herbgerblin · 14 hours ago
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ID: A digital comic. First image is of Magnus, Taako, Lup, Lucretia, and Merle resting on a mall bench with a bunch of shopping bags. Magnus and Lucretia sitting opposite their companions. They all look in various degrees of bored and tiredness. Merle, a dwarf man, is asleep. Magnus, a human man, rests his head on his arms as his hands. Taako, an elven man in a wizard hat and a hoodie, mutters, "Who's great idea was it to give the van keys to Barold and Capt'n Port? It's gonna take like, two hours to track them down." Lup, holding a cellphone in one hand, raises her other hand to her face and shouts, "BLUE!" into the air. The second image shows a zoomed-out view of the group in the center of the busy mall. The following panel shows the same view, now with a word bubble from somewhere on the second floor, a responding "JEANS!" The third image zooms back in on the crew, all looking puzzled about the shouting, save Merle, who is still asleep. End ID.
it's their version of marco polo
@blupjeansweek beginnith! it's not midnight for me so this counts for day 1 prompt: bluejeans
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socialc1imb · a month ago
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I haven’t posted on here in a while but here, a comic!!
The IPRE didn’t let just ANYONE on the starblaster. Nah. They had to be scientists!
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lyrelyredressonfire · a month ago
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based on an earlier post about parallels
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otterty · a month ago
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going on a walk :)
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halpdevon · a year ago
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redraw of this is finally done! the starblaster’s fatal flaw: only one bathroom [ID: an image of the IPRE crew in a bathroom together. lucretia is a black woman with a bonnet on and a toothbrush in her mouth leaning down next to merle to help him with a book that reads Sudoku 4 Dummies. merle is a dwarf with a light complexion holding a towel around himself with his hair up in a bun and looking puzzled at the book. next to them on the right is barry, a man with a light complexion sitting on the closed toilet with a mirror in hand shaving his face. he is wearing acid wash denim jeans and no shirt. above him, davenport stands on the counter, reading a bunch of papers/ blueprints and brushing his teeth with his tail holding the toothbrush. he is a gnome with a fair complexion and red hair wearing shorts that say Cap’n on the butt. to his left in the background, lup is leaning over the counter blow drying her hair, the droplets flying back and hitting taako who shields his face. lup is an elf with a medium complexion, freckles, and sandy blonde hair. taako, another elf with a medium complexion has dark brown cropped hair, freckles, and is holding a towel blindly out to magnus who is exiting the shower. magnus is a man with a lighter complexion, freckles, and dark hair. he is squinting as he steps out into the steamed up bathroom reaching for his towel. End ID]
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umbraastaff · 6 months ago
they probably learned astronomy from some plane at some point, but imagine how funny it would be if the Starblaster crew knew all this stuff about planes but didn’t know basic astronomy.
think about it. the Starblaster was their planet’s “first spaceship”. they skipped right over space travel to go for planar travel. what if they just don’t know anything about space because they’re too busy with magic and dimensions
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sanvitheartificer · 4 months ago
The most common Century-era Davenport characterization seems to be “fairly serious and dedicated to the mission, maybe occasionally pulls some pranks but mostly no-nonsense”, and with Imbalance in mind I think this still works: Davenport tries really hard to be Serious and Captainly to the standards of Big Folk during the mission, but after ten years of mindwipe he re-evaluates how he approaches things and lets himself lighten up and just have fun with it.
I still like that interpretation a lot, but i've been thinking, what if he was just chaotic the whole time. Because, okay, I tend to correlate “dedicated to the mission” with “serious” but like, why? Maybe Davenport has always been dedicated to the mission and silly as hell.
And gnomes might have a different idea of what dedicated to the mission means, too! For gnomes, maybe that looks less like focusing all your energy and time on the mission, and more like noticing details, pulling things together, using every scrap of fabric and memory you have. Davenport doesn't lose his memories because the mission was everything he had; he loses his memories because his whole life he made into the mission. His family, his past, all of it. No matter how unexpected or unrelated it looks, gnome philosophy says it CAN be related and it can be used.
This gels with an old tumblr post I read a long time ago that I don't remember that well, that basically posited, what if the IPRE was just a fucking chaos institution and that's why the Starblaster crew members are as weird as they are for a scientific expedition. This makes sense in light of the name “Starblaster” and throwing together this entire mission in a year. Gnome-run IPRE that's always been literally this chaotic where the whole mission ethos is “sure, whatever, let's give it a try!”
