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Irondad Fic Rec

Of Sunshine and Painkillers by Crowkag

Summary: At the sound of her office door opening, Pepper looked up to see a very dazed Peter Parker standing at the threshold in his pajamas, Tony lingering behind his shoulder.

“Good morning, Peter,” she greeted pleasantly, despite the mild glare she leveled in Tony’s direction. He at least had the decency to look apologetic, albeit only for a moment.


Peter should be resting but he isn’t, Tony should be making Peter rest but he isn’t, and Pepper is tired.


This is a little over 1000 words and I smiled the entire time reading it. And laughed. It’s so cute and fluffy!!

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Irondad Fic Rec

I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy this weekend!! Today’s fic is

The hearth by @sagemb (@beachtree

Summary: What to Do When Your Wife Is Out of the Country: A Guide by Tony Stark

1) Gain partial custody of a child

2) Sleep on the couch

3) Have the child gain partial custody of you


With May and Pepper out of town, Tony and Peter basically look after each other and it’s one of my absolute favorite fics ever. 

One of my absolute favorite lines in this fic is ““Peter is a terrible example of my parenting, by the way. He gets himself nearly killed on a weekly basis. That’s all May and Ben. I’m more like the enabling vodka aunt than anything else. When I’m a real dad, well. You’ll see.”

“You can’t be the vodka aunt,” Pepper points out. “You’re sober.”

There are like at least 20 other lines I wanted to copy & paste here because it’s just so well written and well done, but this one made me giggle.

This is a slice of life fic and I think a very beautiful, realistic, well crafted look at irondad. The characterization of Tony is spot on, as is Peter. Peter acts like an actual teenager and I love it. I love the Pepperony sprinkled throughout. This fic also acts as a fantastic character study of Tony. It’s so well written and truly something special. If you haven’t read this fic before, you’re really missing out. It’s phenomenal. Honestly @beachtree wrote a perfect fic. One last thought - I’m gonna steal some of her thoughts that she wrote down in her endnotes because they’re amazing and show how insightful this fic is:

Always the two essential questions when it comes to writing Tony Stark and Peter Parker are, “How responsible does Tony feel for Peter’s actions, as well as his well-being, whether that refers to the physical or emotional?” and “What degree of emotional intimacy and/or physical involvement does this result in?”

From there you can unpack an infinite number of follow-up questions that help you define their relationship in a more in-depth way, but fundamentally those are the two questions you are answering in any fic you write about them.

Why is Peter and Tony’s relationship so special? Is it the fact that they have the same understanding of so many things (responsibility, helping, defending, innovation and technology) despite having come from two wholly different lives, and in effect they have an implausibly natural understanding of each other? Does this necessarily indicate a father-son relationship? I don’t think so. Most of us barely understand our fathers. Some of us resent them. Few of us have wholly healthy relationships with them. The lives of parents and children are too ingratiated for the ugly parts not to mesh together as well, to feed off each other.

I love this fic 3000 please read it. And always, if you love a fic, be sure to comment and let the author know. Feedback is the lifeblood of fanfic. And everyone could use a little pick me up in these hard COVID-19 times. 

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Irondad Fic Rec

I hope everyone is staying safe and practicing social distancing. Today’s fic is a sucker punch to the gut from beginning to end.

Forgive me my salt (my decades of taking) by @blondsak

Summary: In the years after the Avengers undo the Snap, Tony learns to live both with and without himself.


Everything @blondsak writes is amazing, even if some things make me so sad I can’t read it. She is our angst queen and comes up with the most creative, and often heart wrenching things. This is one of them. I almost never read major character death fics, but @groo-ock rec’d it and here we are. I’m so completely shook by that plot twist that I need everyone to read it. It’s next level. And then when you go back and read to piece it all together. She’s an absolute genius. I’ll never be over this fic. It’s so well written!!! Read it. Just read it.

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Fandom: Marvel
Prompt: Bedside Vigil
Word Count: 966
Warnings (story under the cut): Possible Endgame spoilers.

