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#irondad fic rec

The Time Traveler’s Mentor
Chapter Five (Out Now)


Peter Parker inherited a rare trait from his father, he can uncontrollably drift, back and forth, through time. Hand-in-hand, with his double life, as New York’s Friendly Neighbourhood Spider-Man, his life is one chaotic event on top of another.

Everything changes, when his mentor, Tony Stark, discovers the truth about his time-traveling abilities.  

Chapter Summary:

Tony didn’t believe in ghosts, but he believed in Peter Parker. Somehow, those two had come to mean the same thing.

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1. Let’s Hang Out Sometime “Shackled” 

Tony only has minutes to save Peter. 

AO3 Link

Tony could recall how chaotic his life had been, but not even taking on alien armies, with a team of elite superheroes, would mean as much to him, as his children did.

Morgan and Peter together, as sister and brother, deserved to be remembered, it was as beautiful as the Renaissance, because no photograph would ever capture Tony’s disbelief, whenever they darted into a room together.

Still, normal life carried on, whatever ‘normal’ meant.

Not many semiretired superheroes had adopted a self-sacrificing Spider-Kid, who managed to topple, head-first, into danger, without any real warning; Tony was sure he was the only one. He wouldn’t change anything though, even if the kid found a new way to almost give Tony a heart attack, every other week.

Tony was home alone, most weekdays, mindlessly doing paperwork for Pepper, or finishing household chores.

Selfishly, Peter was at school, Morgan was at Kindergarten, and everybody else was working.

Keep reading

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The Time Traveler’s Mentor
Chapter Four (Out Now)


Peter Parker inherited a rare trait from his father, he can uncontrollably drift, back and forth, through time. Hand-in-hand, with his double life, as New York’s Friendly Neighbourhood Spider-Man, his life is one chaotic event on top of another.

Everything changes, when his mentor, Tony Stark, discovers the truth about his time-traveling abilities.  

Chapter Summary:

After Thanos’ victory, Tony is left mourning Peter’s death, but his kid was a time-traveler, so Tony will wait until he sees him again

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Similar series/fics to the one you just read:

Congratulations, it’s a Boy by capiocapi

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Here are some good irondad collections and series:

By Kythara

IronDad & SpiderSon Stories that feature Tony acting as Peter’s father (whether official or not).

Intern Peter Stories that have Peter working as an actual intern at Stark Industries.

Peter Parker’s Field Trips Stories that involve Peter and class/decathlon team going on a field trip.


Irondad series:

And feelings by Insanus Navicularis (DiDive)

Nice work, kid by madasthesea

We forgot Peter by inkinmyheartandonthepage

series: iron-dad and spider-son by superhusbands4ever (Potterwatch97) and  bookmarked by waywardsonsandaughters

series: Tony learns how to parent Peter series by LadyAnneNeville, bookmarked by waywardsonsandaughters

IronDad Prompts To Warm And Break Your Heart by PinkEasterEggs

Tales of a Sweet Spider-Son and His Embarrassing Irondad by mttraspberrypie

peter’s one badass mf by casual irondad (Padfootastic) 


Post Endgame series:

post-endgame irondad oneshots by aileenwood


12 Days of Irondad & Spideyson Christmas by ciaconnaa

irondad cuddles:

cuddles & hugs by parkerxheart

Tony and Peter reunite bookmarked by Dancing_leaves

Together we are complete by QueenofInsanity

The One Where the Peters Meet by MoreCuddleFics

sometimes it’s easier to just swim down by mjscorner

I’ll Rearrange The Stars For You by Ashleyparker2815

The Five Times Peter Denies an Illness or Injury + the One Time He Doesn’t by whumphoarder

more here.


Everyone thinks Tony is Peter’s dad collection:

Everyone thinks that Tony is Peter’s Dad bookmarked by AshviquaKadar


While looking for these, I found some anti-irondad ones. They’re hilarious. People really think Peter doesn’t know about the Sokovia accords. Poor creatures, I’ll pray for them. 


