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Welcome back to our weekly rec list! We hope you have had a wonderful week and we’re glad you participated this week! Don’t forget to check out the Author Spotlight tomorrow, and the new trope of the week vote next Monday.

Trope: Touch Starved Peter Parker

Hug You I Must by spideywriting (catch_you_later)

Everyone needs a hug every once in a while.Especially Peter Parker.

| 1,677 Words | 1/1 Chapters | Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings | Teen and Up Audiences |

link to story

The need for contact is human by Webtrinsic

Peter just wanted a hug to make him feel safe.

| 1,428 Words | 11 Chapters | No Archive Warnings Apply | General Audiences | 

link to story

all tendons and ribcage and beating heart by madasthesea

Tony remembers exactly what it’s like to be recently orphaned: grief stricken and touch-starved and aching with loneliness.

| 1,063 Words | 1/1 Chapters | No Archive Warnings Apply | General Audiences |

link to story

Wither by viviixen

He never really worried about the disease until he met Peter Parker. The kid also wore leather gloves, but Peter said he’d worn them ever since the spider bite, because his hands were sensitive and everything hurt. And Tony believed him, because for all of Tony’s genius, he was stupid sometimes.
The problem was that Peter was clingy, and if Tony didn’t know that May loved him to death and back he would think the kid was as touch-starved as him.

or the touch of death AU ive been wanting to write since forever but never got around to it

| 1,436 Words | 1/1 Chapters | No Archive Warnings Apply | General Audiences |

link to story

Missing Mr.Stark by Books in the Blood (WholockHobbit88)

Peter wants a lot of things. Mostly he wants one more hug from Tony.

| 1,623 Words | 1/1 Chapters | No Archive Warnings Apply | General Audiences | 

link to story

of movie nights & wanting cuddles by GreenPencil

Peter Parker is spending some time at the Avengers Compound and he just wants hugs. That’s literally it.

| 994 Words | 1/1 Chapters | No Archive Warnings Apply | Not Rated |

link to story

Quarantine by sahiya

“So, um. I have a problem.”

Tony closed his eyes, hand tightening on his phone. He’d thought Peter might be calling in the middle of the day because he was stuck at home with no one to talk to. Apparently not. “What happened?”

“I, uh. I’m pretty sure I was just exposed. Like, a lot exposed.”

| 9,429 Words | 1/1 Chapters | No Archive Warnings Apply | General Audiences | 

link to story

Lonely are the Guarded Hearts by icabyppup

Touch-starvation, colloquially known as ‘skin hunger’ occurs when a person doesn’t receive enough physical contact, or touch, from other people.
People who are touch deprived are more lonely and less happy, and more likely to experience stress or depression than people with fulfilled touch requirements. These people tend to have less social support and experience more mood and anxiety disorders. They are also more likely to experience alexithymia, a condition that impairs ability to express and interpret emotions. They are also more likely to have preoccupied or fearful-avoidant attachment style and therefore are less likely to form secure attachments with others in their lives. Research has shown that people need at least 8 meaningful touches a day to maintain health.

Tony freaking Stark does not need a hug of all things, to function. He was perfectly fine without human contact. And with lying to himself. So he pushed on, ignoring the screaming in his cells and the tremors coursing through his body.

Or, Tony is touch-starved and too stubborn to ask for a hug

(5 times Tony needed a hug and one time he actually fucking asked)

| 6,643 Words | 5/6 Chapters | No Archive Warnings Apply | Not Rated |

link to story

The Exchange by embarrassing_myself

Peter always tried to stay out of trouble, it wasn’t his fault that trouble tended to follow him around. This time though, when both Tony and Peter find themselves being held captive by Oscorp, finding a way out of trouble won’t be so easy. Peter hopes that if he can manage to stay complainant and cooperative, they won’t hurt the only father figure Peter has.

“We have Stark and that’s all it’s going to take to get you to corporate.” Osborn said, his face once again neutral. “If you try anything, we’re going to hurt him and that’s going to be on you. If you even think about getting out of here, you’re going to sit there and watch just what we can do to him, Peter.”

| 17,105 Words | 1/1 Chapters | Graphic Depictions of Violence | Teen and Up Audiences | 

link to story

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It’s from The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

“Unofficially, it was called the midnight class, even though it usually commenced at around two in the morning.”