Written for @badthingshappenbingo and as a gift for Light, my group’s resident Spider-Man. 
Additional notes: While this story IS an AU setting, it’s set post-Endgame. If you’ve not seen it yet and don’t want to be spoiled/very confused, please don’t read this. Otherwise, enjoy! (And sorry for the ooc-ness, it’s my first time writing for Tony or Peter.)

Keep reading

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Tbh, I was a bit confused when I first read this prompt because I was like who’s nick??? I used to read the books and I completely forgot that the second movie existed, so this is more of a mash-up of what I remember from the books and the movies

“I can’t believe this! This is absolutely unheard of! I feel cheated!

You feel cheated?” Peter asks, still sitting on the very old, very plushy, very expensive chair and watching his father pace up and down the hallway, only raising an eyebrow. “I’m the one who gets cheated.”

“Well.” Tony stops turning to his son and crossing his arms over his chest. “We both are. And it’s stupid! Of all the old laws they could’ve dug up, they chose this one?”

Peter grimaces, not really knowing what to answer that.

For most of his life, Peter lived with his aunt May in Queens after his mother Mary, her boyfriend Richard and his uncle Ben died, thinking he’s absolutely ordinary – and then his estranged father Tony Stark suddenly appeared on their doorstep. Peter heard stories about him, of course. They told him he’s an influential politician in some small, European country.


It wasn’t technically wrong.

After all, a king can be described as an influential politician.

And he stopped by to tell Peter that he definitely has to take over that position one day and lead because he’s the only child he has and can’t get any more children. Peter, who was suddenly told he had to move to that little country named Genovia and leave his entire life behind, hadn’t been happy about it. There was some drama, some very annoying etiquette lessons, some screaming and door slamming and over the lawn running (which wasn’t allowed), a bit of bonding over Tony helping Peter fix Ben’s old car, and an eventual agreement that Peter would actually considering becoming a king.

Which he did consider.

And he said yes.

To this day, Peter can’t explain exactly what was going on with him when he agreed. Maybe it was because he didn’t want to lose any more family. Maybe it was the absurdity of becoming a king. Or maybe it was the fact that he can actually help people with this. (It also helped that he absolutely fell in love with the country, even with the weird signature pear taste – and now, he absolutely loves pear-popcorn)

Since then, Peter’s days have been filled with classes about what it means to be a king, about Genovia’s history, about its people, about his family, about which fork to use when you eat your salad, he even learned how to ride a horse because tradition or whatever. In college, he studied economics and politics (he would’ve loved to study biochemistry, but seeing what his future profession will be, it wasn’t that smart – besides, Tony started teaching him everything about science. Turns out his father is not only a king, but a science genius), all to prepare himself for this job.

And then the parliament happened.

Or more specifically: one certain member of the parliament. Lord Jones is a very charismatic and cunning man, trying to make Tony’s life as difficult as possible. This time, it’s by bringing up a law that forbids Peter from becoming the next king because he’s part American.

Who would be the next in line to the throne?

Considering that the Stark blood line would end when Peter can’t take up that position, it would be Lord Jones’ family; his daughter Michelle, to be exact.

“He must’ve spent days looking through all those old laws,” Tony is mumbling, obviously still furious. It didn’t help that he couldn’t scream at Lord Jones in the parliament room, knowing that there are enough members who are just waiting for Tony to do one wrong step.

“Maybe we should feel honored,” Peter says, slumped over the back of the chair. Instead of being as furious as his father, Peter feels so discouraged. All the self-doubt he’s been fighting for years over this comes back. There’s a reason that old law exists – what if they’re right? What if someone who’s 100% Genovian is a better fit to rule the country? Sure, Peter tried his best to catch up on everything that has the slightest bit to do with Genovia, but is it enough?

Is he really the best for this job?

Tony snaps his fingers in front of Peter’s face, pulling him out of his thought. “Hey, I know that face. No self-doubts. I’m not gonna allow it.”

“My self-doubts or the Jones’ taking the throne.”

