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#into the spider verse

People out there sayin’ quarantine can’t be sexy and fun, but i disagree.

Ways to make quarantine sexy and fun:

Make a crime fursona (example: Prowler, scorpion, rhino, ect.)

Design that motherfucking outfit with available materials~

Sneak out at night and play loud ass music, people will either love you or hate you

Commit tax fraud

Feel free to add on~

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So a thought that randomly occured to me during watching Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse - Miles Morales’ loud thoughts.

I was like “why were his thoughts so loud and then once he became Spiderman, they were silent?”

Then I realize… it was him being anxious and it’s a form of antixity.

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“I…love you all.”

Unmasking Spider Man Noir! This one was done with traditional ink tracing. He doesn’t have his glasses here cuz, well…he wouldn’t wear his glasses under his mask >_>


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(Noir and Ham teaching Peni things)

Noir: “this is how you hold a knife when you’re whittling”

Peni: “Oh cool!, can I tr-”

Ham, grabbing the knife: “And this is how you hold a knife when you’re gonna kill a man!”

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