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Tagged by @the-starlight-chills! This is from my fanfic Here to Help.

But I noticed that Peter was curled up in a tight ball, not distressed, but not very relaxed either. In fact he looked a little cold. It was then I realized he was using Wade’s blankets, not the ones I made for him specially to keep him warm since he can’t thermoregulate well. I sighed, shaking my head with a chuckle, and went to his room to grab him his special red blanket. He’d asked very timidly if it would be red I remember. He wanted all his bed sheets and blankets to be red, it was his favorite color. 

Tagging: @doctornineandthreequarters @musicofglassandwords @done-did-a-chaos @sunlight-and-starskies

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Au idea:

Tony stark: tony is a student who lives with his dog dum-e,(a newfoundland dog) dum-e is always getting in trouble.

Stephen strange: a medical student who lives with his pet cat Levi (a Scottish Fold).

Like always dum-e got in trouble and got stuck in a some wires, stephen saves him and tony invites him for coffee, they talk about their college life and their families and pets, that’s how they meet but they lost contact with each other.

20 years later tony is a business man and a single father, stephen is a famous orthopaedist.

They meet again when peter(tony’s kid) broke his leg while playing in playground.

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Welcome to Story Rec Monday! We are so happy to share this with you and hope you enjoy! We hope you are staying safe, don’t forget to head over to our trope of the week vote before 8:00 pm this Wednesday :)

it happened quiet by JBS_Forever

In the aftermath of the war, Peter and Tony learn to live in a world they don’t recognize anymore – and a world that doesn’t recognize them.

| 1/1 Chapters | 7,784 Words | No Archive Warnings Apply | General Audiences |

Notes: I love this story. The writing is amazing, and honestly, heart wrenching! This story is so full of emotional angst, and it’s delivered so perfectly. You can really feel the struggle and the feelings of the characters. This fic also highlights the differences between the pre- and post- thanos worlds and I found that especially interesting. I hope you read this story and enjoy it as much as I did, and don’t forget to leave comments and kudos, they always make the author’s day!

link to story

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Hello! We hope you had a wonderful weekend and are staying safe! This week’s trope of the week vote will be open until 20:00 EST on Wednesday the 1st (4 / 1 / 20). Don’t forget to check back with us on Friday for the rec list of the winning trope!

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Summary: While having a ‘spider-sense’ can come in handy, it can also be a hindrance. Especially when the constant hum keeps you awake at night. Peter learns that there is one place he can go that feels safe enough to silence his heightened awareness and it’s where Tony is.

Warnings: none

Tags: Tony Stark Acting as Peter Parker’s Parental Figure, Tony Stark and May Parker Co-Parenting Peter Parker, Tired Peter Parker, Fluff … …

Word Count: 3653

Link to Post on AO3: A Silent Refuge- happyaspie


Tony woke up entirely too early in the morning to his phone instantly vibrating on the table beside his bed.  When it finally went quiet he sighed and tried to go back to sleep only to have it start up again immediately after.  With a groan, he haphazardly felt around on the table until he had the offending device in his hand and then fumbled to answer it without ever looking to see who was calling.  There was only a short list of people who could reach him through the one line that didn’t go through FRIDAY and if they felt the need to call him twice in rapid succession, then he figured it must be at least somewhat important.  “What’s up?”

“Is Peter with you?”, the voice on the other line asked and it took Tony longer than it should have to figure out who was talking to him.  In fact, he had to pull the phone away from his ear and glance down at the name before it clicked and his sleep-rattled brain slowly started to work things out.  It was May and she was asking him about the kid.  Pete.  Peter.  She thought Peter was with him?

“No.  Why would be he be with me?”, he asked with confusion.  It was way too early on a… whatever day it was for the kid to be with him.

“I don’t know!”, May clipped and Tony was suddenly awake enough to register how distressed she sounded.  “I went into his room this morning to make sure he was getting up for school and he wasn’t there.  There’s no note, he’s not answering his phone and he’s not with Ned, so I was hoping that you had him.”, she asked, her voice sounding more and more perturbed the longer she spoke.

“May… I would never come to collect your kid in the middle of the night without saying something.  I’m not that irresponsible.”, Tony said as he sat up and tried to wipe the sleep from his eyes.  Then he remembered that at one time he’s lied to the woman and hauled her nephew out of the country without her knowledge and gave in a little.   "Okay, maybe I am but I didn’t.  He’s not with me.  Let me pull up the suit stats.  Maybe he got up before you and went out for an early morning swing.“, he said with an exhausted sigh but May didn’t seem to think that was the case being as she was once again huffing in his ear.

