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I know no one asked, but I’m putting this out there anyways.

I have this weird thing I call semi-ship where I don’t actively ship something, but it does make me smile when it’s there. My main examples of this would probably be Jaytemis (Jason/Artemis), Jayrose (Jason/Rose), Olicity (Oliver/Felicity), Barry/Iris, and Dickory (Dick/Kory). Like, I don’t write fics with these ships, but I still think they’re cute, I still like when they pop up, but I don’t actively seek and follow them.

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Like, Nora literally says ‘Do you know what it’s like to want something more than anything else in your whole life? To know your father? To do your best to follow in his footsteps? To make him proud? How could he leave me?’

Iris was left by her mother, who she thought was dead, who then went on to die.

Iris blamed her father (in the new timeline) for her not knowing her mom.

Why wasn’t this mentioned????

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Rewrite the Stars (Say You Were Made to be Mine)

Fandom: The Flash

Pairing: Westallen

Rating: T

Length: 7.2k

Barry Allen sees Iris West, and it’s like his world stops.

The crowd in the tent is paused mid-applause, the glittering confetti stilled in the air, and then there is her, on the circus trapeze, her smile all wild and lovely and free.

And it’s as if he’s no longer moving, not even breathing. Like his heart’s stopped beating and he’s being struck by lightning all over again, because he sees her and knows his entire universe is altering and he’ll never be the same.

(In short:

Barry runs off and joins the circus.)

A Westallen x The Greatest Showman AU.

✨ Read on Ao3 ✨

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Little less torture because this one has a better ending! Enjoy!


Fairy lights twinkle around the Allen’s backyard. Picnic tables once lined with enough food to feed an army are thoroughly picked over. Music and stories and love and laughter mix together in the summer sunset.

They knew two engagement parties would be easier. One for friends, one for family. Of course, that’s only so the family didn’t have to hold back their powers. Not that Mel or Donny notice anything but the other. Every time their eyes meet, neither can help but smile. It’s not the day but it’s their day.


That one word, from that voice, turns Mel’s blood to ice. Makes her five years old again, scared because she knows what that voice means.

Knows she’s alo—

“Who the fuck are you?” Dawn asks, narrowing her eyes at the tall man at the gate.

“I’m her father. Who are you?”

“Her sister and your worst nightmare.” Dawn snips.

“Ah, Donovan’s sister. You and your brother lack the same manners it seems.”

Iris narrows her eyes at Thaddeus, looking just like her daughter, “Try my husband and I teaching our kids not to put up with assholes.”

“I see I made the right choice coming here. Meloni.” The commanding tone makes her turn, trying to keep her face neutral. “We’re leaving.”

She blinks, “Wh-what?”

“I said we’re leaving.”

“No.” At first Mel thinks someone else said it. But she’s never seen his face twist like that. She said it. She said it.

“I have allowed this to go on—“

“I’m not leaving.”

“Young lady—“

As he takes a step toward her, Mel stands her ground.

She won’t run this time.

She can face him this time. Alone if she has to.

But she isn’t alone.

A hand slips into hers, Donny standing tall by her side. Dawn’s arm moves infront of her. Jai and Irey beside Dawn, leaning forward. Barry and Wally straighten up behind her, holding themselves to their full height. Iris and Linda stand by Donny, glaring at Thaddeus. Bart’s hand rests on Mel’s shoulder, squeezing it gently.

“I’m your father.”

“Yes you are.” Mel nods, “You are my father, but they’re my family. I choose them. Every time, every universe. Them. Not. You.”

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Arrowverse plays Among Us:
Barry Allen: Body was in weapons. Also, I just wanna say, I think it's highly sus that Sara was walking AWAY from weapons when I found the body.
Sara Lance: What's that supposed to mean? You better not be accusing me of anything!
John Diggle: Actually, Barry's onto something. Listen to this; I was doing my task and I swear that Sara was following me-
Kara Danvers: But it's weird Sara that you were somehow near weapons when I CLEARLY saw you on the other side of the map! So how did you get to weapons so fast!
Zari Tomaz: Calling it now, she vented.
Iris West-Allen: Alright, I'm convinced. I'm voting for Sara (smiles at her Twitch stream since she's the first impostor).
Alex Danvers: Same here (turns off her mic and laughs out loud since she's the second impostor)
Felicity Smoak, Oliver Queen, and Cisco Ramon: (groans in frustration since they're dead and that the group is nowhere near suspicious of either Iris or Alex)
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Cisco wonders why they’ve never done this before. 

The three of them hanging out together outside of the looming threat of the city exploding or Barry dying hanging over their heads. 

The taste of coffee lingers in his mouth as he watches Caitlin and Iris laugh in front of him. 

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