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#irondad fanfiction

16. A Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day “Shoot The Hostage”

The Avengers split into teams for a paintball competition.

AO3 Link

When Steve proposed the idea of a paintball competition, Tony thought he was joking, but it turned out that he was being serious. Apparently, he hoped the activity would boost group morale and would help build trust between one another.

The rules were simple; no powers, and no gadgets.

All Tony had learned since they started, was that all of them had a hidden thirst for competitiveness and wanted to win. Definitely not the result that Steve was looking for.

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The Time Traveler’s Mentor
The Final Chapter (Out now)


Peter Parker inherited a rare trait from his father, he can uncontrollably drift, back and forth, through time. Hand-in-hand, with his double life, as New York’s Friendly Neighbourhood Spider-Man, his life is one chaotic event on top of another.

Everything changes, when his mentor, Tony Stark, discovers the truth about his time-traveling abilities.  

Chapter Summary

Tony is happy that life seems to be falling back into place, but he needs reassurance that everything will work out for the better.

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No. 15. Into The Unknown “Magical Healing”

A 15-year-old Morgan saves Peter’s life, and in doing so, Tony learns her secret.

AO3 Link

Tony remembered the moment that Peter’s life was claimed by Thanos’ lottery. Holding his terrified kid, in his arms, utterly speechless, was something he couldn’t shake.

Even, in the eleven years since Peter returned, alongside the rest of the fallen, the memory still nagged Tony’s mind and tugged on his heart. He struggled to look at Pete, for the first couple of months without his stomach leaping into his throat.

Losing someone and getting them back was a strange process.

Tony forgot, that despite having Peter back, the kid wasn’t invincible.

Looking back, Tony knew he should have tried harder.

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Happy FFWF! Hmmm, I haven’t read many field trip fics, not really my thing, so apologies if this sounds generic haha

- I imagine Peter would be pretty embarrassed if they took a trip to Stark Tower

- He’d be excited to show Ned and MJ where he spends his time, but Flash would be a problem

- Peter would be terrified he would embarrass him in front of Tony, he might even think about trying to have Tony call off the trip

- But he knows how excited Ned and MJ and the other kids are to go, so he decides not to

- He does slip away as soon as possible though, choosing to avoid the presentation altogether. He didn’t care if he got in trouble, getting one detention wasn’t going to hurt him, he just didn’t want to be there when Tony found out about his bully

- Peter just goes up to his room in the tower, not even Ned and MJ know Tony gave that to him. He ends up having a bit of a panic attack there because he’s so scared Tony’s going to think he’s weak or stupid for not standing up to Flash

- Meanwhile downstairs, Tony hears the name “Penis Parker” far too many times, without even seeing the person who the name referred to. When Flash asks if Peter Parker really is his intern, Tony answers with a deadpan “yes” fixes him with a glare so intense Flash doesn’t ask anything else

-Peter stays in his room so long that he still hasn’t calmed down by the time it’s time to leave, so he texts Ned and has him tell the teacher his Aunt picked him up

- Tony comes up to his room right after the kids leave to find Peter buried in blankets, crying quietly. He pulls Peter up and hugs him, shushing him when Peter tries to apologize for not staying and standing up for himself. He tells Peter it was okay for him to leave, he doesn’t deserve to be humiliated like that

-They spend the rest of the night watching some Star Wars and eating ice cream on the couch together :]

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No. 13. Breathe In Breathe Out “Oxygen Mask”

Peter is exposed to a dangerous gas, on a mission, that Tony couldn’t go on.

AO3 Link

Tony knew there would be complications letting Peter go on missions, with the team. Especially, when Tony couldn’t chaperone.

He’d silently resign, from whatever he was doing, waiting for Peter, to return home safely. He couldn’t sleep, eat, or even think properly, without knowing Peter was safe. 

Getting an unprompted call from Steve, was a red alarm, and before even answering, Tony was rushing out to his car.

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The Time Traveler’s Mentor
Chapter Eight (Out Now)


Peter Parker inherited a rare trait from his father, he can uncontrollably drift, back and forth, through time. Hand-in-hand, with his double life, as New York’s Friendly Neighbourhood Spider-Man, his life is one chaotic event on top of another.

Everything changes, when his mentor, Tony Stark, discovers the truth about his time-traveling abilities.  

Chapter Summary

Tony discovers Parker’s true intentions.

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No. 12. I Think I’ve Broken Something “Broken Trust/Bones”

Morgan is secretly a vigilante, she is angry when Peter tells her parents, what she is getting up to, behind their backs.

AO3 Link

Morgan knew, from a young age, that she wanted to be a superhero.

Like her parents, her brother, and her uncle.

With her wit and puppy dog’s eyes, she was able to convince Peter, to let her use his lab to build her own Iron Man suit, without informing her parents. He’d laid down multiple ground rules, that she had to agree with, but it didn’t stop her from ignoring a few.

