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#irondad and spiderson fic

Irondad & Spiderson Rec List Pt.1


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Irondad Fic Rec

Another Saturday, another fic where Peter recklessly gets stabbed and has no self preservation skills.

Holdfasts by @groo-ock

Summary: “You know,” Tony says. “You could have just nabbed someone’s phone and called for help instead of hoofing it all the way over here.”

Peter is aghast by the suggestion. “Spider-Man doesn’t steal,” he replies, all righteous indignation. It would be cute, if he wasn’t actively bleeding to death all over Tony’s floor.

“You just said you weren’t suited up as Spider-Man when you got stabbed,” Tony points out.

“Peter Parker doesn’t steal, either,” the kid says firmly.


The problem, Tony thinks, is that the kid is just too good.


This might just be the best characterization in any fic I’ve read for Tony & Peter. It’s incredible and so so so well written. I think I’ve been dusted because I’m deceased. 

Stabbing implies whump and while yes, this fic has whump, it’s more fun and comical - kinda like this other fic I rec’d

The tone of this fic just fits MCU Spidey so much and I just adore it. It’s such a fun read and I love the banter and Tony’s worry for Peter. I have a lot of favorite things about this fic but one of my most favorite things is Tony’s nervous rambling. I think that gets left out in alot of fics and his characterization and dialogue in this just feels spot on. And there’s also May and Pepper and Happy and I just adore everything about this story!!!

I wanna say more but I feel like it can be summed up in saying that this is easily one of my favorite fics of all time. 11/10 recommend. @groo-ock is phenomenal.

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Irondad Fic Rec

So I read today’s fic on Tumblr the other day and it’s got over 1200 notes so there’s a high probability you read it but just in case you haven’t…

Amateurs At War, Strangers To Suffering by @losingmymindtonight

Summary: I was mad that I never got a scene of Peter passing out in Tony’s arms after the battle in Endgame, so I wrote it. I very much gloss over how the battle is won, so please don’t come for me. For some reason, this became a lot more poetic and introspective than I’d planned. I… don’t really know what to tell y’all. It’s… actually pretty angsty, because apparently I have never once learned to chill.

WARNINGS: graphic depictions of the aftermath of violence, descriptions of battlefields, mentions of dead bodies, lots of ruminations on war and death, passing out


Oh my god guys this fic is phenomenal. It’s so well written and angsty and I love it with everything in me. This is everything I ever wanted.

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All In the Day (part 1 of I Made My Family)

“Cap, we’ve got a sich, here,” I looked up, exasperated, as the small, and rather clingy boy adhered himself to me. I smiled to myself, quickly masking it as Steve turned to me, a question frozen on his lips, as the figure on my chest made a tiny mew in his sleep. “He’s got a fever and we can’t go to the doctor, on the fact of his weird DNA, and he just- I couldn’t let him suffer? And his suit, Karen, is just as lost as me, and FRI is being smug, and I can’t face Banner, because that’ll lose my last shred of… Superiority over him… But, Pete’s sick, and I don’t, I-” My voice, usually strong and confident, betrayed me, lifting itself several octaves above question.

“Tone, it’s ok, he’ll be ok. I’ll call Stephen and Banner, and we’ll figure this out, but exactly how high was his fever? Was he showing any symptoms before hand? And how long ago did he start showing problems?” Steve grasped my free hand, the one not cradling this precious boy to me as a means of attempting comfort. Sometimes I thank his spidery bullshit, because he’s light weight and he just sticks to things and people.

“That’s why we need a doctor… His suit says 103.7, but the thermometer is saying 104… And .3 degrees is huge right now. He sort of fainted on me like three hours ago, so I ran him to the medbay and had Karen do diagnostics. She kept saying she was unfamiliar with what’s wrong because of his spider DNA. FRIDAY said much the same thing. Cap? …I’m worried…” I clutched Peter to me. I hated seeing him sick, and he was having fever-induced nightmares, he was sallow, and he looked as though he’d lost weight already.

“Shoot, um, okay, got it.” Steve yanked his phone out of his pocket, dialing Banner first, from what I could tell.

