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#irondad fic

Previous Chapter Eleven: Where in the World is Peter?

This fills prompt eleven for whumptober: crying, struggling, defiance. Thank you for reading!

Here is a link to summary/ chapter guide: THANK YOU

Chapter Twelve: The President, Shrek, and Sweater Vests

Peter didn’t know what to do so he did the only thing he could. He panicked and ran out the door. He wheezed against the quick motions of his feet. The cold tile was like a bucket of cold water to his body and his mind snapped to attention.

Tony – not Tony – yelled after him but he didn’t stop. Peter made it down the hall before he heard footsteps and an IV pole trailing after him. His smile curled higher despite the butterflies in his stomach. He stepped into an alcove whose walls were filled with self-help pamphlets. The blanket fell off of his shoulders as he pressed himself against the wall. His gown fell down along with it leaving his shoulder bare. He didn’t move to cover himself up and suffered through the shivers wracking his body.

None of this made sense. The blood loss and damage to his head must have been worse than he thought. It was the only logical explanation. All the evidence stuffed his brain until all stream of thought abandoned him. He stayed there leaning against the wall as the wheels of the IV came closer.

Shadows passed by on the floor, walking past him, and then the owner of the shadow stepped into view. The short shadows of hair on his face had the beginnings of a small goatee. He stepped closer to Peter and picked up the blanket drooping on the floor to secure it up around his shoulder.

“I’m sorry. It’s been an off day, well year to be honest. Rhodey is always telling me to control my temper and once again he’s proven right. You were hiding from something right? Come back to my room and we can talk. I have some contraband hot chocolate in there and to be honest, kid, you look like you could use some.”

Peter blinked but was helpless against the arm around his shoulder. They walked in quick, quiet steps. Both sets of eyes on watch for any rogue nurse or doctor on the night shift until they were safe behind Tony’s closed door. Tony settled back on his bed.

“Sit here.” He said with a wave of his hand in a casual manner at the end of the bed. Peter stopped for a moment, looking between the chair and bed. But again, he felt his lack of intelligent thought keenly. He sat on the bed, crossed legged at the end, staring Tony.

Was it him? Everything he’d seen so far led him to believe it had to be him.  

But then again, it wasn’t him at the same time.

“So, let’s start with the first thing. I’m Tony and you are?”

“Peter. Peter Parker.”

“Circumstances could have been better but nice to meet you.” Peter nodded and avoided his eyes.  The brown flecks were so familiar but lacked the warm expression in them. This Tony, or whoever, was a stranger. Peter had a feeling the other one had never been one to begin with. “So, what are you in for?”


“Why are you in the hospital?” A smirk played on his lips and Peter’s neck grew hot.

“Oh. I, that is, I fell.”

“You fell?”

“Into a lake.”

“You fell into a lake?”

“That’s what I said wasn’t it?” He snapped.  Tony had the decency to look apologetic though Peter noticed that he didn’t apologize for the pestering.

“How’d that happen?”

This line of questioning was going to be the tricky part. He didn’t know how to respond and his brain was thoroughly checked out so he decided to go with the simplest answer and the one he would be most likely to remember in time. The truth at least in part.

“I was attacked – chased- and I got hurt. I was cornered on the dock and it was an accident. I fell into the water. It was cold but calm down there.” He shivered as something stirred in his memory. “It was calm until… until it wasn’t. Something must have stirred up the sand! It was everywhere and there was so much blood until everything went black. Then I was here and it’s so strange here and you look so different.”

Another shiver wracked his body and he hunched in on himself. Tony leaned forward and put his hand on Peter’s knee. His eyebrows were furrowed as he thought about what Peter said. He could only imagine what he looked like. Some strange kid running around the hospital, breaking into rooms, and then running away again. But Tony wasn’t treating him like he was delicate. There was concern in his eyes but a curious glint to get to know the truth as well.  

“Easy there. I’m sorry. That totally sucks. It must have been scary, too. Do you…” Tony swallowed. “Where are your parents?”

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hey hey hey it’s been a while. Tine for the next square on my bad things happen bingo card- cry into chest. I think i got this prompt from @svn-f1ower​ but if anyone knows if it wasn’t them please tell me! this is unedited so i’m sorry for any mistakes.

Admittedly, this is pure fluff- well, maybe just a smidge of angst

read it here on ao3

Warnings: mentions of abuse/non-con. main character is drunk.


Tony had only adopted Peter a few months ago.

He’d strutted into the orphanage, walking into that hell-hole like he owned the place. His eyes were set on Peter immediately, sat in the corner reading a torn up book about astrophysics. 

