jeomaah · 3 hours ago
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crisps-craft · 4 hours ago
Heyy! I'd like to request a reading. My question is what does AR think about me? Like how was my impression in our previous meetings? Thank you so much. My initials are KB 💕♍
hi KB! here are the messages i got :)
-king of cups, 6 of wands, 5 of wands, 8 of pentacles, 8 of swords, and the message that came up in my book was "life's presented you with a challenge. relax and do the best you can."
okay- the message from the book makes me think that they might get kind of shy around you awe. that's what the king of cups shows me too! the intuitive feeling i got was that they were "in awe"- i think they find u cute (that's something im channeling- also remember tho that tarot isn't always 100% accurate and only take what resonates :) ) are you short? & idk why i saw u in a black oversized hoodie (maybe u wear that a lot or sm!) as always, visuals are a hit or miss for me but i like to include what i see because its fun to see if it resonates. im seeing dark hair and maybe u kind have fringe / bangs? dark eyes too? they find u physically very cute hehe. i like ur energy too tbh- u just seem very grounded and down to earth and that's something that people really like about u ! i think this person gets butterflies around u aweeeee.
i hope this could help! this reading was really cute i liked channeling it <3
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annunakathebroken · 5 hours ago
This sickness
This sadness
The you' never had this
This bitch is just batshit
I caught em on there run
I said he'd used to play
I said get over your
dead son!
My finding my way!
I spoke of the annunaki time
Within in the astrorea
I made in checks
I broke all backz
Mine will glow
When my world won't
Where in time is your dimensional mind
Thou hast trust elsewhere in places to show where you do care
Welcome to the tuner
Stars are awfully lunar
And i change shapes in lights
And i change ways we fight
I know what's wrong and right!
I take on [email protected]!n tonight!
I take on Painz
I where it again and agA!n in the way3 that you forget what makes a friend
I take on Pa!n
I take on pain
Reciptrocate on
I take on pain
I summon and summon and summon again
Till there's nothing left of me
And when i return!
There goes your burn
In places you could spurn............
Waters where's my turn!
You wish to end the ways i learn
I speak from beyond the grave of the moon light
And you still won't answer me
Where do you do you you do hide?
I know it's dancing in your mind
And you wish to refind
the second was always touching you
I left to be the rest of
What5 you do
Welcome to the game
Zurr za zurrikane!
Tumblr media
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astrofangs · 5 hours ago
Hi lovely, hope you have a great day :) I'd like to participate in your game, if I can <3
-> DR, 🌠
-> mythological creature; Nymphs. They have a really interesting appearance to them.
thank u a lot in forward <3
Hey🌷yes, I'm having a great day! What about you?
You might be a light worker which is a special category of starseeds. It's just they belong to various different planets and realms that they are not given a single home. If being specific, you could be a transmuter. Converting energies of one type to another.
Light workers are highly intuitive, sensitive and in tune with their emotions. Their sole purpose is to help earth evolve. The reincarnate on different planets for the exact purpose. Might have a difficult childhood and feeling of alienation persists.
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artbyeviep · 9 hours ago
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This is one of my first two paintings I did in a series called “Watchers”. ☠️☕️. Please follow me and check out my work. 🎨 Acrylic, 18” by 24”. Canvas. www.artwithevie.ca
#contentcreator #abstractacrylic #artgallery #artgalleries #artconsultant #artdealer #artbuyersandsellers #torontoartist #interiorartwork #largeart #collectorart #canadianartist #abstractartist #entrepuneurlife
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godsnameisjoy · 12 hours ago
Date: 14 August 2022
Duration: 50 minutes at 11:34 PM
However late, as long as I have written about a session before sitting for the next one, there will be some closeness of description to the real experience. Here goes.
Last night’s meditation didn’t have my best depth of concentration. It may have to do with two events from before the session. I spent many hours shopping for necessities during the day. Sometimes, I feel that doing any activity that’s not part of my routine has a subtle yet detrimental effect on my meditation.
