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Spirited Soulmates: Chapter 35 Teaser!

Hello everyone! (Sorry for the delete and the repost. Tumblr being stupid this morning. Let’s try this again.)

I am so excited to bring you a very special teaser for Chapter 35 of Spirited Soulmates! Can you guess what is going to happen? Follow the train below, and if you’ve figured it out, leave me a note and let me know what you think is coming!

Need to catch up? Start reading here!


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The final chapter of “The Fifth Flavor” is now up!

I’ve finally finished my first IY story! Feels surreal–part of me didn’t even believe I’d get this far. But I guess fanfics are like Pringles, and now that I’ve written one I have ideas for…at least three more. >.<

You can read it now on AO3!

Thanks to @neutronstarchild for the amazing banner, and to both you and @fawn-eyed-girl for being so encouraging! 

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The early morning rays bathed the field in a pale light as Moroha made her way through the tall grass in search of her newest target. It’d taken a good amount of time and patience to sneak past the sleeping adults in her hut but she’d managed to do it and couldn’t help but feel a bit proud of herself. After her and her friends found their families it became rather difficult for Moroha to go out and do her job as a bounty hunter, for fear of worrying her parents who seemed keen on sticking close to her. Not that she minded too much, considering everything that happened to them and all the suffering that they experienced in the past decade. But it was also suffocating in a way, to have her parents keeping such a close eye on her. She’d spent the last ten years taking care of herself and to now have her parents back to take over the role was hard to adjust to.

Especially when she was bounty hunter who killed demons and sold their parts to demon slayers. As much as she tried to keep away from bounty hunting it always called her back. The thrill of taking down a demon bigger than her and reaping the rewards from her catches was one of the best feelings in the world. And today she was going to once again experience that thrilling feeling and thirst for adventure and action. The teen smirked to herself as she broke into a run now to get to her destination where her target would be. The demon had a large bounty on its head and no one really dared to mess with it and try to kill it. Well at least until Moroha had heard about it.

‘Towa, Setsuna and Hisui will probably be pissed that I went to fight such a powerful demon by myself and didn’t invite them.’

Moroha thought amused by it. She would have to make this kill in a decent amount of time if she was to get back home in a good time frame from keeping her parents from worrying. It was difficult to keep the bounty hunting from her mother and father but it was worth it to keep them from getting upset. The girl shook her head to not dwell on the thoughts any longer and with a chipper smile bounded forwards to the demon’s den.


The den was old and drafty Moroha noted as she finally came across the demon’s den. The young bounty hunter began to look around, her bow and arrow drawn in case of an attack from her her target. Moroha moved further inside, stepping around the piles of bones and other things that littered the cave floor. She couldn’t help but crinkle her nose as the smell hit her.

“Ew….it was definitely here not too long ago.”

She muttered disgusted by the stench. The demon must have just feed not too long ago if the place smelled this terrible. As she continued to look around, a creature moved in the shadows, its blank eyes watching the teen in a predatory way. It began to draw closer, keeping quiet as to not alert the girl with its presence. With one clawed hand it slowly raised its hand, ready to bat her with a killing blow when Moroha reacted. The bounty hunter quickly dodged out of the way, brown eyes smirking knowingly as the creature hissed.

“It seems like I came here at a good time huh? Unfortunately for you, it’s going to be the last time you step foot outside this den.”

Moroha said with a confident tone. The demon lunged at her, snarling. Moroha quickly shot off her arrow.

“Heavenly Arrow Barrage!”

She shouted as the arrow whizzed into the air before exploding into a flurry of spiritual arrows. The demon screeched as it was hit with several purifying arrows, swinging its arms around viciously in its pain. Moroha barely managed to move away, tripping over her feet and practically rolling out of the cave from the force of it. The teen groaned, a bit winded from basically flying like a rag doll. The demon followed her outside, its shrieks of fury and pain echoing in the air. Moroha swore softly and jumped to her feet, pulling her sword out with another smirk.

“Tch! Didn’t like that much did you? Talk about a sore loser!”

