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Tony: guess which kid got in trouble today.
Stephen: *sighs* what did Harley do this time?
Tony: actually it was Peter. He apparently thought it was a fantastic idea to smuggle a couple ducklings into class.
Stephen: did he do that?
Tony: he put them in his shirt. Then when they started making noises he told his teacher and I’m quoting this, “that he was gassy”.
Stephen: points for creativity I guess.
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Irondad & Spiderson Rec List Pt.1


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Rating: Teen and Up // Warnings: Violence and minor death // Relationship: Tony Stark & Peter Parker // Characters: Tony Stark, Peter Parker, Quentin Beck

This might be the strangest AU I’ve written yet, but please enjoy this Irondad/Among Us crossover with a healthy dose of angst and protective Tony! It was pretty fun to make, and if you enjoyed reading it, please like/reblog/comment, it means a lot to me! Hope you have a great day!



When Tony boarded the hull of the Skeld and watched the stars begin to drift by through the viewport, he only had one task on his mind:

Kill all crewmates.

It was a simple mission. One he shared with the green suited figure on the other side of the waiting bay, Beck, who sat casually amongst their fellow, unsuspecting crew mates. The thick, dark visors over their faces hid most of his features from view, but for a moment Tony thought he could see those light blue eyes flash red as he met his gaze. Then the lights flickered, and his eyes were back to blue, chuckling at something one of the others had said like he wasn’t going to kill them all by the end of the journey.

Tony wasn’t quite as keen to mingle with his future victims however, staring out at the expanse of space and planning his next moves meticulously. He’d done it a dozen times before, and this would be no different. Take them down one by one, manipulate them into turning against each other, and if things got bad, let Beck take the fall for all their crimes. It was an ironclad plan; destined to succeed.

But what his plan didn’t account for was the small, young astronaut that came barreling up to his side, eyes practically beaming behind his helmet that seemed far too large for his stature. His suit was a rich, deep blue, but black strings wrapped around his arms and waist to keep the oversized material tied around his scrawny frame, almost resembling a spider web.

“Isn’t it amazing?” he asked Tony suddenly, staring out the window.

“Uh… yeah,” Tony nodded, trying to ignore how young this kid sounded. How young he looked.

“The stars, they’re even more… more beautiful from up here.”

“Sure are…” Tony muttered quietly.

“I always hoped I’d get to see them but this,” the boy pressed his hands against the glass and leant forward with awe. “This is some something else…”

Turning slightly, Tony watched as the boy -surely no older than fifteen- stared out at the galaxy with an innocence he hadn’t seen in many years. Something heavy settled in Tony’s stomach at the sight, like a rock sinking to the bottom of the ocean. It took him a moment to realise that cold feeling in his bones was guilt.

“This is my first time travelling to a different planet,” the boy continued obliviously. “I was supposed to be with my Aunt, but there wasn’t enough space on the other frigate. She said that the Skeld was one of the safest ships out there though!”

Oh shit, Tony thought, grimacing behind his helmet.

“Sorry- Sorry, I haven’t even introduced myself,” the boy chuckled, fully turning to face the man and holding out his hand bashfully. “I’m Peter, by the way.”

Tony stared down at the kid’s gloved hand for a moment and thought about ignoring him. It would make it easier, wouldn’t it? He shouldn’t even be talking to the kid, not when he was going to… to…

Suddenly Tony gripped Peter’s hand and shook it, saying shortly “Tony.”

The teen grinned up at him, the whites of his teeth beaming through the visor. “Nice to meet you Tony!”

They could have left it at that. Tony should have left it at that. Instead, he released Peter’s hand with a gentle smile of his own and asked casually “So what’s with the cross-wiring on your arms, kid?”

“Oh, um… it’s- the suit’s a little big still so I had to, um, improvise,” Peter chuckled, and Tony would bet money he was blushing fiercely under that helmet. “I’m an electrician’s apprentice back home so I had some spare wires and… yeah, here we are.”

Tony couldn’t help but smile at the slightly flustered shuffle Peter made, before forcing himself to stare out the window again when looking at the teenager made his nerves twinge. Like he could feel the danger he posed just by standing near him.

“Well, nice meeting ya kid,” Tony said gruffly in an attempt to cut off the conversation.

“Yeah! Nice meeting you too,” Peter grinned. “I’ll see you around later?”

God I hope not.

“Yeah kid, maybe…”

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Peter: *singing* Your heart is a muscle the size of a rat. 
Peter: Your brain’s about four times the size of a cat’s. 
Peter: Your lungs can hold 5.5 liters of air. 
Peter: The soles of your feet can never grow hair. 
Tony: *banging his head against a wall*

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Young adult Morgan: I’m gonna be Aunt May 2.0

Peter confused: What do you mean?

Morgan: When you ultimately die because of your line of work in a few years and I get to raise Ben to be a man his dead family would be proud of.

Peter apprehensive: I’m not gonna die because of work.

Morgan: It’s the family’s curse. Your parents died when you were four and my dad when I was 4.

Morgan looks at Peter dead in the eyes: Your days are numbered, brother.

Peter completely terrified.

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I just had a thought.

MCU Peter in the style of Harry Potter naming his kids after the bravest people in his life.

