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#intro post
forevergarden-if · 29 days ago
Tumblr media
Forever Garden - Interactive Fiction
Behind the lush forests of evergreen and sickly sweet pinks, your village lives quietly. Every Monday you sing praises to the orchards and whistle melodies to the roses—this has always been standard practice in the Garden.
The Garden—your home, which lies in the valley between the Great Stone Mountains, in the fields of the red-winged birds and the moon-drunk owls.
Life has been nothing but simple for as long as you can remember…
But your foggy memory is getting clearer. And with the ghosts, the bombs, the gunfire—you’re quickly realizing that the Garden is not what you thought it was, and subsequently your home, is not as safe as you had always assumed.
You are not even sure it is home at all.
Suddenly, your mind is rushing with past memories you do not understand, and ghosts of people you do not know, and before time runs out—before you are caught—you must figure them out.
Above all you must remember:
Everything you know is a lie.
Welcome to the Forever Garden. We hope you enjoy your stay.
Tumblr media
Ada/Adel Moon (She/her, He/him) (5'11) - A Moon is a quiet botanist. You know them well, or as well as you can know a colleague because you’ve never actually bothered to talk to them. They’ve always been friendly, though, and they seem to be a solid wall to fall back to. They stand tall, but not incredibly tall, broad soldiers, dark skin, attentive eyes and a frown that never seems to disappear. Adel’s dreaded hair is usually loosely tied back, while Ada’s hair can be seen in braids down the length of her back.
Roselyn/Rhosyn/Ro Woods (She/her, He/him, They/them) (5'6) - R Woods is an enigma, a puzzle you haven’t quite figured out. Not that you would want to anyways. Every time you’ve ever attempted conversation with them you’ve been cut down with their unapologetically sharp tongue. They stand at an average height with crystal clear eyes, short and curly blonde hair falls around their shoulders. Their pale skin is dotted with freckles, as is their face. They are a leader within the community inside the Garden, but you’ve never quite agreed with their politics.
Jett (They/them) (6'3) - You’ve only seen them in whispers, standing behind you in your mirror, calling your name in the middle of the night. Wherever you see them the air seems to warp around them. You’re not even sure if they belong to the Garden, but everyone does…don’t they? Perhaps they are a ghost. From what you can tell they stand tall, with dark hair, ivory skin, and an almost sullen but gorgeous face. A perpetual aura of cigarette smoke seems to surround them.
??? (She/her) (5'4) - Unknown RO
RO skintones and ethnicities
Tumblr media
A customizable MC with a background of your choosing! (This encompasses: pronouns, skills, character traits and physicality and sexuality)!
A stats screen to track your progress, characterization, and your memories as they become clearer!
4 romance routes - two gender customizable, one non-binary, and one female!
Uncover the secrets of the Forever Garden, make friends and make enemies.
Approach three different endings within the Romance Route you have chosen (find happiness, or fall into tragedy)!
Escape the Garden, or don’t. It’s up to you.
This blog is 16+ and will not contain any NSFW content both on the blog and within the IF and I kindly ask that you do not send me NSFW asks as I will not answer them.
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echoesdev · 23 days ago
Tumblr media
ECHOES | Interactive Fiction WIP | DEMO ON ITCH.IO
Tumblr media
What do you remember?
You wake up in a strange house, your mind a haze of confusion. You need answers, and to find them, you must explore. But you don’t have much time, and there is more than one mystery waiting for you.
Can you find the answers you need? Can you uncover the house’s secrets, and your own?
Tumblr media
— Echoes is an interactive short story created with Twine, currently in development. It contains mystery, supernatural and (mostly psychological) horror elements. Explore a mysterious house looking for answers; it’s up to you whether you will find them—or not—before it’s too late.
— The protagonist and their past are as much of a mystery as the house itself; you will be able to name them and shape their actions, but here too is a story to be pieced together. Gender and physical descriptions of the main character will not be mentioned at any point.
— The first demo, available on, is a teaser consisting of the story’s prologue (approx. 3.5k words). The next update will probably come when I’m either halfway done or fully done with the story.
— Content warnings for amnesia and paranoia; more warnings to be added as development progresses. As a guideline and given the themes, this game will be rated 15+.