She snipped out in a mocking tone. The demon roared and again swung its arms to take Moroha down. The girl again dodged, not realizing that something was off until it was too late. The demon had a third limb waiting for her to dodge and as quick as a flash it slammed into Moroha hard. Moroha let out a wheezing sound as she was hit, eyes wide in slight surprise at the attack. She swore to herself again as she gripped her side, knowing that she was most likely gonna bruise from the hit. Her sword had been knocked from her grip and was a good ways away from her. Moroha went to go and get it but she wasn’t quick enough as the demon flung itself at her and grabbed her in a bruising grip. The teen struggled, realizing very quickly that she was in way over her head which was a first for her in quite awhile. The demon pulled Moroha up into the air, its jaws opening up to devour her. Moroha froze, terrified for a brief moment before struggling more desperately.

'If I had the red pearl then I could get out of this grip….! Damnit! If I don’t get out of this thing’s grasp I’m going to-!’

Moroha’s thoughts were cut off as she found herself face to face with the demon’s mouth. She forced her eyes shut tightly, bracing herself for the bite down. A moment passed and she didn’t feel its jaws clamp down on her but instead something soft and sturdy grab her. Confused Moroha opened her eyes again before going wide eyed. The demon’s limb had been sliced, and the grip that was now holding her protectively was none other than her father, Inuyasha.


She choked out in shock. The man, her father didn’t even look at her, instead keeping his fierce golden gaze on the demon. His arms tightened around Moroha and a threatening growl came from his throat.

“You’re going to pay for what you just tried to do. I’m going to tear you apart!”

Inuyasha snarled, tone carrying a dark promise. The demon screeched at him and charged them. Inuyasha put Moroha down and pulled out his sword, the once rusty blade becoming a huge fang. Moroha’s eyes widened at the sight. Inuyasha glared at the demon and with a practiced motion that he’d done thousands of times he swung his sword down.


He yelled in a snarling shout. The wind became sharp like a blade and tore the demon to shreds, leaving nothing behind but indents in the ground from the wind scar. Moroha stared in awe at the damage and went to comment on it when two red colored arms wrapped tightly around her. Inuyasha held his daughter close, shaking.

“Don’t you ever do something like that again do you understand me?!?! I’d thought….! When I saw that demon with its hands on you I’d thought that I’d been too late…!”

Inuyasha said in an angry and slightly terrified voice. The half demon didn’t get shaken up easily but seeing Moroha in danger had shook him to his core. He’d honestly thought that he’d lost his precious daughter and it’d scared him to death. Moroha went quiet, guilt eating at her for upsetting her father so much. It was why she’d never mentioned her bounty hunting activities in the first place. The teen hugged her father back tightly, nuzzling his chest to comfort him.

“I’m sorry dad….I didn’t mean to scare you. I’m okay now, I promise.”

She said softly wanting to help ease him. It took a bit before the half demon finally relaxed his hold a bit, now knowing that the threat to his pup was gone. With a somewhat reluctance he pulled away from her. Moroha gave him a small, crooked smile to show that she was okay still before getting up to grab her discarded sword. Flinching as her bruised side moved. Inuyasha gazed at her with a golden eyed stare, before crouching down in front of her with his back faced towards her.

“Get on. You’re not waking home like that.”

He stated leaving no room for argument. Moroha sighed and climbed onto his back. As soon as she was on Inuyasha hooked his arms under her legs and got up, starting the long trip home. The two knew that when they got back they’d have to have a talk but until then they just enjoyed the silence and relief of knowing that the other was safe and sound.

*I need more protective Inuyasha with Moroha so I took it upon myself to give me it shdhfhfhh. It sucks but it feeds my soul so I win in the end lol. Anyways if any y'all read this I hope you enjoyed it!*

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY @lavendertwilight89​ !! 

Please enjoy this canon divergent porn below the cut or on AO3

Rated: E

Words: 4651

Grandpa Higurashi was immensely proud of his granddaughter. He may be unable to pass through the Bone Eaters Well, but he was hardly ignorant of the dangers and struggles his precious Kagome faced every day as she battled in the past to secure their future. He would do anything he could to help– including careful consideration and application of his own medical history to guarantee Kagome could continue missing school without too much damage to her reputation. Despite what Kagome might think, gout and arthritis were perfectly honorable disorders. But, if she wanted him to be more inventive with his excuses he could of course make the effort. 

