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glaucuspacificus · 30 minutes ago
So Iroh was renowned for killing the last dragon, right? He even had the epithet ‘Dragon of the West’ but of course he didn’t actually kill the last dragon so how did that happen? Did he just come back and tell everyone he killed the last dragon and they were all like okay, that makes sense and just left it without any evidence confirming that? That seems a bit odd.
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tomnooklesbian · an hour ago
thinking about the fact that Jet wasn’t actually that impulsive as a character because on one hand, yes, he’s angry. yes, he’s open about that and fighting back with violence is dangerous, but he’s never really impulsive
most of Jet’s actions are risky, but he doesn’t charge into a situation blindly. flooding Gaipan is calculated and planned; he follows Zuko and Iroh around Ba Sing Se and waits, and only when he thinks he’s got enough evidence does he actually confront them?? and even then it’s less about winning and more about forcing Zuko to expose himself. he even strategizes stealing food from the ferry which might have been reckless but it wasn’t impulsive 
anyways, how much of that— the strategizing and the waiting and the calculating— is actually from Jet himself and how much of it is from looking after the Freedom Fighters? from having to take on a position of responsibility as a teenager, because they’re all just kids with no one else to rely on?? because everything they do when they fight back is risky, but as long as Jet plans and he isn’t impulsive he can keep them safe. then in Ba Sing Se how much of that restraint and planning is because he can’t afford to be impulsive when Smellerbee and Longshot are still relying on him, even if he isn’t their leader anymore, because he’s still the one who has to keep them safe??
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the-hopefulpenguin · 9 hours ago
Iroh, upon seeing his entire fleet get destroyed in less than fifteen seconds by a skyscraper sized robot: “Mr President, do I have your order to engage?”
Not sure about his tactical ability but can’t fault his courage! 
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chaoticnerdsstuff · 9 hours ago
What if Izumi's daughter Ursa looked identical to mai but sounded exactly like azula?👀
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itsazula · 18 hours ago
Ok so obviously Bryke treats their female characters like absolute garbage, but why does the fandom enable them to do so??? Like there are some fans out here validating Bryke’s horrible writing choices and the blatant misogyny in said writing for the sake of their ship? Like sorry but if your ship requires shitty, harmful material then it isn’t a good ship. That isn’t even an opinion that’s just a fact. I’m not naming any names so if you read this and get pissed that’s probably because you’re someone who uses shitty, fucked up material to validate your ship being cute or some shit and you know I’m right. Thank you and goodnight.
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avayarising · 22 hours ago
Tumblr media
[Image from ATLA episode 1:12 The Storm, showing the audience for Zuko's Agni Kai with Ozai. The visible audience members have been labelled. From left to right:
Bald general with needle moustache and small goatee: 'uncomfortable with this'
clean-shaven young face: 'trapped'
Zhao: 'enjoying this because being mean and cruel is fun'
young broad-faced man with goatee: 'bored'
Iroh: 'guilty and horrified'
grey-haired general with needle moustache and long goatee: 'smug (this is the guy who proposed the 'fresh meat' plan)'
Azula: 'is 11 and doesn't yet realise Zuko's really going to get hurt'
young man with receding hairline: 'doesn't know what's going on'
bald man with long goatee: 'disapproves']
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yumarygona · 22 hours ago
along w the fact that iroh was a terrible person and actually deserved to die and rot, he wasnt the good father figure for zuko that yall think he is. his was of parenting zuko was very flawed and he was very hypocritcal and honestly did the bare minimum for zuko when u really think abt it. but im not a rapper
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avatarthoryn · a day ago
Tumblr media
Better luck next time...
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old-and-new-friends · a day ago
For ask game:
Mako x Iroh II 😣
bc it's never enough
If someone on this blog thinks I don't ship Makroh they have not been paying attention.
What made you ship it?
So, long story and I could give my usual explanation about finding it scrolling around in the Mako tag, which is true but finding it wasn't what really made me ship it.
Funnily enough, writing Three Years of Kisses, made me actually ship it for itself and the character's dynamics together and not for what I felt it was at the time, the only Mako ship that consistently liked Mako.
Pre-renaissance it was just really the only Mako ship that I felt was actually kind to Mako as Wuko back then was mostly...shit. Like it was used as a punishment ship for him to date someone like Wu (which sucked because I was 100% ready to ship Wuko post season 4 only to discover what the ship actually meant to most of the fandom back then).
[Edit to clarify on this: Wuko (Makorra and Masami) when written as the main pair was never an issue when looking for content but the second you strayed into side pairing territory there was no telling what would happen. It was a lot of the attitude on Tumblr in late 2019 and early 2020 that I refer to when I talk about this stuff because Tumblr was where I mostly was at the time. I didn't venture over to Ao3 for LoK content until I found Makroh here first because of how hostile the fandom seemed towards my favorite character. I ship all three ships mentioned here, I just found the content disappointing when I went looking for it.]