When you’re a kid, you never think about the ugly side of being a superhero. No, you only think about going on adventures and saving the day by punching the villain of the day. You don’t think about the terrors you see, the pressure on your shoulders that threatens to crush you, the wounds that never really heal, emotionally and physically, the nightmares. Especially the nightmares.

Every superhero has their own way of dealing with nightmares, sometimes even more than one. For years, even before the nightmares were superhero related, Tony’s preference was alcohol and the fake-feeling of intimacy. By now, he dropped that habit, deciding to spending his sleepless nights in his workshop instead. Pepper declared him insane for it (she never said it out loud, but Tony knows her and all the different ways she can frown), but at least when he is in the workshop and working on something, he doesn’t feel useless.

When he recruited Peter, he kind of hoped he could save him from the nightmares. Tony always knew they were inevitable, especially considering all the trauma Peter lived through before he turned into a superhero, but a small part of him stayed optimistic. However, that optimism quickly disappeared the first time Peter spent a night at the compound, waking up covered in sweat and with a racing heart in the middle of the night, unable to go back to sleep.

So, Tony can’t keep the nightmares away from him. But that doesn’t mean he can’t help him find a way to deal with them.

Slowly, they wall into a routine. Whenever Peter would wake up from a nightmare, they start tinkering in the workshop. Unofficially, it is called the midnight class, even though it usually commences at around two in the morning. Sometimes, Tony would already be in there, either awake because of his own dreams or because he didn’t even go to bed yet, other times FRIDAY would wake him up, so he could collect Peter from his room and drag him downstairs. They never work on something that really required all of their attention, just enough to lure his thoughts away from the ugly images the dream showed him. When the adrenaline eventually ebbs away, Tony would quietly ask if Peter wants to talk about it. Sometimes he says yes, most of the time he says no, but that’s fine. Tony isn’t pushing.

This night, Tony is still working out the last few problems of the new green, energy efficient engine for the car they’re designing with another company, when Peter shuffles into the room. A quick glance at the clock tells Tony that it’s 1:54 am. He doesn’t say anything as Peter sits down at his designated work bench and starts to work on the project he put aside only a few hours ago in favor of eating his own weight in lasagna.

They work in silence side by side for almost half an hour before Tony sees the tension melting away from Peter’s shoulders.

“Do you want to talk about it?” Tony asks, voice barely above a whisper, eyes still on the engine in front of him.

Peter doesn’t answer immediately. “I was stuck again. But this time, I couldn’t get out. It was just too much.”

“That won’t happen again,” Tony says, finally turning around to Peter. He waits until the kid sets his tools down and glances over to him, giving him as much attention as he can muster right now. “I’m not taking the suit away again. You will always have a way to reach me, and I will always help you. Okay?”

“What if I’m not wearing the suit? What if you can’t come?”

Tony’s first instinct is to say that that’s not possible, but he knows it’s not true. Bad things don’t wait until you’re wearing your special suit to traumatize you. Tony could be on a business trip on the other side of the world when Peter calls him.

Instead of dismissing Peter’s fear, he tries to calm him down even further. “You already did it once, and you’ve grown so much stronger since then. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to do it again.” Seeing the lingering doubt in Peter’s eyes, Tony smiles and ruffles his hair. “I believe in you, kid. If it should happen again, you will be able to get out of there.”

Peter is still not completely convinced, but he still smiles, appreciating the boost of confidence. “Thanks.”

“Anytime. Want to stay down here a bit longer?” Peter nods, so they both turn back to their individual projects. Tony knows he has to look into other ways to help Peter, because doing this could lead to really unhealthy habits – Tony should know – but it works for now, and sometimes, that is enough.

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So I wanted to post my iron dad x autistic!reader fic before I go on hiatus but I’m getting such writers block because I need to do so much research to get it right. Instead I’m hoping to post another part of BIBF before I leave you for a month. Please don’t hate me ❤️

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This is from Gone by Michael Grant

“It ripped free from the bolts holding it in place, like an invisible giant had yanked it away.” (That’s the original, but I changed it a teeny tiny bit to fit.)

Peter’s spidey sense doesn’t work all of the time. It’s one of those things Tony simply can’t figure out how it works. Trying to figure that little tingle out is more frustrating than working out how Peter’s hands and feet stick to literally every surface there is even though they are covered. So, until Tony can figure out when and why the spidey sense doesn’t work, he keeps telling Peter to be more observant of his surroundings during a fight.