Spending a Sunday afternoon with a medical reference book, he was confident in his next plan of attack. Psoriasis, a skin irritation, often comes in waves. Breakouts are most common on the neck and scalp but can be found in places easily hidden by her uniform. It could also be painful and require at-home treatment, making it easy for Kagome to miss long or short chunks of time as a “flare up” struck her. Perfect. First thing Monday morning he phoned the school secretary, informing her that one Higurashi Kagome would be out until Wednesday.

“Kagome has been missing quite a lot of school this month, does she have a medical excuse?”

“Yes, unfortunately her syphilis has flared up and she’s quite uncomfortable. We’d like to keep her home until her skin clears again and she won’t be so embarrassed, you know how teenage girls are.”

There was a noticeable pause, and Grandpa thought the line had failed. “Excuse me? Did you hear me? I said Higurashi Kagome has syphilis and won’t be in–”

“Wednesday, yes. I can certainly understand why you would want to keep her home. Something like that must be horrible for your family. Have a good day, sir.” She hung-up before Grandpa could say anything in return. 

Pleased with himself, apparently skin rashes were the perfect choice, he went to the kitchen to enjoy a well earned breakfast. 

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short and smutty sequel to Cam You See Me? and written for @clearwillow​​‘s reblog game where camboy Inu and his Kitten give us a little show of their own. thanks for using my camboy Inu and his pretty kitty Carra! ❤️the game was awesome and that i’m still not over that bonus pic you added on pixiv oooofffff 

no banner this time because laziness.

and as always this is not edited.

@lavendertwilight89 @born-for-eachother @mandirox89 @arcprz @bluejay785 @malditamigs @xfangheartx @bluehawaiicat @zelink-inukag @clearwillow @wenchster @anabananaxq @superpixie42 @midnightsilver16830 @heathersmusings @theinuyashareader @danycontreras90 @liz8080 @blairex @lordofthechips @itzatakahashi @sailorbabydoll92 @raisinraven @sticky-llama-perfection @dangerouspompadour @digital-art-monster @joaniemae @boostyourmind-blog @anxietyaardvark @simply-zerah @nsr0716 @caribmiko @witchygirl99 @mamabearcat @redflamesofpassion @tuxedochevaleresse @umacaking @hnn-wnchstr @juliatheanimelover7 @lemonlushff @eringobroke @youarenotmyhomelandanymore @hikaruwrites @horriblehowl @lady-dark-69 @sssuperbartola @eternalnight8806-3 @morganashimi83 @shnuggletea @pinkpigeonstudio @memusicmuse @cyncyn981 @yurawiththegoodhair@kagometaishostory @chickpow @ladyphoenix0711 @tsukinohimeusagi​​ 

if you want to be added to this list and get tagged whenever i post something new, please let me know :)

Read on AO3


Finally finishing up the paperwork she’d brought home from work - despite the relative hands-on position of her chosen profession, she was surprised at how much pencil pushing it required - the owner of the username NaughtyNinja sat back in her plush office chair and stretched with a great sigh of relief. She’d been at it for a good three hours now, and a glance at the clock revealed it was just before 9 pm.

She grinned. Perfect. 

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Been working on chapter 4 for No Such Thing lately. As promised, it’s going to be a bit oof before it becomes ahhhh.

A Teaser!

“Kagome, Ayumi is here to see you!” Kagome was able to push it aside for a little longer, forgotten for a time. The girls were able to go out and enjoy a sunny day, early spring bringing warmer weather after the bitterly cold winter they’d had.

Ayumi was kind enough not to ask what Kagome’s plans for “after” were. It had been a point of issue in conversation in the past. Eri and Yuka didn’t quite understand why Kagome was so hesitant to commit to any one path, especially when she had been able to so handily turn her grades around, now that she wasn’t “sick” anymore. Her friends had learned - some more slowly than others - not to ask her about that time much either. They knew that something had happened to her that had kept her out of school frequently, then for a longer solid period. Then Kagome was back to school and never missed another day. But they also noticed that their long time friend was different. She wasn’t as naturally bubbly as she used to be.

