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lady2nope · a day ago
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Manga Outfits! 
Do you know, my friends? I'm currently shocked cause I just saw Takashi Shiina manga and... Kagome is so fucking cute in his art style (Bruh it's just the way I see her in my head while reading fanfics hahahahaha).
So what better way to honor our queen than uploading a fan-art of her outfits in the manga? I miss her as the main protagonist XD
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eliza-faust-diary · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Just Miroku. I’d like to draw him more.
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thunderpot · 3 days ago
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Heyheyhey! How you doing inu nation! I've been wanting to share this one for a little while now and it's finally time! this is the piece @neutronstarchild commissioned me to do for @sins-week gluttony & abstinence featuring our angsty duo naraku & kagura!
You can read Neutron's The Sins & Virtues of Sengoku Jidai right here!
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officialinuyasha · 2 days ago
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Tumblr media
Official Yashahime Manga Artwork
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inugomel · a day ago
Not again please 😭😭😭😭😭
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Tumblr media
Cover designs from the official Hanyo no Yashahime manga drawn by Shiina Takashi.
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anisaanisa · 2 days ago
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Sassy 90s Sango comin' thru 💃✨
1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | Requests
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sweepingtree · a day ago
Tumblr media
Moroha Week DAY ONE: Childhood
Not sure if I’ll be able to participate for all days because I didn’t have the time to work on the prompts beforehand but I’ll try my best!
Please do not repost! Appreciate your support on ko-fi if you like my art!
Taglist below (please let me know if you’d like to be added or removed!)
@stillunderyourbed @neutronstarchild @anisaanisa @ge--yo @divine-entertainment @lady-of-disdain @theinuyashareader @inuflwr @ravisk @superpixie42 @fawn-eyed-girl @kaqura
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kaorimizunya · 20 hours ago
Lust & Chastity 🍷🌼
Tumblr media
Commission for @neutronstarchild and a contribution to @sins-week - Lust & Chastity
This art has been done to go along with Chapter 7: : Lust & Chastity Miroku + Sango by @neutronstarchild 😍
I was too happy to have been chosen! Read the story and all the others are really special!
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lady2nope · 16 hours ago
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The day after tomorrow
I know, I know that I upload yesterday another fan-art. But all my old drawings are just there... waiting, and I'm not hurting anyone if I post them here this often, right?
This picture came to my mind one day listening to "Life is Beautiful" soundtrack. And if in Yashahime "The Shogun" finds Kagome's bicycle that means that she has it when they lived together in Kaede's Village.
Or... they just find the bicycle somewhere cause at some point of the journey Kagome choose InuYasha's back over her normal way of transport. Who is gonna blame her, huh? I would do the same. Anyway, the image of Kagome with her Miko's outfit doing her "healing activities" around the village with her bicycle is cute. And is even cuter if you think that Moroha stays with papa Inu while mom works.
Oh! and Sango and Miroku are "happily ever after" in this picture too. Little we knew hahahahaha
Fun fact: All the plants in the baskets are real curative plants from Japan. Or at least that's what I tried hahahaha I'm not Japanese I just know European plants XD
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esmedalma · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Landscape practise ft. Kikyo & Kohaku
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s-aikas · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Artist: @SPYKEE1945 
*Reposted with permission* 
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itsluuart · 17 hours ago
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It's Moroha week, managed some time to do some prompts. I'll be posting it here too ^^
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officialinuyasha · a day ago
Tumblr media
Yashahime Official Guidebook
Thorough commentary on all 24 episodes of Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon
Look back at the history of InuYasha and Sesshoumaru's family.
26 interviews and comments from the staff and cast members
Sesshoumaru and Rin, InuYasha and Kagome, Sango and Miroku
To the beginning of love and birth of their children!
Available October 22nd, 2021
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kohakuxrin · a day ago
Tumblr media
lol, many Trashahime lovers are not pleased with the manga version by Takashi Shiina mainly because of the main characters’ changed personalities, and they complain saying it’s not canon despite having had the approval of Sunrise and Takahashi How funny coming out of the mouths of people who are completely fine with making the original characters completely out of character in a poorly written animated fanfiction and claim it had the approval of Takahashi Ironically, this is how most of us have been feeling since the anime version came out and butchered all the original characters, but we couldn’t expect those idiots to actually come to understand us, could we?
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lavendertwilight89 · 2 days ago
Gluttony/ Abstinence
Tumblr media
Happy @sins-week​ day 5!!! While @superpixie42​‘s bday is still a handful days away, I would like to dedicate this to her because this a troupeeeeeeeeee.
