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#irondad x spiderson

When Peter’s metabolism gets the best of him….

Tony: what is that? 🤔

Peter: a sandwich… 😃

Tony: underoos you do know pizza, cookies, and burgers cannot be a sandwich! 🤢

Peter: but I’m hungry! 😖

Tony: you’ll get sick! 😬

Peter: no I won’t 😌

Tony: Fine, fine eat but I’ll always be here when it all ends. 😔

Later that night Peter lay his head in Tony’s lap groaning over his tummy ache while Tony strokes his little spider babies hair till he fell asleep.

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Irondad x Spiderson (PLATONIC)

Word Count: 1167

Summary: When Peter gets into a bit of a scuffle with Flash, a certain Stark is there to save the day. 

Warnings: None other that Flash styled bullying

* * * * *

As Peter sat as his final period desk, he doodles mindless webs over the corner of his notebook. It was Friday, so Happy would be there to pick him up from school and take him upstate to the compound.

Even with the exciting plans, he couldn’t get the on edge feeling from his Spidey sense to go away. He knew there was no danger except for Flash’s insistent bullying, but his senses didn’t know that.

He’s about to push his pencil back down to the paper when his notebook get’s ripped away from the desk.

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Irondad & Spiderson

Request?: No

Warning: None? Very very slight violence. Like one punch/kick

Word Count: 817

* * * * * 

“Mr. Stark?” Peter called to his mentor before walking into the lab to see him working on a respirator for his suit. 

“Yes, kid?” 

He sends the working man a small smile and says, “I’m hungry.” 

Tony laughs and answers his as his spins around in his chair. “Kid, you’ve been here for two years. You basically live here, just go get food.” He puts his hand up like, ‘what the hell’ and turns back to his work. 

“Well Mr. Stark. We’ve been working for a few hours now, so I thought maybe we could go get dinner?” Peter has a wide smile and he adds, “If you want. I get it if you don’t want to-”

“I could eat. Let’s go to Delmar’s.”

Shock was evident on Peter’s face. He stood from the chair he had plopped down on and started walking out of the lab to the garage. 

When they got to the bodega, Peter’s Spidey Senses were going through the roof. Tony seemed to notice this too, because he looked around frantically and then back to Peter, “Kid, what’s going on? Where’s the threat?”

“I-I don’t know. Hold on.” Peter darts to the back room to talk to Mr. Delmar. He heard Tony cursing him to get back there, but who listens to Tony?

“Mr. Delmar-” His words are cut off by a sharp pain in his neck and a numb feeling spreading through his body. He collapsed to the ground, hands flying to his eyes. 

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Peter being the respectful young man he is walks on Tony's ceiling barefoot so he doesn't get scuff marks on it and it's now common to hear Tony yell "Peter get your shoes on we're going ______ "

OMG THIS!!!!!! Peter is the type of guy to take off his shoes at your front door because aunt May raised a gentlemen 

and also so he won’t get scuff marks on Tony’s walls and ceilings when he’s spidering around u right. “Mr. Stark’s walls are too expensive”

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peter holds tony is his arms as tony dies :) (this is not starker i would vomit)

Peter had tears brimming his eyes, blurring his vision as he looked down at Tony, his head cradled on Peter’s lap as he cupped his face.

“M-Mr. Stark, w-we’re getting you out of here. You’re going to be okay”, Peter’s voice cracked, his throat closing up from the sobs he was holding back.

The tears fell out of Peter’s eyes and landed on Tony’s bruised cheek, who was looking back up at Peter with a soft and peaceful expression, despite the lethal wound on his abdomen that was bleeding out.

“What will it take for me to get you to call me Tony for once?”, Tony asked, a lazy and tired smile hanging on his lips. He starts to cough, painful grunts escaping his lips, as if every breath he took was another fraction from his soul seeping out of his form.

“You making it out of here in one piece”, Peter replied with a sniffle, the lump in his throat painfully dry and suffocating.

Tony slowly raises his hand and places his exposed thumb on to Peter’s forehead, softly grazing a cut he had gotten across his head.

“How’s the new suit? It cause you any trouble?”, Tony asks, his eyes soft and droopy, matching his even softer voice.

Peter shook his head a bit, a small smile curving on his lips in fondness, at how even when Tony’s beaten to a pulp and bleeding out on the ground, he still managed to revert all his focus on Peter.

“It’s perfect. Showed ‘em who’s boss”, Peter replied, something between a choked up sob and a laugh escaping his lips, unable to stop the tears from flowing out of his eyes.

Tony lets out a chuckle, followed with a painful hiss. “Fuck, that hurts”, he winces, dropping the hand he had on Peter’s head and clutching his side.

“You did great, kid. I’m proud of you”, he adds, his words sounding more like a farewell than a statement, which made Peter hurriedly shake his head in denial.

