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just-dreaming-marvel · 16 hours ago
It’s Always Been You ~ 161
Tumblr media
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Word Count: 2,010ish
Summary: Y/N finally comes home. Time skip. The start of Falcon Winter Soldier.
Notes: You must read Out Of Time in order to understand this. The chapter numbers continue from Out Of Time.
“Mommy!” Morgan squealed as she burst through the front door and ran down the steps.
“Morgan!” Y/N exclaimed, meeting her daughter between the car and the house. She picked her up with ease, hugging the girl  tightly to her chest. She kissed Morgan’s temple. “Oh, I missed you so much. I’m never letting you go again.”
The girl’s arms tightened around Y/N’s neck. “I missed you too!”
“What about me?” Tony asked, coming up as Steve, Peter, and Harley came out to stand on the porch.
Still holding onto her mother’s neck with one arm, Morgan flung her another arm out and brought Tony into the hug. “I missed you too, Daddy!”
He kissed her cheek. “Not as much as I missed you.”
“I’ve got to get in on this!” Peter said, hurrying towards them with Harley on his heals. The two young men joined the group hug as Bucky and Steve chuckled as the watched on.
Y/N pulled her arm out so that she was able to hug one of the boys. “I missed you all so much,” she said, tearing up. They pulled away as Steve walked down to them.
“Where’s Wanda?” He asked.
“She left… I could feel her guilt, Steve. It’s bad.”
“She shouldn’t be alone.”
“She’ll come home when she’s ready,” Bucky assured his friend. “I get it. Now, why don’t we go inside before these cheeseburgers get cold?” Bucky held the bag of food up.
“Cheeseburgers!” Morgan exclaimed. Jumping from her mother’s arms, she raced over to Bucky and hugged his legs. “Thank you, Uncle Bucky! You’re my favorite!”
“Yes!” Bucky pumped a fist up in the air.
“Hey!” Both Tony and Steve said.
“I thought I was the favorite?” / “I bought those cheeseburgers!”
Y/N laughed. “Let’s be real, I’m the actual favorite.”
After the burgers were gone and a family game was played, it was bed time. Tony helped everyone find a place to sleep while Y/N put an already asleep Morgan to bed. Y/N then sat herself down in a chair next to her daughter’s bed, watching her sleep. With a slow breathe out, Y/N waved her hand above Morgan, using her powers to help keep her in a deep sleep.
Y/N looked down at her hands as light streams of her powers twirled along her fingers. Tony quietly peeked into the room, noticing Y/N’s focus on her hand. He sighed as he entered the room. He walked up behind his wife, setting his hands on her shoulders and pressing a kiss to her head.
“What are you doing?” He whispered against her head, slightly looking at the power Y/N was playing with.
“Watching her sleep,” she murmured her response.
“Mhm,” he hummed with a nod, unbelieving as he gave her shoulders a gentle squeeze. “That’s why your eyes are on your hands.”
“I just don’t understand… I was told that if I chose to come back to this life, that I would be granted some abilities, not all of them.”
“Wait… hold on.” Tony moved so that he was kneeling in front of Y/N. “Chose to come back?”
“I…” Y/N swallowed down her emotions. “I was given the choice, back when I was out because of the Stones. The choice to stay in the Soul Stone with those I love or come back to the others I love with limited abilities. I came back and now have learned they’ve lied.”
“Did they lie or did going through the Hex multiple times trigger something inside of you? Like it did with Monica.”
She shrugged. “It’s possible…. I just… I don’t want want them. Not anymore. They come with a price and a burden.”
Tony took hold of Y/N’s hands. “A burden you no longer have to bare because what they wanted from you is done. Thanos is gone. The Stones are gone. Everyone is back—“
“Not everyone… Natasha is still gone… And Wanda lost Vision, again.”
“Two people for the price of half the universe? I think that they’d both be okay with that.” He pulled her hands up and kissed her knuckles. “You do not need to burden yourself with saving the universe when you’ve already done it.”
“Then why these powers?”
“Because you’re special and worthy of wielding such power.”
Y/N briefly meet Tony’s eyes before her eyes settled on her sleeping daughter. “Do you think that I cursed her with abilities as well? That one day she’ll be able to… to do what I do?”
Tony sighed, glancing back at Morgan then back at his wife. “I can’t answer that question. But, if that does happen one day, then we will be by her side the whole time. And she’ll have a fabulous teacher.”
Y/N let a small smile form on her lips. “Thank you, Tony.”
“Of course.” He leaned up and kissed her softly. “Now, everyone is tucked in and sleeping soundly,” Y/N chuckled, “so it’s our time to go to bed as well.”
“Okay. Carry me?”
Now it was Tony’s turn to chuckle. “Sure.”
Steve was pacing in the kitchen when Y/N came down to make breakfast for everyone in the morning.
“What’s your problem?” She asked as she headed straight for the items she needed.
“It’s Bucky,” Steve responded with a sigh. “He was gone before any of us woke up and he’s not answering his phone.”
“Steve, he’s struggling right now. He’s been pardoned and has to go to required therapy. He just came back after 5 years to a place he doesn’t fit in because of what happened before he dusted. It’s a lot.”
“Yes, but don’t you think we should be there to help him through it all?”
“I do. But I also know that Bucky knows that we’re here for him and he’ll call when he’s ready. He came to my rescue and he knows we’ll come for his. When it’s time.”
Steve shook his head. “But I want to help him now.”
“You can’t help him work through what he did as the Winter Soldier.”
“He didn’t do any of that.”
“Bucky didn’t, yes. But the Winter Soldier, in Bucky’s body did. He has the memories. He remembers every name, scream. He can feel them dying in his grasp. He has to work through all that.”
“I just wish he’d let us work through it with him.”
“I know. I get it. But for now we just stick together and back off a little. He’ll come to us when he’s ready… Cause there’s also the fact that I didn’t choose him. He’s still processing that.” Y/N tapped on her temple. “I can feel it.”
Steve sighed. “I guess you’re right.”
“That’s something you have still yet to learn,” she smirked at her brother. “I’m always right.”
It wasn’t too long before Thanksgiving came around, then Christmas. The Stark family, Steve, Pepper, Rhodey, Happy, Aunt May, Peter, and Harley spent both holidays together. With the Barton family joining them for Thanksgiving. Sam spent the holidays with his family and Bruce claimed he was too busy. Bucky just made up therapy and making amends as his excuse. That frustrated Steve but Y/N kept reminding him that over 70 years of mind control and war couldn’t be dealt with over night.
For the most part, things were normal. It was nice—refreshing. After the holidays, Morgan turned 5 and a party was held. Bucky still didn’t show up, but sent a small gift for her. Steve questioned Bucky’s lack of appearance again, only to be shushed by his sister, who was actually beginning to worry too.
It was the beginning of April when Steve said that he had bought a cabin in the middle of nowhere and decided he needed some time to himself.
“For how long?” Y/N asked. Her arms were wrapped around herself as she tried to remain calm. The twins were alone in the family room as Tony and Morgan were out shopping.
“For as long as I feel it’s necessary,” Steve responded.
“I don’t understand… why? You’ve been getting on Bucky’s case—“
“Well, now… I think I understand. We’ve all—every single one of us— have been spending years going from battle to battle. I—“ He shook his head. “I am just really struggling more than I thought I would.”
“And you can’t struggle here? With your family?”
“I don’t what Morgan to see me like this.”
“I should be the one to decide what my daughter sees.”
“Y/N… I just need some time. It won’t be long.”
“You know that I can read your mind if I wanted to, right? There’s no use in hiding anything.”
“I’m not hiding anything. I promise. I just… just give me some time.”
“Just… please don’t shut me out. Call or—or write. Something. I need to know that you’re alive.”
“Of course.” Steve pulled his sister in for a hug. “I’m not leaving. It’s just a little break.”
“I know… doesn’t mean I have to like it.”
Steve kissed the top of her head before pulling away to get a look at her face. “I’ll be back, sooner than later. I promise.”
“Just, please don’t leave without saying goodbye to Morgan.”
“I won’t.” He brought her in for another hug. “I love you.”
“I love you too… don’t be a stranger.”
Steve left for his cabin that night. Tony tucked Morgan in and found his wife out on the dock in front of their cabin. He sighed before going out after her. He made sure she could hear him coming. Tony wrapped his arms around her, brining Y/N back into his chest. He held a kiss to her shoulder before resting his chin on it.
“He’ll be okay,” Tony said softly. “He always is.”
“I know…” she whispered in reply. “Doesn’t stop me from worrying.”
“Steve will call with updates and to talk to Mo. I put together the safety systems on the cabin, so he’s good there.”
“I think this has more to do about Bucky than anything… I think Steve thought that he could spend his time helping Bucky after he retired. But Bucky’s just been pushing everyone away. And I think that’s hurting Steve more than I thought it would.”
“They will both be okay. Just like you’ve been saying, they just need time.”
“Yeah… they do.”
“Incoming call from Rhodes, boss,” FRIDAY interrupted.
Tony sighed. “Get him on the line then.” He held out his watch cladded wrist and a hologram of Rhodey appeared. “It’s a little late for a check-in, don’t you think, buddy?”
“I’m calling to see if you, Y/N, and Steve are coming to the opening of the Avengers Smithsonian exhibit?”
“Is that tomorrow? I could have sworn—“
“It’s tomorrow,” Y/N confirmed. “And we won’t be there. Steve is… taking some time to himself and I am keeping low still after the whole Westview incident.”
“Well I will be there and so will Sam,” Rhodey said. “Has Sam talked to any of you about what’s happening tomorrow?”
The couple both furrowed their brows. “What’s happening?” Y/N questioned.
“I really wish he would have told you this himself, but you need to know before tomorrow.”
“Spit it out Rhodes,” Tony scolded.
“Sam is giving the shield to the museum. He’s turning down the opportunity to be Captain America, and so he’s giving the shield to the museum.”
“That’s not his choice to make.”
“Actually it is. Steve handed him the mantle and Sam has decided that he can’t take it.”
“Well too damn bad! There’s no one else who has the moral compass to take it.”
Rhodey sighed. “I understand, but it’s still his choice and we need to respect that… Y/N? You’ve been silent. What’s your opinion in all this?”
“I’ll be there tomorrow,” she responded. 
“Good, he’ll need some support.”
“I’m not going to support him. I’m going to talk him out of doing it.”
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ahh-chris · 7 months ago
Y/N: Ah yes, the five love languages.
Y/N, pointing at Tony: 'My family never told me they were proud of me'
Y/N, pointing at Peter: 'I'm so fucking tired please god just let me rest for five minutes
Y/N, pointing at Natasha: 'I love girls'
Y/N, pointing at Bruce: 'Please pay attention to me'
Y/N, pointing at Bucky: 'Touch Starved’
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underoosparkerr · 4 days ago
*fire alarm blaring*
peter: ITS A FIRE
steve: i’m never letting these idiots cook thanksgiving dinner again
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reidssweatervest · a month ago
Wishful Thinking (PART 1)
pairing(s): Tony Stark x Male!Reader
warning(s): Age Gap (Tony is 48, reader is 24), Mentions of sexual assault.
summary: Your mom left you and your little brother when you were 19 and he was just born. Now that you guys had moved out of the bad part of town, you go job-hunting every day. One day, you are met with an interesting opportunity. But, it doesn't end up being quite what you expected.
word count: 3.2k
ALL DIVIDERS BY @firefly-graphics
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The sunlight shined on your eyelids, which slowly fluttered open. You rose out of bed, stretching your arms in every direction. Upon looking out the window, you saw the Mail Man dropping of an envelope that looked super fancy. It confused you tremendously. Maybe the rent people have begun getting fancy. With a sigh, you looked around your room, even peaking out of your door to look at the rest of your house. In your home, there was your room, your little brother's room, a merged living room and kitchen, and only one bathroom. It was at least an upgrade. But you still had to save up for years to finally move out of that gross, rat-infested apartment that your crappy mother left behind. Not to mention the fact that Daniel has asthma, so you had to move out. Dust, mold, all that shit was there, and it was causing him issues. Pushing yourself out of bed, you got dressed quickly, then made your way to your brother's room. Once you stood in front of his bedroom door, you pushed it open softly to find him sleeping soundly. He's 5 and just started kindergarten. You glanced at your watch that read 8:30, meaning you have about half an hour before he needs to get to school.
"Daniel, time to wake up." You whispered to him softly as you walked closer to him.
His sleepy eyes opened up slowly, instantly smiling at your face, "School time?"
"Yes Danny, school time! I made your favorite, chocolate chip pancakes!" You beamed, moving the blanket off of him.
He jumped up on you as soon as you stood up, knocking the wind out of you. Still, you thankfully caught him. With him in your arms, you guys walked over to his closet, and you were just telling him all the awesome things you bought for him. He hopped down and grabbed his favorite shirt. A brown one with dark brown squirrels printed all over it. A smile was plastered on your face as you grabbed him a pair of light blue jeans, and dressed him in the adorable outfit he picked out. He put his hand on your shoulder to balance himself and you slipped some white socks on his feet. Picking him up, you made whooshing noises and pretended he was a rocket ship, walking all the way to the kitchen. Gently, you put him down in a chair at the kitchen table, making noises that resemble a rocket landing. He giggled, making you smile. handing him a place of homemade chocolate chip pancakes with syrup. You grabbed his tablet and put on some random kid's show on Netflix, then just let him eat and watch the show.
Now that he's occupied, you took the chance to pack his lunch. Quickly, you put together peanut butter and fluff sandwich, putting it in a bag, shoving in a juice pouch, and some chips. Some carrots for good measure too. Can't forget his snack, Spideys. It's just something you made up, a chocolate-covered marshmallow and some pretzels to pose as spider legs. He loved them since he oddly likes spiders so much. With the most tender of hand movements, you put them into a bag, making sure they don't get crushed. After that, you placed them into his metal Paw Patrol lunch box. Another thing that he is very fond of. All second to you, of course. You placed it into his backpack, then set it near the door.
Right on cue, he shouted, "I'm done eating!" Walking back over, you put his dirty dish in the sink, then turned off his tablet. He excitedly ran to the door, you following after, trying to keep up with his excitement. Sliding his backpack over his arms, you gently placed them on, along with his worn-out converse, that he just appreciated and loved so much. They were only worn-out because you haven't had the opportunity to buy him new ones. But, Daniel seemed to be just fine with them. After, you and him walked out of the door and patiently waited for the bus to show up. Well, you were patient. Him, not so much. A few minutes later the bus finally shows, in turn making your hyper 5-year-old jump around. The bus pulled up to your house and the doors opened. Daniel hopped on and stopped at the top step to wave goodbye to you before fully getting on. You smiled, waving goodbye back at him. The doors closed, and as it was driving away, Daniel waved goodbye to you a second time. And you did the same, as well as blowing a kiss out to him.
Once the bus left, you walked to the mailbox next to your door ,and pulled out your mail. Obviously, you had to check the fancy letter, which had the Stark Industries logo on it, pressed into the wax holding the envelope shut. You gulped, flipping the envelope over as many times as your hands could, just to make sure it was actually supposed to come to you. Honestly, you were scared to open it. Only because you didn't really ever catch the attention of someone like Tony Stark. But when you opened it, you were met with a surprise.
