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#iron dad and spider-son

Hey, guys! Here is my Masterlist of my Iron Dad and Spider-Son fics! They can all be found on my AO3 account! Some of them are also on, and I will specify which ones! Please check them out and comment!


 Raise Me Up- Takes place 10 months after Spider-Man: Homecoming. After Aunt May suddenly dies, Peter has nowhere to go. Luckily, there’s a certain mentor of his, who comes in to save him…in more ways than one. Word Count: Ongoing; Chapters: Ongoing; Status: Ongoing Link


Iron Dad and Spider Son: This is a series with two oneshots and a oneshot series I started writing for the father/son relationship between Peter and Tony. It shows how they get to where they are in Infinity War. The order is as follows:

  • Is This For the Best? -Part of the Iron Dad 1000 Feelings Challenge on Tumblr. Prompt #882: The consternation when you’d meant everything for the best. Takes place after Homecoming. While Tony is proud of Peter for turning down the Avengers for now, he can’t help but wonder if him distancing himself from the kid is truly for the best. Word Count: 2,071 Chapters: 1/1; Status: Complete Link
  • Saved By the Voicemail (takes place after first oneshot in The Many Adventures)-Part of the IronDad 1000 Feelings Challenge on Tumblr. Prompt 15: The relief when no one picks up the phone. Tony tries his hardest to give young Peter the confidence he needs to call his friend, MJ. Word Count: 1,996; Chapters: 1/1; Status: Complete Link
  • The Many Adventures of Iron Dad and Spider Son- A Oneshot series of our favorite Iron Dad and Spider Son duo: Tony Stark and Peter Parker! Takes place during the two-year period between Spider Man: Homecoming and Endgame! Word Count: Ongoing; Chapters: Ongoing; Status: Ongoing Link

Friendly-Neighborhood Exchange:

  • Is It My Home, Too?When Tony picks Peter up from school, Tony has a quick errand to run before taking Peter back to the tower, and Peter can’t help but wonder what the tower means to him now. Word Count: 1,341; Chapters: 1/1; Status: Complete
  • Call Me If You Want To Reach Me- Peter wakes up that morning feeling a little under the weather, but when May is working late and he gets worse, who is school going to call to pick him up? Not to mention, he doesn’t want to miss his weekend with Tony! Word Count: 2,206; Chapters: 1/1; Status: Complete
  • I’m Sorry, Draw My…What?- While Peter is on his way home from patrol, May and Tony talk about Peter’s health and wonder if it’s possible for him to get sick. There seems to be one option: take him to Dr. Cho and get a blood test. Only one problem…Peter is a bit squeamish. Word Count: 2,157; Chapters: 1/1; Status: Complete
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I would happily sign my soul away to Disney if they made an Iron Dad and Spider-Son series that took place between Spider-Man: Homecoming and Infinity War so that we could get all the Iron Dad & Spider-Son (+ Iron Spider Family in general, we can’t leave out May, Pepper, or Happy!) content that we rightfully deserve. Like I know it won’t happen because RDJ won’t reprise the role since he wanted to stop playing Tony before it stopped being fun (his words), but god, I would pay extra on top of my Disney+ subscription, that’s how badly I want this.

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Tony: you are literally the most adorable person ever
Peter: *gasps* i am not adorable, you take that back! i am DARKNESS! i am PAIN! i am SUFFERING and MISERY and– oh my goodness, look, mr. stark, it's a puppy, oh gosh, it's so cute, i can't
Peter: i see your point
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Tony, to Rhodey: what are you talking about, Peter is just my intern

Peter, leaving the Tower: bye mr. stark, have fun with Colonel Rhodes!

Tony: make sure you have a coat on, Pete, it’s chilly outside, have a good time with May, and don’t ever forget I love you

Tony: *turns back to Rhodey*


Tony: …that doesn’t prove anything

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Continuum - Chapter 6 Preview


Behind? Catch up HERE 😊

Beautiful moodboard created by @crownofstardustandbone @therollingstonys thank you so much! 💖


Steve smiled, leaning in for one final kiss before escaping into the hallway, where he nearly ran smack into Peter as he came barrelling out of his room, a small, flat disc in his hand.

