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You know I’m all for the Zukka movement in the AtLA fandom right now (because it’s the best and, funny story, actually how I got back into the fandom) but I kind of want a resurgence in the LoK fandom for Wuko, because talk about a crack ship on the verge of being canon.


Either that or Makroh because lets be real what’s better than one hot and awkward firebender? Two of them.

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One of the things that I’m fascinated by as a concept is that Sokka and Iroh are simultaneously very similar and also total opposites in many ways. There’s an aspect where they’re very tactically minded, intelligent leaders with a history of eccentricities… But Sokka is also one of the people for whom it would make the most sense for him to get argumentative with Iroh, and actually has done. 

Sokka constantly poo-poos the idea of destiny and spirituality, and gets mad at Iroh for suggesting that they rescue Zuko from the Crystal Catacombs because he doesn’t care about the “good inside” him. They have similar skill-sets and influence, but their ideologies are mostly incompatible. So I absolutely want to see more of Sokka actually debating him; that would be way more interesting the typical interactions we see with Iroh anyway.

(Zuko watches this in horror like a high-speed ping-pong match.)

I also like the idea of Sokka enjoying many of the same things as iroh, but in ways that make Iroh shudder. For instance:

–Sokka is good at, and likes playing Pai Sho. However, he is very much of a disrespectful opponent who engages in trash talk and speed plays. 

–Sokka also likes tea, but he is prone to dumping all sorts of ingredients into it that’s besides the norm, including sugar and honey and generally just “ruining” the natural flavor of the tea. (Sokka invents ‘iced tea’ which Iroh secretly views as blasphemy.)

–Again they have a penchant for strategy, and debate hypothetical scenarios, but Sokka is noticeably less honorable and is willing to resort to dirty tactics in spades if he thinks it can net him victory.

–They both have a thing for poetry, but iroh is very prosy and thoughtful, while Sokka can just string together whatever first pops into his head and fashions that into a workable poem. 

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~Zuko X OC~


The Beginning of the End


Savrar sprints through the corridor of the palace to his loving wife, Killo. The large sound of heavy boots running after him is the thing that keeps his bleeding feet moving. 

Savrar trips against his torn robes. Two arms pile him to his feet once more and push him along his path. 

“Go, go! There is no time!” Iroh speaks in a hushed tone as he ushers his friend along. Iroh opens the large door and seals them both inside. “Savrar!” Killo cries for her husband as she sees his battered form. His dark eyes look into her golden orbs. “We have to go. They’ll kill us. They’ll kill her.” His hand resting on his wife’s swollen belly. 

Savrar stumbles to his bag and pulls out his pendents. “Hurry darling, please.” He pushes his wife as she grabs a few belongings. She turns to Iroh in thanks, wrapping her arms around him. “Thank you for all you have done.” He nods holding her at arms length. “Now go. Good luck.”

Killo places her necklace around her neck and holds her husband as he opens the bridge between all time. The golden pendents glowing a deep purple, blinding Iroh. The winds pick up in the room, blending loose papers and such in with the current. In a spit, second everything stills, and the room is silent now only accompanied by Iroh. 

His smile fades out as the boots rage in the hall. Iroh slams the doors open in a fit. “They ran this way!” He howls and runs out to the gardens. The guards pass him searching the entire palace only to find nothing but their belongings left behind. 


Savrar opens his eyes and views upon the new setting. “No.” Killo breaths as she views the fallen kingdom. “He won, Savrar.” 

Savrar wraps his arms around his wife. “We will be fine, my love.” His voice wavering as his eyes burn over the Phoenix Kings Nation.  


Not long their daughter, Truble, was born into the world ruled by the fire nation King. Nothing but flames and power were within eyesight for years. 

Traveling home through the wooded areas of the charred forests a shadow lures over the family on their path. 

“Daddy when can I-“ “Shh, Truble. I hear someone.” The little girl gets down from her mother’s arms and watches as her father nears a bush. 

Killo attempts to grabs her daughter’s hand as she runs off to the bushes hands aflame. “Truble!” Savrar shouts as he pushes his daughter away from the attacker. 

An old man, starved, beaten, and bruised stands weakly in front of them. His smile showing hope. Showing all he had left in this world. 

“Sir. Are you okay?” Truble asks as she nears her father. He sighs picking her up. 

The man looks at the little girl. Her auburn hair setting undertones of fire; same as her fathers. Practically the spitting image of Savrar. 

The old man shows his hands and laughs. “My friend. Oh, my old friend… You’re alive.” Savrar looks down at this fragile old man. “Iroh?” The elderly man chuckles and lays his hands on Savrar’s shoulders nodding in approval. “You did it.” 