Also, I ended up catching 40 winks right before the session. Loosening one’s mind into sleep feeds the subconscious temptation to take over. Subconscious got muscle that it can’t help but exercise. Once exercised, the consciously placed attention can get hijacked by the muscular pull of the subconscious. There may have been a subtle pull towards sleep last night.
My spinal vibrations were mild but present. When I hit my best depth these days, there is hardly any shaking. There is a suspended feeling. Like as if the mind and body were suspended in Peace. This was missing last night.
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When You Know... You Know✨
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christyannmartine · a day ago
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dellawren · a day ago
Once you realize that the only way out is through, it makes forward movement possible.
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yuna-writes · a day ago
Relatable Ni-Dom posts
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I was listening to a podcast about introverted intuition and the people posting about it was so keenly relatable to my personal experiences. Just felt like sharing it here. 
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the-growing-rose · 2 days ago
This is your sign ‼️
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astrofangs · 11 hours ago
Hiii love hope you're doing right 🤗🥰. I wanna participate also.
Initials :- S.P 🌠🌠🌠
I'm more interested in Vampires 🧛‍♂️.
Hobbies :- Dancing , Singing, Reading , Researching , stargazing
Hey🌷 I'm doing good, what about you?
For your constellation, you may belong to the family of Sirian starseed family. It consists of two planets Sirius A and Sirius B. Vibrating at a high frequency, they give rise to human awakening. They really love exploring the truth of this universe and the long history of it.
Their purpose on this earth is to be a peacekeeper. They are the guides of humanity. Maintaining the harmony and love amongst the people. These starseeds are simple, open minded and have a close group of friends. Very loyal and have a deep sense of protection for animals.
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psychelis · 2 days ago
pick a pile: "Next blessings coming in your life"
choose your pile to read about next blessings that you're attracting in your life. (thanks Anon for the suggestion)
don’t take the reading too seriously. only take what resonates with you and leave the rest. remember that is a general reading and some things may not resonate with you.
(photos found on unsplash)
- ’ - ’ - ’ - ’ - ’ - ’ - ’ - ’ - ’ - ’ - ’ - ’ - ’ - ’ - ’ - ’ - ’ -
1 - 2
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
- ’ - ’ - ’ - ’ - ’ - ’ - ’ - ’ - ’ - ’ - ’ - ’ - ’ - ’ - ’ - ’ - ’ -
pile 1
Hi pile 1. First thing first, I basically cannot see anything nor feel anything which is honestly very weird. It could be two things: your Guides don't want me to know exactly about your next blessings (which I understand: they want to surprise you), or it can also be you, the one who is not able to see anything right now. Nor feel anything, just a huge noise in the background, made by life going on around you (you feel like you're losing something? Maybe time? Don't, you're not). You see no future. You may be feeling kinda numb or loss. Or still battling with anxiety/spiralling. It has been a kinda though period for you, you've been through a lot but now you're towards the end of this path: it's time to receive your karma back. Even if you cannot see it. You've been strong, very corageous, you fought (and are still fighting) your battles without giving up and you're going to get your rewards from the Universe. Don't stress too much about what it is and when, it's gonna be grand (something you always wanted, a desire that has been in your heart for long) and it's gonna be at Divine timing. That's what you need to know. It's gonna make you feel better than you think. You're gonna be feeling an amount of joy you've never experienced yet. Keep doing what you're doing, working through the last bits of this cycle with determination, keep manifesting out loud your desires. Your past life is going to change, you'll be deeply abundant and joyful as you were before all this happened (could be related to love for those who are manifesting it). The pain you feel is going to leave you. Memories play an important role for you, either memories of happy times or memories of these tough days that will help you go through your life in a more confident and easy way. There's nostalgic sorrow now. But even if all you see it's darkness, there's gonna be light soon. And you'll be attracted by it, you're not gonna miss it. You're not gonna miss this opportunity to enter this huge light cause it's basically fated for you: it's gonna call you so clearly you'll have to turn to it and check what it has to say to you. After all the darkness you experienced, your light will shine the brightest ever. (Also for some: remember to balance, cause even when it's too bright you can't see things properly, exactly as when you're in the darkness). It's like you are an overthinker: bits of this readings are coming out here and there, I am getting infos randomly, putting a puzzle together (probably that's what you do too with your life). Maybe you are using your mind to explain yourself a lot of things and calm yourself down. Very mercurial energy. But beware of not stressing yourself too much, especially if you're struggling with your mental health.