Using the suit and going out to fight crime, was Peter’s strictest rule.

She was allowed to build a suit, ‘yes.’

Using it, however, was a strong ‘no.’

She couldn’t use it, in his mind, until she told her parents what they’d been doing, behind their backs.

The closer Morgan got to that day, the more scared she became.

Which was why she decided to go behind Peter’s back.

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The time is here! These polls will be open from October 12th, 2020 to November 12th, 2020 (unless otherwise extended). If you haven’t heard about this event before, we recommend checking out our page for more info here!

Remember, it’s in the spirit of the awards to nominate other’s works! We’re so excited that you’re participating, and please share this post so that we can have as many people as possible involved <3 

To nominate stories based on tropes, click here.

To nominate other stories/authors, click here.

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11. Psych 101 “Crying”

While stranded, in the past, Peter crosses paths with a familiar face.

AO3 Link

Following the final battle, which became the ‘resting’ place of Thanos and his children, the world returned to a somewhat, normal state.

A couple of months passed when it became apparent that followers of Thanos, were on the move again, ready to stop at nothing to avenge him.

They were only small squadrons, of brainless beings, that were usually quite easy to take down.

Peter, after weeks of pleading, with Tony and May, was granted permission to tag along, with the team, to help. It gave him peace of mind, being able to watch over Tony, because at least, together, they could keep one another safe.

They managed to direct the fights, to the abandoned site of Sokovia, to make sure no civilians were caught in the crossfire.

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10. They Look So Pretty When They Bleed “Internal Bleeding” 

Peter falls off the lakehouse roof while helping Tony with household chores.

AO3 Link

Families across the world, spent their day-to-day lives, doing normal people things, and sometimes, they’d have exciting events to look forward to.

Tony’s life was the opposite.

Since beating Thanos, and having Peter home safely, Tony spent the majority of the time, worrying about the kid being on patrol.

So, the days spent completing small tasks, such as fixing a hole in the lakehouse roof, were the times that he most looked forward to.

Peter wiped the back of his hand over his brow, “Wow.”

Tony placed his tool down, “You tired, kid?” He asked, looking up.

Peter sat down, “We’ve been up here, for an hour.”

Tony shrugged, “Well, we’re nearly done.”

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Day 2: “Pick Who Dies”| Collars| Kidnapped

Mr. Stark was going to be so pissed. She was sure of it. Getting kidnapped was one thing, but allowing for Morgan to be taken too was a whole other level. She’d been babysitting for the day, taking Morgan out for a day at the Central Park Zoo as she tried to adjust to the newly repopulated world and Mr. Stark’s new family. But something had happened when they’d been looking at the penguins, and she couldn’t exactly remember what it was other than the hissing of gas and the whoosh! of doors clanging closed.

But then she’d woken up, cold except for a small and warm body clinging onto her desperately as it cried. She’d realized quickly that it was Morgan, and that they definitely weren’t in the zoon anymore.

“Morgan?” she’d whispered in the dark, and the girl had frozen before gripping onto harder.

“Penny, Penny!” she’d cried, and Penny had sat up, wincing at the soreness in her side, and scooping Morgan into her lap, “I thought–I thought you were gone again and I didn’t wanna be alone!”

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Day 1: Waking Up Restrained| Shackled| Hanging

Tony groaned when he became aware, the crick in his neck painful and his arms feeling like they were being stretched thin and prickling from falling asleep. He must have slept on his arms or something, and God his head hurt and–

Where the fuck was he?

The billionaire blinked, squinting to try and see better in the dark room that he found himself in, but colors fizzled and danced across his vision, making him unable to actually take anything in, but it was easy enough to tell what was going on. He sighed in annoyance. Being kidnapped was awful enough by itself, but he had a date with Pepper tonight! He’d barely seen her all week and now this. It was really quite rude.

Finally becoming more aware of his surroundings, he took in his situation. He was chained to a wall by his wrists, his feet unable to touch the ground that was barely half a foot under him. The room was pitch black, so he couldn’t make out anything inside it–and whether he was actually alone or not–that is until he heard a soft moan.

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Chapter 7:  The Stark Expo

“Are you sure this is a good idea?”

Penny glanced up from her camera to look at Ned, whose face was tight with concern. They were on a crowded bus on their way to the Penelope Stark Expo, and she might’ve not told May. Maybe.

She’d been out later every night trying to find leads to find that Vulture guy, but no luck. She’d never found that 'big deal,’ or the other guys again. She didn’t even know if she was close, though she had been going more to the outskirts of the city to try and find them, but she guessed they’d moved on or something after she’d caught them, because so far: Nothing.

“Why wouldn’t it be?” MJ asked from Penny’s other side, her nose in a book, “Penny sneaks out all the time, I doubt she’ll get caught.”

