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#invader zim

So my boyfriend and I were Roblox jumping for a Youtube video and we went to an Invader Zim roleplay game where we promptly went in as the Tallest and witnessed a ZADR smut rp and proceeded to joke endlessly about it with a few other people

They then proceeded to try and drag us into the rp where we promptly left out of fear. Before that they constantly joked to make us fuck

It was an acid trip start to finish

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I’m stuck between matching you with Red and Purple or matching you with dib!

Your personality and amazing drive to help others is what drives all three of them to like you!

Both red and purple love your interest in the paranormal because well, their aliens and they want you to understand you aren’t alone in the universe. They also love your chubby body because it means you’re well taken care of! They also love your style, expect to be fawed  over because these too think your style is so admirable! A suitable mate for these two boneheads. Your panic attacks may be a little startling at first but these two can handle it! Kinda, ‘computer- what’s a panic attack?’

Dib connects with you on your love of the paranormal right away! If your panic attacks happen Hes there in an instant! Ready to help or give you space :) He also takes an interest in your other hobbies as well, but keep an eye on this accident prone teen because he can stab himself, more than once. He loves how your style clashes with his punk/cyber punk style! You two match so greatly! 100% will buy you cute plushies he sees while out with gaz, and don’t worry about being poly with him! Depending on your type of poly he’s intrested but will need communication 100% of the time :)

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me: even though he appears to have no feelings of sympathy, i strongly believe zim actually really cares about the people that hes close to. when gir started crying after zim scolded him, he immediately felt guilty about it and reworded what he was saying even tho gir was just sad about eating his muffin. its revealed in ‘tak the hideous new girl’ that zim already “promised the moon to gir”. and even tho zim knows for a fact that gir is more trouble than hes worth, he never has the heart to deactivate him or make another sir unit- this could be explained as him truly believing that gir is an advanced sir unit, but that contradicts with the episode ‘gir goes crazy and stuff’, as its visibly obvious that zim doesnt enjoy gir constantly being in duty mode as much as he does when gir is just being…. gir.

my dentist putting the drill down: how are you even speaking

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Lockdown has destroyed my sense of humour. I have been laughing for 20 minutes at this. This is the hardest I’ve laughed in awhile and I too am worried.

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Pepperoncini “You would be surprised what kind of punishment my spine can take. I should warn you; I’m much more flexible than most tallest. Out of practice as I may be…

You seem bored with the atmosphere. I’m bored too. Care to see a show?”

Hoola “My tallest, I’m not sure that’s a good id-”

Pepperoncini “Hoola! Summon my minstrels and wardrobe to the lounge! Tell them to bring the ribbon!”

Hoola “Shuver, Spittle and Spanx…Right away, sir.”

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