songs: mountain | jonathan jeremiah; the sky is falling | thrice
- ’ - ’ - ’ - ’ - ’ - ’ - ’ - ’ - ’ - ’ - ’ - ’ - ’ - ’ - ’ - ’ - ’ -
pile 2
I see flowers, hearts, raindrops... I think you're in for getting delicacy, warmth, and be "showered with love", pile 2. I'm getting a way calmer and serene, slow and patient, content energy compared to pile 1, which felt kinda tough ofc. Breathing and relaxing seems so easy for you. I am seeing someone meditating: probably you've been getting dowloads from your Guides, and you're basking in their love, and also sharing this love with the world (so lovely!). You may be very spiritual. You're at peace. Completely. Feels so good here.. I feel like this is gonna be your main blessing: feeling good inside yourself, body spirit and mind. You're basically in charge of yourself and your thoughts and emotions. It's not that you haven't been working on this, you have. But again, I'm seeing you still learning probably from your Guides how to deal and balance negative thoughts with healthier ones. I think you know the choice is yours: we all have power over our thoughts and we can decide their nature. You're going to be so in charge of your wellbeing and so confident in yourself, that basically nothing is going to shake you. It feels like an evolution of pile 1 for some. You're going to be the anchor, the person to which turn to in the most difficult moment for many people around you. Your presence is going to soothe others, but that's cause you have been learning how to soothe yourself, body and mind, first. Your emotions are filtered and clear now, you know how to regulare them, you don't let them take over you. You're gonna be balanced between your feminine and masculine sides. I think you're gonna receive a lot of appreciation and love, in many different forms. Basically all your needs are gonna be met, your wishes will come true, especially in the matter of the heart. And that's cause of your beautiful healing energy that you're giving out to the world through your job, hobby, passion, or simply by chance. Thank you and congrats! Sorry pile 2 if this pile is a bit shorter than the others, but this is all I can tell you. Lovely energy and lovely heart, lot of giving and receiving... these are going to be your blessings. I think you're the real blessing for others though, but it's gonna make you feel very good about yourself as well. Like you have your place in the world now. Things are clear and everything feels good. It's like you have found a (beautiful) meaning for your presence here.
songs: with me | sum 41; slow dive | clavvs
- ’ - ’ - ’ - ’ - ’ - ’ - ’ - ’ - ’ - ’ - ’ - ’ - ’ - ’ - ’ - ’ - ’ -
pile 3
Pile 3, the first I hear is "you're gonna shine the brightest". (I know I mentioned a similar sentence at the end of pile 1 but here the meaning is completely different, like in a career-way. You're gonna be "famous", somehow?). You have a lot to share with others, and you're willing to do it with joy. You have a very deep knowledge, it feels like you know a lot of many different subjects and you can say yours in basically all the situations. People turn to you often, to know your opinion or to learn from you. You're smart and well read, or at least, you are very curious and love to get infos of all kinds. You like to know about a subject, before you speak: you may even not tell yours before gathering the infos you need from different sources. You like to see things from different points of view, to get a wider understanding of whatever you put yourself into. But sometimes you're a victim of your mind: you want to learn fast, so to immediately get answers (I feel like I need to rush through your reading and get to a point asap, also because I'm getting nervous). Sadly, that's not always possible and you know it too. You need to learn how to be more patient. It kinda stresses you to stop and use your precious time to learn (even if "a time spent learning is never a wasted time", you feel like it's so), but you're also very determined and you will be doing it anyway... maybe not as accurately as you should. But soon you're gonna understand that being under the spotlight will require you to stop and learn about many different subjects, no matter how much time it will take. And that this anxiety to get to an ending, is nothing much but something you will have to learn how to deal with. How to balance it. You may also lose yourself during your train of thoughts, or maybe