It’s just the universe’s twisted sense of humor that it’s now Tony who doesn’t follow that advice.

Iron Man is chasing a bunch of criminals through a construction side. They’re not really the kind the Avenger would be dealing with, more interested in causing havoc than world domination, but they got their hands on altered alien tech. Seriously, how many weapons did Toomes sell? These days, it feels like every third of these bastards has one of those weapons.

Until now they haven’t done anything worse than flying around and shooting at Tony with those guns, cackling like they’re having the time of their lives. Tony would love nothing more than fly closer and wipe those smiles off of their faces, but FRIDAY quickly reminded him that it would be very less than ideal, because based on her scans, those weapons could fry the entire suit. He doesn’t know if those two know that – he kind of hopes they’re too dumb to truly know what that is in their hands – but he’s not willing to test that theory.

Tony dodges another beam of neon-y light that flies his way. “Really?” he asks, unable to keep his frustration in. “It’s like you’re not even trying to hit me anymore.”

The guys only grin, and then Tony hears it. It’s a low jarring sound, one that immediately lets all the hairs on his neck stand up. He turns around, ignoring the criminals running away, and can only stare.

Turns out, they didn’t try to hit him. They were trying to burn through the giant metal beams behind him – and they succeeded, one of the beams only hanging on by the threats. It rips free from the rest, like an invisible giant yanked it away. And it flies directly at Tony at seemingly lightning speed.

Tony should move.

But he can’t, too paralyzed by his own stupidity, either for not figuring out those idiots’ plan or for not observing his surroundings.

The beam comes closer and closer.

FRIDAY is screaming at him.

He should really move.

A zipping sound cuts through the air, and suddenly the beam is gone, flying backwards. Tony makes out a red and blue figure and white lines flying through the air, too fast for his numb brain, and then the beam sits in the air, caught in a giant spider web.

“Hey Mr. Stark!”

Peter crouches down on one of the strings of webs, way too relaxed considering that he’s balancing on something that’s only the fraction of an inch thick. Even though Peter is wearing his mask, Tony just knows the boy is grinning.

“Where do you come from?” Tony asks instead, slowly regaining the control over his body and recovering from the near heart attack he just had. The vitals on his HUD start looking somewhat normal again.

“I say some clips on the news,” Peter explains, “and those guys looked like they had some weapons I know.”

“So you figured out you could help?”

Peter shrugs. “I mean, I just saved you from getting squashed like a bug. I think I already did help.”

Tony sighs.

May would kill him if Peter gets shot by one of those weapons.

On the other hand, Tony is really pissed at those two idiots. Besides, two against two is only fair, right?

“Alright, kiddo,” Tony gives in, ignoring the smile that is pulling at his lips as he sees Peter punching the air in excitement, “you can tag along. It’ll be fun. A real bonding experience.”

“Thank you! It will be awesome!” Peter shoots a web, swinging through the air. “Oh, and Mr. Stark? You should really pay more attention to your surroundings when you’re fighting.”

“Listen here, you little-“ Tony’s protests drown in Peter’s laughter.

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I found another book! This is from My Life with Bonnie and Clyde (my favorite memoir of all time seriously go read it) I also combined this with a prompt I got months ago (sorry!) so here we go! (as always this is unedited, who needs to edit things any more am I right?)

They kept arguing until they both were mad enough to fight, which is what they did. 

For as long as she can remember, Penny has stolen sweatshirts and clothes from her loved ones. She has numerous t-shirts and sweatshirts stolen from May, Tony, Ned, and even a jacket from Happy. But this is one Tony’s never seen before. Judging by the wear and tear and NYPD insignia on the left side, it’s safe to assume this was one Penny had taken from her uncle. 

“Hey, kid,” Tony greets as she sets he backpack down at her desk. “How was school?” Penny shrugs and doesn’t look at him, she just pulls the sleeves of the sweatshirt over her hands. “You okay, sweetheart?” Tony asks, shifting his tone to be more sincere and comforting. 

Penny nods, “A lot of shit happened this past week. But I’m fine.” 

Yeah, she’s definitely not fine. Tony wheels his chair over to Penny and squeezes her leg, “Anything you want to talk about? You know I’m here for you, kiddo, no matter what.” 

“I know,” Penny takes a shaky breath, looking about ten seconds from bursting into tears. She aims her eyes at the ceiling, hoping to keep the tears at bay. 

