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I finished Agamemnon!!

I wasn’t expecting it to hit as hard as it did, to be honest. With the current situation between the US and Iran, it was eerily relevant. Because just as Agamemnon is a wanton conqueror, willing to sacrifice thousands of his own men and even his own daughter just to own a small strip of land, the US sends it’s own sons and daughters to die for control of the oil supply. Thousands of innocent people on BOTH sides are going to lose everything -their homes, their families, their lives, their autonomy - in the name of so-called “justice.” I am horrified by the actions my government has taken. If anyone knows of any way I can help support our brothers and sisters in Iran, Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, and any of the other nations the US has brutalized, please PLEASE send them to me. I’ll be doing some research of my own on this topic, too.


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Trump supporters glad that he assassinated a high ranking government official because many Iranians are saying he was evil and a monster. So good for Trump for killing a bad man in another country.

By that logic, maybe someone from some European country wants to order a hit on Trump because so many Americans think he’s a bad man? A terror and threat to peace? 😏

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I am living in Iran, one of developing country in the world with different situation, we are in pressure from outside and inside the country.on the one hand USA  severe Sanctions is not fair at all and our connection to the world is so limited, on the other hand, our government is too weak for management the country. we do not have any hope to the future and all my people too tired or depressed, one of our solution(people) is immigrating and flee from Iran to developed countries and start a new life, but it’s not easy at all, leaving your family and friends is too hard but what should we do for better life?

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I’m pretty sure Iran just shot down that plane inbound to Iran from Ukraine last night…. that plane was a fireball. That doesn’t happen from a mere malfunction. Plane crashes from malfunctions are super rare, and the timing is crazy. Maybe one of their own jumped the gun since the plane was delayed and not technically expected in that airspace at that time. The timing is too coincidental otherwise considering they just attacked us (and failed miserably, unless they were just trying to make a show of things and not kill us).

Plus, they didn’t even try to blame the US, and went straight to malfunction.

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I see a lot of people mistaking criticizing the actions of one government as supporting the other one but guess what the world isn’t Black and White. It is foolish in the current political situation to take sides as it is obvious that both the American and the Iran Government aren’t innocent regarding the escalation of their conflict.

The situation is to put it mild messy, you can’t put the blame on one over the other. Neither side seems interested in talking about the conflict instead of letting weapons talk.

But the most important thing to keep in mind is that the average citizens of different countries have more in common with each other than with their political leader. And the political leaders have more in common with each other than with their people.

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  • अबरिल और अल असद सैन्य बेस पर ईरान ने मिसाइले दागी
  • कासिम सुलेमानी के जनाजे में कई लोगों की मौत

अमेरिका और ईरान के बीच तनाव लगातार बढ़ता जा रहा है। ईरान ने अपने सबसे वफादार कमांडर कासिम सुलेमानी की मौत का बदला लेने की ठान ली है। ऐसे में ईरान ने इराक में अमेरिकी सैनिकों के ट्रेनिंग कैंप पर मिसाइलों से हमला किया। अबरिल और अल असद सैन्य बेस पर ईरान ने मिसाइलें दागी है।

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