you are scared of getting interrupted and losing track of your thoughts. You're also kinda secretive about your ways of learning stuff, like people don't have to know that you have this "problem" with your fast pace energy? It feels you don't like it about you. Cause it makes you rush and don't do things properly. Follow your heart and don't be scared about showing your vulnerability and "bad" traits to others. I think these will help them too in understanding how to deal with their own problems and life. It's gonna make them feel closer to you and vice versa. It's gonna make you feel more real. Btw, for some of you: remember that people will always speak behind your back or spy on you, you don't have to listen or pay attention to everyone. It's up to you to decide to whom give credit and whom not. Choose wisely. So your blessings are mostly coming from your career (and your mind), for what it seems. You don't have to become popular worldwide/online, it can also be in your community, and it could be in any field tbh. The "learning + sharing" bit could be related to whatever: maybe you want to cultivate some particular fruits or vegetables that need a specific ground or have specific properties and you need to learn all about them before telling your buyers about them. Same for herbals, flowers... but ofc also in a law/economical/artistic field. You mention it. Or maybe you're gonna be interested and work in many fields and connect them together, somehow. It's up to you and your magic, creative mind. On a side note: you may feel alone sometimes or get doubts/anxiety (or you may find some people kinda stalking you? Somoene obsessed with you and what you do/say. Or being there waiting for your mistake. Haters, basically. Having haters means you're doing great imo but I think this may be ofc a cause of stress for some of you... see what I mentioned a few lines above), but you won't be alone and those feelings won't last too much: you're gonna find a solution thanks to your knowledge as well.
For the perfectionists of this group: you may be the ones obsessing over your "product" (whatever it is that you're sharing with/selling to the world). Sometimes you'll need to compromise, to adapt, to find new roads/ways to get your desired result (everything will still be okay ofc, maybe you'll have to give up about the appareance of your product not being exactly as you imagined it to be, but the message that it carries within will arrive anyway).
songs: blue flame | astro; great balls of fire | jerry lee lewis
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kitschtarot · 2 days ago
There's a message on one of these cards. If you choose the right one then the message is for you 🥔
Game 11 - Find the hidden message! 🍿 Let's play!
Tumblr media
🎠 Gimme sum scratch card 🎠
Choose a card that speaks to you A, B, or C
Thanks for participating, enjoy your day or evening!! 🙏❤️
All games list link
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annunakathebroken · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Oracle role
The hole
That satiates
The rope
You can't control
Men know
No single toll
Upon any and all
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godsnameisjoy · a day ago
Date: 13 August 2022
Duration: 33 minutes at 11:43 PM
I was aware of the involuntary bodily trembles that I am otherwise not aware of while meditating. My left knee kept knocking against the wall I was sitting by. It’s funny while being a moment to sigh.
‘Levitation’ is irreversibly associated with ‘meditation’. Some meditating folk before me (long before me) must have felt compelled to learn levitation. It does seem like a great way to suspend the body, thereby freeing the body from its immediate environment.
Despite the knee drawing my attention outward, I had Peace. It is such a blessing to feel Peace through all one’s living moments. Imagine experiencing Peace while you receive a phone call about forgetting your umbrella behind at a shop. Imagine Peace soaked dream imagery while napping reclined in the afternoon. Imagine Peace through a post-Kundalini therefore shaky meditation.
I might add a daytime session today (14 August) and then meditate again at night. I want to dunk my head completely in the blessed stream of Peace within. Refresh the page, lighten more brain synapses! So be it!
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it-is--what-it--iis · 3 days ago
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