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adventuresloane · 2 months ago
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Here is the full redrawn comic! I'll post the old version from 2018 in a reblog for very dramatic comparison
[ID: A 4-page comic rendered in a somewhat sketchy style. It is mostly in grayscale with red elements.
Page 1: The first panel shows a skeleton in a red robe with a red umbrella held in its hand. White text reads, "Let's go in the garden." The next panel, which is alongside the first, is nearly identical, except that a hand is now reaching out to grasp the umbrella handle. Text reads, "you'll find something waiting." Below is a horizontal panel showing Taako, a thin elf with dark skin, freckles, and lighter, wavy hair partially in a side braid. He wears a wizard hat with a glowing star hanging from the tip. He is holding up the umbrella and looking at it in surprise. Text reads, "right there, where you left it." Finally, in the fourth panel, Taako's expression has turned to confusion. Across from him is the white silhouette of another elf with long, blowing hair and a similar facial structure. Text reads, "lying upside-down."
Page 2: There are three horizontal panels in different shades of gray. The first shows Lucretia from the chest up, facing forward. She is a dark-skinned young woman with dark skin and short, textured white hair and wears a red robe. She smiles shyly as she holds a book to her chest. Her eyes are scratched out in black. White text reads, "when you finally find it." The second panel shows Lucretia as an older woman with a shaved head, dark robes, and a serious expression. She holds a light wooden staff with a glowing light at the top. Text reads, "you'll see how it's faded." Finally, the third panel shows black, full-body silhouettes of Magnus, Merle, Taako, and Lucretia in profile. The first three walk as a group as Lucretia hangs back. Text reads, "the underside is lighter when you turn it around."
Page 3: The page is divided vertically, with half being light gray and half being black. The gray side shows a gauntlet, a monocle, a bunched-up sash, crystals, a chalice, and a bell, all rendered in white. Black text reads, "Everything stays right where you left it." On the black side, rendered in white lineart, is a jellyfish with a galaxy-like swirl and stars inside its bell. White text reads, "Everything stays but it still changes."
Page 4: At the top of the page is a carved wooden duck among a large amount of white space, as if falling through it. The duck is partly painted red. Black text reads, "Ever so slightly, daily and nightly." At the bottom of the page are two panels with completely black backgrounds. In the first, there is a figure in a hooded red robe in profile. White text reads, "in little ways." In the second panel, the figure has turned toward the viewer, showing only white, glowing eyes where the face should be. The text reads, "everything stays." End ID.]
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coralroze · a year ago
A compilation of the Adventure Zone logo animations I made in late 2020. 
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asofteradventurezone · 8 months ago
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love will keep us together
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pinepaz-archive · a year ago
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happy balance finale anniversary!!! ive had this monolouge storyboarded for a while and decided to make it into a comic this year! a big thanks to the mcelroys, i dont know where i would be without balance
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acadieum · a year ago
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i dont draw taz much anymore but i will always come back for blupjeans and my conclusion: they’re both extreme nerds and i love them
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pbeltarts · 8 months ago
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My takes on the rest of the IPRE crew!
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anistarrose · 10 months ago
i see the “elves purr” headcanon, and raise you an “after years of cuddle piles on the starblaster, the five non-elf members of the ipre also get in the habit of purring, which naturally confuses the shit out of anyone they end up cuddling with on faerun” headcanon
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halpdevon · a year ago
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a sort of redraw. just wanted to sketch out a taako.
[ID: an image of taako in his ipre uniform. taako has short messy dark hair and tan skin, back is facing the camera with one leg kicked up so you can see his holographic ankle boot. he is looking over his shoulder back at the camera with a grin. he is showing off the back of his ipre jacket that sits atop the robe with a glitched out ipre logo stamped on the back. he is wearing black pants/leggings underneath. End ID]
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umbraastaff · 16 days ago
A gnome enters the station, flanked by a couple of excited-looking scientists: people who have been working on the Starblaster project. The gnome's feed ID reads Captain Davenport, and indicates that he's head of the mission crew. The ship lies half-constructed in the bay, and all their voices echo in the space, recently vacated of construction workers for the evening.
(Late evening. This project has fostered an absolutely bewildering obsession in people. None of them get angry about working overtime. They even volunteer for it, without including questions about pay. It's unnerving.)
