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I thought it’d be cute if the images on the posters with Barry and Iris were connected when you put them next to each other

(I also replaced the Flash image on the right side of the Iris poster because otherwise there would only be one Iris on that side)

Comic images from:

The Flash vol 5 #750

The Flash Fastest Man Alive (DC Digital comic) Vol 1 #7

The Flash Fastest Man Alive (DC Digital comic) Vol 1 #6

The Flash Rebirth #6

The Flash Fastest Man Alive (DC Digital comic) Vol 2 #1

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I hope you guys like this! Is Iris out of the mirror in this fic? Read to find out! Enjoy!


David Singh would like it stated on record that he thinks this whole thing is stupid and unlawful. Iris convinced him to let her try to teleport them to Kamilla’s location. He was wary of the idea, the last time could’ve been a fluke. It wasn’t like she was a meta, but Iris was persuasive. 

“If we are doing this, we’re taking things from the hospital.” Singh went to go find a bag to put some stuff in.

“Isn’t stealing wrong chief?” Iris asked him cheekily. Singh stared at her unimpressed. After putting together a med kit which was really just an IV bag and a shit ton of Ibuprofen, they held hands and Iris thought long and hard about Kamilla. Suddenly Singh started to feel weightless (and not in a good way) and like his brain was splitting in half.

When he opened his eyes, he saw Kamilla hugging the daylights out of Iris. He held his head in his hands trying to block out the pain. “Looks like your a master of the mirror, Iris.” Singh joked.

Iris gave him a grim smile. “Lets hope that works in our favor.” They spent the rest of the time testing all of their abilities. Almost half the storage of ibuprofen was gone by the time they realized three thing: 1) Iris had the best control of the mirror out of all of them 2) Iris can control the mirror to show them what they want to see 3) they need more ibuprofen


Barry stared at himself in the mirror as he got dressed that morning. It was one of the few time he did. Naively he hopes to see Iris, but he knows it’s unlikely. As he was about to leave the room he felt a strange urge to turn around. In the mirror, Iris, Singh, and Kamilla were pounding on the mirror. Their voices were a little disjointed, but he could vaguely make out what they were saying.

“Iris, Iris!” His wife was crying. They kept yelling at him what he thought: Use your speed to phase through the mirror. Save us. Barry looked heartbroken at them. Slowly he mouthed Speedforce. is. gone. Iris looked at him confused. He grabbed a knife and made a tiny cut on his hand. Iris watched as it didn’t heal with its usual swiftness. Despair took over her features. He pressed his hand to the mirror and tried desperately to console them. It didn’t work. She clutched her head in pain, and the image reflected in the mirror returned back to normal. He wanted to cry, sob, a dark part of him wanted to break the mirror (break Eva). Instead he just slid to the floor and tried to organize his thoughts and reminisced on that one time he punched Carver for not telling him where his real wife is and trying to kill his father in law.

Nora knocked quietly on the door. She was out of her pajamas, in fresh clothes, ready for the day. “Daddy?” She quietly asked. Barry wiped his tears away quickly and put on a smile for his daughter. 

“Come in baby.” Nora rushed into his waiting arms. She put her head over his heart and held onto his shirt tightly. 

“I miss mommy. When is she coming home daddy?” 

Barry didn’t answer for a minute. Nora big brown eyes, so much like her mother’s, stared up at him. He stroked her back as he answered. “Soon baby. I hope she’s home soon.” The answer seemed to satisfy Nora, so he got them breakfast before dropping her off with Linda. Barry headed to work, and texted the nerd group chat everything he found out today. It exploded with information and new hypothesis. At least they now knew that the perpetual motion machine wasn’t needed, as long as they got the artificial speedforce working. 

It took two weeks. Two weeks exactly, Barry counted. Nora managed to lose a tooth during that time which wasn’t fun at all. Jax, Lilly, Chester, Cisco, Gypsy, Linda, Allegra, Joe and Cecile gathered around the artificial speedforce. (Nora was with Diggle. If anything went wrong, he wanted her safe. Diggle wished them good luck.) Barry, Wally, and Jessie stood in front of a full length mirror in their suits. 

“Ok remember the plan, Barry finds Iris, Wally finds Singh, and Jessie finds Kamilla. Iris told Barry that they would wait for them in the cortex of star labs. Stay focused.” Cisco reminded them. He stood by the switch, ready to flip it when it was time. 