Thank you, sweetheart♥

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The Time Traveler’s Mentor
Chapter Three (Out Now)


Peter Parker inherited a rare trait from his father, he can uncontrollably drift, back and forth, through time. Hand-in-hand, with his double life, as New York’s Friendly Neighbourhood Spider-Man, his life is one chaotic event on top of another.

Everything changes, when his mentor, Tony Stark, discovers the truth about his time-traveling abilities.  

Chapter Summary:

Following an eye-opening conversation with his kid and a heart-to-heart with May, Tony’s concern for Peter grows.

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thank you so much to @theoceanismyinkwell and @itsybitsyspiderling for the tags!! 

1. What’s your favorite genre to write?

i don’t typically think my writing sticks to one genre so much, but when it does, i find myself bouncing around in the realm of magical realism! in my non-fic writing world, i’m currently writing a short-ish story in a magical realism world and i’m very excited about it :’)

2. Do you pull inspiration from real life, or do you pull things from other books/fanfiction you’ve read?

all of the above!! so much from real life, but sometimes (especially when i first started writing, much less so now) i take screenshots or notes of lines i loved because of the voice or image or description and i’ll try to emulate that vibe

3. Do you tend to write one-shots, short stories, or longer things?

a lot of longer things, at first, but recently i’ve been doing tons of short little baby one shots and loving that! depends whether i want plot or just an aesthetic expanded into words lmao

4. Do you prefer to write description or dialogue?

i think i'll always have to say descriptions. when i first started writing, it was ALL description, most of it bad, but then i had depression and started writing poetry and my descriptions started getting better (lmao). when i seriously started with prose- less than a year ago- i was Very Bad At Dialogue And Also Characterization And Also Plot so i clung to my descriptions, but now it’s been a good long while and i read and wrote some pieces that whipped my ass into shape enough for me to say i like both!!

5. Favorite fic/book of all time?

oh man. favorite books: revolutionary road by richard yates. hp and the order of the phoenix. as you like it by shakespeare (ik it’s a play, deal w it). catcher in the rye. perks of being a wallflower (SORRY OOKAY). emma by jane austen.

favorite fics: (i’ve never done a rec post so i’ll stick to 3 and i’ll stick to irondad but if you want a rec post, oh my god say the word and i shall deliver)

built from scraps (@peter-stank) of fucking course. i’ve reread this so many times it should be illegal and it never gets less brilliant, less funny, less ingenious with regards to plot. sometimes i think about “i’m your huckleberry” and i just shake my head to myself because it’s like the most basic line in the whole piece and yet it made me throw my phone. every relationship in this fic is scrappy and raw and angry and desperate and beautiful.

the odd couple buddies series by bysine on ao3. it’s one of the first fics for marvel i ever read and it’s brilliant. it’s got peter and bucky, peter and tony, sam and thor, steve and the general public of new york, harry osborn, everything you want and more.

the tallest man, the broadest shoulders by @groo-ock. need i say more? i reread this monthly at a minimum. i lose my marbles every single time. she just has a way with words, with plot, with almost absurdist humor, with character, with everything. magical. it’s pure magic.

6. Favorite trope?

i don’t think i have one?? just, like, things that end with peter being happy. that’s it. let him live. 

7. Are you the kind of person to work on more than one wip?

usually not, but recently, yes….. like, so many at once……. i have like eight that i switch tabs between rn while i’m working on “sarcasm squad gets a summer home”……

8. How long have you been writing?

i first wrote bad, bad fic when i was like 12. then i stopped. i picked up poetry at 15, stopped. picked up prose at 19 and now i’m almost 20 and still going! 

9. Do you tend to write more in the morning, afternoon, or evening?

i wish there was a pattern to it. it’s just whenever my manic bastard fingies decide to typey type. 