Ayumi was the only one Kagome felt truly comfortable hanging out with alone anymore. She was calmer than their other girlfriends, she listened without judgement, and she only offered gentle advice that Kagome felt was both helpful but careful of her feelings. Today… Today she needed someone to be more assertive with her. Today she needed to nail down a plan because she had nothing and with the big day creeping up and most of the important deadlines passing her by, she would be up a creek with no paddle very shortly. “Ayumi? What should I do?”

“Huh? Do about what, Kagome?” She launched into her very limited options for schools, for a job. None of them sounded appealing to her, so she hoped that her dear friend, who knew her better than most people, would have some kind of reaction to point her in the right direction. “Hm… What feels right to you, Kagome?” she asked instead.

“I… Nothing. None of it feels right,” she confessed in a whisper, dropping onto a nearby bench and waiting for her friend to plop down beside her. “I feel like I’m just playing at this. Like I don’t belong here.” She let her hands hang between her knees. Kagome sighed heavily, then looked up at her friend watching her so earnestly. Ayumi wanted to help, and here she had been lying to her for years. “I… Can I tell you something?”

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Thank you @ruddcatha​ for helping with the banner and thank you @neutronstarchild​ for helping with the title.

Happy birthday @lavendertwilight89​!!! I hope you enjoy the traditional Birthday Smut.

A/N I do not own Inuyasha or any of the characters.

Please enjoy and be warned that this is definitely smut.

Read it on Ao3 here and on ffn here. If you enjoy it, feel free to buy me a ko-fi here.

She was listening intently to the radio. She knew she had almost zero chance at this silly drawing, but that didn’t mean she didn’t want to hear them call her name. It had been a whim when she bought that silly ticket and put her name in a box. Sure, that $5 would have bought her a hot cup of coffee, and maybe even a danish; but she just wanted to take a chance. She had just as much a chance as anyone else, right? Well, probably not. She had seen several people buy a whole slew of tickets and put them in. She had promised herself if it was meant to be, one ticket was enough. Ok, so she had zero chance, and when they called someone else’s name, she’d go see Bankotsu and he would hold her and make her feel better.

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ɪɴᴜʏᴀꜱʜᴀ x ᴋᴀɢᴏᴍᴇ | ᴄᴀɴᴏɴ ᴅɪᴠᴇʀɢᴇɴᴛ | ᴏɴᴇ ꜱʜᴏᴛ | ɴꜱꜰᴡ (ꜱᴍᴜᴛ)

SUMMARY:  “Oh, just be quiet!” Kagome suddenly snapped, eyes finally snapping to meet his with a sense of annoyance, anger, and hurt, “This whole mess is your fault!” She added, still shouting at him as her brows furrowed, “I hate your guts!" 

*A one-shot that is an alternate ending to episode 151 of the anime*


TAGGING: @princessinume, @rightoveryonder, @digital-art-monster, @heathersmusings, @nectarine500, @senneth-pendra, @bluemondays-sadsundays, @biancam70, @keichanz, @mickisketch, @mamabearcat, @littlestuffstohide, @misteria247, @aizawa-slaysme, @akikazetohoru-12, @preciouslyours, @clementinesgulag, @sailorbabydoll92, @trepidatingboarfetus, @karibookat, @liz8080, @chimichangadude,

"Hey, Kagome! Why the long face? It’s not like you!” They’d been searching for her for hours, trying to find where that barrier had been but with no luck. The worry that he’d felt in his gut, paired with the realization that Kikyo was still alive, had his head almost reeling. Both of the women he loved, out of his sight and in some sort of danger. It hadn’t been until he heard a waterfall that it became obvious the barrier had been lifted, and when they finally managed to find Kagome, she was just sitting there.

The scent of Kikyo was still in the air and he couldn’t help but make sure by sniffing the air a few times. A slight relief came over him, knowing that she was alive and able to at least walk around, even though there was still the worry of knowing that her body had been overtaken by miasma.