"You don’t understand.  He’s not answering his phone, Tony.  Oh, god what if he’s hurt?”, she said with growing anxiety that was starting to send ripples of worry through Tony as well.  Especially when the console he used to monitor the Spider-suit came up blank.

“The suits not active.”, he stated not quite masking his own concern.  “Jesus.  Okay.”, he started as he ran his hands down his face and let out a deep breath.  “Okay, I’m going to have FRIDAY track his last location and check the surveillance.  I’ll let you know when I find something.  You just hang tight in case he returns home."  

"Please, just find my kid.”, May returned without missing a beat.

“I’ll find him.”, Tony assured ahead of abruptly ending the call.  A thousand thoughts were running through his mind as he stepped into a pair of sweat pants.  It was times like these that he was thankful for his AI assistant.  He didn’t have to waste any time.  She could get started while he finished throwing a shirt over his head and made his way to the lab.  “FRIDAY?  Pull up the Spider-suit’s tracker and pinpoint its last coordinates for me, will you dear?”

Not even two seconds passed before the AI was dutifully responding with the information that he’d requested  “The last known location was recorded at one-thirty-two in the morning.  I’m sending you the coordinates to you now.”

Tony felt his watch twitch and looked down at the location expecting to see it somewhere in Queens.  Maybe even in the kid’s closet but that wasn’t the case and he brought his brows together with perplexity.  “That’s a block from the Tower.  What on Earth was he doing there?”, he rhetorically questioned but the AI responded anyway.

“I believe he was using the suit as a means of transportation.”, FRIDAY replied and Tony rolled his eyes.

“He usually does.”, Tony said with mild frustration as he too tried to dial Peter’s number only to be sent straight to voicemail.  The kid never had his phone turned off and that sent his lingering worry over the edge causing unfavorable thoughts to flow endlessly through his head.  “I swear, if it wasn’t frowned upon by every single government agency on the planet, I would put a tracker in back of the kid’s neck.”, he said through his teeth.

“That would be a human rights violation at best, Boss.”, the AI chimed in, only adding to Tony’s annoyance.

“Thanks, dear but I’d already figured that out for myself.”, he acknowledged while simultaneously opening up all of the screens in front of him.  “Pull up the surveillance footage and let’s see if we can figure out what our resident spiderling was up to.  Hopefully not getting kidnapped because it is way too early in the morning to deal with anything like that.”, he said in an attempt to keep things light but in reality that was his number one fear at the moment.  That the kid had snuck off and then gotten captured.   There were people out there that would love to get their hands on Spider-man.  Then just as he was starting to spiral, FRIDAY spoke up and eased the panic.

“Mr. Parker was not kidnapped.”, the AI informed causing Tony’s nack to snap up from where he’s been staring at the floor.  FRIDAY wasn’t programmed to lie under any circumstances and that meant that she’d already been able to deduce something he just didn’t know what and even though no more than half a second had passed he was already beyond aggravated at the lack of instant explanation.

“Is there something you’re not telling me because I’m starting to get a little anxious here.”, he snapped.  “If you know something that I don’t, now would be an excellent time for you to fill me in.”

“Mr. Parker entered the building at one-forty-two via the furthermost window of your private lab and has been asleep on the couch in the corner ever since.  Would you like me to wake him?”

Tony’s brain completely stalled at the information.  He felt swindled.  Outraged.  The kid was currently occupying the very room he was sitting in.  Granted it was a large room and the couch was in the furthest corner but the fact that he’d not been informed was maddening.  “I’m sorry, Did you just tell me that the kid has been back there for the last…”, He glanced down at his watch, “…six and a half hours and you just now decided to tell me?”

“Mr. Parker has full access to your private lab and requested that I not–”, FRIDAY began to designate but Tony wasn’t interested in the AI’s miscalculated reasoning.  Just because the kid had access to the lab didn’t mean he wanted him to come and go without notice.  JARVIS would have inferred that on his own.  He was intuitive, could practically read his mind and– he didn’t have time to think about that as another notion invaded his thought process.

“–Wait, he’s not hurt is he?”, he asked, his heart beginning to palpitate in his chest as he awaited the answer.

