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#TarotforToday- 7 of Pentacles.

Hooray, confirmation that you are on the right track! Keeping working, keep ploughing on and you’ll soon be reaping the harvest you deserve. Take this is a massively positive sign!

#SelfCareOracleforToday - Music.

Play it, sing it, create it. Today, surround yourself with beautiful music which raises your vibration and makes you want to sing & dance! Enjoy it, get lost in it. Explore it with no inhibitions and have some fun!

#ChakraLoveforToday - Crown.

I keep drawing this card, so pulled a clarifying card, which is also Crown Chakra and also about meditation! Source wants us to meditate & find stillness.

#CrystalforToday - Howlite & Clear Quartz.

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Hi guys! Trying out something new that I have never done before 🤍

Today I decided to do a pick a pile reading for whatever it is you guys need to know right at this moment.

Remember to pick whichever pile it is that draws you in the most, go with your gut and don’t hesitate! ✨🌟

I put some crystals to aid you in your decision making :)

Pile 1: amethyst

Pile 2: clear quartz

Pile 3: Rose quartz


Pile 1: Amethyst


You’ve got an idea or something you are very passionate about and you’re really basking in its beauty!! What you don’t realize right now is that in order for that beauty to keep shining and prospering you need to be willing to put in the work and cultivate it. If you’re missing some sort of balance in your life now is the time to go within and ask yourself what are the changes you need to make in order to get there and make your dreams a reality.

Pile 2: Clear quartz


I see you guys getting your affairs in order and you are clearly stepping into your power. After a period of hardships you’re learning how to balance all aspects of your life and if you’re not there yet you will be. You’re feeling very inspired and like the sky is the limit which is wonderful 💕 although everything is starting to feel alright don’t forget that you are strong and resilient. Sadness is just part of the human experience. Remember that you are worthy and you are loved and that everything works out in the end!

Pile 3: Rose quartz


Wow you guys are STRONG lol! I see you guys getting your shit together and really setting off to get what you want in life. You will definitely get a chance to bask in all it is that you have built for yourself. You went through a period of feeling lost, stuck, and weak probably due to situations that were out of your control but I do see things changing for the better. Put your focus back onto yourself and see the beauty that surrounds you, learn to admire the little things that make life worthwhile. You guys are so beautiful, strong, and ever resilient. Don’t give up!

** Honestly this was a lot of fun to do. Let me know in my ask box or in the comments if you felt this resonated with you or not. I’d love to hear your stories 💕🤍**

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I know it is almost necessary to glimpse at the news from time to time..Just make sure you do it because your intuition prompts you to..Then receive it, and then let it go….(transmute) your emotions away from negative thought patterns, programs or processes…Keep your vibration high daily, and keep away from anything or anyone who blocks you from remaining centered or grounded Spiritually…

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Do You Truly Trust Your Intuition? 🔮

Do you trust your INTUITION? Are you using it to make better decisions? Your intuition allows you to connect with your inner knowing. Many of us have been conditioned to rely only on intellect and logic. But that can lead to overthinking and overanalyzing, which can actually hold you back. If this sounds like you, this is your wake up call to start flexing your intuitive muscle.


An Amethyst Cluster opens up your third eye + allows you to relax into your natural intuitive abilities.

Creating a daily reading practice using Heather Askinosie’s Daily Crystal Inspiration card deck, helps you to flex your intuitive muscle.

A Flourite Point helps you to breathe through any stress, anxiety or emotions blocking your intuition.

A Labradorite Touchstone allows you to tap into your limitless potential + connect with the infinite Universe.

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#TarotforToday - 7 of Wands

You have so many creative, clever ideas right now. You need to take a step back & really think about what is going to work for you. Other people may offer opinions / advice, but you know in your heart what’s right for you.

#SelfCareOracleforToday - Chanting

Meditate as you usually would, but try chanting too, if you haven’t before. If you’re new to chanting, you can find hundreds of videos on YouTube/apps. It’s a beautiful healing way to centre yourself.

#ChakraLoveforToday - Sacral Chakra

Don’t let fear hold you back. Fear is a sign that you’re pushing yourself to new heights, expanding your consciousness. Take it as a positive sign and leap… the Universe will catch you! Turn your fear into excitement.

#CrystalforToday - Tigers Eye

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me, a few weeks ago: why the fuck am I being intuitively prompted to work on processing my religious trauma when I’m trying to pack up to move

me, after moving and finding out that my new roommate is EXTREMELY christian, blasts gospel music at all hours of the day, and hosts worships meetings in my fucking living room without my input or approval: ah 

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Mini Movie Part 3:
Song: GALAXIES by Laura Veirs
#foresttheplanet #permaculture #micromacro #consciousness #thaumaturgy #cosmicforest #alien
#glitchart #pixelsort #errorglitch #analogvibes #minimovie #nostalgia #intuition #healthyfood #luciddreams #graphicdesign #analoguephotography #download #neonwave #fashionista #fashiondesigner #aestheticedits #aestheticsordietrying #interdimensional #interplanetary

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Mini Movie Part 1
Song: SUNKEN TECHNOLOGY by Liquid Stranger & LSDream
(a permaculture love poem)
The Macro sliding in within the Micro…
What thaumaturgy causes the Spore to bloom? Alert to the dew, signal of the cosmos to the forest…
The right place to be?
Intuitive spaces, downloaded empathy
Crux of Modern day Conciousness.
A puzzle we are willingly placing together
Downloaded metatranscriptomic lucidity.
Forest the Planet. Forest the Planet.
#foresttheplanet #permaculture #micromacro #consciousness #thaumaturgy #cosmicforest #alien
#glitchart #pixelsort #errorglitch #analogvibes #minimovie #nostalgia #intuition #healthyfood #luciddreams #graphicdesign #analoguephotography #download #neonwave #cosmicdewdrops #puzzles #ascension2020 #humanityrising #fashionista #fashiondesigner #aestheticedits #aestheticsordietrying #interdimensional #interplanetary

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Shadow Work

I rely a lot on my dreams, my intuition, interpreting daily signs, and divination as a way of communicating with the theoi since my godphone isn’t always that clear. A few days ago I had a dream that basically told me I need to do some introspection. Then I kept getting bombarded by shadow work posts here, and other signs in my everyday life relating back to self discovery or dealing with shit.

