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#iron dad spider son
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is anyone available for beta reading an iron dad and spider son fic for a gift exchange? you’d have my eternal gratitude. i am still writing it and it’s on the longer side and i would love nitpicking (for grammar, flow, dialogue etc) and suggestions. i’d probably be done writing by next week. posting dates are in december.

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tony: hey kid, how’s the bugle internship going

peter: *stressed out*


peter: uhh, jonah wants me to find photos of you in a compromising position

tony: your boss wants another stark scandal?

peter: he says it’s what sells the papers and keeps the lights on. he’ll fire me if i don’t get it.

tony: *already taking out his phone* say no more, kid—hey honeybear? i need a favour

The next morning’s Daily Bugle frontpage

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Peter, throwing some wood for a dog: go fetch! Look at how fast she’s going. I’m gonna sign her up for the dog Olympics-

Tony, having a mental breakdown: that was a whole tree… what the fuck Peter?

Peter, watching the dog try and drag a full sized oak tree: what a warrior, I’m such a proud father.

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Peter: hey Mr. Stark! I was think that maybe today I can help you with- oh shit! Sorry DUM-E, didn’t see you there-

Steve: language, you shouldn’t be cursing

Peter: oh I’m sorry Mr. Rogers sir, one second.

Peter, clearing his throat: frick frack diddly dack patty wack snick snack crack pack slacker mac quarterback crackerjack thumbtack tic tak, your one to yack, mr.’what the fucking hell is this shit, Stark,’ sir.

Steve:point taken.

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Tony: I’ll be right back, can you watch Morgan for me

Peter: yeah sure

[Tony walks back in not even 3 minutes later]

Morgan: Petey are you okay?!

Peter: uh, maybe? I guess we will see

Tony, in shock at Peter on the ground holding his arm to his chest: Peter I was barely gone, how??

Peter: I was gonna show Morgan a trick but I forgot you made it that I couldn’t stick to the ceiling cause I scared you too many times


Tony: I don’t understand why I can’t leave you alone for two minutes without this kinda stuff happening, what’s wrong with you

Peter: well, at the moment my broken arm

Tony: *sigh*

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