Thanks for the banner @neutronstarchild​ and thank you for beta-ing @fawn-eyed-girl​!!!
This a canon-div rated T :)
Want to read all the sins from last year? READ HERE!
Want to just read the prequel to Gluttony? READ HERE!
Want to just read this chapter on AO3? READ HERE!
Tumblr media
Well, Shippo had been right about one thing from his earlier predictions of what would happen if Inuyasha allowed his gluttonous appetite for Kagome to consume him before Naraku was killed. While the hanyou hadn’t gotten so crazy that he had killed Koga or any other male dumb enough to approach his mate, he did transform into a full youkai and rip Naraku to shreds after the dumbass had the nerve to attack Kagome. But that was the extent of the crazy lunatic rogue demon.
All he did after that was retreat to Kagome’s fallen form, growl at anyone (except for Shippo, shockingly enough) who got near to her until she was better. 
That had taken a couple of days, a couple of sits, and a couple of attempts of Shippo trying to translate dog to fox to human for everyone to just back off until Inuyasha could take care of her and for Kagome to remain calm and still since the sits weren’t working on the hanyou turned youkai.
It'd been a long week. A longgggggggg week. But the fox demon had been good, faithful, and had pledged abstinence in bothering Kagome for anything aside from snuggles. Eventually, Inuyasha’s youki subsided, and everything went back to normal. Sorta. The new normal.
After Inuyasha and Kagome’s unwitting confession in front of Kikyo, may the miko rest in peace, they had really begun actually raising Shippo as a child of their own. Inuyasha had grown softer, Kagome had (unfortunately) grown a little more stern, and the kitsune, well, he was still a glutton for Kagome’s time, toys, and foods.
Though training with Inuyasha and even learning to hunt with him had been really nice. Like, really nice. Ok, super nice because it was finally like Shippo actually had a family again. 
Then they mated. 
Shippo's worst fear.
But… his worries were short lived. 
Turned out, nothing changed, except for the fact Kagome would ask Shippo nicely to go play for awhile so she and Inuyasha could have alone time. 
Shippo was too young to understand exactly what happened when Inuyasha and Kagome were alone, other than Kagome always came back smelling just like Inuyasha and they wore these silly little grins. Like--mischievous. Giddy. 
The look was similar to when he got away with something wrong.
It weirded him out to see Inuyasha that way--but he was happy that Kagome was so carefree. She deserved to be happy since Inuyasha was such a bone-head and had made her so sad and angry for so long.
They’ve lived a couple of moons in peace; just the jewel attracted trouble here there, nothing the hanyou, monk, or demon slayer couldn’t handle. Inuyasha built Kagome and Shippo a home; the kit has his own room, too! Then the half-demon helped Sango and Miroku with their own home within the village. Everything was great. Everyone was great. And then… Kagome started smelling weird.
Okay, not weird but--different. Not her normal wild-flowery mixed with ran scent. It was...spicer? Sweeter? Obviously, it was hard for a fox kit to describe. Nothing like he’d ever smelled before. 
Then that’s when they told him; Kagome was pupped and she was having a baby.
Shippo went through the five phases of denial, as Kagome called it. Something from her side of the well she had talked about when she was trying to calm his hysterics. Isolation, anger, bargaining, depression, and then finally, acceptance.
Yeah, he cried, alright. Shippo had just finally gotten used to their new situations. Kagome no longer snuggled Shippo while they slept, but at least shared other parts of her day with him (because his appetite for motherly cuddles could never be filled). Kagome no longer bringing him endless candy and toys, but some here and there like-- crayons so he could color and practice writing and sweets when he did really really well. 
Now there was a baby on the way. 
Another inu youkai baby.
But Inuyasha, shockingly enough, comforted the kitsune; he assured him that the room they built for him would still be his own, that the learnings and rewards wouldn't stop, that Kagome would still grant the fox kit her time and of course, snuggles because she was going to need naps.
It made Shippo feel better. It took most of his worries away, but not his gluttony for Kagome’s time… he may have also caused a couple of fights between the overly emotional priestess and the hanyou because old habits die hard. 
For a while, the kit wanted to be alone--to sort things out. Something that upset Kagome and made Shippo feel kind of guilty, but Inuyasha had been also the one to help Kagome understand. It was the hanyou Shippo had learned his bad behavior from anyway--greedy and needy for time alone to sort out his feelings so he didn’t open his mouth and make Kagome hurt worse.
Stupid hanyou for influencing him so much.