Masami and Makorra were similarly used to trash Mako (though not all shippers obviously). Pretty much all Mako ships back then had a lot of content that was really hateful to him or just porn unless you dug for a million years and I didn't feel like digging.
When I first started watching back in late 2019, Makroh really was the only Mako ship that treated Mako with respect nearly 100% of the time. It's gotten better with Wuko (and Makorra and Masami) now being something people genuinely put their hearts into and the care people are giving to Mako's narrative but that's why Makroh will always hold a soft spot in my heart.
Reading Makroh fics was so easy because nearly all of them write him in a kind and loving way. You can't find someone who hates Mako looking through the Makroh tag on Ao3 (I know I've either read/written all but one) but you can with most of the other Mako ships.
Yeah it's a "crackship" but it was kind to Mako at a time when I felt no other ships were and I could always count on Makroh shippers to have something nice to say about Mako back when no one else liked him.
Which is also why I get defensive about it.
What are your favorite things about the ship?
Aside from the above, I really like the dynamics of the two. Like Iroh's got this image of stiff general but dude punched a bomb and decided jumping planes was the best way to take them down. He's got a wild streak and I think it would be good for Mako to have someone who understands duty but can also pull him away for fun.
Is there an unpopular opinion you have on your ship?
...I don't think I can. I kind of seem to have stolen the steering wheel of the ship by accident.
I will say while I understand it technically falls into crackship territory I don't really define it that way myself.
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flamehotman · a day ago
dang I’m sending so much but since you asked I will provide with however much I can think of right now which isn’t much
But like what if iroh ii makes a joke that both of them would laugh at or something but mizuki doesn’t really react like she usually would have
Its okay if you cant, send me one word prompts maybe?
Iroh, chuckling: And then we chased dad for calling mom sexy at dinner.
Korra, slurping noodles: Dang Bumi-
Korra, straightning: Zuki?
Mizuki, being fed food by Pema: I...I don't feel like laughing..just
Iroh, getting up: We'll go to your room okay? There's loads I need to tell you.
Kya, concerned: Iroh, should you be doing that?
Mizuki, being helped into her wheelchair by Iroh: No, he's right. There's loads he needs to tell me.
Mizuki, whispering into Iroh's ear: Thanks
Iroh, softly: You're my baby sister and I'll be there for you.
@ohsalamanders @shrinkthisviolet
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flamehotman · a day ago
OOH how about when iroh ii reunited with mizuki after everything
Iroh, rushing to Air Temple Island: Where's Zuki?
Mizuki, starved and weak, coming out her room in a wheelchair: Hey Iroh, I'm alive.
Iroh, pressing a fist against his mouth, crying: What...what did they do to you?
Mizuki, tears running down her face: I..please don't make me talk...I'll tell you someday
Iroh, using the wall as support, walking towards her: I missed you.
Mizuki, softly: I missed you too.
Iroh, kneeling down to her level: I hate dad and Uncle Tenzin and Aunt Kya when I thought you were dead. wasn't fair, I wanted my sister back and they had each other.
Iroh, breaking down: I hated everyone whose sibling was with them,, I needed you.
Cloudbabies, in the background: (look at each other)
@ohsalamanders @shrinkthisviolet
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towiwi · a day ago
Tumblr media
It supposed to be ready but laziness 😭
I've been experimenting with many styles but I think I'll stick with " ruins of the empire" artstyle, I feel comfy
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waterfire1848 · a day ago
Zukka Headcanon! Katara, Aang, Hakoda, Bato and Suki give Zuko the shovel talk. Azula, Mai, Ty Lee and Iroh give Sokka the shovel talk. Toph is the only one who gives the talk to both of them.
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okayyangyang · a day ago
toph: okay, maybe playing "whose family is most dysfunctional" wasn’t the best idea we’ve had. zuko's been crying in the bathroom for an hour. we can’t get him out...
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runrundoyourstuff · a day ago
(Avatar: the Last Airbender one-shot, rated: T, 2,015 words)
cn: for implied/referenced child abuse
He’s not explicitly invited to the Agni Kai, but no one attempts to hide it from him—though in retrospect, long after, once he finally has time to process, this fact will strike him as odd. Wouldn’t someone have expected him to protest, had he known? But then only Azula knew the depths of his ambivalence in Ba Sing Se, and had apparently elected to keep it hidden in her sleeves like so many of her plots, no doubt to brandish as a secret weapon should the need present itself.
