingly
kissing the top of their head
pulling the other one towards them
feeling for each other in the dark
tickling the other one
grabbing onto their arm
doing a pinky swear
caressing the other’s back
tasting their smile
washing the other’s body
kissing their bruises and scars
lifting the other one up
putting their head on the other’s chest
stroking their leg
leaning into the other’s side
patting them on the back
sitting close and knees touching
braiding the other’s hair
giving them a piggy-back ride
sitting on the other’s lap
feeling their temperature
linking arms with each other
touching their elbow to get their attention
dancing with each other
holding onto the other’s shoulders for support
putting a hand over the other’s mouth to shut them up
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enigmasandepiphanies · a month ago
So I am just sitting here unkissed and uncuddled, the audacity of life
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beautifulbitch-2 · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Good night....
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boysofbooks · 11 months ago
People think intimacy is about sex. But intimacy is about truth. When you realize you can tell someone your truth, when you can show yourself to them, when you stand in front of them bare and their response is 'You're safe with me' - that's intimacy.
Taylor Jenkins Reid, The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo
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dreamy-prose · 3 months ago
little intimate things that leave me breathless
feel free to use these as prompts
you're talking on the phone and your lover quietly comes up behind you, wraps their arms around you, and starts gently kissing your neck. you begin to lose focus on your phone call as you concentrate on not making any noise.
your crush gently touching you on the arm or putting their hand on your shoulder as you two have a conversation.
having a piece of hair brushed off your face as you're reading or looking down.
looking at your crush or lover only to find them already looking at you and when you make eye contact, they smile at you.
holding hands while having sex and/or making out.
"i'm so proud of you."
being asked "are you sure?" (there's nothing sexier than consent)
you and your lover sitting next to each other at a table and they rest their hand on your thigh, gently rubbing their thumb back and forth.
your lover playing with your hair or vice versa.
telling a stupid joke and hearing your crush laugh.
helping your lover fix their tie or zip up their dress. or, you two helping each other undress.
telling your partner how stressed out you are and they are simply just listening before opening their arms and holding you until you feel better.
"i love you."
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anonbeadraws · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
commission for @thehedash, a triptych of Philly and Zariah, a few lovely moments 💖💖💖 ✨commission info in source link below✨
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