“Hey… Medical emergency… No, I’m ok… No, Tone’s okay… Yeah… Fever… 103.7 according to his suit, but 104 manually… Yeah, I was just about to call him… Thank you… Doors open, we’re in the living room on floor 12…” He clicked another series of numbers, “Hello… Peter… High fever… Non responsive… Yes, Bruce is coming too, and yes, you will be nice… Thank you… 12th floor… Ok,” he seemed to relax a bit, looked at me and stated, “Three minutes tops, Stephen said.”

Peter let out another wheezy breath, and shook a little, sweat glimmering like cheap glitter body spray on his skin. There was a loud rustle and an OOF! as Banner and Stephen hurried to the couch, having just arrived through the Strange portal. Banner’s brows knit together once he felt Pete’s head. Gently, with Stephen’s help, they tried to pry the boy off my soaked chest. It took a while but, they eventually succeeded, having had to use a remote as a fulcrum.

“Strange, know any spells that may help? Because the less time, the better.” Banner asked, assessing Pete’s heart rate and blood pressure. “153/90, Jesus, kid… Pulse is 128… Stephen, what are you getting on your end?”

“Blood glucose is 65… Tony, get him an orange juice and force feed him if you have to. Temperature is at 103.76. Oxygen levels are at 93%.” Stephen muttered. “Did he have any wounds, any sores?” I shook my head, handing him the box of juice.

Banner paused. “Tone, when was his last vaccine?”

“I- I don’t know…” I croaked, dread filling my bones like a bucket of ice water. “What’s wrong? What did you find?”

“These are all symptoms of meningitis… Spiders don’t have the immunity to the disease, and he hasn’t had any vaccines recently.” Stephen stated. “We need IV units, and a cannula with an oxygen tank.”

Banner placed his hand on my shoulder, “ He’ll be ok. I promise.”

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forgive me

“so there’s a christmas party over at the tower, everything is so fucking decorated like holy shit. 

people are wearing christmas hats and reindeer horns and ppl are laughing and making cookies
and oh my god it is PEAK extra. so thor walks in and is like “SORRY I AM LATE PUNY MINISCULE BABY HUMANS” and is giving everyone candy canes he bought/made whatevs. so he goes to throw one to peter and peter backs up quickly, letting it land on the ground in front of him.
he then manouvers his body a good 10ft away from said candy cane and everyone is like “whaht” and many of them are already eating theirs
and slobbering all over them and the AIRRRRR is so PEPPERMINTY holy shit. steve walks over to him like :)) You Dropped It hehe :) <3 and peter yeets himself away and everyones like what the frick.  so thor is like “SPIDER CHILD, THIS ”“CANDY CANE”“ WAS MADE BY THE GODS, CRAFTED WITH LOVE AND SDFJFKDHSDK” and rhodey jokes “you scared of candy canes?” and peter is like ha ha ha yea i gues ha ha so
quill, clint and fucking antman or someone hold out theirs and playfully start advancing towards him (obviously thinking he’s not actually afraid of the candy) and peter legit bares his teeth and HISSES, jumping up wall to wall backing into the furthest and highest most part of the room he can (which is a good bit but /not enough not enough not enough/ and is trembling and can’t hear anything over his spidey senses screaming WRONG WRONG WRONG HURT SCARED HURT PEPPERMMINT BAD SCARY HURT HURT DANGER and everything is dialed up to 11 and its not ok its not ok its not ok its n

everyone is kinda just standing around stunned and worried for their spiderpal and TONY walks in from the elevator and is like “what the FUCK IS GOING ON” and is irondadding all over the place demanding answers on why his spiderbaby is so scared and spidery and everyone begins talking over eachother trying to explain and finally tony is like STOP in his dad voice and everyone can hear a small whimper from the ceiling corner and tony is like ok everyone out everybody out now go go go and shoving everyone into the elevator and directing them to the backup hangout floor or mcdonalds or who fuckin know s and”

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No. 25

Fandom: Avengers

Whumpees: Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, Clint Barton

Title: The One Where Tony, Steve, and Clint are Tortured 

By: PenPatronus // PenPatronusAooO 

It was a lovely dinner. Tony had it catered by the best restaurant in the city and hired waiters and waitresses to serve everyone. He invited the whole gang to the Tower: Steve, Bruce, Clint, Vision, Wanda, Natasha, Peter, Scott, Sam, Rhodey, Bucky, and Doctor Strange. Tony took a moment to look at everyone seated around the table and admire each of them. He was grateful for them. He’d never had so many friends in his life – friends who knew his sins and accepted him anyway. Friends he was proud to have at his table. Friends he was grateful to for coming to his table. For Thanksgiving he’d have to get a table twice the size so that everyone could bring their significant others and their kids.