Davenport talks with the others about boring technical things for a while. Then he dismisses the other two, and just walks around admiring the ship's insides, because apparently there's something interesting to glean from that, even though he should already have all the design specifications.
"You're magnificent," he says. Despite his augmentations, he probably can't feel the whole room's feed, taken over by one massive artificial presence, swelling with pride.
Then, unfortunately, he looks at me.
"SecUnit," he says, and it's not a command or direct question, so I can get away with pretending not to acknowledge him. "How are you?" Ugh.
"This unit is functioning at optimal capacity," I respond. I'm really hoping he'll get bored and leave. And be so bored with this conversation that he never talks to or looks at me ever again. It hasn't worked so far.
Captain Davenport sighs, a small and controlled sound. He sounds uncomfortable, trying to make conversation with a killing machine. I put more of my focus into the media I'm discreetly watching. The ship peeks at it through my feed, like a huge hulking beast leaning over my shoulder to share a metaphorical display screen.
Read More (Ao3)
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journalofimprobablethings · 5 months ago
“Well, Lucretia told us he was evil!” Merle says. 
“To be fair, Barry didn’t do a lot to dispel that notion,” Magnus says. “The first time we met him he did possess a guy and force him to drink poison.”
“He was trying to poison you!” Barry protests.
“Yes,” Taako says, pointing at Barry with his glass, “He was. But do you remember the first thing you said to us?”
“After rising spectrally from the dead body of Captain Captain Bain,” Magnus puts in helpfully.
Barry blushes.
The former crew of the Starblaster are sitting around the dining table at Taako’s house, the remains of a fabulous dinner in front of them. It’s been months since they were all together, all seven of them, but when Lup got her body back she insisted on inviting everyone over for dinner, because, she said, she hadn’t hugged her family for over ten years and that was not a record she was going to let stand.
They are still learning what it means, to be a family again after everything that’s happened. But century-long habits have carried them through dinner, and the conversation has turned to stories of their adventures in their time apart—and if they are careful to stick to the funny stories, the light-hearted ones, no one mentions it.
“Lup, has Barry ever told you about this?” Taako asks, leaning across the table to refill his drink.
Lup grins and leans on Barry’s shoulder. “No, he hasn’t.” Barry rolls his eyes and puts his face in his hands.
“He said—”
“Wait, wait, do the voice,” Merle says. “You have to make sure to do the voice.”
“You and character voices,” Taako mutters. But he does his best to imitate the echoing whisper of Barry’s lich voice. “He said, ‘are you afraid?’”
“Well, yeah,” Magnus says, in character as his past self. “Isn’t everyone afraid sometimes?”
Taako waggles his fingers at Magnus. “You don’t know how to be afraid.”
Lup laughs, her forehead against Barry’s shoulder. “Barold, you didn’t!”
“He did!” Merle says. “And then he told us all about the hunger that was the true nature of man.”
“And then—“ Taako takes a breath to hold back his own laughter. “And then he said, 'This is your first lesson.'”
“And disappeared in a burst of flame!” Magnus finishes, throwing his arms in the air.
The table erupts in laughter – Davenport with his eyes squeezed shut over his glass, Lup leaning into Barry, wiping away tears of mirth—even Lucretia, seated at one end of the table, has a hand over her mouth to hide a smile. Barry’s whole face is red, but he’s smiling too.
“I knew you had a flair for the dramatic, babe,” Lup says, kissing him on the cheek.
“Well, I did live with you and Taako for a hundred years,” Barry replies. “Some of it had to rub off.”
“I resent that,” Taako says. Then he grins and throws a bread roll at Barry, but misses and hits Lup instead, and she instantly levitates a pitcher of lager to empty itself over Taako’s head. Across the table, through the growing food fight, Magnus sees Lucretia watching the familiar chaos, laughing. And then her smile fades, and Magnus watches her get up, quietly, and go into the kitchen.
Davenport sees it, too, from his seat at the other end of the table. He starts to get up—and then he hesitates. Magnus can see his instinct as captain warring with the lingering distance that has hovered between him and Lucretia since their memories returned.
Magnus stands. “Coffee, Captain?”
Davenport meets Magnus’s eyes, and Magnus can’t believe he ever forgot what it was like to know these people so well, to be able to communicate so much with just a look.
“Thanks, Magnus,” Davenport says. “Black?”
“You got it.”
