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Absolutely going mad over the concept of Grandpa Naraku. He would come back and he would absolutely insufferable. He’d take one look at the twins (mostly Setsuna) and immediately just go “Kagura came back, did she? I would say such a thing is unbelievable, but that would be a lie.” He’d go on an instant and unstoppable exposition of all of his exploits, while Towa and Setsuna just stare at him, confused and whispering back and forth to each other. “So, is this Kagura our mother?” “I wasn’t aware we had a mother.” “Everyone has a mom, Setsuna.” “Hm.”

Naraku would eventually hit a conclusion in his dramatic retelling that finally leads him to: “So, then, if Kagura is your mother, who is your father?”

The twins: “Oh, he’s a dog demon. Goes by the name Sesshomaru.”

Naraku, who up until that very moment was having the best day of his life:

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Towa was good episodes 1-3 and then became a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT CHARACTER afterwards. I liked the first Towa.

Setsuna I’ve always liked, but only because she’s a knock off Sesshomaru.

I don’t really hate them, they’re alright.

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Towa: Moroha I was thinking about what you said last time, that we were a team

Moroha: Really?

Towa: Yes, we are like the Powerpuff girls … And before you ask me, here on my cell phone I have a photo of them, they are heroines who fight against evil

Moroha: Great, like us, I want to be the one with the bun!

Towa: Okay, I think Setsuna would be  Buttercup, the one in green

Setsuna: Why?

Towa: Because they are both very strong and powerful

Setsuna: It’s okay for me

Moroha * whispering *: It’s not true, you say it because both of them are looking bitter

Towa * Whispering too *: You discovered me 😅 but if you tell him, I will deny everything and tell her that the idea was yours

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Moroha: Where are you girls going? Are you looking for your boyfriends?

Setsuna: Stop messing around

Towa: Instead of inventing boyfriends, get yourself one, see if you can leave us alone for a while

Moroha: Haha * hugs them from the back * I’m sorry but I don’t know they’ll get rid of me so easily, no boy will be able to separate us, we are a team … Besides, my father will probably kill any fool who approaches me 🤷🏻‍♀️

Towa: Alright, join us then 😅

Setsuna: 😒

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Hello fellow!!

This pinned is just for saying that this blog you will find love and support for Yashahime, SessRin and InuKag alike.

I don’t plan to be toxic nor to force you to like what I do.

If you want to follow me, go ahead! But if not, please respect me and my opinions. That’s all! Love for you all❤️❤️

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….that might be the lamest shit someone has ever sent me…

If we gon embrace the incest Anon, be funny about it . That was weak af.

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so i watched the forbidden episode 15 of yashahime! and here’s my opinion !!!


you guys seriously need a life, it’s an anime show

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I’m so proud of this one… xD

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“So you’re all here. You and your worthless group of so-called friends.” -Naraku Inuyasha The Final Act Episode 24

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inuyasha + one gifset per episode
➼ episode 006: tetsusaiga, the phantom sword

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I have gotten into the habit of releasing birthday fics a day early, under the guise of “technically it is their birthday in parts of Asia!” and I am going to do that again.

@sapphirestarxx is an absolute blessing. She is fun and funny and smart and has made the Inuyasha community all the better. You know what else? Our darling is a hardcore MirSan shipper. And one day while talking to her, she lamented about the lack of good foregrounded MirSan stories in the fandom! So… we are going to fix that for her one story at a time.

Here’s mine, an AU in which Sango is an exhausted cop and Miroku is a counselor-bartender-with-a-crush. It is entirely inspired by @mamabearcat‘s amazing Miroku @inuvember art, and is hopefully one dear @sapphirestarxx that brings a smile to your face.

Happy (early, for the US) birthday lovely, and I hope you enjoy.

Tell Me Your Troubles

based on this @mamabearcatfanart art.

Let me know if you want on or off the tag train🚂

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犬兄弟 ※腐注意 || りみ
*** Reprinted with permission from the artist.  Do not repost or delete source information.

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Mommy Jaken) 
I was pleasantly surprised how caring he was in the episode 15.

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Sometimes you just gotta draw your boy

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