Of course, the workers immediately tried to steer the billionaire away from the teenager, talking on about how hes a troublemaker, too old to follow rules at this point. Yes, you’d like a baby much more, mr stark, one of your own-

Tony had always been a stubborn man, constantly - politely- telling the workers he can choose who he wants.

Peter had been scared- he’d been terrified.

He’d been terrified since they’d moved him to that orphanage, moving throughout foster homes didn’t help his anxiety, especially when they hadn’t been… the best.

It can’t be that bad. Taking in a kid is a lot for a family, they’re under a lot of stress, you can’t blame them-

He was nice- mr stark- he’d asked Peter about what he was reading, he’d asked about how long he’d been in the orphanage, about his old homes. He’s respected it when peter said he didn’t want to talk about it.

Well, the kid didn’t really talk much anyway but still.

The billionaire had left after an hour, immediately pulling one of the workers aside and asking about how to adopt the child.

Peter was happy.

He’d settled into the tower rather quickly, finally having a room to call his own.

Rhodey and the team had been welcoming- even though they’d sent Peter into a panic attack when he first saw them.

Peter froze when he walked into the living room, breath catching in his throat when he saw the half empty bottle on the table, his adoptive father half sitting- half lying down on the couch.

The man lifted his head and his eyes immediately locked onto Peter’s, his mouth morphed into a sickly grin.

Peter stepped back slightly, he’d planned to run, to leave, to do anything. He couldn’t let this home end up like all the others, crying himself to sleep as he nursed new bruises, new burns, new cuts. He couldn’t take that again.

“C’mere, Pete” The older man ground out, Peter was moving before his brain could catch up, knowing it wouldn’t be wise to ignore the command.

Mister Stark pulled him onto the seat next to him, wrapping an arm around his shoulders. Peter’s breath sped up.

He let his eyes fill with tears as he processed what was happening, Mister Stark was going to end up like skip. He couldn’t- couldn’t let himself go through that. He opened his mouth, the words already on his tongue to call out for help, to run to a phone-

“Pete… M-My Peter… My kid,” The man rested his head on the teen’s shoulder as he stiffened.

“Y’know i l’ve you, righ’?” 

Peter paused his thoughts, still tensed and shaking, waiting for the next words to come out of his father’s mouth.

“Y’r- y’re the best- the best kid i coulda asked for”


“I- Wh’n i saw- saw y’u in tha’ orphan’ge- i- i kn’w y’u w’re special”

Peter relaxed slightly at the tone of the man’s voice. He felt- safe- or something close to it.

“Ev’ryone kn’ws. The-the wh’le team kn’ws y’re special. Th’y all l’ve y’u so- so-” He trailed off and Peter suddenly felt his shoulder getting wet.

Was he crying?

“I- i l’ve y’u so- so much, kid. What the oth’r homes- what th’y did- i could n’ver- n’ver-”

Quickly, emotions overcoming him, Peter turned around, to his side, and wrapped his arms around the older man, letting his tears fall. 

They held each other a while before they fell asleep, rhodey ending up waking them in the morning.

Of course, when Tony remembers what he did, he’d apologise for scaring the teenager, he’d beg for forgiveness. But he’d only be met with teary eyes and endless hugs, the teenager finally opening up after months.

The rest of the night had been fuzzy but Tony could trust himself never to hurt his kid.

He’d never hurt his family.


tag list:

@baloobird​​ @dreamingformuses​​ @romeoandjulietyouwish​​ @keep-a-bucket-full-of-stars​​ @just-the-daydreamer@verdonafrost@imalivebecauseirondad@fallenstar07 @bestofirondadfics@iron-loyalty@asthmaticpansexual@whatschooldoesntteachyou u @serious-problems @sheabeeprime

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Peter is warm.

His body feels weird, but not uncomfortable. Separate, apart—but not bad.

He drifts for a bit, just enjoying the feeling of lazing about, nearly falling back to sleep again when he hears it. A noise of distress.

No, not just distress—the sound of someone sobbing.

Well, Spider-Man can’t ignore that, he thinks.

“Y’okay?” he says, but even to his own ears it sounds muffled, garbled—not quite right. He tries to open his eyes but they feel oddly sticky, stuck shut. Too heavy. He must have been sleeping really deeply then.

Peter? a voice asks in the distance. Pete, kid, wake up.

The words take a moment to register, and the identity of who is speaking them even longer, but Peter instantly relaxes. Tony’s there, and if he’s here, he’ll take care of whoever is crying. Peter can keep resting.

Kid, please.