Dear Recipient, You have been chosen to be the personal assistant of Tony Stark. This is a rare opportunity, that was proven to be life-changing. If you choose to do so, go to the Avengers Tower, at exactly 11:00 A.M. If you are late, there will be someone who arrives at your house and picks you up. We look forwards to seeing you at the Tower, and you will be met with the best of car. Yours Truly, Tony Stark
All the words left your mouth, and your brain was melting. That name, it made your heart race. The richest person on the planet, wants you to go to his tower and if you don't go, he would even go as far as to sending someone to pick you up. There were still a few hours before you had to leave, so you just sat on your couch, eating breakfast while taking small sips from your coffee. At the moment, you were watching Criminal Minds. Your favorite show to watch while your brother Daniel went to school. You're glad your mom left. Sure, it was rocky at first, but you settled into a home and were able to buy some cheap stuff for him. And you were able to feed him. That's all that mattered to you. Although he isn't your full brother, he is your half-brother. Your mom had a habit of going out and partying, and one day she took home a baby and dropped him in your lap, then up and left. People often got confused, since he didn't look anything like you. But you took care of him like he was your whole world. Well, because he is. It had been a few hours. Glancing at the time, you realized that it's 10:20 A.M.
In a hurry, you ran into your house, plucking out the fanciest outfit that you owned from your closet. It was a black suit with a blue hot dog tie. The tie wouldn't do, so you rushed around your room, and eventually found a red tie. You sighed a sigh of relief, then put on the suit gently, piece by piece. The suit was on and you looked at yourself in the mirror for a little while. Good to go. Grabbing your little messenger bag with anything and everything you need, you walked out of the house, making sure to lock the door before you walked to your crummy car. It may be crummy, but it got you everywhere you need. You hopped in your car and took a few moments to turn it on. Once it turned on, you start driving downtown to the Avengers tower. On your way, you noticed there were minimal obstructions. A few minutes of painstaking driving later, you finally made it in front of that beautifully glassy building. There was a spot that already had your name on it, so you decided to pull in there, hoping that wasn't for someone else.
Your hand shook violently as you opened the car door and got out. There you were, in front of the Tower, for a job. You looked up at the tall tower, hoping that you wouldn't ruin this job interview by having to eave early. Because right now, you held a letter that you received from the one and only, Tony Stark. You had no idea how he even got your address, but you decided that it'd be best not to question it or else you'd fall down a rabbit hole of doubt. Like, what if he meant to send it to someone else? After all, you're poor, and you have no business hanging out with genius, millionaire, playboy, philanthropist.
"Here I go." You whispered to yourself, finally taking a step into the building, and wow. The interior made you feel under dressed, and you were wearing a suit and tie.
"Hello! You must be Mr. (Y/L/N), I'm Tony Stark's assistant." It wasn't the usual red-headed Pepper Potts, it was a blonde lady who didn't appear to be wearing any form of identification.
She held out her hand, and you reluctantly shook it, "Uh, I'm hear for the j-job interview," You fumbled nervously.
"Oh! Right this way." She began walking, and you followed her.
As she directed you around, you looked at all the rooms and the interesting paintings. Other people live here, but they're not here. It must be the other Avengers, the ones that aren't at the raft. Prison. A lot could happen at an airport in Germany apparently. She stopped at a door, then opened it, gesturing for you to walk in. You stepped in, obviously nervous to meet your new boss. The door shut behind you, and once you turned around, there he was, sitting at his desk.
"Please, come sit." He said, motioning for you to go over to him.
Nervously, you walked up to him, then sat in the chair in front of the desk he sat at. Tony settled into his chair, and pulled up some futuristic kind of folder, displaying all the things about you. You sat there, fidgeting with your hands in your lap.
"I just want to say thank you for an opportunity here, I promise to be the best assista-" You began.
But Tony cut you off before you could finish, "About that. You aren't gonna be my personal assistant, that's what the blondie in the lobby is for. No, you're going to be my plus one."
"Uhm, what exactly does that mean?" You asked
"Simple, you are going to attend parties and events with me, all my speakings, all of that good stuff. You will be my official plus-one." He explained, standing up and leaning over the desk.
"Oh.." You contemplated it. You'd have to do whatever he wanted, and you had to be his fake husband, "Why me? Why not your assistant?"
"Because if I'm being honest, I have seen you around New York a few times, and have noticed that you are far more attractive than any woman I have ever seen. You are fit, have great hair, and an even greater face. Certainly someone that I'd want to attend parties with me." He confessed.
His words had you red, you could barely even speak clearly, "W-What's the pay?" You asked, looking up at him.
"I'll give you 100,000 dollars per party we go to together, and anything you need I will buy you. You will be treated like my sugar baby. Well, you basically are." He looked down at you.
Sugar baby. The words were interesting. You weren't against it, but you just wondered how good it would be for Daniel. And man, it would be amazing. He'd have everything he needs and more. You looked up at him.
"I'll do it." You said.
"Good." He replied, handing you a card.
"What is this?" You asked, still taking it anyways.
"My personal contact details, just for you," He winked. "You may be on your way now. I'll tell you if you got the job later."
Tumblr media
You walked into the school of your little brother and approached the lady at the desk. She gave you a weird look, obviously confused about how you're dressed.
"Hi, I'm here to pick up Daniel (Y/L/N)." You smiled, trying to ignore her weird looks.
"And you are?" She asked.
"His brother." You said.
She stared at you and kept looking you up and down, chewing her gum quite loudly, then she spoke, "Sign in. First and Last name." She slid a clipboard and pen over to you, clacking her long ass acrylic nails against the keyboard.
Doing as you're told, you quickly wrote down your name, then slid it back to her. She stared at it for a while, right before grabbing a sticker and writing down your name. She extended her hand, giving it to you. Taking it, you peeled the sticker off and stuck it onto your suit jacket.
"He's in room 204. Second floor. Take the elevator, the one on the right." She pointed over, you nodding. Stiffly, you walked away from her and to the elevator. The one on the right. With a ding, it opened up, and you stepped inside. Lady Luck's on your side apparently, because nobody else stepped into the elevator. It closed up and began moving, which did startle you a little bit. It opened back up, you stepping out and walking right to the door of 204. You strolled in, to find your little raven-haired baby, being picked on by some other students. You rushed over, moving the other kids and grabbing Daniel, who had tears streaming down his face.
"What the hell?!" You yelled, catching the attention of the teacher.
"Oh! Is something wrong sir?" She walked up to you.
"Yeah, my fucking brother was just getting picked on by these two brats!" You shouted.
"Sir! That is not appropriate language!" She shouted back.
"I don't care!" You shouted at her even louder. "Daniel is getting bullied and you weren't even paying attention!"
"I-I'm so sorry. Is Daniel okay?" She stepped towards you and him but you stepped back.
Suddenly, a voice from behind you emerged, "Does he look okay?"
You turned around to come face to face with Tony, "M-Mr. Stark?"
"Please, call me Tony. Let's go." He grabbed your hand and exited the room with you. His hand wrapped around yours warmly, it was a great feeling. He pulled you into the elevator and you just stood there awkwardly with your little brother sleeping in your arms. Whenever Daniel cried, he would always fall asleep afterward, because of how much energy it took out of him.
"How did you know what was going on?" You asked.
"I didn't. I just came here to tell you that you got the job, and just happened to walk in on that. He's cute by the way." He answered.
"Thanks. Thank you so much for the job." You smiled at him.
He smiled back, "Your first event is tonight. I will have a car delivered to your home, and you should find a package on you steps when you get home. That would be the suit I bought you to match mine."
"W-Wait, what about Daniel?" You had a look of horror on your face. It was just worrisome.
"He can hang out at the Tower with a babysitter. A very good one, of course." He explained.
"Oh." A night away from Daniel. Could you handle that? Could he handle that? "Uhm, I-I guess."
You need the money. There was no option.
"Alright, good." He said.
The elevator came to a full stop, so you stepped out. You quickly walked to your car and opened the back seat, placing Daniel in his booster seat gently. Then, you closed the door softly and got into your car. When you turned it on, it took a bit for it to turn on, which pissed you off a little. Eventually, it did turn on, so you started driving, trying not to look like you're in a shitty mood. Hopefully, people will just assume that you have RBF. Pressing your foot down on the pedal, you started driving, staring at the road, and gripping the steering wheel like you're about to rip it off. Which by the way, you definitely are. Sleepy murmurs sounded from the back seat, and when you looked into the mirror, you noticed that he was waking up. Your eyes redirected back to the road, and you continued driving. The car was silent, and you were enjoying it as you watched the road. It was one of those rare moments where you get peace and quiet. Now, you do love Daniel and everything about him, but you are 24 years old and have had to take care of him by yourself for all 5 years that he has lived. It can get overwhelming because you weren't able to finish school either.
"Y/N!" Daniel shouted from the back.
"Yes pumpkin?" You always called him pumpkin because his favorite pie is pumpkin pie.
"I'm hungry!" He shouted.
"Did you not eat your snack at school?" You asked, glancing in the rearview mirror every so often.
"I did, but I only ate one because my friends wanted some too!" He smiled.
It warmed your heart so much to know that Daniel is so caring. You hoped that he'd stay that way. Despite everything he's been through, he's always cared for you, wiping away your tears and helping you be a good person too. Thinking about it, it did make sense. Daniel has never met your guy's mother. So, what's there to miss?
"(Y/N), who was our mommy?" He asked quietly.
"Wow, you must be a mind-reader kid," You thought to yourself quietly. Still, you scrambled around your mind for an answer. He saw her for about 2 months, then her drugs took over again so she left. Probably is living with yet another dick head. Another man who plays on little kids. The thought of your assault was always one that made you shudder.
"Why do you ask?" Was the first thing that fell out of your mouth after battling with your mind.
"Well, my friends have mommies, but some of them only have daddies, but others have both." He explained.
It sounded quite thought out from a 5-year-old, "Well, some people don't have any. Some don't even have big brothers like you. They live in orphanages, away from their family. But, be thankful for what you have, because again, some people don't have big brothers."
"Why am I not in an orange-ange?" He asked.
"You mean orphanage, right?" You chuckled a little.
"Yeah, but why?" He asked again.
"Well, because I'm old enough to be considered your legal guardian," You smiled at him as you parked the car in front of the house. "We're home."
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slut4tonystark · 3 months ago
you’re fucking mine
pairing: tony stark x fem!reader
word count (smut and fluff): 2,216 just smut: 1,604
warnings: 18+ SMUT!! lots of smut, oral sex, swearing, possessive sex, choking, ass smacking, uhhh fluff at the end?? but you can skip it (read a/n)
summary: tony’s been ignoring you for the past week and he finally decides to give you some attention. you want it, obviously, but not without you being stubborn and tony dragging it out.
a/n: def not my first time writing fanfic… but my first time writing “x reader” or anything about tony… although if you can’t already tell from my user i love tony so this shouldn’t be too hard lmao <3 if you want to skip the fluff, just stop reading after the second (----) .
You gasped as Tony shoved you, your back hitting the wall. He had his hand around your throat and the other palming your breasts over your shirt as he mercilessly bit and sucked at your neck.
“Fuck, Tony,” you whined as he bit at a particularly sensitive spot on the junction between your neck and shoulder.
He chuckled at your whining, bringing his hands down to the hem of your shirt.
“Mm. That’s what I like to hear. Fuck, baby, say my name again.” he said against your neck, voice tight as he pulled away to lift your shirt over your head. Your bra was already off, as it was your day off and you wanted to lounge around. Tony, as always, had other ideas.
“You’ll have to make me,” you whispered into his ear, biting the lobe as you went down to kiss his neck, fingers wandering down to take his shirt off as well.
His hands gripped your wrists as he pulled away, letting one of them go to bring up to your chin and hold it, squeezing lightly.
“Baby,” he said softly. “Don’t you wanna be good for me?”
You shuddered. You loved it when he talked to you like this, but Tony’s been ignoring you for the past week and you wanted to make things difficult for him. At least a little.
Tony slipped the hand that wasn’t holding your chin under your sweatpants, a smirk growing on his face when he found then you didn’t have any underwear on.
“Oh, sweetheart. Are you sure you don’t want this? You’re fucking dripping for me.”
“I’m - I’m not,” you struggled to say, his thumb brushing over your clit.
“Oh, oh okay, honey.” he said, still smirking and bringing both hands to your hips. He attached his lips back to yours as he guided you to the bed. You fisted your hands in his hair, moaning into his mouth as he ground down his hips onto your thigh.
“Tony...” you gasped as he lifted your hips to rip your pants down, leaving you naked and him still fully clothed. “Please.”
His eyes locked with yours while he crawled up your body to kiss and lick at your breasts. “Do you want something, honey? If you do, you’ll have to ask for it.”
He cut off your retort by taking a nipple into his mouth, sucking and swirling and finally biting, before moving to the other and repeating his actions. You let out choked moans and pleas, but he still didn’t let up and continued to kiss down your stomach.
“God, fuck, Tony, please,” you begged. Tony was kissing your waist and hips and was so close to where you wanted him to be… and then he skipped down to kiss and bite at your thighs.
Your legs were shaking, hickey-covered chest heaving, and tears were beginning to form in your eyes.
“You gonna ask me now, sweetheart?” he asked, your leg thrown over his shoulder as he pressed kisses to the inside of your knee.
Lips trembling, you simply nodded. Tony dropped your leg and shoved two fingers inside of your pussy. You let out a choked scream, back arching, fingers grabbing the sheets at the first touch from him you’d had in forever.
“Words, baby. Use your fucking words or you’re not getting any more of this.” Tony brought himself up over you and smirked
“Please, Tony, please fuck me. Touch me, make me yours, fuck, ruin me. Please. Please.” you begged as Tony wiped the tears that had rolled down your cheeks.
“Fuck, good girl. I’ll make you feel good.” Tony praised. He went to go back down but you sat up and pulled him by his collar up for a kiss. He groaned, hands immediately going to your waist and neck. He bit your bottom lip, and you moaned, your open mouth giving him the opportunity to slip his tongue into your mouth.
Tony bit your bottom lip one more time as he pulled away, lightly pushing you down again before he settled down between your legs. He began to kiss your thighs, but you ran your hand though his hair to pull him up again.
“No, none of that. Just fuck me. Please, baby.” you whined to him.
“Mm. I love it when you beg, sweetheart. But I gotta show my girl how much I love her, okay?”
You opened your mouth to protest, but it was once again cut off by Tony kissing you. He pecked your lips a couple times before pulling back and smirking.
You laid back and spread your legs. Tony kissed you once more before shimmying down your body and stopping between your legs. He gave you a shit-eating grin and a wink before delving into your pussy.
“Tony! Fuck,” you moaned, hands going down to pull his hair. He maneuvered his tongue to lick up and down your slit, occasionally stopping to suck and swirl your clit. He brought a hand up to slip a finger inside you, then another. He curled his fingers inside of you while he sucked on your clit, watching and loving the expressions on your face.
“Tony, don’t stop, don’t stop, please don’t stop, I’m gonna come, please don’t stop, I’m gonna come, gonna come, fuck, I’m coming!” you gasped. Breathy moans and pants left your lips as your shaking legs clamped around Tony’s head. He used the hand that wasn’t inside you to hold a leg down, never stopping or faltering in his pace.
You were trembling head to toe, overstimulation settling in as he continued to attack your pussy. He finally stopped when he felt your hands in his hair slipping. He sat up, grinning as he wiped your juices off of his chin.
“You taste fucking delicious, sweetheart.” he mumbled against your lips.
You moved forward, tasting yourself in his mouth.
“Mm. I do. All for you.”
He smirked. “That’s right. All for me. You’re fucking mine.”
You whined and nodded. “Yours. Wanna prove it to you.”
Tony stepped off the bed to pull down his pants and underwear. Climbing back onto the bed, he tapped your hips.
“Hands and knees, baby, wanna see that pretty ass.”
You quickly obeyed, sticking your ass up in the air for him to see. You heard him laugh behind you, before he brought a hand down on your cheek. You gasped and moaned at the stinging feeling.
You reached behind you to grab his cock and line it up to your entrance. He pushed into you slowly, making your arms and elbows wobble. He filled you to the brim and you cried out, his cock touching the special spot inside of you. You fell forward, still sensitive from your last orgasm. Tony slid his hand up your back to your throat, pulling you back up against him.