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bensdyad · 3 years ago
me: i hate clichés!!! stop doing clichés in movies and books!!!!
also me: let's read this 50k fake dating with bed sharing, reluctant cuddling, friends to lovers with a side of comedy and mid angst au of my otp for the 2384849 time
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coffeebuddha · a year ago
i need all of you to understand that i simultaneously have completely given up on caring about anything ever at all while also caring way too much about every single thing that i encounter in my life
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facinaoris · a year ago
where is my group of women to wail with me empathetically
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genderedchild · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
**A strange bug sits amongst the foliage of Greenpath, armed and aware of your presence. Approach and question her?
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monica-geller · 3 years ago
i luv when i’m listening to all my music on shuffle and a taylor song comes on..... really reminds me of who i am... where i came from..... keeps me humble
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spnprideweek · a month ago
Tumblr media
hey there friends!! we’d like to introduce you to spnprideweek! this is a fan-led event to celebrate queer stories and characters in supernatural! it will run from june 13 to june 19. here are our prompts for each day with some ideas to get you started:
day 1: coming out / flags — coming out is pretty self explanatory, and can be as taken as literal as you’d like! what’s their story? how did the people around them react? are they coming out in terms of sexuality or gender or both? etc etc. flags is also up to interpretation, you can use the flag colors from different pride flags, explore red flags, play flag football—entirely up to you! [sunday, june 13]
day 2: mlm / pride — men loving men refers to any relationships that are between men or any characters that are mlm. pride is another open-ended prompt: what does ‘pride’ mean to you? what does it mean to these characters/how do they show pride? or, if you desire, this prompt can broadly refer to being proud or taking pride in something! [monday, june 14]
day 3: trans / acceptance — trans is a prompt specific to work about non-binary, genderfluid, and trans characters and/or their relationships. acceptance might refer to self-acceptance journeys or even coming out stories. again, quite open ended! [tuesday, june 15]
day 4: wlw / supporting characters — women loving women can showcase the awesome queer women on supernatural and their growth as characters, their relationships with others, or anything else you’d like to showcase. you can also show some love to the supporting characters not explored fully by the show. one episode wonders? one season stars? flesh them out or highlight their scenes! remember that you are of course welcome to use these characters for any other prompts as well! [wednesday, june 16]
day 5: found family / fun — found family: who are the important people that surround your character(s)? how do they support each other? how did they become family? you can easily tie this prompt into fun, or just run with ‘fun’ on its own and explore what your character(s) might do to let loose ! [thursday, june 17]
day 6: aroace / queer poc — day six allows creators to make content surrounding aromantic or asexual characters! you can combine this with queer poc if you so desire (e.g max banes, kaia nieves, whoever else you headcanon), but the second prompt is geared specifically towards queer poc characters and/or their relationships! [friday, june 18]
this day runs adjacent to @spnpocweek 's creator weekend (18th-20th) which will be boosting content from poc and about poc characters or relationships! be sure to check it out!
day 7: free space / free space [saturday, june 19]
* the ideas listed above are just to get you brainstorming! feel free to be as creative and interpretive of the prompts as you would like!
two prompts are provided for each day for flexibility's sake. feel free to combine them or choose whichever ones suit your fancy!!
you do not have to participate in every day of this event.
headcanons and canon are both welcome!
in addition to the prompts listed above, this entire week our blog will be open for you tell us your queer or gender-related stories! these can range from personal anecdotes to how the show and/or its characters helped with your coming out or understanding yourself, or anything else that you feel comfortable sharing. we’ll be posting these all week, so feel free to send us an ask (either on anon or off), submission, or tag us in your posts!
remember to use our tag #spnprideweek and/or tag us @/spnprideweek to make sure we see it and can reblog!
NO wincest or incest of any kind will be accepted. NO rpf ships or nsfw works will be reblogged on the spnprideweek blog, since this event is open to minors.
Thanks for your understanding, and if you have any questions, be sure to send us an ask!
& finally — check out @transnaturalweek from the 22nd-28th of this month!! in collaboration with those at transnaturalweek, you are able to resubmit any content made from spnprideweek to transnaturalweek by tagging them in your work on the appropriate/corresponding days of their event!
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thegoldenharp · a month ago
Tumblr media
As fresh starts go, this is a little more extreme.
You intended to stow away on a merchant vessel bound for the New World – instead, you ended up in the hold of a pirate galley. With no other option, you agree to join the crew of The Golden Harp as they search the seas for the lost riches of Lisboa.
Along the way, you must contend with deadly creatures, rival captains, and the threat of capture by the Royal Navy. And through it all, you get the distinct impression that your quarry is not at all what it seems…
Tumblr media
A fully customisable MC, from gender to appearance to personality.
Develop relationships with male, female, and non-binary characters.
Pursue ten possible romance routes (seven single routes and three poly routes)
Note: this game and blog will be strictly 18+ - you have been warned!
Tumblr media
Captain Lorcan Crowe (32, he/him) The Captain of The Golden Harp, Lorcan has sailed the seven seas and made his mark on the world. A household name in the Empire, parents use him to discipline wayward children. Those who meet him, though, would describe him as charming, an inveterate flirt, and someone who has an uncanny knack of knowing exactly how to get what he wants…
Quartermaster Robin Palgrave (33, they/them) Robin has been a member of The Golden Harp’s crew since they were a small child, and has risen through the ranks with Lorcan and now stand at his right hand. They are a steadying influence, and Lorcan’s most trusted companion. In what little downtime they have, they have an artistic streak and a deep appreciation for the cultures that they are able to witness on their travels.