Then he was kind of angry. He felt replaced, even though they both had told him he wasn’t; it was their stupid alone time they were gluttonous for that caused this development. If only Shippo had been better and kept them apart! But then, Kagome would be unhappy. And Inuyasha would still pound him on the head. They wouldn’t have a hut--a home. They would still be a broken family.
That’s how he got to bargaining. Inuyasha had told him things wouldn’t change, but Shippo had to be sure. He didn’t want to lose his things. And his appetite for sweets was just as insatiable as Inuyasha’s need for ramen.
Again, their reassurance made him feel better...but then guilty. Depressed. He would no longer be Kagome’s little baby; he’d be a big brother.
But that sadness and upset quickly morphed into acceptance. Shippo was going to be a big brother.
As Kagome’s tummy grew bigger, it was just as Inuyasha had said: Kagome needed more rest; so, he got more snuggles. What he hadn’t anticipated was even her going through the well took longer, that he overheard Inuyasha and Kagome talking late at night about how they would raise the pup, and Shippo would feel his chest tighten in anxiety of all that he was being given, would somehow inhibit her from getting anything.
So, Shippo began to abstain. As painful as it was, he would save the candy, the treats, the crayons, the extra toys in the little chest Kagome and Inuyasha had gotten for him on one of their trips away from the village to hunt a rogue demon. And he thought it was all good and well, that way his new baby brother orand sister could enjoy the amount of things he had-- even if he had to share. 
"Shippo?" Kagome called from the main room of their home. 
"Coming!" He bounced from the chest where he had just put his latest prize Kagome and Inuyasha had brought him from Kagome’s side of the well: a boat to play with in the bathtub. His new sibling would love it when they bathed together. 
When he got into the fire lit room (it was too chilly for Kagome to be without fire in the fall in the evening, especially when she was pupped), and was met with a familiar sight that made his heart constrict; after Shippo had lost his father, all that had consumed his mind was revenge.
He became gluttonous for food, jewel shards, and the idea of trading Maten and Hiten down.
Then, he met Inuyasha and Kagome--his family--and now, being there, in their home, seeing his adoptive father sitting behind his adoptive mother, legs bent so she sat between them, Kagome leaning back against Inuyasha’s chest, wearing a big flowy dress from her side of the well, her hair down, and Inuyasha rubbing her low back gently.
“Shippo--is there a reason why you’ve only been writing in yellow recently?” Kagome asked.
“Uh--no.” Kagome might have been human, but she had to have demon senses. She had to. When Shippo fibbed, she knew before Inuyasha.
“Shippo,” she sighed.
“Be honest, runt,” Inuyasha growled from behind, but otherwise, tried to appear to be out of the conversation. Typical stuff with Kagome being… emotional. That’s what Inuyasha called it when she was around--otherwise he said she was crazy. Whore-moans? 
“I wanna just save the best colors for the baby!” Shippo admitted.
“We can always get more, Shippo,” Kagome tried to soothe him. 
“But I overheard you and Inuyasha talking! You said you wouldn’t need that stuff for the pup!” Shippo cried in abhor. Inuyasha growled at his tone but the kitsune stood firm. The baby deserved what Shippo got! Even if Shippo was greedy and gluttonous--the baby should get the same privilege as he did.
“Shippo--” Kagome began, sitting up only from Inuyasha to wrap his arms around her and keep her still. Shippo heard her huff something inappropriate before Inuyasha opened his amber heated eyes and directed them towards Shippo.
“Firstly… Kagome and I will be raising the pup how we see fit; while you will be the beta of this pack, you do not get a say in what is given or not to the baby. Secondly, the pup is gonna be too small for those things. She will get them when she is old enough and ready to learn.”
“Inuyasha is right, Shippo,” Kagome agreed from her place against the hanyou, smiling and complacent. “He will get them whenever he is your age. We have to get him other things first.”
“Kagome--” Inuyasha groaned.
“Inuyasha--” Kagome growled back.
“It’s a girl!” Inuyasha tried to say softly. Shippo could see exactly where this was going, and a new excitement and happiness took hold.
“It’s a boy! I would know! He kicks me every night!!”
“For fuck’s sake--”
“No swearing!” Kagome chided.
“She isn’t gonna know--”
“He will if you say it all the time--Shippo learned all those words from you!”
“Are you ever gonna agree on if it’s a sister or a brother? Or do I still gotta just say’ pup’?” Shippo asked, trying to start another fight because after all, while he was abstaining from special things from Kagome to share them with his younger sibling, he was gluttonous to watch Inuyasha eat dirt.
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