“Oh, sorry, Papa!” Peter said, barely breaking stride. “Uncle Sam said we’ve still got twenty minutes till the food’s ready, so Pietro and I are gonna go play frisbee golf.”

“As long as you wash your hands when you come back inside!” Steve called after him, earning a breathless, “Uh huh!” in return.

Chuckling, Steve rounded the corner into the massive kitchen, immediately stepping back as Natasha emerged from the depths of one of the ovens, a steaming pumpkin pie in her mitted hands.

“Oh, now that smells amazing,” Steve said as Natasha set the pie down on a cooling rack, right next to another identical pie.

“You’d better believe it,” Natasha said, winking as Wanda set a third pie down onto the rack. “I had to kick your kid out of here a few minutes ago, though. He kept begging to sample everything, all while eating an entire party-sized bag of Doritos.”

“Yeah,” Sam piped up from the opposite end of the counter. “Damn sneaky kid! I caught him trying to swipe one of these drumsticks right off the platter!”

“He actually did make off with one of the rolls,” said Wanda, pointing to the large baking sheet next to the pies. “But at least he asked me if he could have it first.”

“It was the eyes, right?” Natasha asked. “Those irresistible puppy dog eyes?”

“Yes,” Wanda said with a sigh. “And now I think Pietro’s starting to learn them too.”

“Yep. That’s my милая ошибка,” Natasha said, tossing Steve a smirk. “Good thing your kid is cute, Rogers.”

“Well, I’d personally take Peter’s enthusiastic appetite as a compliment,” said Steve. “Now, where do you need me?”

Sam jerked his head to the two huge pots of potatoes cooling on the stove. “Soon as those are mashed and the gravy’s done simmering, we should be ready.”

“Sounds great.” Picking up the hand mixer, Steve got to work, mashing the perfectly boiled and seasoned potatoes while his teammates bantered back and forth behind him. By the time he was done and everything had been brought out to the table, set perfectly by Bucky and Bruce, Steve’s cheeks were sore from smiling.

And then, as he took his seat at that table, flanked by his husband and son as he looked out onto the rest of his amazing teammates, Steve raised his bottle of his favourite Irish beer, waiting while they all took hold of their own various beverages.

“At the risk of being a bit too sentimental for this crowd, or delaying the inevitable chow-down that I’m about to witness,” Steve began. “I just wanted to let all of you know how grateful I am for each and every one of you. Our jobs are hard, and I know that I ask a lot of you every time we go out into the field. But I also know that there’s no way this team would be the same without any of you. Thanks to your hard work and dedication, we are a well-oiled machine, ready to take on whatever the world throws at us next.” He shot a quick glance at Tony, smiling at him over his coffee mug. “To the Avengers, our team. And, like the many enemies that we’ve vanquished, may we leave this dinner table crying for mercy by the time we’re done here.”

“All right!” exclaimed Sam as he clinked his beer bottle first against Bucky’s, then against Peter’s can of Dr Pepper. “Now, do we finally have permission to eat, Captain? ‘Cause if I have to sit here and listen to these guys’ growling stomachs for too much longer, I’m gonna—”

“Okay, I’m just gonna pull rank here and go with yes,” James said from his seat next to Bruce. “Seeing as how Spider Boy and Flash Boy over there are just about ready to vibrate out of their seats.”


A bit of fluff before we get to the nitty-gritty 😉

The full chapter will post on Monday, October 5th 😊

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“I’m not tired.” Peter grumbled as Tony tossed a blanket at him from where he sat on the couch.

“That big yawn just before betrayed you.” Tony teases as he threw a pillow.

“Okay. Maybe a quick nap before lab time wouldn’t hurt. 30 minutes tops.” Peter laid his head on the offered pillow.

“See you in three hours, Spider-Baby.” Tony kissed his forehead.

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Remeber that scene in Spiderman Homecoming where Peter says he can’t come on his school trip because what if mister Stark needs him? Can we please imagine for a moment that in this very moment Tony suddenly lands with his Iron Suit in fron of the window, climbs into the room and hugs Peter and says “Oh thank you, kid. I really needed that right now.” as Peter hugs him back?

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