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By: Pookiethefrickinbunn - For: @the-panwitch

Rating: Teen and Up 

Relationships: Peter Parker & Tony Stark, Natasha Romanov & Tony Stark

Characters: Tony Stark, Peter Parker, Natasha Romanov


Based on the nonsense that spewed out of the boy’s mouth all night and the visual context clues, Tony was pretty sure he knew the identity of his guest. He wasn’t an idiot. He knew only a prince would wear what the child had on. And only a prince would have access to a horse like the one that was accompanying him. In fact Tony was sure there would be more evidence in the saddle bags that were on the steed. But the man was afraid to leave the child to go check.

OR The story of how a humble farmer named Tony came across the lost prince from the neighboring kingdom.
Farmer!Tony and Price!Peter Medieval AU.
Friendly Neighborhood Exchange 2020 - Farmer Tony and Prince Peter prompt. Plus a kidnapping in chapter two.

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Howdy Gamers! I’m Anthony and I run this Askblog! I honestly just needed a place to put the doodles and random thoughts of my au and thought ‘Why not turn it into an askblog!’ Thus this account was born! This au does have a set storyline but it will not be shown(unless prompted) this blog is simply for fun and for me to draw the au that lives in my head rent free. Please don’t spam questions or requests I’ll get to them when I get to them and if I don’t answer yours I’m sorry. Other than that ask away!


Have fun y'all 🤠✌🏾💛

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On a weekend trip with his class to a museum, Peter wanders off and, surprisingly, bumps into his mentor, Tony Stark, who’s there to introduce a new art restoration technique to an investor. Tony is pleasantly surprised, hints that he suspects the chemistry department of SI to flourish in the near future, and is about to ask Peter what on earth a total science geek like him is doing at an art museum when the class teacher, Mr. Harrington, interrupts. 

Tony sees this complete stranger, an adult middle aged man, grab Peter by the arm and attempt to drag the kid off, sputtering little ‘sorry for bothering you’s, and he immediately goes on Red Alert. Because Peter doesn’t have any living male relatives, who the FUCK–

He pins the guy to the ground in seconds.

In the middle of him interrogating the man about what his intentions were with his tiniest intern, Peter shrieks that that’s his teacher, Mr. Stark, holy shit, he’s on a field trip

And, well. That makes things a little awkward. Especially when he turns his head to see a gaggle of gangly teenagers staring at him, a couple of which with their phones out, cameras pointing directly at him.

This is going to be a PR nightmare.

(… Oh, and he should probably apologise for traumatising this poor teacher.)

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I love both irondad and starker so I thought I’d make a post looking for primarily irondad blogs that are also okay with starker interaction/neutral to it. I need more irondad in my life but so many irondad blogs are super agressive and I try to avoid reblogging so we can both live in peace.

So if you post irondad and are okay with/neutral to starker (or if you’re a starker who also posts irondad) like/reblog.

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The Case Of The Tyrannical Two

Summary: It’s been months since The Spider’s been put away, but the crime syndicate still lives, and in the shadows, the world’s titans fight to claim it.

Meanwhile, strange deaths crop up within New York City. All of them look like accidents. All of them are anything but.

With faces from Tony’s past appearing in his present, a serial killer trying to grab his attention, and the CEO of a multibillion dollar tech company tracking them down, it’s almost inevitable really, that Tony and Peter get trapped in a plot that threatens to rip them apart when they’ve only just made a home.

AO3 Link For Chapter Four | Chapter OneChapter Two, Chapter Three

ok look i know this has been forever but im BACK BAYBEEEE

Chapter Four: The Red Team 

It’s eight a.m. and Tony’s flipping some eggs onto some toast- a true domestic feat- when Peter walks downstairs, his hair still a mess. “G’morning.” He greets, plopping down on the table and pouring himself some juice.

“Morning kid, sleep well?”

Peter shrugs, “Yeah, I guess.”

He takes a big gulp of some OJ before looking up, “So any big plans today while I’m stuck being bored in class?”

Tony rolls his eyes, “Can you relax. You go twice a week. You’ll live.”

Peter sighs, “Twice too much. I could be here instead, helping you solve cases.” He wags his brows and Tony expertly ignores him, setting down both their plates.

“Oh Petey, you know I love it when I get to use my favourite saying.” Tony smiles like an angel, “No.”

Peter deflates.

Tony whistles some Beethoven.

It’s practically almost normal.

