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Continuum - Chapter 4 Preview


Behind? Catch up HERE 😊

Gorgeous moodboard created by @crownofstardustandbone @therollingstonys thank you so much! 💖


Reaching for the bag of homemade trail mix that he and Peter had made the day before and a bottle of Powerade, Steve shoved a handful into his mouth as he unzipped the special pocket that Tony sewed into his uniform, looking for the small sketchbook and pencil that he always carried with him. He opened it to the front page, to the sketch of Tony and Peter that he’d drawn from the very first photograph he ever took of the two of them, only hours after Peter had taught him how to take pictures with his new phone. Steve’s throat tightened as he examined it, which he attempted to remedy with a big sip of his Powerade. Even now, after taking literally thousands of photographs, and sketching and painting dozens of drawings, this little drawing was still one of Steve’s very favourite sketches of his beloved husband and son.

It had been about a week or so after they had all returned to the Malibu house from Afghanistan. Peter had been helping Steve get accustomed to life in the twenty-first century, while Tony had been spending nearly all of his time down in his garage workshop, building the first of his eventual army of armoured suits and plotting his revenge on the Ten Rings. Steve and Peter had made dinner that evening, and, after practically dragging Tony upstairs to eat with them, Peter had then proceeded to beg him to watch a movie afterwards, telling him that he hadn’t seen him more than a few minutes since they’d been back.

And the two of them hadn’t even lasted for half the movie before they were both sound asleep, with Peter wrapped up in Tony’s arms and his head resting on his chest, off to the side so as to avoid pressing on the arc reactor.

Tears pricked Steve’s eyes at the memory, of how sweet they had looked, and how envious he had been. He had already been trying to deny it by then, trying to bury deep down just how deeply attached he was to them both, and, based on what Tony told him later on, doing a very poor job of it.

“You’re a terrible liar, babe,” Tony had told him multiple times over the course of their relationship. “You and Pete both. You’re both just too… good.”

And while Steve still wasn’t sure if he agreed, he also knew better than to argue.

A soft smile spread across Steve’s lips as he stared at the drawing, trailing his fingertip across Peter’s round cheek smashed up against Tony’s side. Peter’s cheeks weren’t quite as round anymore, and his jawline had sharpened up a bit more over the summer as well, only adding to how much he resembled Tony.

His two precious boys, who he loved more than life itself.

The full chapter will post on Monday, September 21st 😊

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“I’m not tired.” Peter grumbled as Tony tossed a blanket at him from where he sat on the couch.

“That big yawn just before betrayed you.” Tony teases as he threw a pillow.

“Okay. Maybe a quick nap before lab time wouldn’t hurt. 30 minutes tops.” Peter laid his head on the offered pillow.

“See you in three hours, Spider-Baby.” Tony kissed his forehead.

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Remeber that scene in Spiderman Homecoming where Peter says he can’t come on his school trip because what if mister Stark needs him? Can we please imagine for a moment that in this very moment Tony suddenly lands with his Iron Suit in fron of the window, climbs into the room and hugs Peter and says “Oh thank you, kid. I really needed that right now.” as Peter hugs him back?

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Last line tag game!

Rules: post the last line you wrote then tag as many people as there are words in the line.

I was tagged by @norbertsmom thank you! 💖

From my upcoming superfamily fic Continuum 😎

Little did Tony know just what kind of rollercoaster they were stepping on.

That’s thirteen words 😳 so… tagging: @bethyedolphin9870 @frostysunflowers @sherlollyandspoilers @srebrnafh @jehbeeeh @crownofstardustandbone @joyful-soul-collector @peterstarkss @official-impravidus @jelly-pies @avengersnewb @wilmakins @thirstinart

Thanks so much for the tag! This was fun! 💖

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Knives Out Au

Detective Tony Stark is anonymously hired to investigate the untimely death of renowned mystery author, Benjamin P. Fitzgerald. Soon, the detective discovers a web within the man’s dysfunctional family, and discover there’s more to Bens’ death than it seems.

Now, Tony Stark must carefully sift through a thick web of lies and red herrings to discover the truth behind Bens’ death. However, the deeper Tony digs, the dirtier the case gets, and more questions arise.

Overall, why do all the knives seem to be twisting and pointed towards Ben’s young intern, Peter Parker?

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