“Both, of course.” Peter can’t even find it in himself to chuckle. Tony sniffs once, pulling closer another chair and sits down next to him. “All we need is to show the parliament that Lady Jones isn’t a better fit than you. So, as soon as we meet her, we have to look for every little flaw there is. Just anything that would make her unfit. Okay?”



Turns out, finding a flaw is almost impossible. Because in Peter’s eyes, Lady Michelle is so much better fit than him.

She’s wicked smart, and when she’s stares at you, you feel like she’s staring into your soul. She’s not afraid to ask uncomfortable questions, calling people out when they’re talking bullshit, she speaks all the languages that are commonly spoken in Genovia, she can have the most perfect manners (if she wants to), and she has a kind of confidence that is not unlike Tony’s – and one Peter doesn’t have at all.

It’s also not helping that she’s absolutely gorgeous and Peter forgets every single word he’s ever learned when she speaks to him.

And she speaks to him quite often. Probably because she figured out that Peter’s brain stops to work whenever she’s around.

Like now.

Tony decided to throw a little party (he likes throwing parties), taking advantage of the warm, early summer days and their stunning garden. Peter is supposed to show the parliament members that he’s the only real candidate to be the next king, but after he spoke to only three of them, Lady Michelle finds him.

“Prince Peter,” she greets him, “we meet again.”

“Y-Yeah,” he stutters. “It’s, uh, nice to see you. Thank you for coming.”

She smiles that smile that lifts up only one half of her mouth, like she’s actually trying to fight it but can’t win. That smile does weird things to Peter’s stomach. “I’m sure your father isn’t too happy about it.”

“I’m sure your father isn’t happy about it either.”

The words are out of his mouth before Peter can think about them, and to his relief Lady Michelle only chuckles. “How about you show me around the garden your ancestors build to show off?”

Like so often with Lady Michelle, Peter doesn’t get the chance to decide – she already turned around and started strolling down the path.

They’re past the first couple of rose bushes when she speaks up.

“So, how’s your plan going on digging up dirt on me?”

“What?!” Peter asks, his voice jumping an octave higher. “I’m not- We’re not-” Lady Michelle only looks at him, raising one eyebrow. Peter’s shoulders slump down. “Well… Dad is determined to find something.”

“And if King Stark sets his mind to something, he gets it done.”

“Well, according to everyone around him, that’s true. I mean, he did manage to convince me to be his heir. And he’s still trying to teach one of his robots that motor oil shouldn’t be put into smoothies.”

“I feel honored that he – and you – invest so much time in me.” Peter doesn’t know what to say (at least what to say that doesn’t make him look like an idiot), so he doesn’t say anything. They walk in silence for a couple of paces before she speaks up again. “My father is doing the same, by the way. Trying to find as much dirt on you as you can.”

“He already did,” Peter answers, not able to stop the sting in his chest that everything he’s been working for the last couple of years might have been for nothing. “He found that law.”

“The parliament members might be old, but they aren’t stupid. They know that there are a lot, a lot worse candidates to take over the throne than you. I mean, you basically breathe helping people, and you have a smart enough head on your shoulders that you wouldn’t ruin the country. They can’t really ask for someone better than you.”

Peter feels his cheeks heat up and if anyone asks, it’s because of the midday sun over them. It has absolutely nothing to do with the practically most amazing young woman in the world complimenting him. “Well, uh, thank you.”

For a second, he wonders if he should compliment her in return (but which compliment to pick? There are so many), but before his brain can catch up, Lady Michelle is already continuing. “So, both our fathers think there are only two options.”

Peter doesn’t miss the tone of her voice. “And you don’t agree, Lady Michelle?”

“Call me MJ.” She stops turning to him. “No, I don’t agree. There’s another one. A much, much simpler one.”

“Which would be?”

MJ’s cheeks are turning pink and in that moment, Peter just knows what she’s about to say and his heart skips a beat. “We could rule together.”

Peter’s cheeks are burning as his brain absolutely refuses to function.

