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#irondad fic exchange

This is my @irondadficexchange fic for the lovely @iamirondad 🎉🎉🎉

The prompt I chose to use was Peter gets hurt on patrol. The title of this fic comes from the song January White by Sleeping at Last. 

Hope you enjoy!

Post-endgame, Tony saved the world and survived. Life is finally getting back to normal. Peter goes out on patrol and everything is fine, until it’s not.

Read on AO3

“Dang.” Peter muttered.

Everything had been going fine, great actually.

It was a few months after everyone returned from their five year disappearance and things were finally getting settled down. Thanks to Doctor Strange, Tony was starting to get back on his feet after wielding the gauntlet. It hadn’t been easy, but he was determined to get back to normal, or as close as he could get. Peter and May had a new apartment in Queens, school would start soon, and Spider-Man was finally patrolling again.

But now, it was only Peter’s third afternoon back on the streets and there was already a knife in his thigh.

Admittedly, he had been a little distracted (maybe things hadn’t been quite as great as Peter wanted to believe). Putting the suit back on had been harder than he expected it to be. The first few times he tried, he hadn’t been able to put it on at all. Anxiety and fear plagued him. The feeling of crumbling into nothingness, darkness slowly but inevitably consuming him, invaded his thoughts like a dense, unwanted cloud. In his dreams, he watched Tony die over and over and over. The man hadn’t even died in real life, but Peter’s subconscious had decided to play out the worst case scenario repeatedly.

The feeling that the people of New York needed him only heightened his anxiety. All he wanted was to get out there and help people, but he couldn’t, he wasn’t strong enough. The feeling of utter incompetence was paralyzing, shaking him to his core. If he couldn’t be Spider-Man, who was he?

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Read on AO3

Peter tumbled in the window, leaving a bloody streak on the glass.

It was a sight Tony had seen—in reality and in his nightmares—too often.

He was next to Peter before the kid had even managed to find his feet, arm around him as he hauled him up.

“He got me,” Peter panted, turning his face into Tony’s neck as a groan slid between his teeth. “He, he got—he wasn’t that fast, before, I—”

“Hush,” Tony said, his tone softened by the gentle hand cradling Peter’s head. He peered down at Peter’s side, where the suit was dark with blood, scraps of shredded fabric sticking to Peter’s skin.

“Who got you?” He asked as he began dragging Peter toward the Medbay. The wound was a strange teardrop shape and it looked deep.

Peter tripped on his feet, his hand automatically reaching up to cover his side when the movement jostled him.

“Scorpion,” he sighed. “His, well—the stinger. On the suit.”

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By @geekinthecorner for @fromsiberia

Part of the @friendly-neighborhood-exchange

Rating: General Audiences

Relationships: Peter Parker & Tony Stark, Peter Parker & Ned Leeds, Peter Parker & Michelle Jones

Characters: Peter Parker, Michelle Jones, Ned Leeds, Tony Stark, Flash Thompson, Roger Harrington

Summary: “We’re here to talk to you about SI’s internship initiative.”

Peter sees his life flash before his eyes and struggles not to bolt out of the room.

Or, a classic Stark Industries field trip fic with a little extra humor.

AO3 link

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When did the sky turn black (and when will the light come back?)

By @papered-owl for @ironxprince 

Written as part of the @friendly-neighborhood-exchange

Rating: T

Relationships: Peter Parker & Tony Stark

Characters: Peter Parker, Tony Stark

Summary: Stuck on a spaceship somewhere in the middle of space, Tony and Peter stare into the dark vastness between the stars. Tony’s been stabbed, Peter almost gets hypothermia, and both of them grow to hate space food.

Read it on Ao3!

Or read it under the cut!

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By @ironxprince​ for @vintervittrannerd


Rating: Gen

Relationships: Peter Parker & Tony Stark

Characters: Peter Parker, Tony Stark, Natasha Romanoff, Steve Rogers, Sam Wilson, Flash Thompson, May Parker

Summary: Five times Peter takes pride in being mistaken for Tony’s son, and the one time it almost kills him.

In this story, Civil War never happened. Tony recruited Peter unbeknownst to the other Avengers to take him under his wing and keep him safe. Spider-Man’s identity remains hidden.

Read it on Ao3

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By @alicecasch​ for @geekinthecorner​ for the @friendly-neighborhood-exchange​ I really hope you like it <3

Rating: General Audiences

Relationships: Peter Parker & Tony Stark

Characters: Peter Parker, Tony Stark, mentions of Ned Leeds and May Parker

Summary:  “Mr Stark, what was the motive behind this decision to open a new division?”, the man asks.
“I think I’ve said it before: my goal is to make healthcare more affordable.”
“Yes, but besides that?”
Peter, seated a few rows ahead, wrinkles his forehead in confusion. What does this man want Mr Stark to say?
or; Tony and Peter go to a gala dinner and an interviewer asks a nasty question. Peter saves the day.

Read on AO3 or enjoy here!

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By @joyful-soul-collector for @pookiethefrickinbunn


Relationships: Tony & Peter

Characters: Tony, Peter, Friday, Karen

Summary: Peter runs away after his identity is revealed, and is just trying to get by

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We’re finally here!

The Marvel Secret Santa of 2020 Has officially Began! Sign-up to write a fic and receive a fic!

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