“Mr. Stark?” Peter caught Tony staring. “Mr. Stark, are you ok?”

Tony grinned. He put his hand on Peter’s shoulder and squeezed it. “Never better,” he said, and he was surprised to find that he meant that. What was better than a great dinner with your best friends?

“Mr. Stark, I was thinking… Every organization has a hierarchy, right? I’m probably at the bottom of this one—”

“The very bottom, kid,” Stark confirmed with a smile.

“Well, what can I do about that? I mean, what’s a guy gotta do around here to get promoted to, uh, sergeant or something?”

“Well first,” Tony held up his empty glass, “you can get me more wine.”

The blue-skinned, black-haired man who appeared in a spiral of red sparkles in front of the bar had sigils in his face that Tony recognized as Norse. His eyes were red, and he held a knife that was stained red. Steve and Clint instantly moved to Tony’s side at the head of the table as the being approached. Everyone else spread out behind them – if they had to use their weapons and powers on the intruder, they didn’t want to hit each other.

“Where’s my brother?” the man asked with a baritone voice. “Where is Loki?”

Everyone looked at Steve and Tony.

“I traced his steps across the universe to this very room. Where is he?”

It was Tony who took a step forward. “You know, you could introduce yourself. It’s just nice manners when you break into someone’s home. We’re the Avengers. It’s nice to meet you. And you are…?”

“Helblindi, son of Laufey and Farbauti.”

“Well I’m Tony, son of Howard and Maria, and I don’t remember inviting you to this dinner. So how about you throw some of that red confetti and zip on out of here.”

“Until recently I didn’t know I had a brother. Now I can sense him – him and that Asgardian Thor.” Helblindi raised his knife. “Where are they?”

“They’re not here,” said Steve. “It’s been years since Loki was here. You won’t find them, not on this planet.”

“They didn’t exactly leave a forwarding address,” Clint chimed in.

“Then summon them,” the frost being insisted.

“We don’t know how to do that,” said Natasha from Clint’s right. She wasn’t lying. “We don’t know anything.”

Helblindi pointed his knife at Nat. “Find Loki or Thor for me, or I’ll kill you.”

Wanda summoned red magic around her hands. Strange encircled his wrists with golden cuffs. Rhodey, Natasha, Sam, and Clint took out the guns they had in their pockets. Peter and Scott bent at their knees, ready to pounce. Vision floated into the air and raised his palms.

Helblindi held his red knife high. “I’ll return here in 72 of your hours. If you don’t have Thor or Loki, then these three men die.” Suddenly, he dropped the knife to the floor, and red light exploded across the room, knocking everyone over. Helblindi marched forward and pulled Clint to his feet by his throat. He did the same thing to Tony, holding the two of them above his head like trophies. Steve, disoriented, dove into tackle him, and that was when all four of them disappeared in a shower of red sparks.

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“You’re out of my mind!”

Tony doesn’t even grace that with a snort. “I’ve heard that one before. And you have probably, too.”

“I should’ve listened to them. You have to be out of your mind to ask this of me.”

“Relax, it’s no big deal.”

“You’re asking a nineteen-year-old to be in charge of one of the biggest companies in the world!”

The man shrugs, as if it’s not a big deal. “You’re the only both Pepper and I trust enough to do this.”

Tony and Pepper, the very newlyweds, are supposed to go on a secret honeymoon. Only for a couple of days, because if they vanish from the eye of the public for too long, people might get suspicious. They’re flying to some very small island (Tony said he bought it and Peter isn’t quite sure if the man is joking or not), completely cut-off from society and technology. Well, except for one phone for absolute emergencies like another alien invasion.