10. Do you prefer to post and update your WIP chapter by chapter or wait until it’s 100% complete before sharing it?

i have no pattern here either – usually as its completed, but with sarcasm squad i’m trying to wait. i keep saying i’ll post faster but i’m wondering if it’s better to keep you all waiting for actual regular friday updates even if i finish it early bc im an asshole >:-)

i’m tagging: @groo-ock, @coconutknightshade, @peterparkrr and anyone else who wants to! if you were already tagged, oops! ignore me!

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Irondad Fic Rec

Of Sunshine and Painkillers by Crowkag

Summary: At the sound of her office door opening, Pepper looked up to see a very dazed Peter Parker standing at the threshold in his pajamas, Tony lingering behind his shoulder.

“Good morning, Peter,” she greeted pleasantly, despite the mild glare she leveled in Tony’s direction. He at least had the decency to look apologetic, albeit only for a moment.


Peter should be resting but he isn’t, Tony should be making Peter rest but he isn’t, and Pepper is tired.


This is a little over 1000 words and I smiled the entire time reading it. And laughed. It’s so cute and fluffy!!

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Irondad Fic Rec

I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy this weekend!! Today’s fic is

The hearth by @sagemb (@beachtree

Summary: What to Do When Your Wife Is Out of the Country: A Guide by Tony Stark

1) Gain partial custody of a child

2) Sleep on the couch

3) Have the child gain partial custody of you


With May and Pepper out of town, Tony and Peter basically look after each other and it’s one of my absolute favorite fics ever. 

One of my absolute favorite lines in this fic is ““Peter is a terrible example of my parenting, by the way. He gets himself nearly killed on a weekly basis. That’s all May and Ben. I’m more like the enabling vodka aunt than anything else. When I’m a real dad, well. You’ll see.”

“You can’t be the vodka aunt,” Pepper points out. “You’re sober.”

There are like at least 20 other lines I wanted to copy & paste here because it’s just so well written and well done, but this one made me giggle.

This is a slice of life fic and I think a very beautiful, realistic, well crafted look at irondad. The characterization of Tony is spot on, as is Peter. Peter acts like an actual teenager and I love it. I love the Pepperony sprinkled throughout. This fic also acts as a fantastic character study of Tony. It’s so well written and truly something special. If you haven’t read this fic before, you’re really missing out. It’s phenomenal. Honestly @beachtree wrote a perfect fic. One last thought - I’m gonna steal some of her thoughts that she wrote down in her endnotes because they’re amazing and show how insightful this fic is:

Always the two essential questions when it comes to writing Tony Stark and Peter Parker are, “How responsible does Tony feel for Peter’s actions, as well as his well-being, whether that refers to the physical or emotional?” and “What degree of emotional intimacy and/or physical involvement does this result in?”

From there you can unpack an infinite number of follow-up questions that help you define their relationship in a more in-depth way, but fundamentally those are the two questions you are answering in any fic you write about them.

Why is Peter and Tony’s relationship so special? Is it the fact that they have the same understanding of so many things (responsibility, helping, defending, innovation and technology) despite having come from two wholly different lives, and in effect they have an implausibly natural understanding of each other? Does this necessarily indicate a father-son relationship? I don’t think so. Most of us barely understand our fathers. Some of us resent them. Few of us have wholly healthy relationships with them. The lives of parents and children are too ingratiated for the ugly parts not to mesh together as well, to feed off each other.

I love this fic 3000 please read it. And always, if you love a fic, be sure to comment and let the author know. Feedback is the lifeblood of fanfic. And everyone could use a little pick me up in these hard COVID-19 times. 

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For You Only by asofthesea

“After a few moments, the burning fades to a dull pain. He focuses his eyes on his right wrist and sees the name written, Peter Parker. He can’t help but feel joy. He isn’t unlovable, he isn’t unimportant. That name is the most beautiful thing he’s ever seen.

When his head turns to look at his left wrist, his blood runs cold. It reads, Peter Parker, also. That can’t be good.

He is messed up. He was finally given a soulmate and he’s going to fuck it up so bad that they become enemies. What would the point even be to meet this person? It would hurt more than anything to have the person who is supposed to fit perfectly into his life hate him.