The three speedsters nodded. Cisco flipped the switch and the entire room felt slightly off. Chester’s coffee started floating causing him to babble in excitement. Barry felt his hand start to vibrate. Wally’s hands produced the lightning which he quickly shaped into a flower. Jessie could feel the lightning start to coarse through her. Simultaneously they vibrated themselves so quickly they phased through the mirror. 

Everything was backwards, like they were reflected. The three speedsters gave each other a nod before sprinting off to find their assigned person. Barry found Iris in the cortex clutching her head in pain as she tried to read the screen. Time seemed to stand still. He looked her over entirely, he tiredness of her face and the pain behind her eyes. She was still his though. In an instant he was wrapped entirely around her. 

Iris gasps at first then she starts crying. “Barry, barry Barry. You came.”

“I came,” he says into her neck kissing away the tears on her face. “I’m sorry I didn’t come sooner.” Being back in her arms, something felt right again. He never wanted to let go. 

“No it’s okay. You’re here now, baby. Take me home.” Barry picked her up bridal style and they left the mirrorverse permanently. Wally and Jessie were already out with Singh and Kamilla. Iris left Barry’s arms, but stayed by his side. 

All the scientists swarmed them asking questions, giving hugs. Before happiness could settle in the room, Iris saw an electronic device and screamed. 

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Blackbird: Heaven is in your arms

Yes, this is part of the blackbird universe, but for now, it’s almost a standalone. Blackbird’s original intent was arrowverse characters coming home from war, so that’s why there’s a westallen one. I was planning on doing one for cynco and kanvers + kate and mary, but I’m not sure anymore. 

Anyways, summary: The house is lonely without him. Iris at home waiting for Barry to come home from war. 


Iris hates quiet. It reminds her of loneliness which is what she is and she wants nothing more than to forget that. Every night she places a record in the record machine. Last night it was “Cheek to cheek” by Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong. She cooks a meal for herself, usually something small, she lost her appetite a long time ago. Iris eats in the bay window watching the stars, sometimes the people outside if something interesting is happening. She wants to join them but it’s hard. 

Iris wonders if Barry sees the same stars she does. She wonders if he misses her like she misses him. 

After her dinner is half eaten, she turns off the record and goes to bed. At first she tried sleeping in their bed, but it was too big, too empty. That bed was meant for two people, not one. Iris sleeps on the couch instead. She wraps up her hair, changes into her pajamas and brushes her teeth. Turning off all lights except the lamp next to the couch, she gets the box and settles on the couch. The box is filled with all the letters Barry has sent her while he’s deployed. She always reads them before she goes to sleep. It always soothes her to, if not hear his voice, read his words. Sometimes they even chase away the nightmares. 

Every single morning she wakes up with a crick in her neck. It’s better than waking up to an empty bed. She undoes the wrap, changes into her work clothes, a pair of red heels, black pencil skirt, blouse, and blazer and puts her hair up into a fancy braid that her mom loves. Aretha Franklin fills the apartment as Iris gets ready for work. The coffee pot chimes done just as she finishes putting on her makeup, so Iris pours herself a cup and grabs a chocolate muffin to eat in the bay window. She watches the people head off to work as she tries to think of anything but where Barry is. The minute she starts on that train, she’ll fall into a black hole of unwanted messy thoughts. 

After finishing breakfast, she joins the crowds heading to their nine-to-five. Linda give her a smile when she opens the door to the Citizen. Her intern, Allegra, informs her of the interviews Mason wants her to do. Iris wants to choke him. 

“Heavy workload?” Linda asks her during lunch. 

“Sometimes I wonder if being a cop would be easier.” Iris complains. 

“What do you have to do?” Linda wondered. She, Allegra, Kamilla, and Iris were sitting together eating lunch in the park next to the CCPN building. They befriended each other through work and have stuck by each other since then. Iris wondered what she’d do without them. 

“I already finished editing my articles, now I just need to complete my politics article, and the one on the string of murders down on sixth street.”

Linda wrinkled her nose in disgust. “How’s the coppers handling it?” 

“Baffled. I think they’re starting to get worried. I’m hoping my article will bring this to public attention and help the situation.” Iris said. 

“That’s the hope.” Linda agreed. 