“Iroh. We didn’t do anything. Look around. I failed.” Iroh shakes his head in disappointment. “I say… we have more of a chance than ever.” Iroh smiles at the young girl. 


“Keep your feet strong! You fall, Truble, and you leave yourself open!” Iroh scolds the young girl as she trains. Now age 8 and almost as good as her father. “Can’t I take a break?” She sits on the ground huffing out steam. “You are frustrated. Would you like some tea?” She nods at the man. 

He pours them both a cup as they relaxed for the first time since the sun rose. Truble plays with her golden coin penitent around her neck. 

“You will see it someday when all this is behind us.” Truble scoffs sipping her tea. “You sound like father.” Iroh smiles weakly. “You have a destiny to fulfill. Just as your father did. Where he failed you will rise.” I roll my eyes, flicking droplets of fire into the puddles and watch them sizzle out. “Why didn’t he just go to the time the Avatar needed him? After all this time you can’t tell me he can’t go back and fix it.” Iroh smiles and sets his hand upon my own. 

“Have I ever told you about my nephew?” “You have a nephew?” Iroh’s eyes cloud with sadness. “He was a good boy. He grew to be a great man.” “What happened?” “After the Firelord defeated the Avatar he took control over everything as Phenix King. Princess Azula was crowed Firequeen and damned Prince Zuko and I to prison for the rest of our years.” 

The young one leans in interested in the story. “How did you escape?” A tear slides down his wrinkled cheek. “Zuko traded his life for my freedom.” Truble latches her hands around Irohs neck in a comforting hug. Iroh pats the girls back. “Come, let me share something with you.” 

They look over the city in ruins. “This was once a beautiful place. Trees were healthy, and all the tribes lived in unity, but now all that surrounds us is death and greed. The Avatar is dead. No one here to save us. Except you. Truble. Only you.” The little girl looks down at the burning city. She grabs at her golden coin. 


Battling my father wasn’t the best thing to do on days like this. The sun beating down on the black trees making the air seem as thick as cement. “Break his roots, Truble!” Iroh yells as he leans against his walking stick. 

I twist around pushing the flames around my father with force. They roar as he gets pushed back to the ground defeated. 

I land on my knees out of breath. “Incoming!” I turn to my left to see Zori’s feet running at me. I push up from the ground, flipping over her, landing behind and swiping a fire whip and knocking her off her feet. “Hey, no fair!” She cries. “You’re just asking for trouble, Zori.” The young kid rolls her golden eyes at Killo’s words. “Stick to the swords, kid,” I say helping her up. “Not all of us can be benders like you.” “And not everyone can whoop-ass with dual swords either. Different strengths.” I kiss her head waking over to my family as mother prepares the table. 

Iroh at one head of the table while my father sits at the other. Both men looking down at their food in worry. “Is it poisoned?” I joke admiring my soup. “No, darling. Although we do have news for you.” My mother speaks in a soft voice. I stare off into the black trees as I feel my stomach tighten. “You’re 16th birthday is arriving within the week.” I meet my father’s dark eyes as he sighs. “You know what that means, Truble. Don’t you?” I look at my hands on my lap and frown. Zori grabs my hand in her and smiles at me. 

“Is it time?” 

“It will be soon,” Iroh says nodding at me. “We have everything you will need. The maps, clothes, money, everything. All you need to do is-“ “Find the Avatar. Yeah, I know. Seeing as it worked out so well for everyone before.” I get up and walk away from the table. 

“Truble! Wait!” Zori calls after me. “Wait!” She buffs catching my wrist. “You have to do this! You can save everything. You can go home when it’s all done.” Tears swell in my eyes as I run my hands through my hair. “Zori, you don’t understand. You’ve not been told your whole life you have the destiny to save the four nations. To save the Avatar.” Zori hugs my side. “You’ll save so many more than just the Avatar.” 

“I might die, Zori.“ she laughs looking up at me. “There is a reason why they named you Truble. Plus I doubt anyone can kill the greatest fire bender around.” I roll my eyes at her. “When did you get so smart, huh?” She shrugs her little shoulders. “I get it from my mom.” 


I stuff the clothes in my bag and tie to together along with my other supplies. “Tell me again.” My father says as he watches me. 

“I arrive in Ba Sing Se as a refugee. I find Iroh at the tea shop. Follow Zuko in search of the Avatar. Ditch Zuko before he’s caught by Azula. Go with the Avatar. Train him in fire bending. End the war. Come back and take you home.” I say the step by step plan in short. 

“You missed-“ “She will be fine, Savrar. Have some faith. She’ll be with me.” Iroh says smiling. “Not like you’ll know.” He grumbled to his friend. My mother smiles and hugs me tightly. “Come back to us.” I nod smiling in her shoulder. “I’ll fix it all. Then we can go home.”