Benjamin Richard Parker

Anthony Harold Parker (does Morgan get dibs on that one? I mean, she’s gonna grow up like Peter so… Middle name?)

May Mary Virginia Parker (or Mary May Virginia Parker because May is alive and I love the idea of Pepper and her being best friends, sue me)

We were so close Quentin, could have had Quentin James Parker (though I hate the name Quentin and you also had to die for sure 100%)

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EVERYBODY needs the Emotional Grip Holders every once in a while, even Earth’s Greatest Defender. This was the moment Stark thanked God he had his kid around. 😊

Just an adorable Irondad and Spiderson moment. I have no idea where I saw this incorrect quote, but as soon as I saw it I knew I had to make a comic of it, it’s just adorable.

Hope you like it. If you enjoy my work give my art a reblog, it really means a lot.😊

Marvel, Sony, Stan Lee, Steve Ditko © 

Art by Maryo274 ©   

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Idk this was an idea ig tell me if you want more ???

Sick Peter gets lost and calls Tony for help.

He was having a really bad day.

A no good bad day.

Peter didn’t get to eat in the morning. Barely had a snack at lunch. Was overly exhausted, congested and overall not feeling very well.

His brain was in a fog when getting onto the bus. He just needed to get to New Jersey, for research for his history project. But he got on the wrong bus. And he fell asleep.

By the time he woke up the bus was at its last stop. The sun was started to set and Peter definitely wasn’t in New Jersey. Or New York. He wasn’t too sure where he was.

Peter got off the bus, being dropped off at a gas station with nothing in sight. Peter checks his phone shocked to see he left his home over 8 hours ago and that he has no service.

Not a single bar. Not even Data. He can’t even check where he is. At least this gas station has a phone booth.

Entering the booth, Peter pulls out some loose change he has inserting it into the machine. He punches in a phone number and prays that the call goes through.

“Who is this and how did you get this phone number?” Tony Stark answers, voice filled with suspicion.

“Mr Stark? It’s Peter- Parker.” Peter hardly sounds like himself, voice hoarse and sounding as congested as he now feels. “I’m lost.”

“Pete, kid, why are you calling my from an unknown number? Did you let your phone die again. It’ll take me a minute to track you hold on.”

“I don’t have service. I’m supposed to be in New Jersey but this doesn’t look like New Jersey to me. There’s nothing near this Mobil.”

“You’re at a Mobil gas station with nothing around you that’s good to know. Want to tell me why you’re traveling sick?”

Peter thinks for a moment, before getting hit hit by a coughing fit that makes his head hurt, and his knees wobble.

“I wasn’t this sick when I left. Oh that was like over eight hours ago. I fell asleep on the bus.”

There’s silence on the line. For a moment Peter thinks the phone disconnected him for lack of funds.

“I don’t know how you got yourself to Ohio, but you’re in Ohio kid. I’m going to send someone from our branch close to you to pick you up and take you to a hotel. When you get to your hotel room there’s going to be soup waiting for you and you’re going to eat that and go to sleep. By the time you wake up I should be there. Okay?”

“I’m in Ohio?” Peter laughs.

“Yeah, kid, you’re in Ohio. Zena should be there to pick you up in 20, okay? Then not too long until I get there. I’ll let May know you got lost. Don’t eat any gas station food, if you do need to eat now, stick to chips or chocolate bars. Nothing that’s suspicious.”

“You’re parenting me.” Peter says out loud before his brain can catch up to him.

Tony laughs.

“You’re my kid. I’m worried. Of course I am.”

The phone chimes in telling Peter to add more money or the phone will disconnect.

“I don’t have anymore loose change Mr Stark. I’ll see you soon.”

“Yeah, soon. Be safe. Zena will be there shortly. Don’t do anything reckless. I’ll see you soon.”

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Something was wrong with the kid.  Other than the fact that they had just gotten locked into a death game, of course. Tony couldn’t put a finger on exactly what, but he didn’t like it.

Knowing who Tor was now, he also knew that this ‘something wrong’ predated Kayaba’s villainous monologue in the town square.  He could see it in the way he would sometimes catch Peter staring at him out of the corner of his eye with an expression as if he were chewing on glass, the way he reacted to being called ‘kid’ before their identities were revealed…

Then there was how the kid looked like he had seen a ghost after the reveal.  Or worse than that, considering the strangeness in their life and work.

It was obvious that something had happened in the last few years that he couldn’t remember.  Something that to Peter made it almost impossible for Tony to be here, stuck in this game with him.  But try as he might, he could remember nothing.

He could only hope that whatever it was he had broken this time, there was still a chance to repair it.

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I want more content of them but if they’re going to ruin their relationship, then I agree with you. 

I hope that SM3 at least deals with the fact that they had a father-son relationship and that they stop reducing that to only ‘mentor-protegé’. We all know that’s not it. 

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When the Tony Stark had arrived in Penny Parker’s apartment to recruit Spider-Woman for a mission, she didn’t expect to end up helping the person she was supposed to be fighting. Then again, nothing really is predictable when Tony Stark is involved.

Tony followed Bucky and Penny followed him. They learned the truth, that maybe the Winter Soldier was more than they thought him to be. They worked to find the true enemy, Helmut Zemo. And then, they tracked the Soldier.

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