After work, she goes home and takes a long bath. This time, Tina Turner is playing in the apartment. The same routine plays out again. No mail has been delivered, so she has nothing new to read from Barry. She hopes he’ll come home soon as she drifts off to sleep. 

The rest of the weeks are the same. In these two weeks, she got one new letter from him. He says things are lightening up, and there might be good news in the future. He writes of the new people he’s met across the seas, the places he’s seen, and how much he misses. Apparently she’s been somewhat of a character to the soldiers. Iris West, possible goddess, and Barry’s long suffering wife. They want to meet her. Iris wonders what things he told them. She hope it’s all good things. She hopes his wandering mind stays on his shoulders so he doesn’t… nevermind. 

On Wednesday, she wakes up and gets ready for work. Her brother reminds her that their parents wanted to see them on Friday, so she better not forget to come. She went to work as usual, but had to go see Wally before going home. She was tempted to stay with him in an effort to avoid going back to her empty house, but he practically pushed her out of his house. Iris could’ve sworn she saw him smiling. 

The walk to their apartment was quiet. At least there wasn’t anyone on the street to distract her. She tried to come up with a reason for her brother’s sudden happiness. Barry’s homecoming came to mind, but that wasn’t for weeks so it was brushed aside. 

Music was the first thing that struck Iris as odd when she opened the door to the apartment. It was the little ditty Barry wrote her for their engagement. He dabbled in music a little before he was drafted. It’s why they own so many instruments. A guitar, a piano, a violin, they’ve all suffered from disuse now.  Arts, when concerning music, was never Iris’s forte. 

As she stepped further into the apartment, cooked food could be smelled. She placed a hand on the taser in her purse just in case it was an intruder and walked softly further into the place. 

A skinny man was hunched over the piano, fingers flying over the keys. He was in a formal army outfit sans the hat. 


Fingers stilled on the keys. 

Slowly he turned around a tired, yet happy smile dancing across his face, lighting up his features. She dropped her purse, almost setting off the taser and started bawling.  He quickly raced to her side before she fell to the ground. Easily, he lifted her up and twirled around crying himself. Her legs wrapped around his waist. His hug almost crushed her. She never wanted him to let go. 

“Shh baby, Iris, baby. I’m okay. I’m alright I’m home.” Iris sobbed into his shoulder. He held her tightly, not caring one bit that his suit was getting dirty with her tears. For once, she felt safe. There was nothing better than being held by Barry Allen. 

“I missed you, so damn much. The house-” 

“I’m not leaving, not again.” He didn’t. Apparently this was his last deployment. Hearing that made Iris cry harder, but this time they were happy tears. He cradled her face in his hand gently wiping away her tears. His eyes swept over face. It had been so long since he last saw her, he wanted to re-memorize every last feature. Her golden brown eyes, her curly black hair, her tear drop face. He kissed her all over, eyes, cheeks, lips. 

That was what finally calmed her tears. Giggling she asked, “You missed this?”

“I miss a lot of things.” He kissed the shell of her ear and along her jaw. “I missed your smile, and your voice. I missed your thoughts, and you kisses. I missed falling asleep next to you, dancing with you… Kara’s a good dancer, but she’s not you.”

“Well then,” Iris shimmied out of his arms, and grabbed his hand. She placed a record on the record player, The Temptations, “My Girl” and extended her other hand. “Can I have this dance?”

“Always.” He kissed her knuckles before pulling them into waltzing formation. Left hand in her right, right hand on her butt, so close together the holy spirit got squished. They’re married anyways. 

He quietly sang along to the song as they danced. Iris pressed her cheek to his chest in an attempt to get as close as possible to him. Maybe she was being insane, but after months without him close, she never wanted to let go. After a few dances, they meandered to the kitchen to eat. 

Barry sat down at the head of the table with Iris in his lap. She made up one big plate for the two of them. As they ate, they swapped stories about their time away from each other. He told her stories of the Diggles, Jesse Wells, Cynthia Reynolds, Kara Zor-el. Friends he made like Alex Danvers, Mary Hamilton, Beth Chapel and Yolanda Montez. In return she updated him on how his parents, her parents and Wally were doing. She told tales of her and her journalism adventures with Linda, Allegra, and Kamilla. 

“Look like you’ve been having fun here.” Barry grossed. 

