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an echo lost in space - Chapter 1 - GracefulPanda12 - Marvel Cinematic Universe [Archive of Our Own]
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I Dreamt About You Every Night

Tony Stark has been dead for seventeen years due to a mission gone wrong. He’s survived getting blown up, palladium poisoning, terrorist attacks, and even Thanos himself, and he gets killed by - what was supposed to be - a simple day-to-day mission. Or, so everyone thought.


Chapter One:

“I dreamed of you every night. It felt so real. And when I’d wake up the next morning, it was like your disappearance was fresh. Like you’d left me all over again.” - Brodi Ashton, Everneath.

Peter couldn’t help the frustrated sigh that left him as he stared at the long line of traffic in front of him. He just wanted to hurry, get home, and try to forget what day it was by spending time with his family.

It’s been seventeen years since the worst thing imaginable happened. Seventeen years. And Peter still wasn’t over it. He still moped around like a little child; as if he had any right to still be as upset over it as he was now.

AC-DC could be heard playing on the radio, causing Peter to let out a groan before roughly turning the radio off. Of course, the silence didn’t last long before his phone started ringing. Looking down at it, Peter saw that it was a call from Doctor Banner.

The traffic finally start moving, so Peter just rolled his eyes and declined the call, continuing his journey home. His phone rang another three times after that, Peter ignoring those attempts also, before they stopped altogether. That was, until Karen chimed in through the speakers.

‘Peter, I’m afraid that Miss Romanoff is demanding me to out her through. She’s using her override code.’ Karen informs, Peter huffing at it all.

“Of course she is.” Peter murmurs, waiting for the spy’s voice to chime through his radio speakers.

“Peter?” Nat’s voice rang throughout the car, as if she didn’t know that she would get through to him by using the override codes.

“Hey, Nat.” Peter acknowledges, feigning nonchalance.

“I just wanted to check in and see how you were doing; I haven’t heard from you in a couple of weeks.” Nat says, subtly trying to make conversation.

“You know, Nat, for being a trained spy, you’re terrible at lying.” Peter teases as he pulls into his driveway, hoping that it’ll distract Natasha from the real reason she was calling; even if it was only for a little bit.

“You know, Parker, you’re still as sassy as ever, even without spending time with Tony.” Natasha retorts back, not really thinking about what she was saying until an awkward silence fell between the two.

“Can we be done with this conversation?” Peter snaps, all but slamming his front door behind him.

“No, I haven’t gotten my point across yet.” Nat says, gearing up to give Peter the same lecture she gives him every year on this day. “It’s been seventeen years now since Tony died, Peter.” Nat begins, and didn’t that reminder just drive the knife in deeper?

Seventeen years ago, Tony Stark died.

As if Peter wasn’t aware that the anniversary of his death was today and needed that reminder. As if Peter hasn’t beaten himself up for the past seventeen years for not being able to get to Tony in time to prevent his death.

It was supposed to be a simple in and out mission. They were supposed to go in the - seemingly - abandoned HYDRA base, grab the leftover files and anything that seemed of value and get out. That was the only reason Peter was even allowed to go with them in the first place. Because they were expecting it to be a simple mission, the team decided that splitting off in pairs would be best.

The mission was going great, too. Tony and Peter - who were paired up together - decided to split up on the floor they were on to try and gain more information faster. Which proved to be the wrong thing to do because before they knew it, the whole team was trapped inside of the building, hundreds of HYDRA soldiers surrounding them.

By the time Peter was able to fight the ones around him off long enough to run back to the room he left Tony in, the billionaire was gone. Peter ran all over the floor they were on - which was difficult considering the fight the soldiers were bringing - but there was no sign of Tony.

Peter could hear Steve yelling in the coms for everyone to get out of the building and go to the meeting spot as soon as they could. Peter just assumed that Tony had left, had followed orders for once, and headed out himself.

The teen quickly found out how wrong his assumption was when he finally got to the quinjet and saw everyone except for Tony there.

For five years, Tony Stark was declared missing.

After year six rolled around, his body was found under the Brooklyn bridge.

And for all of those seventeen years, Peter hasn’t stopped blaming himself.

If he hadn’t agreed to split up, if he had been better, stronger, maybe all of this could have been avoided. Maybe Tony would still be here.

“You need to accept the fact that it was not your fault. You need to stop blaming yourself.” Nat continues with her lecture. At this point, Peter could recite the whole lecture back at her.

“Nat, I just got home from one of the longest days, and I still have to have dinner done before M.J gets home with the kids. Can we be done here?” Peter sighs, hoping to save himself for the rest of the lecture.

“You need to visit Pepper.” Natasha says anyway, making Peter groan in frustration.

“Nat, I have no right to go visit her! She lost her husband and has a real biological child that lost her real biological Father. It would be wrong of me to bother them during this time.” Peter argues, begrudgingly putting the phone on speaker - since Nat very clearly wasn’t going to end this conversation anytime soon - and began getting some pots out to begin dinner.