“Wow. I fuck you so good you can’t even hold yourself up. Is that it, baby?” he said into your ear whilst slowly pulling out of you.
“Or is it that my dick makes you feel so good you can’t even fucking answer me?” he taunted, slamming into you. You gasped at the sudden feeling, moaning and gasping and whining as he started to thrust into you at a rough pace. He let go of your neck to shove your face down into the bed.
“Fuck, sweetheart. Missed you. Missed this fucking pussy. Missed you wrapped around me like this.” Tony groaned.
You let out incoherent babbling as your response. Tony chuckled and ran his hand along your hip to the front, down to your clit. He started to rub it in in slow circles, then fast, and then slow again.
He continued to pound into you and rub your clit at a relentless pace, never slowing down or wavering. You relished the feeling of you two being so close like this after barely seeing him, feeling his hands all over you, feeling him deep inside you, hearing the filthy words that spilled from his mouth.
“Mm, fuck, Tony, feels so good, I’m close, fuck, gonna come again,” you moaned into the pillow.
Tony suddenly pulled out and flipped you over before sliding back into you.
“Wanna see that pretty face when you come on my cock, sweetheart.” Tony smirked above you, supporting himself on an arm so he was hovering right above your face. His other hand was down by your pussy, thumb circling your clit again.
“You gonna come for me, baby? Gonna fucking come all over my cock and prove that you’re mine?”
“Yes, Tony, yes, I’m gonna come again, gonna come, fuck, yes, don’t stop, oh my god, fuck, Tony!”
Tony moaned above you. “You look so pretty like this. Stretched out and ruined on my dick. Fuck, you’re squeezing me so good. M’ gonna come, sweetheart.” he gasped into your ear, now on his elbow so his body was laying lightly on top of you.
“Mm, yes, baby, fill me up, make me yours, fuck, I love you,” you moaned, voice shaking slightly.
Tony’s hips stuttered, and he spilled into you, groaning. “Love you too, sweetheart.”
He thrust into you a few more times before he rolled you over on top of him, his cock still inside you. There was a few minutes of silence where he’d occasionally thrust inside you to make you gasp, and then you laughed and he’d kiss you.
“You’re ridiculous.” you mumbled into his neck.
He had his hands playing with your hair and running lines up and down your back. “You love it.”
You smiled. “I do.”
It was a while later, you had both gotten dressed and were in the kitchen for a snack. Tony had insisted on trying to cook you something for, quote on quote, “being a good girl for him,” which made you shake your head and turn away, an embarrassed grin on your face.
“Y’know, I’m not complaining, but what was that about?” you asked him.
Tony hummed. “What do you mean?”
You chuckled awkwardly. “Well, uh, you - you’ve kinda ignored me for a week and then suddenly you came up and, well, fucked me senseless, which was good, don’t get me wrong, I loved it, but -”
Tony came around the counter to where you were sitting on the barstool and kissed you to cut off your rambling. “I know. I’m sorry. Are you mad?”
“No, baby, I just wanna know... you kept calling me yours, and like, being really possessive, and it’s great, I love you, but... did something happen? Are you okay?” you asked, putting your hand up to his cheek.
He leaned into your touch, bringing his hand up to lay against yours.
Tony sighed. “It’s - it’s just you’re so amazing, you know? You’re so perfect, and then you’re with me. I’m - I’m just so fucking damaged and you don’t deserve that.”
“Honey.” you frowned. “Here, come sit.” you patted the barstool next to you.
He reluctantly came and sat on the stool, hanging his head.
“Tony. Listen to me. You are not damaged. You’re brave and strong for what you went through and are still going through. I know you think that I’m annoyed by your 3 am tinkering or the fact that you wake up screaming from nightmares. But honey, it doesn’t matter to me. I fell in love with you because of your stupid attitude and all of your nicknames and the fact that you care so deeply even if you pretend not to. Your nightmares and distractions are just parts of you, and they’re parts of you that I love. I will never despise anything about you, or anything you do. Other than when you constantly badger me for kisses when I’m working, but even then that’s just playful annoyance. I love you, Tony. Don’t ever doubt that about me ever again.” you assured him.
You had your hands in his but you pulled them away to cup his face. “Tony. Look at me,”
He looked up at you with tears in his eyes. You brought up your thumbs to wipe away his tears, stilling holding his face.
“I love you so much,” he choked out. He leaned forward and kissed you. It was slow and passionate, until he tried to slip his tongue into your mouth and you giggled.
“I don’t cry often.” he murmured against your lips. “You better not tell anyone.”
“Mm. I won’t.” you teased, pulling back. “I just have one more question.”
Tony coughed and cleared his throat. “I’ll think about answering it,”
You laughed. “If you were so worried about me not loving you, what was with the possessive sex?”
“Oh, well, that. That’s an easy question. When I was in the lab, I stumbled upon a video of you drunk off your ass telling Nat how much you love me.”
“Oh my god.” you laughed and hid your face in your hands.
“You were also describing my dick. You were crying. It was very intense.”
“God, shut up!” you laughed, slapping his chest.
Tony laughed as well, pulling you close again.
“Mm. Tony. I smell something burning,” you tried to say as he was moving his lips down your neck.
He paused.
“Fuck! The biscuits!”
a/n: OMG 2,216 WORDS??? dude so i got way too carried away writing this - i’m still quite proud of it though. let me know what you think!
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tonystarkscumslutz · 3 months ago
Welcome to my MASTERLIST! I write both smut and fluff on this page, and if anyone has any ask's or request's feel free to message me!
Tony Stark
Tumblr media
Pretty Little Thing || 18+
You and Tony have been flirting around one another for way too long, and now? The tension is insufferable, it’s time to make a move.
Pretty Little Thing Pt 2 || 18+
Sinful || 18+
A sinful dress, a lot of alcohol and a taste for each other.. what could possibly happen?
Sinful Pt 2 || 18+
Caught || fluff
After catching a sick bug you found yourself bed bound at the company of your favourite billionaire with a ridiculously big ego.
Language! || fluff, smut undertones
You and tony had been dating for the past couple of months and after a couple of drink’s, you may have confessed to more than you hoped too.
Old friends || 18+
Four years ago she walked away, concentrating on herself. But, today’s shes back. And as they say, old habits don’t die hard.
The Honeytrap || uploading soon! 18+
When a previous weapon of seduction gets added to the avengers, who’s heart is she aiming to capture?
Bitter in Love || uploading soon! 18+
How can the one man who pisses you off like no other be the man you truly want? A cliche enemies to lover’s trope.
Steve Rogers
Tumblr media
Right by the throat || 18+
Steve doesn’t care who’s around, if your being bratty he will always put you in your place.
Hybrid || 18+
You’d been driving steve crazy since you joined the avengers, and finally he got the chance to give you what you really wanted.
Why did it have to be you? || being uploaded very soon 18+
You could’ve had any man, yet the one man who made your blood boil was the man you wanted.
Aaron Hotchner 
Tumblr media
Rossi’s Neighbour || 18+
When the team found you in Rossi’s kitchen with a bottle of wine and a bikini, they were confused. But, you caught a certain someone’s interest a lot more than the others.
Mistaken Identities || 18+
After you get arrested by the FBI, you soon have to come clean to the team that you were deep into a undercover investigation. But, who’s covers do you finally end up under?
Mistaken Identities Pt 2 || 18+
After establishing a secret relationship with the bau’s big bad unit chief the team are itching to find out your mystery man.
Caught Red Handed || 18+
You’d been dating your boss behind the team’s back for quite awhile now, but after a case and back at your hotel room the team find you in a compromising position.
Playing Daddy || 18+
An case turns more than explicit when you and your hot boss have to work together as a sugar daddy situation.
Smart Mouth || 18+
Mouthing off to your unit chief was probably the best choice you’d had since joining the bureau.
The Big Bang || fluff & 18+
After a heated argument with your currently secret boyfriend you end up with a more than PG present left at your office, sounds sweet right? It's not the kind of gift you want to be given at your office, and its not from aaron.
Stare || 18+
Your crush on your boss was getting out of hand, and when he realises why you have distanced yourself? He is more than pleased.
Love & War || 18+
Your neighbour was an intolerant piece of shit, moody and stern and knew exactly how to push your buttons. And did he enjoy it. A cliche enemies to lovers trope.
Spencer Reid
Tumblr media
Many works in progress coming soon.
Peter Hale
Tumblr media
Hybrid || 18+
The big bad wolf can’t resist the sexual tension with him and the new member of the team, a hybrid. The subtle flirty comments, or even the explicit flirty comments had caused a stir. And on the full moon? Temptations caved in.
more works in progress coming soon.
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thelastavenger-3000 · 3 months ago
This might be overdone, but maybe R fawning over Nat's ear piercings?
Paring: Natasha Romanoff x Reader
Warnings: Fluff, Hints At Smut
Her Piercings
The first time you'd seen your girlfriend with all of her ear piercings, it was when you two went to Budapest.
You travelled separately, much to both of your dismays.
She was dressed with combat boots, leather pants, black top and a leather jacket and her hair was braided.
You nearly had to pick your jaw back up when you met her at the station.
She always loved your eyes complimenting her figure and anything about her, but this, she enjoyed much more.
Your always standing on the left side of her just so you can stare at her ear
You wonder how it can make her so much more attractive.
Natasha loves how you admire it, but she loves it when you pay extra attention to her extra efforts in the bedroom
You always pamper her eyes with light kisses over it before travelling down her neck and between her breasts
and if your taking her from behind, she'll beg for you to whisper in her ear what you'll do to her
She loves this because not only does your voice send a shiver throughout her body, but you always kiss her piercings
She'll only take out the ones that dangle when she's away on a mission
You always remind her to not do it for you and if she gets uncomfortable the to let you know
never once did she do that
She enjoys your eyes all over her
Tony and Bucky tease you relentlessly for drooling over her with a low bun and your baggy t-shirt over her in the mornings whilst she makes coffee
Steve said and I quote, 'Because you feel enchanted even more by Natasha.. because of her ear piercings.. do you fondue more?'
Tumblr media
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marvels-wars · a month ago
Dark Steve x Reader 18+
Tumblr media
“I really don’t think he’s in here.”I whispered into my ear piece as my peaked my head around the corner my eyes scanning around the empty hydra base.”He has to be in there this is the last place his tracker pinged from.”Natasha replied causing me to roll my eyes.”I’ll keep looking.”I told her as I ended the communication session my eyes landing on a door at the end of the dark hallway ahead of me.”Steve come on we all know this isn’t how you want this to go down.”I said with each step as I approached the door my hand grasping for the cold metal handle.”You think you know everything about me huh?”A voice said over the intercom marking me freeze as I slowly turned around looking behind me.”Steve give up.”I told him as I saw a dark shadow move silently down the hall making it’s way closer to me until I could see his face.Steve tilted his head to the side as blood dripped down his face.”Your bleeding Steve let me help you.”I offered as I subconsciously checked to make sure my gun was still on my hip.”It’s not my blood.”He said coldly a smirk creeping up onto his lips as si fought the chills that were trying to crawl up my spine.”Let me help you Loki has you under mind control.”I pleaded as he stepped closer to me his eyes looking down at me as his hand gripped my arm tightly causing me to pull my gun out only to have him slam his fist against my face.”Don’t even try it bitch we both know you wouldn’t have the heart to pull the trigger on me.”He snarled as he grabbed my waist making me fight against him as he slammed me against a neat by wall knocking me unconscious.
When I opened my eyes I was in the room at the end of the hallway.I watched silently as Steve stepped threw the door closing it behind himself causing the metal door making a loud thud as it closed sending an echo threw the base.”I knew you would come looking for me.”Steve said as he sat infront of me while I fought against the rope that tied me to the metal chair. His hands gently ran across my chin as he leaned closer to me.”I want to help you Steve.” I told him as he wiped some of the blood off of his face using the back of his hand. “You will help me don’t you worry baby girl.”He said as he crouched infront of me.”I need you to get me into the Avenger tower I need Loki’s staff.”He said while grinning.”Never.”I replied causing him to raise his hand hitting me across the face as I yelped.”Don’t be stupid we both know you’ll do as I say because that’s all your good for isn’t it princess”He said to me as he leaned down pressing his lips against mine in a possessive kiss his tongue pushing against my lips causing me to moan softly.”You’ll do as I say won’t you.”He said breaking the kiss as he towered over me.”Yes.”I said as he grabbed my neck tightly making me gasp.”Yes sir.”I said correcting myself warm tears pricking the corner of my eyes.”Good girl you always listen so well.”He cooed softly as he released me from his grasp.His hands ripping the rope from my wrist letting me fall to the ground with a whimper. “I can’t have you going rouge on our mission maybe I should remind you who owns you.”He growled kneeling next to me setting his hand on my thigh.”Steve please.”I begged as he slowly moved his hand up to my clothes core. “You soaked your uniform I can feel how wet your pussy is threw your gear princess.”He chuckled leaning down to kiss me as his hand slipped into my pants.”Who do you belong to slut.”He growled as he pushed his fingers into me making me moan.”You sir all you only you.”I cried out as he started kissing my neck.I started to pant as he unzipped my uniform exposing my nipples to the cold air.”Please Steve.”I begged again as he leaned now slowly licking and biting my nipples causing me to gasps in pain his fingers curving inside of me with ever thrust.”You gonna cum like a good girl.”He asked me as my body shuddered.He chuckled licking his fingers clean”Good girl you follow orders so well.”He cooed as he grabbed my face making me look him in the eyes.”Open your mouth.”He growled making me open my mouth quickly for him I moaned as he leaned over spitting into my mouth with a smirk. I watched as he stood up slowly making his way to the door.”Don’t worry doll I’ll be back for you.”He said as he made his way into the hall way locking the door on his way out.
Check out the Master List:
Join the Discord Family
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patheticallysentimental · 4 months ago
Pairing: Tony Stark x Reader
Summary: Getting a rise out of Tony is too easy.
Warnings: 18+ NSFW Smut, D/s relationship, swearing, spanking
WC: 4k
Tumblr media
It started as you were waiting to board the quinjet.
A deep sigh turned pleased groan as you began to stretch yourself out, bent at the hips to stretch your hamstrings, gripping the backs of your calves with a sigh and holding yourself there for a moment. Then, a counter stretch: pulling yourself up straight and then backwards, craning your back and tilting your face to the heavens, chest rising and falling. The shape of your tits defined by tight lycra.
You heard him scoff. You bit back your smile.
“A bit early for warmups, no?” You could almost hear the rolling of his eyes. Too easy.
“Just trying to be prepared, Stark,” you smiled politely, looking over your shoulder at his grumpy expression. His response came in the form of his faceplate snapping closed. To hide his leering, you bet. Your ass looked good in your stealth get up.
He was worried about what the rest of the team might think of him, fucking the new recruit. Half his age and only a year on the scene. Tony had a reputation and didn’t want your arrangement to be viewed as a conflict of interest. There was also an added element of protectiveness over you that the team had naturally fallen into. You were the baby of the bunch - in your early twenties, bright eyed and bushy tailed. A pretty little thing too and you knew it. You had learned quickly how your looks could get you what you wanted and had perfected the art of playing it up to incite the desired reaction. You read like prey from first glance - doe eyes and pouty lips - but your quick mind knew how to work a situation. You knew your power.
And Tony, as sharp as he was, had learned that quickly too. Had taken in your pretty act and raised a careful brow, immediately calculating your character: you were a force to be reckoned with. You could look after yourself. You didn’t need protection. You were a lion, not a lamb.
“Thought you could wrap me around your little finger, didn’t you baby?” He growled, crowding you back against the wall and slipping his thigh between your legs.