“Not as much fun as I’ll have with you here with me. I missed you baby.” Iris says. Barry kissed the top of Iris’s forehead. 

“I’m going to see if Bridge will let me take the day off. We could go on a date!” Iris left his lap much to his sadness. “Hunn, let me get some wine and ice cream. The good wine.”

Barry’s eyes widened in surprise. “Fancy.”

“Well it’s a special day,” Iris returned to his lap with a small tub of ice cream, two spoons, and two glasses of wine. “Happy homecoming.”

“Happy homecoming.”

After dinner, Barry did the dishes while Iris cleaned up the living room. When he was done, Barry rushed up to her picking her up and twirling her around. He carried her up to their bedroom and dumped her on the bed. Iris thanked her lucky stars that he didn’t comment on its near sterile-ness. 

“I love you.” Barry stares at her below him. Her hair is splayed out on the pillow, her face is stretched out in a smile. Iris reaches up to pull him towards her. She peppers kisses on his face before leaving. 

“I’m just going to get changed.” He watches her put on one of his old shirts and a pair of underwear. Slowly, he gets up from the bed to get ready for sleep himself. Their movements are a little robust, getting used to sharing this room again, but it’ll be ok. 

In bed, she wraps herself around him, finding comfort in his hold. Softly, she traced some of his scars and tattoos with her finger. He turned off the lights, and for once, she knew she wouldn’t need his letters to chase away the nightmares.

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We love and respect your mother!

Summary: Sara finds out about Nora being mean to Iris and she isn’t having it.

It was just a quiet day on the waverider. Everyone was doing their own little thing and catching up and talking without there being some new bad guy in some era they had to catch. Well at least it was quite until Sara began yelling.

“I’m sorry she’s doing what??!” the woman practically snarled into her phone, storming over to the controls.

There was a few seconds pause before Sara continued yelling. “Iris! I don’t care whatever godforsaken reason she has to being a bitch towards you!”

Another pause before Sara let out a sigh. “Fine. I’ll see you when I get back. Bye, love you too.” she finished that last part sweetly before her face turned into something that could scare assassins.

“Gideon! Tell me everything about metas in the future. Around 2040 please!” Sara practically demanded from the AI.

“Yes, miss Lance. Metas are generally frowned upon and being a meta could result in you having to go into custody service. Most meta humans are seen as evil and speedsters especially.”

“What happens to speedsters?” asked Sara, interrupting Gideon. The others quickly looked at each other slightly worried. Whatever had happened over the phone must have been pretty bad.

“Well thanks to the dissappearence of the Flash, Barry Allen, and the death penalty hanging over Eobard Thawne, they are generally seen as a threat. Especially after Zoom made an appearance and Trajectory.” said Gideon, and they could swear she sounded slightly offended at being interrupted.

“Oh and did sweet, innocent Nora know this? ” Sara hissed violently. Everyone quickly looked at each other to decide who would talk to her and eventually Roy broke.

“Hey, Sara?” asked Ray, approaching her slowly, hands up in a non threatening gesture. “What’s wrong?”

“What’s wrong is that my best friend’s daughter is treating her like garbage for something she does in the future and she isn’t even trying to get to know present Iris.”

“Still?” asked Wally but immediately gulped when Sara hit him with a glare.

“You knew and didn’t tell me?” she hissed.

“Well it wasn’t so bad. She just seemed to favour Barry more than Iris and was kinda cold to Iris. I would have thought she would have stopped by now.” Wally said, trying to justify himself while also speeding over to hide behind Ray.

“Well she hasn’t! Iris just called me and she was practically in tears!” snapped Sara.

“Sara! What are you going to do?” asked Wally worriedly.

“It’s time for Nora to meet auntie Sara.” she said, and there was a smirk on her face that made all the men in the waverider shiver.

“What are you going to do?” asked Ray.

“Gideon please compile a list of everything Iris Ann West Allen has done in her life along with meta laws in the future.” requested Sara politely.

“Ooh, can I have a copy of Iris’s accomplishments?” asked Wally excitedly.

“Can I?” asked Ray as well.

“Of course! All of you are getting one!” and her voice made it clear that no one was going to argue with her.

“Now! Gideon! Take us to Central City 2018!”

~Central City~

Iris watched in sadness as Nora and Barry talked excitedly all about speed moves and the different ways they could use their speed. She so desperately wanted to join and tell her what she had done as the flash but she just sat there silently.