To Peter’s enormous surprise, he not only got that emergency phone number, but they also asked him to sit in Tony’s lab at SI (they first suggested Pepper’s office, but the idea freaked him out so much, they quickly decided to come up with a different plan) and the leader of one of the biggest companies in the world (!!!) by proxy.

“You don’t have to make any decisions,” Tony says, trying her best to calm Peter down. “We’ve talked everything through with Pepper’s assistant Ian and there are no major projects going on right now. Your only job is to sit there and decide if the emergency everyone claims to have is actually an emergency or just Sarah from PR just being overly dramatic.”

“Is Sarah from PR often overly dramatic?”

“You have no idea. Next to her, I’m the most down to earth guy you’ll ever meet.”

That’s hard to believe, but there are more pressing matters than Sarah’s dramatic streak. “But what if I make a mistake?”

“Buddy,” Tony says softly, walking over to the couch where Peter is currently having his crisis. Sitting down next to him, he throws his arm around his shoulders, giving him a squeeze. “If you’re worrying about ruining the company-”

Please don’t say it out loud.”

“-don’t worry about it. I did so much shit in my days as CEO, the company should’ve gone bankrupt at least eleven times. I mean, please don’t see it as a challenge to actually do something that would ruin us, but I don’t have any doubts that everything will be fine.”

“I just… don’t think I’m good enough.”

“You are, Peter. I already told you, there’s no one better for this than you. So? What do you say?”

Peter glances at the man who went from idol to mentor and to something like a father-figure over the last few years. If he says no, Tony and Pepper would most likely cancel their honeymoon, and Peter knows how excited they are for that trip. He can’t be the reason they aren’t going.

“Well… if you’re sure you want me to do it, then… okay, I guess. I’ll do it.”

“Thank you, Peter,” Tony beams, pressing him against his side. “I knew I could count on Spider-Man.” Peter only gives him a shaky smile, already feeling like he’s ready for retirement.

Peter has to hide in Tony’s lab for five days in total. When he first got there, Pepper’s assistance Ian greeted him. They’ve seen each other a couple of times, and in Peter’s eyes, he’s a very competent man – you have to be, if you’re Pepper Stark’s assistance and are keeping up with her demanding schedule.

The first day, Peter doesn’t get interrupted, and he has enough time to work on all of the MIT work he took with him, knowing that there’s no better place to work on his project than Tony Stark’s lab. The second day, he gets interrupted by Ian a couple of times to nod of some documents (Pepper reassured him that he doesn’t have to make decisions, but as their official substitute, he has to give his final okay).

It happens on the third day. He’s elbow-deep in a hologram, working on an engine he has been designing, when Ian stops by once more. “Hey, can you approve this one real quick?”

“Yeah, uh,” Peter says, looking from the hologram to the man. “Can it wait, like, five seconds? It’s just-”

Ian smiles and shakes his head dismissively. “Yeah, no problem. I’ll be back in a few minutes.”

Out of the corner of his eye, Peter sees him leave, and a minute later (once he got his hands out of that hologram), he walks over to the table to take a look at the document. Like all the other times, his eyes fly over the page, not really reading it, but he would feel bad to approve them without at least taking a glance at them.

However, when his eyes fly over the calculations, he notices an error. Going back to that line, he takes another look, making sure that he actually read it the right way – he did. The math is still wrong and if he would approve this the way it is right now, it would cost SI a small fortune.

Immediately, a knot forms in Peter’s stomach. Until now, he never told Ian no, but he can’t approve this. What is he supposed to do? Pepper and Tony didn’t prep him for a situation like this. Is this one time sensitive? Is he allowed to find out more about this project? The need to call Tony and ask is almost overwhelming, but he promised to only call in the case of an alien invasion or something similar.

When Ian returns a couple of minutes later to collect the document, Peter still doesn’t know what to do. “Good to go?” the man asks, smile still in place, already reaching for the papers.

Peter gulps. “Actually,” he answers, pulling the stack to himself, “I can’t approve that.”

For a second, Ian stares at him. “What do you mean?”