Kagome looked so sad, eyes somber as she hugged her knees and averted her gaze from him, purposefully trying to avoid it as he crouched down in front of her. He didn’t know what her problem was, why she was so depressed and couldn’t help but ask in the only way he knew how when they were in the company of others.

“Oh, just be quiet!” Kagome suddenly snapped, eyes finally snapping to meet his with a sense of annoyance, anger, and hurt, “This whole mess is your fault!” She added, still shouting at him as her brows furrowed, “I hate your guts!” It was spoken with such conviction as if she truly meant it and had wanted to say it for as long as they’d known each other.

Inuyasha couldn’t help but fall on his ass at the metaphorical impact of her words.

“She hates me?”

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Why Are You So Scared? A Webcomic by @fawn-eyed-girl​ and @nartista-digital

Hi everyone!! I am beyond excited to announce to you that @nartista-digital​ and I have spent the last few weeks working on a little webcomic, titled Why are You so Scared? And the first chapter will finally be going LIVE this Friday, Oct. 30, on Pixiv and Ao3–just in time for Halloween!

Summary: One night at the campfire, Shippo asks Kagome for a scary story. Inuyasha later overhears Kagome and Sango talking about why boys like to get girls scared, and he decides to scare Kagome himself and reap the benefits. But what would happen if she were scared for real?

Follow the train below for our Tumblr-exclusive teaser!


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Though I post my one-shots here, I also have two large, multi-chapter stories that are on the go right now. The first (and largest) is my post-canon fic named ‘Learning to Live’. I currently have 13 chapters up an plan to update at least bi-weekly, if not weekly. Moving forward, I will be posting when I have update this story on here, as well as a teaser!

TAGGING: @princessinume, @rightoveryonder, @digital-art-monster, @heathersmusings, @nectarine500, @senneth-pendra, @bluemondays-sadsundays, @biancam70, @keichanz, @mickisketch, @mamabearcat, @littlestuffstohide, @misteria247, @aizawa-slaysme, @akikazetohoru-12, @preciouslyours, @clementinesgulag, @sailorbabydoll92, @trepidatingboarfetus, @karibookat, @liz8080, @chimichangadude,


ᴛᴇᴀꜱᴇʀ:“What was it you called me?” Inuyasha asked, thinking back to their talk while on their way to the first extermination they’d gone on together.

“Emotionally stunted,” she reminded him, only to see a similar grin to her own on his lips. 

How had he ever deserved Kagome? It still baffled him, knowing that she’d stuck by him regardless of the number of times he’d hurt her; not physically, not ever, but he knew more than most that mental scars could last a lifetime. Inuyasha could only hope that their time together now, with her as his wife, he could prove to her just how much she meant to him - he had their whole lives to do so.

“Yeah, that’s why,” he confirmed before feeling Kagome rest her head on his chest, causing Inuyasha to wrap his free arm around her, still not having let go of the hand that he’d had pressed to his chest.

“I guess I didn’t make it any easier - even when you told the truth, I thought you were lying and punished you,” she added, eyes closing as she took in the warmth of his arms around her, holding her close against him and keeping her so safe a secure, as he always did. 

“Keh. Well, I did the same when you and Koga were ever alone,” he pointed out, suddenly feeling his wife pull from his chest to look up at him, narrowing her gaze up at him as she began to recall just what he’d implied.

“Oh yeah…I forgot about that. You were jealous, weren’t you?" 

A signature scoff left him, turning his head to the as he played it as cool as he could, "Like I could ever be jealous of that mangy wolf.”

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going a total 180 from my last fic. my take on ‘what if kagome’s spiritual powers were strong enough that they hijacked her body and prevented her from having children with a hanyō?’ and i actually liked how it turned out. hope you enjoy!

“I… What?” Kagome said softly. Next to her, Inuyasha tensed.

Kaede closed her eyes and sighed. She had a feeling, and when nothing came to fruition months after Kagome giddily confided in the old woman about the next step in her relationship with her hanyō husband, they both came to her. When they entered her hut this morning, silent and contemplative, she realized that the feeling she had all those months ago was warranted. 

