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#iron dad fanfiction

Continuum - Chapter 9 Preview


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Beautiful moodboard created by @crownofstardustandbone @therollingstonys thank you so much! 💖


“So,” Steve said once he and Tony had taken their seats. “Natasha tells me that you’ve got some more information on these infinity gems?”

Thor gave a nod. “Yes, that is true. Your encounter here has only solidified my theory that the gem inside Loki’s sceptre is in fact one of the six infinity stones. More specifically, the Mind Stone.” He paused, tapping his palm on the table. “It is also my belief that it was this stone that was driving Loki’s madness when he attacked this planet. I know that Loki has caused all of us great pain, but I also know that he was not himself during that time, and I believe this is why.”

“So you’re saying those Chitauri bastards were using this Mind Stone to control him?” asked Clint. Clint’s jaw was tight and his fists clenched, no doubt remembering the horror he went through while under Loki’s influence.

“Yes, that is exactly what I am saying,” said Thor. “Agent Barton, I believe you experienced some of these effects as well?”

“We all did,” Natasha said quickly, giving Clint’s wrist a squeeze. “But not as much as Clint and Dr Selvig. Their effects were… more direct.”

“Yeah, like a straight shot to the heart,” muttered Clint. “Dude pointed the thing at my chest and it was like I’d suddenly forgotten who I was and who I was working for.”

“He pointed it at your chest?” Tony asked, pointing to where his arc reactor used to be. “Like, right here?”

“Ah, yep,” said Clint. “Got me and another agent in about ten seconds flat, then got Selvig before we split.”

“Hmm…” Tony murmured as he leaned back in his chair, his expression morphing into his I’m thinking face.

“Tony?” Steve asked. “What’re you thinking?”

Tony started, like he had forgotten Steve was there. “Um… well, I’m thinking that somehow my arc reactor was able to ward off the effects of this Mind Stone,” he said. “‘Cause Loki tried the same thing with me when we got to the Tower after the portal opened up, only it didn’t work.”

“He did, what?” Steve exclaimed, gaping at his husband. Tony had never mentioned anything about this to Steve before. “You never—wait, Loki did what to you?”

“Well, from the sounds of it, he tried to do the same thing he did to Barton here,” said Tony, way too nonchalantly for Steve’s taste. “Only it didn’t work, so then he got all pissed off and threw me out the window.”

“Yeah, okay, but we don’t need to talk about that right now either,” Steve said. He drew in a deep breath, trying to maintain some semblance of composure. He, Natasha, and Clint had arrived at the Tower in the Quinjet just in time to witness Tony being tossed out of the penthouse window, and Steve had nearly had a heart attack at the sight.

And that had been before his flight through the portal.

“Steve, we were all affected by that sceptre,” Bruce piped up from his chair next to James. “So even though Loki didn’t use it on us directly, we were all still vulnerable to its effects.”

“Yeah, and given that all you super-types were just as affected as the rest of them, I’d say that means this thing must be pretty powerful,” said Sam.

“It is indeed, Son of Wil,” said Thor. “And now that it is back in the hands of the Chitauri, it is my thought that we must take measures to remove the other Earth-bound gems from this planet. It is not safe to have this many of these stones in such close proximity.”

“Okay, just… can you remind me exactly what these gems are again?” asked James. “Not all of us were as involved in the incident in New York as others.”

“Oh, of course, Colonel,” said Thor, clearing his throat. “Mind you, I will be relaying the story as it was told to me hundreds of years ago. By my mother.”

“Now wait just a minute,” said Clint. “So you’re telling me this just is another one of your Asgardian bedtime stories?”

“Well, yes,” Thor answered. “I believe you Midgardians also share bedtime stories with your offspring, do you not?”

“Well, yeah, we do,” said Clint. “But… Jesus. I’d hate to see what you guys think is really scary.”

Thor narrowed his eyes. “Yes, Agent Barton,” he said grimly. “You mostly likely would.”

“Please, Thor, continue,” said Steve, barely clinging to his patience. “We’re kind of on a clock here.”

The full chapter will post on Monday, October 26th 😊

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Continuum - Chapter 6 Preview


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Beautiful moodboard created by @crownofstardustandbone @therollingstonys thank you so much! 💖


Steve smiled, leaning in for one final kiss before escaping into the hallway, where he nearly ran smack into Peter as he came barrelling out of his room, a small, flat disc in his hand.

“Oh, sorry, Papa!” Peter said, barely breaking stride. “Uncle Sam said we’ve still got twenty minutes till the food’s ready, so Pietro and I are gonna go play frisbee golf.”

“As long as you wash your hands when you come back inside!” Steve called after him, earning a breathless, “Uh huh!” in return.

Chuckling, Steve rounded the corner into the massive kitchen, immediately stepping back as Natasha emerged from the depths of one of the ovens, a steaming pumpkin pie in her mitted hands.

“Oh, now that smells amazing,” Steve said as Natasha set the pie down on a cooling rack, right next to another identical pie.

“You’d better believe it,” Natasha said, winking as Wanda set a third pie down onto the rack. “I had to kick your kid out of here a few minutes ago, though. He kept begging to sample everything, all while eating an entire party-sized bag of Doritos.”

“Yeah,” Sam piped up from the opposite end of the counter. “Damn sneaky kid! I caught him trying to swipe one of these drumsticks right off the platter!”

“He actually did make off with one of the rolls,” said Wanda, pointing to the large baking sheet next to the pies. “But at least he asked me if he could have it first.”

“It was the eyes, right?” Natasha asked. “Those irresistible puppy dog eyes?”

“Yes,” Wanda said with a sigh. “And now I think Pietro’s starting to learn them too.”