“There’s a mistake in here and-”

“There’s no mistake, I wrote it myself,” he interrupts Peter, the smile dropping from his face to be replaced by a scowl. “It’s perfectly fine.”

“No, it’s not. I think you might have a simple calculation mistake. If I could just look at the rest of the data-”

“No, you can’t, it’s classified,” he says in an icy voice. “You could sell out trade secrets.”

Peter kind of wants to point out that it would be very dump of Pepper and Tony to appoint him their substitute if they would think there’s even the tiniest chance of him selling out some classified information – and they aren’t dumb people.

However, he bites his tongue. “I’m sorry,” he says, voice firm and pulling the stack all the way to him, “but I can’t approve it. Not like this.”

Ian is very much not happy about it. According to Happy (who stops by to keep him company during his lunch break) he tells everyone who’s listening – and isn’t listening – that Peter obviously has no idea what he’s doing and that he’d only been appointed to this position because Tony has been blinded by his parental love for the boy.

It makes it even worse that Peter actually kinda agrees with him, but it still stings. He might have no clue about how to run a business, but he knows math. And there simply had to be a mistake somewhere in that calculation, and if he could just take a look at the original data, he could figure it out.

But he’s not allowed to. FRIDAY told him that either Pepper or Tony have to give him access (which they didn’t) – or he has to go through Ian. Which is a big no. So, all he does is hide in Tony’s lab, the document in question always at the edge of his field of vision, paranoid that someone (read: Ian) might sneak in to steal it.

Day four gets worse. Ian tries to make Peter approve the paper a couple of times, reminding him that he’s nothing but a place holder until the Starks return and that Ian himself has worked for Pepper for years and never made a mistake. Peter, unable to hold it in, only shrugged and said that there’s always a first time for everything.

After that, Ian actually synched other people on him, like the head of the R&D lab (who wasn’t that interested in getting the paper and spent an hour talking about Peter’s project), someone from HR, and the infamous Sarah who is at the very least just as dramatic as Tony.

But Peter stays strong. Even when Sarah swears this will be the downfall of the US (Peter didn’t quite follow how she came to that conclusion, but she didn’t left any room for questioning her logic) if he doesn’t hand over those papers.

On day five, he decides to channel his inner Tony – lock the door of the lab, turn up the volume of his music, and tells FRIDAY to open the door only in case of emergencies. He’s pretty sure this isn’t really what Tony or Pepper had in mind, but what is that saying? If you’re bad enough at a job, you will never have to do it again? And Peter never wants to be the substitute CEO again.

“What’s going on here?” a voice cuts off his music, and Peter whirls around. He has to blink a couple of times to make sure that Pepper and Tony are actually standing in the lab (both of them wearing hideous Hawaii shirts, which had probably been Tony’s idea). A quick glance to the clock tells him that he’s been in the lab way longer than he noticed. “Is this some kind of parent trick? Are you trying to show me how annoying it is when I’ll do this?”

“If only it would be this easy,” Pepper mumbles, but Peter sees the smile hiding in the corner of her mouth.

“Uh, no,” Peter says, knowing he has to say what’s been going on. “I hid from Ian. And basically everyone else.”

Both Starks pull their eyebrows together. “Ian?” Pepper asks. “Why?”

“Because I didn’t approve this paper. There’s a calculation error, but he didn’t believe me and didn’t let me look at the original numbers to fix it.” He holds out the document to them, and Pepper grabs them, flipping over a few pages until they find part in questions.

Tony cocks his head to the side. “Well, you’re right. Those numbers don’t add up. It would’ve costed SI quite a bit.” Suddenly, a smile breaks out on his face and he stares at Pepper with a look Peter can only describe as love-sick. “Aw, honey, this reminds me of how we met! You threatened to pepper spray Happy! So romantic.”

“Wait, what?”

Peter’s question gets ignored.

Pepper gives her husband a smirk and a kiss against his cheek (Peter can’t wait for this weird honeymoon-phase to wear off and for them to go back to their normal flirty banter, it makes him a lot less nauseous), before flipping the pages back. “I’ll talk to Ian in the morning,” she declares. “That behavior isn’t acceptable.”