In any case, when Zuko does hear of the duel, he must convince himself to attend. All the royals—(all the free royals)—will be there, after all. It’s an honor. The nobles in his father’s court would be suspicious if he weren’t present. And besides, though he hasn’t seen the inside of the arena since before his banishment, since he was a child, since...since he—since his father…since the day he got his scar, it’s not as though he’ll be fighting this time. (For that matter, he doesn’t yet know who is involved in this Agni Kai—just that one or both of the combatants is notable enough within Court for this to be an event.)
He manages to calm his trembling knees in time to enter the arena before the proceedings began, but just barely. Zuko wafts in, hands clenched at his sides, trying and failing not to think about what it looks like, how his uncle’s reputation for tardiness might have rubbed off on him—all the times Uncle had lingered behind at a port-of-call, delaying Zuko’s carefully crafted schedules, (you worry too much Prince Zuko, you should rest, a man needs his rest). But when he finds his seat in the section designated for the royal family, only Azula is there waiting for him.
“Where’s Father?”
Azula smirks. “Well, hello to you too, Zuzu. Here for the show?”
“Where is he?!”
Azula steadily moves her gaze to the platform in the center of the arena, and when Zuko follows it there, his hand finds the branded skin on his face, stomach tumbling out from within him, blood flushing like he imagines it would if the sun were to disappear from the sky.
Ozai stands there, elevated, ceremonial Agni Kai garnet draped around his bare shoulders, just as it had been three years ago.
Zuko inhales. “Who…?”
“Just watch, Dum-dum.”
But he doesn’t have to watch long. After a moment, two members of the Royal Guard appear, dragging a lump of a third person up onto the stage. They drop him there, bare-chested, clad only in ragged dueling pants because the Agni Kai sash falls from his shoulders as he hits the tile floor, and though he’s conscious, he doesn’t seem to have the strength to readjust his position.
Zuko cries out, leaping to his feet. “What’d they do to him?!”
“Really, Zuko, you’re causing a scene.”
If anyone turns toward him at his outburst, Zuko doesn’t see it. His focus is singularly on the platform. The guards seem to laugh as they retreat from the stage and leave the man there—Zuko can tell even beneath their masks, people have been looking at him that body language for years: the way their chests rise and fall, how they tilt their heads back like they don’t have a care in the Agni-forsaken world. They’re looking at him and laughing, like they don’t care that this is what’s become of the Dragon of the West, who used to be their Crown Prince, their general, their hero, like they think it’s funny...
“Azula!” he demands.
“Perhaps he was simply always feebler than you remember.”
“He was not! The only reason he didn’t destroy us in Ba Sing Se is because he wanted to give the Avatar time to get away—”
Azula raises an eyebrow. “I thought the Avatar was dead.”
“—they did something to him! Drugged him, or beat him, or something—don’t you care?!”
She shrugs. “He’s a traitor.”
“He’s our uncle!”
“I guess I’m just not as sentimental as you are, Zuzu.”
“But why—” On the stage below, Ozai looms over his brother, burying him in a dark shadow. “Why is he...Is Father going to duel him?”
“It’s not going to be much of a duel, if you ask me.” A pause, and then she continues. “You didn’t think Father would let treachery like Uncle’s go unpunished, did you?”
“But…” But he’s his brother. The words die on Zuko’s lips. Yes, Uncle’s his brother. And Ursa was his wife, and what did that matter? And…
Blood rushes to his face, and it burns—it burns—like it’s on fire.
Uncle is on his knees, and it looks almost like a prostration.
And I was his son.
Ozai doesn’t even bother moving to the starting position, just shrugs the ceremonial garnet off his shoulders to signal his intent to begin. “Well, brother,” he smirks in a voice loud enough for the entire arena to hear. “You have betrayed your Nation and your Fire Lord. Will you fight for your honor?”
Uncle just barely manages to lift his head. If he says anything, it’s too faint for Zuko to hear.
“Sad,” Ozai continues, projecting, raising his hands with his voice. “That this is what has become of the famed Dragon of the West. And to think that this country once thought that you would be their ruler.”
Something in Zuko’s chest lurches, like it’s trying to escape, to run from the fire it knows is coming, that lives in its muscle memory. Family sticks together, Uncle had told Zuko once, had shown him patiently, over-and over-again every day for three long years, even when Zuko screamed that he didn’t want to see it.
Family sticks together. Family does not raise hands to each other with the sort of glint that is currently in his father’s eyes and speak gleefully about it. Family does not orchestrate public duels and give whatever orders are necessary to ensure that those duels are just for show.
This is wrong. Even if—if—Uncle is a traitor, this is wrong. Uncle is Father’s brother. Uncle is on his knees. This is Uncle. And Ozai looms over him, flames growing in his palms, and Zuko’s fingers clench in his lap, his head, his chest buzz...This is wrong.