Destiny is a bunch of bullshit, he decides, and he is going to do everything he can to avoid Peter Parker.”

In a world full of soulmates, Tony Stark doesn’t have one. He deals with it until he can’t anymore, and by the time he gets one, he’s too far gone.

(A Peter & Tony platonic soulmates AU)


Gift for @asoftheesea as part of the Irondad Gift Exchange 2019! Based on her lovely fic For You Only!

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I absolutely can! 

So now I bring you part two of the Irondad & Spiderson Fic Rec: 15 more Irondad fics in no particular order. 

A Horrific Game of Hide and Seek by Buckets_Of_Stars

Aside from feeling strange and having his Spidey Sense go off every five seconds, Peter is having a pretty good week. His Dad is home and he can even hang out with his friends more.Too bad things don’t stay that way.One mistake as Spider-Man changes everything and the teenager realizes the importance of always listening to his gut. Because that might be the very thing keeping him safe.

word count: 15k

tw: graphic descriptions of violence

A Stark Contrast To The Expected by Buckets_Of_Stars

When Peter and Tony leave the Annual Stark Charity Event, they are expecting to have a relatively quiet night in the Tower, away from the demanding crowds and invasive News Reporters. But when they become the target of one man’s drunken hatred, things quickly take a turn for the worst.

word count: 9k

tw: graphic descriptions of violence

And You’re Miles Away by losingmymindtonight

College is scary, even for teenage superheros.

word count: 3k

Can we skip to the good part? by yourgaydad

A day after his sixteenth birthday Peter finds out that Tony Stark is his biological father. But what the hell is he supposed to do now?


If Peter said that he never thought about Mr. Stark as his dad he would be lying. He didn’t do it consciously of course. It was just those things at the back of his head that sometimes got closer to the surface. But whenever a thought like ‘Wonder what dad would say’ or ‘Is dad picking me up today?’ occurred, he felt extremely embarrassed about it.

Now, instead of being ecstatic about Mr. Stark being his father, the boy felt agitated at just the thought of talking to the man. What was he going to think? That Peter wanted more attention? Money? His name?

word count: 23k

Congratulations, it’s a Boy by capiocapi

“Sir, I have the results.”

“Okay, Jarvis. Hit me.”

“It’s a match. 99.9% chance that he is your biological son, which is the percentage needed to be recognized by law as a biological parent.”

Tony’s stomach did a funny swooping dance. “Great. Congratulations to me then, eh? It’s a boy.”

word count: 45k

Heed my senses, I can’t do it alone by Webtrinsic

Peter thought things were going his way, he really did. His relationship with Tony was going great, his grades were steady, May was supporting his heroic debuts and his friendship with Ned had never been stronger.

But when the man lurking in the shadows, whose all-consuming addiction to the senses affiliated with the red and blue vigilante kidnaps him, things quickly go south.

In the meantime, Tony’s fearful he’ll never find the boy he’s come to see as his son.

Will Peter ever be alright? Tony’s not sure, but he’ll do everything and anything to ensure that boy’s well-being.

He just hopes the world isn’t too much. It’s Tony against the world, and for Peter, he’d win every time.

word count: 19k

tw: graphic descriptions of violence, implied/referenced rape/non-con, implied/referenced suicide attempts

Oh Father, I Have Never Known A Darkness So Intense by mermaidbigfoot

A fire claimed everything Peter had known. Tony get’s custody of Peter but nothing is okay.

word count: 2k

Promotions Aren’t Always A Good Thing by agib

"When Peter was almost thirteen, May met Carter.”
“Not too many months after Carter moved in, May got a promotion at work.”

When May gets a new boyfriend, Peter’s okay. When Carter moves in, he can deal. When May gets a promotion so she works days and Carter works nights, Peter finds it harder to deal. When Carter starts abusing him, he begins to feel crushed by the weight of it all.

word count: 67k

tw: abuse, graphic descriptions of violence

Spaghetti With A Side Of Panic by Buckets_Of_Stars

Getting all A’s in the Stark household used to be a requirement, something exspected of a young Tony, genius kid prodigy. It was always brushed off, made to further elevate Howard’s immaculate reputation.