“Please don’t fire him or anything,” Peter throws in, suddenly feeling guilty. Yeah, he didn’t really like how the man treated him these past couple of days, but that doesn’t mean he deserves to lose his job.

Before Pepper can answer, Tony only shrugs. “We’ll see. People who act like this when someone points out their mistakes aren’t really that fit for a position like his – or any position, to be honest. Now, how about pizza?”

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Tony can only stare at Peter. He’s not quite sure if it’s in horror, disgust, or awe, because no matter how unappetizing it looks, seeing someone practically inhaling an entire pizza in less than three minutes is quite impressive.

And Peter isn’t stopping. He hasn’t even swallowed down his last bite and he’s already reaching for the next (his third) pizza.

Tony can’t take it anymore. “Hey, slow down, okay? Nobody is going to take that food away from you.”

“But I’m so hungry,” Peter mumbles through the food that is still in his mouth. At first, Tony has been very concerned about Peter insatiable hunger, thinking that it might be some indication that something is wrong. However, after several tests, they found out that everything is absolutely fine, it’s simply his fast metabolism and him being a teenager that make him eat like he’s constantly starving.

“I bet you can still take one minute to actually chew your food,” Tony comments, still on his second slice of pizza.

Peter shakes his head. “You’re gonna lose that bet, Mr. Stark.”

“And I’m gonna lose an intern if you don’t slow down to make sure that those things won’t block your throat.” Tony shakes his head. “Seriously, if you continue eating that much and so fast, I might actually get bankrupt.” Immediately, Peter freezes, staring at him with wide eyes, and Tony knows he has to backpaddle. “That was a joke. I’m a billionaire. Do you know what that means?”

“You can buy so many chicken nuggets.”

“… I mean, very specific choice, but yes. I can buy so many chicken nuggets. So, take your time. You’re not gonna run out of food, so please start chewing, okay?”

“Mr. Stark, nothing will happen, I promise!”

Peter manages to keep that promise for nearly seven months.

Like so many other times, Happy just dropped the kid off at the penthouse and Tony has already ordered absolutely insane amounts of food for the spider-boy, everything from Thai take out to their favorite pizza. As soon as the doors of the elevator open, Peter jumps out, mumbling a Hi, Mr. Stark! before already pulling closer the first dish that he reaches.

“Oh, hi, Peter,” Tony says overly friendly. “It’s so nice to see that you want to spend some time with me! I’ve had a very nice and lovely day. How considerate of you to ask!”

Peter glares at him from the side, shoving more and more food inside his mouth.

Suddenly, he begins to cough.

“See, that’s why you should always take your time to chew at least 32 times.”

Peter doesn’t stop coughing, slowly setting down the food inside his hand (a half-eaten taco) and hitting his chest a couple of times.

Immediately, Tony steels his spine, a now very familiar worry starting to bloom in his chest. “Buddy?”

The kid doesn’t manage to get any words out. His face turns more and more red with each second, the coughs starting to sound a bit wheezing, like he can’t get enough air.

Tony doesn’t waste his breath with saying I told you so and jumps next to Peter, hitting him on the back a couple of times, hoping the food that got caught in his throat might becomes loose.

It doesn’t.

Peter keeps wheezing and coughing, slowly leaning forward in his effort to get some air inside his lungs.

In this moment, Tony is incredible grateful for all the times Rhodey forced him out of his lab to freshen up his first-aid skills. His body is running on an autopilot as a symbolic check list pops up in his mind (written in Rhodey’s exact words, which is probably not the politest way to explain the procedure of the Heimlich maneuver). He steps behind Peter, wrapping his arms around his chest, setting a fist just underneath his ribcage, and presses against it with his other hand in upwards and inwards motions.

Even though the entire procedure only takes up a couple of seconds, for Tony it feels like an eternity, trying his best to calm down his screeching and all-consuming worries, telling himself that Peter won’t get hurt, not as long as he’s around, and oh, god, he can’t get hurt, he can’t lose Peter, not after he got so used to having him around, this can’t be happening, it can’t-

Something gets catapulted out of Peter’s mouth. The wheezing coughs stop sounding like Peter is about to die. The tension in Tony’s shoulders slowly melts away. “You good?” he asks breathlessly.

