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#iris messages
  1. cruel summer. singing this in the car with ur best friend is straight euphoria
  2. new years day
  3. holy ground
  4. i think he knows
  5. clean but in like a healing crying way
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i’m a fake reader i read the super popular ya books in middle school and then didn’t read a book outside of school for like 4 years. i would have better answers if i had my bookshelf in front of me but all i have is my shit memory 

  1. i just have to put pjo here bc otherwise i’ll get carried away. tlo is top pick tho
  2. the order of the phoenix
  3. mockingjay
  4. i fucking loved the eragon books 
  5. simon vs the homo sapiens agenda
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  1. i was supposed to study abroad in england last fall but money fell through and now rona is in the way for next semester. i will get there and i will study there if it fucking kills me 
  2. greece. i want to reconnect with my family there and i want to dance with locals i think i would actually drop dead. there’s so much to learn! and i would have to get back into the swing of speaking greek 
  3. my best friend went to japan a few years ago and it’s so gorgeous 
  4. i will take my mother to paris if i have to take a paddleboat across the atlantic i swear
  5. italy!
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i don’t have specifics but anything in my “nice people” tag has definitely at least made me stare at my computer for ten seconds straight while trying not to cry

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ur so sweet :,) it’s an ask meme i reblogged earlier! also this is so hard these are my BABIES

  1. i’m a couple chapters deep on my first novel and the plot and characters are so good. writing original fiction is so different but so so so rewarding. i’ve never put so much of myself into something
  2. roommates is a living document of my improvement as a writer and any time i feel bad about the first chapters i remember that it’ll always be a testament to my journey from chapter one to whenever the epilogue goes up
  3. my bellarke superhero au isn’t the best plot i’ve ever written but the character dynamics are fucking SOLID and i love rereading it because it literally has 75% of my favorite tropes all shoved in 
  4. who’s taking care of you (bellarke s2 au) absolutely wrecks me when i reread (which is often)
  5. i wrote a short story for my fiction writing class that quickly turned into a fantasy gay romance series about witches and that first chapter fucking SLAPS
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most powers are combative in the right context but i’ll try! pretty rocky on canon powers tbh i operate in a world of headcanons 

  1. nico just casually being able to communicate with the dead
  2. percy’s earthshaking is less combative than just fuckin raw power and i love that for him 
  3. frank sleeping as a bulldog 
  4. hazel manipulating the mist 
  5. reyna lending her strength to others 
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  2. percy defeating hades and his army after taking on the curse of achilles 
  3. really all of tlo the final battle is fucking incredible 
  4. the fight with ares in tlt 
  5. the fight with luke in som
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none of these are hot takes

  1. blood of olympus
  2. the way he wrote every character in hoo. every single one. strongish starts for some but as a whole they’re all weak
  3. the racism. i can’t even elaborate it’s everywhere
  4. having ur first canonically gay character violently outed 
  5. treating the hunters as a toy graveyard for female characters
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ii don’t even think i remember five scenes in hoo period 

  1. “you dropped this”
  2. feral percy only remembering annabeth
  3. choosing to fall with annabeth rather than leaving her alone 
  4. looking out for frank and hazel. i can’t quote any specifics but i know they’re there
  5. the hot barbarian princess line
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on god i cannot pick a least favorite book. the one i talk about the least is ttc so i’ll go with that but i don’t have a least favorite! pjo slaps! 

  1. percy choosing to be the hero of the prophecy to protect nico
  2. lashing out at thalia both bc she’s annoying and bc he misses annabeth (i love thalia but i’m right) 
  3. quoting hoover dam facts because of annabeth 
  4. naming bessie and the general idea of percy going to save sea creatures at night i love him so much 
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2. the hummus/hubris mixup

3. annabeth trying to spell cyclops

4. all of botl

5. taking five books to admit their feelings

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these are in no order i can’t rank them


• the scene in siren bay

• when he shows her his achilles spot


• the volcano kiss

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