“No injuries or illnesses were detected upon his arrival.  Other than some minor sleep deprivation, Mr. Parker seems to be in excellent health.”, FRIDAY said and Tony ran his hands through his hair and took several deep breaths.  Once his heart had gone back to a more normal rhythm he stood up and began to weave through the various machines as he made his way towards the far end of the sprawling workshop where, sure enough, Peter was laying there completely knocked out.

For several seconds, Tony watched the boy’s chest rise and fall in a soothing manner.  He had one arm tucked under his head as a pillow and the other dangling over the side, his fingers brushing the floor while both knees were pulled up towards his chest.  It didn’t look overly comfortable but the kid’s slack features seemed to say otherwise.  He almost hated to wake him.  Then he felt his phone buzz in his pocket.  It was May.  A quick text to inform her that her nephew was alive, well and in his care, he leaned over to shake Peter awake.  “Time to rise and shine, Spiderling.”, he said just loud enough to cause the teenager to stir.

“Mr. Stark?”, Peter slurred as he opened his eyes. 

“In the flesh.”, Tony returned with a fond smile.  Even with a little bit of drool on the corner of his mouth, the kid looked sort of cute, laying there with his hair sticking up as it was.  “What are you doing here, kiddo?  Not that I don’t enjoy your company but it’s a school day and your aunt was kind of freaking out.”, he said making the teenager shoot up into a sitting position so fast that it made his own head swim.

“Shoot!  I overslept.  I need to call her!”, Peter said as he hurriedly pulled his phone out of his pocket only to realize that it was dead.  “Shoot! She’s going to kill me.”

Smiling at the early morning dramatics, Tony sat himself down beside the stressed-out looking teenager and patted him on the knee.  “I’ve already let her know that your safe and with me.”, he and then paused as the softness he’d been feeling started to fade into minor irritation.  Mostly because his pocket was still buzzing with was no doubt, numerous questions form May.  Questions he couldn’t yet answer.  “You know, after adamantly insisting that you weren’t with me when she called this morning.  So, how about we backtrack to my first question.  What are you doing here?”

“Sleeping?”, Peter apprehensively responded.  

“Okay…”, Tony said with a quirk of his eyebrow.  “Is there something wrong with your own bed?”

“No, but…”, Peter began to but then found himself unable to locate the words necessary to explain any further.  Partially because he wasn’t sure he wanted to.  Being caught had not been a part of his plan but Tony was looking at him with rapt anticipation and he knew he had to say something. “It’s kind of hard to explain?”

“Well, I’m going to need you to give it the good ole college try because you showing up in my lab unannounced before dawn is worrisome.”, Tony countered with seriousness and gave a curt nod of his head.  “Which reminds me.  FRIDAY?  New rule.  Anytime the kid enters or exits the building I want a heads up.  Every time.  No matter what. We’ll call it the Baby Gate Protocol.”, he added with a smirk, fully aware of how much the kid would hate the diminutive name. 

With a deep sigh, Peter looked down at the floor where he’d kicked his shoes off upon his arrival. He was already resigning himself to the fact that he would never be able to stealthily enter the building by any means ever again  FRIDAY would no longer comply with his request to remain unattended.  “That’s not really necessary, Mr. Stark.”, he tried.

“Apparently it is considering I spent the last fifteen minutes tracking your location only to find out that, surprise!…  you were literally across the room from me the whole time.”, Tony said in exasperation.  “Inept and uninformed is not a good look on me.  So, forgive me for preventing it from happening again… and for the third time.”, he pressed, “Why are you here?”

“I can’t sleep at home.”, Peter answered in defeat.  “I mean I can but it’s, it's hard and I was so tired and my spider-sense wouldn’t shut up so, so I came here.”, he quietly explained.

Tony looked at the kid beside him with a wrinkle of concern etched across his brow.  “Doesn’t your spider-ESP usually warn you that you’re in danger”, he asked because it made no sense that the kid would never leave May at risk.  He would protect her with his life.

“Yes but no.”, Peter said with a shrug of his shoulders and another sigh.  He legitimately didn’t know how to expound on the subject.  Even he wasn’t one-hundred percent clear on how his spider-sense worked sometimes. “It does the thing where it makes my hairs stand on end when there’s an immediate threat but it’s also just always there in the back of my skull.  Except it’s more of a constant, quiet hum.  Just enough to keep me alert.  During the day it’s fine.  I only really notice it at night anymore but sometimes there are nights where its more annoying than others and I just… can’t sleep.