“You have every right to be with them. You know Pepper saw you as much of her child as Tony did.” Nat reminds, Peter choosing to remain silent as he filled one of the pots with water. “Pepper’s getting worried about you since you haven’t gone and seen her in a month. She just wants to make sure you’re okay; we all do.” Nat adds, pushing Peter officially over the edge. He was beginning to get tired of people constantly telling him they were worried about him when nothing was wrong with him.

“Just stop! I’m not going to have another breakdown like I did before! I’m not a kid anymore, I’m a grown-ass adult!” Peter shouts before quickly hanging up. He knew he just signed his own death sentence, but he really couldn’t bring himself to care at this point.

Instead, he just turned the stove on and began to boil the water sitting in the pot. While waiting for it, Peter walked into the living room and plopped down onto the couch with a heavy sigh; taking his suit jacket and tie off while he did so. He just wanted to relax, be with his family, and completely forget what day it was today. Was that too much to ask?

Although, by trying to completely forget, Peter began thinking about something else. Peter was still left thinking about Pepper and Morgan.  

Even after Thanos, when everyone came back, Pepper and Tony both have never made Peter feel like an outsider because of Morgan. Even Morgan accepted Peter into their family, fully adopting him as her older brother. But Peter still couldn’t help but feel like a burden to them; especially now. How could he ever be family with them again if he was the reason they lost their husband and father in the first place?

It might have been a cowardice move, but Peter would rather distance himself from them than have it slip that they actually blamed him for all of these years. Unfortunately, Morgan didn’t get that memo.

Morgan refused to let Peter shut himself out. She always showed up, whether it was announced or not, refusing to let Peter banish himself from the Stark family forever.

Which was why Peter instantly tensed back up when he heard a knock at the front door. He and Morgan settled on having dinner together at least every other Friday, but he usually canceled whenever it landed on the anniversary. Morgan clearly didn’t listen when he canceled this time -  and from his conversation with Nat - he isn’t all too surprised.

Peter quickly got up off of the couch and makes his way into the kitchen, grabbing the noodles and pouring them into the boiling water as another knock echoed through the house. “I’m coming, I’m coming!” Peter announces before making his way to the front door.

“Sorry, Mo, I didn’t realize the time. Dinner might be a little-” Peter begins to apologize, the rest of his sentence getting stuck in his throat when he opened up the door and saw that it wasn’t Morgan who was knocking.

“Hey, Kid.”

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Summary: Sometimes, in the aftermath of a particularly vivid nightmare, it’s hard for Tony to distinguish the fine line separating reality and his worst fears. Tonight, it’s Peter, and he refuses to breathe until he knows the boy is safe.

Or, I simply refuse to believe this isn’t canon haha. Enjoy!

Read on Ao3 at


It’s everywhere. On his hands, under his fingernails. In his hair, on his clothes. It sticks like a memory and burns into his skin like fire, scarring him in some unseen way. Though it hurts, he can’t look away from it, feeling too shocked to do much else. It paints a story, represents a history, marks a grave.

Then, without any warning, the wind carries it away. It leaves him alone, drifting somewhere far where he can’t follow.

No matter how badly he wants to.

It disappears from sight, and he blinks slowly, unable to believe it.

Then everything inside him breaks, shatters, obliterates, like his soul has evaporated into dust but his body, by some horror, is left untouched.

He has nothing to hold onto now.


Gone forever.

He had just been holding the boy in his arms. Only moments ago. The strong, energetic, too-good-for-his-own-good-heart-of-gold-kid. The kid who followed him into space and wedged his way into his heart, who had reminded him what it was like to have purpose.


His kid.

I’m sorry.

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Tony: don’t you just l o v e it when you send your kid to buy one thing and they come back with a load of junk food, 2 pets and at least 4 new bruises?

Rhodey: dear lord Morgan did all that?

Tony: what? no I’m talking about Peter

Rhodey: ahh, makes sense

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Happy FFWF!!

Got to be my Bio!Dad fic. It’s the first story I wrote for the MCU and I hadn’t written for fanfiction in any fandom in years. Not in a decade, at least.

The story is 100% purly written for myself. I had no audience when I started this and the one reason I wanted to write it in the first place was because I was annoyed with Bio!Dad/Irondad stories being left abandoned, so I decided to write the story I wanted to read.

More than 2 years and almost 400.000 words later with close to 1700 subscription I have definitely gotten a lot more mindful of the people reading the story than I had early on and I try to make sure they can follow all the things happening, but I have to say that I still love writing this one the most because I still write it for myself more than anyone else. It’s heavily anchored in canon but still very much my own, which makes it so joyful cause even if I have people who don’t like a certain thing I have Tony or Peter decide or do, it’s still what *I* wanted, so… you know… 🤷🏻‍♀️😅😉

I could have never imagined that it would receive the reaction it has and it makes the experience sweeter, without a doubt. But the sense of accomplishment that I managed to follow up with this story to this point, not abandoning it even when I hit roadblocks (honestly Endgame likely being the largest to overcome) makes it a joy to sit down and finish writing it more than any of the others.

