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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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tagged by @clementinesgulag like hullo? how have i been blessed?

3 ships: inukag (my original OTP) literally i can’ think of any others bc all of the ones i love are original characters i have with rp partners woops

last song: Yokai by Within Destruction (fellow metal heads pls listen)

last movie: beetlejuice

currently reading: i do not read books lol

currently consuming: lime whiteclaw for a drinking game

currently craving: mcdonalds french fries - sue me


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Y’all Lord Sesshomaru didn’t have a choice when it came to conceiving the twins. Yashahime fandom is going nuts, some are respectable to the news and some are highly upset. So apparently everyone thinks Rin is the mom because of Treekyo. I think everyone who is mad is jealous it wasn’t them. Everyone is jealous of Rin.🤣

I feel that if Rin is the mother she definitely coerce Sesshomaru into conceiving the twins. When she finally grew up into a woman she probably looked at all her options and was like I’m going to secure the bag. Bitch she has the Lord of the West sponsoring her ass. Y’all though she was going to choose a human. I’m sure Rin figured out a way to get him “drunk” and she had her way with him. What I’m trying to make y’all understand is that with a face like Sesshomaru’s, Rin pretty much had no choice but to take what is rightfully hers.

Back to Sess, the way he ran off with those kids was some Maury shit if you ask me. Im loving Yashahime because Sunrise is definitely providing all the mind fucks we need. I got a question who named Setsuna and Towa? 2020… I just can’t. 🥰

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The final chapter of “The Fifth Flavor” is now up!

I’ve finally finished my first IY story! Feels surreal–part of me didn’t even believe I’d get this far. But I guess fanfics are like Pringles, and now that I’ve written one I have ideas for…at least three more. >.<

You can read it now on AO3!

Thanks to @neutronstarchild for the amazing banner, and to both you and @fawn-eyed-girl for being so encouraging! 

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Happy #Music Mondays everyone! It is legitimately freezing here today, so I hope everyone else is warmer than I am…

Today I want to know what gets you moving. What makes you dance, groove, jam, rock out? What gets you motivated to create? What has you grooving while you read?

Reblog this post or the image and/or tag me so I can share your posts!

If you’re new to #Music Mondays, share a link with your song of choice and share a little about what you associate it with (a fic, some art, etc)! Creators and readers are welcome!

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