Sailing Master Gray Fairfax (25, they/them) Perfectly happy with their previous life as a member of the Royal Navy’s administrative corps, Gray was uprooted a year before the events of the story when Lorcan decided that the crew of The Golden Harp needed an expert navigator to aid them in their quest for the lost treasure. You get the distinct impression that they would rather be almost literally anywhere else.
Lorelei (age unknown, they/them) A creature often thought mythical by sceptical land-dwellers, their real name is unpronounceable for human tongues. Instead, they choose the name of one of their more famous kin, a siren of great renown among humans. They seem to already know you, though you have long forgotten them.
Lieutenant Anthony Meverell (31, he/him) Anthony Meverell is one of the fastest rising stars of the Royal Navy, already a Lieutenant in his early thirties. He has been tasked with ridding the seven seas of pirates - though he seems to have a personal interest in The Golden Harp...
Captain Grace O’Rourke (29, she/her) O’Rourke, self-styled “Queen of the West”, is a rival captain chasing the same treasure as The Golden Harp. She seems to already be known to the rest of your crew - though when they said “better the devil you know”, you’re not sure this is what they had in mind.
An ancient presence (they/them) A voice in the darkness, calling out to you - though whether it is to entice you or warn you, you cannot yet tell...
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hannybstudies · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
on this day in 2017, I decided to (re)start my studyblr journey! I’m so incredibly thankful for all the love I’ve received over the past 730 days; I wish I could properly repay all 23.3K of y’all! once I have some down time, I’d love to host a big event for us all to celebrate! however, I’m still finishing up finals so for now, how about a reintroduction post? (tbh I never did an original introduction post lmao better late than never, right?)
Tumblr media
+ my name is hannah but you can call me hanny, han, honey, etc!
+ twenty-three // she/her // bisexual
+ pisces // hufflepuff // infp-t
+ from new mexico, usa
+ getting married to my best friend in september (!!!)
+ work at a counseling center & as a substitute teacher
Tumblr media
+ bullet journaling
+ playing w my dog, beans
+ hanging out w my fiance & friends
+ binge watching youtube
+ dancing & singing
+ writing pen pals
+ lover of anything pink, soft, and aesthetic
+ fangirling over bts & harry styles
+ curating playlists for every mood
+ rewatching himym for the nth time
+ planning for my wedding (eeep!)
+ generally trying to chillax
Tumblr media
 + graduated from undergrad in may 2017
 + earned my bachelor’s in social work
 + took a few years off to recover from burnout
 + earning my masters in social work
 + taking online classes full time
 + starting internship at a middle school in august
 + hopefully graduating in august 2020
 + I rly wanna work with children ages ~5 to 14
 + dream job (a): working for Make-A-Wish
 + dream job (b): working as a school counselor
Tumblr media
original content
 + lots of bujo spreads (see here)
 + study inspiration (see here)
 + daily achievements (see here)
 + rambles and sh*t postings (see here)
 + general updates on my life lmao
reblogged content
 + mostly studyspo + bujospo
 + posts I am tagged in (tag me! #itshannyb)
 + vintage/pink aesthetic (from my sideblog)
 + nature/green aesthetic (from my sideblog)
 + bts lyrics/photo/gif sets (from my sideblog)
Tumblr media
I have met soooo many wonderful people through the studyblr community; there is no possible way for me to list all of them. but here are a specific few that are near and dear to my heart. thank you for everything! i love you so much!!!
@coffeeandpies / @theonlysaylor / @thekingsstudy / @rylie-studies / @blackgrad / @akydemics / @adelinestudiess / @staedyhan / @gloomstudy / @42querencia / @micahleighreads / @moonstarbujo / @scrunchiestudies / @hollstudies / @casual-minimalist / @serendistudy / @khatulati / @problematicprocrastinator / @ash-trological / @bujowsofie / @bujo-ie / @petalhop / @elleandhermione / @thestudyfeels / @rahastudies / @study-linds / @hollstudies / @rivkahstudies / @tutterstudies / @study-van / @fungstudies / @almastudies / @evalearns / @bilunarstudies / @teaandstudythings / @stillstudies / @happybujopng / @sonderstudy / @rosephile / @psychedaboutstudying / @maianology / @merakietudier / @a-students-lifebuoy / @moontigr / @theitsybitsylibrarian / @hannistudies / @happinesstudies / @studyquill / @emmastudies / @studylustre /
reblog this if you’re an active studyblr so I can follow you!! my inbox and my DMs are always open so hmu if you wanna talk; I love chatting w you guys! and always feel free to use my tag in your posts ᵕ ‿ ᵕ
Tumblr media
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1rakus · a year ago
Tumblr media
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ask-delpad · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Not pictured: Launchpad dropping the phone and cracking the screen. Fortunately Della had a spare.
