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y’know what i might be a sensitive bitch but i’m glad i haven’t let my heart harden so much that i can’t give love so openly to people i care for

i might feel a LOT and it might hurt a LOT when people get me fucked up but it doesn’t mean i should harden my heart and never give love again

it just means i gotta be more picky with those i give it to and compromise on my own wants and needs a lot less

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November 28, 2020


I probably woke up on the wrong side of the bed, but does anyone feel like writing long pages on the worst of humanity?

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i watched the third jurassic park movie every chance i got when i was fourteen and now i have a fight or flight relfex to the nokia ringtone in public. which is unfortunate because i work in a hardware store almost exclusively patronized by old men and every time i hear the nokia tone i think im dying. anyways

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