“Five minutes, T’ny,” Peter mumbles, or thinks he does. “Jus’ five more minutes’n I’ll get up. Promise.”

There’s a huff of wet laughter nearby, some grumbled reply, but already Peter is drifting away again, settling back into the warmth.

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I picked the Peter has a tattoo Tony doesn’t know about as well as Tony being overprotective of Peter having a girlfriend/boyfriend

Also I’m so sorry this took like a million years to do only for it to be this short lmao :///


It’s not that Tony doesn’t like Harley. He’s a decent kid, a little rough around the edges and bordering on abrasive, but he’s smart and it’s obvious he makes Peter happy, and isn’t that the most important part?

But Tony couldn’t help but be overprotective of his kid, after the disaster of Peter’s last relationship with Liz, Tony didn’t want Peter to get hurt again.

It doesn’t help that Peter’s too good. He’s so generous and sweet and naïve. It’s too easy for people to take advantage of someone like that, Tony has to make sure Peter doesn’t get screwed over like Tony has thousands of times before.

So maybe he’s a little bit more careful whenever Peter’s going to see Harley instead of Ned or MJ, maybe he takes care to check on them more frequently when they’re in the Tower, maybe he makes sure Peter knows he can go to Tony with anything.

But Peter’s shiningly happy with Harley, a little ball of sunshine.

So Tony tries his best not to worry, to give them space, to let loose on the reins. And by the time they’ve moved in together, made it to their five-year anniversary, crafted a life together, Tony considers Harley family more than anything.

“How’s it going, kid?” Tony asks when Harley’s waiting around in the kitchen for Peter to make his appearance so they can make the drive back out to Massachusetts after spending Christmas Break with Tony.

“Good. I’ve promised to bring Petey down to Tennessee for Spring Break to give my family some time with us as well, but he’s not excited for the plane ride. But Christmas has been amazing, thank you for letting us crash here for a few weeks.”

Tony smiles. “You’re always welcome.”

“Might take you up on that offer. I think Peter wants to spend the summer here, and where he goes, I follow, so I might end up crashing here for those months. As long as you let up on the couch rule. I think we’re a little past the pretenses, don’t you?”

“Nope,” Tony says, shaking his head. “I’m going to stay in my happy fantasy world where Peter’s still an innocent little kid and you haven’t corrupted him yet. I don’t want to know anything.”

Peter comes sliding down the hallway in socks, dragging a suitcase along behind him. He lifts up onto his toes to kiss Harley, and in the process, the hem of his old t-shirt slides up.

Between where his t-shirt’s risen and his sweatpants are hanging low around his waist is clear black ink.

“What the fuck?” Tony gasps, grabbing Peter by the elbow and hauling him away from Harley. He picks up the shirt himself to stare at the ink.

Harley’s eyes go huge and he grabs the suitcase from Peter. “I’m going to get this to the car. See you there, love you.”

And then he’s gone, racing to the elevator.

“A tattoo!”

There, on Peter’s hip, in simple black scrawling handwriting is HJK.

“Dad, you can’t seriously-”

Tony draws away, letting Peter’s shirt cover the tattoo. “I’m going to kill him.”

“Dad, it was my fault.” Peter laughs, rolling his eyes at his dad’s antics. “I went to a Yale party with MJ and we got totally drunk and I got a tattoo. Harley saw it the next morning when I was puking my guts out, and he wanted to ease my panic about a tattoo, so he got a matching one on his shoulder. After the initial freak-out wore off, I kinda grew to love it.”

“Love it? What happens if-”

Peter shakes his head, cutting Tony off. “I caught Harley shopping for an engagement ring a few months back. I don’t think there’s really a worry of us breaking up anymore. It’s been five very long years, nothing’s managed to tear us apart and nothing will.”

“And how do you know that? I’ve thought, time and time again, that things were permanent. Not everything is, kid.”

“This is. If we could make it through the world ending three times over, I’m one hundred percent positive of me and Harley. And if I’m positive, then you should definitely be positive, Dad. I love him and he loves me, isn’t that all that matters?”

Tony lets out a sigh, slipping into a breakfast bar stool. “I believe you, kid. I know you love each other, but a tattoo? Really? Tattoo’s are always a bad idea. You’ve seen my Captain America tramp stamp, I would know.”

“This isn’t a Captain America Tramp Stamp. This is like a promise ring, just in ink.”

Tony sighs again but he’s got a smile ghosting across his face. “Alright, kid. You’re an adult, I know. You’re a good kid, I trust your decision making and I trust Harley not to hurt you. But please don’t do anything stupid while drunk again, alright?”

“That means I really shouldn’t tell you about the second one I got?”