Tony made sure to maintain eye contact to show that he was listening.  He had no experience with spider-induced anxiety but he certainly knew a thing or two about insomnia.  “So… you thought you would come by and mess around in the lab by yourself?”, he asked dubiously by virtue of the fact that he was still unclear as to how the sleep-deprived teenager ended up on his couch.

“No, Mr. Stark.  Just sleep.”, Peter said as he chewed on his bottom. “Like do you remember last week when you had to wake me up after I fell asleep with my head on your desk?”, he asked and waited for him mentor to say that he did.  “Well, I realized that day that my spider-sense is quiet when I’m here.  Like super, quiet and I think it’s because it just feels really, really safe when I’m here.”, he adamantly replied before wavering slightly as he weighed his next words. “I think, I think it has to do with you.  …because when you’re around, I can sleep without having to force myself to ignore that buzz.  It’s like my DNA knows that you have the ability to take care of me while I rest.”, he said and almost felt bad about it.  He knew May would always try to protect him too but the fact of the matter was that she was vulnerable and Tony… he was Iron Man.

Smiling fondly, Tony wrapped his arm around the boy’s shoulders.  He wholly understood the levity that came with that admission.  “I’m glad you feel safe with me, Buddy.”, he gently replied and after that, things grew quiet with thought.  He’d met the kid months ago and at that time the teenager had said that he’d acquired his abilities six months prior.  He wondered if something had changed or if the kid had honestly gone that long without a good night’s sleep.  “You’ve had your powers for a while now.  How have you been dealing with that all this time?”

“Well, that’s why I would patrol so late at night.  If I exerted enough energy to become exhausted, it made it easier to sleep and I guess I just sort of got used to not getting a full night’s sleep.  Then when Aunt May found out about everything and gave me a curfew it made things more difficult.  Sometimes, I’m so tired I can’t think straight but all I can do is stare at the ceiling.  I knew if I came here I could sleep and I thought I set an alarm on my phone so that I could get home before your or May found out but I guess my battery died.  I didn’t mean to make everyone worry.  I’m so sorry, Mr. Stark.”, Peter shot back all in one continuous ramble, taking a sharp intake of air at the end.

“Calm down, kiddo.  We know you’re safe now and that’s what matters the most.  We’re going to have to come up with a better plan for you to get some sleep though.  I can’t have you sneaking in through my windows at all hours and you should be sleeping in an actual bed and not on an old worn-out couch.”, Tony said as he pulled the kid into his side could feel him instantly relax against him and sighed contentedly.  He had Pepper, Rhodey and Happy but even still, it had been an exceptionally long time since anyone had told him that they trusted him so extensively and it felt good to have someone else by his side.  “We’ll talk to your Aunt.  Maybe you can stay here overnight sometimes.  At least on the weekends.”, he said before thoughtfully adding, “Of course, by here, I mean in the bedroom I’m going to set up for you in the penthouse.”

“You don’t have to do that, Mr. Stark.  I mean I would really appreciate being allowed to sleep there sometimes but I don’t need you to give me a room or anything.  The couch is fine, I promise.”, Peter replied but he couldn’t entirely stop himself from smiling at the man’s offer.  Being invited to spend some nights there was amazing enough without the added grandeur of knowing he would have a space set aside just for him.

“No, It’s not fine.  You need a room with a bed and I’m going to do that for you.  Now, from what I can figure, you’re already late for school so, you may as well come upstairs with me while I call your aunt.  I’ll make you some breakfast and then you can take a nap.”, Tony said as he tried to formulate a plan for exactly how he was going to relay all of this newly acquired information to May.  Although, his thoughts were interrupted sooner than they had the chance to flow.

“–I can’t just skip school, Mr. Stark!”, Peter squawked despite the fact that he had to have already missed at least one period.  

Tony chuckled and gave the boy’s shoulders a firm squeeze.  “Pete, you just sat there and told me that you haven’t had a good night’s sleep in months so I’m afraid that I’m going to have to insist.  I’m sure May will agree once I explain everything to her.  I’ll even write you an excuse.  How about that?”, he asked with a smile, though his tone didn’t no margin for argument.

Suddenly realizing how tired he still was, Peter nodded his head and yawned so wide that his eyes watered. 

Giving an approving nod, Tony led them both upstairs where he took to the stove to make an omelet while Peter made use of the bathroom.  Then, once he had the kid settled at the kitchen table he disappeared to talk to May in the privacy of his office. It took very little persuasion to get her to agree to allow her nephew to spend a few nights a week at the tower.  Especially if it meant that he wouldn’t allow himself to get so exhausted that he felt the need to sneak off in the middle of the night again and Tony couldn’t have been happier with the new arrangement.  He’d not realized exactly how close he’d actually gotten to the kid until he was being faced with a near panic attack at the prospect of him having gone missing.  Consequently, he was still smiling to himself as he reentered the kitchen.

