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bookmama · a year ago
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I know a lot of people are upset by canceled events lately. I think it’s okay to be sad an upset about missing things that we were looking forward to, but to also remember that this is temporary and that hoped things return to normal sooner rather than later.
One of the things that was canceled was this years Apollycon, but the staff that run it did an amazing job of shipping out attendees swag bags full of books, and making a virtual version of the event on Facebook.
What are some things you have had to give up or cancel in the last few weeks?
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mariakureads · 4 days ago
Hopefully everyone is having a great week so far!
Sharing another quote from this book because why not? Happy #thorntonthursday everyone! .
#thorntonthursday #elizabethgaskell #northandsouth #richardarmitage #classic #historicalfiction #romance #shereads #ireadromance #bookquotes #johnthorton
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