Ever since they’d solved the Sarkisian case, Peter had been slowly bouncing back. A lot of it might have to do with being reinstated. Of course, the only people happy to see them were Thor, Steve, and the Captain. But still. It felt like coming home and Tony’s sure Peter felt the same. Yes, he’s still rough around the edges. Still on guard and snappy and almost paranoid. But it’s almost as if he felt more comfortable in his own skin. Like Peter knew a secret the world didn’t.

Tony still isn’t sure if he likes it. And he knows that there’s more he should be doing. But it’s times like these where he feels in over his head. He doesn’t fully understand it. And what he can’t understand he can’t take apart and put back together again. Helplessly, his eyes flit over to the oven clock. Eight-seventeen. Just thirteen more minutes. And then he can go.

Tony’s still sitting pondering what to do when his desktop computer starts pinging uncontrollably. Peter shoots his head out of his arms to stare at it incredulously, “What the heck is happening.”

Tony on the other hand, is positively giddy, “It’s been so busy lately that I haven’t had time anymore, but since we were suspended from the NYPD-”

“-not a good thing!!-” Peter grumbles.

Tony ignores him, “I have more time to check and talk conspiracy theories.”

Peter makes a face, “You’re a tin-foil hat guy?”

Tony slaps a hand across his heart, the peak of offense, “How dare you.”

Peter throws his hands in the air defensively, and Tony elects to be forgiving. “Conspiracy theories are ninety-nine percent of the time laughably wrong. Big groups of people can’t keep secrets. That’s just a fact. My hobby is the theorists. I love them probably.” He says dreamily, “You ever hear about the theory that the CIA invented crack?”

“Yeaaah.” Peter says slowly.

Tony grins, “I started that one.”

“Oh my God, Mr. Stark!” And for a second, the old Peter and the old banter is back and Tony’s heart feels full.

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Irondad Fic Rec

I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy this weekend!! Today’s fic is

The hearth by @sagemb (@beachtree

Summary: What to Do When Your Wife Is Out of the Country: A Guide by Tony Stark

1) Gain partial custody of a child

2) Sleep on the couch

3) Have the child gain partial custody of you


With May and Pepper out of town, Tony and Peter basically look after each other and it’s one of my absolute favorite fics ever. 

One of my absolute favorite lines in this fic is ““Peter is a terrible example of my parenting, by the way. He gets himself nearly killed on a weekly basis. That’s all May and Ben. I’m more like the enabling vodka aunt than anything else. When I’m a real dad, well. You’ll see.”

“You can’t be the vodka aunt,” Pepper points out. “You’re sober.”

There are like at least 20 other lines I wanted to copy & paste here because it’s just so well written and well done, but this one made me giggle.

This is a slice of life fic and I think a very beautiful, realistic, well crafted look at irondad. The characterization of Tony is spot on, as is Peter. Peter acts like an actual teenager and I love it. I love the Pepperony sprinkled throughout. This fic also acts as a fantastic character study of Tony. It’s so well written and truly something special. If you haven’t read this fic before, you’re really missing out. It’s phenomenal. Honestly @beachtree wrote a perfect fic. One last thought - I’m gonna steal some of her thoughts that she wrote down in her endnotes because they’re amazing and show how insightful this fic is:

Always the two essential questions when it comes to writing Tony Stark and Peter Parker are, “How responsible does Tony feel for Peter’s actions, as well as his well-being, whether that refers to the physical or emotional?” and “What degree of emotional intimacy and/or physical involvement does this result in?”

From there you can unpack an infinite number of follow-up questions that help you define their relationship in a more in-depth way, but fundamentally those are the two questions you are answering in any fic you write about them.

Why is Peter and Tony’s relationship so special? Is it the fact that they have the same understanding of so many things (responsibility, helping, defending, innovation and technology) despite having come from two wholly different lives, and in effect they have an implausibly natural understanding of each other? Does this necessarily indicate a father-son relationship? I don’t think so. Most of us barely understand our fathers. Some of us resent them. Few of us have wholly healthy relationships with them. The lives of parents and children are too ingratiated for the ugly parts not to mesh together as well, to feed off each other.

I love this fic 3000 please read it. And always, if you love a fic, be sure to comment and let the author know. Feedback is the lifeblood of fanfic. And everyone could use a little pick me up in these hard COVID-19 times. 