“Yeah,” Penny supported, “And besides, I told May I was working and I am, just, not where she thought I would be.”

Mr. Jameson had seen her photos of Spider-Woman and had been impressed, so he had sent her out to the Expo to get pics of the other heroes. She didn’t quite know what stories he wanted to print, so she’d decided she would mostly focus on the science exhibits. And now Penny was on her way to the event of the year with her two best friends.

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Chapter 6: The Parker’s

The combination of sizzling and cheerful conversation greeted Tony and Pepper as they walked into the kitchen, and it loosened the knot that was always in his chest a little. The past couple of months had been complicated, and they still were, but hearing everyone laughing peacefully…it was good.

Bucky and Sam were cooking, they were really the only ones that could, while everyone else lounged around. Nat was sitting on the counter with a book in her lap, though she wasn’t reading it. Instead, she kept conversation with Rhodey, who was sipping a coffee while sitting on a stool by her. Wanda and Vision sat at the table, both were reading, with Wanda flipping her pages every few minutes with a red glow. Steve and Sam were talking while the ladder flipped bacon and sausages. Bucky remained mostly quiet, as he usually did. He’d only come to stay with them a week ago after recovering in Wakanda, and had brought with him a host of new problems.

Rationally, he knew it wasn’t Barnes who killed his parents, but he couldn’t stop himself from tensing every time he was in a room with the man, from being defensive and untrusting. At least he was working on it.

Other than his own misgivings, there came the problem with the UN. Things were already rather tense, what with what happened in Lagos and the UN building, but at least it hadn’t been worse. He didn’t know what he’d have done if a fight had broken out.

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The Time Traveler’s Mentor
Chapter Seven (Out Now) 


Peter Parker inherited a rare trait from his father, he can uncontrollably drift, back and forth, through time. Hand-in-hand, with his double life, as New York’s Friendly Neighbourhood Spider-Man, his life is one chaotic event on top of another.

Everything changes, when his mentor, Tony Stark, discovers the truth about his time-traveling abilities.  

Chapter Summary

Despite what Peter told him, Tony goes along with the team’s plan, and creates the time tunnel, but nothing, is ever that simple.

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For anyone who’s stil curious, or for anyone who hasn’t seen our other posts on this topic, we’d like to explain more in depth how the nominations and award system will work. 

Nominations themselves are rather clear: you send in a story (or multiple!) through one of our two nomination forms, depending on which category you’re nominating for. After that, there will be a second set of forms for you to choose stories from that will decide the top nominees. 

Each trope category will have 4-5 top nominees (or more) depending on how many stories are nominated in each. The other categories will have as many as ten (if not more) top nominees in them. Another important distinction: there will be no places. There’s no 1st place, 2nd place, etc. The order in which people are listed is not indicative of their votes and/or place. 

Please remember to be kind throughout this event, and also remember that this is to spread some joy through the holiday season! (P.s., we will be using the tag “irondad fandom awards” on all of our posts.)

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9. For The Greater Good “Run”

Morgan and Peter are followed home, and in an attempt to keep her safe, Peter tells Morgan to ‘run.’

AO3 Link

“Petey,” Morgan pulled her brother’s arm, trying to get his attention, “Why are we running?”

They were walking too fast, through the park, and Morgan couldn’t keep up.

Morgan looked at him, “Petey?”

He shushed her, “Not now, M,” He crouched, scooping her up, into his arms, “We’ve gotta stay quiet.”

Morgan tucked her head, against his shoulder and closed her eyes, “Okay,” She spoke, in her quietest voice.

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With only three days until nominations, we figured this was the perfect time to not only announce the nomination categories, but to also answer a concern that might pop up during this event.

First, I’m sure many of you might be worried that the same popular people are going to win all the awards. Not only have we planned for this (which will be explained below), but you need to remember; you guys are the voters! All of you are responsible for who wins or who doesn’t (because there’s no losers here). 

Second, we have tons of categories open to nominations! This means two things; the same ten people can’t win everything, and that we will need lots of participants! We want to make this a fandom wide event, so please make sure to spread the word through reblogs or by telling people you know!

The nomination categories will be posted under the cut!

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8. Where Did Everybody Go? “Don’t Say Goodbye”

Natasha’s final wish, is granted, by the universe - it allows Tony, to live, following his sacrifice - he gets the one thing he never thought he’d have, a normal life - from, getting to see his daughter, grow up, all the way, to witnessing Peter and Michelle on their wedding day.

AO3 Link

The energy of the gauntlet channeled through Tony’s arm and sent shockwaves, down his spine.

It was all too much at once.

It felt like he was being torn apart, limb by limb, experiencing every injury he’d ever endured, since the start of time, simultaneously.

He lifted his arm, presenting the stones, to his enemy, “And I—” He cried out, “…Am Iron-Man.”

He brought his fingers together and snapped.

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