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Hi there!

I just read it then and oh my gosh, you’re absolutely right! That bittersweet sense of victory and death totally fits that scene, and can I just say:

My Captain does not answer, his lips are pale and still. My father does not feel my arm, he has no pulse nor will…


Thanks so much for sharing that poem with me and giving me all the Irondad feels again hah. I hope you have a great day!


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Multi Chapter:

  • AllonsyPotterNerd: May finds out Peter’s Spiderman and kicks him out so Tony takes him in. 
  • BumbleRex: Peter Parker Stark lives with the Avengers but no one knows and it’s getting harder to hide the secret. 


  • isabellafrei2003: Includes sensory overload, identity reveal, field trip, and trans peter along with many others. One of my favorites.
  • i_write_poorly: A compilation of Ao3 stories.
  • MagicaLyss: This one has a foster kid oneshot too.
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Another phase of my emotional talk:

I’ll never forget the first time I took the kid in public with me. To be honest, I think I was over-protective, but in a good way, obviously:

He just makes me very happy.


Originally posted by an--errant

Happy was surprised when I had embraced the kid right in front of him for the first time:


Originally posted by rdjandtomholland


Originally posted by rdjandtomholland

When I had first met the kid, people had told me that I was too fond of him. It was because I had faith in his abilities. (Maybe it was more than that).

And to end on a more positive note, this was the team before lockdown. We had an interview:


Originally posted by debbiedowney

Look at Clint’s face. He looked like he really didn’t want to be at our Team interview.😂 Gotta love Clint.

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Oh my gosh what a coincidence I’m a huge fan of YOU🥺 Happy FanFic Writer Friday lovely! I can absolutely throw a WIP your way, but only cause I love you so much😌♥️💙

I’ve finally started the sequel to Spidey Tot with a 7/8 year old Peter, which I’m super excited to get into!! I only have two chapters written so far, but I’m already happy with where it’s going :) Here’s a little sneak peak!

“Dad!” One word and Tony’s eyes lock onto the most precious being in his existence. Peter is running toward him with outstretched arms and a wide, beaming smile that lights every dark place his mind has been to. The light of his life. Not a damn thing can keep him from his son now, especially not the sling as he disregards it to catch Peter in his arms mid jump. Peter buries his head into his dad’s shoulder and holds on as tight as his small arms can. Tony hugs his boy back just as tight, holding back sobs of relief and heartbreak and pure love that he can hardly take it. He’s never missed anyone as much in his life and now he’s finally holding Peter. If it were up to him, he’d never let him go.

He’s taller. That’s what finally triggers the tears. He’s missed out on three months of his son’s life that he won’t get back.

“Momma made me see this really old lady on Mondays and, and Wednesdays when you were gone to make me talk about my feelings and- What’s wrong, Dad?” Peter halts his rambling when he hears the muffled cries, but doesn’t risk pulling away. “Why are you crying?” The emotion is too overwhelming and Tony falls to his knees on the tarmac, cradling the back of Peter’s head while he mutters the words he wished he had said to the kid more often.

“I love you so much, Peter. So, so, much. I thought about you everyday. You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me and I love you more than anything, you hear me? Don’t you ever forget it, buddy. There isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for you,” he pours out his love between barely controlled sobs. “I missed you so much.”

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So today, I was just minding my own business and the kid comes up and asks me two of the weirdest questions of my life:

Peter: Was it fun when you and mom were making me?

Me: Uh, why do you ask such a question?

Peter: Just curious.

Me: Okay…

*silence for two minutes*

Peter: Was it nice?

Me: Don’t you have homework to do?

*he leaves*

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Why not give an update about time in lockdown?:


I do go to our backyard everyday to go and visit our pet–Terry. I have not told the kid about this yet, so I have no idea on how he will react to this. This is gonna be interesting.

I’m already picturing it–that’s not good, right?:

Peter: Mr Stark, I heard a disturbing noise from the backyard. I thought you broke your back or something like that.

Tony: Ouch. Okay, you wanna know what it is, kid?

Peter: Hell yeah, man!

Tony: Meet the newest member of the family–Terry.

Peter: …..

Tony: What? You don’t like it?

Peter: I freaking LOVE him!!

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Thank you to everyone on Insta so much for the suggestions!! I did about 20+ but didn’t wanna spam so I picked so of the funniest haha

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Peter, upset: Fuck this place and everyone in it.



Peter: Not you though Mr. Stark I love you :) *blows kiss*

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Peter: Sometimes I pour hot chocolate powder into cold milk. I call it Special Drink

Tony: Someday you’ll call it by it’s true name - Diabetes

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