Your grin was devilish. “Got you where I wanted you, didn’t I?”
Tony sneered, fingers bruising your hips as he dragged you down to grind against him. “I think you need to be put in your place.”
You didn’t think Tony had anything to worry about - not really. Sure, Rogers would bitch and moan for a while. Pepper would probably cause Tony a bit of strife. But when you put your ex in charge of your company, you should expect some friction, right? Natasha knew - go figure. She didn’t give a damn. So really, you were entitled to rub yourself in his face a little before you rubbed yourself off on it behind closed doors. He wanted to keep you a secret? He deserved the ongoing sexual frustration.
“Gotta be quiet now,” his breath was hot against your ear, cock stiff against your ass. “Or do you want them all to know?” He delivered a slow push against you, letting you feel how riled up he was. “Want them to know that you’re not the sweet little flower you make yourself out to be?” You whined, palms spreading flat against the wall in front. “Want them to know how desperate you are for me?”
Your next move took place on the way to the drop point, once the jet had stabilised and you were free to move around.
“Hey Stevie?” You cooed, laying it on thick. You caught the quirk of Tony’s head from his seat in the back corner, free of his suit now which was secured in its holder. “I’ve got a crick in my neck - can you rub it out for me?” Poor Rogers, heart so big that it turned him blind, happily came to you and got to work. Natasha smirked from across the room and you averted your eyes to fight off your own.
Tony shifted when Steve’s heavy hands began to work out the knots in your shoulders, firm thumbs massaging down your neck. Oblivious as he was, Steve started up conversation with Clint, giving you the opportunity to flick your eyes mischievously in Tony’s direction.
He was clenched. Angry. Dark eyes brewing up a storm.
“Ugh, a bit harder, yeah? You don’t have to be so careful with me.”
“No problem,” Steve acknowledged offhandedly before getting back to his conversation.
Tony cleared his throat, primly crossing one leg over the other and settling in to watch the show. Refusing to back down. The downwards tilt of his mouth said you were in for it. And oh, you couldn’t wait.
The mission didn’t require the whole team to go in - a quick in and out, the less noise the better - so while Natasha, Clint and yourself snuck closer to the site on foot, the rest of the team stayed put in the jet. You had just separated from the others, edging around the perimeter, when there was a crackle in your comms.
“What are you playing at?”
You didn’t let the sound of his voice distract you from the task at hand, deftly but quietly taking out one of the security.
“Working. What’s up with you, Tony?”
“This is a direct line - no one else tapped in. Cut the bullshit.”
A direct line? Oh, you couldn’t help yourself then.
You sighed, letting your cunning grin roll out over your lips. He was definitely watching you through his surveillance tech. “Don’t know what you’re talking about, honey,” you hummed, letting a little extra swing fall into your hips as you made your way to the HYDRA base. Sidling up along the side of the building, you scouted the area before relaxing back a touch. "You looked a little tense on the jet. Are you okay?"
You adjusted your position when you heard footsteps and stepped further into the shadows.
“You’re in trouble when we get back,” he growled. You grinned winningly, fingers moving to rest on your earpiece - you couldn’t be off air from Nat and Clint for too long, that was serious poor form.
“Lucky me,” you smiled before tapping back into the main comms line and landing a swift kick to an unsuspecting guard’s jugular. “South side is clear.”
After the extraction, you climbed back aboard the jet and took a seat next to Tony, pleased smile set upon your lips as you buckled up.
“You happy?” He murmured, a warning in his tone.
You sighed, settling in for the ride back and shrugging cockily. “Very. Everything went to plan, like usual.” Your double meaning wasn’t lost on him. His jaw ticked.
“You might be getting ahead of yourself, sweetheart.”
“Oh sweetheart, look at you,” Tony sighed, fingers skimming over your cheeks, then the edges of you lips where they met his cock. “So pretty.”
You moaned around him, opening your eyes as you drew your mouth up his length, tongue flicking over his slit. He was still clothed, saved for where you had pushed his track pants down beneath his ass so you could get to his cock. his hair was damp from a recent shower and falling into his eyes.
“You love this, huh?” He grinned, bunching the hair at your temple in his hand and pulling you back onto him. “I shouldn’t be surprised. You’re so filthy, aren’t you, baby?”
Bruce had cooked up a fragrant meal by the time you all got back to the tower. The team happily took their plates and took seats around the common area. You followed, aware of the dark presence looming behind you like a shadow.
“I’m heading upstairs,” Tony said to you quietly over your shoulder. You turned to admire his brooding expression, a tell of what he had planned. “You're coming with me.”
“Actually,” you began to back up towards the group, “I think I might have a wine or two.” Your attempt at a calm smile fell flat when his face darkened further, anger vibrating from him in waves. You forced yourself to push past your apprehension. “I’ll catch you later, yeah?”
You turned before he could bite back, excitement thrumming in your chest.
“You’ve been such a bad girl lately,” Tony said quietly, reaching to take his mug out of the cupboard in his penthouse then turning to the coffee machine. “Maybe I should spank you.” He chuckled.
You tensed involuntarily, eyes zeroing in on his face at the words. Arousal tugged at your core and you squeezed your thighs together underneath the breakfast bar.
He looked up in your silence, tired eyes turning bright at the look on your face. “Oh...” he laughed, turning to face you properly, biting down into his smug smile. “You want that, do you?”
You tried your best to hold out for as long as possible. Tried to get sucked into conversation with Thor - usually an easy thing to do but it was obvious that your mind was elsewhere. Thor checked out with an affectionate pat to your head, disappearing into the kitchen.
“I can see your mind racing,” Nat plopped down beside you on the couch, tucking her feet beneath herself. Her eyes were knowing, like usual.
You smirked, squinting over at her. “You know, don’t you?” Of course she did. Nat was like a locked vault full of the team’s gossip. She loved it.
She rolled her eyes, delicately sipping at her wine. Her red hair shined warm under the soft lounge room light. “Obviously.”
You sighed, stretching your legs out along the couch and resting your feet on her thigh. “You gonna tell?”
“And ruin the fun?” She shot you a disapproving look. “You know I won’t.” Yeah, you knew she wouldn’t. The reassurance was nice though. “Just be careful.”
Your brow raised, surprised. “You don’t think I can look after myself?” Rich, coming from another of the powerhouse women of the group. If anyone would understand what you were like, you’d thought it would be her of all people.
She took another sip of her wine. “I’m not talking about your feelings. Be careful of his.”
It was a warning, thinly veiled as advice between close friends. You knew that Nat loved you but it had always been clear where her loyalty lied. Tony and her had a quiet but tight friendship - she was looking out for him. And funnily enough, it was the first time the thought had crossed your mind - that Tony could be vulnerable to hurt from a fling. Because that’s what it was, right? A fling. Just - a long, drawn out fling.
His touch was tender this time. Slow and gentle as it trailed down the side of your face and along your neck.
“My pretty little toy,” he sighed, the tip of his nose brushing along your own.
You frowned, folding your arms and hugging yourself. “I wouldn’t hurt him.” You looked back to Nat’s knowing eyes, “I don’t want to hurt him.”
“I know. Just be mindful,” she patted your leg before pushing them off her lap, “Now go. It’s obvious you have somewhere else to be.”
You laughed, pushing yourself to your feet. “Obvious to you, maybe.”
“Everyone else here is functioning off a single, shared brain cell.”
“Right,” you smiled, looking up to see Bucky throw his fork across the table at Sam. You fought back another laugh. “Thanks for the insight.” She hummed, relaxing back into the couch.
You bid goodnight to everyone before slipping into the elevator.
“Mr. Stark has requested for you in the penthouse. I’ll take you there now.” FRIDAY’s voice informed you before the lift began to rise, leaving little room for choice.
You smiled, leaning against the cool, metal wall and cocking your hip. “Do I get a say in that, FRIDAY?”
There was a stretch of silence.
“I’ll take you there now.” She repeated, forcing a giggle from your throat. Anticipation curled inside your chest, leaching down between your thighs.
He had been so mad earlier. More riled up by your actions than you’d ever seen before. The fire in his eyes excited you. Tony had always been creative in the bedroom - it was what had made you stick around in the first place - and you couldn’t wait to see what he had planned.
When the door slid open to Tony’s floor, you were buzzing. You almost expected him to be right there, waiting for you, but the room was dark and quiet.
“Tony?” You called out, eyes scanning his living room urgently.
A clink came from the kitchen. You rounded the corner carefully, finding him pouring a drink - just one for himself. “Could I have a whiskey?” You asked politely, leaning against the entry. It was so quiet. Each and every movement he made highlighted, your breathing emphasised and filling you with nerves.
He refused to look up at you, instead capping the bottle of straight and moving to put it away, ignoring your request. You rolled your eyes and folded your arms in front of your chest. “So you’re giving me the silent treatment? Fun.” You had to fill the silence somehow, had to get the ball going. The tense energy was beginning to wrap around your throat.
He looked at you - finally - and took a considering sip of his drink, dark eyes taking you in. You were still dressed in your tac gear, although you’d pulled down the zip at your throat just slightly, given yourself more room to breath earlier. His eyes focused on that spot in particular, jaw twitching.
“Strip,” he said, voice soft and dripping with authority. Your nostrils flared.
“Here?” You asked, raising a brow and cocking your hip, unable to keep yourself quiet and still. You knew you should just do what he said, let him take control and give you what you had been working him up for. But you were nervous. Weren’t ready to give it up just yet.
He raised a brow, completely unimpressed. He turned away again. Ignored you again.
You huffed, fighting down your pride and nerves and doing as he said. You pulled down the zipper at the front of your uniform, peeled off the tight material from your arms and legs, left yourself in nothing but your underwear.
Still, no reaction. He was pottering away at the sink. You wanted to scream.
Instead, you went a step further, ridding yourself of your bra and panties and kicking them away, placing your hands on your hips and waiting. Waiting for a reaction, an order, fuck - some interest, even.
He glanced over after a moment, expression disinterested like he was checking the time. He hummed, placing his glass down on the counter and pushing himself up to sit on the granite, eyes working over your form. “Are you going to listen to me now? Or are you going to keep carrying on?” He asked airily, lifting his glass to his lips again.
You stayed quiet, forcing a deep breath. The chill of the room was forcing goosebumps to break out over your arms and thighs, nipples pebbling at the cold.
He tilted his head, “Well? Are you going to behave?”
You swallowed heavily. Sometimes you wondered if Tony possessed a secret power, one that allowed him to soak up all the focus and authority of the room. He did it so naturally, like it was as easy as breathing. Demanded respect with the set of his shoulders.
“I’ll be good,” your voice had turned frail, thin and crumbling like ash. You held your hands in front of yourself, squeezing your fingers together to fight off the urge to snark back at him.
He squinted his eyes your way, seemingly deliberating whether you were telling the truth or not. He finished off his glass and hopped off the counter, then began to amble up your way. “I don’t think I believe you,” he sighed, tucking his lips in disappointment. He wandered closer, properly drinking your down with his eyes. You could see his mind firing, sparking with ideas at the sight of your naked form. You wanted to reach out, pull him near and press yourself against him.
He sidestepped you, casually wandering around your place until he was out of view. You kept your eyes forward and focused on your breathing. “I’d say that I can’t believe the way you acted today but that wouldn’t be true,” he said, voice close. “In fact, I wasn’t surprised at all. Isn’t that sad, sweetie? That I’m so used to your bad behaviour?” You closed your eyes, a deep surge of arousal throbbing in your pussy that made you clench your thighs together. “And you’re still being bad, even now,” he sighed, disappointment soaking his tone. He kicked the inside of your ankle lightly. “Legs apart.”
You held back your noise of complaint, stepping your feet apart. Cold air played across your wet pussy, making you shiver.
“See, I’ve tried putting you in your place. Whatever I’m doing doesn’t seem to be working though, does it?” His voice was close to your ear, breath dancing down the back of your neck. You mindlessly tipped your head forward, entranced by the feeling.
Your head was pulled back sharply, harsh fingers in your hair making you cry out. “I asked you a question.” He growled.
You whined, trying your best to recall his words but coming up short, adrenaline blurring your focus. “I’m sorry!” You whimpered.
“Yeah, you should be,” he grunted, letting you go with a push. You stumbled with a gasp. “You’ve been so bad. I almost don’t know what to do with you.”
You were positively soaking at this point, adrenaline shooting through you. For once, you didn’t want to push back against Tony’s word because - well, fuck, it seemed as though he was finally giving you what you’d wanted. You listened as his footsteps moved away from you then stopped, the sound of him settling into the couch taking place. You kept your body locked facing away and tried to calm yourself down while you waited for his words.
“Come here.”
You went to him eagerly, pausing in front with excited eyes, fiddling with your fingers. He smiled slightly, “You’re so quiet,” he commented, relaxing back onto the couch and appraising you. “Everything okay?”
Despite the sinister edge to his voice, you knew he was checking up on you. Making sure that you were okay with how things were moving. You’d never tried anything so structured with him - usually your interactions consisted of hastily pushed aside clothes and quick releases. You nodded, squirming slightly, “I’m good.”
His eyes darkened again, smiling falling. “Good. Come here then.”
He pulled you down onto his lap, manoeuvring your body to lay out across his thighs, ass tilted up. “There you go,” he hummed, palm smoothing from the top of your spine, down over your back, then squeezing at your ass. “I want you to tell me what you did today that was so bad.”
You struggled to focus on his words, too caught up by the feeling of his hands finally on your skin. “I um,” you sighed, tilting your hips into his touch, “I teased you.”
Smack. His hand came down hard, shocking a cry from your mouth. Fuck.
“Mmm, you did tease me. Stretching yourself out in front of everyone where I couldn’t touch.” He smoothed his hand over the place he had just spanked. “What else?” He sounded so controlled. Like he could sit there all night, talking you down, making you squirm. He sounded like he was enjoying himself.
You tucked your face into your arms and took a deep breath in preparation. “I let Steve touch me.” Two hits this time, sending you cowering away from his touch, pelvis pushing hard into his thigh. You moaned, squeezing your thighs together and twisting in his grip.
“Stay,” he growled, making you still your movements. “You didn’t just let him touch you, did you?”
“No,” you whined, “I asked him to-“
You cried out loud at the next strike, skin prickling with sensitivity.
“That’s right. You asked Stevie to touch you,” he mocked your earlier words. “And made me watch.”
“I’m sorry-“ you gasped at his hands massaging you flesh, blooms of pain at each point he pressed.
“Then what did you do when we got home? Tell me.”
You braced yourself again, thighs clenched, “I didn’t do as you said - Tony!”
He spanked you, once, twice, three times, all delivered to the crease where your ass met your thighs, sending you into a moaning, gasping mess.
“I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” you groaned, arching your back and squeezing your eyes closed. His touch, however soft it had turned as he petted your ass, had you flinching in sensitivity and anticipation.
“It’s okay, baby,” his tone had changed drastically, practically cooing in your ear. “You’re gonna do as I say now, aren’t you? Hey sweetheart?”
You whimpered out an agreement. His fingers dipped between your thighs, slipping between your folds with ease. He chuckled at how drenched you were, dipping a teasing finger inside of you. “So this is what you wanted, huh? This whole time?” He curled his fingers, making you groan. “You wanted someone to properly take care of you,” he stated simply, like he’d finally figured it out. Finally understood.
You hid your face, feeling exposed, emotionally and physically. It was a lot to process.
You had been pushing him, testing his limits, trying to manipulate him towards what you wanted. Snarky, sassy attitude and teasing, so much teasing, all to incite a rise from him. As prideful and secretive as you were, you didn’t want to have to go ahead and tell him. You just wanted him to naturally step into the role that you craved. Call yourself an optimist. Or just - emotionally stunted, maybe. You had almost started to believe that he didn’t have it in him. But fuck, the way his hand held the back of your neck, two fingers twisting into your cunt, you could finally give in. You’d got him where you wanted. Finally.