“Yep. That’s my милая ошибка,” Natasha said, tossing Steve a smirk. “Good thing your kid is cute, Rogers.”

“Well, I’d personally take Peter’s enthusiastic appetite as a compliment,” said Steve. “Now, where do you need me?”

Sam jerked his head to the two huge pots of potatoes cooling on the stove. “Soon as those are mashed and the gravy’s done simmering, we should be ready.”

“Sounds great.” Picking up the hand mixer, Steve got to work, mashing the perfectly boiled and seasoned potatoes while his teammates bantered back and forth behind him. By the time he was done and everything had been brought out to the table, set perfectly by Bucky and Bruce, Steve’s cheeks were sore from smiling.

And then, as he took his seat at that table, flanked by his husband and son as he looked out onto the rest of his amazing teammates, Steve raised his bottle of his favourite Irish beer, waiting while they all took hold of their own various beverages.

“At the risk of being a bit too sentimental for this crowd, or delaying the inevitable chow-down that I’m about to witness,” Steve began. “I just wanted to let all of you know how grateful I am for each and every one of you. Our jobs are hard, and I know that I ask a lot of you every time we go out into the field. But I also know that there’s no way this team would be the same without any of you. Thanks to your hard work and dedication, we are a well-oiled machine, ready to take on whatever the world throws at us next.” He shot a quick glance at Tony, smiling at him over his coffee mug. “To the Avengers, our team. And, like the many enemies that we’ve vanquished, may we leave this dinner table crying for mercy by the time we’re done here.”

“All right!” exclaimed Sam as he clinked his beer bottle first against Bucky’s, then against Peter’s can of Dr Pepper. “Now, do we finally have permission to eat, Captain? ‘Cause if I have to sit here and listen to these guys’ growling stomachs for too much longer, I’m gonna—”

“Okay, I’m just gonna pull rank here and go with yes,” James said from his seat next to Bruce. “Seeing as how Spider Boy and Flash Boy over there are just about ready to vibrate out of their seats.”


A bit of fluff before we get to the nitty-gritty 😉

The full chapter will post on Monday, October 5th 😊

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Continuum - Chapter 5 Preview


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Amazing moodboard created by @crownofstardustandbone @therollingstonys thank you so much! 💖


“Pictures of what?” Ned asked as he suddenly appeared behind Peter’s left shoulder. Peter jumped, almost knocking into Gwen as he grabbed her hand, tugging her around.

“Jesus, Ned!” Peter exclaimed. “Dude, you can’t sneak up on me like that!”

Ned’s eyebrows knitted together. “Um… I didn’t, but okay. But what’re you taking pictures of?”

“Peter’s gonna get a telescope this coming weekend,” said Gwen.

“Really?” Ned said. “Dude, that’s so cool! Are you gonna let us come over and see it once you get it set up?”

“Ah, it’s gonna be up at the Compound,” said Peter. “Sorry.”

“Oh,” Ned said. “Well, I guess that makes more sense, since upstate’s probably better for stargazing. It just kinda sucks that you’ve gotta go up there every single weekend.”

“Eh, it’s not so bad,” Peter said. “It’s actually kinda nice to get out of the city every now and then. It’s a lot quieter up there.”

“Yeah, I guess. But since when did you like it quiet?” Ned asked. “You know what, nevermind. Wait till you hear what my mom heard yesterday at her book club.”

“You mean her gossip club, right?” Gwen asked as they made their way towards their homeroom classroom. “‘Cause I swear all your mom seems to do there is talk about people.”

“Well… yeah, that is part of it,” Ned admitted. “You know my mom just likes to know what’s going on, so…” He gave his head a quick shake. “Anyway, she told me that one of her friends was walking in the city on Saturday afternoon and saw Dr Stephen Strange go into a comic book store.”

“Who?” asked Gwen, shooting Peter a questioning look. “Am I supposed to know who that is or something?”

“He’s that rich doctor that drove his car off a mountain a few months ago,” said Peter. “The neurosurgeon?” He didn’t add that Dad had disliked Dr Strange ever since he and Papa had tried to get him to consult on Peter during his weeks-long coma after the battle in the Miami bunker, and that the surgeon had flat-out refused because he’d said that he didn’t work on children.

And no amount of begging, pleading, or bribing could get him to change his mind.

Oh well, it’d probably been for the best anyway. From what Peter had heard about Dr Strange, he was a massive jerk, and Dad did not have a good track record dealing with medical professionals who were jerks. Dad was amazingly generous with most of the doctors and nurses who had treated Peter back when he was little, and sick most of the time, but Peter had witnessed him dressing down plenty of arrogant or jerky ones too. Since Dad had enough intelligence and knowledge to pretty much get his own medical degree in any number of fields, he tended to figure out who he could trust and who he could not very quickly.

As it turned out, Dr Strange wouldn’t have been able to do anything for Peter anyway, and not getting him involved ended up saving his dads from having to explain Peter’s genetic mutation and enhancements to yet another person outside their family.

Now that Ned had brought him up, though, Peter had to admit he was pretty curious as to what the former surgeon had been up to in the last several months.

“Oh, yeah, I remember my dad saying something about that,” Gwen said with a nod. “Okay… so…?”

“Well, I guess after his accident, he kinda went nuts trying to find a cure for the nerve damage in his hands. Ended up selling just about everything he owned to try some really weird treatments,” said Ned. “And then one day he just up and disappeared. My mom’s friend thought he was dead until she saw him again.”