She repeated the words, the taste of them sour on her tongue. “I don’t… I don’t think it’s possible for Kagome to conceive.”

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Ya know Anon…I think I know the part you’re talking about. And the good news is…It’s not Kagome. 

It’s Inuyasha. 

I bolded the quote I shared that I think you’re referencing


“W-what are you…Inuyasha!” she squealed, her body tensing before she began squirming. His fingers gently scraped against her side, tickling her just the way he knew drove her crazy and made her desperate to get away from him. His claws carefully ran up her side again and her heels dug into the tarp below her as she tried to throw him off of her. 

“Inuyasha!” she shrieked, the empty walls around them echoing with her laughter. 


“Stop!” she begged, and he did it again, renewing her giggles. 

“Nah - having too much fun, I think,” he smirked, doing it yet again. 

“Please?” she begged, biting her lower lip as he gave her a second to catch her breath. “I’ll do whatever you want…”

“Whatever I want, huh?”

Kiss me. Come back to me. Be mine forever. Never leave me again.

“Clean up from lunch?”

“Deal,” she agreed, and he bent down to kiss her forehead. 

“Deal,” he murmured, getting off of her.


Kagome isn’t going to make the first move because you’re totally right - she doesn’t feel like she has the right to. Ultimately, she’s the one who ended their engagement. She’s the one who is going to leave again. Asking him for more isn’t fair and she knows it. 

He has to be the one to show that he’s ok. That he gasps what the terms of a relationship with her means. It might fail. It might not. She has to go back to LA no matter what. She only got a few months. She wouldn’t ask him to give her something when she knows she just has to leave him again.

Mind you…If you read One Last Sin, and if you know me as a writer, you’ll also know that they end up together in the end…And if you’re on patreon you’ll also know that they get a very happily ever after…But I’m the one who knows what’s in store for them. 

They have no idea. 

And as far as they’re concerned, they only get what little time her job allows her to have right now, so it’s HARD to take that leap. For both of them to go “I still love you, and even if we can’t have exactly what I want…I still want something.” 

It’s one of the reasons Inuyasha is STILL (in chapter 18) with Kikyo. Because he can’t have Kagome the way he wants her, and he KNOWS he wants her. He truly wants to feel those things for Kikyo, because Kikyo isn’t going to leave him. He knows that Kikyo has always harbored feelings for him, and he genuinely wants to feel those same things for her, because she IS an option. Kagome just doesn’t feel like one…because at the end of the day, she’s going back to LA, and she already left him once. 

So, is what he doing to Kikyo fair?

Most people would say no. 

I say yes because he genuinely wants it to work between them. 

Even though all signs are pointing to no…Even though he’s slowly getting the idea that maybe it won’t work between them…He wants to give them a fair chance. And the second he realizes and comes to terms with the fact that he just can’t…He ends it. 

What I love so damn much about this story (aside from it being my emotional support blanket) is that nothing is cut and dry. It’s all messy. Some people think Kagome is the villain and toxic. Others, Inuyasha. There are a million shades of gray and layers and you WANT to call someone the ass. You WANT to pin all the blame on one of them…You WANT to hate Kikyo….



They’re all just “normal” people, and seeing everyone’s opinions on the matter, like yours Anon, just brings me LIFE and tells me that I’m doing something RIGHT!!

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Birthday story for @lavendertwilight89, the first chapter will go live on Wednesday, but I wanted to provide a little teaser for you all today.


Summary: Inuyasha and Kagome met on their first day of law school, quickly becoming friends and study partners. Two years after they graduate, fate throws them a curve ball, and they face each other in the courtroom for the first time. When the case forces some harsh realizations and soul searching, will their relationship survive?


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I have some major catching up to do when it comes to fanfics. Sorry!!

Here is a new Sess/Kag fic. Just a one shot.

I’m also working on updating Just a Memory (I haven’t abandoned it!) and writing another Reylo one shot. or AO3

“I have a lot of questions, but I don’t want to be annoying,” Kagome said. “Can we book a time to talk about… you, your youkai…ness?”