“Everything’s all set.  Your curfew had officially been extended by half an hour and May agreed that you need a day off.  She also agreed that from now on you can spend your weekends with me.”, Tony said with an unwavering grin. “If you want to of course.”

“I would love that, sir.  If you’re sure it’s okay, I mean.”, Peter said with a smile of his own, soon after hopping up to place his dishes neatly into the sink.

“It’s fine.  Better than fine, it’s great.  Means I’ll have you around to do all the heavy lifting in the lab those days.  My back can only take so much and the Iron Man armor isn’t as comfortable as you would think.  This is an absolute win for me.”, Tony flippantly replied and then gestured for the boy to follow him up the stairs. “This is my room”, he said as he lay his hand on the closed door at the front of the wide hall before turning to open the door that was adjacent to it.  “…and this is going to be your room”, he pointed out while watching the kid’s eyes light up at the sight.  “We’ll have to get you some stuff to keep here and redecorate so that it suits you but there’s a bathroom, a walk-in closet and the bed should be comfortable enough.”

“This is amazing.  Thank you, Mr. Stark.”, Peter replied all starry-eyed and grateful.

“You’re welcome, kid.”, Tony said, chuckling at the way the teenager dramatically fall backward onto the mattress.  “Now you go ahead and get some rest.  I’ll have FRIDAY will tell me when you’re up and then I can drive you home.”, said with some remorse.  He would have loved to have had to kid stay there for the whole day but his aunt had insisted that he needed to get home.  Though he was already looking forward to the weekend.  

“Thank you for letting me stay, Mr. Stark.”, Peter said as he peeled back the duvet and climbed under the sheet. 

“You’re more than welcome.”, Tony returned as he gave in to the urge to run his fingers through the boy’s hair, smiling when the kid leaned into his touch.  “Good-night, Buddy.”, he whispered and then quietly slipped out of the bedroom.

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“Hey, Spider-Man,” Tony said, landing heavily on the roof he’d spotted Peter on.

Peter jumped. It was a bad sign he hadn’t heard the thrusters approaching—Tony wondered when the last time he ate was. How well he’d slept curled up in the corner of the rooftop, with what looked like a single blanket to keep him warm in the freezing Chicago wind.

Peter’s eyes were huge as he watched Tony step out of the suit.  

“How did you—you-you weren’t supposed to find me.”

Yeah, Tony knew that. The kid had been so careful as he snuck out of the hospital and onto the top of a greyhound bus. He’d kept his face hidden, he’d stayed in the dark. He hadn’t even gone back to his apartment to get clothes and whatever cash May might have had lying around.

“Why not?” Tony asked, tilting his head as he walked forward. He couldn’t decide if he wanted to shake Peter or hug him.

Peter opened his mouth, then looked away, over his shoulder to his battered backpack. Tony looked at it as well, looked the kid up and down, and decided the conversation could wait.

“You tried the pizza here yet?” Tony asked.

Peter blinked, then shook his head.

“Let’s get some pizza.”

The pizza restaurant Tony picked was empty, which was why he had chosen it.

“Grab a table, kid,” Tony told Peter, then crossed to the bar, knocking on it until someone poked their head out from the kitchen.

After chatting with the chef and owner for a few minutes—and sliding them a couple hundred dollars as incentive to turned the sign on the door to closed, as least until Tony had left—Tony joined Peter at the corner booth he’d chosen. He understood the instinct to have something at your back, to be able to see every entrance, so he didn’t mention the choice, just slid into the red plastic booth.

Peter just watched him, looking apprehensive.

“Are you hurt, kid?”

Peter shook his head.

“Ok. I’m not even going to ask if you’re hungry, cause I’ve met you.”

Peter forced a half-smile. Tony hadn’t seen the kid this nervous since before the Vulture, more than eight months ago now.

While they were waiting for their food, Tony took the opportunity to get a good look at Peter, in the warm light of the pizza parlor.

He was pale, certainly. His cheeks were a little gaunter than Tony liked, and his hair greasier than Tony was used to seeing. Tony wondered if he’d had the chance to shower since he’d left New York.

The chef brought their food over and Tony let himself fuss a little bit, getting Peter a place and putting his straw in his water for him.