“W-We’ll be back in New York before you know it. We’ll patch you up and when this is all done we’ll order pizza like we always do and we’ll fix your suit and- and”, Peter stuttered, suppressing another sob threatening to escape his lips.

“Without olives”, Tony says, smiling at the memories of when him and Peter would debate and argue over whether to order their pizza with olives or without. Tony always ended up giving in and ordering it with olives, because that’s how Peter liked it.

“Without olives”, Peter repeats in agreement, a broken smile spreading on his lips, but then quickly fading away when he sees how pale Tony’s face was becoming. “You’re going to make it, Tony”.

He smiles sadly at Peter, tears spilling from the corners of his eyes and sliding down his temples. He brings up his now shaky hand and places it on the side of his own face, holding Peter’s that cupped his cheek.

“So this is what it feels like”, Tony whispers between difficult breaths, looking up at Peter with tears glistening his eyes

“What?”, Peter manages, his chest heavy and lip trembling, unable to keep himself composed for any longer.

“To be happy”, He replies, the grip he had on Peter’s hand slowly loosening and sliding down, his smile fading into an emotionless expression as the life faded out of his eyes.

“Tony”, Peter sobbed, nudging Tony’s head in an attempt to bring life back to him. “Please please please please", he begged desperately, hugging Tony’s head close to his chest and rocking them back and forth.

Peter’s chest burned with sorrow, his mind replaying Tony’s words in a constant loop, burying his voice in his mind for the last time.

Tony had spent his last living seconds in Peter’s arms, using whatever whiffs of breath he had left telling Peter how proud and happy he was of him.

And that was more than anyone could have ever done for Tony Stark.

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here’s a part 2 of toddler!Peter headcanon that no one asked for 

part 1

  • You’d think Tony would have a separate room set up just for Peter
  • hella fancy big room with like top-notch decor
  • you are wrong
  • Peter’s crib is right next to Tony’s bed
  • and it’s the only reason why Tony stays in his bedroom now
  • We all know that usually when Tony can’t sleep at night, he goes and tinkers away at the lab
  • but because Peter’s crib is in his room now
  • he stays in bed, laying down watching tv on mute, relaxing with a snoozing baby peter right by his side

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Before Peter and MJ get together

Tony: Where were you last night, Peter?

Peter: I was at a party smoking weed.

Harley *with a mouthful of chips*: Don’t lie, you locked yourself in your room and cried about MJ you fucking nerd.

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Hey all! I’m finally opening up comissions, and here’s everything you need to know!

What I do write: 

I usually write for Irondad, Clintasha, and SteveBucky, but I don’t mind writing other background relationships as well. I will even write for Tomb Raider, if that’s your jam!

  • angst/whump
  • hurt/comfort
  • fluff
  • romance
  • one shots and multichapters 

note: I’m comfortable writing almost every whump prompt imaginable, so if you’re curious, shoot me a message and I’d be happy to talk to you! 

What I don’t write:

  • incest
  • st*rker
  • nsfw/smut

If you’re interested in comissioning something, message me here on tumblr, or through my email ( and I’m sure we can work something out! Prices are rather fluid right now as I’ve never done this before, but you can expect to pay about $5 for 1,500 words. 

Here’s my kofi-account

Here’s my ao3 if you’d like to check out my other writing before making a decision!

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Peter: If you and a same sex partner are eating out and request the check and the waitress sets it down in front of you, she has decided you’re the top.

Tony: yeah, that’s why I always get the bill on our dates, Stephen.

Stephen: you’re a famous billionaire Tony, of course they give you the check-


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Stephen: why are you being attacked?

Peter, sarcastically: Oh I don’t know, do you want me to turn around and ask him?

Tony: I swear Stephen you ask the dumbest fcking questions.

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Tony: You see, theory is when you know everything but nothing works.

Steve: Okay.

Tony: Practice is when everything works, but no one knows why.

Steve: Okay.

Tony: And when it comes to getting Peter to do as he’s told, theory and practice are combined: Nothing works and no one knows why.

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Tony : hey peter what do you wanna pursue when you graduate

Peter : I wanna become a president

Tony: * proud* awwwwwh

Peter: so I can bring back the guillotine again

Tony : *dialing the therapist* AWWWWWWWH

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Hey there, honey!

There’s more of us than you think! I’ve compiled a little list but I know there’s definitely more, I hope these help ❤

@professional-benaddict | @another-starker-hoe | @cyberdelph | @sweet-starker | @thirstystarker | @nyctophile3000 | @peterisaprincess | @geen-beems | @starkerstalker | @muse-of-gods | @starkerforlife6969

Obviously this is just a small list, so if you do happen to also actively create or reblog IronDad content alongside Starker content please feel free to reblog this or reply in the notes so Non can check you out!

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