Now, however, it was a cause for celebration, one where Peter, Tony and Happy would go out to dinner and stuff their faces with as much spaghetti as they could.

Too bad no one told Peter that garlic kills spiders.

word count: 3k

tw: near death experiences, graphic descriptions of violence

Spider-Like by possiblyobsessed

Tony Stark and Peter Parker discover/talk about the less convenient and lesser known effects of the spider bite. Because getting bitten by a radioactive spider can’t have all good effects.

word count: 4k

The Black And The Blue (All That It Takes Out Of You) by Buckets_Of_Stars

David wasn’t a person Peter would ever want to be around, but with him being May’s new boyfriend and all, it makes it harder and harder to avoid him. But it was fine, May was happy and of course, Peter still has Tony.

But that was before the hitting started. Before David spit neglectful words in his face and the spiderling begins to question his very worth.

Tony, on the other hand, is not having it.

word count: 4k

tw: graphic descriptions of violence, child abuse

The Chilling Realities Of Hunting And Being Hunted by Buckets_Of_Stars

All Peter and Tony had to do was cross the mountains. That’s it. Just climb a few hills and get to the Convention. They didn’t count on the snow, or the wind, or the fact that neither of them have cell service.

And they definitely didn’t count on the fact that they would be hunted—stalked—as they sit, freezing and shaking, on the side of the road.

word count: 13k

tw: stalking, graphic descriptions of violence

The Education Complication by Buckets_Of_Stars

When young Peter Stark was diagnosed with Asthma, he was given two very important rules to always follow:

1. No long distance running.
2. Always have your inhaler with you.

But when a new Gym Teacher with a hatred toward Iron Man gets hired, the 13 year old is going to find that following these two simple steps has never been more difficult.

word count: 3k

tw: graphic descriptions of violence

The World Is Wide (But I Feel So Small) by Buckets_Of_Stars

When Peter is abruptly taken from Tony by a mysterious criminal, the teen has to fight tooth and nail to make it out of the man’s clutches, testing him every step of the way as he tries desperately to get back to his Dad.

Tony just wants to find his child and make the bastard responsible pay for his actions.

By any means necessary.

word count: 26k

tw: graphic descriptions of violence

Words Echo (Through My Head) by Buckets_Of_Stars

A quick stop at the Avengers Compound quickly becomes something much more when Peter and Tony meet up with Steve Rogers.

And he is not happy.

word count: 6k

tw: graphic descriptions of violence

Now that I’ve written all this out, I’ve realized that a lot of these are by Buckets_Of_Stars, but they’re some of my favorites so… oh well I guess. 

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let’s analyze


thank you english and @pettigrwe for the skills to do this


tony has this FRAMED

this is a FRAMED picture of him and his son peter

they’re BOTH doing bunny ears on each other


what are they holding?


correction: what are they holding upside down??


flipped! even though it’s blurry, we can see peter parker, the stark industries logo, and, on the side, stark internship



reunite them SOON or i will riot

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idea from @ironmanstan ’s post i just… made a small change


“So.” Tony takes a bite of his apple, pointing it almost accusingly at Strange. “There are really infinite universes?”

“Yeah,” Strange says.

“There’s one where this apple is blue?”

“I’m sure.”

Tony laughs. It’s bitter, almost, short and not meant to be directed at anything funny. “That means there must be one where I’m happy.”

Strange was about to play along, say something like, “Seems unlikely” but Peter runs in, eyes and smile increasingly bright. “Mr. Stark! Okay, okay! I have a very serious question.”

Based on the laugh Peter was holding back, Strange guessed it was not, actually, important. “Would you ever make an Iron Man suit that just… irons?”

“An ironing man? Maybe.” He makes an act of thinking, a finger on his chin. “But if it’s anything like DUM-E, it just sounds like a fire hazard,” Tony says with a smirk.