The full chapter will post on Monday, September 28th 😊

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Continuum - Chapter 4 Preview


Behind? Catch up HERE 😊

Gorgeous moodboard created by @crownofstardustandbone @therollingstonys thank you so much! 💖


Reaching for the bag of homemade trail mix that he and Peter had made the day before and a bottle of Powerade, Steve shoved a handful into his mouth as he unzipped the special pocket that Tony sewed into his uniform, looking for the small sketchbook and pencil that he always carried with him. He opened it to the front page, to the sketch of Tony and Peter that he’d drawn from the very first photograph he ever took of the two of them, only hours after Peter had taught him how to take pictures with his new phone. Steve’s throat tightened as he examined it, which he attempted to remedy with a big sip of his Powerade. Even now, after taking literally thousands of photographs, and sketching and painting dozens of drawings, this little drawing was still one of Steve’s very favourite sketches of his beloved husband and son.

It had been about a week or so after they had all returned to the Malibu house from Afghanistan. Peter had been helping Steve get accustomed to life in the twenty-first century, while Tony had been spending nearly all of his time down in his garage workshop, building the first of his eventual army of armoured suits and plotting his revenge on the Ten Rings. Steve and Peter had made dinner that evening, and, after practically dragging Tony upstairs to eat with them, Peter had then proceeded to beg him to watch a movie afterwards, telling him that he hadn’t seen him more than a few minutes since they’d been back.

And the two of them hadn’t even lasted for half the movie before they were both sound asleep, with Peter wrapped up in Tony’s arms and his head resting on his chest, off to the side so as to avoid pressing on the arc reactor.

Tears pricked Steve’s eyes at the memory, of how sweet they had looked, and how envious he had been. He had already been trying to deny it by then, trying to bury deep down just how deeply attached he was to them both, and, based on what Tony told him later on, doing a very poor job of it.

“You’re a terrible liar, babe,” Tony had told him multiple times over the course of their relationship. “You and Pete both. You’re both just too… good.”

And while Steve still wasn’t sure if he agreed, he also knew better than to argue.

A soft smile spread across Steve’s lips as he stared at the drawing, trailing his fingertip across Peter’s round cheek smashed up against Tony’s side. Peter’s cheeks weren’t quite as round anymore, and his jawline had sharpened up a bit more over the summer as well, only adding to how much he resembled Tony.

His two precious boys, who he loved more than life itself.

The full chapter will post on Monday, September 21st 😊

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Continuum - Chapter 3 Preview


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Incredible moodboard created by @crownofstardustandbone @therollingstonys thank you so much! 💖


“Gentlemen, I have Director Fury on the line,” said JARVIS.

“Put him through, please, JARVIS,” said Steve.

All four men turned to face the main viewscreen as the grim visage of Nick Fury appeared, his single uncovered eye scanning across the room before landing on Tony.

“I’m afraid I don’t have much more to tell you,” he began. “I just put Hill and three other trusted agents on a plane about fifteen minutes ago, so hopefully once they get on the ground out there we can get some more concrete information.”

“So you don’t think there remains an immediate threat?” Steve asked, his fingers twitching in Tony’s.

“Not at the moment, but new information is coming in every few minutes or so, so we’re obviously still closely monitoring the situation,” Fury answered. “What I can tell you people is that based on the currently available evidence, this does not appear to be the same type of attack that occurred over Wakanda earlier this week.”

“It doesn’t?” Tony asked with wide eyes. “So you’re saying it’s just some random coincidence?”

“Nah, it can’t be just a coincidence,” said Sam. “Based on what we know about the Wakandans, this smells more like an assassination attempt to me.”

“Since whoever was behind this attack did in fact manage to kill the Wakandan king, I’d say that’s a very reasonable theory, Mr Wilson,” Fury said. “And as I told Tony, I’ve offered the assistance of the Avengers to Prince T’Challa, but I’m honestly not holding my breath on that one. If this humanitarian visit was Wakanda’s way of trying to dip their toes into interacting with the rest of the world, I can’t imagine that their prince is going to be too eager to make another attempt.”

“Or, he might be even more eager for our help since the Avengers can be dispassionate,” Natasha spoke up. “Is there any evidence that this might’ve been an inside job?”

“None that I’ve seen, although I haven’t ruled out the possibility,” said Fury. He held up his hand as someone off-screen handed him a tablet, his brow furrowing into a deep frown as he read. “Well, well, well. It seems like Prince T’Challa has actually accepted my offer to meet with the team. Captain Rogers, how soon can you leave?”

“What?” Tony yelped as a bolt of pain shot up his left arm. “Now wait just a goddamn minute here! Why all of a sudden is this considered more of an Avengers-level event than the actual attack from space?”

“Because as far as we know, the space phenomenon was a single occurrence, whereas in this case, our assistance is being requested by the head of state of another country,” Fury said firmly. “Another country that might prove to be an invaluable ally if such another space phenomenon were to occur.”

Tony huffed out a sharp breath, glowering at the viewscreen as Steve pursed his lips. The last thing he wanted at the moment was to have to leave Peter behind in New York before he’d had a chance to fully calculate the possibility of another impending attack from space. Rhodey was still up to his eyeballs in D.C. trying to help rebuild the Air Force’s special ops after its decimation by HYDRA, and while Pepper and Happy were always an emergency option to watch Peter, as were the Leeds family—and even the Stacys, Tony supposed—neither Tony nor Steve felt really comfortable leaving Peter with anyone who wasn’t an Avenger. The distraction from their constant worry for him was not conducive to a smooth Avengers mission.

“I’m not sure the presence of the entire team is necessary, Director, if this is more of a diplomatic meeting than a true mission,” Steve said as he squeezed Tony’s hand, once again reading Tony’s mind. “Would you concur?”

Fury tilted his head, pondering. “I would,” he said. “Who’re you thinking?”