Your release was nearing quickly and violently, curling up in your core and forcing your moans higher and louder. “Tony, fuck-“
“I know baby,” he breathed, picking up the pace of his hand. “It’s okay, let go for me.”
You clawed at the couch beneath you, wriggling away from his hands as your orgasm shattered through your body, switching your skin into a hyperdrive of sensitivity. Gentle brushes up your slit sparked against the aftershocks of your release until you were twitchy and breathless. You whined, twisting away from Tony’s touch slightly.
He chuckled breathily, giving your ass as affectionate squeeze before pulling you up to sit in his lap, sideways with your legs stretched out. You tucked your face into his neck and twisted your hands into his shirt. His gentle touches, smoothed over your legs and back, carefully guided you down from your high.
He hummed, scratching at your scalp tenderly. “Was that what you were after?”
Gosh, he was so clever. How he could read you so well, when almost no one else could, was beyond you. “Yeah,” you sighed happily, pressing soft lips to his jugular. “Thank you.”
His hand dipped to squeeze your ass, smacking lightly and making you jump. He chuckled.
“Think you can thank me properly?” He asked. Cocky bastard.
You were suddenly very aware of the hard bulge pressing against the underside of your thigh. You arched your back with a grin, raking your teeth against his neck.
“Make me.”
TAG LIST: @another-stark-sub @letsby @boop-le-snoot @littlegasps @agustdowney @mostly-marvel-musings
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fantqsha · 3 months ago
Kind of a sad angsty one but could you do preferences of Steve Rogers, Rhodey, Bruce Banner, Thor, and Tony looking for their teenage daughter who got dusted after everyone was brought back from endgame and seeing them again for the first time in 5 years?
seeing their daughter after 5 years:
Tumblr media
pairings: steve rogers x daughter!reader, james rhodes x daughter!reader, bruce banner x daughter!reader, thor odinson x daughter!reader, tony stark x daughter!reader
side note: setting would be in tony's lakeside cabin.
warnings/tags: angsty, fluff, crying – lmk if i missed any!
♡ steve rogers
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
gif by @something--mcu
— after the battle, steve immediately came looking for you. he had opened almost every room in tony's cabin before hearing your voice, “are you done saving the world now? i get to have my dad back?” he dropped everything in his hold to take you into his arms. he could feel his clothes getting wet by your tears, but he didn't care. he's just happy he got his baby back.
♡ james rhodes
Tumblr media
gif by @axle211
— rhodey didn't even need to enter the cabin when he saw his daughter standing outside, waiting for him. like steve, he dropped everything when his daughter started running towards him. he grunted when he felt the impact of her colliding with his body. “i'm so glad you're okay.” and she knows he's just as happy as she is.
♡ bruce banner
Tumblr media
gif by @sgwbeag
— bruce waited outside the cabin, while tony went in to fetch his daughter. when she was snapped, he was still bruce, but now, he is hulk, but he can fully control what he does. though he still doesn't know how his daughter would react. when he finally saw her, she felt like crying. not because she saw hulk, but because she finally got her dad back. “can i hug you?” bruce picked her up gently and she threw her arms around his neck as he gently patted her back. it was quiet. none of them spoke. they didn't need to, they just know.
♡ thor odinson
Tumblr media
gif by @go-fandom-imagines
— after losing his home, his brother, and a friend, thor knew better than to expect so much. especially when it comes to people he loves, but there's still a part of him hoping that his daughter would be there, waiting for him and thankfully, she was. she was there, waiting for her father with tears brimming her eyes. as soon as she saw him, she immediately ran towards him and threw her arms around him. “please don't go again.” he placed a kiss on her head. now that she's the only one he got, he will do anything to protect her.
♡ tony stark
Tumblr media
gif by @tonystarkstudies
— “took you long enough.” was the first thing he heard from his eldest. “well, i'm sorry i was busy saving the world.” even though he was tearing up and his voice was cracking, he still managed to settle for a sarcastic response. of course, he would. as he held his daughter in his arms, he could feel her body shaking with every sob. “i swear i'd never let you eat cheeseburger if i lost you again.”
Tumblr media
i can't believe i actually forgot i don't write for rhodey. 💀
likes and reblogs would be greatly appreciated! and please, leave some feedback or reply; completely up to you!
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youlightmeupfinn · 23 days ago
Lazy Mornings 》 Tony Stark x Reader
request: Tony Stark x fem reader, morning sex? In my mind, Tony is a shameless cuddler in the mornings and it leads to really romantic sex with his loved one
a/n: i freaking adore Tony Stark. i kid you not, when i first got heavily into Marvel, Tony was always my comfort character. i adored the Iron Man story arc and everything it entailed... he'll always have a piece of my heart and this was beautiful, thank you for requesting! ❤️
summary: Tony would never admit to his fellow Avengers that he loved to cuddle. But Tony's idea of cuddle sessions leads to lazy and cute morning sex.
warnings: smut 💜
**my requests are open!**
main masterlist
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tony would never admit to any of his fellow teammates, but he was a cuddler first thing in the mornings. It would begin with him stirring awake before you, usually, the two of you turned the same way, or sometimes you would find yourselves facing each other. Either way, Tony would find himself inching closer.
His arm would drape across you, pulling you into his side. A hum of delight would pass between your lips as the warmth of Tony’s arm would find you. Snuggling your face closer, the position would soon change and Tony would become the big spoon, holding your back flush against his chest.
Tony presses gentle, lazy kisses against your exposed shoulder, making you smile. Keeping your eyes closed because you didn’t want the adoration to cease, your sweetheart would find himself trailing his fingers across your arms.
Making his way down, Tony would slip his hand underneath the shirt you wore, usually one of his. He’d discover you shuddering under the simplest touch he offered your skin, especially when his hand moved to cup one of your breasts, massaging it in gentle circles.
A sleepy and aroused moan would slip from between your lips, causing you to wiggle your hips against him, earning a sweet groan to utter from his mouth.
“Babe,” He whispered against your ear, his hands finding their way to your thin shorts. Pushing his fingers underneath the hem, he would discover your arousal already prominent in his hands, the luscious heat you produced causing those filthy thoughts to assemble in his mind. You smiled to yourself, your mouth falling open as Tony would slip his fingers into your profound wetness, earning a heart-stopping whimper to fall from your trembling lips.
Your sweet cries would fill the room as Tony basked in the sight of you beginning to grind your hips with an added force, the want for him seeping in between his fingers. And just as he would find himself pushing you over the edge with the subtle insertion of his fingers through your slick, he would maneuver his way out of the boxers he wore. He’d skillfully pull your lace and shorts down your legs, pushing them to the edge of the bed with his feet.
With your back still to him, Tony would take it upon himself to lift your leg and stroke your entrance with his tip, earning a delicate moan to fall as you grip the sheets in your hands. Soon, Tony would find himself buried in your pretty cunt, thrusting himself into you at a depth that had you writhing.
Finding your hand behind you, you tangled your fingers around the back of his neck, his lips pressing against the flesh.
“Tony,” You moaned, rocking your hips against his as he increased his speed, feeling your tight walls clench around his throbbing length, his grunts muffled into the crook of your neck. “Right there, oh, please don’t stop,” The words trembled from your lips as you tightened yourself around him, your whimpers being thrown into the silk pillowcase your head laid on.
Tony took your words and put them into action, ensuring he held a steady pace, his thrusts allowing him deeper inside.
“So beautiful,” Tony moaned against your soft skin, biting your shoulder gently as he moved to kiss the back of your neck.
Soon he would find you releasing a deep moan that sent you teetering off the edge completely. Tony found himself releasing into you, the warmth of him completely causing a wave of relaxation to wash over you as your eyes blinked, sleep removed.
He’d slowly pull himself out of you and turn you over so his brown orbs could pool into yours. Reaching above you, you brushed your fingers across his stubble, smiling to yourself.
“Good morning, handsome.” You giggled underneath him.
Tony smiled and leaned forward, pressing his lips against yours, capturing your mouth for a heart-racing moment. Tangling his arms around you, he’d pull you onto the warmth of his chest, your fingers drawing circles across his shoulders.
“What a way to start our Saturday morning,” He smiled, knowing how well he did. You adored waking up to him like that. It puts you in the best mood for the entire day, no doubt.
“Perfect way…” You smiled, lazily kissing him once more.
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reidssweatervest · 10 days ago
Wishful Thinking (Part 2)
⚣pairing(s): Tony Stark x Male!Reader
warning(s): Age Gap (Tony is 48, and the reader is 24), Alcohol Mention, Light Smut, Making out, Undressing, Implied sex.
summary: Your mom left you and your little brother when you were 19 and he was just born. Now that you guys had moved out of the bad part of town, you go job-hunting every day. One day, you are met with an interesting opportunity. But, it doesn't end up being quite what you expected.
preface: You have your first event with Tony, and the night takes quite a turn for the two of you.
word count: 2.6k
A/N: Guess who's back?!
ALL DIVIDERS BY @firefly-graphics
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You adjusted your bow tie, staring at yourself in the mirror. Were you really about to do this? Well, this would be great for you and Daniel. So yes, you were. You have to. There isn't a question about it. You fixed your hair and threw on some aftershave, finishing up. Right on cue (as always), Daniel flew into your room.
"(Y/N/N), I can't find my bunny hat!" He walked over to you and pulled on your suit jacket, pouting.
"That's because you left it in the bathroom, I have it right here." You grabbed it and put it on him, making his face light up.
A smile surfaced on your face slowly as you watched how he jumped around the room and pretended to be a rabbit. Moments like that are what made you remember what you're working for. His happiness. If you give him what he wants, then you can keep him happy. A honk sounded outside of your home, so you grabbed your little to go back for Daniel—and you grabbed Daniel himself—then walked out the door, not forgetting to lock it. A brunette man was standing outside of the shiny black car that stood in front of your house.
"Right this way, Mr. (Y/L/N)," He smiled, then opened up the door for you.
You got into the car and put Daniel in the booster seat. There was no doubt in your mind that this car was from Tony Stark, cause there was even a small pin in the front with his logo on it. You knew you were in the right car. His Chauffeur got back in the car and looked back at you.
"Hello sir, I'm Happy Hogan, your driver for tonight." He said, and handed you a card with his contact information. "For emergencies."
You smiled, "Uh, thank you Mr. Hogan."
"Please, just call me Happy." He nodded his head towards you before turning around and driving off from your little house.
"Alright.. Happy." You said, not knowing what to do or say.
So, you just looked out the window, listened to the traffic of the city at night. It sounded like Daniel was asleep, so you looked over and checked on him. He was okay, just staring out the window too. Absolutely smitten by the beauty of the night. You worked an obscene amount of hours at your day jobs and shit, so you didn't have any kind of opportunity to take him out and see the city. Yes, things in the City are expensive as fuck, but it's even more expensive to try and fly to somewhere with a lower cost of living. Sure, you could drive, but your car is so close to clunking out you're surprised it hasn't already.
The car stopped moving, and looking out the window, you can tell that you're at the Avengers Tower. You got out of the car and walked over to the other side, opening the door and picking up Daniel. His big brown eyes were awestruck, staring at the Tower. The lights reflected off his adorable eyes, giving them a cute glow. Happy got out of the car and motioned for you to follow him, so you did. You and Daniel followed him into the Tower.
"So where's-" You were about to ask where Tony is, but he suddenly burst out of a room, making you jump.
"Tony? Right here." He smiled, then his eyes wandered over to Daniel. "Is this the little guy?"
"Yeah." You smiled back at him.
Daniel hid behind you, so you knelt next to him and whispered to him, "Danny, this is Tony Stark. Iron Man."
The words that came out of your mouth made his eyes light up, "Iron Man?!" He shouted.
"That's right little man." Tony said fist-bumping him. "I usually don't do fist bumps, but you're pretty awesome."
Daniel jumped into the arms Tony, and he surprisingly accepted it. Usually, Tony didn't like kids, but something about you and this kid made him like you guys. Something about you specifically was special to him. You stood there, smiling at how he and Daniel interacted.
"I think he likes you," You whisphered, chuckling softly.
"Well, I like him too." Tony whispered back.
Tony placed down Daniel, and the babysitter walked over. "Okay little guy! I'm Emily, your babysitter!"
"Bubba, this is Emily, and she will be watching you while I go out with Tony, okay?" You said, looking at him and hoping he isn't about to explode and have a tantrum.
Luckily, he didn't. Instead, he stared at you for a while, his eyes gently flickering between you and the brunette man that stood next to you.
"But.. I don't want a babysitter.." He looked down at his feet, and you frowned.
You began humming the Danny Phantom theme song because it's always been his favorite. After all, they share the same name, "He's gonna catch them all because?"
"He's Danny Phantom.." He mumbled.
"C'mon pal, I can't hear you." You said, wiping the ears that started welling up in his eyes. "I promise I'll by you a chocolate bar."
"He's a phantom!" He said excitedly. Chocolate bars usually do the trick.
"I'll be back in a few hours, okay?" You pinched his cheeks a little, making him laugh a bit.
"Okay!" He hummed, then walked away with Emily.
You stood back up and looked at Tony. "Alrighty, I'm ready now."
"Well, I gotta get dressed real quick." Tony replied, then walked away. Suddenly, he stopped. Confused, you tilted your head. "You're supposed to come with me."
"Oh," You said softly and quickly began following after him.
He continued walking, while you still mindlessly followed after him. Finally, you guys made it to some sort of dressing room, that you assumed he probably has plenty of. Tony removed his shirt, and you found it difficult for your eyes to tear away from the scar on his chest. You never knew much about him, just that he's a genius and he's rich. But there is always a bigger picture.
"What's that scar from?" You asked, pointing to the prominent scar on his chest. To be honest, you kinda wanted to touch it.
"From this thing called my Arc Reactor. A few years ago I was in an accident where I got kidnapped. Pieces of shrapnel got lodged into my chest, and I built the Arc Reactor to prevent from the shrapnel getting into my heart and killing me. But, I found out how to remove the remaining pieces from my chest, and now there's no need for it." He explained.
You frowned. "Does it hurt?"
"Not anymore, no." He answered. "If you wanna touch it, you can."
You hesitated a bit, but then walked up to him. For a moment, you just stared at it, wondering what it would be like to lay your head on his chest. Or what it'd be like to just lay in bed with him in general. You raised your hand to his chest, feeling the scar gently. Your fingertips brushed over the skin on his chest, almost migrating down to his stomach, where he had perfectly constructed abs. Before you could do anything, you zoned back into reality, removing your hand from his chest. Even though you had done so, when you looked up, your face was close as hell to his. Still, you didn't move your face. Every bone in your body wanted to move, yet your mind seemed to have different. Your mind wanted to kiss him. Just press your lips against his gently, letting him hold you in his arms, never letting go. You weren't sure where these new feelings came from, you just knew they existed. And you weren't sure you wanted them to stop. A knock on the door caused the both of you to jump, and look at it. It was just Happy. He hadn't opened the door, but you knew it was him because of the bare-knuckle knock he had given.
"Just give us a second!" Tony shouted.
"Okay, boss!" Happy shouted back from the other side of the door.
Tony continued to get undressed as you gathered his clothes. He was completely undressed when you turned around, and you took your time on dressing him. You slid the arms of his undershirt on his body, then buttoned it up ever-so-gently. After that, you put his tie on gently, the color matching the bow that you wore. His eyes softened as he stared at you intimately. You've never had someone stare at you the way that he did, it made you feel like he has feelings for you. Maybe, just maybe, he does? It was a question that had crossed your mind a million times ever since you got the job. Under the right circumstances, you would date him. He's kind, and he treats you with the most care. And not to mention, he's amazing with Daniel.