Peter sighs, ever dramatic. “Very well.” As he exits, they hear a deflated, “Back to the drawing board, Clint.”

Tony smiles, actually smiles, into his coffee and Strange abandons his deprecating joke.

“Yes, Tony, there is a universe where you’re happy,” Strange says, bringing back the interrupted conversation. The smile Peter brought on is still stubbornly stuck on Tony’s face when he looks up at him. “You’re already in it.”

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The short one where Tony lets Peter drive—much to everyone else’s confusion.


Tony always drove. That was unspoken knowledge between the Avengers. No matter where they went or how long, it was Tony. Each person at some point had offered to take the wheel but every time, Tony refused.

This wasn’t expected to change in a day.

An extensive gala had brought Steve, Bruce, Natasha, Tony, and Peter—who Tony had insisted on taking with them—nearly three hours away from home. If the drive wasn’t exhausting enough, the gala drained every last bit of energy.

Peter was still buzzing excitement, though, loudly considering the first ever gala he went to a huge success. Tony kept tired eyes on the road, taking quick glances to the teen in the passenger’s seat (another insistence) whenever the homeward traffic thinned.

In the backseat, Bruce was nodding off while Nat and Steve chatted over him quietly. Tony yawned for the third time and Peter stopped talking.

“I can drive for a while, Mr. Stark, if you need.”

Steve and Nat abandoned their conversation, silently watching Peter make the same mistake they had years ago.

Tony looked at Peter for a moment and then back at the road.

Steve leaned forward, ready to clap Peter on the shoulder. “We’ve all made that mista—”

“Let me find somewhere to pull over,” Tony mumbled.

Steve and Nat shared a confused glance. Nat woke Bruce up with a careful elbow to the stomach. Steve caught him up.

Nat raised a suspicious brow. “You never let us drive.”

“I didn’t teach you how to drive.” Tony’s voice was tinged with his apparent drowsiness. For a man who spent days at a time awake, he tired fast after forced socializing. “I taught the kid.”

“Does he even have his license?” Bruce asked.

“He does,” Peter answered. “Got it a few months ago.”

Tony smirked and pulled over, switching seats with Peter.

For a half hour, Tony fought off sleep with giving Peter low reminders, not bothering with further easing the backseat’s dumbfounded looks.

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So @keep-a-bucket-full-of-stars posted about wanting some Irondad fic recs and I, being the Irondad & Spiderson obsessed gremlin that I am, figured I would make a little rec. It’s fifteen wonderful fics of varying lengths and degrees of angst (I know 15 doesn’t seem like a little rec but uh…


…and that’s just Irondad fics)

So, yeah, fifteen fics (in no particular order):

Archetype by Bean_reads_fanfic

Tony knows something is up when the research of ex-Hydra agents gets recycled in an underground Oscorp lab… what he doesn’t expect is the boy in a hospital gown sticking to the ceiling; or, how said boy proceeds to imprint on him like a baby duckling (a poor decision on his part, really). Did he mention he wasn’t intending on bringing home a kid that day?

word count: 57k

tw: human experimentation (yeah it gets pretty dark towards the end)

All in a Title by StarkMan

“Nothing.” Clint said, innocently. “It suits you, domestic life.”

Mr Stark opened his mouth to retort but shut it after a moment, shaking his head.

“It’s lovely to see. Real sweet.” Clint continued, ignoring Bruce’s unsubtle nudges in his side. “Almost fatherly.”

Peter glanced to his right and watched Natasha frown slightly at Clint. Steve’s eyes shifted and met his own and Peter could feel his face heating up. No, no, no, why now? He cringed internally and forced his eyes back to the screen. That was definitely an inside joke. They’d picked up on Peter’s avoidance of calling Mr Stark anything.

word count: 2k

“The Duck Chat” is Both Literal and a Metaphor by the_one_a_m_writer

Peter and Tony’s secret project is on everyone’s minds. Steve starts to figure out more about the project as it goes on, but he also learns more about the team. This story is certainly classified as LGBT+ Fiction.

word count: 21k

note: this is Irondad & Spiderson but it’s also told from Steve’s perspective and there’s a little bit of an almost parental thing going on between Peter and Steve too, but it’s too good not to include

Filling the Gaps by ironfamjam

Tony looked at him, bold and true and utterly sincere, “Kid, I’m on your side, no matter what.”