The signs seemed to be coming from Hermes. So I gathered that he wants me to start doing some shadow work with him, and I did some divination to confirm.

We’ve done one session so far. I had never done it before so I used a self-love prompt (which I will reblog in a sec to give credit to the creator) I found on tumblr and began journaling while pulling tarot cards for clarification.

The main thing I kept getting from Hermes is that he wants me to stop being so analytical and really delve deep into this emotionally.

He did praise me for a decent start, though. I could feel him being patient, and like he was guiding me through it. But he has been very adamant I continue this and is almost being stern with me (which he has NEVER been before, he’s always been the chill one).

So I guess our relationship is developing into something different? It’s almost like we started off as buds which I feel like he did to make me feel comfortable, and we will always be buds but now it’s changing into more of a teacher and student vibe. I kinda feel like this may have been his plan all along??

When I think about it, it actually makes a ton of sense to me that Hermes would be the perfect deity for shadow work. Considering that it is a (emotional/spiritual) journey and he is the god of travel. Not only that, but with his psychopomp aspect his job is to guide souls to the underworld right? So I feel like this isn’t that different, in that he is guiding your soul towards enlightenment (for lack of a better word). Also being a deity of communication, I feel like he can easily help you with introspection or communicating with your inner self.

So my questions for you lovelies are:

Does any of this make sense or resonate with anyone?

Is there any historical evidence of Hermes being a deity of emotional journeys, or self discovery?

If any of you do shadow work with Hermes:

What is it like? Have you made a lot of progress?

How does he act with you? Is he stern? Kind? Parental?

I would love to find out what you think! Comment or send private messages with your experiences! 😘

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“One of the ways I’ve put it when I’ve spoken with womens’ groups who, on occasion, asked me ‘tell us about those crazy people called men?’

I said try to imagine three things:

First of all, cut away from your life your close friends. Women always have close friends with whom they can share their deepest concerns, desires, fears, what’s going on in their marriage, their body, their children, and so forth.

Secondly, sever your connection to whatever is your source of guidance and insight within you, call it your instinct or intuition; whatever you call it, that’s severed.

And thirdly, your worth as a person will be defined as meeting external standards of productivity — productivity standards created by total strangers you’ll never meet.

When women hear that, they’re horrified. If you can imagine those three things, try to imagine how isolating that is, try to imagine how lonely that is, try to imagine how self-estranging that is — and that’s the condition of most men.

And invariably their attitudes soften and most of them have said, 'well how can we help?’ and the answer is: they can’t. It’s up to us as men to begin to challenge some of the things that we live with or some of our own attitudes…

Most men may have a drinking buddy, tennis buddy, bowling buddy, or guy at work they will have lunch with; but by and large, men don’t tend to risk true intimacy with sharing the experience that goes on within that sack of skin with which they live and so that isolation is pathologizing. It makes them too dependent on sexuality for connection, on food, on alcohol, and on external prizes like success or promotion which might actually be killing them instead of supporting them.”

— James Hollis, Finding Meaning in the Second Half of Life

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#TarotforToday - The Heirophant.

You are going through a #spiritualawakening, take time to #meditate & pay attention to #synchronicities. These are messages from #Source, guiding you on your journey. Listen to new #teachers, read new #books, broaden your horizons. You are heading the right way for your #soul #growth.

#SelfCareOracleforToday - Connect with Fire!

BBQ, fire pit, or even light a #candle. Feel the warmth, smell the smokey scent, listen to the gentle crackle. Take 5 minutes & #appreciate the #beauty of #fire #energy!

#ChakraLoveforToday - #Heart #Chakra.

Compassion is the theme for today, you must use #compassion to #resolve any #conflicts, whether these are with others, or even with yourself. When was the last time you forgave #yourself, without giving yourself a hard time?

#CrystalforToday - #Jade.

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May 22, 2020

I know nothing of light
let the darkness descend
without fan fair just as I
am without fear, I accept
the proposal of death

I catch my darkening moods
and will not let them turn me outward
away from my inner source, when
is my illumination to begin, who
has stolen my unique perspective

We are objectified and then labeled
our society always lived in fear of
others taking from them their selfish
needs, we work no longer with our hands
our minds demanding a change we will regret

We are stunted in our growth of intuition
we see our perceptions as unified with
the boisterous pack, we live under our
ignorance with roots deep within the history
of our conflicting natures, our sickness to comply

We bargain now with our empty futures
we barter with lost hopes, lost loves
expecting a brightening light from above
leading us somewhere into our imagination
no longer a force of change now becoming

A force of control over our lives as any
conditioned colony of ants seek a consistency
of behavior to follow and not lead and the
masses contrite, broken apart, yet their unity
of spirit creates a vital sense of being more,

We claim we know what we are about, what
vague truth tamed in the dull mind leads to a
conclusion of ones inability to see another as
they are and not as you perceive them through
the eyes of dominance and a feeble impotence

We wait our resurrection, our curious myths
of godlike beings we never truly believe in as
we skim along the shallows of a tide pool that
retreats outward into the deep waters, our cold
hearts beating faster knowing our time is near

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