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fictionkinfessions · 19 days ago
Please stop saying “I kin you” to fictives’ faces. You do not kin me, you kin my fictional counterpart. I am not invalidating you, if you had a past life as X character, that’s great, so do I. But we are separate people with separate personalities, separate brains and bodies as you are not in my system, separate lives, etc. You are as valid and real as I am to be X but you are not /ME/ me. I am a real person just like you.
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Sometimes I feel like my "memories," attachment, and ability to predict what's going to happen next is just me being a writer and that kin isn't real. I wish someone could prove fictionkin as fact already.
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ravenalghul · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
i am happy to report barbara gordon is a key player in taking down the human trafficking epidemic. her work is critical and invalable. as a wheelchair user myself and big barbara gordon fan, im beyond happy i finally get see her in a great series that gets and treats her right. thank you young justice 💗💗💗
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fictionkinfessions · 24 days ago
Quick positivity for everyone! Having psychosis (or any mental illnesses, neurodivergencies, etc.) doesn’t make you any less kin! Your conditions don’t automatically cancel out your alterhumanity! That’s a thought I struggle with a lot, and it can really make you feel invalid. But please know, your as welcome as ever in the community!
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Good: Found out I'm not actually kin with them, I was just obsessed with the source. Bad: oh god is kin real am i faking it am i even kin with aNYOne i-
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fictionkinfessions · 9 days ago
Oh my god is it frustrating when you remember being trans in your canon but all the fanfic writers write you as a plain cis man because reading that feels so wrong and invalidating and sometimes what little trans content of your kintypes is available is really questionable at best. 😔
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Just kinquestioning things I don’t want to kin because it would be invalid and I don’t want to hurt any of my friends’ feelings Yuh
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fictionkinfessions · 28 days ago
had a friend come to me the other week and told me that he was kin with who is probably my biggest comfort character ever. and it struck me as a bit strange because previously he had shown no interest in them before and even sorta poked fun at me for liking them so much. I tried not to let that bother me even though it did not sit well with me from the beginning, but then he started invalidating this ,, sort of "bond" ig that I've built w this character over YEARS, hcs that mean a lot to me , etc., because "he's actually that character so he would know," and "I could never know them as well as he does because he's them and I'm not." and it felt so ☹ I realize how silly this sounds, but... idk, I kinda feel like something has been taken from me? when I tried to explain this to him and that I thought it would be best for him to just not talk about them with me at all anymore, he got upset and told me that it was invalidating. it was obviously not my goal to invalidate but also, anytime he would make little comments like that it would just make my stomach turn, bc over the years I've grown very protective of this character, they are an incredibly strong synpath, (and an f/o tbh) they've been my main source of comfort for a pretty long time and he knows that. idk if maybe im just selfish? unlike a lot of other people I don't really actively look for ppl who kin from my sources, im perfectly content just in my experiences, and I'd always said that it would probably be really weird for myself if I ever personally knew anyone who kinned them? idk I just needed a place to vent this out bc NOBODY else would understand if I tried to explain to them ha, sorry about the long message
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asexuelf · 4 days ago
im sorry but what level of white can you be to believe youre not only a fictional character but also that its ok to say youre tevinter slave caste like
how do you manage to live among normal people lmao
*points at bio* i'm native.
i don't live among "normal people". i'm a retarded dyke with schizophrenia. i have a freaky, funny, fabulous domestic life with my incredible partner system who all share the same fringe religion as me that you're pointing and laughing at.
i was slave caste and it affects how i respond to every single thing in my everyday life. i share that fact so people know that i have suffered, that i take the trauma of fictives and soulbonders seriously, and that i'm a safe person to talk to about same or similar pain. from familiarity blossoms compassion.
if you're going to pretend to give a damn about people of color, you could at least acknowledge that the whitest thing in the world is telling a native person that their spiritual beliefs are wrong.
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fictionkinfessions · 4 days ago
i feel like i somehow dont have the right to get as bothered as i do when people act like me and jackson are the same person... like, we were totally different dudes, we just. shared a body. he was more of a brother than anything, but like.. idk, everyone including source canon acting like We Are The Same Person messes with my head, esp cause i was already like.. kinda insecure about my own existence as a person, yknow??? like. as the hyde. i knew the only reason i even existed was bc our great granddad made Potion of Being an Asshole and something something now all of his descendants come with both jekylls and hydes and LIKE. if he had just decided to, yknow, Not make asshole potion then jackson still wouldve been born but not me. so. i always just kinda felt like jj was the Real Person™️ and i was just a byproduct of our great granddads desire to be an asshole without facing repercussions
sorry this is so rambly lmao i am just once again having an existential crisis lol -holt hyde
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fictionkinfessions · 12 days ago
You know, sometimes I feel like getting One for All wasn't the best for me. Don't get me wrong: I'm glad I got to know class A1, and that I could protect the people I loved. I'm sure I would've died way too young if I didn't have a quirk to protect myself (thought death would've probably been by my own hand, tbh).
But still, I think I needed to learn to have some self esteem as myself first, not as a hero or as All Might's sucessor. To realize that thinking of my lack of quirk as a personal failure and an indication that I was useless was wrong. To fucking open up my eyes and see that I didn't need Bakugou's blessing to do anything, because I was my own damn person and obsession over that only made things worse for the both of us in the long run. It's just... sigh.
I didn't need to be the number one hero. I didn't need to be a hero at all. Hell, I didn't even need a quirk, either powerful or weak. What I needed was a good support system and a shit load of therapy. At least I got the first one, I guess - Izuku Midoriya.
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fictionkinfessions · 15 days ago
A person on one of our servers has been calling themself (me) irl and it really hurts. They don't know I exist and I'm not sure if they would stop or not if they knew. But it's super invalidating and hurtful. Honestly I'm not even sure anyone in the server knows about me. I don't mind them being kin with the character, I just wish they would stop saying things that make me feel like I'm lesser or I dont count or matter. - A Fictive
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fictionkinfessions · 2 days ago
I have come to hate that I’m a Kokichi kim. I had just never seen a character that fit me so perfectly before him, down to the fact we were born on the same day. I have adhd and bipolar and when I was younger I would do the things he did out of boredom due to poor impulse control. I hated that about myself and have changed.. and now it’s just become a joke
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fictionkinfessions · 5 days ago
having multiple noncanon kins with canon partners from the same source makes me feel pretty shit!! i hate talking about them in case someone accuses me of making up kins to date my favourite characters. even tho i HATED one of them before i kinned!!
anyway theo raeken, liam dunbar, isaac lahey: i love you
- a kinnie with three+ noncanon teen wolf kins
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