Like most good things, it started with an accident.

Well, kinda.

This is a story about how a snarky, emotionally stunted genius became more than a mentor and how a just-trying-to-figure-it-out, doing his best superkid became the son he never had. No matter how empty our hearts are, love can always fill the gaps.

word count: 53k

these were my notes on my bookmark in case you weren’t sold: THIS IS QUITE POSSIBLY THE BEST FIC IVE EVER FUCKING READ. THE HUMOR, THE ANGST, THE FAMILY FEELS. ITS ALL SO GOOD. (Also there was a vine reference which is really and truly iconic).

Pranks for the memories, even though they weren’t so good by Webtrinsic

A prank on Tony goes a little too far when they decide to involve his son.

word count: 2k

tw: kidnapping 

It’s About Time by shewritesall

Tony has always been overprotective of his son, Peter. After being exploited by his own dad, Howard, to bring good publicity to Stark Industries, Tony vowed never to let that happen to Peter. But now Peter’s about to go into high school and Tony has to face reality: his little boy isn’t going to be little much longer. Maybe he should let Peter out into the world a little more. Tony quickly regrets it.

word count: 25k

The Spider’s Head by Allthemfanfics

Peter Parker is Spider-Man, he faces dangers everyday that would be enough to give anyone nightmares. But, Peter doesn’t have nightmares. He never has, and sometimes, his parents worry. Their son isn’t having nightmares, shouldn’t that be a good thing? For Tony, it means that Peter isn’t facing the demons he needs to face. For Steve, it means his son is holding back feelings and bottling them up.

But when Peter falls into a deep sleep and is unable to be woken up by anyone, the Avengers panic… and are forced to turn to a longtime foe for help.

word count: 14k

Only Human by giraffewrites

When Flash takes things too far - pushes Peter too far by mentioning his fathers and what happened, Peter can’t take it anymore.

Or, an au where after civil war, Steve was put in prison, Tony has a hard time facing his feelings, and Peter just wants to see his pops.

word count: 11k

note: again, it’s not strictly Tony & Peter because Steve is his other parent but it’s too good not to include

a spider by any other name by scottmchungup

5 times the Avengers met Spider-Man on accident, and the one time it was on purpose.

All the Avengers know, and subsequently love Peter Parker Stark. Spider-Man however, is just a guy who they infrequently see at work. But when more of the team comes to town for the Stark-Rogers (possible) wedding Peter’s secret alter ego gets more face time with the superheros than planned.

word count: 32k

tw: kidnapping

Wired Shut inside and out by Webtrinsic

He knows sometimes he talks too much. He knows it annoys people. What he didn’t know was breaking your jaw was the best thing ever when learning not to speak.

word count: 2k

tw: self harm

A Silhouette Hallowed in Light by Webtrinsic

After the death of May Parker, Peter is adopted by his mentor who would do anything to keep the vigilante safe. Until Nick calls about a string of missing persons and leaves it up to the Bug team to go undercover and stop them.

(Not just a bug team fic, Tony has more parts with Peter I promise Iron Dad fans :3)

While Peter’s excited to be of help, and get to go on an adventure with his beloved Bug team, Tony struggles and fears the worst. Sadly even with Natasha and Scott protecting the boy, Tony was right to do so.

word count: 44k

tw: torture, kidnapping, dehumanization, abuse

note: This is so good and I cried and I just. So much angst. And so much hurt. But also so much comfort. And just. Yes.

note pt.2: it’s the second in the series and the first is literally 1k words establishing the Bug Team as a thing (which, I love)

decidedly dad-like behaviour by RandomRuth

“Something came up,” Tony says. “I had to make a detour on my way to our lunch meeting. I’m sorry you’re gonna miss those bacon sandwiches you like but…” Tony trails off and jerks his thumb, indicating the back seat.