“I think myself, Sam, Bucky, and Nat should be enough,” Steve replied, earning an affirmative nod from both Bucky and Sam. “If for some reason something else goes down, then Tony, Bruce, and Clint can always join us later.”

“Agreed,” said Fury. “And let’s hope that nothing else goes down. We haven’t even finished dealing with the whole HYDRA mess yet, and I always hate having to deal with two crises at once. It tends to make me extra cranky.”

Oh, and we can’t have that, Tony thought with a frown.

The full chapter will post on Monday, September 14th 😊

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Post-IW Iron Dad fanfic.

Read here on AO3 (@a_matter_of_loyalty).



“We all lost people,” Tony Stark says, his eyes unblinking and sad, devastated and broken, and the heavens weep. 

He‘s right, of course: they all lost people they loved in the Decimation. But it isn’t until the people of Earth realize that even the greatest heroes have been transformed by grief that they finally see the severity of the situation.

(Three weeks after the Decimation that robbed the universe of 50% of its inhabitants, Tony Stark finally re-emerges in the public eye. Only this time, he doesn’t broadcast his message through a press conference, or a professional interview, but rather a televised speech from inside the gym of Midtown School of Science and Technology.)

Or, Tony Stark has everything—until he doesn’t.

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Flash was being weird. Well, weirder than usual. Distant. He hadn’t said a mean thing to Peter all day, and when MJ mentioned Spider-Man’s victory the day before, he hadn’t looked up from his sandwich. Betty, MJ, Peter, and Ned exchanged a look. 

Beyond looking exhausted, his lips were turned in a permanent frown. His eyelids drooped. His hair wasn’t moussed back. His nails (normally carefully maintained) were bit to the quick..

He was uncharacteristically silent in class. Instead of having a hand raised near-constantly, he had his head down on his backpack. 

It wasn’t that Flash was usually lively, or the life of the proverbial party— it was that Flash was usually pompous. Even if he was being quiet, Flash was there. He was going live, or tweeting, or doing schoolwork. When he wasn’t being quiet, he was being competitive, urging other to do better, or being an ass.

But now he was neither. He was only half of himself.

He hadn’t tweeted about Spider-Man in two days.

Somehow, this fell on Peter. 

“You should talk to him,” Betty said quietly. They were seated in the back of their English class, their voices low. At the front of the class, their teacher was droning on about some book Peter hadn’t gotten the chance to read. 

“Why me?” Peter asked. “He doesn’t even like me.” 

“You’re the nicest one here,” Betty said.

“Ned is the nicest one,” Peter corrected. She didn’t argue. 

“I think he’d appreciate it,” she said finally. “You should talk to him.”

MJ and Ned said the same thing. 

“I don’t think he likes me very much,” MJ said. Peter balked.

“And he likes me?” He demanded. “You just don’t want to do it!” 

She shrugged.

“He respects you,” Ned said. 

“You’re a horrible liar,” Peter said, but he still looked over at where Flash was pretending to give a shit about gym class. Even in action he seemed lethargic. Peter sighed.

“Fine,” he said. “I’ll talk to him.” 

Peter managed to catch him just as they were exiting last period. Flash moved fast, like he was raring to get out of the classroom. Like he was trying to avoid something. Or someone. 

“Hey, Flash. Wait!” Flash paused just outside the doorway. He turned.

“What, Parker?” He asked, but if he was trying to be snippy, his tone fell flat. He just sounded tired. 

“I wanted to… are you alright?” Peter asked. He stepped between the two classroom doors as people started leaving. “You seem quiet.” 

“I’m fine,” Flash said, and he moved to turn away again when Peter said,

“You can come talk to me, you know.” Flash looked like he was struggling not to roll his eyes. “I know we aren’t really—“ friends “close, but if you… if something’s wrong, I’m here.” 

“Thanks,” Flash said, just barely loud enough for Peter to hear. “Look, I gotta—“ he pointed down the hall with his thumb. Peter nodded. 

“Yeah— see you later.” 

That was Wednesday. On Friday, Flash was still eerily quiet. 

No one urged Peter to talk to him the second time, he did it on his own. He found him right before lunch, standing in front of his locker and staring at his phone, face set into a frown. When Peter stepped up beside him, he didn’t even greet him. He just waited for Flash to notice him and take an AirPod out to say,

“You should come over tonight. My aunt’s boyfriend is coming over, and we’re technically on babysitting detail, but we’re gonna have a game night. It could be fun.” 

Flash regarded him… carefully. Peter expected him to laugh, or make a cutting remark about how he has better things to do than help Peter earn babysitting money, but instead he was quiet for a long moment. Finally, he nodded. “Okay.” 

“Okay?” Peter repeated, trying to hide his surprise. 

“Yeah,” Flash said. “Okay. What time?” 

“Seven? I’ll text you my address.” 

Flash gnawed at his lip, nodded. “Sounds good,” he said. “I’ll see you then.” 

For a few seconds, they just stared at each other. Peter swallowed. 

“I’m gonna get to class,” he said finally, and Flash nodded. 

Flash wasn’t at lunch. Peter’s leg bounced under the table. 

Flash stood in the doorway looking uncomfortable at best. He had a fancy bottle clutched in one hand, the other was shoved into his pocket. 

“Hi,” he said awkwardly. 

“Hey!” Peter said, more forcefully than he’d intended. He backed up and opened the door wider. “Come on in,” he said, quieter. 

Flash smiled toothlessly and nodded. As he stepped in, he held the bottle out to Peter. “I brought— thank you for having me.” 

“Thanks.” Peter accepted it. It was a bottle of sparkling apple juice. He bit his tongue to hold in a laugh. 

