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The name Tumblr is derived from "Tumblelogs", which were hand coded multimedia blogs.
traoretlustrousbeauty · 10 days ago
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illyricum-croatorum · 19 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Smell of bloom is so strong and intoxicating.
Peach, nectarines, almonds, plums, cherries....ect
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letsallmakelove · 20 days ago
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Hi to all you gorgeous ladies and amazing people. As I am new to this let me introduce myself😏. They call me mandingo, a guy who has a taste for all types of women. Thin ones, juicy ones, meatilicious ones. I am easily aroused and stay constantly naughty. My mind runs wild with fantasies that if one was to step into my mind they would be overcome by the naughty filthiness making you instantly wet, making you want to put your hand down your panties to relieve yourself, resulting in quivering sensational gasms from all the naughty thoughts of mine you just experienced.
Step into my world. Let me make your breath heavier, let me take your mind & body to a point of no control.
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wanderinggirl11 · a month ago
The dangerous man,
He’s not necessarily classically handsome
He has good rugged looks
But what makes him dangerous
Is that he listens, making eye contact
And remembering the details that make one
Feel like he has a true interest.
That in itself is intoxicating
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shesadream2020 · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tempting and intoxicating like a muse
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richardtattonirocks · 2 months ago
Finding Nirvana is like locating pleasure.
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random-xpressions · 2 months ago
A sip of you is enough, to intoxicate me for a lifetime...
Random Xpressions
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linguinibot · 2 months ago
This entiiiireeee exchange between cuddy and wilson about cuddy kissing house. Everyone’s having completely different conversations every time they have a conversation
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bloodredjesus · 3 months ago
You make me want to be a different person. You make me want to wake up. Next to you, apart from you - anywhere. As long as you’re here, I’m here.
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shesadream2020 · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Intoxicating . . .
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dilfzemo · 4 months ago
the samcas noise in this bus is astronomical
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random-xpressions · 6 months ago
Sharaab chod dhee,
Jaam jo teri aankhon se peene laga..
Random Xpressions
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callmehopeless · 6 months ago
I wish you would write ✨finish✨ that fic where Flip and reader are undercover and in a fake marriage, like I gotta know where it goes. Do they catch feels? Do they not acknowledge them until the very last minute? Do they convince themselves it’s all for the case but it’s really not and it’s all real? The people have to know!!
Oooooh oh my god, I assume you mean Intoxicating, my fic where Flip and Reader go into a bar pretending to be newlyweds while undercover and he ends up getting too riled up and fingerfucks her?
I straight up would die to write more of it! I loved writing it so much! I believe I wrote a sequel somewhere where they pretend to be on honeymoon but I can’t find it for the life of me
If people would like to see more of it, I’ll add it to my new WIP poll to decide which new WIP I’m writing first soon! :D
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toisiit · 6 months ago
Is your fanfic cripple a prequel to intoxicating? And will there be more chapters to intoxicating cuz I'm MAD ASS CURIOUS about how that ends. And btw I AM IN ABSOLUTE AWE OF YOUR WRITING IN INTOXICATING AND CRIPPLE.
hii!! oh shit I sound like a 🥺 girl IM NOT OKAY IM JUST LESS BRUH ONLINE okay okay off topic lololol
I recently took down cripple because I wasn't happy with how it was written :(( BUT generally I'd say that cripple is the prequel to everything! it was supposed to be claude's childhood generically so that you could imagine it as the prequel to literally anything :))
and yup! one more chapter for intoxicating (shit is about to hit fan uGH LMAO) with more plot but still some more nsfw :))
im surprised people still like intoxicating-
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hades-irl · 7 months ago
Soft Sheets & Warm Hands
The day comes to an end
My weary bones seek comfort
I drag my feet
Across the cold tile
There you are
Laying in my bed
Radiating pure bliss as you sleep
Your hair lays messily against the pillows
The subtle rise and fall of your breathing
Shifts the blankets surrounding you
I try not to wake you but
You hear my quiet footsteps
And slowly open your eyes
Reaching out your arms
To welcome me home
I settle beneath the blanket with you
The warmth your body provides
Brings me more comfort
Than you could ever know
I watch as
Your eyes trace my face
My breath hitches in my throat
While your hands roam up my thighs and arms
Until they reach my face
One hand in my hair
And one palm flush against my cheek
Warm as the sun against my skin
Your thumb strokes my cheek
Then my eyelashes
Then my lips
As if to make sure I’m truly there
Your breath gently fans my face
Reminding me that you too
Are really there
Your cologne fills my nose
It makes me weak
Like a potion concocted to draw me to you
To make me
Fall in love with you
Over and over again
I wonder if you know
The power you hold over me
How your words enchant me
Your intoxicating smile draws me in
Your laughter echoes in my mind
You radiate love
And I can’t help but stare
I mean
Would you turn away from the most beautiful star in the sky?
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egregiousstory · 7 months ago
I feel like I'm obsessed with this feeling.
That feeling of intoxication.
Every year, it's like deep in my heart, that longing to have this feeling because it always inevitably leaves. Whether it's because I don't get to keep the love or it becomes familiar love. It does fade/leave.
I find reading stories of people, in love, in turmoil, in those slight touches of temptation, heartache, and passion, I find those help and make it worse all at the same time.
I just want to find more and more of this to consume. I want it.
It's come and gone since I was a kid. Maybe that means something is wrong with me. To desire this again and again.
Right now tho? I have no one to help/create this for me. No one it's directed at.
I have realized in this past while that I can be sexually attracted to someone and not romantically attracted to them. But I know that's just bound to be disappointing. Curious for one time and then just disappointing after. As much as I want to know... I don't want to set up myself for that.
I would rather want someone who I want both ways.
The annoying part is that right now, this desire, this feeling of wanting that intoxication, makes me want to pursue those who I'm sexually attracted to but not romantically. I choose not to. But doesn't mean my body doesn't want to.
It's like that mind/body duality.
Maybe more than anything I just long for the past when I did feel these things. How rare and wonderful and teasing they were.
That burning in my flesh, in my bones.
How much I wanted to have it last forever.
The last person I had this with is gone. Never forgotten. I miss the feeling I had with him.
It's been more than once this year I've had this desire. My heart aches for it.
But it will fade.
It always does.
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shesadream2020 · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Intoxicating... addictive
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princess-adronitis · 8 months ago
skin smooth as if made of melted gold, a sight to behold
simmering and too hot to touch
if I wanted to you'd fall in love with me easily enough
a flick of the wrist, I'd have you at my feet
begging for another taste, another chance to feast
The huntress. The python that kills you with a squeeze
and you want more even if it's slightly frightening
Intoxicating. I understand you like the back of my hands
holding the power to quench all your desires and demands
(but I won't )
- jm
July 14/20 ©
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