"You ready?" He asked.
You nodded, so the both of you exited his changing room. Happy escorted you guys out of the building and into a limousine outside of Tony's Tower. You haven't seen one up close, so you were a little bit shocked, to say the least. Shocked that you get to ride in something so amazing. Tony opened the door, and let you get in. You stepped in the limo and awkwardly sat down. He sat next to you, then placed a red pair of sunglasses on. You could tell you're already in for quite the long night by how in-your-face the media is when it comes to Tony.
"Don't be nervous." He said.
What is with people constantly knowing what you're thinking about? It's probably written all over your face in all honesty. You nodded, staring down at your shoes and the shiny spots on them. Tony placed his hand on yours gently, threading your fingers together. You looked at your threaded hands and subconsciously squeezed his hand very tightly.
"I'm not." You replied, your voice weary.
"You sound nervous." He tilted your chin up to look at him, causing you to blush hard. "There's nothing to be nervous about."
You gulped, your eyes never leaving his, not for a second. "O-Okay."
Suddenly, all your worries went away and you felt like you could depend on Tony for the rest of your life. The car suddenly came to a full stop, and you stared at the building where his event is being held. The beating in your heart became louder as your eyes redirected over to several photographers waiting to take pictures of Tony Starks new 'Mystery Lover'. Everyone assumed that his new lover would be his blonde assistant, but they are gonna be very much mistaken. Tony opened up the door and hold your hand, stepping out slowly while you just sat in the car, your hand still in his. He looked at you and nodded, so you took a deep breath. Finally, you got out of the car, and an array of flashing lights made it your way. Flashes came from every angle, so Tony pulled you in his arms and hid your face from the cameras. It was good with you, because he just walked in the building slowly, trying to be considerate of the fact that you're in his arms.
"This is embarrassing." You mumbled.
"It gets better, no worries." He reassured you.
His reassuring tone certainly made you feel a lot better. You sucked it up and pulled away from his chest, allowing the paparazzi to fully see your face. Voices shouted at you from every direction, desperately trying to catch your attention. Wanting to know who you are, and several other invasivequestions. You ignored them, just holding onto Tony's hand. You finally got into the building, and wow. The interior was beautiful, really It mesmerized you, how everywhere you looked there was a beautiful sculpture. The marble walls and the fancy painting made you feel like you were out of place. But Tony quickly reassured you that you're okay with him. Keeping you safe like he should.
Tumblr media
You stood in the corner of the room, watching Tony and how drunk he is. Tony happened to stumble upon some drinks and got a bit too drunk. You were a bit drunk too, just not having as much fun as Tony seeing as how you stood in the corner, taking small sips from your very luxurious drink. You stood up from your corner and placed your drink down as you walked over to Tony, grabbing his arm.
"Tony, we should go home, I'll call Happy." You said.
He walked up to you and rested his head on your shoulder, taking you by surprise. In an attempt to support his body, you wrapped your arms around him tightly. You pulled out your phone and dialed Happy's number that you memorized from the card he gave to you previously. A few seconds of ringing later, and Happy answered you.
"Hey Happy... Tony is drunk and we need a ride back to the Tower." You smiled weakly.
"Got it." Happy said, then hung up, like he'd been in a situation like such.
His hanging up was quite sudden, but you lowered your phone and put it away. You dragged Tony outside with you and Happy was luckily right there, just in time. Made you feel like he never even left. Good thing there's no need to sit on the curb with a very drunk Tony Stark. Happy took one look at Tony, then stumbled out of the driver's seat and rushed to open the door for you.
"Thank you," You smiled at him as you shoved Tony into the car.
Happy nodded his head and closed the door when you stepped into the car. Tony's head was rested on your lap, so you decided to just soothingly play with his brown locks. This whole thing wasn't anything new to you, because you've had your brother sleeping on your lap before. In a way, it brought you comfort. Not because you thought of Tony as your little brother, but because you liked caring for people. It must just be in your nature. Luckily the event building isn't too far from the Tower, so you guys made it back in about 15 minutes or so. Once you got there, you got out of the car and had to carry out Tony. He had fallen asleep in the car, so Happy helped you bring him up to his bedroom. You took Tony's shoes off, his suit jacket, and his tie. After that, you gathered all the stuff and put them in their respective places.
"Hey (Y/N), can you come here?" Tony asked you.
You nodded, then walked over to him, "What do you n-"
And all of a sudden, he pulled you down, capturing your lips in a passionate kiss. At first, you were taken aback, but then, you began melting into the kiss. He pulled you on top of him slowly, and you followed his movements, more than okay with the situation you've been placed in. Tony slowly moved his hands down your thighs, and your lips dance a dance you would soon become familiar with. The kiss grew more heated, and as it did, you both worked on removing each other's shirts. Your guy's sounds of pleasure filled the room, your bodies practically melting into each other. When his hand migrated to his pants, you stopped him.
"Tony, you're drunk. Are you sure you want this?" You asked him quietly.
"Never been more sure in my life." He reassured you.
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"Forget it. Just like you forget everything else."
Tumblr media
Requested: No
Warning: None
Pair: Tony Stark X GN!Reader
You and Tony had been together for a few years now and things started off as amazing as ever but recently you didn't know what to do.
Tony had started to forget things, cancel dates and sometimes it felt as though he was ignoring you. Not even for missions, that you would be able to understand, but last minuet meetings and dinner with old friends that left you sitting at a table alone was really starting to hurt.
You thought you could handle it thinking that all you had to do was be patient. Tony was a business man and a superhero of course he would be able to dedicate every minuet of his time to you, but you just snapped, it was your birthday and Tony had promised that he would spent the day with you.
"This meeting is important." Tony sighed.
"Oh please as if you haven't canceled 'important' meeting for a nap." You replied. "If you didn't want to go you wouldn't be."
"What is with you these days?" Tony asked. "If you don't have every second of my time you throw a temper tantrum." He snapped glaring at you. flinching at not only the harsh works but also the look you had never seen before.
"I never complained Tony." You whispered. "Not about the canceled dates or the blowing me off or even standing me up. You promised that I could have this one day, ONE day." You glared back at him fighting to hold back the tears that were threatening to spill.
"Forget it. Just like you forget everything else." You muttered turning away from the man.
"What?" He asked.
"Nothing." You replied. "Better get to that meeting."
You hear him let out a sigh before his walks to the elevator, leaving you alone once again.
____________________Later That Night____________________
Tony and Pepper enter the tower after the meeting heading to the elevator.
"That went surprisingly well." Pepper said smiling slightly as they enter the elevator pressing the buttons for their separate floors
"Surprisingly?" Tony asked with faux offence. "I'm always on my best behavior."
"Please Tony." Pepper scoffed. "If that was true I'd be out of the job."
The elevator dinged notifying the pair that they had arrived at pepper's floor.
"I'll see you on Monday Pep." Tony said as the woman stepped off the elevator.
"See you on Monday Tony." Pepper replied. "And say Happy Birthday to Y/N for me."
Stopping the door before they could close Tony stared wide eyed at his CEO. "What?" He asked making sure he had heard correctly.
"Today's their birthday right?" Pepper asked. "What did you guys end up doing for that 'special day' you promised them?" She asked.
"Oh you know." Tony replied brushing the question off standing back letting the door close.
"Sure...Have a good night Tony." Pepper said walking away as the doors finally closed.
Making his way up to the top floor that elevator door open to a dark room. walking into the lounge he sees no sign of you having been there for a while. Heading to the bedroom expecting to find you there asleep in the bed wondering if maybe you had waited up for him or maybe the argument you had earlier had left you emotionally drained causing you to crash.
Opening the door he find instead an empty bed not slept in at all, the closet door was wide open and upon farther investigation he finds all your things gone.
"Friday." Tony called looking around the room frantically.
"Yes boss."
"Where is Y/N" he asked rushing out of the bed room thinking that maybe you had decided to sleep in another room needed some space.
"There is not indication of Y/N in the building at this moment." The A.I. replied.
"Where are they?" He asked once again entering the lounge once again.
"I don't know boss the system shows them leaving the tower about 25 minuets after your departure."
"What about after they left the tower?" Tony said. "Track their phone and send the location to my suit." He ordered walking over to the outer deck of the tower preparing the suit.
"I'm afraid Y/N phone remained in the building after they left." Friday informed. "It's currently on the kitchen counter."
"Run facial recognition through every camera from here to Brooklyn...check for any hits on their credit cards or ATM activity from their accounts."
"Right away."
"Let me know the minuet you find them." He ordered staggering over to the sofa and falling onto the couch as his knees go weak.
Friday searched for weeks, months but nothing every came up. What did he expect you had watched him find people before, you had talked with Natasha and Bucky about their time on the run, you knew exactly what to do to in order to disappear.
Tony was left to replay all the time he had canceled a date, or forgotten to show up to a dinner, thinking about all the time he could have spent with you.
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wandaswifeyforlifey · a month ago
Natasha: Do you want to do this the easy way or the hard way?
Tony: What's the hard way? Security roughs me up a bit then chucks me out?
Natasha: No, that's the easy way. The hard way is I stomp the shit out of you myself
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charliedawn · 6 months ago
How would they react if you were to marry someone else? (Warning : I love writing sad stories)
Tumblr media
" I'm so happy for you. I hope that you'll have the best life together. You deserve it."
He smiles and pretends that it doesn't hurt him as much as it really does. After having spent so many times doing it, faking perfect happiness has become easy for him. He loves you, he always loved you..but now, he has to see you at the arm of another man/woman and it takes all of his willpower not to cry. He knows he can't do anything, but he still wishes that you would see..see how much he cares and would do anything to be that person by your side. But, he will not be as selfish as to tell you how he truly feels. He wants you to be happy. He thought Peggy would be the only person that he would ever want to see smile everyday, but that was before he met you. He wants you to be happy, this is why he doesn't want to be selfish and deprave you of that wonderful smile by actually saying how he truly feels. However, when the music starts and you don't find your husband/wife anywhere, he decides to step up. He stands in front of you with a gentle smile and a welcoming hand.
" May I ?"
You smile back and nod in agreement before taking his hand. You start waltzing and many people leave the way, as if they know..they know that this man is the one you should have married. Unfortunately, it seems that you hadn't gotten the memo in time, as you were the only one who understood too late..But what hurts the most ? It is that he seems genuinely happy for you. That smile tortures you. He wipes your tears away, tears that you hadn't felt rolling down your cheeks. He smiles again and you close your eyes, everything to stop looking at that smile..Suddenly, you feel someone tapping your shoulder. You open your eyes wide to see your husband/wife that addresses you a soft smile before glaring at Steve that glares right back. He crosses his arms, but finally says with a stern warning.
" If you hurt her/him..I will hurt you."
He simply states before turning around and walking away. You look at him walking away and can't help but chuckle as you remember something that Tony had said long ago.
" That is America's a**"
Your husband/wife looks at you with widened eyes, as if you had gone crazy and it only makes you laugh harder. Maybe you had ?
Tumblr media
" This is quite the ceremony..In my 107 years on this planet, I don't remember ever being invited to a wedding."
"Too bad that my first had to be yours", he wants to add, but he had promised himself to behave today. He sits down and hangs his head low, not finding the strength to look at you again. He is afraid of what he'll find there..worse of all, he doesn't want to see pity..Nothing is worse than pity. Because, he knows he doesn't deserve it. However, your hand appears in his peripheral vision and he is forced to look up at you.
" Bucky Barnes, may I have this dance ?"
You ask and his eyes widen in surprise, looking around for your husband/wife to intervene. But, you're alone for now and he takes your hand. You yank him out of his seat and he finds himself smiling as you laugh when you both nearly fall under his weight.
" Come on, Barnes. Help me here. Get up !"
He laughs before finally getting up and you smile before dancing with him. At some point, you tenderly get some locks out of his face behind his ear and he grazes his lips over the top of your hand, a simple kiss that has more meaning than everything you had experienced so far. However, your husband/wife arrives and shatters the moment by taking your hand for a dance. Bucky has just the time to whisper something in the shell of your ear that makes you feel cold to the bone.
" I lost.."
He simply says, staring right at you with tears in his eyes and a small sorrowful smile. He feels terrible and knows that if he had acted sooner, you would have been his. But, he waited too long. He doesn't want to let you go without you knowing what he feels about you. He lost..He will never be the man who you will run to in your darkest moments, he would always remain Bucky, the best friend. You look at him, he looks back at you and you know..You know what those words mean. You smile sadly. Maybe..It could have been. But, it is too late now, and Bucky knows it. He smiles back too with tears rolling down his cheeks that he quickly wipes away. Nobody understands in the room, not even your husband/wife, but you do. You do. And, that's enough for him.
Tumblr media
Many thought Tony was crying because he was moved, little did they know..Tony Stark was crying because he hadn't realized until you showed up in your wedding dress how much of an idiot he had been for not acting sooner. He could convince himself and others that he was a genius..but at that moment, he felt like the dumbest of them all. He wants to be that person that is holding your hand and kisses you gently while you exchange rings. He thought he had time, even when you said that you were getting engaged..He thought it wouldn't last. He had even tried to pay the man/woman to leave you alone. But, it is over now. He knows that there is no turning back. You're gone..and you would never be his. This is why the great Tony Stark was crying. However, he forces himself to smile now and laughs as he stands up to make a toast.
" I guess it's my turn. To Y/N L/N, the woman/man that is always willing to go the extra mile. The heart of the team. The person that always sees the bright side in people. You are one of a kind and nothing less than special. My only regret, is to have not noticed it sooner.."
He smiles at you and chuckles before raising his glass.
" I wish you nothing than what you deserve. Happiness. Happiness for now and forever."
You smile and raise your glass as well. The music soon plays and your husband/wife takes you hand to have the first dance. However, somebody else grabs it first and you turn around to see Tony that winks cheekily to your partner.
" Too slow. Don't worry, I may borrow you lovely bride/groom for five minutes, but you'll have them for the rest of your life."
You smile as your partner reluctantly lets you go. You follow Tony that succeeds in surprising you with his moves. He notices and chuckles.
" Didn't know I had moves like that, huh? Guess I can still surprise you.."
You shake your head and laugh while arking an eyebrow at him.
" Surprised that you know how to dance ? Nah. I've seen worse. In fact, I'm surprised you didn't crash my wedding with an helicopter screaming "I object !" before kidnapping me. Ah.."
The scene is so detailed that Tony wonders if you had imagined it, wished it even ?
" Would you have followed me ?"
He asks seriously, in a almost hopeful voice and you smile, almost dreamily, but your answer is as serious as his question.
" To Hell and back.."
Another proof that Tony Stark is an idiot: he had thought of it. He had thought of crashing your wedding and carrying you bridal style out of this downright ridiculous wedding..but he had hesitated. He is about to tell you that the alternative is still possible when he sees your husband/wife making their way to you. He closes his mouth. He has no right to take you away from them. He smiles one last time before kissing your forehead.
" Go back to your prince/princess, sweetheart..They deserve you the most."
Tumblr media
" I'm fine..I'm fine."
He says to whoever asks him, so much that he starts actually believing it. However, it is another story when he sees you walk the aisle and can't help but have a lump in his throat as he contains his tears. Here you are, as beautiful and surreal as the first day he met you. Your kindness radiating from you so much that it almost hurts him to see how perfect you are. He wants to chase those thoughts from his head, he wants to stop loving you..But he can't. Just one look at you, and he knows that he is not fine. He is far from fine. His other half wants to get out an rip the man/woman that dared take you away from him, but he won't let him. He is not a monster, and he won't allow you to see him as anything else than nice inoffensive little Dr Banner, especially today. It is killing him to see you with such a smile that seems so genuine. To think that it is supposed to be your happiest day, and it is his worst. It only gets worse when you ask him to be your first dance..He is not a good dancer, he knows it. But, for once, he'll go beyond his safe zone and let you bring him to stand up and dance with you. Thankfully, you mostly take the lead and go slowly. He doesn't know what to say, so he just stays silent, admiring you. You look up at him and he can't help but smile back. Soon, the song is over and he opens his mouth to finally admit what he has always felt for you. But, other words come out.