(And if this is wrong…)
(Zuko had been on his knees once. Ozai had towered, fire growing in his hands…)
(If this is wrong…)
“My Nation is fortunate,” Ozai smiles, angling his hands toward his brother. “That I am here to purge it of such weakness.”
And then whatever it is that had been screaming in Zuko’s chest bursts forth, mingles with all the lingering doubts that have been living in his mind the past several weeks since his return home. And Zuko doesn’t know what he is about to do until he does it, springs to his feet in the most honored seats of the arena, and yells in a voice as loud as Ozai’s so that there is no one in the entire stadium who will not be able to hear: “Stop!”
This time, when all eyes turn to him, Zuko feels them. But he doesn’t move his own gaze from his father—who has turned toward him, smile fading from his face, flames flaring in his hands—and it’s just enough to make the man hesitate. But the flame is still growing, and Ozai has a history of venting his red-hot anger onto any in the vicinity. (Not anyonein the vicinity, Zuko will think later—much later, after he has time to process, not only this moment but everything else too—Ozai has a history of unleashing his anger on the most vulnerable target. Once, that was Zuko. Now, it’s Iroh.)
In the present, Zuko doesn’t waste the opportunity. He propels himself forward into the air and toward the stage with Firebending, and it’s not until he’s halfway there that he feels the fear sink in his stomach, not until he lands in front of Uncle that he feels the tremble behind his knees. But he remains upright, and whatever he feels, he wills his face to be the same level of impassive as it was behind the Blue Spirit mask before he’d cast it away.
“…” Uncle’s voice is a murmur behind him, but there are resonances of a moment of when it was much stronger. You never think these things through!
And it’s true, he knows now, no matter what he’d yelled under that lake. But sometimes you can’t think things through, or you’ll be paralyzed, and sometimes there’s no time, you just have to act…
He clenches his fist.
“Why does it not come as a surprise that you’re a traitor too?” Ozai snarls. “I should have killed you three years ago and spared myself the embarrassment!”
“Maybe,” Zuko hears himself say, and to his surprise his voice is steady. “But you didn’t.” A pause, and then: “Leave my uncle alone.”
“Treachery must be punished. He will fight for his honor!”
“This isn't a fight! It's a show! You know you can’t beat him for real, so you staged this whole thing just so the country will think you look stronger than you are!”
“Zuko…” Uncle’s whispers grow desperate, but Zuko doesn’t turn.
Ozai’s nostrils flare. “How dare—”
“It’s just another lie! Like all the lies you told us about how the Fire Nation is the greatest civilization in the world! Like the lies you were willing to tell to all those young soldiers you’ve sent to die…”
“You will pay for this insolence—”
“But the truth is that we’re not the greatest country in the world! And the truth is that Uncle Iroh is better than you are! He’s stronger, he’s a better father, and he would have been a better Fire Lord!”
It’s not a surprise when the lightning comes barreling toward him from his father’s fingers. And even though Zuko knows the technique in theory, executing it in practice brings him precariously close to reckoning with his own mortality. He catches the blast with his fingers, and it pushes him backward. He just manages to dig his heels into the floor and stop himself before he ploughs into Uncle and spills the electricity onto him—which would defeat the entire purpose of this whole charade—but it festers in his own arm, like it’s singeing it from the inside, and it’s going to kill him, it’s going to kill him, Agni, he’s going to die, and he didn’t think he’d care, or that that would scare him, not after everything, but he...he doesn’t want…
Uncle’s voice is nothing more than a rasp, but it grounds him nonetheless. Zuko inhales, then releases, lightning still festering at his fingertips.
“ In...Down...Up…Out.”
Another breath, and then Zuko obeys, just like Uncle taught him in the ruins of forgotten that Earth Kingdom town, a lifetime ago now, it seems. And when he lets the lightning fly out of his other arm, he angles it upward, toward the roof of the arena, where it explodes on contact in a fiery burst.
Later, Zuko will think with a wry irony that he ought to make an offering in gratitude to Agni that things always seem to blow up in his face, because it’s that fact that ultimately seems to save him. The center of the ceiling of the stadium collapses as it detonates, and for the second time in minutes, Zuko doesn’t waste the opportunity that presents itself. In the chaos that ensues as chunks of tile and plaster falls to the stage between him and Ozai, as all the Royal Guard is occupied with protecting their monarch from falling debris, Zuko hauls Uncle onto his shoulders and flees.
It’s not until they’re well beyond not only the palace, but indeed the very walls of the city itself that he brings himself to look back.
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liberaljet · a day ago
Tumblr media
this is bad but
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