Taglist: @littlemissagrafina  @spidey-reids-2003 @romeoandjulietyouwish @c-artara @shadedrose01@likeaphoenix13 @stillwaitingformagic @you-get-killed-walk-it-off@kitkatwinchester  @emo-girl10 @justme–emily  @hold-our-destiny@imalivebecauseirondad @spiderman-peterman @dykeragee @maryserrao @heeeyitskay @parknerandirondad @lilacsandlilies4 @loveliestdisappointment @joyful-soul-collector @genderfluid-and-confuzled @fallenstar07 {Let me know if you wanna be added or removed} 

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they are a popular author with a lot of fans (including me) who are lgbt+ and/or people of color, and i believe you deserve to know that this author stands against our rights as human beings so that you can choose to avoid them.

DM this account for the author’s username and proof.

this is NOT meant to cause drama, hence the lack of a public callout. this is simply so people can be made aware of someone actively against their human rights, and so they can make an informed decision about whether to continue supporting them.


note that i am only tagging in order to spread the word; this isn’t meant to back anyone into a corner or demand that they interact with this post. (if you are comfortable reblogging, it would help more people to see this, but don’t feel pressured, as it could easily result in backlash and i don’t wish that on any of you guys.)

if you are not active in the irondad fandom and i’ve made a mistake in tagging you, i’m sorry.

@svn-f1ower @tempestaurora @madasthesea @qeterqujll @wordscorrupt @whumphoarder @whimsicalethnographies @whump-my-dear-watson @radioactivespiderdork @raving-hazelnuts @findmethesun @friendly-neighborhood-exchange @friendlylocalwhumper @blondsak @seek-rest @tonystarkstan @riseuplikeglitterandgold @avenge-it @likeaphoenix13 @platonic-tony-stark @peter-and-tony-vlogs @joyful-soul-collector @starks-spider-son @duskblue-art @broskepol @extraordinarythings @weartirondad @justme–emily @darlinglavender @tstark-irondad @jelly-pies @irondad-tonystark @thedumbestavenger @frostysunflowers @irondadweek @savvysass @itsybitsyspiderling @marvelstheavengers @yes-i-am-happyaspie @imgoingtocrash @arrow-shadowwolf @peer-parker @ironxprince @spooderboyandtincan @iwritedumbshit @shadedrose01 @irondad-not-ironsad @the-aven-gen-z-ers @irondad-spiderson-duo @hollandprkr

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Riot of Relaxation by kingdomfaraway


Peter’s tired.

The kind of bone-deep tired that doesn’t allow him to sit up straight anymore, like his whole body can barely keep itself from doubling over. Peter’s used to this kind of tiredness now, it’s something he’s grown to accept. Mostly because it’s really all his fault in the first place.

Peter’s absolute steadfast bullheaded stubbornness to only ever do his best as both Spider-man and Peter Parker doesn’t leave him with much downtown.

Listennnnn I love the trope where Peter’s all work and no rest until he’s reminded to please rest, please vacation, it’s good for you. This fic does that perfectly, and it mixed with sleepy Peter, with Rhodey fondly retelling that time Tony spent 5 days in a foreign jail and the all the other Avengers recounting their favorite vacations. 

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Sunlight  by @ardenskyedarcy221b


“Stop pouting and ignoring me. You’re giving me a complex.”

“I am— I’m not pouting,” he sputters, avoiding his father’s gaze.

“Oooh, but you are ignoring me.”


Or the one where Peter struggles reintegrating in his own life after his dad lived five years without him.

A classic in the whole Peter feels misplaced after the snap genre, with a biodad twist that makes it extra angstier as he deals with feeling replaced by Morgan. Add the 4th of July, and some mini golf, and you have a great, beautifully written fic.   

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Pepper is in Stane’s crosshairs. Not only does she know, but she is not nearly so easily disposed of as a small child. Wherever she was, Stane had her set as his coordinates. There was only a small window left—assuming that Stane did not have the time to kill Peter, then Tony only had a few precious minutes to save his world.

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Five Time Faculty Members Had to Call Peter’s Emergency Contact + 1 Time He Shows Up Anyway by kingdomfaraway

“Peter,” Jim started, “if you’re more comfortable with your Aunt, we can reschedule for another time.”

“Nonsense,” Tony said, speaking before Peter could. “She’s a very busy woman, I, on the other hand, have all the time in the world.”

Jim kept eye contact with Peter, who just nodded. “It’s fine, I’m sure he would show up anyway…”

Tony gave a very smug grin to both Peter and then to Jim.