The others are too engaged in the food fight—Taako and Lup in lobbing food at each other, and Barry and Merle in ducking out of the way—to notice Magnus slip into the kitchen after Lucretia.
She’s standing at the sink, scrubbing dishes over the filled basin. But she scrubs the same plate over and over, long after it’s clean, and then as Magnus watches, she stops scrubbing, her hands remaining suspended over the soapy water. The bunch of her shoulders, her stillness—every sign of her distress is so clear to him.
She starts, and almost drops the plate. But she catches it in time, rinses it off and puts it in the rack. She doesn’t grab another dish, just stands, twisting the washcloth in her hands. She doesn’t look at Magnus, even when he comes to stand next to her at the sink.
“Hey,” he says. “Are you okay?”
Lucretia doesn't answer right away. She closes her eyes at the question, and a tremor runs through her. Her lips twitch up in something that might be a sad smile, but Magnus can't tell whether she's trying to hold back laughter or tears.
“You know—that was the first thing you said to me, that day. After—after Fisher," she says. Her fingers are clutched so tight around the washcloth that her knuckles are white. “It hurt, but I was so glad that, with everything, you were still you.”
She is smiling now, but there is a sadness in it that tugs at something deep in Magnus's chest. 
He’s thought about it many times, since they got their memories back. What that day must have been like. He’s tried to reach back to that moment, waking up in a familiar place made strange, but it’s all a blur. He doesn’t remember that first conversation with Lucretia.
Funny, how even with all their voided memories returned, some things are still lost.
“You don’t have to talk about it, you know," he says softly. "If you don’t want to.”
Lucretia just shakes her head. He can see her consciously dropping her shoulders, pulling herself back together. She doesn't quite make it to Madame Director, but her voice is steadier when she speaks again.
"I'm fine, really," she says. "I just…"
She scrubs at her eyes with the heel of her hand and gives a small choked laugh.
“It's ridiculous. I’m so happy, Magnus. I’m so happy that you’re all here again, that we’re all here, together. But I can’t help thinking that I don’t deserve it. I don’t deserve to be this happy, after everything I’ve done.”
Something inside Magnus shatters a little, to hear her say it.
He reaches out and puts a hand gently over Lucretia's. She starts a little, and looks down at his hand like she's not quite sure what it's doing there. But she doesn't pull away.
“You made mistakes. We all make them.” He sighs. “Look, I’m not—I’m not going to pretend you weren’t wrong, taking what you took from us.”
She starts to turn away at that, but he puts his hand on her arm, gently, to stop her. She keeps her head bent, though, and still won't look at him. He wishes she would look at him.
“But Lucretia, listen. Maybe you were wrong about the barrier, and the redaction, but you were right about the Relics. We never should have made them. And you got them back, Luce. You saved this world from them, when none of us had the will to find a way to fix what we did. And then, when it mattered most, you listened. And you cast the spell that stopped the Hunger. You earned this ending as much as any of us."
At that, Lucretia finally, finally looks up at him. Her eyes are shining with unshed tears, but behind that he can see glimmers of the woman he once knew: that earnestness, that undercurrent of hope that must have seen her through so much of the last decade.
Even though he knows that he couldn't remember her for most of the time they've been apart, all he can think right now is how much he's missed her.
"You deserve to be happy," he says, and reaches forward to gather Lucretia into a hug. He tries to move slowly, ready to let go if Lucretia pulls away. At first she only stiffens, as still as stone in his arms–and then, after a moment's hesitation, she hugs him back.
“I love you, Magnus," she says.
I love you, Magnus, I love all of you, I’m sorry, it’ll be over soon—
The echo of her words as Fisher consumed their memories is so loud in his head, and his breath catches. 
They all lost so much that day. 
Not all of it has come back. Some of it might never return.
But if Magnus has learned one thing from their journey, from this world—from Julia—it’s that there are things in life worth holding onto, things worth savoring. That love, when you find it, is something you grab onto and hold with both hands. That it is always better to hold it close than to push it away. 
Magnus closes his eyes, and holds Lucretia tight.
“Love you too, Luce.”
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silly-billy-bean · a year ago
Diversity Win! the woman who erased 100 years of you and your family's memories is a lesbian!!
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vintagequeer-oceansoul · a year ago
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~ The Twins ~
Tumblr media
close up for details
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homoquartz · 10 months ago
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ok this one's better. bye!
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