“Book a time?” Sesshomaru raised a brow. “Do you have big plans during this snow storm?”

Kagome huffed a laugh, but her cheeks burned as well. “I just don’t want to go about asking you stuff all day. I thought it might be better if I asked you for a set time.”

Sesshomaru smirked a little. “I see. I don’t mind. Ask away. And when you think you’re done I’ll conduct my own investigation.”

There was that predatory look again. Kagome swallowed hard.

The Priestess and the Yokai I & II by Lindsey Merril – available on Amazon as ebook/paperback/kindle unlimited.

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This has popped on my playlist a few times this past weekend and, aside from making me want to dance, it made me think of the Inuparents AU Indirect [Love] Language I’m working on.

How long ‘til we learnDancing is dangerous

How long 'til we findThe devil inside of us

How high is too lowWe’re not that young

So we’re never gonna stop never gonna stop never gonna stop

Until we break it

Dancing on glass

Dancing on glass

Pushing that envelope until something breaks… But who will it be? 😈


Her next attempt went less than stellarly. Izayoi had thought that pretending to nearly drown in the pool would be a great way to force him to take his mask off.  He couldn’t possibly refuse to remove it if she needed CPR! Of course, he jumped in - fully clothed, mask still in place - to pull her from the water before she could even properly flounder. Which meant she was the one left sputtering as she dripped on the pool deck, Touga’s dark gray shirt sticking to him like a second skin and highlighting every line of muscle in his torso.  The man was cut. He had used the phone at poolside to call for several towels, never taking his sharp eyes off of her. And the anger in his gaze made her shiver.

As soon as the towels arrived, he had her bundled in one while he tossed the other over top of her head, hauling her into his arms and carting her back inside.  “Never. Ever. Do that again,” he hissed in her ear. She couldn’t see him with the towel over her face, but the venom in his tone had been enough to put the fear of the gods in her bones. Putting herself in actual danger never again entered her head after that day.

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Customer Service

Find it on AO3

SUMMARY: Customer service is a thankless job, a fact Kagome knows well. Customers can be downright nasty; that’s just to be expected. What she isn’t expecting is for one of those customers to get physical or for a handsome and gruff stranger to swoop in and save her. How can she thank him? ONESHOT.

NSFW. SMUT. Lots of smut at the end. 

This is a birthday fic for @lavendertwilight89!! Her birthday isn’t for another couple days but I thought I would post this early after the terrible day she had yesterday. I hope you love it dear!~

Also, thanks go out to @neutronstarchild for helping me brainstorm some ideas out and to @fawn-eyed-girl and @hnn-wnchstr for being kind enough to beta it.

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Kagome was not having a good day. It had gotten off to a terrible start and showed no signs of improving with the day’s passing.

Her alarm hadn’t gone off, and when her eyes finally opened, she’d only had five minutes to throw on her things before racing out the door, skipping breakfast. She hadn’t gotten very far because her car hadn’t wanted to start and she had fought with it before finally resorting to shocking the engine with her reiki in a last ditch effort. It had appeared to work (much to her surprise) but she had no idea when the effects would wear off or if it would even work again. Not that she had had time to worry about that, because the whole ordeal had made her roughly forty minutes late to work, where she proceeded to receive a lecture on punctuality from her boss, even though she had never been late before. And then, to make matters worse, she had used her entire break trying to call auto places to get her car in. Turns out every nearby place was booked out for the next two weeks because of course they were. So not only had she been unable to schedule an appointment for her car, she hadn’t eaten all day either.

Her car was a mess, her mood was a mess, and her life was a mess. And her store was also a mess. 

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I wanted to get chapter 2 of Metal & Coffee out tonight, but it’s not where I want it to be. I’ll keep working on it, and I hope to have it out by tomorrow or Tuesday.

Thank you for the patience. I truly appreciate the comments and kudos I’ve gotten from people already. I’m glad other people are joining me on this journey with Inuyasha and Kagome in this Metal Band AU. I’m having fun, and I hope other people are having fun, too.

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