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The universe: [hands peter to tony]

Tony: …this is a child

The universe: yes

Tony; a child with spider powers

The universe: Mmhm

Tony; is the child with spider powers… going to help?

The universe: if you don’t want him, give him back

Tony, bringing peter closer to his chest: No.

The universe grinning: then he helps

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I’m gonna do something a little different today and rec a whole series! I’ve wanted to do this for awhile, but I always get caught up on how to format it. As a series, this is incredible. One of my absolute favorites. But I also believe that each individual fic deserves attention. They’re all so different and so good in their own right. So without further ado, enjoy

IronFam Post Endgame Cuddle Fic by Sahiya

Nursery School Hell Germs 
Summary: Peter and Tony find out what anyone who is related to a small child knows: that the germs they bring home from preschool are THE WORST
Word count: 4,904
My mini review: Sick Tony and sick Peter taking care of each other and being dramatic in the process is everything. I love the little details the author chose to include, like not having TVs in the bedroom to limit Morgan’s screen time. My poor babies are so sick and I love the equilibrium of trying to take care of each other when they both feel like death. It’s probably my favorite sick fics ever and it doesn’t get too repetitive with descriptions of what’s wrong. The dialogue is super authentic and well done, and appropriately witty at points. It’s really, really well written. Anyway I’m in love with this fic. It’s wholesome and wonderful and the best sick!fic

Head Above Water
Summary: “FRIDAY has all the emergency numbers,” Pepper said, “including Morgan’s pediatrician. There’s food in the fridge––soup for Tony and Morgan, lasagna and mac and cheese for you. Make sure Morgan is drinking her Pedialyte, and see if you can get her to sleep in her own bed tonight. And don’t let Tony go on a fever-driven work binge.”
“Got it,” Peter said, nodding. “FRIDAY, fridge, Pedialyte, no work binge.”
Word Count: 15,080
My mini review: Time for Tony to get sick with his other kid! I love Peter trying his best to take care of them and how he’s completely unconcerned about their germs lol. I could feel how overwhelming this would be for him and it’s a great companion piece to Nursery School Hell Germs. There’s a part in this, in the 2nd chapter, that just makes my heart melt and I about cried. It was such a realistic real portrayal of that character and emotions. was perfect. Peter is The Best™ big brother and son in this!! The Best™. This fic is soft and perfect, as is all of Sahiya’s writing. 

All That We See or Seem 
Summary: “There is one more thing, Tones,” Rhodey said, watching him.
Oh God, Tony thought wearily. “What is it? Just tell me.”
“Peter thought you were dead.”
Tony blinked. “What?”
Word Count: 16,738
My mini review: The first time I read this series, I read it backwards. So I started with this fic and it’s my favorite of the three. This fic is everyone taking care of Peter, but instead of being sick, it’s in the aftermath of torture. It’s done so well and Morgan Stark broke my heart. You know when you read something and it’s everything you didn’t know you wanted? That’s this for me. I love Tony and his reaction and Morgan with hers and all the characterization and it’s just really really well written. This fic made me tear up. There’s so much more I could say, certain lines that I adore, but I don’t want to spoil this fic any more than I already have. So give it a read. For all the angst, there’s so much comfort! I love it 3000.

That’s a lot! But I hope you guys read and love this series like I do! And Sahiya doesn’t have a Tumblr but if you liked it, please let her know! Also if you know a way to contact her, please have her message me so I can invite her to my discord group. Thanks for reading, supporting, and being a part of this fandom. 

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Bamfuary Bingo Boards!!!

Febuwhump and Febufluff are upon us, but for your consideration:




Feel free to post these to your own blogs with credit!Definitely feel free to use them and tag me because I want to read your fics!!

Please tag people, I’m hoping we can get some traction!

Thank you so much to @reachingforaspark for everything really. Prompt help, imaging help, proofing!! You are such an amazing friend.

Thank you @pokeydotes for your enthusiasm and help with the prompts!

Thank you @blondsak for your incredible words of encouragement before I ever really considered actually getting this going!

Thank you to @euphoric-melancholyy and @coconutknightshade for all your encouragement!!

Thank you to all my IronDad Discord and tumblr friends, you guys are the best <3

@friendlyneighborhoodsecretary @lunannex @seek-rest @peterparkrr @forensicleaf @frostysunflowers @whumphoarder @official-impravidus @hailing-stars @ephemeralstark @marvel-us-world @saieras @spider-beep @starkaroos2034

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