“Flash! Hi!” May popped her head out of the kitchen. “How are you? It’s nice to see you.” She was grinning. Half of her hair was falling out of her ponytail, and there was some kind of sauce all over the front of her apron. 

And, because she’s May and she has that affect on everyone: Peter saw Flash’s shoulder’s drop just the slightest bit. 

“Thank you for having me,” Flash said. “I really appreciate it.” 

“You’re always welcome!” She emphasized the word ‘always.’ “We’re going to have a few more people than we expected, though. I hope that’s okay.” 

Peter blinked. “Huh?” 

“Tony’s reservations got messed up. They’re going to stay here and join us. He just texted me.” 

“I’ll grab the extra chairs from the closet,” Peter said. “Happy’s still coming, right?”

“He’s their ride,” May said. 

“Can I help with anything?” Flash asked awkwardly, seemingly very aware of the space he was taking up in the middle of their apartment. He looked from May to Peter. His fingers twitched. 

“You can help me,” Peter said. “I’ll show you where the chairs are.”

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He can’t help feeling a sense of accomplishment, but also deep sorrow at the sight. Tony should have been the one to do this. Peter should have been the one to be dusted. The whole world would be better off, he’s sure of it.

Sorry for the lack of updates lately. Just had a lot happening, and needed a little break. It was a definite choice to post now, but I decided trying to bring everyone a little joy is the best I can do at the moment, so I may as well do it. Love you all 3000. <3

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Fanfiction: That’s not funny, Mr Stark!

Summary: The field trip Peter Parker wasn’t allowed to go on

Relationships: Tony Stark & Peter Parker (Iron Dad & Spider Son)

Warnings: I believe none?


Originally posted by thornadio


“You do understand that there is no way this is gonna work, don’t you?” Tony crossed his arms while skeptically glanced at the mess of wires and pieces of plastic and metal on Peter’s lab table. “Like, no chance, kiddo, and that’s coming from me,” he then pointed at himself.

“Oh, this is so gonna work, Mr Stark,” Peter responded confidently still not looking from his work. “And when it will, you are going to regret the moment you decided to doubt the greatest idea of all of all greatest ideas in history!” he added excitedly, his brown eyes narrowed playfully as he shot a glance at his mentor. 

Tony looked unimpressed and rolled his eyes dramatically, though, Peter didn’t see that, since he already has returned to his work. 

It all started this morning, when Peter came from school, way too early than usual, clearly upset about something. The problem was, Peter’s chem class was having a field trip to the surprise place today, but due to too many absences, Peter wasn’t able to go. It wasn’t even his fault, but still, he couldn’t just say that he missed a few school days because the Avengers needed him. So, back to the point, when Tony heard about it and saw how somber the kid actually looked, he tried to cheer him up a little by announcing unplanned lab day. Peter being Peter immediately jumped into the opportunity to spend his day with Tony Stark forgetting everything else. 

And Tony? Well, he is just glad that his kid is smiling again. 

Or he was before this kid didn’t come up with the idea to make a new version of his web-shooters, this one to shoot a web which is gonna electricize its target. This was a few hours ago, and all this time Peter has been working nonstop on his creation. He was very excited about this project. Tony was really concerned regarding the consequences.

“Come on, Pete, just drop it,” Tony tried again tiredly after Peter has got electric shock himself for the fifth time for the last three minutes. “You only gonna hurt yourself.”

“But, Mr Stark, I’m so close, if I just,” Peter started his thought as he connected two wires together. “Ow!” He cried out as the sparks flew from his web-shooters no doubt hitting his fingers with some volts. He throws a fake angry glare at Tony when he heard a quiet chuckling from his side. “That’s not funny,” he said pointing at Tony.

“Whatever you say, kiddo. Whatever you say,” he trailed out and continued with his own work. Unfortunately for him, Tony couldn’t concentrate on his project anymore, because like it or not, Peter and his enthusiasm caught his interest. But even FRIDAY said that the chances to achieve the positive result was approximately 15 percent or maybe lower, probably lower actually, so Tony wasn’t expecting much. 

As Tony wanted to come back to his work the voice of FRIDAY rung out in the lab.

“Boss, Pepper Potts requested to remind you, that today you have to give a little speech to the upcoming tour group when they will be on your floor in two minutes. And I quote ‘Tony, God helps you, if you forgot,’.”

Tony, who totally forgot about it, groaned in frustration throwing a crumpled ball of a paper sheet at Peter who found this situation hilarious. 

“That’s not funny, kid,” he mumbled rubbing his eyes tiredly.

“Whatever you say, Mr Stark,” Peter responded with a smirk, which earned another thrown ball of paper. 

With a heavy sigh, Tony got up from his seat and moved to the exit.

“I will be back in a few, try not to blow everything up, while I’m not here.”

“No promises!” Peter yelled just before the lab door closed. 

Shaking his head Tony allowed a fond smile to appeared on his face. ‘This kid’ he thought to himself. Peter has got him wrapped around his little finger and Tony didn’t even notice, nor didn’t he care.

As he walked to the hall, Tony noticed a group of teens already waiting for him, so he put his sunglasses on and with paparazzi smile, totally different than the one he had just a moment ago, greeted everyone. 

“Hello, small people, you know who I’m, so let’s start with your questions,” Tony wasn’t a big fan of such kind of meetings so he was determined to end it as soon as possible. His eyes stopped on the boy in the first row. “You,” he pointed at him.

The boy clearly satisfied that he was asked confidently smiled and stood up.

“Flash Thompson, sir,” the boy - Flash - introduced himself, and Tony didn’t get why he pronounced his name so proudly. “I was wondering, what is required to be an intern here in Stark Industries and more specifically your personal intern?” he asked and a lot of kids groaned. 

