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You left a huge space in me

And you don’t even know about it.

- emptiness

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I wish you could feel what I feel.

I wish you could see with my eyes.

You live your life blindfolded,

Easy, everything is given to you.

- wonder where you went wrong in life

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“Ah love infinity!

Knowable the beauty of Your breath

Oily with its most precious perfume

Like a nebula

Covers the sparkling heart

Ah love infinity!

Kaleidoscopic in colorful eyes

Only seen in the unseen.

Love that fulfills every inch of the existential mandala from the ocean of love”.



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Robyn had pre-arranged with Nikolai for him to meet her at the park - knowing full well that there was a very small basketball court - and choosing an early morning trip to it so there wouldn’t be many people around. She waited at a bench with a basketball next to her until she saw him. “Hey, so, I figured if you’re going to have me watch basketball videos to teach me about this stuff, you might as well show me how to actually do this stuff too…” She threw the basketball over to him as she said this. “…and you’re not allowed to say no because I actually spent money on getting a basketball just for this so you’re stuck with me now.” 



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Getting a letter from you.

It was unexpected.

But the words in it.

Those never had a meaning.

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You’re trying so hard to be an adult

While acting like a child.

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As I was walking in the darkness

I realized

I will never be hundred percent okay.

Things happened

And I have to live with it.

The damage you created

Will always be part of my personalityz

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You said you will tell me the truth when I grow up.

I grew up and you’re still not honest with me.


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