Rhodey twists around and jumps. “Holy shit,” he says, just shy of shouting it.

(In which Tony is late for lunch with Rhodey and there’s a good reason for it.)

word count: 5k

Maybe take a sick day? by spiderboyneedsahug

Peter Parker. School kid. Teenager. Boy genius. Stark Intern. Spider-Man. Superhero. Son-figure.

The main cause of stress in Tony Stark’s life.

Simply put, Peter’s a smart kid who is too dumb to take care of himself. Enter Tony Stark, billionaire, genius, stressed pseudo-father, and a weekend trip to the New Avengers Compound.

word count: 14k

Meet and Greet by tamaranianprincess

Peter gets hurt and subsequently meets the Avengers… But the meeting isn’t all that fun.

word count: 3k

tw: canon typical violence

(Safe and) Warm by one_sad_oreo

Spiders can’t thermoregulate.

Peter knows this, but he goes out as Spider-man on a bitter winter night and there are consequences.

word count: 2k

So, yeah, that’s that, I guess. Feel free to ask for more fic recs (for this or other things- my number of bookmarks in AO3 is nearly 900. I read sort-of a lot)

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So, I’ve decided, just five minutes ago, that every day on my blog I will be shouting out one irondad fic that I’ve personally enjoyed in the past. 

This fandom is so massive, so talented, and has been going strong for several years, I think it’s time to shine a light on fics that may have been forgotten, lost in the feed, or just to remember fics that we have all loved and enjoyed. In other words, it’s based on my personal opinion, and not based on perceived popularity. That being said, it’s my plan to go as long as possible without repeating any individual author.

I’ll be using the tag dailyirondadrec so if you rather not see these posts, just block it and you’ll be spared. 

I’m really excited to start my daily rec posts, so the first one will be tomorrow!! I love everyone in this space, and I just want to celebrate with you all as we revisit fics, find new ones and enjoy each others talent!! 

Thank you all so much for the light you bring into our corner of the internet <3 <3 <3 

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Ooh okay, I know the two you mentioned (actually co-authored one of them haha)

the conspiracy kids by @tempestaurora

in which peter, harley and ned ask the all-important question: WHO IS SPIDER-MAN?

Avengers Vandal by @awesomesockes & @whumphoarder

On the afternoon of February 22nd, 2019, fourteen dicks were spray painted onto Tony Stark’s property. Shortly thereafter, Clint Barton was accused, convicted, and banished from the Avengers compound, despite a distinct lack of physical evidence that he committed the crime. But Peter and Ned believe there’s been foul play.

This story follows their investigation.

Or, Avengers Vandal: a Cockumentary by Ned Leeds & Peter Parker

Besides those, I know of: 

a day in the life by @akillerqueenwrites

“So, Ned and I have a video project to do for school – we have to, like, film a day in the life kind of thing. He suggested we could film here, all the Avengers, maybe me at my internship.” Peter takes a mouthful and waits.

Mr Stark shrugs. “I don’t see why not.”

“What – no!” Peter nearly chokes on his toast.

or, Peter and Ned become amateur vloggers for the day

Webcams and Webshooters by @losingmymindtonight

Once Peter’s relationship with Tony gets out, the public can’t get enough of their new favorite father-son duo.
So, naturally, they monopolize.
(Or: Tony and Peter’s relationship, as seen through videos.)

Eat the Rich by @theoceanismyinkwell

While Peter is home at the Tower over spring break, a very bored Harley decides to make a YouTube channel and debut with a mukbang video with Peter and Tony as guests. Per usual, the two buffoons manage to bully him about everything.

And more can be found in this search: Peter Parker & Tony Stark + “youtube” + gen + english


Peter Parker & Tony Stark + “social media AND video” + gen + english

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