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Yes, I want Peter Parker to fill in the new iron man position in the mcu. No, I do not want him to be ‘Ironman Jr.’

I simply want to watch Peter Parker struggle to manage a bunch of ‘you can’t tell me what to do’ teenagers as he is actively trying to save the world.

I also want one scene where Peter is talking to Pepper about Miles, and how he was worried about him getting in danger or hurt while fighting.

And Pepper is just like ‘yeah, Tony used to say the same thing about you.’

Peter: ‘oh come on, there’s no way I was that bad.’

Pepper: ‘oh no peter, you weren’t that bad, you were worse.’

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COMMISSIONS ARE OPEN✨ The Tony Expressions are done!! I put them up as stickers too :’) in case you want your very own angry irondad!! Based off of Capochiino’s “I’M SO F***ING DONE” Expression Meme

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Before Peter and MJ get together

Tony: Where were you last night, Peter?

Peter: I was at a party smoking weed.

Harley *with a mouthful of chips*: Don’t lie, you locked yourself in your room and cried about MJ you fucking nerd.

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Tony, sighing: Okay, so tell me. How did you manage to set fire to the kitchen?
Peter: So I was heating my baguette like the good child I am, right?
Tony: Debatable but okay
Peter: But I forgot to take it out of the paper bag
Tony: What?!? So you just threw it in the oven??
Peter: In my defense, I was half-asleep
Tony: How??? It’s 3:00 pm
Peter: Your point?
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you know what? i actually get low-key disappointed when watching marvel movies now that i have found the peeps on tumblr and ao3. the canon does not stand up to headcanon, where tony is protective and very affectionate towards peter. the canon iron dad does not live up to headcanon iron dad. don’t get me wrong, i fucking love canon iron dad and the movies still make me happy, i just feel like there’s something missing since canon and headcanon have blended into each other in my mind.

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Tony in MCU is like definite dad who does some questionable things but always looks after Peter and is deep down super responsible. Unpredictable, yet mature. Loves his protege/Spiderson.

Tony in Avengers (Video Game) is … not. He is chaotic, uber sassy and loves mischief. He has good intentions, but at the end of the day is in a prank war with a sixteen year old. He’s that uncle that slips you money under the table and embarrasses your dad (*cough* Bruce *cough*) in front of the rest of the fam. Loves Kamala but won’t be the uncle/big brother allowed to babysit.

I love both these Tonys equally ❤️

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I think it says a lot about me that I could describe not one, but TWO fandoms I’m in with

  • A smart, bullied 14-15 year old boy wanting to be a hero meets and impresses the hero he’s been looking up to since he was little, a smart, tired man in his 40s who has lost loved ones, and gets emotionally adopted by said hero. But dang it, the kid’s 16 now and still won’t call him by his given name!

Like, that’s so specific

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I would happily sign my soul away to Disney if they made an Iron Dad and Spider-Son series that took place between Spider-Man: Homecoming and Infinity War so that we could get all the Iron Dad & Spider-Son (+ Iron Spider Family in general, we can’t leave out May, Pepper, or Happy!) content that we rightfully deserve. Like I know it won’t happen because RDJ won’t reprise the role since he wanted to stop playing Tony before it stopped being fun (his words), but god, I would pay extra on top of my Disney+ subscription, that’s how badly I want this.

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“Mr. Stark, I don’t feel so good,” Peter said. The hairs on his arms stood and a horrible fear filled him head to toe. His spidey senses were screaming at him from all directions, worse than they ever had before. It was illogical, it really was, but Peter took a step towards Mr. Stark with a faint hope that maybe he could make it all better. But when the man turned, Peter could see the dread and fear in his eyes as well.

Mr. Stark didn’t want him to go.

Peter, horrifyingly enough, didn’t want to go either.

“Woah, regular Irondad angst? Nah. I want Google Translate angst,” you say? Well you’re in luck!

I’m going to be reblogging this with the many different results of repeatedly putting it through Google Translate and back

I’m so bored right now, I just want something to do

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