“Don’t eat too fast, you’ll make yourself sick,” he warned, and Peter looked up at him sharply. Tony didn’t know why he was surprised that he had put together that Peter had been living on the streets for the last several days.

Peter ducked his head, slowly eating his way through half the pizza.

Finally, after he put down his fork and knife, Peter cleared his throat.

“Um, thank you, Mr. Stark. Anyway, it was good seeing you and—”


Peter stilled, closing his eyes.

Tony stirred his water with his straw, sighing.

“Let’s see if I’ve got the story straight,” he finally said, crossing his arms. “You get the call, you rush to the hospital and hear the news. They gave you, what, half an hour with May’s body?”

Peter flinched, sucking in a breath. His eyes were squeezed closed like he was in physical pain. Tony gave him a moment before continuing, his voice softer.

“And then the social services worker came to you and said they needed someone to call, an adult. Or it’d be CPS and a state sponsored grave for May. You panicked and gave them my number, waited until they left, and then you ran, went to the nearest bus station. Put your phone on a bus to D.C., your suit tracker on one to Philly—I got both of those back, by the way—and then came here. Why Chicago?”

Peter gave a one shouldered shrug, picking at a tear in the vinyl gingham tablecloth.

“Who would notice another homeless orphan?” He finally murmured, his voice so quiet Tony almost couldn’t hear him.

Tony clenched his jaw, gave an unhappy hum in response.

“So, what’s next? For you.”

“I got a job,” Peter said, a small gleam of pride in his eyes. Tony felt bad for dousing it, but he needed Peter to understand.

“Like a payroll job or a ‘thanks for helping, here’s ten bucks’ job?”

Peter frowned, his cheeks flushing. “It was fifteen,” he muttered, not looking at him.

Tony rubbed a hand down his face. Fifteen dollars might be enough to feed a single person for a day in a place like Chicago, but not someone with an enhanced metabolism. And who knew when the kid would get another break like that.

“Alright. Our arachnid friend ever gonna make an appearance?”

Peter bit his lip, glancing up at Tony. “I don’t know. There’s a lot of crime to stop, but I… might have to let go of the webs. Too distinct.”

“And when it starts dropping into the negatives, you still gonna be sleeping on that roof?”

Peter ducked his head in humiliation.

“I—I don’t know. I’ll figure it out.”

“Jeez, Parker, I can’t even pretend to be ok with this anymore. If I hear you say one more thing like that I’m going to—I’ll spontaneously combust, I swear. Pete, you don’t have to do this.”

Peter’s jaw clenched and he looked away, out the window.

“What other choice do I have?”

Tony snorted a humorless laugh. “Are you kidding? Me, kid. You called me and I came. I haven’t slept in four freaking days cause I was losing my mind trying to find you, I can’t—I don’t understand. Remotely anything going on in that head of yours.”

Peter sniffed, drew a line in the condensation on his glass.

“I can’t stay in-in Queens. I can’t… I can’t keep the apartment, I can’t afford school. I’m not going into the system, Mr. Stark, I—I refuse.”

“Of course not. You’re coming home with me.”

Peter crumpled his napkin and threw it on the table in a burst of energy that made Tony jump. “I’m not a charity project, Tony!” He snapped.

Tony blinked in shock. “I know you’re—”

“I’m not leaving.”

Tony took a breath, tried to reign in his instinct to tell the kid he didn’t have a choice, to order him to obey. He thought briefly of the guardianship papers he’d filled out at the hospital, of the adoption papers his lawyer was already preparing, and wondered what Peter would say about them if he knew.

“Then neither will I,” he said, trying to diffuse the tension, settling back in the booth and holding his arms out. “I’ll just stay here, following you around like a weirdo. Someone will inevitably call the cops and I’ll get arrested for stalking a minor. I’m rich and famous so I’ll get out no problem, but I’ll be forever known as Stark the Stalker.”

Peter snorted, fighting to keep his scowl in place.

“Stalking Stark. That’s me. Is that what you want?”

“No,” Peter murmured. He seemed embarrassed by his outburst.

“Then come back with me,” Tony pleaded. “Not as a charity project, not because I… pity you, or anything, kid, but because the thought of you here, on your own, makes me—I can’t stand it, Peter.” Even saying it out loud made pain shoot down his left arm and he flexed his hand. Peter eyed him uncertainly, as if not sure he could believe him.

“I can’t go back to New York,” Peter whispered, his bottom lip trembling before he steeled himself.