" Congrats, Y/N..I'm happy for you."
Lies. Lies. He is not happy, he is miserable. But, he won't admit it, not when you smile at him and embrace him tightly like that..He finds that he has trouble to breathe. He knows that Hulk wouldn't let him, but he truly feels as if he is dying. He forces himself to smile as you take a step back and walk towards another guest. He follows you with his eyes before walking away. He should have known, who would ever want a monster like him ?
Tumblr media
" You have a mighty warrior by your side. The best of them all. Be sure to make them happy and Y/N? I wish you many great adventures and..and.."
For once, the great Thor is lost for words. He is happy for you, but something in his chest burns. He should be happy as it is a joyous moment, but he can only fix his cup with uncertainty. You are one of his best friends..He should be happy for you, the words of encouragement and congratulations should flow from his mouth. Thor is not one to pass on good wine, but still, he is as sober as he ever remembers himself being. He can't drink, his lips are parched, and still..He feels as if he is drowning. He glances at you and sees the same uncertainty in your eyes.
" I love you.."
The words get out before he can ever register them and the whole assembly falls silent at his confession. Both you and your partner open your eyes wide in shock at his confession. You are about to say something when Thor starts laughing and shakes his head.
" I love you as a brother/sister and I wish you all the best that this world has to offer !"
The whole assembly seems to buy his last minute addition, including your partner that seems to relax beside you. But, you are no fool. You've spend enough time with the North god to know when he is lying. However, you don't know what you would have said, you were so eager to respond..but in truth ? You don't have a clue on what the good answer would have been. You stand up and face Thor that seems taken aback when you take him by the hand to the dancefloor. When you're sure that nobody would overhear your conversation, you whisper.
" What the heck were you thinking ?! Confessing like that today?! Out of any days?!"
He wants to deny, but he only lowers his head in shame.
" Forgive me, my friend..I shouldn't have said anything. It was selfish on my behalf. Forget I ever said anything. I wasn't thinking straight, too much wine.."
He quickly adds at the end, hoping that you would buy this excuse. For a moment, your eyes seem to scan his face for any clue that he was lying..But then, for a second, he sees a glimpse of disappointment that quickly disappears, replaced by a smile.
" I see.. No worries. Everyone makes mistakes."
You finally say before walking away. His heart tightens as he watches you leave, going back to him/her. That person that he shall never be..He forces himself to stay stoic in front of the many guests that wanted to talk to him, but he can't help to steal quick glances at your beauty, from afar. Thor is not one to cry, he is a hero, heroes don't cry. But, he can't help but shed a few tears as he knows that this is what he will ever be allowed to do now, steal glimpses at your infinite beauty that blinds him every single time. Funny, he always thought that Asgard was the most resplendent thing in the galaxy..guess he was wrong.
Tumblr media
He wouldn't come. He can't. He is a mess since the day you told him. He would stay locked up in his room and only follow the ceremony on a TV screen.
" It could have been me..It should have been me !"
He screams before punching the screen and finally leaning down on his bed. He cover his eyes with his hands to hide his tears from the world. He dreamt of the day you would be dressed in the most beautiful silks, but for him.
" Oh my sweet..To think that those tears of joy are not for me to admire..Tell me, if I had had the courage to ask you ? Would you have said yes, little Midgardian ?"
He asks the broken TV screen wistfully and laughs humorlessly before looking at his shaking hands. Suddenly, he closes them into fists and screams at the top of his lungs, he screams his regret and the pain he feels at knowing that you would be happy without him. When he stops, he feels his sore throat and hiccups a laugh that turns into a maniacal laugh. Who is he hoping to fool ? You wouldn't have said yes..Who could ever say yes to such a monster ? He closes his eyes and makes a clone appear at the dinner. He thought you wouldn't notice him among the crowd, but you do and he freezes. Finally, you smile warmly at him and make your way to him through the crowd. He hadn't planned on talking to you, he just wanted to see you one last time. However, he still forces himself to smile courteously and takes your hand to kiss the back of it, like a prince in those fairytales that you used to read him when he was in his cell..
" You haven't changed, prince Loki..To think 5 years passed already. I thought you were dead, I mourned you.."
You say in an almost accusative tone, but he only answers with a small shrug and a smile.
" Timelines, my dear..A very complicated thing."
You nod absent-mindedly at his answer before wrapping your arms around him. He takes a shaky breath before slowly raising his hand to gently pet the top of your head.
" I'm sorry it took me so long to get back to you.."
" I'm sorry too."
You reply with a sad smile that makes his heart sink. But, before he could ask what you were sorry about, you partner comes and asks for a dance. You smile apologetically at Loki before taking the hand of your husband/wife. Loki stays still, the question still lingering in his mind..Sorry ? Sorry for what ? He clenches his jaw and shakes his head. It doesn't matter. It is too late now..He is too late. His clone vanishes and Loki comes back to his room, sad and now, destined to be alone forever..
Tumblr media
" You look so gorgeous/handsome. I can't believe you're getting married. He/She better treat you right, alright ?"
Scott would be happy for you and hide his sadness behind a smile. He would look at you with tears in his eyes, thinking of how you look truly amazing in that dress/smoking/whatever suits your boat. He would act like you best friend until the end, even walking you to the aisle if you ask him. He's so proud of you, but at the same time can't help but feel a pang in his chest, knowing that he is not the one waiting at the end of said aisle. He would also stay by your side afterwards during the dinner.
" Was it like that with Cassie's mother ?"
You ask him and he takes a shaky breath before answering you with a small sad smile.
" Oh no..It wasn't so fancy. You got yourself quite a deal with that one. He/She seems to be an extremely good catch."
You laugh a little before turning your head away to discreetly wipe your tears.
" I guess I should consider myself quite lucky then, huh ?"
You both laugh, but it sounds so fake and unnatural that you immediately stop. You then look around for your husband/wife as the music starts, but do not spot him among the crowd. However, Scott stands in front of you with his hand outstretched towards you.
" I may not be the best dancer, but would you do me the favor ?"
You look at his hand for several seconds before taking it with a genuine smile.
" Of course."
He smiles back and you start dancing around. However, when you finally stop, you realize that you've been staring too long at him and him at you. For a moment, you think he is about to kiss you, and you would have let him..But then, your husband/wife arrives with a smile and wraps their arm around your waist possessively. Scott understands the message and smiles one last time at you before taking a step back and letting go of your hand. You open your mouth to talk, but quickly close it..What could you possibly say ? But, he doesn't seem angry, he just sniffles and makes it sound like it is the emotion of finally you getting married.
" Oh wow..I guess I overstepped, huh ? Sorry..They're all yours."
Scott then walks away, his heart shattering even more with each step he takes and you sigh while your partner leads you away.
Tumblr media
" I guess that congratulations are in order."
He says while flying down next to you and taking your hand. You smile up at him and he seems to not find his words. He had repeated them. But, just looking at your face, and other words fall out of his mouth.
" I'm sorry. I can't seem to be able to find any will in me to congratulate you."
You snort. Of course..
" You have an awful lot to learn about humans, Vision..But, I don't blame you. I wouldn't be able to find the will to congratulate myself either."
He frowns, confused, and tilts his head to the side, trying to decipher your words.
" But..It is your wedding day. The happiest day of your life."
He replies while slowly dancing with you in the air until your husband/wife asks him to get you down.
" Is it ?"
You reply before laughing humorlessly while staring right back at him with your eyes glassy, as if you're about to cry. However, you only smile one last time before following your husband/wife that leads you to another guest. Vision watches you leave and feels his brain working, still trying to make sense of your words. Suddenly, he seems to understand and closes his eyes, feeling something painful in his chest, even though he knows nothing is physically wrong with his body.
" I see.."
He finally says. He doesn't know for who he says it, maybe you, maybe himself ? For a being whose name is Vision, it took him a while to see the truth.
Tumblr media
" You're the father of the bride/groom ?"
One of the guests ask him as he saw Dr Strange walk you to the aisle. He doesn't want to be rude, it's your day. He fakes a smile before nodding half-heartedly.
" Something like that.."
The guest is obviously not a close friend, or they would have known that your father had died/wasn't there. He glances at you and finds you staring at him. You quickly look away when you understand that you've been spotted. He wishes his feelings could be only translated as fatherly/brotherly/friend-related love..But, unfortunately, his heart had decided to play with his emotions. He had hoped for so long that his heart would listen to his brain that was finding every possible reason for him not to crash the party and take you away..He had had many occasions to lose his mind, falling head over heels for you isn't the one he thought would finally break him. It is eating him alive. He is so absorbed in his thoughts that he doesn't see you, making your way to him. You gently tap him on the shoulder and he turns around to see you with a Cheshire-like grin.
" Shouldn't I have my first dance with my father ?"
He rolls his eyes dramatically at the last word before he retorts.
" You heard that, huh ? But you still don't hear me when I tell you to wake up for your training each morning.."
You laugh before taking his hand and leading him to the dancefloor. He can't help but smile when you start laughing at the sudden change of music..
"Beyonce. How convenient.."
You mimic his voice and he sighs loudly in fake exasperation.
" I should have known..This is why you wanted me to be your first dance. You had planned it all, you little devil."
You laugh mischievously before it slowly quiets down and you look at your shoes as you admit.
" That..but I also wanted you to be my first dance..You're the only family I have left, Strange. You, and the Avengers."
His heart beats a little too fast for his liking at your words and he admonishes his heart for being so sensitive..He takes your chin between his thumb and index to tip your face up, in order for you to look at him. When he sees that you are crying, he feels his heart stop and his mask crumbles. He allows himself to cry as well and you open your eyes wide in shock. Doctor Strange. The man that had gone through countless hardships such as a car accident that made him lose the practicality of his hands, wars, a face to face with a god, who had literally died, is now crying at your wedding. The irony..You hide your face in his cloak that seems to understand and hides the both of you for a moment. You feel safe in Strange's arms and want to stay hidden in his cloak forever, but you then hear the noises coming from outside, the voice of you partner among them. You force yourself to smile and wipe your tears. You then look up at Strange, but he doesn't need you to ask, he lets you go and you leave the safety of his arms to return to the ones of your beloved partner. Stephen can just stare at you until you both disappear among the crowd. He is still crying and his cloak tries to wipe them as well, but he shakes his head.
" Don't..It is the only thing I have left from her/him.."
Tumblr media
Hawkeye doesn't know why he came..He knew it would break his heart to see you in someone else's arms..But, he still came. Thankfully, he has Natasha by his side. She stays next to him and he laughs bitterly as he tells her.
" My arrow didn't work it seems. The right speed, but not the right target.."
She smiles sadly at her best friend before putting her head on his shoulder compassionately.
" Don't sell yourself short. One of them hit right."
He looks up at you and laughs humorlessly at Natasha's way to comfort him.
" I don't know what is worse ? Her/Him marrying someone else or her/him not marrying at all ?"
Natasha laughs, but it is as fake as his.
" Who knows ? Maybe it wasn't meant to be ?"
Clint nods, even though he can't help but disagree with Natasha. From the first moment his eyes fell on you, he knew you were the one. Unfortunately, he had to compete with super soldiers, geniuses and gods..Who was he to ask you for a chance ? A guy with arrows..The answer is so obvious, the reality so brutal that it hurts. But what hurts the most ? It's that at the end, you had chosen another human, a human with no superpowers, no inhuman strength, not even arrows..Only human. To add to his shame, your smile that seems so genuine as you make your way to him.
" Barton, may I have this dance ?"
You ask and he looks at Natasha for help, but she only busies herself with her drink as she stands up to leave.
" Have fun you two.."
" You traitor.."
He mouthes at her while you have your face turned and Natasha barely surpresses a laugh. He then puts a smile back on when you face him. You smile back as he takes a the lead and starts waltzing around with you. You seem so happy, he feels as if tears are about to spill from his eyes. He bats them away just in time. He couldn't let you see him like this, not now, not ever..
" You know, Clint..There was a time where I thought it would be you.."
He opens his eyes wide in shock at your admission as he looks down at you, unsure if he had heard you correctly. But, you nod in confirmation.
" You heard me..I really thought you would be the one wearing a tuxedo and sweep me off my feet. But, it seems Robin Hood only exists in novels and I am no damsel in distress.."
He doesn't know what to say, so he only lightly squeezes your hand to urge you to continue. He knows it won't change anything, but he wants to know nonetheless. However, you only smile sadly before looking up at him with eyes prickled with tears and stand on your tiptoes to kiss him on the cheek.
" Girls/Guys can dream, right ?"
You then walk away and leave him dumbstruck as he processes what you had just admitted. Not only would you have been satisfied with any human beings, you would have been satisfied with him. The knowledge hurts more than anything and he can only sit down on a nearby couch, tears rolling down his cheeks now. One single thought running on loop through his brain : he could have been enough. He could have been enough..
Bonus : Your reaction
You wait a little bit before walking towards a room where you could finally be alone. You stay with a smile plastered on your face on the way there, keeping the facade for the sake of convenience until you are in said room. Your smile slowly turns downwards and you lean against the door, letting a big sigh out of your mouth as you look at the ring on your finger. Here. It was done. But then, why does it feel so painful ? You slide down and bury your face in your arms to sob as quietly as possible. He had danced with you, he had nearly confessed to you..but didn't. And the worse part is ? If he had asked you to follow him, even then, you would have followed him without any hesitation. You had once thought that he would be the one by your side forever..Guess you were wrong ? You sniffle before opening the locket hanging from your neck where a small picture of him is hidden. You smile tenderly at the picture before taking the locket off and pondering what to do with it now ? You have to forget. He is only a dream, a beautiful dream..but a dream nonetheless. Heroes like him belong to the world, not you. You take a shaky sigh before wiping your tears away and smiling again. You had married someone that loved you and that you loved, you should be happy..But then, why does your heart seem so eager to prove you wrong, beating wildly in your chest out of protest ? You close your eyes and let one single tear roll down your cheek one last time before letting the locket fall from your hand on the floor as you stand up. You then put on your fake smile again and open the door to step out.
I had to listen to so many sad songs to do this. Hope it was worth it.
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tonystarkscumslutz · 3 months ago
tony stark x reader
Pairing: tony stark x reader
Summary: after catching a sick bug you found yourself bed bound at the company of your favourite billionaire with a ridiculously big ego.
Word count: 2.2k
Warnings: not many, fluff, teasing, heavy flirting, slight explicit tones & tony being tony.
Not my usual type of one shot, but here we are!
Tumblr media
Too say you weren't feeling well was a total understatement, you'd fought the toughest competitors alongside the avengers and still managed to come out unscathed but a stomach bug was literally turning you into a whimpering mess.
It had started in the middle of the night, scrambling around in the dark to your en-suite to sit with your head in the toilet bowl for the next 2 hours.
And this morning had been even more a graphic mess.
Your team members had come to find you at one point, and found you head first in the toilet with your hand holding up your long hair.
It wasn't a pretty sight.
Natasha immediately grabbed your hair to help you, and Wanda and the boys all went on a search for your comfort items and tried to make everything comfier and nicer for you.
Wanda had grabbed your favourite blanket and fluffy hot water bottle.
Steve had set your huge tv screen up for you, and turned all your heating to a higher temperature because you had chills.
Bucky and Sam had gone to the store to grab your favourite snacks.