Caitlin gave her a small smile before bending down to eye level with the African American woman.

“Hey, she’ll warm up to you.” she said encouragingly.

“I dampened her powers, Cait. Nothing I do or anyone says is going to change how she feels about me.” Iris contradicted miserably.

Caitlin seemed to still for a few seconds before she spoke again. “Well Frost says you’re cool and if Frost likes someone then that’s an accomplishment.” she said jokingly, trying to make the shorter woman laugh. Iris smiled slightly at the joke.

“Trust me Iris. Remember how I hated Barry? It’ll be fine.” said Cisco.

“He forgave you in the middle of an alien invasion.” Iris shot back.

“I’m sorry what?” asked Ralph.

“We’ll catch you up later.” said Cisco dismissively.

“ANYONE MISS ME!!??” Came a voice. Iris turned around and squealed happily when she saw Sara.

“Sara!” she screamed happily and threw herself at the blonde.

“Iris!” she screamed just as loud and hugged her friend tightly.

“Hey Sara!” everyone else was slightly less enthusiastic in how they welcomed the time traveller but were still very excited to see her as well.

“Who’s this?” asked Nora and when it looked like Iris was going to answer her she turned to Barry. “Dad?” Sara sent the back of her head a glare.

“This is Sara Lance. Your mother’s best friend. Do not hurt her or Iris because she is scary. I still have nightmares.” Barry muttered the last part under his breath, remembering when he came out of the speed force and had to hide before Sara stabbed him, but everyone still heard him and exploded into laughter.

“Oh? I’ve never seen you in the future. Guess it was another thing kept from me.” she said the last part accusingly and Iris looked down slightly. Sara could see her eyes getting glossy and Sara steeled her resolve. No one makes Iris cry and gets away with it.

“Well then let’s talk. After all you’re practically my niece now.” said Sara sadly retracting her arms away from Iris and giving a hand to Nora.

“Okay sure!” said Nora excitedly, thinking the blonde would give her stories about her dad. How wrong she would be.

“Where are the others?” asked Caitlin.

“Right here!” announced Ray holding a package and handing it to Iris. “Here you go. I hope you like them.” said Ray nervously.

“I’m sure I will.” said Iris opening up the package. “Oh my God they’re gorgeous Ray…” the others became distant noises as Sara led Nora away.

“Do you have anywhere quiet we can go to?” asked Sara.

“Sure! Hang on!” said Nora excitedly before grabbing Sara and zooming over to the Canteen.

“Wow. Cool.” muttered Sara when she saw Nora’s speed.

“Yeah, I know right! Just like dad!” she said.

“And your mother.” said Sara. When Nora shot her questioning gaze she ruffled through her bag and took out a giant folder. “Your mother and father had their powers switched so Iris was the Flash for the day.” said Sara. Nora had a slightly surprised look on her face.

“Oh. I didn’t know.”

“Just like you didn’t know the laws of being a speedster in the future.” shot Sara back. Nora looked taken back at her tone but Sara was going to lay it down on her.

“Did you know that ever since your father left people haven’t trusted speedsters? Did you know that the only couple speedsters that people knew apart from Barry and Wally were basically villains?” Sara pressed. Nora had a slightly scared look before it became one of annoyance.

“Ughh! Did Mom put you up to this? That is so not shway.” she whined.

“Actually no, no she didn’t.” snapped Sara shooting her a glare.

“She dampened my powers! She had no right!”

“She had every right if you were going to die!” snapped Sara.

“What do you-”

“Your mother was trying to make sure that no one layed a finger on you! And think about it! Your mother is not a meta! She wouldn’t know jackshit about your powers. Hell you could have run over all the way to China and she wouldn’t have known! And the bills would have been way too expensive!” Sara added at the end.

“What bills!” Nora snapped back but Sara could see the fight dying out in her.

“Speedsters eat enough for a small family on a good day! And no offence to your mother her newspaper could only provide so much!” snapped Sara.

Nora was beginning to deflate but she finally said. “She would have told me when I grew older.”

“Oh and what would you have done! Your father is still learning about his speed to this day! You would have no one teaching you. And Wally would have to constantly travel with us!” she snapped when Nora was going to protest.

Nora finally looked down, guilt swarming around her.

