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#intrusive thoughts
aroaceconfessions · 2 days ago
TW / Intrusive thoughts
I’m writing this while just realizing that it may have been noticeable to other people that my gaze flickers to their lips when they talk to me. The reason is because lately I’ve been having intrusive thoughts about wanting to kiss people (I really do not, and mouth kissing grosses me out), and it’s hard not to think about it. This is making me panic a bit because I really don’t want people to think I’m interested in kissing them, and also because I end up doing it to my friends, and when some of my friends are in active romantic relationships with each other… They all know I don’t like kissing on the mouth, but I’m worried they might think something else, and it just sucks. I wish I didn’t have these thoughts, but I think they developed after stressing so much about my orientation and sexuality and trying to force myself to be non-aspec, to have ‘those’ kind of thoughts about other people like ‘everyone else’.
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physichotic · 10 months ago
your intrusive thoughts disgust you for a reason. your intrusive thoughts scare you for a reason. your intrusive thoughts send you into a panic for a reason. your intrusive thoughts distress you for a reason. your intrusive thoughts upset you for a reason.
they're not things that you secretly think. they're not things that you secretly believe. they are the worst things your mind could conjure in order to make it difficult for you to get through the day.
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abby-howard · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Good ol’ intrusive thoughts :,)
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justlgbtthings · 8 months ago
I love this video so much. I thought I was the only person who experienced these things. this made me feel normal for the first time in my life.
to any other neurodivergent people out there: you're not crazy, or deranged, or disgusting. you're not a bad person. your intrusive thoughts are not your desires. and you are not alone.
ableists don't even make eye contact with this video.
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crazyexmormon · 10 months ago
friendly reminder that your thoughts don’t make you bad. this goes especially for intrusive thoughts, but for other thoughts too. you can think something without actually believing it.
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disabled-positivity · 6 months ago
I think people with intrusive thoughts and disorders that are centered around/include intrusive thoughts are lovely people and deserve all the love in the world.
It’s not your fault you have these thoughts, you wouldn’t judge yourself for a nightmare you have, so you shouldn’t judge yourself for these thoughts that you didn’t purposely think about.
People with ocd, pocd, ptsd, anxiety, psychosis, bipolar disorder, adhd, depression, (just to name a few) are incredible people.
You are not your thoughts, your morals, values, and personality and not dictated by your thoughts.
You are good, you are trustworthy, you are compassionate, you are safe.
I hope one day your thoughts get easier to manage and easier to deal with, you deserve to feel comfortable in your own mind. <3
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zenrayne · 8 months ago
Coping Mechanisms Masterlist
Thoughts to break the cycle
this is temporary if I believe it is
I AM NOT my perception, or my thoughts
I am the observer of the thoughts
my mind is protecting me and is stressed from not knowing how to fix it. Thank you for protecting me but it will be okay
the negative thoughts are just a symptom of depression, dissociation/dpdr, c-ptsd, or anxiety or all of the above
thoughts are just like another one of the 5 senses. Like how you can perceive textures, smells, tastes, sounds. Your thoughts allow you to perceive an experience. But you are not your nose. You are not your mouth. You are not your ears. You are not your hand it’s just a hand that’s connected to your body. And so You are not your thoughts. You’re the one experiencing these sensations you are not the sensations.
Even if you genetically are predisposed or your genetics or brain chemistry has caused the issue. Especially in this case your thoughts do not define who you are they are just a reaction your brain is creating to protect you from something it thinks is a threat.
self hate and depression is a coping mechanism: your body wants you to be better, to be perfect to avoid something negative that hurts and self hate is the way it decided to go but it doesn’t have to be that way. Tell your mind “thank you” and “I love you but it’s okay.” “We are safe” and “I am enough.”
I try to remember my goals: how I want to be happy, the things I want to add to my life that will make me feel calmer and happier. (If you don’t have any goals or ideas think of anything you want in this world to achieve, or learn, or earn and write it down and imagine how it would feel if you had it right now. It helps push you to realize you can shape your life how you want)
that someone in this world loves you. If you can’t name anyone. Your own body loves you. It keeps you alive and gives you the ability to experience things like eating yummy food, being able to pet an animal and feel how soft their fur is, being able to look up at the sky and see stars or clouds. Simple every day things that we take for granted because we get so stressed out from life and drama. Sometimes we forget we could lose our eyesight and we wouldn’t be able to see things or people that we love. We could get injured and never be able to walk, run or jump again. We could lose our ability to breathe and be hooked up to a ventilator. I like to write down anything I can think of to be grateful for everyday in my journal and it makes me feel less depressed, less anxious,and excited to be able to just .. be alive especially when I want to not be alive anymore
I remind myself that when I was a baby I didn’t have any thoughts I didn’t know shit. The way I grew up and had to experience life made it so I perceive life the way I do. I like to imagine if I was a blank slate what are the different ways I could look at my life? What are the ways I can decide to look at situations or myself? People don’t just wake up and love themselves they were taught to feel loved. Just like how we don’t wake up with these negative self hateful thoughts. We got them from somewhere. We can choose if we want to still believe our perceptions or not. But learning to be happy and to love ourself is like a skill. Just like how learning to hate ourselves took time and repeated experiences.
Self care / Self love activities
imagining an older version of myself comforting present me. And imagining myself currently to comfort past me during traumatic moments
bubble baths
napping with soothing audios, or sleep meditations
walking outside
calling a friend
visiting a family member or friend
Write yourself a note when you’re happy to yourself and read it when you’re upset
Make a voice memo give future you a pep talk, positive affirmations, or even guided meditations and listen to it when you’re upset
lighting a candle and writing down an intention and meditating or you can pray if you believe in a god or have a religion. Or if you just believe in the universe and law of attraction
cleaning or tidying up a little
eating a yummy but healthy snack
cooking or baking
(if I’m severely not okay) holding an ice cube, running my hands in cold water and splashing the water in my face, taking a cold shower, taking a rubber band on my wrist and snapping it back
reading a book
watching my favorite tv show or movie
watching a comedy
playing music and forcing myself to dance (when I’m alone of course 😅)
watching cute animal videos on YouTube
Singing in the shower
Adult coloring books
some type of video about philosophy that reminds me that I’m not alone and we are all lost
some type of video that reminds me how beautiful life can be
some type of video that reminds me that I’m not in control of my circumstance, my genetics, or the world but I’m in control of how I react that I’m the one that gives power to my thoughts
Breaking thought patterns, bad habits and doing self care every day helps immensely. Over time it gets easier and easier to feel okay and to even feel happy. But never stop doing these things for the rest of your life. You either feed the negative thoughts or you feed the positive. You either feed the negative habits or you feed the bad. You get to choose. Seek help, and be gentle with yourself. Healing isn’t linear.
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just-a-bird-in-a-sweater · 6 months ago
Your intrusive thoughts do not make you a bad person.
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desultory-suggestions · 4 months ago
I know that after the abuse you suffered it’s hard to feel worthy of being here. But I know you are good, you are strong, and you will work everyday to make sure no one has to feel the pain you did.
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