Tony frowned, this was strange, not the question itself, but the way the boy asked, and why this name was so familiar to him, that’s all looked extremely suspicious but Tony answered regardless.

“Well, first of all, you have to be in college-”

“So no high school interns?” Flash interrupted and the billionaire rolled his eyes, wasn’t this tour group from some advance school?

“Nope,” he responded highlighting the ‘p’. Peter came to his mind immediately after that, but to be honest he wasn’t even seeing him as an intern anymore, for Tony he was more like an actual lab partner. Not like he will ever admit it.

The smirk full of mischief crawled on the Flash’s face as he started.

“Well, then Mr Stark-”

He was suddenly interrupted by the loud bang followed by the intense ‘Holly Cow’ from the side when Tony’s lab is located. A lot of teens screamed in fear for their lives, but Tony knew that unless FRIDAY says otherwise there is no danger. He actually got an idea who caused the explosion. His suspicions confirmed when he heard an excited voice of Peter Parker in the halls. What surprised him, is that the whole tour group froze. 

“Mr Stark! Mr Stark! You won’t believe me what just happened!” Peter rambled enthusiastically as he ran into the room absolutely ignoring others. His curly brown hair was in even more mess than usual and his face was covered in something dark, no wonder as a result from the explosion, but the look of his face, the pure happiness he literally radiates, Tony couldn’t help himself but think that it’s worth all the grey hairs this kid is giving him. “Mr Stark, I did it! I did it! I finally figure out it out!” Peter continued his rant while actually jumping around his mentor. 

This took Tony by surprise, since the chances had been less than 15 percent, he couldn’t help but feel proud of his kid. Tony actually opened his mouth to praise Peter when the kid from earlier interrupted him for the second time this day.

“What the actual fuck, Parker?” this time it was Peter who froze for a few moments and then slowly with wide eyes turned around. Only to find his even more shocked chem class looking at him. 

“Emm,” Peter paused. “I told you about the internship?” he tried but that sounded more like a question. That was the moment when Tony decided to intervene.

“Peter, do you know them?” he asked ignoring the tension in the room.

He nodded.

“This, Mr Stark,” Peter waved at the group. “This is my chem class.”

When the realisation hit Tony he couldn’t help himself but chuckle.

“The chem class which went on the surprise field trip?” He started slowly, clearly enjoying this whole situation. 

“Yep,” Peter nodded again, trying not to look at his class, which has been too silent.

“The same trip you were banned from?”

Peter nodded for the third time and Tony chuckled softly coming closer and putting his hand on the kid’s shoulder.

“Only you kid, only you,” he said fondly and ruffled Peter’s hair as Peter groaned hiding the face in his hands and muttered.

“That’s not funny, Mr Stark!”


Let me know what you think!

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Pairing: Eventual Pepperony, past Tony/May

Rated G

Iron Dad galore

Summary: At the age of 16 Tony Stark became a father. He also gave up his claim as the Stark heir and cut off all ties to that life to raise his son on his own. 15 years later his past finally begins to catch up to him and he has to set aside his pride and open his life back up to his parents in order for his son to have the life he deserves.


A Gilmore Girls AU 

Notes: I know someone recently did something similar but this has been languishing in my drafts and I really loved it and wanted to post it so here it is. Not everything will be accurate to the show and I kinda made May Peter’s mom because I was watching Only You when I wrote this and yeah, they made a cute couple. lol Don’t judge.

Read it on AO3


The front door of “Pepper’s” burst open, nearly taking the bell off as it rattled and jingled the arrival of the only customer who could make an entrance like that. A cool breeze blew in behind Tony Stark, signaling what would soon be the start of crisp fall mornings, as he stumbled like a zombie towards the front counter, desperately clutching a well worn travel mug in his hands.

“Pepper, light of my life. Pepper, please you have to help me. I need you.”

He could feel Pepper roll her eyes as she moved around behind the counter, sizing him up as he collapsed onto the first empty stool.

“How much have you had today, Tony?” She raised her eyebrow at him and dared him to lie to her.

“Erm, this will be my first of the day…” It was mostly true. Her stare pierced down to his very soul and he squirmed awkwardly, the squeaks of the stool echoing beneath him. “Okay, the first of a normal person’s morning.”

“And how many before that?”

“Three but who’s counting? You know yours is the best anyways.” 

Pepper’s coffee couldn’t be beat. It made every other brew taste like dirty dish water in comparison to the rich, smooth blend that was sitting in a pot just barely out of his reach. It was tatamount to torture to be this close and his cup still so empty.

Pepper’s stern face came back to his vision as she leaned down towards him, hands gripping the counter. “You have a problem Tony.”

He smiled what he hoped was a charming smile. “My problem is this empty mug, Pep.”

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from now on by iamirondad (complete)

words: 201,691

The Parker Family worked alongside the Starks since the creation of the company.

Following a tragic accident that leaves Peter Parker without a family, Tony goes against the pleas of the people closest to him and decides to adopt Peter. The duo fight against unpredictable odds as they enter a universe bigger than they truly understand. [Pre-Iron Man through to Endgame]

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xv. scars

It was the hottest summer day in history. 

Tony was seconds away from calling out every ‘climate change denier’ on Twitter, but Pepper slapped his phone out of his hand because he didn’t need to start up informal discourse again. He’d have to do it through professional means if any. He tended to answer every hate comment he found, which in his defence, he learnt from Peter. The kid co-ran a Twitter page with Harley that dragged anyone who dared hate on Tony, including the man himself.

