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Peter, Mj, and Ned: *all screaming*

Tony: What’s going on

Peter: We’re seeing who can be the most chaotic

Tony, slowly backing away: Ok, you do that kid

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Okay the whole scene between Peter and Happy the plane is one of the best in the MCU full stop. Makes you realize that Peter is a kid that lost four parent figures by 16. That died once and spent homecoming trapped underneath a building. That became SpiderMan at 14

Anyways I always forget how good the MCU was at making it clear that Peter is not an adult or an Avenger. It makes his movies so different from the rest of the MCU offerings.

Also makes me mad we will not get any more Tony/Peter mentorship. I think fics made me long for more scenes about the mentorship.

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*Peter puts on a song while driving with Tony in the Audi*

Tony: What A Wonderful World? Nice. I didn’t know you liked this kind of music-

Tony: Wait-

Tony: Why is it just repeating Red Roses Too-

Tony: Peter Benjamin Parker if this is another one of your memes-

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Peter: Ever since Mr Stark learned about “Stan Language” he’s been going around the tower talking as if he’s on twitter.

Tony: Oof, the call out, sis. The tea is scorching.

Peter: Please stop.

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voicemail (p.p.)

summary: peter and y/n always had a plan. but when its time to go to college, everything goes up in the air. 

pairing: college! peter parker x college!stark! reader

warnings: angst, cursing, unsupportive partner, sad peter

note: potential series? ̿̿’̿’\̵͇̿̿\=(•̪●)=/̵͇̿̿/’̿̿ ̿ ̿ ̿ enjoy!


“Hey, it’s me, Peter, again…I know you said to stop calling, but I really miss you. And I…I just wanna hear your voice…okay, bye…” 

Voicemail. Again. I took a deep breath and hung up after leaving my message and shut off my phone.  I laid back down and stared at the ceiling. Where did we go so wrong?  That question replayed over and over again the last couple of nights, but I knew the answer. I just didn’t want to believe it. 


We had it all planned out. For the last three years we had been together we always had it planned out. I would go to Fordham for college. Y/N would be at Columbia. Close enough to see each other all the time, but far enough that Mr.Stark would have to go extremely out of his way to visit me or his daughter all the time. 

That was until she decided to go to Stanford instead. 

“When are you leaving again?” We were cuddling in her room at her house surrounded by packed boxes either labeled “keep” or “giveaway”. 

“Next week. Friday is when my actual flight is though.” She sadly sighed. I held her closer in my arms as we laid there in silence. It was difficult to think about how everything we knew and everything we had sat amongst these boxes.

I should also point out is that we never talked about what was going to happen now that she was going to California. Things like who got to keep the stuffed frog I got her for Christmas that she slept with when I was on missions and that I would sleep with when her dad took her on Stark business trips. Or what does she tell her roomates or friends when they recognize her either as Tony Stark’s daughter or the girl who swung through Manhattan with Spider-Man. But most of all, we didn’t talk about us. 

What happened to us when she left? 

All I knew was that I wanted her to stay. 

“What?” She said. I tensed up. Shit I think I said that out loud. 

“Did I say that out loud?” I asked her as she sat up. 

“Yeah you did…you want me to stay?” She looked at me angrily 

I took a deep breath and sat up to face her. 

“That wasn’t how I wanted to say it…” I said sighing 

“So you were going to ask me to stay. How could you even think about asking me to do that?”

“I…we…we had a plan, Y/N. And I just couldn’t-I still can’t-wrap my mind around the fact that it’s not happening. What about our dream?”

“Dreams change, Peter. My dream changed. You can’t understand that?” She sounded sad as she asked her question, but it was unclear whether she was asking me or herself. 

“But what about us? The whole point of staying in New York was so we didn’t have to worry about distance. Y/N, I want you to be happy, I want you to follow your dreams, but-“

“Just not if they’re the same dreams as yours, right?” Her tone was now bitter, her eyes that used to only look at me with joy, now filled with hurt.

“I didn’t say that and I didn’t mean it like that. Can we just talk about this?” 

“I don’t think there’s anything left to say. I-I think you should leave, Peter. “ 

Suddenly, the thing I dreaded most all senior year became a reality.

“W-what?” My words came out shakily as I felt my heart drop to my stomach. 

It’s over, Peter. Please get out of my room, I-I don’t want to look at you at right now.” Tears started to fall from her eyes.

Y/N, please don’t do this. I love you.” I reached forward to wipe her tears away like I always would but she pushed my hands away.

“I won’t ask again. Please go.” She turned away from me as her voice cracked. I hesitantly stood up from her bed and walked towards the door. I waited for her to look at me for as long as I could, but she didn’t. 

I left her house in a rush with my own tears streaming down my face. 

*end of flashback*

I left voicemail after voicemail. She never called back. All I got was a single text that read “Please stop calling me, Peter.” only after I had called more than a dozen times. 

I haven’t seen her since then. I should’ve  convinced myself to show up to her house the day she left for college as much I wanted to. I just…couldn’t.

As I stared up at the ceiling in my bedroom back in Queens, my mind flooded with thoughts of only her. As I reached for my phone in an attempt to call her again, my phone rang. I looked at my screen and in bright flashing letters it read, Incoming Call from: My Love


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Peter: *Gazing out of the window*

Tony: Do you think he’s depressed?

Natasha: He might just be thinking about life.

Y/N: … is that not the same thing?

Natasha: … Y/N-?

Tony: But what if he’s sad?

Y/N: Maybe he’s planning what to do tomorrow.

Peter: *Humming Wii music*

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Welcome to Story Rec Monday! We are so happy to share this with you and hope you enjoy! Don’t forget to head over to our trope of the week vote, and have a wonderful day!

Let’s Do The Time Warp Again by PinkEasterEggs


Peter is just trying to cope. Too bad, the only way he knows how to cope is by being with Tony. When life seems bleak, thank God the universe was finally on Peter Parker’s side. A lot of time travel ensues.

| 8,449 Words | 1/1 Chapters | No Archive Warnings Apply | General Audiences |

Notes: I love this story! This may be one of the best Fix-It Fics I have read. It perfectly captures Peter and Tony’s bond, while also tapping into that sadness Peter expressed in Far From Home. I don’t want to give too much away, but this story is so good and so satisfying! Please give it a read and maybe even drop a kudos or comment! 

Link to the story

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Peter: We all die, you either kill yourself or get killed, watcha gonna do 

Tony, who has never watched a vine compilation in his life: Kid, do you need to talk about anything?

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Originally posted by van-dyne

Can you imagine how intimidating this must have been for Peter? He was like, “If you cared you’d actually be here!” And then his billionaire childhood hero turned mentor steps out of the suit absolutely pissed. Like, I would have cried. If anyone raises their voice at me I cry, so I can’t imagine what being yelled at by Tony Stark would be like… I guess just try to imagine RDJ yelling at you. No thank you. I can’t- I get upset if people look at me annoyed…

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