“Look, kid. If you wanna be mad at future Iris, you do you. But don’t you dare be mean to this Iris. She’s trying so hard to get to know you and you constantly brushing her off isn’t helping, especially after last year. Talk to her please. Maybe you’ll find a reason you’re okay with why she did it.” Sara finally said.

“Yeah okay. By the way what’s in the file?” Nora finally asked looking up.

“Every little thing your mother has ever done. I think she also had a little self photo album about her stuff.” she said distractedly.

“Can I borrow it? “ Nora asked nervously.

“Keep it. I have tons more from where that came from. Now come on let’s go. Your mother is modelling some new heels that Ray got for her and I want to see her in them.” Sara finally said excitedly, holding her hand out for Nora.

“I’ll speed us over there.” Nora said grabbing the outstretched hand and zooming off. They stopped outside the Cortex and watched. Nora smiled slightly at the sight in front of her.

Her father was whistling as her mother  spun around in a pair of heels. She had a bright smile on her face and her eyes were shining and she looked at peace. Completely different from the sadness she looks at Nora with and Nora felt the guilt building up again.

“Go to her kid.” Sara whispered in her ear. Nora nodded before speeding over and throwing her arms around her mother.

“Wow!” yelped her mother. Everyone looked over in slight worry only to see Nora on top of her mother, head underneath her chest and hugging the life out of her. “Hey Nora.” Iris said confusedly.

“Nora are you okay?” Barry asked worriedly.

“I’m fine.” Nora muttered but it was muffled by Iris’s dress.

“Iris! Are you okay?” Caitlin asked worriedly and no one could blame her. Those heels Iris were wearing weren’t exactly small.

“Yeah. Yeah I’m more than okay.” she said holding Nora tightly and no one remarked about the tears. She turned to Sara and mouthed, “Thank you.”

“No problem. You’re my sister.” she mouthed back.

“Group hug!” yelled Wally before falling on top of Iris.

“Wally!” she yelped. “Barry!” she yelped again when her husband joined in. Everyone slowly started to join the hug with Sara just standing there. She just rolled her eyes before walking over and pulling Iris up along with Nora.

“By the way, mom?” Nora asked.

“Yeah, sweetie?” Iris asked looking down in her arms.

“What happened last year?”

“Ralph! Language!” yelled Barry glaring at the stretchy man. Iris just held Nora tightly.

“A lot. You wanna talk over ice cream later tonight?” Iris asked hopefully and this time Nora wasn’t going to let her mom down.

“Mint chip?”

“You know me so well.” joked Iris as her and Nora laughed when Barry began lecturing Ralph. She felt Sara pull her into a side hug and she couldn’t help but smile.

Sara really was the best.

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Submission for your master list please:

Lara Vega, Minority Report tv show


Also Iris West, The Flash tv 2014


Originally posted by westallenhugs

Sally-Ann, Outsiders WGN America


Thank you!

Iris should be there, but I’ll double check… I completely forgot about Sally Ann!! RIP me, and I’ll add the other one too… Which… I think I have her jotted down in notes to add, but just didn’t get to it for one reason or another.

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The speedsters on a road trip

Wally: oh my god will you shut up! we will get there when we get there!

Bart: it’s a valid question!

Wally: now I realise why I sent you away to Jay

Bart: not my fault you couldn’t handle me

Barry: enough! both of you quiet for the rest of the trip!

Bart, whispering: you know i’m faster than you right?

Wally, lunging at Bart: that’s it!

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I know that the writers don’t control/decide the promotion, but I’m still wondering about the sentence that was used with Iris’ poster.

‘Heroes will be reborn’
Now that a bunch of poster have been released it seems that the sentences  have something to do with the character. Mostly just about their character in general, but it is specific to the character.

Flash: The fastest man alive

Dreamer: She’s seen the future  

Supergirl:  Hope, help and compassion for all

Black Lightning: Freeland’s hometown hero

Lois: She can uncover any story

White canary:  The captain is ready .

Stargirl: The brightest star

Superman: The man of steel.

So it makes me wonder what ‘Heroes will be reborn’ means in terms of Iris since it doesn’t seem to specifically say something about Iris as a character the way the other lines do. Could it be something about the upcoming story/season?

I guess it could be something about her escaping from the mirrorverse since they also used glass shards for the background. Or something else. Or maybe this is reading too much into it, idk

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