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Alternative Marvel Movie names

Iron Man 1 -> A Tin Can in a Man That’s In a Tin Can

The Incredible Hulk -> The Happy Green Giant From The Bean Can Isn’t to Happy After All

Iron Man 2 -> Tracing Devianart But in Real Life (special appearance by Downton Abbey)

Thor -> The Mythology Was Better, but Hey Sexy Half Naked Men

Captain America: The First Avenger -> Bisexual Bottom Becomes a Top? (Guest appearance from the devil)

Marvel’s The Avengers -> Everyone’s Mad at Each Other While Lightning McQueen and The Not so Happy Green Giant make Pleasant Side Talk

Iron Man 3 -> The Beginning of Accidentally Adopting Kids, Part 1.

THOR: The Dark World -> That One Girl Does That One Thing From Alien

Guardians of the Galaxy -> The Theory from Shane Madane From The BuzzFeed Unsolved Episode of the Mysterious disappearance of Peter Quill

Avengers: Age of Ultron -> Fast Boy Is Sad Being Faster Then the Speed of Light Because Then He’s Always in the Dark.

Ant-Man -> You Think The Not So Happy Green Giant Was the First to Make Unbreakable Pants?

Captain America: Civil War -> Homosexual Couple Be’s Gay and Does Crimes.

Doctor Strange -> Boom Boom Woosh

Guardians of the Galaxy vol.2 -> BuzzFeed Unsolved Episode 2 Starting Daddy Issues

Spider-Man: Homecoming -> Accidentally Adopting Kids, Part 2.

Thor: Ragnarok -> Loki’s Quest to Fuck To The Top

Black Panther -> Best Movie Ever, no complaints

Avengers Infinity War -> The Fandom Doesn’t Acknowledge The Existence Of Movie

Ant-Man and The Wasp -> Home Arrest 101

Captain Marvel -> Space Lesbian

Avengers Endgame -> The Reason Why Fix-It-Fics Exist

Spider-Man: Far From Home -> VR to Another Level

This isn’t even the alternative Marvel summary’s…..


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Iron Man (2008) may have been out for eleven years, but I am still convinced that nothing will ever be more iconic than the scene where Rhodey, in a room full of military guys ready to shoot the unidentified piece of technology out of the sky, is on the phone with Tony (who is INSIDE THE IRON MAN SUIT AS THEY SPEAK) asking him where he is right now, and this man just. fucken says he’s driving with the top down. I–

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Originally posted by katsukls

How I remember the movie: Primarily, I remember how happy I was that RDJ was getting a comeback role.  I wasn’t all that aware of the MCU thing until Avengers was announced, because I had a lot of real life stuff going on, but I made sure to rent this before I saw Avengers.  My intention was to see ALL of the lead-up films, but this was ultimately the only one I was able to see first.

I remember thinking that I liked Tony as a character and I liked the movie, but that I found Obadiah to be a one-dimensional villain and that the ending was kind of confusing and uninteresting.  The first act of the film is the the most memorable one.  I’ve also never liked Gwyneth Paltrow all that much and this movie didn’t change that, at the time.

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