Everyday Superhero by stoneage_woman

When a field trip to Stark Industries ends in disaster, Roger Harrington finds himself faced with an impossible choice. Suddenly, Tony Stark is shoving an NDA in his face while Peter Parker stares at him with terrified, desperate eyes. Nothing in his 13-year teaching career could have prepared Harrington for this, but he knows one thing for sure: ten years ago, he’d stared down into the sightless eyes of a seventeen-year-old girl, and he’d sworn to himself that he would never again lose another student. He’s going to do everything in his power to keep that promise now…even if it costs him everything.

Set during and post Spider-Man Homecoming. A realistic field trip story that also explores the long-term consequences of trauma and responsibility, written by a real-life teacher.

Big Secrets, And Other Things To Talk To Your Therapist About by Aimael

How Dr Lauren McKinley, psychologist, randomly acquired not one, but two new clients of the superhero kind, because she was a little too curious to say no.

Mutants by sameuspegasus

All teachers dread parent-teacher night. This one’s worse than usual.

Boundaries? I don’t know this word.
He’s not my boyfriend!
Flash Thompson’s A+ parents
Tony and Peter are enormous nerds
Gym class is important
Oh my God, what’s that in the bio lab

IM Spotter by Gyptian

Floriana has headed up the IM Spotter club, New York branch for years, in a certain cafe with a very good view of Stark Tower. Never has she dreamed of having such a special guest, however.

Open for Business by @opal-earrings

Jake likes his night shift at the gas station in the middle of nowhere because nothing ever happens. The only reason he took the job is because nothing ever happens.

But then something actually does. A teenager comes in covered in blood and asking to use his phone, and somehow that’s not the strangest thing that’s going to happen during his shift tonight.

research and disaster by blueh

The interns at Stark Industries have some questions about Peter Parker. The answers aren’t quite what they expect.

A Good Kid by kuragay

Ricky thinks that May’s an exceptional woman, and he thinks that Peter’s an exceptional kid. But there’s no denying that the Parker household is full of mysteries, and most of them are centered around Peter and his supposed internship with Tony Stark.

“Is that a cat?” (no, it’s a kitten.) by zimnokurw

Mel, intern of Stark Industries founds a kitten, but if she wants to help her, she have to take Molly (yeah, so she named her already, problem?) to the company. But that’s only four hours so nobody will even notice anything! Well, a kid noticed. And FRIDAY, and then Mr. Hogan and Dr. Stark. And suddenly she’s screwed. Or is she?

When In Doubt, Blame Spider-Man by @ambivalentmarvel

Peter finds a ten-year-old friend out in the cold near his group home and decides to take action.

Peter Parker: Intern Cryptid by Karu_Ambrogio

The 5 college level interns, who actually interacted with Tony Stark himself on occasion, would be jealous of the 16 year old Peter Parker appearing from nowhere and being the obvious favorite if they weren’t so busy being terrified by him.

Progress Report by sameuspegasus

Ms. Warren has some questions for Tony Stark regarding the exact nature of Peter’s internship. She gets invited to the lab to see for herself.

Love, hate on by @madasthesea

She’d planned for this moment for two years, seven months, and eighteen days: As she’d stood above her daughter’s freshly dug grave, she’d decided that Tony Stark would die by her hand. And now was her moment.

She had only intended to grab Stark, tell him what he’d done that merited the punishment she was going to give, and kill him fast before anyone started looking. But here was this kid, an act of providence.

She didn’t have to tell Stark now, she could show him. She could make him suffer like she’d suffered, make him pay for his crimes. An eye for an eye, a child for a child.

Should’ve Stuck with Bed, Bath & Beyond by @whumphoarder

Having recently quit a high-stress job at the local ER, Patrick Carmichael—the rookie nurse at Midtown School of Science and Technology—is ready to settle into a nice quiet life of handing out band-aids and ice packs and collecting students’ mandatory sports physical forms.

Unfortunately, he’s about to meet Peter Parker.

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So I just changed the status of my “Super Villain Tony Stark + Super Hero Peter Parker” fanfic from 2/2 to 2/? and I’m curious if anyone on ao3 noticed 0.O

Anywho… I was struck with motivation and I wrote 2238 words for a chapter 3, and finished an estimated 2/3s of it (who knows in the end the first 2.2k might end up being a much smaller fraction). I’ll probably finish and post it sometime in October/November. 

Let me know if you want to be tagged when I post it?

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By @joyful-soul-collector for @pookiethefrickinbunn


Relationships: Tony & Peter

Characters: Tony, Peter, Friday, Karen

Summary: Peter runs away after his identity is revealed, and is just trying to get by

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