It was progress, however small. Tony seized on it. “Fine, pick a state. Heck, pick a country. Are you a mountain or ocean person?”


“The point is,” Tony said, reaching across the table and taking Peter’s hand to get his attention, “your room’s all ready, Pete. Or, if you secretly hate me, I’ll get you your own apartment, get groceries delivered, FRIDAY, the works. Anything. Anywhere. Just not this.”

Peter swallowed, staring down at the vinyl tablecloth.

“I don’t hate you.”

Tony pressed his thumb against the inside of Peter’s wrist.

“And I really don’t hate you. You’re one of the few people I really don’t hate, kid,” Tony said quietly, his mouth quirking up on one side. Peter breathed a short laugh, the plastic bench squeaking as he settled back against it.

Tony watched him chew on his lip for a few moments.


The kid looked up, his expression equal parts hurting and hoping.

“You called me,” Tony reminded him. That was the part Tony really couldn’t understand: if this had been Peter’s intention the whole time, why would he give the hospital Tony’s number—the one person in the world who would, without a doubt, find him. No matter how long it took.

Peter’s bottom lip trembled and he scrunched his nose like that would successfully keep the tears back.

“I’m sorry,” he whispered. “I—I didn’t mean to use you for your money or anything, I just—I knew you would give her a good funeral.”

The air rushed out of Tony’s lungs in a rush and it was a moment before he could take another breath. He hadn’t been expecting that. He’d thought Peter had just panicked and run without really thinking about it.

“Of course,” he said, trying to sound less surprised than he was. He took a breath, then scooted further down the bench so his and Peter’s shoulders were nearly touching.

“May and I had a lot in common, actually,” he continued softly, reaching a hand out and tipping Peter’s chin up with his knuckle. “We both think the world of Peter Parker.”

The first tear spilled over. Tony sighed, brushing it away, and pushed Peter’s bangs off his forehead. Peter watched him with a cautious yearning in his eyes.  

He thought about what he’d longed to hear when his parents died, when Jarvis went a few years later. He’d never really believed in Karma or divine punishment, but in the dark, alcohol tainted hours of the night, he would wonder if it was his fault.

“You don’t deserve this, buddy.”

Peter sucked in a breath like he’d been slapped. Then his face crumpled, a sob too-long forced down ripping from his throat.

HIs instinct was to curl up, hide his face. He crossed his arms on the sticky table top and went to bury his face in them, hiccupping gasps shaking his frame, but Tony intercepted him.

“Uh-uh. That’s what I’m here for, kiddo,” Tony murmured, pulling Peter into his arms and tucking the boy’s face into his neck. He curled his fingers into the short hair at the base of Peter’s neck and closed his eyes, his heart aching as Peter wept.

He let Peter cry himself out, sure that he hadn’t allowed himself to mourn, too focused on trying to survive. The poor kid had been orphaned, again, run away from the city he knew and loved, and was now sleeping on a rooftop in Chicago with fifteen dollars to his name.

As Peter’s tears began to taper off, Tony’s hand smoothing up and down his back, Tony paused his litany of gentle words to whisper, “Will you come back home, Peter?”

“Please,” Peter hiccupped. “Yes, please. Please.”

Tony clutched Peter to him a little tighter. “You don’t have to do these things on your own, buddy. I know you feel alone right now but you aren’t. I’m here. And I will not leave you.”

“Mr. Stark?” Peter asked, his voice nasally from crying. Tony felt him exhale a shaky breath against his throat.

Tony brushed his thumb along the knob of Peter’s spine in acknowledgment.

“I really don’t like Chicago.”

Tony snorted and pulled away, capturing Peter’s face in his hands, stroking his cheekbone.

“Me neither, kid. Let’s go home.”

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I accidentally deleted my fan fic preview so here it is again. I am almost done with the story, however and will probably post in on AO3 and Please give me some feedback, especially with characterization. Obviously everyone has their own perception of different character and this is mine. Enjoy!

Fandom: MCU (Irondad and Spiderson)

Title: Home Videos

Summary: Peter has a dream where he’s in a movie theatre watching Uncle Ben’s home video of the day he was born. As he watches, a familiar voice announces himself and Peter Parker finds Tony Stark smiling in the seat next to him.


