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cruwlwinterr · 19 hours ago
Was scrolling through tik tok and found this... this just makes me sad. I love tony & peter's father-son mentor-mentee relationship so much! Wish we got to see more of the time spent between hoco and infinity war and how tony handled his grief in endgame.
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underoooos · a day ago
Peter: Hello 911? Yes I just stepped on a dog's tail and I'd like to turn myself in-
Tony, snatching the phone away: Sorry just a prank
Tony : Peter we talked about this
Peter, tearing up: He was a good boy!
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funnyincorrectmcu · 22 hours ago
Tony: Peter, what can you tell me about this Star Wars DVD? Peter: *excitedly* Well, I can tell you-- Tony: Wait wait wait. I know you can tell me everything about this DVD, but what I really want to know is if you know how it got scratched. Peter: …oh. Peter: In that case, no.
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casual-darkness · a day ago
Tony, after seeing Flash bully Peter: That's it! I'm going to throw hands with that bully!
Steve, Mr. Good And Righteous: I am not going to watch you fight a minor!
Tony, manifesting a gauntlet: Then look away!
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ironcanandhisbugboy · a day ago
Peter, looking into a camera: Hey what’s up you guys! I just found out that Mr. Stark ate my leftovers so I’m gonna show you how to murder someone in 30 seconds!
Tony: How did you get that knife?!
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ir0npvrker · 16 hours ago
peter: hello
tony: where have you been?
peter: asleep
tony: for two fucking days?
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melonlthawne · a day ago
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Its gotta be a little embarrassing right?
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sibmakesart · 12 days ago
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incorrect-spiderson · 25 days ago
Peter, hands shaking as he’s holding the phone: Okay… I can do this
Bucky, across the room: Who do you think he’s calling?
Sam: Hmmm.. the government?
Bucky: Nah, nah, probably his aunt
Sam: Ooh or his girlfriend?
Bucky: Ooooooh, maybe a potential girlfriend?
Sam: Maybe a villain?
Bucky: Or an EX!
Peter: …
Peter: Uh… yeah can I order a pizza-
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incorrectpeterparker · 2 months ago
Tony: What the hell is wrong with you?
Peter: Can’t you start with good morning?
Tony: Good morning, what the hell is wrong with you?
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miranha-on-miranhaverse · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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incorrectmarvelquote · 3 months ago
Steve: Suit up
Tony: I can’t move, Peter’s asleep on me
Steve: Push him off
Tony: [outraged and offended]
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underoooos · 5 months ago
Bruce: On a scale from 1 to 10, how would you rate your pain?
Peter, staring into space with glazed over eyes: Pi
Peter: Low scale but never ending
Tony : Pete do we need to have a talk
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funnyincorrectmcu · a day ago
Rhodey: You’re telling me that the success of this whole mission is dependent on Peter? Tony: Yep. Try not to think about it.
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kate-bishopp · 5 months ago
Peter, to Ned while lying face down on the bed, regretting everything: And then I called him dad.
Tony, to Rodhey while trying not to cry: aND THEN HE CALLED ME DAD!
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ironcanandhisbugboy · 3 days ago
Peter: May I not be mistaken; not only am I party rocking, but I am also in the house tonight
Harley: But are you shuffling?
Peter: Everyday.
Tony, whispering to Pepper: What language are they speaking?
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paranormalfright · a month ago
Peter: *texting happy* Happy! Help, I’m being kidnapped!
Happy: *replying* where are you?
Peter: I’m with some strange person! In a car. Help!
Happy: I’ll call Tony
Tony: *answering his cell* Y’ello?
Happy: where’s Peter? He told me that he’s being kidnapped.
Tony: Peter? Whaddya mean, he’s sitting in the back seat right her-
Tony: I’ll call you back. *hangs up*
Tony: *turns around in his seat to be facing Peter* UNDEROOS! MY GOATEE WILL GROW BACK!
Peter: *pushing himself against the car door* WHO ARE YOU?!
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imyoursavinggrace · a month ago
Tumblr media
I feel like this frame holds so much. It’s very quickly brushed past in the movie but this is the first time Tony sees Peter since he died in his arms. He’s plagued Tony’s thoughts to the point his first words off the ship was ‘I lost the kid’. And here he is, faced with his kid he couldn’t save. My HEART.
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wingitbold · 26 days ago
Tony: Peter isn't my son. He is my mentee. That's all.
Clint: Peter took the cookie box and it has a mint cookie in it.
Tony: [Runs to Peter frantically] Kid, give that cookie box back. It has mint in it. It will make you nauseous and hurt your stomach.
Clint: Yeah, you definitely aren't his dad.
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incorrect-spiderson · 6 months ago
Peter: Man Mr. Stark it’s so lucky that we got you the proper care in time to save your life and now you, me, Pepper, Morgan, and Aunt May can all live happily for the rest of our lives!
The TVA: Variant Spotted, move in to eliminate-
Loki, holding a knife to their backs: You should reconsider
Sylvie, also holding a knife to their backs: I don’t know who that child is but I will kill you if you touch them
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