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#iron dad

I think it says a lot about me that I could describe not one, but TWO fandoms I’m in with

  • A smart, bullied 14-15 year old boy wanting to be a hero meets and impresses the hero he’s been looking up to since he was little, a smart, tired man in his 40s who has lost loved ones, and gets emotionally adopted by said hero. But dang it, the kid’s 16 now and still won’t call him by his given name!

Like, that’s so specific

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Obviously 2020 is the result of the Russo bros messing with Time Travel again… Give it up guys, you fucked up our 2019 and now 2020!? You bitches need to sit down. Grandpa Steve is gonna be so pissed when he finds out!

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“Mr. Stark, I don’t feel so good,” Peter said. The hairs on his arms stood and a horrible fear filled him head to toe. His spidey senses were screaming at him from all directions, worse than they ever had before. It was illogical, it really was, but Peter took a step towards Mr. Stark with a faint hope that maybe he could make it all better. But when the man turned, Peter could see the dread and fear in his eyes as well.

Mr. Stark didn’t want him to go.

Peter, horrifyingly enough, didn’t want to go either.

“Woah, regular Irondad angst? Nah. I want Google Translate angst,” you say? Well you’re in luck!

I’m going to be reblogging this with the many different results of repeatedly putting it through Google Translate and back

I’m so bored right now, I just want something to do

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Prompt # 16/30: Massage & machine

Rating: General

Characters: Peter x Tony (platonic Irondad. This isn’t St*rker)

A/N: I was short on time and made some of these really short (shorter than I would like to write) I hope you guys still like them !! Here’s @passionateswarm’s request for Iron dad ☺️

“Peter! Hey, Underoos! Come here!” Tony called as Peter came running down the hallway. 

“Yes, Mr. Stark?” he replied, cocking his head when he took a look at the machine in front of him.

“I needed someone to help me test this little knick knack out. It’s supposed to be a massaging machine for Steve and Barnes since those two are constantly complaining about the massage machines I made too weak.” Tony explained as Peter examined them. 

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Tony: What do you want from the store for breakfast on your birthday?

Peter: A bag of chocolate covered donuts.

Tony: Wow that’s…normal. Alright, sure!

Peter: Just for me.

Tony: Um..okay..I mean it is your birthday..

Peter: Every year, I’ve wanted to see how fast I can eat the whole bag but I never got it to myself

Tony: I- ok then. That sounds more like you.

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