Tony had prepared for the heat, by setting up a pool in the garden. Morgan was charging around, in her swimming costume, solely reenacting Finding Nemo. Pepper sat in the corner of the pool, keeping a close eye on Morgan, while unsurprisingly reading notes for her upcoming meeting on her Stark Tablet.

Tony had gone inside to collect Juice Pops from the freezer.

“Hi, Tony,” Peter greeted, panting as he walked in.

Tony peered over the door, “Oh hey, kid.”

Peter’s hair was sweat-ridden, and he was visibly out of breath, which was rare for him. He was in a short-sleeved shirt, which Tony knew for a fact, belonged to Michelle. Peter hardly wore short-sleeved shirts, even in the summer months, unless he was styling a plaid funnel with it. Thanks to his mutated DNA, he couldn’t thermoregulate, and it meant that hot weather didn’t bother him as much as others.

Not today, it seemed. Peter was hot and bothered, like the rest of them.

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“Well, I know it’s hard to believe these days, but not everyone around you is a criminal or a psychopath. And I would greatly appreciate it if you would at least tell me what to call you for the duration of your stay.”
Any tension that had seeped out of him returns immediately. “Duration?” Peter starts trying to sit up again. “I can’t-”
A firm hand on his shoulder keeps him down. “Stay?” the man finishes. “Well, you certainly can’t leave in your state.”

Peter and Tony talk. The conversation is… messy, to say the least.

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What’s In A Name?


Here it is! The first of my baby Peter one-shots, I hope you all enjoy! 💗

“Hey, Tones, wake up,” Rhodey said as he dug his sharp elbow into Tony’s arm. “You’re home.”

With seemingly gargantuan effort, Tony peeled open his eyelids, blearily noticing that no, he wasn’t on a never-ending rollercoaster ride like his mind had been telling him for the last hour or so, he was in fact in the front passenger seat of Rhodey’s car.

And there was even a barf bag sitting on his lap, just in case.

Or, more likely, due to the last time Rhodey had had to retrieve Tony from one of his more… extravagant outings, the time he’d had to ask Rhodey to pull off the interstate so he could lurch half the Scotch in New York City all over the side of the road.

Read more on AO3/ FFN 😊

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chapter 8: lay it on me

word count: 3805

warnings: mentions of suicide and excessive drinking

summary: the aftermath of the fight between steve and tony that peter heard

read on ao3: x

playlist: x

chapter 1 - chapter 2 - chapter 3 - chapter 4 - chapter 5 - chapter 6 - chapter 7 - chapter 8 - chapter 9

series masterlist | masterlist



“Yes, Peter?”

“Am I making it worse?”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean… If I died now, would it be better?” He searched for the right word. “Easier?”

“No one wants that to happen. So, no, it would not be better, I assure you.”

“Everyone’s sad because of me.”

“They’re sad because of something happening to you. It’s not your fault, Peter.”


“Is there anything else you need? Should I alert Boss and Captain?”

“No, FRI. Thanks.”

Peter didn’t mean anything by it. He was just… brainstorming. Yeah, that was it. Brainstorming. And while Tony had updated FRIDAY’s code to alert him and Steve whenever something was out of the ordinary with Peter, he hadn’t thought to add anything about alarming conversations the teen might have with the AI.

So neither of them were ever made aware of that conversation. They really should’ve been, but they were none the wiser. Tony was in his lab, just tinkering, trying to steer his mind away from everything that hurt by drowning himself in complicated work. And Steve was keeping Clint company while they waited for Peter to get up - it was nearing lunch time, and FRIDAY had told him the boy was awake when he asked. Nothing more.

Tony made his way to Peter’s room, on a mission. No matter how angry Peter was at them, he’d have to get up to eat and take his pills. The closer he got, the heavier the ball of guilt in his stomach got and by the time he opened his bedroom door, he felt as if it were about to make his knees give out.

“Hey, Peter,” Tony attempted and wasn’t surprised to be met with silence. “I get it, but you have to get up and eat something,” he said, staying by the door in favor of sitting on the bed.


“Anything you want. And you need your pills.” Tony tried his best to keep emotion out of his voice, knowing that anything could set his son off.

“Not hungry. Got my pills here.” His words were short, cut off, and harsh. Tony could count on one hand all the times Peter had been this angry. And he would let him be angry - he was entitled to his anger - because it was Tony’s own fault so he wasn’t about to tell him what to feel.

“You need to get something in you-”

“Not now.”

“Alright,” Tony gave in, knowing he wouldn’t get anywhere but further away from his goal if he kept pushing.

Walking into the kitchen, the mood was lighter than Tony had expected, Steve and Clint making lunch. Well, Steve was making lunch and Clint was joking around, trying to sabotage whatever Steve was doing - but not really, because that would mean no lunch for him either.

“Hey, Tony,” Steve smiled with something distantly sad in his eyes that Tony only barely picked up on.

“Hey,” he answered, apologetic look on his face.

“Haven’t got the kid with you?” Clint asked, settling down in a stool by the kitchen island.

Tony snorted. “If I were to get him up, I’d have to physically drag him out of bed.”

“Angry?” Steve cringed.

“Very. Remember when we accidentally threw out that card Ned made for him when they were little?”

“Oh god, I still feel bad about that,” Steve sighed.

“Well, multiply that by ten and you’re getting close,” Tony said, slumping down next to Clint.

“I can try to get him up when lunch is ready,” Steve suggested.

“Bad idea. We’re sending him in.” Tony pointed at Clint. “Don’t think any of the two of us would be able to do any good right now.”

“True,” Steve agreed. “You up for that, Barton?”

“‘Course I am. I’m his favorite uncle,” Clint chuckled, trying to lighten the mood a little.