Clint and vision went to the nearest pharmacy and got you everything you needed to subside the pain and sickness.
Tony and Bruce had been out this morning, which you were definitely glad of. You didn't want to see the man you fancied seeing you with sick in your hair.
After you'd finished vomiting for the 5th time, the team helped you into bed and got you comfy, and medicated. All staying with you to watch a film to keep you company.
The team were your family, and you appreciated everything they did for you.
Your bed was an extra king size so it easily fit most of the team on, vision and Wanda were sat on the sofa next to your bed, and Sam and Bucky laid on the end, Clint was sat against the bed on the floor where Steve and Natasha had you wrapped up between them.
Steve was literally one of your best friends, nothing more would ever come out of your friendship purely because you spent your days secretly drooling over a certain stark.
''We are gonna leave you to get some rest my lovely.'' Natasha cooed, as the team slowly started to get up.
''You need some sleep doll.'' Bucky smiled, patting your leg as he rolled off your bed.
''Buck's right, as much as I love you.. your looking a little rough.'' Steve grinned, making you let out a croaky laugh.
''We aren't all super soldiers.'' You teased, before immediately stopping as the laughter hurt your stomach.
''We will come back and check on you soon.'' Wanda smiled, giving you a small kiss to the cheek and followed the rest of the team.
''Bye!'' Sam, Clint and vision all smiled and waved in unison.
''Bye guys, thankyou so much, love you all.'' You smiled, before curling back into your cushion as the door shut behind them.
''Miss y/n, shall I inform Mr Stark that your ill?'' Jarvis' voice suddenly spoke, the noise making you jump slightly.
''Is he home?'' You asked, a small part hoping that he was.
You and Tony constantly flirted and teased each other, but he definitely didn't know about your hidden infatuation. After all, what idiot falls in love with a playboy?
''Not currently. I'll let him know for when he get's back for you.'' Jarvis sounded, as you gave a hum in appreciation before lying back into your pillows.
Whatever vision and Clint had gone to get you, it was definitely helping. It subsided all of your pain nearly, except from a low ache that still remained and it had managed to stop your vomiting being so frequent.
Your stomach now hurt as it was empty, the only thing you were vomiting was stomach acid.
You decided to finally tuck into some of the food the boys had got you, starting with ice cream as it was light.
''Would you like to pick a movie miss y/n?'' Jarvis asked, making you smile slightly.
After all, you spent most of your time watching Netflix.
''I want something that'll make me feel better jar, what'd you think?'' You mumbled, taking a spoonful of caramel crunch ice cream. 
''Tony could help with that.'' Jarvis suddenly spoke,  a small smirk managed to escape your lips.
''Did you just make a joke?'' You asked, quirking a brow in amusement.
''I am capable.'' Jarvis replied, making you chuckle lightly.
''Is there anyone around?'' You asked.
''No Miss y/n, some of the team are in the training room and the rest are at the other side of the compound.'' Jarvis answered.
''Show me something with Stark in.'' You mumbled quietly, slightly embarrassed by your ask.
''I could just call Mr Stark.'' Jarvis responded.
''NO.'' You spluttered, ice cream falling down your chin.
You did not want him to see you like this.
Your hair was down, but all loose and messy.
Your eyes had black bags under them, and your face and lips were slightly puffy.
Not to mention you were dressed in his favourite t-shirt which you had been vomiting in for the past 12 hours.
''I'll find all tv, news and interview excerpts of Mr Stark.'' Jarvis finally responded, before your tv began playing clips relating to your favourite billionaire.
It had now been half an hour since you had started binge watching clips of your team member, you were currently watching his tv broadcast showdown with the senator and his panel in the argument for Tony's suit.
He was being a cocky bastard of course.
Admittedly you burst out laughing when he made the Justin Hammer weapons expert comment and then when he went on to commandeer the screens.
You, in fact, had been so absorbed into your tv that you hadn't noticed your bedroom door open.
‘'Are you watching me?'' An amused voice suddenly snapped you out of your daze. You whipped round to see Tony leant against the doorframe with his arms folded over his chest.
''JARVIS OFF.'' You screeched, frantically trying to find the remote for the tv. Luckily Jarvis beat you too it, and turned off the whole tv.
''How long have you been stood there?'' You muttered embarrassed.
''Since you nearly choked on your ice cream at the prostitution joke, which was hilarious.'' Tony smirked, closing the door behind him and started to walk over to your bed.
''Jarvis had told me you weren't feeling well, and bumping into the team they also told me you really were feeling awful. So I thought I'd come see you.. and to my surpri-''
''Shutup.'' You mumbled, a red tint flushing your cheeks as you wrapped yourself back into the covers.
''Well, my ego is definitely secure.'' Tony sniggered, before kicking off his shoes and laid on your bed. One of his arms resting at the back of his head, and the other hand on his chest.
''Seriously though, how are you feeling?'' He asked, raising a brow to you.
''The medication helped, and haven't vomited again.. yet.'' You sighed.
''Well, I'll be here if you do.'' Tony shrugged, making you raise a confused brow.
‘’What?’’ You asked, confused.
''I said I'll be here.'' Tony repeated softly.
''I don't want you seeing me like this, and don't you have like loads to do? Your always busy.'' You waffled on, making him chuckle lightly at you.
''Well, I've cleared my schedule for this afternoon so, this is where I'll be. And for the record, I'm kinda liking this whole sick, tired look.'' Tony grinned, making you roll your eyes.
But your whole chest fluttered at the comment; he was really going to stay with you.
''Now, come and get comfy.'' He chuckled, throwing the duvet over himself too, and dragged you closer with his free arm.
You were now laid with your head on his chest, your hand also resting on his chest whilst one of his hands still behind his head and the other wrapped round you before he began playing with your hair.
Tony had never been like this with you, but Jesus could you get used to it.
''Now, I could easily sit and watch me, but now I'm here so you don't need to watch me.'' He chuckled, making you playfully pat his chest.
''Jarvis.'' Tony called, making the tv shine a bright yellow at the sound.
''Yes, Mr Stark.'' Jarvis replied.
''Rocky or pretty woman?'' Tony mumbled to you, making a smile slap onto your face. He remembered your favourite films.
''If we watch Rocky, there's another 5 movies to watch.. I guess I'll have to stay till we watch them all that way.'' Tony grinned.
''Rocky it is.'' You smiled.
''Jarvis, start us with Rocky I.'' Tony chuckled, before grabbing your ice cream and spoon and started to tuck into your snacks too.
''Hey! That's mine.'' You complained.
''Number one, your ill. Number two, I'll buy you another hundred boxes if I have too.'' He laughed, as he fed you a spoonful of ice cream.
''Can I help you with anything else Mr Stark?'' Jarvis asked.
''You could tell me what y/n here says about me.'' Tony retorted, making you roll your eyes.
''Don't you dare Jarvis.'' You warned.
''Unfortunately Mr Stark can override your commands.'' Jarvis replied.
''See? I'm the Daddy.'' Tony laughed.
''I've heard her describe you as that term sir.'' Jarvis suddenly replied, making your eyes widen as Tony burst out laughing.
''JARVIS. WE ARE DONE HERE.'' You whimpered angrily, the pain aching slightly as you raised your voice.
''I-I can't breathe.'' Tony laughed, making you literally hide into his arm.
''I'll rip out your chest piece and you'll then stop breathing Stark. I'm ill and your being cruel!'' You mumbled.
''I'll drop it for now, but wait till your better sweetheart. It’ll be brought up very often.’' He grinned, placing a kiss to your temple.
''Seriously though, why were you watching me?'' Tony asked seriously, making your eyes widen and you gulp slightly.
''I- I don't know. You just make me feel better, I suppose. Your not that bad too look at either.'' You mumbled, not daring to look at his reaction.
''Not too bad?.'' He raised a brow, an amused look on his face.
''You know your ridiculously attractive stark.'' You quickly muttered, as quiet as you possibly could.
‘’I mean, I do know that but I just wanted to hear you say it.’’ He smirked smugly, making you shoot him an unimpressed look.
‘’If it helps your the most attractive person I’ve ever laid eyes on, even if your in my vomited stained shirt.’’ Tony admitted, and your eyes flew open in astonishment.
‘’Don’t act like you don’t know It. It’s cute, but you know it.’’ Tony rolled his eyes, smirking at your reaction to him actually admitting he was attracted to you.
‘’Now close your mouth, before I put something in it and it won’t be the ice cr-‘’
‘’Stark!’’ You hissed, an amused look on your face as you cuddled closer to his chest.
‘’I couldn’t help myself.’’ He grinned, before throwing himself further under your duvet, you were now tangled in one another.
‘’Jesus, it’s hot in here. Is your heating on blast?.’’ Tony fussed, sitting up against your headboard and pulling the shirt off his back making your eyes widen.
God his body was divine.
The muscles, the slight lines of hair.. fuck.
Stop staring.
‘’Try not to gawk.’’ Tony teased and you shrugged resulting in him laughing loudly.
‘’Real subtle.’’ He mused, before laying down beside you again and pulling you into his chest. Your hands now draped over him, and his arm holding you closely as his hand played with your hair.
‘’I could get used to this.’’ He mumbled, both of your eyes glued to the movie.
‘’Me too.’’ You smiled, he couldn’t see but he definitely knew you were.
‘’Look at me.’’ Tony suddenly spoke, you turned and gave him a confused brow which he immediately caught.
‘’Wh-why?’’ You asked, pushing the loose hair behind your ear. He didn’t say a word, just gently grabbed your face with his hand and brought his lips to yours. The kiss was soft, but full of passion and you found yourself kissing back just ass full on.
His tongue delved into the inside of your mouth, it was slow but laced with lust as both of your hands slid over one another.
He pulled away to take a breath, before smirking against your lips and grabbing you for another.
‘’As much as I’d love to carry on, your ill. I’m taking care of you, not taking advantage.’’ He pulled back, his fingers softly caressing your cheek.
You both laid back, again tangled into each other’s embrace as he hands innocently ran over your body soothing you into sleeping.
You were now drifting into slumber, as you felt him place a small kiss on your forehead and mumble something incoherent.
‘’I’ll be here in the morning sweetheart, I’m not going anywhere.’’ You heard him whisper a little louder, after he flicked off your lamp and brought you tighter in his arms as though he didn’t want to let go.
‘’Night tony.’’ You mumbled, your voice barely a whisper as it’s all you could manage to muster.
‘’Night sweetheart.’’ He spoke gently; before he lost you into a deep sleep, which he soon followed.
When the team came to check on you, they found you both wrapped in one another. Your movie playing in the background, as you both snored beside one another.
Little did you know; that was the first Tony had slept in the past four days.
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welcome-to-writers-haven · 2 months ago
Reading Glasses (part 1)
Pairing: Steve Rogers x fem!reader, Bucky Barnes x reader, Tony Stark x reader, Sam Wilson x reader, Loki x reader
Category: Preferences
Summary: How they react to you wearing your reading glasses in front of them for the first time
Warnings: none
1- Steve Rogers
Tumblr media
    You glanced up as Steve entered the kitchen, smiling at the sight of him in his uniform before returning to the paperwork you had sprawled about you on the island. “Was the mission successful?” You stole another look at him with a smile. “I don’t see any blood or bruises.” 
     “Strangely enough, it went pretty smoothly.” Steve gave you a kiss on his way past to get a bottle of water from the fridge. “When, uh, when did you get the glasses?” 
     “Hmm?” You reached up and adjusted the glasses sitting on your nose, heat rising to your face as you remembered that Steve had never seen your reading glasses before. “Oh. Yeah. I got them while you were away,” You looked down at your paperwork even though you were no longer concentrating on the words. “I know they look kind of stupid, but,” 
     “Stupid?” Steve came to stand on the other side of the island, a gentle smile on his lips as he regarded you. “I like them, they look really nice.” 
     “They do?” You asked, slowly meeting his gaze. “You think?” 
     “Yeah, sweetheart.” His smile grew. “Of course, my girl looks nice no matter what she’s wearing.” 
- Bucky Barnes 
Tumblr media
     “Well, look at you.” 
     You looked up from your book as Bucky sat next to you on the couch, the playful smile on his face causing your brow to furrow. “What?” 
     “The glasses. Are they new?” He gestured to the glasses perched on your nose. 
     “Oh, these?” You snatched them off  and put them under the book on your lap. “They’re nothing, just, uh, you know.” You shrugged. “Glasses.” 
     “Sweetheart,” Bucky’s smile was gentle. He reached over to pull the glasses free. “It’s all right.” He whispered, slipping them back onto your face. “There’s no need to hide them.” 
     “I feel silly in them.” You whispered back, nuzzling into his fingers as he caressed your cheek. 
     “Nah,” Bucky leaned close to plant a kiss on your forehead. “I think you look cute.” 
Tony Stark -
Tumblr media
“Give them back!” You demanded, making another jump for the reading glasses Tony was holding out of your reach.
“Ya know, I think they just look too cute to give back.” In a singular motion Tony slid the glasses on. “What do you think? Too much?”
“You look better than I do.” You scoffed, snatching the glasses off his face and into your back pocket.
Tony sighed. “Come here,” he demanded, his voice gentle as he hooked his fingers into your belt loops and pulled you close.
“You.” He pulled the glasses out. “Look.” He opened them in front of your face. “Beautiful.”
Tony slipped the glasses onto your nose, then pulled you in again with his hands on your waist. “My sexy nerd.”
You started to object further, but before you could so much as open your mouth Tony had captured you in an all consuming kiss. To prove his point, of course.
Sam Wilson-
Tumblr media
“You good?”
You looked up from where you had been massaging your forehead to see Sam looking at you with that look. The one he has when he’s worried about something, usually you.
You put a smile on your face. “Yeah, I’m fine.”
“Another headache?”
“I’m just tired.”
“Mm-hmm.” Sam didn’t sound convinced.
You returned to reading, or attempting to read, the book in your hands.
“Why don’t you wear those new glasses you got?” Sam shot you a look.
“What glasses?”
“The ones you got so you wouldn’t have headaches.”
“Oh. Those.” You felt heat rising in your face as you hid behind the book. “They look stupid.”
“Well if they save you from constant suffering,”
“Shut up.”
“I will when you start taking care of yourself.”
“Fine.” You put down your book and got up from the couch you had been sitting on, crossing to get where your glasses lay on the table next to Sam. You picked them up and slid them on. “There.” You turned and looked at him. “Happy?”
“Immensely. I’m immensely happy.” Sam moved to slide his warm hands around your waist. “They look nice, baby.”
At the pet name you couldn’t help but soften. “Thanks for looking out for me.” You muttered, smiling as Sam replied by pulling you in for a kiss.
Tumblr media
With a cry of anger you threw your reading glasses across the room, pitying the fact that it didn’t cause them to break. You flopped back onto the couch just as Loki cautiously entered the room, his look questioning.
“I am tired of reading glasses.”
“But you only just got them.”
“Yes, and now I am tired of them.” You picked up the book and pretended that you were able to read it without squinting. “They make me look ridiculous.”
“No more ridiculous than you look nursing all those headaches.” Loki couldn’t help but smirk at the look you gave him. “My darling,” he began, stooping to pick up the glasses before crossing to you. “I’m sure you look wonderful in them.”
“You think so?” You grimaced as you took the glasses from him and slid them on. “Now what do you think?”
Loki studied you for a long moment, his lips curling into a smile. “That’s it?”
“What do you mean?”
“I mean you look absolutely stunning in these, beloved. These are truly worth all this fuss?”
“I wasn’t fussing.” You tried to frown but the truth was you were glowing from the compliment.
“Yes you were.” Loki moved his arm to drape across the back of the couch beside you, his fingers drawing circles on your shoulder. “But I forgive you.”
“How generous of you.” You teased.
Loki just smiled.
Part 2
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