 Peter Parker found himself sitting in a soft, red plush chair, facing a black screen partially covered in red velvet curtains. He could see a few rows of matching red seats scaling down in front of him, all empty. Turning, Peter saw the seats rising behind him were also empty. The small projector window above glowing faintly. He sat back in his seat, brows furrowed. He was in an older movie theatre, completely empty, with non-reclining seats and yellowed lights. Peter could see patches of discoloration on the red fabric-covered walls and the chipping back paint of the handrails. 

    The lights began to dim into a soft glow as the curtains slowly pulled back. With a quiet click, the black screen illuminated into a stunning white that made Peter’s eyes squint to adjust to the sudden brightness. He was relieved when the screen became gray static and a gentle buzz filled the auditorium. A loud, dull click sounded and the screen became a scene of blurry green trees. The image was shaky and glitched slightly. There was a digital time tag at the bottom right corner that read:  August 10,  2001.

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pairing: peter parker x reader

warnings: a little angst (not that much)

word count: 429

a/n: peter leaves voicemails to tony after his death.


▶ ──────🔘────────────── 03:23

U-uh, so, I’m not really sure how I’m s’posed to…oh, just talk into it? Like…? *chuckles nervously* This is..this is strange. M-my new therapist told me to try this as a way of making me feel better? But I’m not sure how it works yet. 

U-um, hey, Mr. Stark. S-so, it’s the day after…after the battle. Everyone’s back, a-and people seem really happy. S-still having a hard time believing we did all that. Mostly you. You d-did all that. 

*uncomfortable pause*

I-I can’t believe it’s really over. A-and you’re really… *soft sniffle* Sorry, sorry, Mr. Stark, so sorry, I just *sigh* miss you a lot. I really miss you.

S-so, um, I decided I should take a break from being Spiderman for a while. Instead of going on patrol, I hung out with Ned, MJ and Y/N. I-I kinda felt bad for a bit, though, because I-I don’t want to really fight crime right now. 

*clears throat* Um, my school has a field trip coming up. We’re going to Europe. Should be fun, I’ve never been to anywhere other than Berlin. I think we’re going to Venice? I’m really excited. May definitely thinks I should go, but she’s been kind of pressing me about takin’ the suit. Y’know, for protection.

B-but I don’t really want to? *pause* Does that make me a bad person? I-I kinda just wanna go on vacation with my best friends and the girl I like, and-and kinda not be the friendly neighborhood Spiderman for a while. N-not forever, of course, maybe just for this trip. 

*longer pause* 

‘m sorry, Mr. Stark. This is really, really weird- *awkward chuckle* Um, I keep expecting you to call back and reply with something. I just really miss you. I-I know you hate this sappy, emotional stuff, b-but I just wish you were here to see how happy you’ve made everyone, including me. You’re amazing, Mr. Stark.

*small cough* U-uh, ‘m going to see Y/N later, too, and I’m excited. I think I’m gonna give her flowers or something. O-or is that too much? *nervous laugh* I just haven’t seen her in so long. I-I told you about her before, right?

*pause* What’s that? *rustling* O-oh, yeah, of course. Be there in a minute. *more rustling* Hey, Mr. Stark, I have to go now. I promised Ned we’d finish our Lego project. I’ll be back tomorrow to do more of this, I guess. 

S-see ya, Mr. Stark. 

Oh, it’s Peter, by the way. 

Peter Parker. 

*whispers* Spiderman. Coming! 


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Prompt: Can you do one where the Avengers play a game together, such as tag, hide and seek, or like capture the flag or something? With a TONNNNN of fluff please? 😊😊😊

Read it on Ao3.

“So what are we doing again?” Wanda asked as she stood next to Peter. They were all standing outside in a line, staring at Clint and Nat. Clint had been bouncing off the walls with boredom, when he suggested the team play capture the flag. Everyone had agreed because they were also bored and now they were just waiting. Clint was currently busy arguing what the winner team should get. 

“The game’s called capture the flag,” Peter said. “Each team has a flag and the other team tries to steal it and get it back to their base.”

“Oh.” Peter nodded. “And American children consider this fun?” Peter just shrugged.

“Okay enough,” Nat said. “Losing team takes care of all the dirty dishes for a week, deal?”

“Deal,” Clint said. “Ladies first, Nat.” It had been agreed that Clint and Nat had to be the captains since they were both trained spies and it would’ve been unfair if they ended up on the same team.

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Peter: I've been threatened twice today
Tony: I've probably received a few death threats since last night
Bucky: I've threatened twenty people today
Tony: It's...eight o' the morning
Bucky: And? I'm productive
Peter: It's true. He already threatened me today
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