“If you fail, I’m telling Rhodey you said that,” Tony playfully threatened with a perfectly straight face that made Steve roll his eyes fondly. “That reminds me - FRI, tell everyone to come for dinner tonight.”

“Will do, Boss,” she dutifully answered.

“What’re we even serving?” Steve asked, drying his hands on his apron. Tony gave him a dumbfounded smile.

“You just finished making the most elaborate chicken salad I’ve ever seen, you’re wearing an apron, you have flour on your cheek for crying out loud, and you’re asking me? Where did that flour even come from?” Tony laughed, licking his thumb, then reaching over to get the flour off of his husband’s face. Steve scrunched his nose, but let him. When Tony was satisfied his cheek was clean, Steve pointed to the oven.

“I might’ve baked some bread,” he said, looking sheepish.

Stress baked some bread,” Clint added oh-so-helpfully with an amused smile.

“Sounds about right,” Tony snickered. “But, seriously, honey, you decide. You’re the best at food.”

“Alright,” Steve laughed, shaking his head, “let me rephrase. Is there anything in particular you want?”

“Something simple that everyone likes. Don’t know what Peter wants. He’s reverted to almost exclusively using single syllable words.” Tony held onto his left forearm. Steve didn’t let it show that he noticed.

The couple were good at this dance. At pushing away what they needed to talk about, while reaching for the sweet bliss of ignorance. It required an equal amount of effort from both sides, but Tony usually took the lead. His area of expertise. Steve perfectly matched whatever was thrown his way, and they fell into step.

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“I don’t- I don’t-”

“Don’t what? Don’t what, Tony? What is so important that you can’t even look at me anymore?!”

“I don’t know how to be father!”

Peter froze.

Whatever he’d been expecting Mr.Stark to say, it wasn’t that. From the look on Tony’s face, neither was he.

The man was shaking, eyes all wide and sunken with exhaustion. Peter realized then that he’d pushed too hard, Tony was too close to a panic attack for Peter to shout at him as he did. Guilt made his stomach heavy, made his throat swell with an invisible lump, but he was still angry and so, so, confused.

“W-what…” the teen breathed, “I don’t… I don’t understand.”

Tony slid a dirty hand over his eyes, pressing harshly over his features. “That’s, that’s not how I meant for that to come out kid, I’m sorry.”

The inventor turned away from Peter, letting out a shaky and resigned sigh, like he expected the kid to leave.

“No,” Peter took a shaky breath, “no, what do you mean?”

Tony cursed under his breath and whipped back around to face Peter, looking wild and wrecked but nevertheless resolved to say what needed to be said.

“I don’t mean that I think I’m your dad kid, just please know that I’m not trying to replace anyone. I just- it’s just that I, I look at you sometimes and it’s like… I can’t explain it. But it’s there and it’s in my heart and I know I should recognize that kind of love, but I don’t.”

Peter’s eyes shone with something and all the anger drained from his veins.

“And so I don’t know what to do, a majority of the time I have no clue what I’m supposed to do, but I don’t want to mess it up.” Tony stopped for a breath. “But that doesn’t mean that I don’t, mess it up, I mean.”

“Mr.Stark, I-”

“No, Peter, look, I know I’m no good for you. And I thought I could figure it out, but I can’t. I just… I don’t know how…” to be a father stuck itself onto the end of his sentence again. Tony swallowed past a lump in his throat, “I never had an example, and I vowed that I’d die before I treated any child of mine the way Howard treated me.”

My dad never really gave me a lot of support, so I’m just trying to break the cycle of shame.

“But I did, I did with the ferry and last weekend, and I am so sorry Peter, but I can’t let you be ruined by me.”

I should recognize that kind of love, but I don’t.

Peter realized with a little tear in his heart that Mr.Stark didn’t even know what paternal love felt like.

“So… so you yelled at me once and decided that you don’t even want to try anymore?” Peter didn’t mean for it to sound as angry as it did.

“I didn’t just yell at you Pete! I dismissed you, I didn’t let you get word in edgewise, I made you cry.” Twice he’s done that, Tony thought bitterly.

“Jesus Christ Peter, what the fuck where you thinking?” Tony stepped out of his suit and immediately advanced on the teen.

Peter looked like he knew he was in trouble, but Tony saw the flash of alarm in his eyes when he heard his mentor’s tone. It wasn’t enough to stop the mechanic.

“I-Those people, they needed-”

“I told you to get back, that one of my suits would handle it. I give you an order you follow it!”

“I know, and I’m sorry but-”

“No! No ‘buts’! That is the end of that statement! I. give. you. an. order. you. follow. it. I don’t want to hear anything else! I don’t need to worry about you being an idiot out there on top of everything else!”

Peter’s prickled with tears he desperately tried to hold back. “I’m sorry…”

“Zip it! I don’t want to hear you right now! Get cleaned up and go home. You’re done.”

A loose tear escaped. “Done?”

Tony recognized that voice, he saw another time and another tear, but his fury wouldn’t abate. “I’m not taking the goddamn suit, just go and do what you’re told; it’d be nice for once in your life.”

Peter nodded, a few more tears splashed against his cheeks, the teen rushed past the billionaire and slipped into his room. He tore the suit off and let his tears flow freely while the shower ran.

Tony heard the kid, he heard the kid as he walked past his room, heard him get out, a few minutes later he heard him leave through the window.

The mechanic picked up a wrench and destroyed whatever he could find in the workshop.

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Brick by Brick

Rated G | One-shot (1.5k words) | Complete | Read on AO3 (link is in the first rb)

Peter is home from college for Christmas and spends some quality time with Morgan. 

(or: iron sibling fluff involving lots of LEGO and too much sugar)

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