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Sorry for posting so much irl stuff recently mostly it’s because I take a pause from sims 4 and the other hand it’s too just to go against people how have bullied me in my life.. I really have a hatred toward people how like to ruin peoples life, because every person in this word is pretty amazing and people how can’t see it.. it’s just so hard to understand the logic and reasons in their brain. 

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I had this off the wall idea for volunteering to help protest photos so identifying features are blacked out but fuck if I know where to start…

(I can’t go out and protest. I just can’t. I think I’ve turned into a shut in. I’d probably cause more harm than good. If there’s something I can do behind the scenes tho…)

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I’m so mad I can’t sleep. Im so frustrated I can’t even draw or write. I can’t enjoy visiting family, or take time to rest and process being in quarantine for the past 3 months. I don’t want to eat, and I thank the heavens this wasn’t last year, when I had to balance full time school, work, and an internship, because I would have failed at all 3. Seeing the people who swore to ensure the safety and security of others completely fail and disregard their calling has me spitting mad.

This anger… this madness is how many people spend their whole life.

I don’t even feel sorry for the people who think that living with white guilt is the worst thing they could imagine dealing with.

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When my mom uses the fact that she has mixed race kids to ignore the fact that she’s racist and a pig supporting bitch, I wish I could spit in her face…

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