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As I sit in my quiet apartment, on my couch, drinking coffee, as the sun shines on my face thru parted blinds, I imagine you lazily walking towards me, naked under my tshirt, hair a mess, smiling, barely cracking your eyes cuz you just woke up, you come sit next to me, facing me, we wrap our arms around each other and you rest your head on my chest, partially buried in my shirt, I run my right hand down the left side of your face and thru your hair, it’s calm and peaceful and our heartbeats are relatively synced, I kiss your forehead and whisper “you’re my beautiful girl.” I continue to stare at your flawless features as you close your eyes and snuggle into my chest and fall back asleep, you seem happy and comfortable, I pull a light blanket over your bare ass and legs and hold you in my warm embrace!

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i don’t know if this was rape…

when me and my ex were together back in September, it was our first time getting intimate really. and he wanted to have sex, but i felt like i wasn’t ready to do anything like that with him. so i told him i didn’t wanna have sex, but he still kept trying harder to do it with me. then he started to finger me and i said no again and told him i didn’t want to. his defense was “cmon i’m your boyfriend”. so he was getting rougher and i kinda let it happen cause i felt bad. then next thing i knew he was inside of me. i remember saying “wait i don’t want to” and he said “please” right back. so i just let it happen, i hated it. i didn’t want it to go like that. but idk if that’s rape…i still let him, but i feel like these last few months it’s been on my mind more and more.

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  • To make known, especially in a formal manner; announce.
  • Specifically, to make known by indirect means or words; hint or suggest; indicate; point out.
  • Synonyms Suggest, Insinuate, etc. See hint, transitive verb
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why do people idolize sunrise and sunset? personally I like the in between, when you can see the most beautiful shades of blue,purple and yellow, I don’t know why, but it seems more truthful to me; also I love cheap unnatural lights, under those you can see the worst of people and it’s weirdly exciting.

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(Dream Sequence)

If she could blush, she would right now-

She just broke out into this big awkward smile. “Th-That sounds lovely~…..”

Everything was fine. They wouldn’t hurt you because they’ve done this before and everything was fine. That was just a bad dream and everything is fine now-


They just started nipping at your wrist. It didn’t quite leave marks, especially not like it did when you were a human, but you could still feel it.

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(Dream Sequence)

Ah yes, this is totally normal. Just a robot cuddling with her robotic husband and the swarm of cockroaches that she is apparently also engaged to-

“How do you leave your love marks now that I’m a robot? Do your friends help you?~”


“Well, it’s harder now, but we certainly try~” he cooed, intertwining his fingers with yours. “We’d be more than happy to display it, if you’d like~”

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After a long day working and tidying the house and making dinner and doing the dishes, I wanna just sit on the couch as you lay on it but with your head at the other end and your feet in my lap, let me massage your thighs and calves and ankles and feet and take good care of you! Helping you relax physically, helps me relax mentally!

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