I step away from them to the edge of the cliff. “I’ll see you soon, Iroh.” “I’m sure I’m looking forward to it this moment.” He steps forward, struggling as he does. He places his hand on my arm squeezing in assurance. “Truble, you have a destiny greater than any of the souls in this nation. Go back and save him.” I nod ready to leave this timeline and travel back. 

“Wait! Wait! I’m coming! Don’t leave yet, Truble!” Zori runs over with packs on her back. “I’m going with you.” “Zori, no. You could get hurt, I’m sure your mother-“ “She knows. Now shut your trap. Let’s go fix this.” 

She pulls out her own golden pendant and clips it on her shirt. “Well then. I guess this is… goodbye.” My father nods with a sad smile. “Only for now my trouble maker. It will only seem like a minute for us when you succeed.“ I nod strongly. I grab Zori’s hand and look down at her. “Are you ready, kid?” She nods excitedly. “Let’s go find the Avatar.” 

I close my eyes bending the time waves to open up a portal to year 112 AA. The deep violet light envelopes the two of us as the wind whirls through the burnt trees.  

I feel ground under my feet and I open my eyes to see the green grass under my shoes. “Zori… we did it.” I smile picking a blade of grass. “I’ve never seen grass before.” I smile running my fingers over them. 

“This is beautiful!” Zori cheers looking over the vase environment. “Now let’s see where we are,” I say pull out the maps. Zori pulls it from my hands and looks it over before walking away. “This way to Ba Sing Se.”

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Fire Queen ~ (Zuko x OC)

1. The Beginning of the End

2. Thank you, Lee

The Avatar fell in defeat and the Phoenix King took control of the four nations. Only Truble, a master fire bender, and time bender will be able to save the nations to their united era.


“Truble, you have a destiny greater than any of the souls in this nation. Go back and save him.”

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Zuko: I got kicked out of the family because apparently I am a "liability" and "weak" and "Zuko". The last one is just my name, but you should hear my father say it.
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Iroh spent 3 years trying to determine which of Zuko’s reactions to things were caused by his trauma and history of abuse and which were caused by the fact that Zuko was literally 15.

Like during that scene in The Waterbending Master where Zuko refused to leave his room, Iroh was probably thinking “Lu Ten also had his moments of slamming the door and staying in his room all day ,,, is this the same or did something remind Zuko of Ozai and/or Azula and now he’s suffering?”

I think a great example of when Zuko comes home from his date in “Tales of Ba Sing Se.” He comes home and slams the door, ignoring Iroh’s question of how his night went. And at first Iroh’s spirits seem to fall. Iroh was definitely hoping something “normal” like a date would help Zuko continue to heal and grow past his traumatic past.

So when Zuko storms in and slams the door, Iroh is sad because he thinks something made Zuko upset. Something just solidified the idea Zuko has in his head that he doesn’t deserve good things.

Then Zuko slides the door open again and says, so shyly, that his night has good. And that precious hope that all our main characters have been struggling with in Book 2 comes back to Iroh. He realizes Zuko slamming the door was just him being a kid—a kid who was forced to grow up too fast and is playing catch-up with those weird teenager feelings—like feeling shy about having a good night with a girl.

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Everyone is mentioning the idea of those in Ba Seng Sei discovering Lee from the Tea shop is the new Fire Lord

But how about everyone suddenly learning/discovering that

A) This means that Tea Shop owner Mushi / Lee’s uncle is Ozai’s brother (and Uncle to the new Fire Lord)

B) Those who are old enough to know of/remember probably coming to the realizing that, that means he is General Iroh, Dragon of the West- Man who previously lay siege on the walls of Ba Seng Sei.

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I love ATLA. I am currently doing a rewatch because of your ask and I will be posting full typings soon.

Here’s some quick typings but I will start trying to post some full typings next week.

Aang - 9w1


Originally posted by thetalesofbasingse

Katara - 2w1


Originally posted by twotheleft

Sokka - 6w7


Originally posted by acebuckybarnes

Toph - 8w7 (I’m still deciding on her wing though as I’m not up to season 2 yet)


Originally posted by devonshaw

Zuko -  6w5 


Originally posted by zackfaire

Iroh - 9w8


Originally posted by kreigned

Azula - 3w4


Originally posted by when-doves-cry

I might change some of these typings (especially some of the wings) as I rewatch the show. 

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ALSO, you CANNOT tell me that uncle iroh wouldnt be the type to go, “mai?… but i really like that katara girl. i think she could really teach you how to embrace your emotions.” and zuko would yell smthn along the lines of “I KNOW HOW TO EMBRACE MY EMOTIONS and kataras with aang” and uncle iroh might even be cheeky enough to say an atla translation of just because theres a goalie doesn’t mean u can’t score

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