//2019 is the year of Delpad! Here on this blog you can send in questions for Della and Launchpad and they will answer in the form of comics like this one. New comics posted every Wednesday.
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theaeonsdawning · 3 months ago
The Aeon’s Dawning - Game Announcement!
Tumblr media
At the outskirts of the world, there lies a small village, built upon the snow and ice of a cold, cold island…
The wind may whisper its name, in case one cranes their neck toward it, and decides to listen intently:
“Nuair,” frigid is its tongue as it licks along lobes, “it is a refuge. It is a home. To a long lost people, known as the Faerie.”
Light from the rays of a warm sun may play chase with the raindrops falling upon the soft earth, creating a spectacle of colours and illusions. People with hooves and horns dance inside those images, as never before seen creatures burrow through tough soil and leap over powdery snow.
And amidst those pleasantries of nature, a scream echoes through a thousand trees, carrying far past the dangerous waters of a vast sea.
A child, marked by time and fate itself, is born on the very cusp of dawn.
🦌What the game will have to offer along the way:
An emotional, character-driven story!
A fully customisable Main Character (Gender, Pronouns, Appearance, and more...), who you can lead through both child- and adulthood as the plot progresses!
The option to choose your characters element, as well as weapon!
6 unique ROs, including Poly Options (plus the choice to be asexual/aromantic)!
A lore-rich world, crafted with lots of love, thought, and even a few drops of occasional tears and fractions of...yearning.
Fantasy, Adventure, and a dash of mystery!
The game currently stands at 43700 words, with an average playthrough length of ~8650 words! Currently, it includes the very first part out of five of the prologue (Note that there are a few unselectable choices still, which will be implemented with the next update).
Next Update planned for:  TBA, working on a way bigger update
❄️Play the demo here!
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shadesofstarwars · 10 months ago
Hey guys!
The intent of this blog is to help boost content about and made by minorities within the GFFA. If you have any content you'd like reblogged or boosted, please use the tracking tag!
Tracking tag -> #shadesofstarwars
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Tumblr media
So, I thought Zenyatta deserved a week of appreciation, so here we go! This blog is rearing to go, but I need to give some info and ask for your cooperation!
Please spread this post so lots of ppl see it and want to participate! We’re all united within the Iris, so let’s try to make this a positive, happy time for everybody and show Zen some love :D
poll will be up for a week, from today until next friday so please vote!
Rules so far
both sfw and nsfw is allowed, but nsfw posts need to be tagged for nsfw and will be under a cut. if they are images, edits or pictures, there will be a need for a sfw preview, so everybody can browse without worry
both shipping and gen stuff is allowed! please feel free to indulge as long as ZENYATTA is the actual focus! That’s important!
rarepairs are welcome! give the bot some love and use this chance to make him feel all the love!
any content is also allowed -fanart, fanfics, sfm, playlists, crafts, etc! as long as it’s Zenyatta-centric!
you can either submit to the blog when the time comes, or make your own post and then tag it #zenweek2018 or #zenyattaweek2018 which i will track, so i see everything :)
tag everything accordingly, let’s keep things easy to find and avoid clutters. tag ships if it applies to your entry, tag possible triggers or sensitive content.
feel free to shoot me an ask here or to my main blog (linked in the info bio) for anything you wish to know
What’s missing
We need prompts or a theme! So please feel free to submit ideas, the more the merrier! Ideal would be to have one or two every day, so there’s some choice for people to go with :)
Also very important
I know that not just content creators are part of the fandom, but that leaves a lot of people who cannot contribute! So what can you do if you are not a content creator?
Reblog, spread the news, COMMENT and add lots of tags when entries start rolling around! Make sure your content creators KNOW you’re backing them up!
But that’s not all. I’m considering adding a free space for not content creators, like... for each day, you can add your input! headcanons, meta, when you fell in love with Zen or how you decided he was interesting, that sort of thing... so you can participate, too, spread more ideas around, and who knows, make some friends :D
Ok so for now that’s it. Please don’t mind how bare the blog is for now, I’ve just created it today and it needs lots of tweaking around still.
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marianhalcombes · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
some self indulgent photos of the most meaningful 6 hours of my life, hiking alone across the moors outside of the brontës’ village to top withens 
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bmc-in-wonderland · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
“Come! stop by! stay for the party!!!!” 
( mad hatter chole is open for asks!!) 
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