“Honey?” Tony moves so he’s right in front of her. “Can you tell me what’s going on?”

Tony is surprised at how easily Penny gives in. “May’s boyfriend,” Penny says softly, changing her gaze to focus on her hands. “He-He hurt us.”

Tony feels his heart stop for a moment, “What do you mean, Pen?” 

She shrugs, quickly wiping a stray tear away with the sleeve of the sweatshirt, “They’ve been fighting for weeks now and-and he hit May while they were fighting and I tried to help, to get him to stop, so I got in the way but-but May tried to protect me.” Tony takes her hand. “He pushed her and she tripped and broke her leg and she can’t work for at least a month and I don’t know how we’re going to pay for the bills.” Penny sobs, leaning forward to cover her face in her hands. 

Tony quickly wraps his arms around her and pulls her into a hug, “Shh…” Tony soothes as he rocks her gently back and forth. “It’s going to be okay. Are you hurt?” 

Penny nods and pulls out of the embrace to pull up the sleeve of her sweatshirt to show Tony five purple bruises on her forearm. “He hit my cheek too but I covered it.” Tony looks at her cheek where sure enough, another bruise is just starting to poke through the heavy concealer Penny packed onto her cheek. 

Tony’s heart breaks for the girl. Neither she nor her aunt has done anything to warrant that kind of violence. 

Tony pulls Penny back into a hug, one hand bringing her head to rest on his chest. He presses a quick kiss to the top of Penny’s head, “It’s going to be okay, sweetheart, I’m going to make sure of it.”

“Thank you,” Penny whispers.

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Tony, tied to a chair: I’ll never tell you anything!

Bad Guy: Hahaha, nothing a little torture can’t fix.

Tony: Over my dead-

Peter, also tied to a chair: WHOA WHOA WHOA! Hold on! You can’t torture him!

Bad Guy: Mhm, and why’s that?

Peter: It’s his birthday! The big 50! You wouldn’t do that to an old man would you?

Bad guy: Hmm.. I guess you’re right. Should I- should I go get a cake?

Peter: Totally! His favorite is-

Tony: Kid. I love you but please, if I could face palm I would.

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I wrote this little piece as a gift to myself as a way to celebrate his (our) birthday! Hope you like it :)


Tony breathed in the air filtered through Peter’s hair as the kid relaxed against his chest, holding back a laugh as his nose picked up a slightly chemical smell from when he got his webs caught in his hair earlier this week. Peter nestled his head into the nook of his neck, and Tony closed his eyes for a brief moment. It was such a natural feeling to hold this kid - his kid - and somehow the Spiderling had blown through all his defenses and claimed a permanent place in his life. Not that Tony minded, he loved listening to the kid babble on about anything and everything, working with him in the workshop and exchanging witty remarks, being astounded by Peter’s intelligence and stupidity at the same time and just overall being there for him. 

“Happy Birthday, Mr Stark,” Peter mumbled into his shoulders, and Tony squeezed him tight before finally letting go. 

“It’s Tony, kid, how many times-?” He didn’t get to finish the sentence because Peter pulled out a little wrapped box and held it out to him. 

“I got you something. It’s not much, and I know it’s not the greatest gift in the world - I just didn’t know what to get you, to be honest. I mean, you have everything!” - his eyes grew big as he realized what he just said -”I didn’t mean that to offend you, it’s just that, yeah… Well, I hope you like it!” Peter finished his ramble with a grin that could light up the world. 

“It’s fine, Pete, you didn’t have to get me something.” 

“But… it’s your birthday!” The teenager lamely responded, making Tony laugh. 

“You being alive is more than enough gift for me, Pete. But I’ll take whatever that is.” He snatched the box out of the flabbergasted kid’s hands and moved to inspect it, fully aware of the big eyes staring at him. 

The wrapping paper was adorned with little images of Iron Man, and Tony was careful not to break it as he freed the present. Inside the box, there was a white cup with the words “Best Dad Ever” boldly printed on the side. Tony stared at it for a good minute while his brain took its time to process the gift’s meaning. 

Then, he wrapped his arms around Peter, holding him close in an embrace that hopefully conveyed what he was at a loss for words to say. “You like it?” Pete asked innocently, almost causing a happy tear to escape Tony’s eye. Instead, he settled for a short laugh. 

Tony placed a kiss on the kid’s head, full of fatherly love and glee. “I love it!”

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