Peter, who is still busy coughing but now it sounds a lot healthier, only nods.

“That’s it. From now on, you’re consuming all of your food through a straw.”

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No. 17

Fandom: Avengers

Whumpee: Peter Parker

Caregiver: Tony Stark

Title: Blackmail, Bullets, Blood

By: PenPatronus // PenPatronusAooO 

Steve was so concerned about Tony that he followed him one night. Tony walked to a small Stark Industries warehouse eight blocks from the Tower at two in the morning. Peeking through a dusty window, Steve watched as Tony loaded wooden crate after wooden crate into a white Stark Industries van. When Tony went to leave, when the garage door opened, there was Cap standing there illuminated by the headlights with his hands at his hips, looking like a mother who just caught her son’s hand in the cookie jar.

Tony stuck his head out of the driver’s side window and shouted, “Out of my way, Rogers!”

“I can’t do that, Stark,” Steve called back. “Not until you tell me why you’re sneaking out missiles in the middle of the night.”

“It’s none of your damn business where I’m going with my own inventory, Rogers,” Tony spat back. Tony jumped out of the van and pushed Steve in the chest. “Now get out of here!”

Steve caught Tony’s wrists when Stark went in to push him again. “Where are you taking those missiles? I thought Stark Industries was done with arms dealing. Who are you selling these to?”

“Selling them?” Tony laughed. He put his hands on his knees and laughed harder. “Selling them…”

In the bright light, Cap noticed that Tony’s skin was white and shiny with sweat. He appeared to have lost a few pounds and the crescents beneath his eyes were darker than usual. “Tony, what’s wrong with you?”

Tony wiped his eyes with his flannel shirt sleeve. “Nothing.”

“You’re upset and you’re hiding something from me.”

“I’m hiding a lot of things from you. You’ll have to be more specific.”


“Cap, I really need to get going.” Stark checked his watch. “I can’t be late.”

“Fine. I’ll go with you. I’m driving.” Steve went to pass Tony, but Stark grabbed him by the shoulders.

“Listen to me. Just… Just listen, Steve. I can’t get you involved in this. Nobody can get involved in this. It’s just between me and…”  Tony sighed.

“Tony, I’m your friend.” Steve put his hands on Tony’s shoulders. “I just want to help.”

“You can’t help me,” Tony whispered. “This is the only way. This… This…” Tony’s face crumpled. Tears welled up in the corners of his eyes. “He took the kid.”

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Summary: Both Peter and Tony are injured after an Avengers mission, leaving them cooped up at the cabin with Morgan while Pepper is away at work.

(In which Tony and Peter’s pain meds are accidentally mixed-up.)

Whumptober Day 15: Adverse Reactions

Word Count: 3,167

Genre: whump, angst, fluff

Link to read on AO3

A/N: Part 8 of @whumptober2020 , Thank you @whumphoarder for beta reading!!

Peter is sitting on the couch in between Morgan and Tony, watching Lilo and Stitch 2 with half-interest. It’s hard to concentrate with the way his head has been throbbing for the past half-hour. 

He brings a hand up to rub at his eyes, trying to appease growing ache behind them. Dropping his hand, he spares a glance at Tony, who doesn’t look like he’s faring any better, if the pinched expression on his face is anything to go off of. 

“Do you want some more pain meds now? I think our four hours is up,” Peter offers.

Both he and Tony had  gotten a little banged up during yesterday’s mission, raiding a HYDRA base with the team. Tony has a few broken ribs, whereas Peter ended up with a mild concussion, hence the pounding in his skull.  

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Heyyyy Val When would you update the fanfic again about the Stark family, I will love to see a chapter where Peter and Morgan have their first fight and both end up grounded but Peter is too caught in his own feelings that he doesn't realise what he's doing and at midnight when everyone is asleep he goes on patrol Nothing happens on patrol Tony and pepper are waiting on him in the living room to speak to him


Sorry I’m really excited lol. Thank you so much you made my day.

Also I love this idea!!! I’ll definitely write this and when I post it I’ll tag you!

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